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The manner in which these three Runes describe the process in which, within us, certain very important elements are developed – as indeed, they develop within the universe – is very beautiful. These Runes will help us to understand the relationship of the Microcosmos to the Macrocosmos; that is, how the cosmic forces work in each one of us. Remember that when we name the Microcosmos, we are talking about our physicality, within which we find those archetypes in potentiality – it is through their development that we expand the Microcosmos, in order to make of it an image of the Macro. Right now, as we are, physically speaking, we are a Microcosmos in potentiality. Thus, in our physicality, we have the microcosmic properties, or Archetypes, that we need to develop. Here we are going to explain, in relation with these three Runes, how this development is realized in each one of us.

If, by using the imagination we observe the center of the Aztec Calendar, we will discover the relationship between these three Runes, and how these are related to the whole stone.


Now, when looking at the Futharkh (the Runic Alphabet), we discover that the Rune Ar is related with the number 10, since it is the 10th Rune. The Rune Tyr is the number 12, and the Rune Bar, the number 13. So, 10, 12, and 13 are the numbers within which we are going to delve, in order for us to comprehend each of these Runes.

If you look at the next graphic, you find how to perform the shape of these Runes with the physicality – this is because every single Rune is related with the body. The Rune Ar (the first one) is performed by opening our right leg towards the right, making an open angle with the legs, thus forming the shape of the Rune Ar – or, the Letter A, as we know it in the Latin and Greek Alphabet. The Rune Ar is the same Ara [from Latin: altar], which represents the heavenly altar created by the Gods (the Elohim) of Mount Olympus, to celebrate the defeat of the Titans, where the Gods (or the Elohim) swore their alliance to the Supreme God Zeus, who is equated with Odin or Jupiter. Odin is the Jupiter of the Nordic Edda. The smoke from the altar was said to pour out to create the Milky Way. According to another account, Ara was the altar upon which the centaur offered the sacrifice of Lupus [from Latin lupus meaning wolf]. The centaurs are traditionally depicted as carrying lupus, the wolf, to sacrifice on Ara, the altar. Ara is also known as the altar that Noah built, after the great flood, when his "Ar-k" rested on the Mount Ararat.

It is also stated that such an Ara or Altar was forged by the Cyclops, when the Gods (or Elohim) swore an alliance with Zeus, against the Titans; all of these tales relate to what we were talking about in the previous lecture, of how Zeus became the central God, who fought against the Titan Saturn, which is the Heropass (the flowing of time), in order to establish the present Mahamanvantara.

When we study the constellations - according to this myth - we then find the constellation of Ara, which is described, as we have explained, as the constellation or altar whose smoke was said to pour out to create the Milky Way, this Galaxy. This is an allegory of the Cosmic Day in which we presently exist, in which the Ray of Okidanokh began its creation by extracting the universe from the Ain Soph Aur.


tree-of-life-dimensions-color-2If we observe the Hebrew word אור "Aur" - or better said, A-OR (negative light), which is pronounced "OR" - we discover that the word "Ar" or the Rune Ar is hidden within it. If it was not for the U [Hebrew ו Vav], then we would read, Ain Soph "Ar." This is because the U [Hebrew Vav], as we have studied in the previous lecture, relates to the Rune Ur, which as we know represents the Ain Soph.

So, within the word אור "Aur" we find the Ain Soph represented by the letter "U" [Hebrew ו Vav], which is the uterus, from where the light emerges. This light, as we have said, is pronounced in Hebrew "OR," but is written אור Aur. Whether we pronounce it OR or UR, in the spelling of אור "Aur" we are implying that the rune AR - which is "RA", the light – emerges from the Rune Ur, the Ain Soph, because the Hebrew ו Vav is contained within the word Ar (Aleph, Reish), thus (Aleph, Vav, Reish) spells אור "Aur" meaning light, which is pronounced "OR" in Hebrew. Ain Soph Aur means Limitless Light.

So, just by pronouncing the word אור "Aur", we are implying the Ain Soph Aur, because within the U [Hebrew ו Vav], is the Ain Soph. Thus, אור "Aur" is very important because in the Nordic Alphabet, the Furthark, the rune Ar relates to the Sun "RA", the Solar Light, in other words, the light of the Solar Absolute. We have talked very extensively in the previous lecture, about the Solar Absolute. You will remember that in Egypt, the Solar Absolute is named Ra, which is precisely the activity of the "R" that follows the same letter A that all of us know as rune "Ar", because as we have explained, the letter A, Aleph or Alpha, represents the breath, the wind, the Spirit. This is something very important to understand, because the universal Spirit of Life that we call the Cosmic Christ, within the Ain Soph Aur, is the same letter Aleph but unmanifested.

If you remember, the letter Reish, or "R", in the Hebrew Kabbalistic alphabet, represents the head. That is why when we say Reish, we are naming the head and when we say Ar, we are naming the breath, the wind, in the head. If you observe the graphic of the Tree of Life, you will see that it is precisely above the head, above Kether, where we find that Aur, or Ar, the light. This is why Kether is called the Crown, the Crown of Light on top, which we call the aura. If you also observe the word AURa, you will find that it is the AUR with another A at the end; so the word "Aura," points toward the north, the top of the head, where we see the aurora (from Latin: dawn). In Latin, this "Aurora" or "Aura" is also called "Ara," which means altar.

The word Altar comes from the word altus, which means higher. Thus, the meaning, the etymology of the word, ALT-AR, is higher Ara or higher altar, which is a synonym of the word aura and aurora.

So, do you see how the words "Ar" and אור "Aur" (light) really relate to each other, and how "Ar" and אור "Aur" (light), in different languages, are in the root of what we are talking about; namely, Altar, Ara, Aura, Aurora. Thus, when we utter the sound "A", we always go into the very root of the light, the very root of the Futharkh, or Nordic alphabet. This is why we state that this beautiful Rune Ar relates directly to Kether and also to the Solar Absolute, the Ain Soph Aur. Remember that Kether is represented by the letter Aleph, which is the wind, the Spirit, a symbol in Kabbalah of the air, above. So, when we say Ara, which is Latin for altar, we are pointing to our head. In that place, is where we have our ALT-AR, the higher Ara. This is why, when we pray to the "אור סוף אין - Ain Soph Aur" - the Unknowable Divine Light, the Solar Absolute - we always point at Yesod and the top, Kether, the Crown.

In all Religions we see how the devotees always cover the top of their head, the Chakra Sahasrara, or the Sephirah Kether, which relates to the Pineal Gland. The Kippah or Turban that is placed on the head to cover the light represents the respect that we show to our own particular individual Ara, Alt-ar, Aura, our own particular light, because it is in there that we find the light of our own particular individual Ain Soph.

"All of creation emanates from the Ain Soph, but creation, in essence and in potency, is not equal to the Ain Soph. The Ain Soph irradiates intelligence, a power by means of its divine Uncreated Light; an intelligence, a power that, if it originally participates in the perfection and infinitude of its (Ain Soph) own creed, it has a finite aspect because it is being derived from the Ain Soph. Unto this first spiritual emanation of the Ain Soph the Kabbalah gives the name the ineffable Ancient of Days who is the Being of our Being, the Father/Mother within us. The Ain Soph, not being able to express Itself in the limited physical plane, does it through Its "ten Sephiroth." - Samael Aun Weor

Thus, the Ain Soph, being unable to manifest in the universe, projects an intelligence, a power, a Ray. That Ray is the light, "Ar" אור "Aur," "OR", Aura, Aurora. That Ray is the Ara or Altar where we find the light from the fire that, shines on top of the candelabra of any Religion. So, the light of the unknowable and the knowable Divine, is always represented by a double "A" as in the word A-R-A. Remember again that the letter Reish means head in Kabbalah. That shows the importance of the Mantra Ra. We also explained that our own particular Ain Soph contains within its bosom 3 atoms that represent the Holy Triamatzikamno, the Law of Three - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the depth of our own Being, our own Reality, we have the Ain Soph with the 3 primary atoms, which are capable of developing infinite possibilities in the universe. However, the Ain Soph, not being able to express Itself in the universe, it projects that light, that Ray of Light that we call Aur, Ar, the Rune Ar, in which we find the 3 primary forces, in activity, within the unmanifested Absolute, and within the Megalocosmos, which is the universe.

Now, within the Ain Soph Aur - or within that Rune Ar, as we have explained in previous lectures - we find the Theomertmalogos. The Theomertmalogos is the Word of God, which is Christ, the Cosmic Christ. Remember what the Apostle John says:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." – John 1: 1

So, the Theomertmalogos is the Word of God in the Ain Soph Aur, which eventually will divide itself into three. Within that Theomertmalogos, we find the Ray of Okidanokh that will emerge into the universe. We have stated that the new rays from the Ain Soph that do not have self-realization, will come from the Ain Soph and blend with the Cosmo-Creators, in order to receive their inheritance.

Pay attention very carefully in order to understand this, because some students still do not understand this projection: Since each one of us (as Ain Sophs) have 3 primary forces, these 3 primary forces of our own particular Ain Soph blend with the 3 primary forces of the Cosmo-Creators, in the Ain Soph Aur - because the Cosmo-Creators also relate with the 3 primary forces. This is what we call a Geneotriamatzicamnian Contact. Geneo, of Genesis. So, this Geneotriamatzicamnian Contact means that my 3 primary forces blend with the 3 primary forces of the Cosmo-Creators. In that blending of the 3 primary forces of New Rays with the Cosmo-Creators, emerge that which we call "the engendered," something which is begotten. That which is begotten through the union of the 3 primary forces of the Cosmic Creators and New Rays, is what we call Innermost. Such a spark is, we will say, like a sperm. So, when the 3 primary forces of the Ain Soph unite with the 3 primary forces of the Cosmo-creators, the light of the Cosmo-Creators fecundates the light of the Ain Soph with that spark of light. It is as when a man fecundates, with his own sperm, the ovum of a woman, which in this case represents the uterus - the U, the Ain Soph - from which the ovum emerges; the container of the 3 primary forces of our own particular Ain Soph, blending with the 3 primary forces of the Cosmo-Creator. That union begot our Innermost, do you understand this? It is simple to understand when using this similarity.

So, that spark of light is the Spirit - our own particular Spirit, our own particular Innermost - which in Kabbalah is called Chesed. Within that Chesed, which is engendered by the Cosmo-Creators, our Cosmo-Creator places a particular inheritance, in the same way as our physical father, places within our genes a particular inheritance. You see, for instance, a father and mother may have many children, but every child is different. We will say that every child inherited different types of genes. Even if they are twins, they are not equal, there is always something different. In this way, is how we understand that the Cosmo-Creator to which our Ray blends with, places in us that spark, which is our Cosmic inheritance, our Spiritual inheritance, that is called the Divine Soul or the Cosmic Soul, the Spiritual Soul. So, any Monad - and when we say Monad we are naming that spark, which we call Atman-Buddhi, in Sanskrit - is the outcome of the blending of the 3 primary forces our own particular Ain Soph, with the 3 primary forces of the Cosmo-Creator, which are already fully developed. This is how we receive light from the Cosmic Christ, because the Cosmo-Creators abide within the Cosmic Christ, which is the Ain Soph Aur, that Spiritual Sun, which is made of many Rays. So, there are many Rays that are fully developed; they are called Cosmo-Creators. The Rays that are not fully developed are simple Rays that receive the gift from the Cosmic Christ (or the Cosmo-Creator), to appear in the universe and to start performing that which we have to perform.

That spark of light with cosmic consciousness is our own particular Monad that unites us to the Cosmic Christ, the Cosmo-Creators, and to our own particular Ain Soph – because, as we have explained, they are blended. We have to understand this because within the world of Christ there is not individuality. The Christic light is one with all the Rays, such is the beauty of the Cosmic Christ. This is why, when a soul wants to experience the Rune Ar, the light, through meditation he submerges himself into that Cosmic Christ, into that light, and then he experiences all that which the Lord Vishnu is. According to Sanskrit Vishnu means literally, "the one who works everywhere."


Vishnu is also represented in many pictures as Narayana with his wife Lakshmi. Vishnu is laying down, and from his navel comes an umbilical cord. At the end of the umbilical cord of Vishnu is the Lord Brahma who represents our own particular individual God, our Monad, who is blended with the Cosmo-Creator and is individual in each one of us. In other words, each Monad has his own particular inheritance, a spark - from that particular light - that the Cosmo-Creators place there, in order to develop. Notwithstanding, we also have our own particular Trimurti from our own Ain Soph that will also develop thanks to the guidance of the Cosmo-Creator. This is very important to comprehend in order to understand the light in our own particular Innermost.

In order to illustrate this statement let me tell you what I personally talked with the Master Samael Aun Weor in regards to this. I discovered, through meditation, as you can also discover through meditation, to which Ray of Light my particular Monad, Atman-Buddhi, belongs. I discovered that it is to the 5th Ray, the same Ray of the Master Samael Aun Weor, because Samael is the head of that Ray. So, when conversing with him, I said: "Master, as you know my Monad belongs to the same Ray as your Inner God." And he assented, so I asked him: "So, what is the difference between your Monad, and my Monad, since both Monads belong to the same Ray" and then he answered: "Every Monad has it own particular individuality. There is only one Father, there is only one Son." That was his answer, perfect!

In other words, my Monad is individual, although it belongs to the same Ray; thus, every Monad of that Ray is an individual, with its own particular inheritance and that Monad has its own son. That son is the Human Soul. In my case, that son is me; in his case, that son was him, because the name Samael Aun Weor is the name of the bodhisattva, and this is something that we always explain. Samael, himself, as a Cosmo-Creator, is a bonfire. That bonfire is Samael Sabbaoth, who has its own particular Dhyani Bodhisattva whose name is Samael Aun Weor.

The Dhyani Bodhisattva Samael Aun Weor was incarnated in Mexico, he had a physical body in Mexico.

So, we have to discover the name of our own particular Atman-Buddhi, because each one of us has their own particular Atman-Buddhi with a sacred name, which is also entitled to be used by the Human Soul, because the Human Soul is part of that Atman-Buddhi, it is what we call Superior Manas, Tiphereth in Kabbalah.


The Human Soul has to be developed, it has to be created, and this is something that we have to understand and comprehend, as follows: a spark of the Cosmic Soul, which is called Buddhi, descends into the physicality and this is what we call the Buddha-dhatu, or the Essence, as we always state we have an essence of a Soul. The Buddha-dhatu is the material with which we can create a Human Being: an Astral Body, Mental Body and Causal Body, by the activity of our own particular Ruach or Spirit of the Elohim.

Now, citing the Bible, Atman-Buddhi is the Ruach that Genesis 1:2 talks about - the Ruach Elohim, or the Spirit of the Gods, the Elohim. The Ruach Elohim also relates to the head, because it is stated that the throne of the Spirit is the cerebral-spinal nervous system, or central nervous system, which incorporates the brain and the medulla, which is where the Spirit, the Ruach Elohim sits. Thus, the Ruach Elohim is related with Ara, with the Rune Ar, our own particular Glorian from which it emanated. Remember that we always state that the Spirit emanates from the Ain Soph and that the Ain Soph is the Divine Mother, the Ur, the "U" uterus [Hebrew ו Vav], the Cosmic Mother. That is why we said that the Spirit and the Cosmic Mother are one, we explained this in the Rune Is, I-S.

The Spirit is also represented by the Rune Tyr. If you observe the Rune Tyr it is an arrow, or spear, pointing to Heaven. It is the same Rune Is, Isis, pointing to the duality made by the tip of the arrow; the duality which emerges from the Trinity. This is why the Rune Ar and the Rune Tyr are directly related in our physicality, because the Rune Tyr represents the spinal column, with the duality pointing up, which is the arrow that represents the 2 hemispheres of the brain, which are related with Chokmah and Binah, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The very tip of the arrow of the Rune Tyr represents the Crown, which is pointing at "Ain" the "Ar, Ara, Altar", which is the Ur, the "U" uterus [Hebrew ו Vav] that we are talking about.

So, observe that in our physicality we have two altars. The higher altar is related to the Ain Soph Aur and Kether, which we have to revere, to respect. As I say this, it comes into my mind that phrase of the Gnostic ritual that states:

"I approach the altar, (the Ar, the Ara,) of God, which edifies the mind." Mind is the Manas, the Manu, the Man. Behold here, the Rune Man. So, "I approach the altar of God, which edifies the mind." When we state this, then when using our imagination, from Yesod we go up to our head, to the top, the Ara, that is, we approach the altar of God. So, in order to edify the man from Yesod we approach the altar, that higher altar, we approach our own particular God, who has to edify the mind, the Man, Tiphereth.

To edify the mind is to build the mind, to build the Man in Yesod. The Man is septuple, thus, we have to create the Astral Body, the Mental Body and the Superior Mind, Superior Manas, which is called the Causal Body, Tiphereth. This is why Tiphereth is represented by "RA" the Sun, in the Tree of Life.

IsRAel is the Sun in Tiphereth, it is the Ara. It is the same Ar, "OR" (unmanifested light) of the Ain Soph Aur, but manifested in the soul, as it is manifested in the head or manifested Kether, the wind, the Ra. This is what we call Kether Ara, altar. So, when Kether appears, this is when the Gods, the Elohim, manifest their force in the universe. This is why it is stated that when the Gods defeated the Titans, then they created the Constellation of Ara. Thus, when the Gods inverted the Constellation of Ara, from that Altar, all the fire became stars and the smoke formed the nebula; in this way did they make the Milky Way, which is formed by this Solar System and Systems of this Cosmic Mahamanvantara; a beautiful symbol according to Greek mythology.

So, each one of us has also a name in their own particular Ain Soph, their own Glorian. For instance, Master Samael Aun Weor's Glorian name is Samael and his Monad is Samael Aun Weor - or better said, Aun Weor, because Samael Aun Weor is the union of the Glorian Samael with the Monad Aun Weor.

All of us have a name in our own particular Glorian, our own particular name. With this, I am telling you that as a Monad we have a name, but as a Glorian, we have another name. One is the name of our God, the Ain Soph, and the other is the name of the Monad, Atman-Buddhi. By, uniting the two names, is how we acquire Self-Realization, or the realization of the Self. In the beginning, when the Master Samael Aun Weor was teaching, he only unveiled the name of his Monad, his Spark. He said, my name is Aun Weor... but, when he entered the Direct Path and incarnated his own Glorian, he said, "Now my name is Samael Aun Weor" because Samael is the name of his Glorian, and Aun Weor the name of his Monad, Atman-Buddhi.

"I, Aun Weor, am Samael. My planetary Being, my Self-Christ, my Glorian, incarnated within me. Samael, the planetary Logos of Mars, incarnated within me. He dwells within Me, and I dwell within Him. The one who listens to me listens to the one who sent me. I AM SAMAEL". - Christ's Will

When we go deep into meditation, we discover all of that. But, first we have to edify the Mind and to light the splendor of an eternal youth.

"I approach the Altar of God, which edifies the Mind and lights (related to light, rune Ar) the splendor (meaning Tiphereth. Tiphereth is Beauty, but it also means Splendor) of an eternal youth."

How do we light the splendor of the Soul for eternal youth? For that we have to go down, to the Rune Gibor. Remember that we have stated that the Rune Gibor, together with the Rune Ar, form the name Gibraltar. Gibraltar or Gibor-altar is the Altar of the Gibor. We have already explained that the Rune Gibor is the X, the Cross, in other words. We explained that we have 2 Altars, one in the head and the other in the sex, those are the 2 altars that all of us have. That is why there exist many churches with the higher altar and the lower altar. Sometimes, the lower altar is represented by the Baptismal Font, where - when we enter - we place the hand in the water as in the Catholic Church, and perform the sign of the cross on ourselves and put the water on our heads. That water represents the sexual energy that we have to place in the head. That Font is where the children are baptized. We have stated in other lectures, that the Orthodox Church, the Greek church, has the Octagon Font, a stone-fountain with water made of 8 "A's" or angles; we have explained that the Octagon Font relates to the 2 crosses, the Cross of Peter, and the Cross of St Andrew.


These 2 crosses are represented here, in the Aztec calendar, by the 8 arrow heads around the circle which are the 8 end-points of 2 Crosses, the Cross of Peter and the Cross of St Andrew. The Aztec calendar, in itself, is "Ar", an altar made of stone, with which we have to work, because in it, we find all of the symbols which we are talking about.

The Gibraltar – or, Gibor Altar, or the Altar of the Gibor - is Yesod, the Altar of the Cross; this is another altar that we have to respect. Thus, not only the head is an altar. When people understand the meaning of Alt-Ar, people think that this means only the head, which is understandable, but down here in Yesod, we have another Alt-Ar that we have to respect because it is the altar of the Divine Mother. Remember, the head, the brain is Adam and the genitalia is Eve. Adam and Eve. Adam the brain is related with Pingala; the sex, the genitalia, is related with Ida; these are the two cords that are entwined around the spinal column, which is precisely that vertical line of the Rune Ar and the vertical line of the Rune Tyr.

So, by working on the Rune of Gibor, on the altar of the Gibor, which means to perform the sexual act and transmuting the sexual energy, is how we light the Soul, because the human soul is Tiphereth which means "splendor"; Tiphereth, the heart, the sun, contains the light of an eternal youth, or immortality, longevity, the elixir of long life.

In that way, remember that Tiphereth is in the heart and we build an altar. Because the forces of the Father are in the head, the forces of the Mother are in the sex and with these 2 forces, Ida and Pingala, we build another altar in our heart. That is why the axiom that we find in the 8th Tarot card states: "Thou shalt edify an altar within thine Heart." That heart is Tiphereth, the Soul.

Thus, "Thou shalt edify an altar within thine Heart." And "I approach the altar of God that edifies the mind and lights the splendor of an eternal youth," means the same thing. Yet, the axiom that we find in the 8th Tarot card is warning us, when subsequently it states: "But, thou shall not make an altar of thine heart." Do you understand this? It is very deep, very profound, because:

"Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that is faithful will not be disturbed. (Isaiah 28:16) To you therefore which believe (this stone) is precious: but to them which are disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense." – 1 Peter 2: 6

These verses from the first letter of Peter, which we have quoted, remind us of PATAR (Peter's sacred name) related to the runes "Perth-Tyr-Ar" Peter. They relate to what we are explaining here, "Perth-Tyr-Ar" enclosed the mystery of these three altars.

The 3 altars in which we have to edify the mind, the Man, relates first to Netzach the hermetic priesthood, the Father; second, to Yesod, sexual magic, the rune Gibor, the Mother; the third, to Tiphereth, the Son, the heart, the altar of Love, splendor of the eternal youth that we have to develop, which is "Ar" the Sun.

If we observe the tree of life, we will understand that we the souls following Christ, are in Tiphereth, the Sun. We are the essence that has to develop by working with Peter, whether in the head, whether in the sex, or whether in the heart. Again, in this trinity, we find the Stone, the Mystery of the Stone that the builders, which are the Masons, disallowed. Remember that between the compass and the square you find the letter G, of the Rune Gibor, the G of Gnosis, the Rune of Genesis, the G of God, the G of generation. So, that G is the Cross with which we have to work, but in this development we have to be careful of not making an altar of our heart.

"Thou shalt edify an altar within thine Heart. But, thou shall not make an altar of thine heart."

Not to make an altar of our heart, that is precisely the warning; because when we are edifying an altar within our heart, something ominous can be developed inside from our heart which is called mystic pride and mystic vanity, which relates to the Sun and the Rune Ara. The Rune Ara relates to the Sun, the light, which is in our 3 brains. Now, let us observe, when we are thinking bad things we do the effort of not doing it, thus, we control our mind and start thinking good things, like praying, and thus, disallowing those armful thoughts from our head; the same when we are utilizing our sexual force in the wrong way, we then start developing or controlling the energies of your sexual altar, the Gibraltar, when the 2 columns, Adam and Eve are united in Yesod. So, it takes time to control the intellectual brain and the motor-instinctual sexual brain, but it is very easy when you know how. The difficulty is to control the emotional brain. We have the tendency within us to be easily dragged by the emotional brain. It is in this area of emotions where we feel the "Me." Remember what we said about when somebody targets us and we feel accused, we then point to our heart and say: "Who me?" Yes, we never point to our head or to our sexual organs, but to our heart; it is in there that we feel the "Me" within, which feels accused. This is because, emotionally speaking, it is there, in the heart, where we feel that we are. When we are articulately angry, we might control the anger in the head, when we are physically angry, we can stop moving the body, but when we are emotionally angry, such anger in the heart is very difficult to control.

When we are emotionally angry, we want to control such anger; we want to push that anger aside, to cast off that anger which is controlling us in that moment, yet it stays there. Such anger says, "No, this is my home, and I sit here." Thus, we must make a super effort. Master Samael Aun Weor explains, that in order to control the heart, we have to sit down, relax our body, and analyze with our mind, that anger, in order to control it, because just by itself, we cannot control our emotional center. Maybe we will be able to in the future, but right now, I do not know anyone who can control it, who can say: "inferior emotion out, superior emotion in," such a transformation is difficult. It is difficult because the ego tends to control the emotional center which relates to Tiphereth.

Thus, we must not make an altar of our heart, meaning, to not develop mystical pride and mystical vanity, which is the tendency of the ego in order to attract proselytes. If you observe any group that knows about this knowledge, Gnostic (or not), or religious, there is always a person there in the center that likes to be worshipped. Thus, this is precisely the point of the axiom, which we always state: we have to know how to build an altar in our heart, because we have to do this work, but we do not have to make of our heart an altar, because – in the heart- the ego is very subtle, it likes to be worshiped.

For instance: immediately upon knowing the Inner Name of our own particular God, our own particular Spirit, the ego wants to shout: "Oh I am this, or that Master," this, in order to make of its heart an altar. Unfortunately, there exists within the aspirant the fanatical tendency to worship the personality, which is the ego of such individuals... even though, through the personality, the ego of an individual expresses itself, it is also possible that instead the Inner Being, the Innermost, of that particular Master, or that particular Initiate is being expressed. Sadly, people have the tendency of mistaking the personality with the Innermost and this is something that we have to explain here, because it belongs to the next Rune, which is the Rune Tyr.

The Rune Tyr, as we explained, is made by an arrow pointing up, which "is the Astrological sign of Mars, the warrior." Observe the Rune Tyr; it is a vertical line with 2 lines in polarity on its top that are downwardly pointing at the 2 hemispheres of the brain - which relate to Chokmah and Binah – and, at the very apex of the arrow, to Kether, which is the apex of the upper triangle of the tree of life.

So, this Rune symbolizes power, but it is the power of the Innermost. In the Edda it is stated that Odin, the Father of all the Gods, which in Greek is called Zeus and in the Roman-Latin Pantheon is termed Jupiter, hanged himself from the ash tree, the Yggdrassil, in order to sacrifice himself and thus to discover the mysteries. This is how, after 9 days, the Runes were uncovered to him. The first Rune that he held in his hand, was the Rune Tyr. Why? Because he was holding his spear; Odin is always represented with the spear in his hand, that spear is the Rune Tyr. With the same spear he pierced himself, and hung on the tree, in order that through that self-sacrifice he could discover the mysteries of life and the mystery of the universe. The Runes were the outcome of such self-sacrifice; the Runes are the outcome of the Word, for the Runes are nothing but the graphics that express the Word, the Theomertmalogos.

So then, Odin, Jupiter, represents the Innermost in us, and even deeper, it represents our own Glorian... but, behold in the Tree of Life, Chesed as the Innermost is ruled by Jupiter; yet, it is also Binah, from where Chesed emerged, that is represented by Jupiter. In ordinary Kabbalah, they say that Saturn governs Binah, but Master Samael Aun Weor stated that Binah is also ruled by "IO-Pitar," because Jupiter is the King. Our own Innermost is a King, but Binah is also a King - his crown is Kether, the Father who is also a King, Jupiter. So, that is why we said, when we talk about Odin, Jupiter or Zeus, we not only point to our own particular Chesed, but also to our own particular Glorian, Binah, the Holy Spirit.

Thus, let us understand the power of the Rune Tyr, which represents the spinal column and the two hemispheres of the brain - the central nervous system - which is the Throne of the Spirit, this is how we have to see it: When we visualize the Rune Tyr, we imagine the two hemispheres of the brain and the spinal column - which is the Throne of the Spirit - which contains the power of God in us, in our physical body.

Now listen, unfortunately, through the brain the mind is also expressed; and the mind is not the Being.

When we hear a Master physically teaching, we know that the Master is Atman-Buddhi, who, besides his physical body, also has Astral, Mental and Causal internal bodies; such bodies form what we call the Bodhisattva. However, the Bodhisattva, himself, really relates to the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, because the physical body in the end, is a vehicle that sooner or later we will lose, since, it is not immortal. The Astral body is immortal, the Mental body is immortal, the Causal body is immortal but the physical body is mortal, it will die, you know this.

Yet, comprehend that in order for us to express our selves in this physical world, our physical body needs a vehicle of expression and such a vehicle is what we call the personality (Latin Personae, derived from Etruscan word "phersu", meaning "mask", and Greek πρόσωπον – prosōpon -. It indicates a "character" of a theatrical performance).

Our personality has a name, such a name was given to us by our physical parents. Recorded in the personality, we have the languages that we speak, the knowledge that we were taught, all the necessary information in order to survive in this life, in order to be able to communicate, to correspond with our neighbors; despite, at the end, when the physical body dies, the personality also dies. Thus, there is no future for the personality. If the name of your personality is Richie or Miguel, then, that Richie, that Miguel has no future, it is going to die. So, prepare to die, because you have no future. Sadly, the one that has a tomorrow, that will return, is the ego.

Consequently, it is very funny, to currently find on the internet, the name of the personality of some fellows, who boast about being a Dhyani Bodhisattva of a certain Master; when we know that Dhyani Bodhisattva means Atman-Buddhi and Superior Manas. Thus, the name of the physical personality is garbage, refuse, dirt.

Thus, the name that I personally have, the name that I use in this physical world, is a name that I use in order to correspond, to deal, with people. That name is written in the driver license that I use, as well as in my passport, but that name is nothing, it has no reality; it is nothing, indeed. Sadly, people have the tendency of worshipping personalities, they say, "such a fellow" (the first and last names of the personality) is a Master. And then I say, "Oh yeah? I never knew that the personality could be a Master?" A personality could be a teacher in a school, or in high school, or college, it could also be a professor of a university, a great learned individual, but a Master of the White Lodge? No, I do not think so! The personality cannot be a Master of the White Lodge, because the personality has a beginning and an ending and a Master of the White Lodge is immortal. So, just as the physical body has a beginning and an end likewise the personality.

So, when somebody asks us, are you a Master? We answer "No, we are not." But behold here is another question: "Is your Being, your Innermost a Master?" People do not know how to ask...

"When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures." – James 4: 3

Thus, if you ask me, the physical body, the personality: "Are you a Master?" the answer is "No I am not a Master, I am just a simple slug from the mud of the Earth." This is what Master Samael said and this is what we have to understand. When I personally met Master Samael Aun Weor in Mexico, and was addressing him as Master, I knew that he as Atman-Buddhi was a Master inside and that his physicality with his personality's name was eventually going to pass away. This is why we do not utter the name of his personality, because it is already dead. Yet, you find the name of his former personality that is already disintegrated, that no longer exists, written by other people on several websites in the internet, and have made a large problem of it.

Listen, Samael Aun Weor is an immortal being, but his personality is dead and the physical body as well, it is entirely dead. So, we do not name his personality. But, other people like to worship personalities. Nonetheless, we have photos of his former physical body, and we respect that, because they bring good memories to us. But, indeed, in the internal planes, he has nothing to do with those features, or the photos that we have of him. Yes, the features of Samael Aun Weor, internally, are completely different. This is why, when people show us photos or paintings of his former physicality, we say, "Well, we respect these images, as a remembrance of the last physical body, of the last incarnation of Samael Aun Weor," but the real Being we have to understand, is different. Thus, Atman-Buddhi-Manas is the Being that reincarnates and that is related with the Rune Tyr.

Now, when we talk about the reincarnation of a Master, we are talking about the reincarnation of Atman-Buddhi (the Monad), which only occurs after the reincarnation of Superior Manas, the human soul of a Master, when such initiate has realized the fifth initiation of fire, and has disintegrated the egos related to the 96 Laws; in this instance, Buddhi-Manas reincarnates at the beginning of the second mountain.

The ego does not reincarnate, it returns. So, when we comprehend that, when we understand that, we stop worshipping personalities; so let us stop that tendency within us of thinking that the physical body with egos, defects and vices, is a Master, because that is not a Master. This is what we have to understand in relation with the Rune Tyr, because it is related with Reincarnation, which is a very demanding word. Reincarnation is only for those that have already created the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, and who have again united their souls with Atman-Buddhi. The Dalai Lama, for instance, is a recognized reincarnation. Personally, I found him in the internal planes, and he is a Master. So, I know that he is a reincarnation. But, to call any other person a reincarnation of this or that Master, well, we would have to investigate that person, to see if really, the Innermost is already a Master. We have to develop mastery and this is not something very easy. It is not simply by knowing or memorizing all the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor, or by memorizing the Bible, or by knowing all this Gnostic Doctrine that we are going to reach Mastery.

Mastery is something internal that develops with the 3 factors of the revolution of the consciousness, which are related with the Rune Ar: 3 altars - the head, the sex and the altar that we are building in the center, because when the altar in the center is not yet built, we say:

"I approach the altar of God, which edifies the mind, and light the splendor of an eternal youth."

What we are saying is: we are edifying our splendor, our Tiphereth, our altar in our heart by working with the 3 factors, by working with the mind, in meditation, by working with the sexual force, in sexual magic. Thus, when that altar in the center of the temple of our body is developed, namely, the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, then, after that, we have to eject the merchants from our temple. Thus, this is how the physical body becomes a temple with 3 altars. In us, 2 altars are already made; the Father and Mother, Ida and Pingala, and the third, which we have to build with the help of these 2 forces, is Sushumna.

Now, the next Rune, Bar, will helps us to understand what is stated in the book of Genesis, "In the Beginning (Bar-ashith)." If you see, the Aramaic word "Bar" from "Barashith" hides the Rune Ar and the Rune Bar together. Bar is a word that means "Son," in Aramaic.

Aramaic is another word whose etymology is very important, given that Jesus gave all of his knowledge in the Aramaic language: "AR (light) Ara (altar), Ara-Maia (the altar of the Goddess of fertility). So, in Aramaic B-A-R, means S-O-N, the son of Maia.

Behold "Bar" is the first syllable of the book of Genesis "Barashith" that we often repeat in many lectures. The next syllable is "Ash" Aleph, Shin, which in Kabbalah, in Hebrew means fire. These two letters Aleph (air) and Shin (fire) relate to the blood, the heart. "Ash" also reminds us of the Ash tree, which is called Yggdrassil in the Nordic Edda; it is the same tree from which Odin was hanged, with the Rune Tyr. The Rune Tyr is the same "Tav" at the end of Barashith; yes, the letter Tav, or Tau, is the same Rune Tyr. So, Barashith tells us sequentially about the Rune Bar, the Rune Ar and the Rune Tyr, along with the Rune Is as well, because before the T in Barashith, we find the letter I. So, all of these Runes are present there in Barashith, the Beginning.

Barashith Bara Elohim... the Son of the Ash tree (the rune Tyr) created Elohim. If we take the Nordic alphabet, in relation with the word Barashith - the meaning of the first word of Genesis - we can find many explanations... as we have said, the Hebrew letters are derived from the Runes; this is why we find this word "Bar" in many words, in different languages; for instance, the word Barbarian. Usually Barbarian is directed toward a person that is a savage; we usually say when talking about savages, "they are barbarians." But, according to the Runic Futharkh, savage is not the meaning of Barbarian.

Barbarian has the Bar Rune repeated, Bar-Bar, ending with the word Arya (gentile), thus, Bar-B-Aryan means: "Son of a noble family." Moreover, Barbaryan means two times Son of the Aryan God or 2 times Son of Surya, which reminds us of what Jesus stated in the Gospels, you have to be born again – that is, you have to be a Barbaryan, a twice-born - in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven. So, from that point of view, the word Barbarian means a twice-born, which means to be a Son 2 times.

This is why, when we talk about the rune Bar, we talk about the Sun, the Solar Absolute, the Cosmic Christ, "Bar-Ash," the Son of "Ash" (fire), who is the stone, precious as the Sun; the Cosmic Christ is "Bar-Ash-It," the Son of the fire of Tyr, the medulla and head of the corner, lay in Zion for a foundation (Yesod); Christ is Bar, Bar and even further... because when somebody is a twice-born, and takes the direct path, then later on, when he dies and resurrects, he then is no longer a Barbarian, but a Bar-bar-baryan, 3 times.

"Know that the Bodhisattva who liberation changes for renunciation to don the miseries of "Secret Life", is called, "thrice Honored," O thou candidate for woe throughout the cycles." - The Voice of the Silence

The one who Resurrects is thrice honored, because he has accomplished with the 3 nails of the cross, or the 3 thorns of the Rune Bar.

As you can see, the Rune Bar has 3 thorns, or better said, 3 Thorn Runes. Remember that the rune Thorn is the 3rd Rune of the Futharkh: 1st = Fa, 2nd = Ur, 3rd = Thorn (or Dorn), namely; Father, Mother and Son. This is why the Rune Bar, which means Son, has 3 Thorns. The middle thorn forms the shape of the Rune Kaum; as you can see, the middle is a reversal invisible thorn in between the 2 visible thorns. You have to know and to see things, without seeing them.


The first Thorn is formed by the upper Triangle and the second is formed by the lower Triangle of the Rune Bar. Yet, in between them is an angle that forms a reversal invisible thorn. In regard to this, Master Samael when addressing the Rune Bar talks about the mystery of the three types of churches.

First, the Triumphant Church, represented by the few Knights of the Grail who persisted to remain pure; Second, the Failing Church, represented by those who abhor the Initiatic Stone; Third, the Militant Church, represented by the others, who as Mary Magdalene, Paul of Tarsus, Kundry, and Amfortas, are still in rebellion against the seductive Luciferic fire.

You might ask: "Where is the third Church, I do not see it? Oh Yes, the 3 is here. The one that is invisible is the open Kaum between the 2 Thorns that encloses the forces of Heaven, the heart, within the B. This is why the word Barashith begins with this B or Bar, do you see? Barashith "In the beginning" Bar, is a feminine Rune, because that reversal invisible vertex between the 2 Thorns makes the womb within the body. If you carefully observe the shape of the B, you will discover the breast and the belly of a pregnant woman. So, in that way, the Rune Bar hides the mystery of Life. That is why we write Birth, Be and Born with B.


Actually, if you tip over the B, you will see a mountain with 2 hills, which will makes the shape of the letter M, of Mutter (Mother in German). The invisible valley between the 2 hills of the M, is the grave, which is always inside Mother Earth, because the womb is like a grave, inside the earth. The womb is hidden within the body of the woman. This is why it is stated that the Rune Bar encloses 3 processes, which begin with B or Bar, namely:

  • First: Becoming - an eternal Becoming, Birth, Beginning, Barashith
  • Second: Being, Beingness
  • Third: Burial (death).

So, through the Rune Bar, the 3 processes of life are manifested. Becoming is precisely the process of the fetus in the womb of the mother, something that is becoming, that is being built. When that fetus is out of the womb, it is something that is being born, that is Being, to Be... but, during that development of "to be or not to be" eventually the Burial (death) will come. So, this is why this Rune encloses the 3 factors, hidden within the Bar, within the Son. Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

"If we place before the sacred syllable Ar the letter B, then we indicate with this the necessity of attracting the Sun [the fire] to the Earth." – Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Magic of the Runes 

elijah-fireAr is the fire, the light that we need to attract to our body. In order to become a Sun, we have to attract the light into ourselves. That is why we find the word Bar, not only in Barashith, but in other words which are sprouting from the 2 Runes Ar and Bar; in relation with this, you can see the graphic we have placed here of Elias (Elijah) the Prophet.

Let us explain what the name Elijah means: Eli means "my God" and Jah is IAO. Thus, Elijah is "my God is Jah, Ra, Ar, the Solar Light." So, Elijah is Elias, or Helios, the Solar Light. This means that the prophet represents the outcome of the Solar Light through Initiation, through the development that we make inside. Remember that it is stated that it is necessary for Elias to come before the coming of the Messiah, the coming of Christ. That it is necessary for Elijah, for Helios, for "Ar," the light of the Sun to come into us first, because we are the letter "B" the rune Bar.

So, when we put in position our body like the letter "B", we indicate with this that we are attracting the Solar Light, the Ar, into our physical body. As in the graphic we see how the prophet Elijah, which symbolizes the light, is attracting the forces of the Ain Soph Aur, the forces of El-IAO, to the altar that he built.

Let us read the First Book of Kings:

"And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between the opposites? if יהוה is Elohim, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word." - 1 Kings 18: 21

Here, this verse is addressing the light, which is synthesized in I-A-O, which is synthesized in the rune Sig, which is synthesized in El-iao - Elijah, the God IAO - that we have to worship. Yet, Baal, is the corrupted light with which we create idols, defects, vices and errors, inside of us, when we utilize the light of the head, the light of the heart and the light of the sex in the wrong way. When we are worshipping personalities, we are following Baal, or Bael as it is also written in the Bible; Baal is the contrary of Adonai (the Lord) Baal is singular of Baalim, the inhabitants of Klipoth.

So, Elijah is telling us, how long are we going to be between the opposites? If the ultraviolet light is God, then follow that light, but if Baal then follow the infrared; we cannot be between two lights, we have to only follow one, otherwise we become Hasnamussen, with double center of gravity. The infrared light relates to those that like to make of their heart an altar. The Hasnamussen, the Baalim, say, this is what I am, worship me; thus, we forget that we have to worship only one God, which is inside of us.

We have to respect and venerate the Masters, the Elohim but first, love thy own God above everything, and thereafter the neighbor's as thyself.

"Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of יהוה; but Baal's prophets are four hundred and fifty men." - 1 Kings 18: 22

This is Kabbalistically very clear: 450 added together makes 9. The 9th sphere is Yesod, sex; thus, those that abuse it, those that like to fornicate, are 450. The are the many. But, only him that worships the light, which represents our own particular Innermost, or own particular "El" Elijah, Eliao, the God IAO is the only one that remains faithful to the Light. This is how we have to understand this.

"Let them therefore give us two bullocks; and let them choose one bullock for themselves, and cut it in pieces, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under: and I will dress the other bullock, and lay it on wood, and put no fire under." - 1 Kings 18: 23

Remember that the Bullock, cattle, oxen, are represented by the letter Aleph. Remember that the letter Aleph, the wind, the light, enters through the nostrils, mingles with the blood and finally goes down into our sex. The bullock, the behemoth, is also the ego - the Minotaur that we have within.

"And call ye on the name of your gods (personalities), and I will call on the name of יהוה: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken. - 1 Kings 18: 24... And Elijah built an "Ara" altar in the name of יהוה.

So, how do we place the bullock on the altar? Those people that make of their hearts an altar, they put their bullock on their heart and proclaim themselves to be Masters, Baalim that must be worshipped, and thereafter they utilize the fire of the Lord in the wrong way.

But, only by the annihilation of the Pharisee ego is how we build an altar in the heart. In the heart is the atom Nous, the atom of the Son, who will build us an altar. This is the altar that Noah built when he finished the work, when the Ark... do you see the word "Ar" here? The Rune Ar, Ara, Ark. The K is the Kaum, that landed, between the 2 forces above and below, in the Mount Ar-ar-at, Ararat. The Mount Ararat exists, but the prophets were very clever in writing things so that they would remain hidden.

The Mount Ararat is twice "Ara," the 2 altars; the other Ara or Altar is the Ark landing in Ararat. The Ark has to be built with the T, the Tau of Ararat, which is the rune Tyr. So, when we build the Ark, is when we place before the sacred syllable Ar the letter B; that is, we are attracting the light "Ar" to us, the letter B... we are attracting the light of the Sun to ourselves, to our 3 brains, as Elijah shows it in the graphic; he is attracting the light from above towards the inside of himself, in order to burn the bullock, which represents the ego.

And Elijah said unto all the people, Come near unto me. And all the people came near unto him. And he repaired the altar of יהוה that was broken down. - 1 Kings 18: 30

What is the altar of Iod-Chavah that was broken down? It is the sexual altar of course, because when we fornicate we just make a mess and build more calves to that bullock which we already have inside.

And Elijah took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob, unto whom the word of יהוה came, saying, Israel shall be thy name. - 1 Kings 18: 30

ISRAEL is a word that must be analyzed: 'IS' reminds us of Isis and the Isiac Mysteries. 'RA' reminds us of the Solar Logos. Let us remember the disc of RA found in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. 'EL' is 'EL'. 'EL' is the interior, profound God within each one of us. - Samael Aun Weor, The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

The name "Israel," hides the Runes Is and Ar, and the word El which means God. 12 stones point us toward the Rune Tyr, which is the number 12. The 12 stones that we have to build, we have to settle in Tiphereth, our heart, because those 12 stones represent the 12 attributes or archetypes that are represented in the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 constellations or the 12 apostles of the Lord. Remember that the Rune Tyr is the 12th Rune.

So, the 12 apostles are the 12 archetypes and the one that organizes them, is the 13th, which is the Lord. In the Futharkh the 13th is the letter Bar, which is the Son - again, Bar means Son in Aramaic - Bar, the 13th has to be united with the 12th, with Tyr, in order to make the altar, the Ar; do you see this? The B is the 13, the Lord, the Son. The 12 are the apostles, the Tyr, which we work with in the spinal nervous system. The Ar is the 10th letter, related with the 10th Sephiroth, which is the light. Thus, working with these 3 Runes is what Elias is doing here, thus Elijah says:

Hear me, יהוה, hear me, that this people may know that thou are אלהים יהוה, and that thou hast turned their heart back again. Then the fire of יהוה fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice. - 1 Kings 18: 37, 38

That burnt sacrifice is always in the higher altar. It is in your mind. In your mind, you burn that bullock and say: "My God here, it is an ego, it is one of the bullocks that I have." It might be the ego of anger, of lust or whatever ego you comprehended, thus, you bring the fire of Jehovah Elohim, which is the fire of the Father-Mother, the Divine Mother, in order to annihilate that ego, in order to turn your heart back again, to build your altar inside of you.

Then the fire of יהוה fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. - 1 Kings 18: 38

The fire of יהוה is "Ar" or "Ra", the Prana that enters through our nostrils and falls through Ida and Pingala to lick up the waters of Yesod that are in the trench or sexual organs; and thereafter through Sushumna it rises from the waters of Yesod to our head. That is the miracle done by Elias that we symbolically find written in chapter 18 of the first book of Kings. If you read and meditate the whole chapter, you will understand what we are talking about, which are the mysteries of the rune Ar, rune Bar, and rune Tyr. Do you see the splendor, the beauty of it?

Let us work with these Runes. Master Samael Aun Weor advises us that in order to prepare ourselves for the advent of the fire, the Christic fire with which we have to work, we have to vocalize the Mantra Ario. The Mantra Ario relates to the Aryan race (Aryan means Gentile). So, we extend out our right leg, in order to make the letter A with our legs, that is, the Rune Ar, and then we vocalize:



The Mantra Ario has as we can see, Ar-I-O, precisely the 3 vowels, along with the letter R. The letter R causes the fire to vibrate inside of us. The A opens our lungs, in order for the fire to enter, on the wind. The vowel I puts into activity the Chakra of the pineal gland, the Sahasrara Chakra. And the O, relates to the heart, to the sexual forces that rise toward the heart. Master Samael says that it is advisable to work with this practice, to vocalize this mantra for 10 minutes, daily. We must also learn how roll the R, many people do not know how to roll the R. Moreover, we have to sharpen the sound of the "R" by raising the pitch. When you raise the pitch, sharpen the sound of the R, then you send the sound to the top of your head. That is the practice of the Rune Ar.

We must also have to practice the Rune Tyr. The practice which corresponds to the Rune Tyr consists in placing the arms high above the head. We have to cup our hands like seashells. We raise the hands, and then we descend our arms straight, do not bend them, until we make the shape of an arrow with our body, during the movement of our arms we vocalize:



As the Master explained, the letter T, Tau, strikes the consciousness in order to awaken it. Remember that the pineal gland is the seat of the Soul, the seat of the consciousness. So, when we are pronouncing the T, we beat the sound of the T like the hammer of Thor. Remember that the rune Tyr also represents the hammer of Thor. When the hammer strikes the anvil, the light comes. The anvil is the pineal gland, and the light is the hammer of Thor, Thorn. Obviously the letter I goes directly within the blood, which is the vehicle of the essence, of the Soul. The R intensifies the circulation of the blood in the veins, the sanguineous vessels, are operating marvels with the igneous flames by intensifying and stimulating the awakening of the consciousness. So, Tyr is a powerful Rune in order to awaken the consciousness. Remember always that we are working with the light; raise your arms and cup your hands, and lower them whilst vocalizing the mantra Tyr. Simple. But, remember that that Tyr is related with your Innermost, so remember your Self, your Spirit, your Ruach, remember that in the beginning the Spirit, the Tyr of God, the Ruach of the Elohim, was floating over the waters. This is how the Tyr fecundates the waters of sexuality.

Now, there is another practice - which relates to the Rune Bar – but, as you see, we did not place the shape of the Rune Bar, because as the Master explains, the practice of Rune Bar should be combined with the Rune Tyr. This is because the Rune Tyr is that light that comes down, and the Rune Bar is that which establishes the light in our body. Therefore, we have to combine the 2 mantras of Tyr-Bar, but, only by performing the Rune Tyr. We cannot state here that we have to make the shape of the Rune Bar at the end of the practice, because, I personally investigated this, and as the Master explains, other Master also explained it. The only thing that you repeat here is the sound of the mantra Bar, but, you do not make the shape of the Rune Bar to end it. We just combine the 2 mantras, Tyr and Bar. The objective of this practice is to wisely mix within our interior universe, the magical forces of the 2 Runes, to awaken the consciousness, to intimately accumulate Christic atoms of high voltage, inside of us. Remember that we are the Bar (the son). The Bar is us becoming, being, burying.

So, when we practice the Rune Bar we combined it with the Rune Tyr, that is, we perform the same movement of the rune Tyr, but vocalizing 2 mantras. We take a breath in between the two mantras:

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Let us see: we raise the hands, and join them on top of our head (straight arms) then we descend our straight arms and vocalize Tiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr, when our hands are at the level of our heart, making a cross with the body, then we breathe in again and pronounced the mantra Baaaarrrrrrr, and we continue lowering our hands until making the shape of the arrow with our body. The movement and the mantras attract the light into our body, in order for us to take advantage of it for our awakening.

Remember that in this exercise we are the Son, Bar, in Aramaic; even though in Hebrew we say Ben for Son, which begins with B as well, likewise Bath which in Hebrew means daughter, Bath-Sheba, the daughter of the Seven. Daughter in Kabbalah, in Hebrew is spelled בת (Beth-Tav), the letter Tav, is the same rune Tyr at the end of the word. So, we can say in that way, that in Hebrew the Rune Bar and the Rune Tyr are united in the woman, because with B and T is how we spell daughter in Hebrew. In English, we write it as when we spell Bat, which is the name of those nocturnal flying mammals. It is the same word, but in Hebrew it means daughter. So, the runes Tyr-Bar are strongly shown in בת, which is daughter in Hebrew.

Audience: You were talking, towards the beginning of the lecture, about the process by which we receive our Monad. The implication is that our individual Ray, is a result of the Cosmo-Creator who fecundated our Ain Soph. So, is that an arbitrary process, in which Ray we belong to, or is there something about our Ain Soph, our individual Ray, the Being of our Being, that causes it to gravitate toward being in a particular Ray? Or is it just only after it is assigned by the Cosmo-Creator?

Instructor: Well, that is an interesting question. Who decides which Ray goes with which Cosmo-Creator? Well, the one who decides is the Theomertmalogos. Remember that in the Ain Soph Aur, is the Theomertmalogos, which is the intelligence of the Absolute and the Absolute knows, because your Ain Soph, and my Ain Soph, are part of it. The Theomertmalogos says, "This will be united with this." And then it facilitates that, and blends the two forces. If we see the Ray which comes from the Ain Soph, when it blends with the light of the Cosmo-Creator, we will see one and the same Ray, but blended, and as that it appears in the universe, with a Spark, with an inheritance to develop. But, in the end, it is the same force. Force is forces, within Christ all of us are one, united. When you meditate and enter into the Ain Soph Aur, and you want to inquire into the Master Jesus, then you become Master Jesus, within your own particular light, and experience Jesus. If you want to know who was Krishna, and then within your own particular light, you experience Krishna, you become Krishna, because within that light, there is no personality, no individuality, because all of us are one. And this is very important to know, in case, if someday during meditation, you experience any given Being, so that after the Samadhi do not come back and say, "Oh I am that Being", because that is a blasphemy. Even if you discover the nature of your own God, the Ray of your own Being and who your Being is, remember that God is always God, and he is always above. Down here, we are personalities, more or less perfect or imperfect, that are trying to survive in this jungle. Do not ever mistake the physical body, the personality of the individual, with the Master, because it is not. It is completely different.

When I was with the Master Samael Aun Weor and his personality, he was behaving like any one of us, because he needed to eat, he needed to do things, but his Inner Being is different. When I was addressing him, then he was concentrated and bringing his own Being into his body, and was expressing what he had to express, to say what he had to say. The rest of the day, he was not always thinking, "Oh I am Samael Aun Weor, I am Samael Aun Weor," he had to eat, he had to do things, you know? All of us have to do things, remembering of course that the Being is always important. But, the Being, the Innermost is not always inside the body, as a bird in a cage. It can go in and out, inside and outside at his own will. Most of the time, the Innermost is outside, in the Milky-way, doing what he has to do; and the Bodhisattva? Well, he is also doing what he has to do.

When, all of a sudden, a disciple came and asked, "Master Samael, I want to talk to you?" and then he concentrates and brings his Being within, because the disciple is addressing his Being. And then he answered. But, many people make the mistake of misguiding the personality of somebody else whose Being is a Master. One thing is the personality behaving like any one of us, sometimes making jokes. Then people say, "Oh, the Master such and such likes to make jokes." No, that is the personality. The personality and the physical body sometimes have special preferences, like a certain type of food, meat, vegetables, but do not mix that with the Master. Only when the Master has annihilated the personality, then the whole Being expresses itself. In the last year of life of the Master Samael Aun Weor, he even annihilated his personality, and he said, anyone from now on that calls me by my Christian name, will be a traitor, because I annihilated my personality, it is completely dead. My name is Samael Aun Weor, in this physical body. That was the last step before his resurrection, after that, he physically died. When we met him, he was 100% the Being, a Master.

"My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body." – James 3: 1, 2

Thus, if we have ego and personality, it is better to shut our mouth up, in order not to say many things about our Inner Being, unless we are going to behave in the right way and not to offend any man in word, because people like to judge and sometimes, they do not know what they are judging.

Audience: are there new Rays constantly entering into this Cosmic Day?

Instructor:  According to my understanding, no. Every Cosmic Day have their own number of Rays, of individual Rays that need Self-realization, in order to make bigger the light of the Ain Soph Aur and the cognizance of the Absolute. So, every planet has their own particular number of Rays that enter, Monads that act within their own particular Souls. When the number of Souls or the number of the self-realized lights that the Absolute wants is done - because there is always a certain number that the Absolute wants to harvest - the Cosmic Night comes. Right now, the harvesting is still continuing. The Absolute needs Solar Men, Solar Human Beings - Solar: Aur, Light, to build light within us. So, since the number of Self-realized is not reached, still the harvesting continues, is in activity, even though in this Aryan race right now, the opportunity is the last one. The Ar-yan Race, the race of Aries, the race of Mars, the Lamb, the Ram. Aries is the symbol of the Ram, and that Ram is the Lamb, with 7 horns and 7 eyes. The Lamb of God that erases the sins of the world. The Son of God is the Lamb. Aries, Ar, Light.

Audience: Can you elucidate more about the practices of the runes Tyr and Bar?

Instructor: Two different practices. In the Rune Tyr, we pronounce the mantra Tyr, individually. And in the rune Bar, we perform the rune Bar, by combining the two Mantras, Tyr-Bar. But, the movements of the Rune Bar are exactly as the Rune Tyr. The only difference is that we pronounce Bar after Tyr. As we said, we are attracting with this, the fire to the earth. The earth, the philosophical earth is our physical body, in order for us to do the burning of the Bullock, as Elijah teaches. Study, read, the chapter 18 of the first book of Kings and understand all of that mystery. It is inside of us.