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The Runes Thorn and Kaum (which can also be spelled Kaun) are interrelated, as we explained in other lectures. In this lecture, we will explain how these runes act in each one of us, in relation to our physiology.

As you can see, the first rune (Thorn) is made by a vertical line with a thorn. This rune is related with willpower. It is the number three from the Futharkh. You can see it appears in the Futharkh after the runes Fa and Ur. The rune Thorn relates to the letters 'Th' or the letter D. That is why Thorn is also called Dorn.

The rune Kaum is the number six. It relates to the letter K. 

If you observe the rune Thorn, you will realize that if you flip it horizontally—the angle of ninety degrees—you form the letter K with the rune Kaum. This is how you can see how these two runes are related to each other. We are going to explain this, because both of these runes look like thorns. Likewise, if you place the rune Kaum to the left the rune Thorn, then you have another rune, called Ingwaz, which has the shape of a hammer—the hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder.

The rune Thorn is a very masculine force, which develops together with the rune Kaum, which represents the woman priestess in the Futharkh, or the priestess wife of Thorn. When we observe the Futharkh, we find that the first rune (Fa) represents the Father and the second rune (Ur) represents the Mother, or the uterus. From these two runes emerges the son, which is the rune Thorn. That is why Donar, or Thor, appears in the Edda as a son of Odin, or Wotan. Indeed, Thor is not only the son of Odin, but also the son of Urda, the goddess Ur, the wife of Odin. So here we find this trinity of Fa, Ur, and Thorn—father, mother, and son. When we arrive at this trinity, we have to observe the Tree of Life in order to understand it.


If you observe the Tree of Life in our graphic, you will see how we placed the rune Thorn on the right side of the Tree of Life. Always remember that the Tree of Life is a representation of the spinal column. That is why you see the back of a human being there—in order to show you how these runes relate to the Tree of Life in their human position. To the left, we have the rune Kaum, which is formed by another graphic, because the rune Kaum can be formed by an angle of ninety degrees, but it can also be formed from a branch at an angle of forty-five degrees towards the right. However, in our graphic, the branch is pointing left, because we are showing the back of the body, not the front. When you see the front of the body, the rune is pointing right, but from the back it is pointing left. This is because, in the Tree of Life, the right always represents the man, and the left always represents the moon.

three-pillarsThus we see that the sun (Thorn) and the moon (Kaum) are interrelated. They are masculine and feminine forces that we have to understand. In other lectures, we explained that they relate to those cords—Ida and Pingala, Adam and Eve—since all of the letters are the expression of the Word.

We stated that Fa, Ur, and Thorn are the Trinity, but not the first Trinity that we find above in the Tree of Life, which is formed by Kether, Chokmah, and Binah—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in Hinduism. We are not referring to that Trinity, but rather to the other one that is formed in the Sephirah Daath, which is the union of the masculine and feminine forces of the first Trinity. Remember that Daath is formed by the division of forces that occurs in the Sephirah Binah.  Binah divides into two; the feminine aspect of Binah is called the Divine Mother Kundalini, or in Kabbalah, Aima Elohim.

Aima Elohim and Abba Elohim are united in Daath. In the Futharkh, this is called the Rune Fa and the Rune Ur, because it is the expression of the Word. Remember that Daath is in the larynx, or the throat, at that level, because "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God." So when we talk about the Runic Alphabet, the Futharkh, we are expressing all the forms of the word, the letters, that explain creation, and the development of the human being inside of us.

Obviously, the word, the voice, expresses through the throat. This is how you have to understand how these two trinities are interrelated. Up here, in the brain, we find Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the first Trinity. Remember that when we say Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we are talking about an androgyny. They are not males, as people often think. The Father is androgynous, the Son is androgynous, and the Holy Spirit is androgynous. The right part of the brain is Chokmah, the left part of the brain is Binah, and the top, related with the pineal gland, is Kether. This is where we elaborate our thoughts and images, and when we express the word, we do it through the throat, which is feminine. The thought is fecundating the throat with the word, and that word that emerges from the union of Fa and Ur (Father-Mother) is Thorn, or Divine Will, because Thorn represents the will, but divine.

That word that emerges is related with the ninety-degree angle to the left of the vertical line, which points to Chesed. If you make a line from Daath to Chesed, then to Tiphereth, you make that angle of ninety degrees on the spinal column. Then you find the rune Thorn formed by Chesed and Tiphereth, from Daath. That is what we call "Good Will" in Kabbalah. That is why that Good Will expresses first through Chesed, which is the Innermost, the spirit inside of us, the Monad. Later on, if we perform what we have to perform, it expresses itself through Tiphereth, which is the human soul. That is Thorn.

This is why, in the graphic of the human being forming the rune Thorn, he has his back to us, in order to show that the right hand is the one that has to be on the waist in order to form the Thorn with the body. But you have to understand that when you are making it, you are uniting Chesed and Tiphereth to Daath, because in Daath is Father-Mother.

In India, Father-Mother is called Shiva-Shakti. Understand this, because in India the first triangle is called Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, but when we talk about the duality of the Holy Spirit, or the duality of the creative force, the sexual force, we say Shiva-Shakti. And from Shiva-Shakti emerges the archetype that is called Ganesh in India.

But that is in India. Of course, here we are talking about the Futharkh, and there we find Odin with his wife, in the throat, making Thor, the God of Thunder. That God of Thunder is the Holy Spirit. Shiva-Shakti, or Odin with his wife, are also the Holy Spirit. This is how you have to understand when we talk about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is that part of the creative force of God that contains the Father and Son (Kether and Chokmah) within. It divides into two, the duality, which is Shiva-Shakti, Father-Mother. Then the Trinity expresses itself through the Father and through the Mother. So the Father has Father, Son and Holy Spirit within, and the Mother also has Father, Son, and Holy Spirit within, because this Trinity is what we call the Triamatzikamno, the Law of Three, that creates.

All of us have this in our body—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father is in the head, the Son is in the heart, and the Holy Spirit is in the sex. These are the three brains that we have. But in this case, myself, I am masculine. If I want to engender, I need a female, who also has Father in the head, Son in the heart and Holy Spirit in the sex. United sexually, we create a son. So you see how from that trinity emerges another trinity. This is how you have to see it in order to understand it.

But the one that emerges from that duality is the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit. That Holy Spirit, which is the outcome of that duality, is called Ruach Elohim in the Bible, which is translated as "the Spirit of God." But really, Ruach means "spirit," but also "wind."

When we talk about the Father-Mother together, we say Elohim. This is how it is written in the Bible. "In the beginning, Elohim created the heaven and the earth." In Hebrew, Elah is Goddess and El is God. So when you say Elohim, you are pronouncing El (masculine), Elah (feminine), and im (plural). So you are implying more than one: two, three, four, five. Elohim means Gods and Goddesses. But in this case, "Elohim" points towards the duality, Father-Fother, the two of them together in the Word. The very word Elohim is Father-Mother, plural.

That is why the son of that Elohim is called Ruach Elohim. This is very important to comprehend, because that Ruach Elohim (Spirit of God, Spirit of the Elohim) is inside of us. It is our Innermost, our own Spirit, our Inner Being, the reality inside of us, that is waiting for us, in order to work with it. That is why, in our lectures, we always point out that the Ruach Elohim is the Holy Spirit, an unfoldment of the Holy Spirit.

The Divine Mother is the Holy Spirit, and the Father is also the Holy Spirit. That is the Trinity. You have to understand that because we are talking about creation, and creation always relates to the Holy Spirit—Shiva and his wives. In Hinduism, you find the many wives of Shiva, which represent different unfoldments of that feminine force in the universe. The rune Thorn is showing that to us.

But remember that the Holy Spirit needs a feminine aspect in order to create, and this is how the rune Kaum appears, which is the number six. And that rune Kaum represents the priestess wife, or the feminine aspect that unfolds and descends and becomes what the Bible calls Eve. Remember that in the beginning, Adam was created androgynous. That Adam is the Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God, which is above, the reality, the True Man. And from that androgynous being appears the feminine. In other words, Elohim takes Eve from Adam Kadmon; that is, Elohim takes Kaum from Thorn.

This is easy to see: If you take the ninety-degree angle of Thorn away from the vertical line, then the rune Kaum emerges, which is only a ninety-degree rune, but to the left. And that is why the other symbol of the Kaum is a vertical line with a branch to the left, which is the feminine aspect of Adam. That is why Thorn and Kaum are together, intermingled—in order to do the work. This is how we see it. Of course, we find that explanation in what the Bible says.

And he (Binah, the Androgynous, Yod-Havah Elohim) took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; and the rib, which Yod-Havah Elohim had taken from Adam (Kadmon), made he (Neshamah) a woman (spiritual soul), and brought her unto Adam (Chesed).


mason-compassYou can see in this picture by William Blake how Kether within the sun, the solar light, the Cosmic Christ, is pointing at, the Ruach Elohim and making, or starting to make the universe. From his hand emerges the rune Kaum, or Thorn—either one. Of course, those two lines are also a representation of the square and the compass of the masons. It is a symbol. The G of Genesis, generation, or Gnosis, if you want, is in between the Thorn and the Kaum. That is the symbol of the Masons, and of course it is a symbol how, in the beginning, God was geometrizing—making the universe with geometry, which also begins with G. The Word is geometry. That is why it is written that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Book of Genesis states that in the beginning, the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of the Elohim moved upon the face of the waters. The Ruach Elohim moved upon the face of the waters. That Ruach Elohim is represented by this elder, who is there utilizing the two runes. That shows us that if we want to perform what is written in Genesis, we have to utilize our willpower (Thorn) and Kaum together. And that creation, that Genesis describes in seven days, occurs inside of us. Those seven days are the action of that Ruach Elohim inside of us. That means that if you do not know the clue for your Ruach Elohim (your Innermost, your Spirit) to do that, then it is not going to be done. You have to know the clue. That Ruach Elohim, the Holy Spirit, has to descend into your physical body to do that, which is the creation described in Genesis, in which the outcome, or the end of it, is Adam, androgynous within you.

Commonly, when people utilize their sexual energy, they do it in the way that we explained in the previous lecture—with the Itoklanus principle. The Itoklanus principle is the animal way, which I do not need to explain, because all of you know it. The same way that a dog, or a horse, or a bull multiplies and creates, we also do it. But the way to create with the Ruach Elohim is the human way, which we have to learn. As I told you in other lectures, this is the Fulasnitamnian principle that we have to learn. This is precisely what we are pointing to here, in order for us to enter into the Fulasnitamnian principle, which is the human level, in which we create, little by little, all the seven days of Genesis inside. This is the way in which the Ruach Elohim works above the waters. As Genesis explains:

And Elohim said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life. – Genesis 1:20a

In Kabbalah, in Hebrew, that is called Nephesh, the moving creature that has life, the animal force that all of us have in the sex—Nephesh. What waters? The sexual waters.

And fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. – Genesis 1:20b

The birds that appear in heaven are the outcome of sexual transmutation, when the alchemist extracts that animal force from the sperm in the sexual act. So that solar force rises to heaven—the head—and starts creating in a superior octave, inside, psychologically speaking, the body of willpower, which is the outcome of the transmutation of the sexual libido. That is why it says "fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven."

And Elohim created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. – Genesis 1:21

God, which is the same Elohim, saw that it was good, because good is to the right, and bad is to the left. It is the action of the Ruach Elohim inside of us. Now the great whales are elements, a fish force, that is developed inside of us. When we talk about Chesed, the Holy Spirit, our own Innermost inside of us, we have to understand that it is related with water, the water element.

Every time that you read "water" in the Bible, immediately relate it to your Innermost inside. That is why in the very beginning it says the Ruach Elohim was floating above the waters—because that is the element it works with. The waters are the sexual, creative waters in our body.

In the sexual waters, we find the power of God, represented by the whale. Remember how Jonah was swallowed by the whale, and in it he develops and becomes a prophet. To be swallowed by the whale is to be swallowed by the sexual force in the alchemical manner. You enter there in order to be developed as a human being, as a prophet, inside your own particular waters.

But unfortunately, within those waters we find every living creatures that moveth—every living creature that moveth in the animal kingdom. Through evolution, we come from the animal kingdom, so in the sexual waters we find every living creature that moves, which the Kabbalists in the Zohar call Lilith.

Lilith comes from the word "Lilah"—night, darkness, obscurity. Lilith is the mother of desire. With this, we have to understand that in the animal kingdom, Lilith, desire, acts freely in accordance with the different periods in nature in order to multiply any animal species. That is why the Bible says "after his kind." "Kind" in Hebrew is "Minah." "Minah" means "sexual force." If we have to translate that correctly, we would say "after his sexual force." But "kind" is also related, because each one of us has a different kind of race, according to his own sexual force. The sexual force creates those different types, kinds. But when you read "after his kind," it is "after his sexual energy"—Minah is how you say it in Hebrew.

So this is how you see how that living creature that moves in the waters is in us. That is called desire. Sexual desire. Everyone has that. Every animal has that.

Elohim brought that forth from the waters. In this case, the waters symbolize the creative force, the sexual force, not only on our level, but in the animal kingdom, in the plant kingdom, and in the mineral kingdom. In the mineral kingdom, the waters are magnetism and electricity. In the plant kingdom, it is the sap of the trees, the pollen—that is how you can see that water, with which God, the Elohim, is making nature multiply. This is how you have to understand it when we talk about water.

In Hinduism it is called Akash. That Akash inundates space, the cosmos. It inundates our body, it inundates the plants, the minerals. It is everywhere. And Elohim is always working with it, creating. It is the intelligence of creation.

So there you have it—how, unfortunately, we have that force of desire within us. But we have to transform desire (Lilith) into willpower. That is the clue. When we enter into these studies, we know that we have to transmute the sexual force if we want our Innermost to create the Astral body, the Mental body, and the Causal body. That is the goal. When you reach the Causal body, it is because you already have the Astral and Mental bodies. When you have that, then the face of Veronica appears in the Causal World—the sacred cloth of Veronica, which is represented in the Christian Gospels.

st veronica with the holy kerchief

Samael Aun Weor explained about the Rune Thorn in "Magic Runes":

"When I was born in the Causal World, or better said, the parallel universe of the Conscious Will, then, the Sacred Cloth of Veronica shown upon the altar of the temple.

"Many heads crowned with thorns that are chiseled in stone are found to be related to the Age of Bronze.

"A cult to the God of Thorns existed. Such thorns, when treated with consideration and judiciously examined, present to us with clarity the symbolic figure of the Rune Thorn.

"In these sacred mysteries of the Thorn Cult, special practices were given in order to develop the Conscious Will.

"Dorn, Thorn, signifies Will-Power. Remember Gnostic brethren that our motto is THELEMA [willpower]. The Divine Rostrum crowned with Thorns signifies Thelema, that is to say, Conscious Will."

The goal is to develop Conscious Will. When that face appears in the sixth dimension, which is Tiphereth, related with the Rune Thorn, then, "Behold the man!" Or as we say in Latin, "Ecce Homo."

Of course the thorns on the head of the initiate symbolize the way in which you control your animal mind—with will. It is not easy. You have to bleed in order to control your animal nature, because that animal nature abides in your mind, in your heart, and in your sex. That is why other images of Jesus portray his heart also encircled by a crown of thorns—because this is also how you control your animal emotions. That is the path of willpower. That is why the Rune Thorn is the one, the Divine Will that controls the waters—the sexual waters inside of us. It controls our mind in order to control Lilith, which is the animal desire that we inherit from the animal kingdom, and which each one of us has. Dark.

As I say this, the word "Void" is coming into my mind, which I was showing you in the quotation, "In the beginning, the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep." The darkness is Lilah, Lilith. Void, bohu. "Bohu" is how you say it in Hebrew. And the children of the void are called Yaldabaoth, which is a word we have in the Gnostic writings. Yalda means "child" and bohu—the child of the void. But it is plural, because when you place the letter Tav, or T, at the end of a word—Yaldabaoth—you are saying the children of the void, because it is plural.

But the children of the void, the Yaldabaoth, has two interpretations. The positive interpretation of Yaldabaoth is the children of the Void, of the Emptiness, that emerged from the beginning, from the Darkness. Those are the Cosmocreators, or what we call the Demiurge—those individuals who have developed the power of creation in themselves. We can call them angels, the angels of God, Yaldabaoth. But it also has a negative interpretation, which is the outcome of desire, of darkness—the children of desire, Yaldabaoth. The word Sabaoth is also coming into my mind. It means "army."

So the children of desire, which are many, are represented in Christianity by the seven sins. The first one that appears is lust. Then anger, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, greed. Seven. From those seven, which are the heads of the dragon of seven heads emerge a lot of psychological aggregates, or children of desire. That is why, in Pistis Sophia, you find Yaldabaoth referring to those hosts of creators that appear in the beginning, but also to the negative aspect—another host that appears inside of us because of desire, in other words, from Lilith.

So in other words, inside of us we have two armies. First the army of God, and then the army of the devil, Lilith, desire. We are divided in two—positive and negative. You know that. You can observe this humanity. There are a lot of good people, where the Ruach Elohim shines through them, but the same people also have negative aspects. Some worship Lilith. Others want to destroy Lilith and work for the Father inside of us. That is a battle that each one of us has inside of us. Many in this humanity prefer to worship Lilith, the mother of desire, and Yaldabaoth—all of those children that emerge from that desire, which are the many defects, vices, and errors that all of us have.

But here, we have to destroy that. That is the doctrine, in order to develop the real army, the good Sabaoth, or the good Yaldabaoth, in order to become part of the Army of the Voice. That is what we have to understand when we read the Gnostic Gospels, because they often mention Yaldabaoth, but it is dual. Remember Yalda is child. Child of the void. It has two interpretations. We know how to read in order to understand that. It has two creative forces, one that creates for good, and another that creates for desire, which is Lilith.

As I mention this, Gurdjieff is coming into my mind. There is a word that also points at this. Gurdjieff called it Poisonioonoskirian Vibrations. Poison. Nioonos reminds me of niños, which is the same as Yalda. Now the word "kirian" means "the offspring of darkness" in Irish. Poison, of course, is desire. The God of the Lake asks Yudhisthira in the Mahabharata, "Give me an example of poison," and he immediately said, "Desire." A perfect answer. Desire is a poison inside of us. We have to transform that poison into something positive.

Poison in Hebrew is "Sam." That sam has to be transformed. That sam, the poison of desire in the animal kingdom, is what the Zohar called Samael Lilith, because Samael Lilith is in the liver. Samael rules the liver, Mars. Above the liver we have the gall bladder, which is related to Lilith, bitter. All of us have problems with the liver and the gallbladder. So that is what the Zohar calls Samael Lilith, which is inside of us. But this science, this doctrine, teaches how to transform Samael Lilith into that Jacob, which appears in Tiphereth thanks to the forces of Samael, the forces of creation. That is why many Gnostic gospels mention Samael as the God of the Blind. It relates to the animal kingdom, because any Cosmocreator works through the duality.

We spoke very extensively about Lilith in the previous lecture, and how it relates to the black moon, or the black forces. In creation, we always need the forces of the moon. Jehovah works with the forces of the moon, but unfortunately the dark forces of the moon also intervene, which is Lilith, desire. That happens inside of each one of us. It is a great battle that we have to fight, or the Mahabharata, the Great War, in order to win.

So behold how these forces of willpower act in us and how Gurdjieff names them: Poisonioonoskirian vibrations. These are nothing other than the forces of desire from the darkest parts of us. This is because, in order for us to create what we have to create, we need the Exiohehary. This is what Gurdjieff called the sexual energy, the semen, whether in the feminine body or the masculine body. In the Gnostic doctrine, semen is considered to be in both bodies—feminine semen and masculine semen. This Exiohehary has the power of creation. With it, we can transform ourselves. Imagine how powerful that substance is in the body—when we mingle our sexual force with the feminine force, man and woman, we create.

Unfortunately, we only know how to do it in the Itoklanus manner, in the animal manner, but if you learn how to create in the divine manner, then you understand why the serpent said to Eve, "If you know how to eat from the Tree of Good and Evil (not like an animal), then you will be like the Elohim, knowing good and evil." And Eve took the fruit and ate, but in the Itoklanus manner, and instead of creating something divine, she created Cain, a killer.

At that time, this humanity had Cain inside, which is the outcome of Lilith. You see how in the Gnostic doctrine they talk about how Adam had sex with Lilith? Or that Adam had two wives, Lilith and Nahemah? So when Adam went into the Tree of Good and Evil, which is the mystery of sex, and wanted to do it in the divine manner, unfortunately Lilith was stronger than him—that means desire, or in other words, Delilah, which is the same thing, stronger than Samson. And the outcome was Cain, an offspring of darkness. Cain killed Abel, our own Essence, inside of us. That was the outcome.

And after that, many niños came that poisoned humanity— Poisonioonoskirian elements inside of us—the outcome of desire, or in Hebrew, Yaldabaoth, the children of darkness, or the void. This is the situation we are in right now.

In the past, many investigators of the Gnostic doctrine found that the sexual energy was the clue in order to transform psychologically and spiritually. They were looking for the doctrine, and they found the semen, the philosophical stone, the mystery of transformation. But unfortunately they erred on the way, and they became celibate, thinking that by saving the energy through celibacy was the way, and this is how many monasteries were born in the past, with monks and nuns that renounced sex without understanding that in order to create physically, you need to mix the two Exioheharis in order to have a child, and in order to create in the divine manner, you also have to mix the two Exioheharis, but in the alchemical manner. And for that, they have to renounce desire, to avoid the animal spasm, the filthy orgasm of animals, in the sexual act—because only animals do that. We are also intellectual animals. That is why everybody does that.

But those monks, those searchers, found that mystery. Not only in Christianity. You find monks in Buddhism, and many other religions that know that the mystery is in the sex. But they forgot that the sexual force has a creative power. They renounced the animal sexual act. They completely renounced multiplying themselves normally, as the animals do, but they did not transmute the sexual force, they did not learn how to transform that semen into energy. In the beginning, those single men and women who were not married were learning how to liberate the creative force of the semen through breathing exercises, called Pranayamas. There are many other techniques to liberate that force, because the semen is created every twenty-four hours in the physical organism.

But if we do now know how to utilize that creative power in the wise way, and if we do not apply it in the animal manner, then that energy has to do something inside of us, because it is creative. And since we have a lot of desire inside, obviously Lilith takes it over. That is why it is written Kabbalistically, symbolically, in the Zohar, that after Adam created Cain with Eve, and Cain killed Abel, and Cain was expelled from Eden, he said, "Why am I going to create children for death? I refuse to perform the sexual act."

The Zohar says that for 130 years, Adam never touched Eve. But obviously the creative force was formed in the physical body from what he ate, thought, and all the energies that enter into the body. So that creative energy started to mingle with Lilith and Nahemah—two spiritual forces, or we will say, two negative forces, that created Yaldabaoth within Adam. That is, they were created within that humanity, because Adam represents that humanity, the Lemurian humanity, as we explained in our previous lecture.

So we those psychological elements, or psychological aggregates, that we have within us that are the outcome of Lilith, and other psychological aggregates that are the outcome of Nahemah—negative spiritual forces that are animal, because we do not know how to handle the sexual force, whether we abuse it or practice celibacy, which is one hundred percent negative. I am referring to that celibacy in which the single person does not even know how to transmute, how to transform the semen into energy. They refuse the sexual act, but they do not do anything with the sexual force. They have nocturnal pollutions.

Gurdjieff says in Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson that in the Middle Ages there were monks that were developing a certain type of psychological attitude and physiological traits because of their retention of the semen—their celibacy. The first outcome of that were monks that were like pigs—very fat. This is precisely what the sexual force was creating physically. The second was another type of monk that was very skinny, very thin. But inside of these monks were created two types of negative psychological vibrations. The skinny ones were developing the Poisonioonoskirian vibrations, meaning the sexual energy inside of them was developing a type of negative creation inside of them, coming from desire, and fortifying their ego. So they became cynics on the inside, and fanatics on the outside. So on the outside they were very fanatic, and on the inside they were planning how to kill people in the name of God.

These Poisonioonoskirian vibrations eventually develop the Kundabuffer organ, the tail of Satan, which is that negative fire from the coccyx downwards. Instead of the fire going from the sex up the spinal column in order to develop the Tree of Life, instead of the Innermost doing that creation that we find in Genesis, the energy was going from the coccyx down to Klipoth, to hell, and fortifying those animal elements that we have related with desire. Of course, the fanaticism that those monks in the Middle Ages developed was extremely powerful.

So when we discover the mystery of the sexual force, we have to know how to control it, how to manage it, how to transform it—if we are single, with pranayamas, with exercises, in order to put it into activity; if we are married, in the Sahaja Maithuna, sexual tantra, without orgasm, in the Fulasnitamnian manner, as we explained.

So those negative aspects, or Yaldabaoth, and the Poisonioonoskirian vibrations develop in that manner when we are in celibacy. And that develops cynics and child molesters, because desire is fed in the wrong manner, having the sexual act that is not only opposed to the spirit, but is opposed to nature. The normal sexual act, in the Itoklanoz manner, in the animal manner, is male-female. Abnormal is male-male or female-female, or other types of degeneration that is very common in this day and age because of the sexual aberration that all of us are involved in. We have to learn how to get rid of Lilith and Nahemah inside of us, the animal desire. We are not going anywhere with it but to hell, or the inferior dimensions of nature, the infra, or Klipoth in Kabbalah.

There is another phenomenon that moves the psyche in this humanity, and it is called the Solioonensius. We explained in our previous lecture how comets relate with the positive creative force of the universe, and which approach all these big ovums that we call planets or suns in order to fecundate that force and multiply life on the surface of any planet. There is a comet that is called the Comet Solni. That comet travels in the solar system, and every time that it approaches another solar system that is close to ours, then the sun at the center of that solar system emits vibrations in order to push it away, so that it does not collide with it. That sun is called Baleooto. When the sun Baleooto emits those vibrations, then all the suns next to it have to do the same thing in order to have normal vibrations in the cosmos, balance. Among those suns is our sun, at the center of our solar system. It makes those vibrations too, in order to level the cosmic forces in our solar system. But when our sun emits those vibrations, obviously that vibration is received in all of the planets, because all of the planets rotate around the sun, and the sun keeps them rotating around it with his vibrations, with his forces. So when an extra force is coming into the planet, then the organic life on the surface receives an extra fuel—the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom. And we, of course, receive that force in the psyche, inside. Unfortunately, on this planet earth, we have the Innermost, our Spirit, but we also have Yaldabaoth, the children of darkness inside of us. And when we receive that, logically, the vibrations, the solar force, give us the longing for spiritual liberation inside, in order for us to act and look for the Self-realization of the Being. But when the ego takes it, then the ego also wants liberation, freedom, and revolutions happen. And of course, all the people with more ego than Being, or Innermost, start making revolutions, wars, civil wars, the First and Second World Wars.

The Solioonensius is a law that appears in order to help all the kingdoms on every planet, but for us, the Solioonensius is a damnation if we do not know how to handle it, because if the ego takes that vibration, then desire develops to an extreme degree. In this day and age, many comets have passed, and the Solioonensius has worked in this part of the solar system. And what has been the outcome of it? Many people appear on TV saying, "I am out of the closet. Applaud me. I am a homosexual." Or, "I am a lesbian." That is sad. And people applaud that, because they say that these people are honest with themselves. And if someone speaks against this, then that person is prejudiced. You can talk against alcoholism (which is good, because alcohol is bad), but do not talk about homosexuality or lesbianism because then you are put on the black list, because everybody is worshipping Lilith, desire.

Here, we are teaching how to destroy Lilith, because if you keep working Lilith, desire, then the Solioonensius, the vibrations, will cause you to create even more evil things inside of yourself, to make your psyche negative, and you will sink more and more into the infra-dimensions. If you do not want to have that fate, you have to work against your Lilith and your Nahemah, inside of you. Outside, this humanity is worshipping Lilith and Nahemah. Nahemah is adultery and fornication. Lilith is the mother of homosexuality, lesbianism, pederasty, and many other sexual aberrations inside.

Let me show you now what Samael Aun Weor explains about the Rune Kaum:

"The Rune Kaum with its Kabbalistic six, vibrates with maximum intensity within the sphere of Venus, the planet of love." – Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Magic of the Runes

Six, because it is the sixth rune in the Futharkh. It is related with love. As we talk about love, the Arcanum Six of the Tarot is coming into my mind—the Lovers. Sometimes you find the Arcanum Six called "Indecision"—the Human Soul, whose legs are sunk in the water, and is above the surface of the water from the waist up; to the left is Lilith, and to the right is the Divine Mother, the Priestess, symbol of the Kaum. He is in between. The human soul is always in between the two forces.

When I said Lilith, it came into my mind that the graphic of Lilith always appears as a whore, a naked prostitute to the left side, and to the right side is a woman dressed as a priestess, extending her hand to the human soul, but the human soul is turning to the left, identified with the nakedness of Lilith, the whore.

As I say this, I also remember the Book of Genesis. It is written that when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit of desire (they did not know how to eat it in the divine manner, so they ate it in the Itoklanoz manner, animal), they discovered that they were naked. That nakedness is related with Lilith, or in other words, the filthiness, because they were identified with the physicality. And this is what happens in this day and age. All of us are identified with the physicality, Nahemah, the nakedness of Lilith. And of course, to now teach the mind how to see the physical body without identifying with it, without developing desire, is very difficult. And that is only possible to learn in the sexual act and in meditation.

It is not by avoiding the sexual act that we are going to control desire. We have to transform the sexual desire, which we have in abundance, into willpower. And that willpower, of course, is the rune Thorn. When you place your right arm, and when you connect your Chesed with your Tiphereth, from Daath (Daath is knowledge, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), then with that rune you fortify your willpower. There are many students, alchemists, that want to transmute the sexual energy in the sexual act, but they are weak. Lilith controls them easily, their own desire.

Of course, in the male, that is very difficult. The female is not that difficult, because she is passive. But there are also females that have a problem with transmutation when they want to learn. That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor said:

"But, oh God of mine! Remember, beloved reader, that roses without Thorns do not exist. You know this!" – Cosmic Teachings of a Lama

The red rose is a symbol of the soul that comes from the mud. When you see a white rose, that is the purity of the soul; for instance, an elemental, which is innocent. But we are sunk into the mud of desire, so if we learn how to transmute the sexual energy with our willpower, then the rose, the soul, will bloom out of us, but with a red color, which is the color of passion.

From that beautiful red rose will come the Rosy Cross. The cross is the vertical line with the horizontal line, which is a symbol of the sexual act. When you transmute the sexual matter, then the red rose emerges. But remember that there are no roses without thorns. You have to exercise willpower. That is why the ones that enter and try to transmute and emerge, if they do not have many thorns on themselves, if they cannot control that sexual desire, then they have to exercise and practice the rune Thorn.

The Master Samael says:

Dorn is also the phallus, the volitive principle of Sexual Magic (Maithuna).

There is the need, by means of the phallus, to intelligently accumulate the seminal energy; when it is refrained and transmuted, it is converted into Thelema (Will-Power).

Arm yourself with willpower like steel; remember beloved reader that without the thorn that pierces or sticks, the spark does not jump, the light does not emerge. – Gnostic Magic of the Runes

That means that if you do not exercise willpower in the sexual act, in order not to reach the spasm, the orgasm, and to transmute that force into light, it does not emerge. Usually many try to do that, and they succumb, because desire is stronger. You have to practice the rune Thorn in order to develop that willpower.


You see how the right arm is there, pointing to your Chesed, your Tiphereth, as we explained on the Tree of Life. Then your Human Soul will receive the strength in Daath, which is the Tree of Good and Evil in the sexual act.

In the military position, on your feet, firm, and facing towards the east, place your right arm in such a way that your hand rests upon your waist or hip, thus performing the shape of this Rune.

Now, you must sing the mantric syllables [with strength, because the T beats in your consciousness], TA, TE, TI, TO, TU with the purpose of developing Christ Will in yourself. - Gnostic Magic of the Runes

Repeat this as many times as you want, in front of the sun, the solar force that comes into your psyche. Concentrate on your Innermost, Chesed, and your human soul in the heart, and the Tree of Good and Evil in your throat, that needs to be controlled. TA, TE, TI, TO, TU, very well concentrated, as the sun is rising. Then you will develop that willpower, because this is what we need—willpower—in order to control desire. Without willpower you cannot control it. It is easy to talk about that, but when we are in the sexual act is when we have to prove it.

Many Christians hide behind the cross, they sign themselves with the cross, in order to protect themselves, but when they are tested in the sexual act—which is the real cross, when God is present—they fail. They do not protect themselves. Lilith enters and takes them to hell, and they fail. So chant TA TE TI TO TU in order to develop willpower.


Samael Aun Weor explains:

"When sexually excited, the woman has the power to transplant the synthetic principles of the twelve salts to the larynx of the man. This is how such and organ acquires hermaphrodite principles that later give the Innermost the power to create by means of the word."

That is the magic clue.

"The combination of the igneous principles between the man and the woman are also intimately related with a sequence of salty interchanges that prepare the feminine larynx as an angelic creative organ." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

This is how we develop the power of the Elohim, because the Elohim create through the power of the throat. Remember, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

You have to develop that power of the word. "And God said, Let there be light." And the light was, because He said it. All of us would like to have that power. Well, this is the way to develop it—in the sexual act. But you have to renounce what you are. And what are we? Animals. We have three brains: intellectual brain, emotional brain, and motor-sexual-instinctual brain.

We are in the times of the end. That is why this doctrine is given to those animals that do not want to be intellectual animals, but human beings. And the clue is there, but between husband and wife. Not with Nahemah, not with adultery, because adultery does not work.


"Within the sexual matrass of our organic laboratory, the explosions of passionate fire combine certain ethereal, astral, mental, volitive, conscious and divine arcana. This occurs in order to elaborate certain igneous elements, whose substantial principles belong to the Innermost, with the ardent fire of the erotic thirst." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

So that is normal. It is not that you are going to renounce sex. You have to have that thirst, but you have to concentrate on your Innermost, because if you concentrate on Lilith, then the outcome is the spasm, the orgasm, and the loss of that force that you want to accumulate.

"The woman accumulates a very large quantity of elemental fire from Nature while in the state of sexual excitement, and when her fire is combined with the erotic magnetism of her husband, then it engenders certain cosmic powers whose tremendous explosions open the spinal chambers." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

These are the thirty-three chambers, or thirty-three degrees that you have to develop in your spinal column, the thirty-three vertebrae.

"The boiling, passionate fires of man and woman, when mutually and erotically combined, create truly ardent tempests that disturb the atmosphere and cause the tenebrous ones, who are the escorts of each chamber, to go mad." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

Who are those tenebrous ones that are the escorts of each chamber? They are inside of you, the children of Lilith, Yaldabaoth, inside of you. When you stop feeding your lust, your lust goes mad against you. All of a sudden, you are angry for nothing. Your ego wants to be fed, but you are trying to stop feeding your animal nature, and work with your spiritual nature, through the sexual act, which is the very bottom, the very origin of your animal level. And you now have to create the spiritual, to become a human being.

That is why it says here:

"These submerged entities attack the intrepid ones by defending the fires, who synthetic and scientific principles are enclosed in the thirty-three internal chambers of our spinal column." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

Lust attacks us mentally, not only in the sexual act. After you perform it, and succeed in transmuting, you have to be aware, because in the outside world, your lust, your anger, your pride will say, "Okay, you transmuted that, but I am going to steal it from you." And all of a sudden, you become angry, so that transmuted energy goes to your anger. Or you are in the street walking, and you see a beautiful woman walking past and you say, "Oh, beautiful forms. Let us admire the beauty of this woman." Then your lust says, "You are not feeding me in the sexual act, but I am going to do it through your heart." Because it is enough to lust for a woman in your heart in order to commit adultery. That is what Jesus said.

So this is not easy. You have to meditate. You have to comprehend your ego. That is the path, and you advance, because you have to save your energy. And your animal ego, those entities that exist within you, attack you in your dreams, in your daily life.

It is not that somebody will attack you outside in this path. People think, "Oh, the enemies of the alchemist are outside. It is the people who do not believe in this." No, no, no. Who cares if they believe in this or not? Those enemies are inside you. If you do not conquer yourself, you cannot conquer outside.

Napoleon, says Master Samael, conquered many males on the battlefield. That is easy. But he will not succeed in fighting against himself. That is difficult. In this battle, only you know if you are a conqueror, a hero, or if you are just faking, if you are nobody, because the outcome comes inside—the development of chakras, virtues, powers—when you know how to save that energy. That energy is the energy of God, that is creating within the prophet within you.

That is why,

"These tenebrous ones defend their rights, and for this reason they qualify us as thieves of powers..." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

Many times they go into the internal planes and accuse you. Or they utilize other people to tell you that you are a thief, you are stealing.

In this day and age they say, "Oh, they are plagiarists. They are taking the wisdom from other authors, so they are thieves. They are boasting they are powerful, but they are just thieves." Those people that make those accusations are slaves of Lilith. And because they are slaves of Lilith and Nahemah, they work for them, so they accuse all the alchemists of thievery, of plagiarism, etc.

You do not identify. You keep working ahead, because if your egos are accusing you, other people are going to accuse you as well. Read the Gospels of Jesus, and you will see how He was accused by all those hypocrites that were inside of Him and outside of Him.

Each chamber is strongly defended by tenebrous legions. It is necessary to defeat these tenebrous ones with the edge of the sword in order to take each chamber by force.

"Now the devotees of the path will understand why Christ said that heaven is taken by force." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

To be born again in the Causal plane with the Thorn, the body of willpower, is not accomplished by raising our hand and accepting Jesus as our savior. That is easy. You have to take heaven by force, by using willpower. It is inside of you. It is not by believing. You can believe whatever you want. But in the moment of action, in the sexual act, is when you have to prove if you love God or Lilith. Easy.

That is why the true alchemists are difficult to find. Fanatics? Believers? Millions! But in the moment of the cross, they fail. So here we are delivering the clues in order for all of them that love the Lord—because all of them love the Lord with a lot of heart, sincerity. It is good. But they did not have the clue. Now that they have the clue: okay, love the Lord, because the Lord is the creative force, the solar force in our sexual glands.

"The mysterious Rune K represents the priestess wife and also the flaming sword with complete exactitude." – Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Magic of the Runes

When you are working for the first time in the magisterium of fire (the sexual act), and when you learn how to transmute, and when you succeed in taking the sexual force from the coccyx to the pineal gland, then internally, for the first time, they say, "You are a knight. You are Ar-Tir-Man (Rune Ar, Rune Tir, and Rune Man)," which translated into English is "Arthur," a new king. You took the sword out of the stone. That stone is the philosophical stone of Yesod, your sexual force. Then the sword emerges from there along your spinal column. That is the flaming sword that gives you access to Eden. Then you have the sword. Now you understand why Kaum also symbolizes the sword, because in the sexual act is how you have to control your woman.

waterhouse my sweet rose

Now listen to this carefully: Kaum is the woman. Your physical body, your physicality, which is Malkuth, is feminine. Control your woman if you are single. Transmute your sexual energy. Do Pranayamas, exercises. Do not do celibacy. Of course, if you are not married, avoid being an adulterer. But transmute. That will liberate the sexual force and you will develop the nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries. This is how you advance—by controlling your woman. Remember that in the beginning that woman is a whore. It is that whore that the book of Revelation talks about, where we find all of these defects, vices, and errors—physicality, psyche. We want to fight against that whore. She is Lilith inside of us. Likewise, male or female, you work with your woman, with your physicality. That is the woman. That is Mary Magdalene.

Eventually, if you are faithful to your Innermost, you will find your other partner, your twin soul—twin in the sense that she is following the same path that you are following. If you marry this woman or this man, remember that willpower is masculine, and that force is feminine. Whether you are a man or a woman, when you are knighted, you have to work now with your woman again, and with the woman of your wife or your husband. This is how Mary Magdalene, the whore, becomes holy. But you are that.

The other way, the woman herself, the feminine aspect, represents Kaum, because this rune is feminine. Therefore, when we talk about the woman, the feminine body, that is also Kaum. But remember that your body is also Kaum, and your willpower is masculine. So when you marry, your wife should be a priestess wife, because you become a priest of fire. In the sexual act, you are controlling, manipulating the elements, and your wife is doing the same—priest and priestess, Shiva-Shakti, the Holy Matrimony. And you develop that. And with that, not only does the man receive the sword, but the woman as well. Remember there are women warriors.

When I mentioned the rune K, Kaum, Kundry comes into my mind—that woman that Parsifal defeats in the sexual act. Kundry says, "All men are week. They fail with me." But then Parsifal appears, which is the phallus, per se, and defeats her in the sexual act. And then she falls in love with him because he is her hero. "All men fail with me," except Parsifal. Parsifal receives his knighthood, his sword. He becomes a knight of the round table. And that is the power of the woman. The woman accumulates that fire in the sexual act, and we attract that and transmute that. Then men also, but the feminine body receives more. The woman, the feminine body, when she is excited in the sexual act, accumulates a lot of force. But remember that within that woman is also Lilith, and if she is excited and you do not know how to control her, that woman can take you down. And then Samson will be defeated, blind, because he could not control the forces of Lilith, or Delilah (De-Lilith).

"The mysteries of the Rune Kaum gloriously shine in the bottom of the Ark awaiting for the instant for them to be accomplished." – Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Magic of the Runes

"This is the mystery of Baphomet. The rose elaborates its perfume with the clay of the earth. The slithering worm does not like the gardener who removes its clay." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

That worm is the ego; it is lust, inside of us.

Our disciples will now comprehend on what basis do the tenebrous ones qualify the sexual Alchemists as thieves. – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

So this is really a beautiful rune that teaches a lot. Here we find a graphic with King Arthur with Guinevere and Lancelot.


Lancelot is Tiphereth, the human soul. Arthur, the king, is Chesed, the Innermost. And Guinevere is the Divine Soul, that is with both of them. This is Kaum. Behold here the mystery of Excalibur, the sword, and the mystery of the woman, Guinevere. All of that story encloses all the alchemy, the alchemical work that we have to perform.

Talking about women, female bodies, you find that Master Samael explains in Igneous Rose, "Woman has the same rights as man," talking about the physical body. There are many people who think that only male physical bodies can reach a higher level of spirituality. No. It does not matter if you are male or female—you can reach higher levels, even Christification.


Joan of Arc and H.P. Blavatsky

"Woman also reaches the level of Adept of the White Fraternity.

"Joan of Arc is a Master of Major Mysteries of the White Fraternity.

"H.P. Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine, reached the level of Adept and she is a Master of Major Mysteries of the White Fraternity.

"In almost all the temples of the mysteries, we find many female Adepts working for humanity.

"Woman awakens her sacred serpent in the same way as man.

"If a woman who is married wants to awaken her Kundalini, then she must practice sexual magic with her husband." – Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

That is a statement we need to comprehend, because there are many organizations outside that, when a woman wants to practice sexual magic, and she is married, they say that she should practice with her guru. That is adultery. There is a lot of black tantra there, on the Internet, and on many other parts of this planet Earth right now, where people are trying to work with the Kundalini, but with adultery. That does not work. What they develop is the Kundabuffer, which is the outcome of the Poisonioonoskirian vibrations.

In this day and age, you have to control your Poisonioonoskirian vibrations—your children that you have inside, the children of the dark, of desire, your Yaldabaoth. And to destroy them by comprehending your ego in meditation. That is the path—comprehension and annihilation. And the path of the Perfect Matrimony.

Questions and Answers

Audience: How does the Kaum relate to the cosmic police, how you use the force, and what decisions you make?

Teacher: The Kaom, the internal police, relates to Kaum. You can see there is only one letter there that is changed. Kaom, Kaum. The internal police is the Kaom, which relates with Geburah. And the rune Kaum relates to Geburah as well. That is why, in the Kaom, in Geburah, you find the Valkyries—those women warriors that ride horses in heaven, which are children of Wotan, or Odin. Of course, those are the ones that exercise like the divine police.

So the Kaom is an archetype that is within the spiritual soul, which is your right twin soul. When we talk about the twin souls, we have to understand that the Innermost has two souls—the spiritual and the human. We are the human soul, or an embryo of a human soul, because in order to really be the human soul, we have to build the astral body, mental body, and causal body. When we have already created those bodies, then we say, "We are the human soul, and my wife, my twin soul, is Kaom, the Valkyrie, the spiritual soul inside of me."

That is the authentic twin soul. But in this physical world, physically, you also have to marry a twin soul. But we will say it relates to another level, in which you, as a man, find a woman who has the same longings that you have, that feels that same as you feel, the thinks the same as you think, and you feel that alchemical attraction when you are naked with her—you like her, physically. But you have to love her with chastity, and that is the mystery. That is the other mystery of the twin soul. There are many mysteries, but in relation with this lecture, the twin souls are, first, the first level, inside. To reach that level in order to know your spiritual soul, that is a long path—very long.

Here, of course, that part of that soul is the Kaom, the internal police. When you do something wrong, which is not related with that love towards your spirituality, that Kaom goes and accuses you. That Kaom is the one that says, "You have exchanged your true love for Nahemah, for many women in the physical plane. So now you have to receive your punishment. Now you know your twin soul, but in the past you were committing adultery with many women." And that is Karmasaya, so the police of karma say, "Now you have to be punished, because that karma is not forgiven."

This is how the initiates always suffer on the Path. You enter, but do not think that your karma is forgotten because you enter into the Path. "Oh, that adultery you committed in your past lives? That is going to be forgotten because Jesus is the Savior and forgives you." No. I am sorry. It is not like that. You have to face your own Karma. And Kaom is inside of you. That is why it is part of the Spiritual Soul. The Spiritual Soul says, "This is my Human Soul now, but he betrayed me. Kaom, come to me." And the Kaom says, "Yes, it is true." And the Kaom takes the book and says, "Here. In this life he was doing this and that, and that, and that." And it numbers all of the adulteries that you committed in previous lives and your present life. So in other words, we are bad, condemned to death. And that is why we have to die psychologically. Let him be dead. Let him die.

Yes? You have questions here?

Audience: Yes. Does your partner need to have the same religious belief patterns?

Teacher: The question is, "Does the partner have to have the same beliefs?" Well, the partner has to understand what the path is. It does not matter what religion, because this path that we are explaining here is in Christianity, is in Judaism, is in Brahmanism, is in Buddhism, explained in different manners. This is not the property of Gnosticism. That is why when we study Gnosticism, we study all religions, because every Master explained that in his own level.

Mohammed, in his Koran, explained that, but you have to know the mystery of the Koran and the Arcana of that religion. So it does not matter, as long as the partner understands that Gnosis is the synthesis of all religions. Then you can practice, of course. It does not matter.


Audience: When you talk about sexual energy and its power to create mystically, are you referring to the power of desire that sex brings forth in the human anatomy? If so, is it safe to assume that placing that energy in the light of the God in us will help us achieve a higher spiritual level?

Teacher: I hope you heard all of that question. It is very long.

Well, the explanation is this, in synthesis: When we start doing the work that we have to do, we start as animals. Paul of Tarsus states, in his letters in the New Testament, "First is the animal, and then the spiritual" (1 Corinthians 15:46). Do not start practicing sexual magic like you are a saint, because even if you think you are, and are faking sanctity, inside of you is the lust, big like a pig, like a gorilla. What you have to do is transmute desire, that animal. Remember that because in the beginning God was gathering all those living creatures. Desire was one of them, in the animal kingdom. You have to be there, but control it. Desire, in the beginning, has to be transmuted into willpower. Later on, when you advance a lot, you will be without desire, performing the sexual act.

This brings into my mind an anecdote about the Master Samael Aun Weor. We arrived at his home with other students—three females, that at that time were single, and longing to find a partner in order to start the work. So they were talking with the Master Samael Aun Weor, and one of them asked him, "I would like to see if you can tell me if I will find my husband, because really I want to work with him in order to advance in this path." And then the Master said, "So you want to find your husband? You man like this?" he says, "Because this is, maybe you think, a Gnostic which is very advanced. He will be with you, connected, like a statue. His phallus will be erect, inside of you, and transmuting. You like that?" "Oh no," she said, "oh no." Because she had this desire there. Well, since you are not advanced, for a devil, another devil, that will like the Path. But both of them have to transmute with desire in the beginning.

If you want to start without desire, well, desire is inside of you. You have to learn to teach the physical body how to transmute desire into willpower. And little by little, you have to defeat desire and to kill even the shadow of desire, and reach the moment when, like Saint Francis of Assisi, that we perform the sexual act without desire. But the one that will give him the strength in order to do it will be Lucifer, the sexual potency. But in the beginning, any Initiate, any beginner, any neophyte, starts with desire, and Lucifer also. And that is the problem, because Lucifer is there, and Lilith as well. So you have to fight against them.

But anyone that has that courage will do it. All the great prophets did it. And we are doing it. All of us started fighting very hard, and still, because the battle ends when we completely die psychologically, one hundred percent.

Do you have another question? Yes?

Audience: You gave an exercise for one of the runes. Is there a practice for the other rune?

Teacher: The other rune? Is there a practice for the rune Kaum? Well, the rune Thorn, I gave you already. The other, with the Kaum, you have to have your wife. Then you will do that practice. The mystery of the rune Kaum is sexual magic. If you are a woman, then you need a man. That is the practice of the rune Kaum—sexual connection, husband and wife. That will be the honeymoon, to transmute, in order to be united with your twin soul.

If you are still single, well, continue to do your pranayamas and other exercises, runic exercises, that will put that sexual energy into activity. Because if you are just abstained from the sexual act without doing exercises, you will develop Poisonioonoskirian vibrations. That is not visible. Behold the Catholic priests caught performing atrocities—they were avoiding transmutation, and therefore they developed anomalies within their psyche.