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The Runes Ur, Is and Sig are interrelated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini, this is why we place them together. It is good to comprehend that the entire Runic Futharkh emerges from "Ur", the womb of the Divine Mother Kundalini. All the letters of the Futharkh relate to "IEOUAMS" the Word that emanates from the Ain Soph, which is precisely related with the Rune Ur.


As you can see, in the Futharkh (the Runic Alphabet), Ur is the second Rune – after the Rune Fa. It symbolises the Womb. In accordance with symbolism, the womb, the Ain Soph, the Absolute, is symbolised by a circle.

When the Great Cosmic Day, the Mahamanvantara, is initiated from within this womb, it is obvious that the "Ur", the circle, opens downwardly. So, during the Mahapralaya (or Great Cosmic Night) the Rune "Ur" is closed - not open as you see there on the chart. Actually, Ur relates to sigilism (a term derived from the Latin "sigilum" meaning "seal" or simply; a magical signet, sign or word/image containing magical power or word-structures that hide wisdom). We have to state that the word sigil is similar to the word myth, in that it encloses something hidden that only those that have spiritual vision can see, in accordance with their level of Being, their level of objective reasoning. So, there are many sigils. Obviously the Runes enclose a lot of sigilism within which we find marvellous knowledge. The Aztec Calendar is also a great structure of sigilisms within which we find all of this wisdom that we are talking about.

So, the Rune Ur takes us to the origin of all these sigilisms, due to the fact that it relates to the Ain Soph. Remember that the Ain Soph is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending of the Universe. This is why, when we talk about the Rune Ur, we have to talk about the Mother Space, within which everything is gestated. The Rune Ur reminds us of Ur-Anos, Ouranos, which is precisely the first emanation of the unknowable. Remember that in the Bible it is stated that, "In the beginning (Bereshith) the Son of Aelohim (Bar-AElohim) - which is the Ray of Okidanokh - created the Heavens and the Earth." Well, Heavens is translated in Greek as Uranus and in Roman Mythology as Chaos. Earth is translated as Gaia. So, you find Ouranos and Gaia as Heaven and Earth, in the beginning of the book of Genesis.

ur symbols

All of the letters, sigils emanate from Ur-Anos, from the Ur. So, let us use our imagination in order to understand this marvellous doctrine of the Runes and all the Myths or sigilisms, within which we find the same Wisdom. As you recall, in Greek mythology, Ouranos-Heaven and Gaia, are the parents of Saturn, which in Greek mythology is named Chronos. Chronos is time. In esotericism, time is symbolised with the word Hero-Pass. Hero-Pass is a word mentioned by Gurdjieff and that is repeated by the Master Samael and many other Masters (what is written in the book by Gurdjieff, 'Tales of Beelzebub to his Grandson' is something that is written in the Akashic records, and that anyone who penetrates into the Akashic Records can learn). Many people think that all the writings, words, etc, of Gurdjieff were his inventions; no, these are not. This is why we the Gnostics talk about certain topics that were mentioned by him.

Master Samael Aun Weor corrected many mistakes that Gurdjieff made in relation with the doctrine. This is very important to understand and to comprehend, because any one of us, if we meditate and penetrate into the Akashic Records, can verify this. It is also known - as I am going to talk about mythology - that any myth can be interpreted, as we have explained, in seven levels. So, let us now penetrate into a higher level, since we are penetrating into Ur, the Ain Soph, the Absolute.

Remember that the Absolute is divided in three parts: the Ain, which is the abstract space, the nothingness - the Ain Soph (the Rune Ur), which is translated as the Limitless - and the Ain Soph Aur, which is translated as the Limitless Light. So, these three parts of the Absolute are one, within the circle, within the womb of the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Mother. The principle of the Ain (the nothingness), penetrates into the Ain Soph (the Mother), and places within it, its seed. That seed within the womb is like the child within the womb of any woman - using this similitude in order to comprehend the matter. So, the woman has within her womb the seed of the male. That seed develops within her Ur, her womb. This is why Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

A strange evolution that not even the Gods (the Elohim) or the human beings know about exists within the Ain Soph. – Tarot and Kabbalah

This evolution is like the foetus evolving within the womb of the mother. This womb, which is closed, is what we call the Mahapralaya, the rest. The Mahamanvantara or Great Cosmic Day is the activity of the "A" from the Ur. In other words, we will say that when the child goes out of "Ain Soph", the womb, that child is the "A-Ur" or light of the Mahamanvantara. Yet, while the child remains within the womb, it is the Mahapralaya - this similitude is only used in order for us to understand the three aspects of the Absolute.

So, within the absolute there exists a Law that is called the Auto-Egocrat – the way in which everything that exists within this absolute space sustains itself without any help from the outside universe. Remember; what exists outside of the Absolute is the universe, which is also called the Megalocosmos, the huge cosmos. During the Mahapralaya, the Absolute is Auto-Egocrat, which means that the power of creation within the Ain Soph is sustained by itself. That is why within the 3rd aspect, which is called the Ain Soph Aur (which is also named the Solar Absolute) there exists a kind of Trogoautoegocratic creation that is immortal. This is sustained by the same force of the Father-Mother-Son; Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur. This creation that exists in the third aspect of the Absolute, called the Protocosmos, is made of spiritual Suns. These Suns are called the planets of Christ; they are the worlds that are immersed within the infinitude that sustains all.

Within the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, there exist two eternal Laws that act as one in order to sustain the life within that Spiritual World, within the Abstract space. Those two Laws are the Laws of the Triamatzikamno – that we have uttered many times in different lectures – and the Law of the Heptaparaparshinokh. The first Law is "AUM" the Law of three, the Law of Creation – the Triamatzikamno. The second Law is "IEOUAMS" the Law of seven, the Heptaparaparshinokh – the Law that organises within the bosom of the Absolute. It is important to understand that all of us, within the depths of our Being, have our own particular individual Ain Soph - as we have said in many lectures - and, within that Ain Soph, or Atom of the Abstract Absolute Space, exists three particles of this Law of the Triamatzikamno, which in Christianity are named: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So, in the depths of our Being, we have "AUM"; these three primary forces that with the Ain Soph form the four particles, or what we will call the Tetragrammaton, within the bosom of the Absolute. These four particles act within the abstract life, within that uterus, within that seed, in order to sustain the life of the Solar Absolute, the Ain Soph Aur - those planets of Christ that exists within the abstract space, where you find absolute happiness.

Within those places or planets, or as we call them, Spiritual Suns, we find elements which are related with self-realised Beings; individuals who attained the realization of their Ain Soph in previous Cosmic Days. So, in them, "AUM", the three primary forces manifest all their activity, all their potentiality.

AUM, the three primary forces - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three atoms within the Ain Sop - contain all infinite possibilities, yet, in order to develop those infinite possibilities they have to surface in the Megalocosmos; this is why the Universe exists.

The individuals that attained the realisation of their Ain Soph, return within the Ain Soph Aur and help it in its life and sustenance. That is why it is stated that within the Ain Soph Aur (the Solar Absolute) exist many Suns. Every Sun is a Self-realised Ain Soph. So, the Atmosphere of the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, contains all of these self-realised Monads, or Ain Sophs that attained the crystallisation of the three primary forces of the universe: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We repeat, they act as one light and help the Solar Absolute in its activity and sustenance, within the abstract space; it is a kind of creation, a kind of existence that is peace within the abstract space.

So, there are those Ain Sophs that still do not have that type of development, which we call objective reasoning. Objective reasoning is a type of reasoning that is necessary for one to act in accordance with the reasoning - with the wisdom or intelligence - of the Absolute.

Those Ain Sophs that still do not have Objective reasoning have to acquire it, and this is why on the dawning of the Great Cosmic Day, the womb of the Divine Mother, opens and forms the Rune Ur. And from Ur emerges the universe, which is called, the Ayocosmos, or the Megalocosmos. A-yo, in relation with the I-A-O, the "AUM", three primary forces, manifested.

So, as we know, the Ain Soph Aur projects a Ray into the universe. That Ray, is the Ray of Okidanokh, within which is the possibility of developing in the universe the three primary forces, and to attain the self-realisation of the Ain Soph. So, within that Ray of Okidanokh are the three manifested primary forces that appear from the Ur, into the Protocosmos (Ain Soph Aur) and then into the Megalocosmos (the Universe), in order to start acquiring Nous. The great Cosmo-Creators are directly related with the Ain Soph Aur, because any Cosmo-Creator is related with the Solar Absolute and has its power in its own level. There are many levels and that is why there are many sizes of Suns and planets, many rays and measures of that light that you see in the universe.

Any one of those Suns (Cosmo-Creators) of the Ain Soph Aur engenders the Rune Is within those Unconscious Rays (Ain Sophs without Nous). The Rune Is, which is just a vertical line, represents Nous, our Innermost, our Spirit, which is what the Bible calls the Ruach Elohim, or the Spirit of those Elohim, which are the Cosmo-Creators in the universe.

So, understand now that each one of us has our own particular Innermost that relates to the Rune Is. As you see in the Futharkh, the Rune "Is" is the number 9.

This is why this Innermost has to work in accordance with guidance of the Cosmo-Creators, in order for him to work with the genesic waters. Remember that it is written:

In the beginning... the Spirit of the Elohim hovered upon the face of the waters. – Genesis 1: 2

So, this Spirit of the Elohim, Ruach Elohim, is the letter "I" of the Rune Is. "IS" is written with an S, because that S is the symbol of the Divine Mother. The S is the Rune Sig, which is the lightning. Remember that everything emerges from the womb of the Divine Mother. That is why it is pretty significant that the number 9, the Rune Is, relates to the 9th Sphere, the world of Yesod, where everything is gestated on the Tree of Life.

Now, if you take the womb, symbolised by the circle and place it to the left on top of the Rune Is, you make the number 9. In this way, you see how the "Rune Is" emerges from the womb "Ur", this is why "IS" is the number 9. Moreover, if you place the circle to the right of the Rune Is, you have the number 10, which is the synthesis of I-O, Father-Mother. Our own particular Innermost emerges from the Divine Mother. In the very depths, the root of our Spirit, our Innermost, we find the womb, the Divine Mother. That is why the Divine Mother is also represented as I-O, the androgynous Luni-Solar that exists within each one of us - the Innermost. So, when you think in your Innermost, you not only think as male but male-female, it is androgynous. Andros: man, Gynika: woman. The feminine aspect is the Divine Mother, and that is why the Rune Is relates to the Rune Sig, which is the lightning, the Kundalini - it is the marvellous relationship of our Innermost with the Cosmo-Creators and the Divine Mother, because in order for the Ain Soph, our own particular Ain Soph, to acquire the development of the 3 Primary Forces, it needs guidance. That guidance comes from the Cosmo-Creators, and the Cosmo-Creators are one with the Theomertmalogos, which translated into English means the Word of God. That Word of God is the Solar Absolute that emerges as lightning, as the Rune Sig, in all the rest of the Cosmoses, that as you know are 6, because the Theomertmalogos exists within the 1st, which is the Protocosmos.

So, below the Protocosmos exist 6 cosmoses. These 6 cosmoses are related with the 6 degrees of Objective Reasoning that any Ain Soph can acquire, in order to have the right to penetrate into the Protocosmos, into the Theomertmalogos, or to fuse themselves with the Theomertmalogos. That is precisely the goal of all of us, in the depths of our Spirit: to one day penetrate into the bosom of the Theomertmalogos, and to help it into its creation as the Cosmo-Creators in this day and age are helping in his creation in this Megalocosmos, or Universe.

Now, let us go into the previous Mahamanvantaras, or Cosmic Days, in order to understand the mystery of the Rune Ur. There was a period of time that is called the Chootboglitanical period of the universe; this is also called the period of the God Chootlitanical, or the period Chootboglitanical. In that period any self-realised Ain Soph that had acquired the development of the Three Primary Forces in themselves were automatically entering into the Solar Absolute in order to help, as we have said, the Theomertmalogos (the Word of God), in His creation. But, there was a tragedy that happened that is written in the Akashic records of the Cosmos. During that period, certain individuals who acquired the development of the Three Primary Forces in themselves still had certain subjective elements, certain negative elements within themselves, and with those they entered into the bosom of the Solar Absolute. Being unaware of these subjective, negative elements which were very subtle (that are called sins of the Soul - very subtle elements), these individuals altered the atmosphere of the Solar Absolute; other individuals that were perfect and pure within that atmosphere were infected by these negative aggregates of these units (individuals), that entered, and obviously as a consequence, there was an alteration in the Megalocosmos, in the Universe, in the structure of the universe that is formed by Galaxies and Solar Systems.

So, these psychological aggregates, as you know, relate to time; a time that is not related with the Solar Absolute. Time is called Chronos, in Greek. Heropass - or the passing or flow of time - was different, because within the Solar Absolute exists the here and now, the eternal here and now. But, out of that Solar Absolute exists the universe within which time, the flow of time the Heropass acts in different ways, different speeds we will say, related to the universe. The elements that entered within the Abstract Space belonged to the universe, not to the Abstract Space and therefore they altered the Theomertmalogos. As a consequence, it is written that the Absolute was in danger of losing its volume, disappearing from the Abstract Space because of the action of the Heropass, Chronos, Time. You see, this is also related with the revolt that Chronos (Saturn) made when he castrated the Heavens-Uranos in Greek Mythology, in order to control the universe. If you see that from this point of view, you understand how Chronos, Time, revolted... that Time did not belong to the Absolute and altered all the mechanicity of the universe. That is what is called the Tragedy of the Chootboglitanical, or the God Chootlitanical. Then, the Universe, or we will say, the Eternal Cosmic Father that receives the name of A-Elohim, had to alter the two Laws: the Three and the Seven - the "AUM" or Triamatzikamno and the "IEOUAMS" or Heptaparaparshinokh - and convert those Laws so that they were no longer Auto-Egocrat, but Trogoautoegocrat, in order not to disappear from the Solar Abstract Space, the place of his existence within the Absolute.

Those individuals that were infected by the Heropass, those subjective elements, were taken out of the atmosphere of the Abstract Space, in order not to alter it. Obviously all of those elements suffered the consequences. That is why it is written that the Theomertmalogos was forced to create the present Mahamanvantara. If you have studied this epoch in relation with Karma, you will understand that Karma also relates to Time. Obviously the effects of this were catastrophic, and that is why the Solar Absolute was forced to create in every single Solar System a planet within which these beings could abide during their purification. This planet is called the Planet Purgatory that exists within that region that is known in Sanskrit as Atala. It is a planet which is a paradise within which these beings live, and within which anyone that attains the self-realisation of these Three Primary Forces has forcefully to stay, to go there, before entering into the Abstract Space. So, that is the mystery of the Rune Ur: how the Solar Absolute, being Auto-Egocrat, became Trogoautoegocrat, in order to sustain itself, so that the flow of forces that go out of it would return into it. Before, it was sustaining itself by itself; it was Auto-Egocrat. But, when that Law changed into Trogoautoegocrat, he swallowed the energy of the Universe and it returns again - that is the famous Law of the Cosmic-Common-Trogoautoegocrat that acts in all the Cosmoses; to swallow and to be swallowed. So, through that Law is how the Solar Absolute sustains itself. The forces flow from the Protocosmos down to the other Cosmoses, creating in each Cosmos the different unities through "AUM" the Law of Three.

Now, we need to imitate the Solar Absolute, and to withdraw his force towards the inside of our particular individual Microcosmos, and to create the Solar Bodies, because if we do not do that then the Three Primary Forces flow towards the outside of us, in order to create - through fornication that is the sexual act of animals - children and all of those psychological aggregates that we already know.

Intellectual animals are the only creatures with three brains, that have the three primary forces within them, and that have the capacity to create spiritually... if they return the solar force within them, the Three Primary Forces of the universe.

This is why, when we cite the first words of the Bible, "In the beginning" בראשית (Barashith) which is translated as "Genesis", the first syllable that appears is (בר) Bar, which in Aramaic means Son. This also reminds us of the Rune Bar, which backwards is read Ra - the Sun - and the letter Beth which means house.  בית ר אש (Beth-Ra-Aesh), the House of "Ra", the fire.

בראשית (Barashith) can also be read רבית  אש Rabbith-Aesh; thus, instead of reading in the Bible "in the beginning God created", according to sigilisms, we may well read:

רבית  אש ברא אלהים, increased fire created Elohim; or Rabboth-Aesh (the Lord Fire) created Elohim; in other words, the Theomertmalogos, the Solar Absolute, the Solar Fire, created the Gods, the Elohim. Which Elohim? The Heaven (Uranos) and the Earth (Gaia) which, according to Greek Mythology, are the first Elohim or Gods that appeared.

(בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ) Bereshith Bera Elohim At Ha-Shamayim VeAt Ha-Aretz, translation: Bereshith created Elohim the heavens and the earth; that is, Bereshith created the Gods Ouranos and Gaia. - Genesis 1: 1

Uranus, Ur-anas, the fire and the primordial waters [Hebrew שמים-Shamayim-Heavens], which clearly symbolize the fiery sexual fluid in the human organism. Uranus, as the first divine king of ancient Atlantis, is the regent of our sexual glands. Uranus, the Asura-maya, is truly the first revelator of the mysteries of life and death. Certainly, Ur-anas is the fire and the primeval water, the one who intrinsically determines the first Luni-solar worship of the androgynous IO... (iiiiiiooooooo). – Three Mountains by Samael Aun Weor

Genesis continues:

And the earth [Gaia] was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of (Tartarus) the abyss. And the Spirit of the Elohim (the Rune Is) moved upon the face of the waters. – Genesis 1: 2

In Greek Mythology, according to Hesiod, there are three coexisting elements: Chaos (IO-Uranos) Gaia and Eros. Eros - Heros, Herus, Horus - is the light that gives sense to creation.


And Elah-Im said, Let there be light: and there was light. – Genesis 1: 3

Let us see the sequence: From the Rune Ur, thanks to the Ray of Creation which is called (ברא אשית) Bara Ashoth, Creative Matrimony, the Elohim emerged, who are the Cosmo-Creators and these Cosmo-Creators are called the Heavens (IO-Uranos) and the Earth (Gaia). Now let us read something very significant, that we have to study related to the Rune Ur. Master Samael Aun Weor states:

Uhr is the clock, the time measurement, the Mahamanvantara; thus Ruh is the repose, the Great Pralaya. – Gnostic Magic of the Runes

When you investigate the German dictionary, you discover that Uhr means clock and that Ruh means rest. Certainly, the German language, like many other languages, is directly derived from the Futharkh. Remember that the Futharkh, the Runes, are the root of all alphabets; the Greek, the Latin, the Hebrew alphabets, within which we find all the sigilisms and mysteries that we are talking about. Between the letters of the Rune Ur, the letters U and R, we find the H that in German symbolises the clock. The H is the Rune Hagal, as we have talked about many times. The Rune Hagal, the H, is formed by an X dissected by either a horizontal or vertical line, forming a star of six points, which is also symbolised within the Aztec Calendar - as you can see on the graphic - the circle (Tonatiuh) which is the womb, within which everything emanates in time.

Now, Master Samael explains that the six pointed star has six points projected outwardly, and six recesses. The six points to the outside are masculine; the six points to the inside are feminine. So, the six pointed star, as we have explained in many lectures, has the two polarities. If you add together the 6 vertices and the 6 points, you find the number 12: the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the 12 hours of Apollonius, the 12 planets that rotate around the Sun, the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Israel, and all of that mystery that emerges from the mysterious clock, which is very clear in the Aztec calendar. This is why we place the Aztec calendar in the middle, to again show you how this marvellous stone encloses precisely all of these mysteries related with the Ur, the clock, the 12 hours, or better said, the twelve Sephiroth.

Remember that in the doctrine of Anahuac - the Aztec Wisdom - they mention 13 Heavens. But, the 13th is the Ain, the nothingness - because the Universe, the Mahamanvantara starts from the second aspect of the Absolute which is the Ain Soph. The Ain Soph, counting from the very bottom to the top, is the 12th Sephirah. So, from the 12th Sephirah, emerged the Ain Soph Aur and the Tree of Life, the 10 Sephiroth, forming the 12 Heavens – through which every single Ain Soph has to pass in order to acquire the Realisation of itself. Only those that, after many Mahamanvantaras, have acquired the realisation of these 12 spheres, Sephiroth, Heavens, gain the right to enter into the bosom of the Ain, the Father, the Abstract Absolute Space, the nothingness. In order to enter there, you have to work with the 12, the clock, that is why Ur, the clock, is that – the manifestation, the Cosmic Day, the 12 Aeons – thanks to the intelligence of the Ain, the Father of all Fatherhood.

Remember that we are not talking about a being here; it would be absurd to give an anthropomorphic form to space – it is an intelligence that is beyond matter and energy, beyond the Spirit. This is how we have to understand this. So, the other word that the Master Samael also mentions in the book of Runes is Ruh. He says, "Ur is the clock, the time measurement, the Mahamanvantara and Ruh is a repose, the great Pralaya." When you investigate in the dictionary, the word Ruh with the H at the end, in German, means rest – that is the meaning of the word, rest or repose. So, you see how the Rune Ur encloses that mystery. The H in the middle of the word implies the activity of the Gibor within Hagal, the H, that we in previous lectures have explained encloses or contains all of the Runes. If you understand that the Rune Hagal relates to the number 12, you see how it relates to the Rune Ur and how from the Rune Ur emerges all of the Futharkh, all of the Runes, in order to create the universe. That is why we see all of this within this sigilism; a mystery that can only be seen through Spiritual vision, when you are an Initiate – because these sigilisms were left by Initiates, the White Brotherhood, in order for us to study it. It is marvellous how everything hides these mysteries, and how we have to work with this Mystery of the Rune Ur.

If we take the 12 hours, or the Mahamanvantara, then we understand about the time, or what we call the Heropass – how it acts in different "times" in the 7 Cosmoses. Within the Absolute there is no time, because everything is an eternal now. Now you understand how, when certain elements entered into the Solar Atmosphere that belonged to Heropass, to time, they obviously infected the atmosphere and altered that which should not be altered. That is what is called the Tragedy of the Chootboglitanical Period.

Gurdjieff states that there exist in the Universe generally two 'kinds' or two 'principles' of the duration of being-existence which are related to the Heropass, or the flow of time; these time duration relate to two words that we need to learn, namely, Fulasnitamnian and Itoklanus – Time.

The Fulasnitamnian span of time endures 12 "Urs - Uhrs - Ouhrs - Hours" in relation with the Ray of "Ur" Creation. In relation with the Theomertmalogos, it acts in different levels in relation with the solar cosmic common Trogoautoegocratic process. We must state that the Fulasnitamnian principle does not act in intellectual animals, because it belongs to Solar Creation. Intellectual animals fall under another principle which is called Itoklanus, which is the period of time given in accordance with the vital elements that we have in the three brains. The Itoklanus principle works in animals, since the principle called Fulasnitamnian belongs to human beings and not to animals - I am sorry to tell you; people in this planet are not Human Beings, but intellectual animals and that is the truth.

The physical body of any true human being is submitted to the Fulasnitamnian principle, or period of time, which endures about 10 to 12, even further to 15 centuries of the span of time, of life. Any human being of any planet in the universe, lives approximately (at least) 12 centuries, related with this Ur, or clock, time measurement. In the time of Lemuria which was that continent that existed previous to the Atlantean continent any human being lived physically at least 12 centuries. This is why, when we read the Bible, we find that such and such a fellow lived for hundreds of years, physically speaking... well, that was and is normal among human beings.

But, since humanity fell into animal generation - which is fornication, orgasm, spasm - the whole of humanity fell into the Itoklanus principle and left the Fulasnitamnian principle. The Itoklanus principle acts according to the Law of Karma. Itoklanus is placed - in accordance with the Law of Karma - by the superior beings that control life on any planet within our three brains, and in any of the brain systems of any animal; Itoklanus is the span of time that allows us to live.

The vital elements that in esotericism are called Bobin-Kandelnosts are the principles of life that the Laws of Karma or the Laws of Life place within the brain systems of any animal. So, within the Bobin-Kandelnosts that we have in our three brains is where the span of time that we are going to live is placed. If we save the Bobin-Kandelnosts, we physically will live longer, yet, if we expend them stupidly, our life will shorten. So, this is why we cannot say, "I am going to live 60-70 years, according to my Bobin-Kandelnosts," because we can prolong them if we know how. Bobin-Kandelnosts are placed within our three brains. So, the Bobin-Kandelnosts that were placed within the three brains in the time of Lemuria were abundant, consequently the Lemurians still lived for a long time, at the beginning of their fall. In the time of Atlantis, humanity lived 200-300 years. In the middle ages, in this present Aryan Root Race, humanity lived around 150 years. Now, the span of life, of time, is shortened. If somebody lives 100 years, it appears in the newspaper, or rather, the internet: 'Such and such a fellow have made 100 years...' this is very rare. Usually, the Bobin-Kandelnosts in the Itoklanus principle are very short. In this day and age we almost do not live, we have no life. That is why in this time, if we want to acquire the Self-Realisation of our own particular Ain Soph, we have to create immediately - at least very fast - the solar vehicles for "AUM", the three primary forces: Astral, Mental and Causal bodies, because we do not know if we are going to live 50 years. I have had friends in the past that died at 40-45; thank God I knew about this knowledge... well, in previous lives. As a teenager I dedicated my life to this knowledge, in order to awaken all of those possibilities within me, because I knew that living within the Itoklanus principle, we do not have 100 years. In the past, in the Lemurian epoch, those individuals that lived 900 or 1000 years, still - fallen into animal generation - had enough time to create the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies. Imagine if you received 1000 years of physical life, you would have enough time in order to create all the bodies and to do many things internally. That is why, in that epoch, there were many creations of Human Beings, in the time of Atlantis as well. But, in this day and age, in this Aryan Root Race, the Theomertmalogos is doing the last effort, in order to create Solar Men. Solar Men are related with the Solar Absolute, with the Solar Bodies that allow them to have the activity of "AUM", the three primary forces in them, in order to develop their objective reasoning - since, the reasoning that we have right now is subjective, animal.

Saturn-BinahWhen we enter into the development of our objective reasoning, then we enter into the understanding and comprehension all of these mysteries, these sigilisms, and all of the wisdom of mythology. However, at the moment, the White Lodge is giving this knowledge freely, in order to show us that there is something hidden, knowledge that is hidden and that we did not see, but that we can study if we work with the rules given by the Heralds of the Dawn. So, now we understand why Yod-Chavah Elohim - Binah - Saturn said in the Bible:

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. - Genesis 2: 17

You shall surely die to the Fulasnitamnian principle and fall into the Itoklanus principle, that is, you shall surely fall into the circle of life and death, within the wheel of Samsara.

Each one of us, according to our own Karma, has a certain amount of Bobin-Kandelnosts. Master Samael Aun Weor gave a lot of practices in order for us to increase the Bobin-Kandelnosts, I.E. with the exercises of rejuvenation and many other Runes, thus, by practising them, we increase our Bobin-Kandelnosts. If we annihilate the whole ego, and create the Solar Bodies, eventually we will enter into the Fulasnitamnian principle, within which all of the Resurrected Masters of the White Lodge work. That is why it is written that an inhabitant of Venus, Sanat Kumara, came in the time of Lemuria, physically, to our Planet Earth and still exists with the same physical body under the Fulasnitamnian principle. The span of time-life can be prolonged, because as we know, Masters of that level can penetrate into another Heropass, or flow of time, which are beyond the physical plane: Yet we, unfortunately, relate to the Itoklanus principle that controls the animal kingdom. That is why the human beings, the Masters that are under the Fulasnitamnian principle, call us intellectual animals, because we do not even know when we are going to die, and sometimes, we die accidentally, and sometimes we are killed because of an egoic cause. This is our sad situation - related of course with the Ur - because the Divine Mother gives us life: If we follow the Spiritual principles of human beings, obviously the Divine Mother will give us eternal life. Ur, Is, Sig are related with eternal life, this we have to comprehend.

When the whole universe enters into the Ruh, the rest, the repose, the great Pralaya, all of the 12 Sephiroth enter into the womb of the Ain Soph, and within it, live 7 eternities, because the same time that the Mahamanvantara endures, the Mahapralaya, the Cosmic Night also endures.

In relation with the Rune Is, it is written in the testament of Wisdom: "Before the false dawn came over this Earth those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the Heralds of the Dawn." The Heralds of the Dawn are those messengers from the Solar Absolute, to which our own particular Innermost belongs, which is the Rune Is. So, every time that we concentrate on the Rune Is, we have to know that it is directly related to our Innermost and to our Divine Mother, together, two forces.

Let us now teach the practice of the Rune Ur, which is the Rune related with the Uterus, as you can see. If you observe the graphic which we have placed here, the individual that is performing the Rune Ur, is making the Ur with his arms and legs. So, the Rune Ur is performed horizontally, because obviously the womb is in the area of our belly, within which we have the Solar Light. That is why when you are performing this Rune, Master Samael explains and says:

This prayer must be performed before the sun, with raised arms and hands. The legs must be opened, and the body slightly crouched, thus awaiting to receive Light and more Light.

Place the arms and hands as when you perform the Rune Fa, or better said, Rune Man, straight to the Sun. Then, crunch your body in order to form the U with your body. That U will not have its opening upwards or downwards, but laterally. In that way, towards the Solar Absolute – remember that the Sun, the physical Sun, is a physical body of one of those Spiritual Suns that shine in the Abstract space - with your open legs, you will form the "A" of "AUM". So, imagine that you attract the light of "AUM" the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, into your own particular individual Ar-Ur-Man, your own physical body, which relates to your Divine Mother Nature. That is why it is written:

rune ur pose

Within my internal real Being resides the Divine Light,

RAAAAMMM IOOO is the Mother of my Being, Devi Kundalini,

RAAAAMMM IOOO, help me...

RAAAAMMM IOOO assist me, illuminate me.

RAAAAMMM IOOO, Divine Mother of mine, Isis of mine, Thou hast the child Horus, my true Being, in thy arms. I need to die within my self so that my Essence might be lost in Him... Him...Him...

"Within my internal real Being, resides the Divine Light." That Divine Light is the light that emanates from Ur; it is the "AUM", the Ain Soph A-UR. Ram-IO is the Mother of my Being, which is the Rune Is, the Innermost; "Devi-Kundalini, Ram-IO help me, assist me, illuminate me" – when you are asking that, you must be concentrated in your Being. That illumination will go through your Ruach Elohim, into your Inner consciousness, your own Soul. "Divine Mother of mine, Isis of mine, thou have the child Horus, my True Being in thy arms." That is Chesed, our True Being, our Innermost. "I need to die within myself" - we will say, my ego, I must eliminate my ego - "So that my essence might be lost in Him, Him, Him." The Essence... when we die psychologically, in meditation, when we annihilate the ego, the free Essence goes into the Innermost. Remember that the Innermost has two Souls, two consciousnesses: the Human and the Divine. So, part of that Human Soul is inside of us, which we have to create and develop; with the esoteric work that we do, we develop that. So, by doing and performing this Rune, we receive the strength directly, from "AUM" the Ain Soph Aur, into our own particular Ray, Glorian, into our Innermost, and it descends down through the Ray of Creation into our physicality. This is how we receive assistance in our own particular work. That is the practice of the Rune Ur.

Now, the practice of the Rune Is, that as I told you, relates also to the Divine Mother and to our Innermost is taught by Master Samael Aun Weor as follows:

Standing in an upright position, let us raise our arms in order to form a straight line with the whole body. After praying to and asking for help from our Divine Mother, we must sing the mantra ISIS, as follows: Iiiiiiiiiiisssssss Iiiiiiiiiiisssssss

Prolong the sound of the two letters and divide the word in two syllables IS-IS [The pronunciation of the letter 'I' is similar to that found in the word "tea"].

Afterward, the student must lay down with his relaxed body and, filled with ecstasy, concentrate and meditate on the Divine Mother.

When you are concentrating and meditating on your Divine Mother, and when you are doing this exercise of the Rune Is, you are remembering your self. Remember that the Master Samael Aun Weor always tells us, remember yourself, do not forget yourself. But, people think that the mind is the self, that the ego is the self. No. When he says yourself, he means remember your Being, remember your Innermost, your Inner Spirit, and when remembering him, pray to your Divine Mother, because she is the Mother of your being. And, in that moment you are, with your consciousness, attached to your Being, you are close to him... you are Him, Him, Him. And, being him, you say, "My Divine Mother..." because she is the mother of your Innermost. But, if you are with your ego, and you say my Divine Mother... the Divine Mother is not the Mother of your ego - your lust, your pride, your envy, your laziness, your gluttony and all of those defects that we have in abundance - the Divine Mother is not the Mother of those, the Divine Mother wants to destroy them. We created that with our mistakes, by utilising the 3 primary forces in the Itoklanus manner. The Itoklanus principle is the principle of animals; they fornicate, and they have all of these animal defects that we call anger, pride, jealousy (just observe any animal) in different levels. We, of course, have developed that tremendously because of our use of the Itoklanus principle, in a way that we should not. That is why many Masters, Many Avatars came to teach us how to enter into the Fulasnitamnian principle that is normal among the inhabitants of other planets. Now, you understand why the inhabitants of other planets, when they arrived here, they came for instance 500 years ago, and the same individual returns in the same cosmic ship, 500 years later, still with his physical body, and finds the souls that he found centuries ago in new bodies committing the same mistakes, behaving like animals – those Souls that received the knowledge, the doctrine from other Masters... it is sad, this situation. That is why it is good for those that reincarnate to remember their past lives, in order to not fall into the same mistakes. Unfortunately, we do.

Now, related with the Rune Sig, we find the following instance in the Bible:

And he said, Go forth, and stand on the mount before יהוה-IAOH.  And, behold, יהוה-IAOH passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and broke in pieces the rocks before יהוה-IAOH; but יהוה-IAOH was not in the wind: and after the wind an quake; but יהוה-IAOH was not in the quake: And after the quake a fire; but יהוה-IAOH was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

And it was so, when אליהו-Eliao heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice to him, and said, What are you doing here, אליהו-Eliao? – 1 Kings 19: 11-13

These verses talk about Elijah, the prophet, when he is being persecuted by Jezebel, who represents the world, the mind of those people that always persecute us, the Gnostics who are working with Daath, Gnosis, Knowledge; they are always accusing us, the Gnostics of being in Evil, because we are going out of their norms and morals, etc, because we want to spiritually develop ourselves. When we go inside our own head, into our own cave (which is our own mind), in order to be in contact with our own Being, we discover that there is a sounding wind entering in through our nose - we talked about the wind that is mixed with our blood in our lungs, that is in our heart - and that from there that wind enters into the stone of Yesod, the rock of Zion, the foundation. That wind is related with our own particular Innermost, our own particular Spirit, because Spirit and wind in Hebrew have the same pronunciation – Ruach. When we say Ruach, we are saying "wind". Ruach is also Spirit. So, that wind, that Spirit, enters into our nose, and then we hear the sound, when you are concentrating in meditation. But, יהוה-IAOH is not in the wind, because the wind, the Spirit emerges from the Divine Mother, the Glorian. The wind within the blood excites the fire that fecundates the mountains, the rocks of Yesod and that is why it is written, "And after the wind, a quake (the word רעש in Hebrew also means noise, the Word, the sound within)." Yet, יהוה-IAOH is not in the physical quake or noise; and after the quake, a fire - temptation is fire. During the sexual act the motion of the wind that enters through our nose into our body, makes the noise that the translators of the bible called "earthquake," or in other words, the animal passional moaning noise of the physical sexual forces inside us; and after that noise, a passional fire emerges. That fire is felt in our sexual organs. Remember, we stated that temptation is fire; that fire emerges from the darkness, but יהוה-IAOH was not in the fire; and after the fire - if we defeat temptation - when we transmute the sexual energy, then a still small voice "SSSSSSSS", which is the Rune Sig, or Sieg, which in German, means victory. The meaning of the Rune Sig is victory. If you want to be victorious, then you have to understand how the wind relates to your head - because it is through the nose that it enters - and how we talk about the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, related with your nostrils, Ida and Pingala; how the matter, which is related with the mountains, the rocks, that when mingled with the blood, create the rocks. When you find the rocks, they are the elements in Yesod; it comes from your blood and it creates a movement of forces in your sexual force, especially when you are in the sexual act. When couples are in the sexual act, the movement of their physicality is the earthquake, which in the sexual act raises the fire, the sexual passional fire. But, remember that it is written that יהוה-IAOH, the sacred name of God (Baruch Hashem) is not in the Wind, is not in the Earthquake, is not in the passional Fire - do you see the three brains there? - but, יהוה-IAOH is in the still small voice, which is the divine fire that awakens in your Coccyx (your Chakra Muladhara, your Divine Mother Sulu Sigi Sig, the Kundalini) which is where יהוה-IAOH is hidden. That emits a sound when it awakens, like the serpent – sssssssssssssssssssssss. That is the still small voice. That is why it is written that that still small voice said, "What are you doing here, אליהו-Eliao?"

If you read 1 Kings 19: 11-13 literally, you will not understand what we are talking about here. אליהו-Eliao – El is god, I.A.O are the three primary forces, related to the Tetragrammaton. Remember that יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei are four letters, but the second one is repeated. So, therefore, we do not say, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, but we say יהו Iod-Hei-Vav, which in Hebrew is IAO; that is the God IAO, or we will say Elijah. Eli - my God - Jah, that is the meaning of this name Elijah, "My God is Jah." In other words, my God is I.A.O. The God IAOH descends as the Wind, as a quake-noise and as Fire. Wind in my head, quake-noise in my heart, and Fire in my sex. But, then we transmute the fire, according to the Fulasnitamnian principle, and we liberate the still small voice. This is why that still small voice says inside, "What are you doing here with the God IAO, אליהו-Eliao?"

When that fire awakens within us, then we hear the still small voice, which is the Word in our spinal column; what is that force doing there, in your spinal column? It is awakening you, in order to create, in order to make of you a prophet.

Thus, when you meditate, and you work with the Rune Sig, and you feel that fire of Iod-Chavah, or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, within you, then you say, "what are you doing here, IAO, in my body? I beg you help me." That is the still, small voice that you hear in your brain; that comes from the wind, the movement, the noise. That is precisely the mystery of Elijah going into the Mount in order to receive help.

Now, according to the Runes, the lightning of the Rune Sig can come from above through Jupiter. Remember that Jupiter is related with Chesed, with Zachariel (remember El) remember the God of Jupiter, which is called Zachariel et Zadkiel-Meleck.

(זכריאל צדקיאל מלך) – Zachariel et Zadkiel-Meleck in Hebrew means "Remember God, the God of Justice." Zachariel et Zadkiel-Meleck, has his own particularity within us, it relates to our Innermost, Chesed, Jupiter.

In order to receive the strength from Zachariel et Zadkiel-Meleck, that is, in order to receive the forces of the planet Jupiter, from Zachariel, through our Innermost the Master Samael Aun Weor gave a practice in the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius. This is why he also placed the mantra Isis there. He says, "Squat like the Peruvian huacas, place your hands on your legs with your index fingers pointing upwards, towards Heaven" - in other words, towards Uranos, the Rune Ur - "To attract the Rays of Jupiter, exactly as Master Huiracocha teaches, in order to intensely magnetise the thighs." The Mantra is Isis, which is vocalised like this, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiisssssss. Remember that the "I" is pronounced as in the word Tree, prolonging the "I" vowel with the S like the wind. Remember that "IS" is the S, which is the still, small voice that Eliao (Elijah) heard in the Mount. With that Mantra you can also transmute your sexual energy, because the still, small voice, the S of Sig, victory, hides Eliao, the God IAO. In other words, the mantram I.A.O., which is "El" God, is synthesised in Sssssssssssssssssssss, the sound of the still, small voice. So, when you are in the sexual act, and you feel the wind, you breathe, remember that Jehovah is not in the wind. You feel the commotion of the blood in your body; remember Jehovah is not in the earthquake, in the movement. Then you feel the fire in your sex; remember Jehovah is not in the fire, but when you feel that fire, remember that temptation is fire, and triumph (victory, Sig, Sig-el) over temptation is light. And then you say, Ssssssssssssssss, and imagine that the fire is transformed into light, and that light rises in your spinal column. That light is Iod-Chavah, that light is Ssssssssssssssssssssssss – I.A.O., Eliao. "What are you doing here, IAO? Ssssssss, you are fecundating my consciousness, you are fecundating my Spirit." So, you can practice that, as a single, in that squat position, pronouncing the "S" with the "I"; remember that the "I" is your Innermost, the Ruach Elohim that hovers upon your sexual waters, and "S" is the light that comes from that water. With this clue, you will totally awaken clairvoyance, and will attain the power to read the Akashic records of nature, in which you will find this wisdom that we are talking about here. Then, you will understand that wisdom does not belong to anybody, but that many Masters talk about it, because they were capable of entering into the Akashic records. After that, we must meditate intensely on the Inner Being, begging him to bring to us the Angel Zachariel, in order to help us. Zachariel, as I said, is the Logos of Jupiter, the King of Justice, Zadkiel-Meleck, in Hebrew. That is why in the Conjuration you name Zachariel and Zadkiel-Meleck, it means the God King of Justice; this is how it is translated.

The last practice that we can do with the Rune Sig is the following: Every time that we finish any work (sexual magic, meditation, any type of esoteric work that we do), as when we write a letter, at the end we sign our signature. We do this by tracing with the index finger the Rune Sig. You must seal all of your magical works, invocations, supplications, healing chains, etc, with the Rune Sig. With your index finger, you form the Rune Sig, and pronounce the S. That is the Rune, the lightning. By tracing the Rune Sig we seal our magical works, this indicates that we are done, that we can now do something different, non-magical, non-esoteric. Remember, the pronunciation of the S is the sound of prolonged sweet and affable whistle, or still, small voice. That is the secret of the Rune Sig.

Questions and Answers

Audience: Is there any relation between the subtle egoic thought brought into the absolute, thereby infecting it, and the "bread of shame" discussed in the Zohar (Yehudah Ashlag commentary)?

Instructor: Certainly... I did not meditate on that but it could be related, because the infection of the Theomertmalogos happened unintentionally, it was not done on purpose. It was unforeseen. That is why I said, after the tragedy that occurred at that time, the planet purgatory was created by our own Aelohim, in order to place there any individual that had already crystallised, already developed, the three primary forces in order to enter into His bosom. That is why purgatory is a type of purge, but only, I repeat, for Initiates. It is not like the Religions in this day and age states that any Soul can enter purgatory after death – after psychological death? Yes. But physical death? No, you go into limbo. Purgatory is only for Initiates of that height. Of course, remember that bread is that super substantial force that we receive from the heights, it is the mana. Obviously, when that tragedy happened in the past, everything was altered, and even the internal bodies that initiates were creating at that time, were altered. That is why the Law of the Trogoautoegocrat was changed from the Auto-Egocrat, in order to sustain the Solar Absolute and that was the big change. Do you remember for instance, in Greek Mythology, the God Saturn, Chronos, swallowing his own children – that is precisely the same mystery. Swallowing those children meant the Gods, the Elohim, were infected - do you understand that? The Elohim were infected because the residues of the sins of the Soul that other individuals were bringing in unintentionally. So, Chronos, Time, Heropass, was swallowing that. It was a kind of unconscious rebellion, in the Saturnian Epoch. Remember that Saturn is the 7th. If you count the 7 Cosmoses from the very bottom to the top, the 7th is the Protocosmos. So, Saturn, Time entered there, and it should not have.

Audience: What does Trogo mean?

Instructor: Trogo means to swallow. In Spanish we say Tragar, to swallow. It means that after we chew something, we swallow it. So, the Protocosmos, the Theomertmalogos creates the universe and swallows the substance of it, in order to sustain its own life, its own existence, in other words.

Audience: This is a multi kind of a question. The Fulasnitamnian, in order for us to be governed by that, did you say that we needed to Resurrect?

Instructor: Yes. In order to take advantage of the Fulasnitamnian principle, we have to Resurrect, and then we receive the Elixir of Longevity, which is at least 1000 years, and we can further prolong the Fulasnitamnian principle every 1000 years.

Audience: Oh I see, but that is just another Heropass...

Instructor: Yes

Audience: So that would imply that Resurrected Masters also die?

Instructor: Normally, when the Master Resurrects, he receives 1000 years, within the Fulasnitamnian principle, but after that, he will ask... as you can see for instance in the case of Sanat Kumara, who is millions of years old - and they have the power of that because they are submitted to other Heropass, or flows of time, that belong to the Absolute. But, for us, for instance, in order for us to acquire or take the forces of the Fulasnitamnian principle - even though we are in the Itoklanus - we perform different Runes, different exercises, and through them we pray to those Fulasnitamnian principles that sustain life; that solar amount of time, which are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is why when we are doing the exercises, the Runes, or any type of exercises, we have to pray to the Innermost and beyond – to Binah, which is the source of life, right? If you do not pray to your Holy Spirit, how are you going prolong your life? He is the source of the Fulasnitamnian principle. That is why we always insist when we are teaching the exercises for rejuvenation to concentrate in the Divine Mother, who is the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit. The Rune Ur, the Rune Is and the Rune Sig, this is the whole mystery. In that way, we receive, because of mercy, assistance from the Fulasnitamnian principle, in order to increase our Itoklanus, for a while. But, if we do not do any exercises, we just belong to the Itoklanus, and sooner or later our Bobin-Kandelnosts which are placed in the three brains will finish. This is why the Master says we die on thirds. People that abuse the Bobin-Kandelnosts of the intellect, they die and sometimes become crazy, they do not have energy in order to think or analyse. One Initiate, as an example, that abused the intellectual brain or that used the Bobin-Kandelnosts of his intellectual brain too much, was Nietzsche. He knew the science, but he wrote too much, he dedicated himself to write too many philosophical books, and therefore he exhausted the Bobin-Kandelnosts of his intellectual brain, and at the end he was nuts - an Initiate... So, it does not mean that just because you are on this path that you are not in danger of becoming nuts. You have to rest; you have to know how to save and how to use your three brains. If you abuse your emotional brain, you can become schizophrenic, and many other diseases of the heart. People that abuse their motor brain end up paralysed. So, we always die on thirds. Those people that are intelligent, that utilise the three brains very wisely, when they die, they die physically, emotionally and mentally at the moment of their death. But, many of us, before going to the physical death, which is related with the motor brain, we are already dead emotionally. You see many people exist that are already emotionally dead; others that are already demented, or have Alzheimer's, because they are dead intellectually. So, let us utilise our sets of practices in order to save, because remember that Itoklanus is that principle that will eventually finish. Then we can use another body of course, IF we deserve it, with another set of Bobin-Kandelnosts. Let us die physically, with the three brains in balance, not unbalanced, because then we are really ...

Audience: The tragedy that occurred, was in the Ain Soph, correct?

Instructor: No! It was in the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute and that is why the Mahamanvantara emerges from the Ain Soph. That is cause and effect; in accordance with that Tragedy in the Solar Absolute the Laws changed - the Law of Three and the Law of Seven, from the 12th Aeon. Yet, still, we receive help. Our goal is to develop objective reasoning among the 6 degrees that we already know... at least to acquire the first degree... because the highest is Anklad, which Master Jesus of Nazareth attained.