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You might wonder why a skeleton in the first graphic? Well, it is because the bones represent Abraham, and the red blood cells of Jacob-Israel, are formed in Isaac, who is the red bone marrow of bones.

The Tree of Knowledge-עצם-דעת has it roots in Yesod-יסוד.

"Forty meals make a drop of blood, 40 drops of blood make a drop of bone marrow, 40 drops of bone marrow make a drop of semen, the elixir of life." - Veda, 1500 bc

"Through many years of observation and experience, those who are wise have verified that, as a general rule, the male with very strong bones is sexually very virile.” - Chapter: Birth Control from Cosmic Teachings of a Lama by Samael Aun Weor

The Zohar states:

“Iod-Havah-יהוה build up (in the Vav-ו or spinal column) Jerusalem: he gathers together (in the blood, the heart) the outcasts of Israel-יִשְׂרָאֵל.” - Psalm 147:2

The Vav-ו (spinal column) in the divine name Iod-Havah-יהוה is the son (Christ) or child of Iod-י and Hei-ה, the Father and the Mother, to whom scripture refers:

"And Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים made of the rib which he had taken from Adam." - Genesis 2:22

This rib denotes the (Vav-ו or spinal column) middle column in the sephirotic Tree of Life symbol of the virgin (the Schekinah-שכינה or Kundalini), of whom it is written:

"For I, saith Iod-Havah-יהוה, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her." - Zechariah 2:5

It is for this reason that the future temple (physicality), glorified and perfected humanity, built and formed by the Holy One, will endure forever.

It is of this temple (physicality) that scripture speaks:

“The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith Iod-Havah of hosts-יהוה צבאות: and in this place will I give peace, saith Iod-Havah of hosts-יהוה צבאות.” - Haggai 2:9, which was built by man's hands, but this shall be built by the Holy One, and is alluded to by the Psalmist:

"Except the mother of Iod-Havah-אם־יהוה (the Schekinah-שכינה) build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the mother of Iod-Havah-אם־יהוה (the Schekinah-שכינה) keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. " - Psalm 127:1

The words:

 "And Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים formed the rib he had taken" equally apply to Moses, who, when building the tabernacle in the wilderness (BDebarim-בדברים, Tiphereth-תפארת), foresaw the future tabernacle God would form, as it is written:

"And for the second side (rib) of the tabernacle on the north side there shall be twenty boards" - Exodus 26:20

The north side here refers to the side of the sephirotic tree called Chesed (mercy, the bones, Abraham), and known as the white side. "And closed up the flesh thereof." The word flesh signifies the red side of the tree which is called Geburah (power, Isaac, who is the red bone marrow of bones), and at this time were fulfilled the words:

"His left hand is under my head and his right hand doth embrace me" - Song of Solomon 2:6

As also the words:

"This is now bone-עצם of my bone-עצם (Chesed-חסד) and flesh of my flesh (Geburah-גבורה, the red bone marrow of bones)." She shall be called woman, Ashah-אשה, because she was taken from man, Aish-איש, that is to say, that the (Christified) virgin humanity (the Vav-ו or spinal column) is the outcome of the union of the man or father (the Iod-י) representing the male principle, with the mother (the Hei-ה) representing the female principle.” - Zohar

Thus, Genesis states:

“And (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla) Elohim-אלהים said, Let there Yehi-יהי be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla) let Yehi-יהי divide the waters from the waters. And (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla of Assiah-יעש, our physicality) Elohim-אלהים made the firmament and (the Vav ו or spinal medulla) divided the waters (or genital fluid) which were under the firmament  from the waters (or cerebral-spinal fluid) which were above the firmament: and (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla Yehi-יהי) was so. And (the Vav ו or spinal medulla) Elohim-אלהים called the firmament Heaven (Shamayim-שמים). And (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla) the evening and the morning were the second day.” - Genesis 1:6-8

Zohar states:

"And Elohim-אלהים said," that is, Elohim-אלהים manifested himself by and through the divine Logos (in the Vav ו or spinal medulla); and thus by and through the Word, produced motion or vibration under the laws of which created matter, or substance, resolved itself into an infinitude of different (Christified) forms.

"Let light be, Yehi-יהי." Now the word Yehi-יהי (let it be) is composed of three letters, Yehi-יהי, Iod י being the first and third letter and Hei ה coming between them. The Iod י represents the male and the female principles (of Hamayim-המים, the brain fluid and genitalia fluid).

The full word is therefore a symbol of the divine Father and Mother (Mi-מי and Mah-מה of Hamayim-המים), the final Iod י being the same as the first Iod י in order to show that all the three aspects or forms as stated, under which Ain Soph-אין סוף operated (through this Yehi-יהי or Trinity) in the creation and production of the universe, were only the manifestations of one and the same divine Being (the Theomertmalogos).

The first Iod י also designates the Father (the Mi-מי, Who is in Hamayim-המים), the engenderer of light; the second letter Hei ה denotes the (Schekinah-שכינה, the engender of the) Logos (the light of the letter Samech-ס, the Auroboros or Kundalini, which is Christ in the Vav ו or spinal medulla); the third letter Iod י, the primal light (the Iod-יוד of Yesod-יסוד, the Schekinah-שכינה, What is the Mah-מה of Hamayim-המים).

The divine aspects (of this Trinity) are further symbolized by the three vowel points, holem (a point above the letter) shurek (a point in the middle of the letter) and hirek (a point below the letter) the Father, the Word and the Light (of the Iod-יוד of the Schekinah-שכינה in Yesod-יסוד).” - Zohar


Let There Be a Firmament

Today, we are entering into the mysteries of the second day, as they relate with the creation of the firmament. In order to comprehend better this second day of Genesis, let us remember the sacred prayer that Master Abaramento-אברהמנטו, aka, Jesus of Nazareth (an incarnation of Vishnu) gave to us in the New Testament:

  1. “Our Father who art in heaven,
  2. Hallowed be thy name,
  3. Thy kingdom come.
  4. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.
  5. Give us this day, our daily bread.
  6. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us.
  7. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. Amen.” - Matthew 6:9-13

That prayer is directly related with the first sephirah of the Tree of Life. Kether-כתר, the first sephirah, which in the world of Atziluth-אצילות, the world of splendors, archetypes, receives the name Eheieh Asher Eheieh-אהיה אשר אהיה. This phrase is translated in the Bible as, "I am what I am." Yet, indeed, esoterically speaking, it is translated as, "I become who, which is the one that becomes.”

And Elohim-אלהים said, “Let there Yehi-יהי be a firmament in the midst of the (sexual creative) waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." - Genesis 1:6

Esoterically, this is translated as, “The Word IAOH Elohim-יהוה אלהים (Yehi-יהי) became a firmament.” This translation can help us to better understand what is really being said in the Bible.

Let us look at the second graphic. Here we find the quotation of Zohar that states:

“Wherever in the Scripture this word Yehi-יהי (let there be or let it become) is used, it refers to or signifies this divine light, both in (the innermost of) this world and (the Logos of) the world of becoming." - Zohar

This world Yehi-יהי derives from Hayah-היה or Eheieh-אהיה which is translated as the, “world to become-עולם אהיה.”

If we take this as it is written in Aramaic (עלמא דאתי), we might think that this is a world in a coming future. However, what Eheieh-אהיה really refers to is to the world of Atziluth-אצילות. That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor, in the book Pistis Sophia Unveiled, explains that:

“The Ancient of Days is the first activity of manifestation and movement, which is a state of pure becoming.

Christ, the Logos, is the Second Primordial, which is gleaming in the Zodiacal belt.

The Serpent that bites its tail with its mouth, which is the Third Primordial, emerges from the Logos.

The three Amens are the three Primordial Forces from Nature and the cosmos.

The three Primordial Forces are: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation.

Three Witnesses in heaven exist: the Father, the Logos, and the Holy Spirit. Three Witnesses on Earth exist: the Breath, the Blood, and the Water.”- The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

The second sephirah Chokmah-חכמה is what we call Christ. the Logos, below and to the right of Kether-כתר.

The zodiacal belt is always associated with the world of Briah-בריאה (“creation”) and the brazen serpent that bites its tail with it's mouth, the Auroboros, who is Binah-בינה the third primordial which emerges from the Logos. Binah-בינה, the third sephirah is the Holy Spirit.

These are the three witnesses in heaven: the Father, the Logos and the Holy Spirit; or, Father. Son, and Holy Spirit. These three correspond to the three witnesses on Earth, in Malkuth-מלכות, our physicality.

These three are the breath, which relates to the top of our body; the blood that refers to the heart; and the sexual waters of Yesod-יסוד. There you have, in synthesis, how this is related with the first graphic.

Eheieh Asher Eheieh-אהיה אשר אהיה: "I become who (Asher-אשר), which is (the Holy Spirit) the one that becomes.” - Exodus 3:14

“At the dawning of the great cosmic day, the First Logos, the Father, said to the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit, “Go, fertilize my spouse, the chaotic matter, the Great Mother (Ath-את, the Schekinah-שכינה), so that life (the Sun, the Second Logos, the Son) can arise; look into it.” Thus, this is how the Father spoke, and the Third Logos reverently bowed, at the dawning of the aurora of creation.” - Light from Darkness by Samael Aun Weor

“Tradition confirms this statement which is corroborated by scripture, ‘but his servant Joshua- יהושע (Jesus), the son of Nun-נון (fish in Aramaic, symbol of sperm and ovum that alchemically forms in our feminine/masculine semen), a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.' - Exodus 33:11

The explicit signification of which is, that Joshua (Yeshua-יהושע, master Abaramento-אברהמנטו, aka, Jesus of Nazareth, an incarnation of Vishnu), though he did not escape physical death, enjoyed that union of the higher and lower natures that enabled him to live the higher and divine life, which the (archetypes or) children of Israel through their idolatry and worship of the golden calf (Mammon-ממון, money) had lost and forfeited. Observe also that when Adam fell he lost the protection of the letters of the divine name (Iod-Havah-יהוה) that the Holy One had impressed upon him, and therewith also the spiritual and divine light in which he had lived, and recognizing this he was overwhelmed with fear and terror, for he perceived himself naked and despoiled of the heavenly glory and bliss he had formerly enjoyed and that he had brought by his disobedience, death, not only upon himself but also upon his posterity throughout all ages. It is written, 'And they sewed fig leaves together and made of them coverings' (Genesis 3:7).

“And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.” —Matthew 21:19. "The elemental department of the fig tree belongs to the sexual forces." - Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

These words have already been discoursed on; what they really signify is that Adam and Eve became attached and subject to the influence of worldly pleasures (orgasm) and sought through them the happiness they had lost, as before stated.

By this material or physical enjoyment (orgasm), the stature of Adam became diminished a (Kuf-קוף, monkey, a) hundred cubits and caused a division (in Daath-דעת) between the world above (Atziluth-אצילות) and the world below (Briah-בריאה).

"It is further written, 'And He drove out 'Ha-Adam-ויגרש את־האדם' (Genesis 3:24) Rabbi Eleazer said: We do not know who drove him out, nor who it was that was driven out, whether the Holy One or not. The words are 'Vaigaresh Ath-ויגרש את' (and he drove out Ath-את, the Schekinah-שכינה). Who was this He? The scripture says 'Ha-Adam-האדם' (the human being). After sinning it was 'Ha-Adam-האדם' who drove out (through the orgasm of the beasts, Chaioth-חיות) here below who is here called 'Ath-את’ (Ath-את, the Schekinah-שכינה, what is the Mah-מה of Hamayim-המים). - Zohar

Yehi-יהי is a modification of the verb, of the Hebrew word Eheieh-אהיה. So, whether you say Yehi-יהי or Eheieh-אהיה we are addressing Kether-כתר, the Divine Light, which is the first manifestation of the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור.


When we observe the graphic of the Tree of Life, we find three worlds related with the three triangles of the Tree of Life. The first upper triangle, is the world of Atziluth-אצילות. The second middle triangle, is the world of Briah-בריאה, and the third lower triangle, the world of Yetzirah-יצירה. At the very bottom, of course, is Malkuth-מלכות, the earth which is called Assiah-עשיה. Sometimes Assiah-עשיה is pronounced as Assah, which in Hebrew means, “To make.” This is addressing the sephirah Malkuth-מלכות, because the phrase:

"And Elohim said, Let us make Adam-ויאמר אלהים נעשה אדם" - Genesis 1:26

“Let us make-נעשה” is written with Assah or Assiah-עשיה, and means that we are addressing the physical world, and how it is in this physical world that we can make Adam, in our own psychology.

"Adam in our image as our likeness-אדם בצלמנו כדמותנו...." - Genesis 1:26

“Adam In our image” is related to the world of Atziluth-אצילות, where we find what in Hebrew is named Tzalem-צלם, the image of Elohim-אלהים.  The phrase, “As our likeness,” refers to the world of Briah-בריאה.

So, when we want to find the image of Elohim-אלהים within each one of us, we will say that image is placed In Chesed-חסד, Abraham-אברהם, which is the Innermost, the inner Adam. This is why the Zohar states: 

Now from tradition we are informed that the word 'behibaram-בהבראם' (when they were created) should be read, 'behe baram-בה-בראם ' (by or through the letter Hei-ה of Abraham- אברהם). It may be objected, how can it be said the heavens and the earth were created by Abraham-אברהם, who corresponds to the Sephirah Chesed-חסד (mercy) on the Tree of Life, since we know also from tradition that the word 'behibaram-בהבראם' signifies that the heavens and the earth were created by the Schekinah-שכינה (represented in Hebrew pantheon by Sarah-שרה and in the Hindu pantheon by Saraswati-सरस्वती), of which the letter Hei (ה of Vav-Hei-וה) is the symbol? Our reply is that these two traditions are not really contradictory to each other but refer and amount to the same thing (Dabar-דבר, word-יהוה)." - Zohar

And we stated:

"In the Genesis this Inner Adam, that each of us have within, is called Abraham-אברהם. In Hinduism it is Brahma-ברהמא, the Creator. Chesed-חסד, Abraham-אברהם, is the first sephirah that appears in the world of Briah-בריאה, the world of creation. 

For instance, in the Ramayana- रामायणम्, Hanuman-हनुमान् represents the Nephesh Eloki-נפש אלקי, the animal soul, that became divine or as Moses stated in the seventh day of Genesis, a Nephesh Chaiah-נפש חיה, a Living Soul, after fighting against his own animality, his inner Kufim-קופים, monkeys or demonic egos, in the world of Yetzirah-עולם היצירה, and becomes "As our likeness,” in the promised land, Eden, the world of Briah-בריאה, creation as Joshua (Yeshua-יהושע, master Abaramento-אברהמנטו, aka, Jesus of Nazareth, an incarnation of Vishnu), enjoying the union of the higher and lower natures that enabled him to live the higher and divine life. Thereafter, continues his/her alchemical trasformation in the world of Atziluth-אצילות, and becomes "in our image," in order to enter the Ain Soph-אין סוף, as a Kosmocreator-Elohim."

Regarding the Hindu and the Semite Hebrew, the Prophetess Helena Petrovna Blavatsky wrote:

“The Aryan Hindu belongs to the oldest races now on earth; the Semite Hebrew to the latest. One is nearly one million years old; the other is a small sub-race some 8,000 years old and no more. (Strictly speaking, the Jews are an artificial Aryan race, born in India, and belonging to the Caucasian division).” - THE SECRET DOCTRINE

Chesed-חסד works under the commands of the Holy Spirit (Binah-בינה), in order to make the human, Adam, together with the Divine Mother, who resides in Malkuth-מלכות, who is called Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים. This Adam emerges from Malkuth-מלכות to Yesod-יסוד to Hod-הוד to Netzach-נצח to Tiphereth-תפארת to Geburah-גבורה. That is the Adam that the Bible is addressing, when Elohim-אלהים said, “Let us make Adam.” In other words, the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, is addressing the superior force of Atziluth-אצילות saying, “Let us apply the forces of creation, in order to make the soul with the forces of Malkuth-מלכות, which is where all the forces of Heaven, the superior dimensions gather.”

In other words, our own physicality, our own physical body gathers, all of the forces of Yetzirah-יצירה Briah-בריאה and Atziluth-אצילות, which are called the nine heavens.

So, when we address heaven, we address Yetzirah-יצירה, Briah-בריאה or Atziluth-אצילות the higher, of course, is Atziluth-אצילות, which is the first manifested heaven, where we find the pure light which is called Yehi-יהי, or Eheieh-אהיה. Why? Because this means becoming.

In other words, Kether-כתר is a state of pure becoming of light, which is, from moment to moment, emerging from the Absolute, from the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור, which is the light that comes from the Ain Soph-אין סוף, which is the unmanifested Seity.

From there, the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור, is that light that is always emerging and appearing in the universe. When in the Zohar you find the words "The world to come" it is referring to this state of becoming, of ever-manifesting, not a world that will eventually appear in the future. This signifies a world that is here and now, eternally becoming; it is the light of the solar absolute. This light emerges from the 7th Dimension and descends, little by little. Until, finally, crystallizing in the third dimension, which is the world of Assiah-עשיה, penetrating into our own physicality.

This is why the physical body is indispensable. In this body resides the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, who could take advantage of that energy in order to make the true human, the soul, Adam, inside of us, inside of our psyche. This is not something physical, but psychological, and this begins with what we explained in the previous lecture, by taking advantage of that solar force that descends from above into our physicality.


The one that is doing that is the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור, which is the Cosmic Christ incarnated in our own spirit, our own innermost. That is why you find in the third graphic, an image of Brahma-ברהמא, from Hinduism. We see Brahma-ברהמא seated on the Shoshanna or lotus flower. We are of course referring to the Lilly of the water, that is called the lotus in India. This flower is related with many symbols.

Brahma-ברהמא is the same Abraham-אברהם and when we address Hinduism with his images, remember that in Hinduism as well as in Buddhism they show their archetypes with human form. This is order to express that these archetypes are intelligent entities within each one of us. It is not that you will find a being with four faces, as many people think. Those four faces of Brahma-ברהמא, are, as we explained in the previous lecture, are our inner Father Son and Holy Spirit which manifest through our own particular innermost, Chesed-חסד, which is our spiritual force. So, that is the simple union of four archetypes in one. As it is wrtten:

"And Iod-Havah-יהוה appeared unto (the Hei-ה of) Abraham-אברהם in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day; And he lift up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men (IAO-יהו) stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself toward the ground.” - Genesis 18:1,2

“The esoteric meaning of which is as follows: When (the Hei-ה of) Abraham-אברהם sat at the door of his tent; that is, at the gate (of Daath-דעת) separating the higher (world of Atziluth-אצילות) and lower world (Briah-בריאה), symbolized by the letter Aleph-א, he felt the great heat of the day; that is, he became mentally and spiritually enlightened by the divine light of the First Logos (Kether-כתר in Atziluth-אצילות).” - Zohar

The Zohar continues:

“And Elohim said let Yehi-יהי become light and Yehi-יהי became light ." - Genesis 1:3

To whom spoke Elohim these words, 'let there be light?' It was to the (Innermost, the Chesed-חסד and to the - Hei-ה - of Abraham-אברהם of the) indwellers on the earth (our physicality); but 'light was' refers to the light (in the world of Briah-בריאה) made for the world of becoming (Atziluth-אצילות) . The higher light, the light of the orb (from the world of becoming, Atziluth-אצילות) was created first by the Holy One who caused Adam (Chesed-חסד), the protagonist (the spirit), to behold it so that he (Chesed-חסד) was able to view the (archetypical) world (of Atziluth-אצילות) at a glance.” - Zohar

Brahma-ברהמא, Abraham-אברהם takes the light from the world of Atziluth-אצילות, within each one of us. That is why when we read “and Elohim said, let there be light and light was.” It would be better to say, “let light become and the light became.” This begs the question: to whom did the Elohim speak the words “Let there be light”?

Remember that this Elohim represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three in one, the Tri-unity, Trinity. To whom were those words spoken? To the innermost, to our own, particular spirit; the in dweller of the Earth. The Earth, Malkuth-מלכות, is the physicality and the one that dwells in us is the Innermost or the spirit.

“And the light was” refers to the light created in the world Briah-בריאה, descending from the world of Becoming. That means that in the world of Briah-בריאה, Brahma-ברהמא, Abraham-אברהם takes the light of the world of Atziluth-אצילות in order to make the human being in Malkuth-מלכות, through Briah-בריאה the world of creation, which is under the command of the Divine Mother Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit. In other words, the “human being made into the likeness” which appears in Briah-בריאה, is going to be made according to “the image.” Thus, the image is the blueprint, which our own inner Spirit takes in order to build, with our Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, here on the earth, Adam, made into the likeness.

That is precisely what is meant, when in Genesis we read: “Let us make Adam into our likeness into our image.”

The likeness, of course are the same archetypes which are deposited in our sexual glands. These archetypes are pure light in our own Spirit. That is the image.

If we want to ask where is the image of God in us? It is in my own Spirit, but in potentiality. not in activity. In order to make that image active, physically, internally in us, we need the help of the Divine Mother Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, who is also called Adonia. In the Zohar, she is called Deborah-דבורה.

If you read the Book of Numbers, you find the mystery of that woman that took the Israelites into the right path. Her name was Deborah-דבורה. This name is derived from Dabar-דבר, which Hebrew for “word.” In other words, the Logos (the word), Father, Son and Holy Spirit are hidden within Deborah-דבורה. That Deborah-דבורה is inside of each one of us; she is the only one that can make Adam into his likeness, or into her likeness, thanks to the Father who is above. This likeness is precisely the archetypes, which are placed in our own sexual substance, in our own seed. The Bible talks about the seed of Abraham-אברהם, the seed of Jacob, the seed of Isaac. Abraham-אברהם, Isaac-יצחק and Jacob-יעקב represent the second triangle, Chesed-חסד, Geburah-גבורה and Tiphereth-תפארת.

This is where we find those archetypes that descend into our physicality, Malkuth-מלכות, in our own seed, sperm and ovum. The sperm is what is called “day”; The ovum is what is called “night” in Alchemy, in the Bible. Why? It is because, in the same way that the sperm emerges from the physicality of the male and goes out through his sexual organ into the darkness, the womb of the female, likewise does the light of becoming emerge from the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור, and appears, in Kether-כתר the father of all the lights. If you notice the sexual organ of the male is external, but the sexual organ of the female is internal. That is the way it is hiding the day in darkness. That's why man is called day because his sexual organs are shown, but the female organs, the creative sexual organs uterus and ovaries are inside her womb in darkness; there is no light there.

It is in that way that the Holy Spirit creates light within the darkness. In the same way, we take advantage of our own sexual energy, from our own darkness, the physicality. The light is hidden inside of us, physically speaking, but in combination with our Spirit, he takes the image, because the likeness of Elohim-אלהים is in our sperm and ovum.

And during the alchemical sexual act, when our semen is transformed into kundalini energy, our own, particular Innermost Chesed-חסד (mercy, Abraham, our skeleton) uses the blueprints, which are called archetypes of Israel, in order to make Adam into the likeness inside of us, with the red blood cells of Jacob-Israel, which are formed in Isaac, who is the red bone marrow of bones.

This is a long process. This is how you see it alchemically. That is why the higher light, the light of the orb, which is sometimes written as “eye” because the Hebrew word Ayin can mean “eye,” or “orb.”  This orb relates to the world of becoming because the orb or the eye, in other words the letter Iod-י, is the first that appears, which is Kether-כתר. That is what is referred to as the light of the orb. As you see, our eyes are always related with light; through the eyes is how we see the light.

In the world of becoming, from this all seeing eye, which is called the letter Iod-י, which is Kether-כתר, emerges the light that become three, which is the letter Aleph-א. These are the three eyes, we will. In this case, two on each side of the face and one related with the pineal gland.


This is why Elohim-אלהים is also represented with three eyes in the Hindu pantheon. The one in the center is related with the pineal and pituitary glands, which are the clairvoyant eyes, the intuitive eye of Shiva, which is seen throughout many depictions of divinity, in Hinduism.

So, from the world of becoming emanates, first by the Holy One who is called Adam. In this case, Adam is Chesed-חסד (mercy), the protagonist, the spirit to perceive it. So, that Chesed-חסד (mercy) was able to view the archetypical world at a glance.

This is written in the Zohar. This means in meditation, we penetrate into the world of Chesed-חסד (mercy), our own spirit. This is how we see that light of the Logos, the light of becoming.

An example of that is, for instance, in the Book of Revelation is written:

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,...” - Revelation 1:10

This passage in the Book of Revelation teaches that the true prophet sees with his/her spirit. The world of archetypes is related with what is becoming in us, and what is becoming in the earth as well.

Behold, the Zohar states:

“The letter Hei (ה of Yah-יה) is not found in the name of Abraham-אברהם until after his circumcision, when from Abram- אברם it was changed to Abraham-אברהם (Brahma-ברהמא). Then it was that (the letter Hei-ה) the Schekinah-שכינה became attached to and abode with him, and therefore it is written, 'These are the generations of the heavens (the Schekinah-שכינה) and the earth (the bones which represent Chesed-חסד-Abraham-אברהם) when they were created.'

Now from tradition we are informed that the word 'behibaram-בהבראם' (when they were created) should be read, 'behe baram-בה-בראם ' (by or through the letter Hei-ה of Abraham- אברהם). It may be objected, how can it be said the heavens and the earth were created by Abraham-אברהם, who corresponds to the Sephirah Chesed-חסד (mercy) on the Tree of Life, since we know also from tradition that the word 'behibaram-בהבראם' signifies that the heavens and the earth were created by the Schekinah-שכינה (represented in Hebrew pantheon by Sarah-שרה and in the Hindu pantheon by Saraswati-सरस्वती), of which the letter Hei (ה of Vav-Hei-וה) is the symbol? Our reply is that these two traditions are not really contradictory to each other but refer and amount to the same thing (Dabar-דבר, word-יהוה)." - Zohar

Alchemical translation:


The Hei (הא), the Schekinah-שכינה

“These are the generations (in Yesod-יסוד) of the heavens (the Schekinah-שכינה) and (the bones) of the earth (our physicality) when they were created (Behibaram-בהבראם, in the Hei-ה of Abraham- ב-אברהם), in the day (rather, in the light-ביום) that the (Iod-יוד of Yesod-יסוד of Havah-הוה, passion- י-הוה), the Sea Goddess (Elah-Yam אלה-ים) made the earth and the heavens.” - Genesis 2:4

So, you see how beautiful these verses of the Zohar are, when understood alchemically and kabbalistically. This is why Paul of Tarsus when explaning about circumcision wrote:

“For circumcision verily profited, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law (if you reach the orgasm of the beasts, Chaioth-חיות), thy circumcision is made uncircumcision. Therefore, if the uncircumcision keeps the righteousness of the law, shall not his uncircumcision be counted for circumcision? And shall not uncircumcision, which is by nature, if it fulfil the law, judge thee, who by the letter and circumcision dost transgress the law? For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” - Romans 2:25-29

“Now to Abraham and his seed (Zera-זרע) were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds (Zeraim-זרעים), as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed (Zera-זרע), which is Christ.” - Galatians 3:16


“It takes 40 drops of food and 40 days to form one drop of blood; 40 drops of blood to form one drop of marrow and 40 drops of marrow to form one drop of semen. While several others say this value to be 100 drops and not 40. Therefore according to these systems, loss of semen from body will result in physical weakness and (mental) illness (Dhatu syndrome-धातु दोष).” - Ayurveda

Thus, Abraham-אברהם, who is the same Brahma-ברהמא or our Innermost who abides in each one of us is Chesed-חסד (mercy), our own particular spirit, who physically relates to our skeleton. Thus, our Innermost (Brahma-ברהמא or Abraham-אברהם) along with the Schekinah-שכינה (Sarah-שרה or Saraswati-सरस्वती) are the only ones that can make Adam into the likeness of the First Logos, which is Kether-כתר, the Father of all the Lights; the first thing that emerges in the universe from the world of the absolute is the light. Light is the beginning of everything.  As it is written:

“And Joseph said (in Yesod-יסוד) unto the people, Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh, lo (Hei-הא, the Schekinata-שכינתא in Yesod-יסוד), here is seed for you, and ye shall sow (Ath-HaAdamah- את־האדמה), the ground (physicality).” - Genesis 47:23

"And they are therefore righteous before Him (Kether-כתר), because they sow beside all waters.

"Beside all waters?"

They sow for righteousness (Tzadakah-צדקה). And of one who sows for righteousness (Tzadakah-צדקה), it is written:

“Be thou exalted, O Sea-Goddess (Schekinata-שכינתא, Elah-Yam-אלה-ים), above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth.” - Psalm 108:5

Al-Shamayim-על־שמים also means beside all waters (Al all Mayim-על כל מים).

And what is, "above the heavens (of formation, Yetzirah-יצירה and creation, Briah-בריאה)?"

It is (the archetypical world of Atziluth-אצילות) the World to Come (better said, Become)." And the children of Israel sow seeds (for the Schekinata-שכינתא) above all waters (על כל מים).” - Zohar


The Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור is that light. That light unfolds into different types of matter in the universe. In the next graphic, we see a depiction of this unfoldment into the infinite: different galaxies gathering, making what we call the firmament. Atziluth-אצילות is also related with the firmament; Atziluth-אצילות is the first manifestation of that light, physically speaking. That light comes from the 7th dimension and appears in the 3rd, as you see in this photograph of the world of the infinite. This is related with our own particular infinite. The infinite is where we find millions of galaxies; each galaxy containing millions of suns or solar systems and every sun in itself being a physical vehicle of that light. So, no matter where we find that light in the universe, it is always the light of becoming.

And indeed, not just within the universe, but across universes, because in gnosticism we have the theory of the many infinites. We are addressing here only the infinite of Einstein.

Related with the world of Atziluth-אצילות, that light condenses below, into the world of Briah-בריאה, forming what we call the galaxy, the Milky Way, or any other Galaxy, within that infinite.

When we talk about the world Briah-בריאה, we always address the chest of that cosmic man, who is called Arik Anpin in the Zohar. This gigantic being is the way in which the Zohar represents, symbolizes the manifestation of that light.

The world of Atziluth-אצילות relates to the head of that being.

The chest, the Galaxy, which is represented as the Master explains by the zodiac, the 12 zodiacal signs, which relate to the twelve tribes of Israel, represents the world of Briah-בריאה. Israel-יִשְׂרָאֵל is always associated with three sephiroth: Abraham-אברהם, Isaac-יצחק and Jacob-יעקב. In other words, Chesed-חסד, Geburah-גבורה and Tiphereth-תפארת are associated with the chest of Arik Anpin, the world of Briah-בריאה, where we find the Zodiac, and the 12 tribes of Israel-יִשְׂרָאֵל.

“Israel-יִשְׂרָאֵל is a word that must be analyzed.

“Is-יִשְׂ” reminds us of Isis and the Isiac mysteries.

“Ra-רָ” reminds us of the Solar Logos.

Let us remember the disc of Ra-רָ found in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs.

“El-אֵל” is “El-אֵל.” “El-אֵל” is the interior, profound God within each one of us.

In sequence and correct etymological corollary, the people of Israel are constituted by the various parts of the Being.

All of the multiple self-cognizant and independent parts of our own individual Being constitute the people of Israel.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

The Zohar states that Israel, symbolically, refers to that light, which is in the galaxy, in the stars.

“The expression, "Congregation of Israel-יִשְׂרָאֵל," in the first instance, refers to the first born sons of Light, or, as they are termed in the Book of Job:

“When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of Elohim- כל־בני אלהים shouted for joy.” - Job 38:7

The morning stars, who, along with the Sons of Elohim, sang their song of praise at the creation of the world. In an extended sense, it includes the true children of light who have attained unto the Divine Life.” - Zohar

Master Samael Aun Weor explains that our own essence, our own consciousness comes from the stars from the Galaxy, resounding with the note La.

Of course, the note La not only vibrates in the human soul (Tiphereth-תפארת) but also in (Chesed-חסד) our own Spirit and our divine soul (Geburah-גבורה); our own essence, our own consciousness, with the note Mi, descends from there, into Malkuth-מלכות, with the note Fa, the physical world, passing with the note Sol, through the solar system, which is called the world of Yetzirah-יצירה.

Behold here the galaxy. Each one of us has his own particular star in the galaxy. That star is your own spirit. Some spirits have already developed their archetypes, but many have not.

Those archetypes can only be developed if they descend into Malkuth-מלכות, in order to know and to practice Alchemy. These archetypes develop only if the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, Deborah-דבורה, Adonia, Isoberta, Isis, Mary… whatever name you want to give her, says, "Let us now make Adam into our likeness into our image.” She Malkuth-מלכות is the one that asks.

When she Malkuth-מלכות asked, then the Logos, from Atziluth-אצילות, with the note Si, sends down our spirit from the world of Briah-בריאה and instructs the spirit to help the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, to create Adam, the solar man, made into our likeness, because Chesed-חסד has in his bosom the archetypes of Atziluth-אצילות that are named Israel.

This is how the Ruach Elohim-רוח אלהים, Chesed-חסד, descends and floats upon the waters. Remember that water symbolizes the fifth feminine aspect of the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, she abides within those instinctual waters that we have; the Holy Spirit hovers above in the pineal gland of those waters, making Adam inside of us according to the image; that is, unfolding and developing that which is deposited in Chesed-חסד. That is why Arik Anpin is represented with Briah-בריאה, the galaxy, on his chest.

Below the world of Briah-בריאה, we find the world of Yetzirah-יצירה, the world of formation.

Why is it called the World of formation? Because here is where we find those vehicles that allow us to operate in the manifested universe.  These vehicles we call psyche in Greek, anima in Latin and soul in English.

In other words, we have only an embryo of soul. In Buddhism this is called the Buddhadatu, the consciousness. We received a beautiful lecture before related with that part of us that is perceiving the light. Right now, you are perceiving the light through your eyes, but that which is that is directly receiving that perception is your consciousness. Are we capable of perceiving the light of Yetzirah-יצירה, Briah-בריאה and Atziluth-אצילות. The heavens. Physically, yes, but not internally. This is why we have to build Adam inside of us, in order to perceive all the light of Elohim-אלהים, Kether-כתר. Elohim-אלהים abides not only in this physical world, but in all dimensions, because Elohim-אלהים is light, Eheieh Asher Eheieh-אהיה אשר אהיה and here in the world of Yetzirah-יצירה is where we find that world that relates to the solar system.

In the solar system, we have the solar light and other planets. In synthesis, we will say that when we talk about the solar system, we talk about the seven planets, esoterically and alchemically. That is why we have seven days. Indeed, in Judaism, today, which is the seventh day, Saturday, called Shabbath, which is related with Saturn, is a very important day. The seven days are related to the seven planets, esoterically speaking. These seven planets are the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and are related with the world of Yetzirah-יצירה, the world formation. In order to form the man to the likeness of Elohim-אלהים, we have to make that man septuple.

The true man, Adam, the psychological man has seven bodies. The physical body is merely the lowest manifestation; however, the internal bodies, have to be created because the only body the Demiurge gave us is the physical body. We have to steal the energy of the physical body in order to make Adam.

This physical body belongs to nature, the Demiurge; the physical body is born, grows up, ages and dies. If we don't take advantage of the body, the Demiurge is going to take it, because it is just a vehicle, a machine in order to transform energy. Indeed, we are machines, physically speaking; we have to steal the energy from the Demiurge, like Prometheus. We have to be wise, because the forces of the Demiurge will act against us.

The Demiurge, however, is the one that provides us with that essence. So we are before two paths: either we follow the Demiurge, that is, the mechanicity of nature, or we follow our own being. This is the choice. In both sides the solar energy, the energy of Eheieh-אהיה, is working.

So, this is the world Yetzirah-יצירה; every solar system is in itself a Yetzirah-יצירה. Every world in Kabbalah relates to the sephiroth and different dimension.

Now, the last world of Kabbalah is called Assiah-עשיה which is also related with action and matter, physical matter. Yet Assiah-עשיה is not only physical matter; it could be also a type of matter that is very subtle.

Master Samael Aun Weor, in one of his lectures, stated:

“You have to understand that Kether-כתר, which is the first manifestation of that light, which is a state of pure becoming, is light. But, if you want to relate Kether-כתר, the Father of all the Lights, to the Absolute: Kether-כתר is Malkuth-מלכות for the Absolute.”

So, when we talk about Assiah-עשיה, we should understand that it means, “To make, to do, action.” Assah-עשה, in other words.

In our case, when referring to our own Assiah-עשיה, our own matter, we are referring to our physical body, which is our vehicle in the world of action, the world of matter. Remember that there are other types of matters which are above this physical world, but which are very subtle. And, in order to perceive them, we have to master the quanta.

What are quanta? They are packages of energy that travel in space at the speed of light, and other speeds in other dimensions. The one who is capable of perceiving the light of the quantas in all dimensions is the one that is directly in contact with Eheieh-אהיה, Kether-כתר, and the Holy Spirit, Asher Eheieh-אשר אהיה, Binah-בינה.

Before continuing, let us look back at the first graphic, in order to explain Eheieh Asher Eheieh-אהיה אשר אהיה.

As you see it says Kether-כתר, the solar force that emerges, with the note Si, from the Absolute, is the light that becomes: in the world of Atziluth-אצילות, in the world of Briah-בריאה, in the world of Yetzirah-יצירה and in the world of Assiah-עשיה. It is the same light, but in different dimensions. That is why we place the graphic of this archetype from the Hindu Pantheon, which is Vishnu.


Vishnu is the one who works everywhere; that is the meaning of his name. Vishnu, the one who works everywhere. Everywhere… where? In all the universe and the universe of course is divided in different dimensions or levels.

In gnosticism, Vishnu is called the Logos; the second aspect of the Trinity that in Christianity is called the Son. He is one with the father. As Jesus said, “The father and I are one,” referring to Christ, which is Vishnu, which is Avalokiteshvara. This force has many names, in many different pantheons. Quetzalcoatl is the name of that archetype in the Aztec Pantheon.

If you observe how the word Eheieh Asher Eheieh-אהיה אשר אהיה is written in Hebrew, you will notice that the word Asher-אשר in the middle, in Hebrew, means "Who?” Of course, if you modify the position of the letters, if you put the letter Reich-ר in the beginning of the word, you make the word Rosh-ראש, which means “head.”

Then you see, very clearly, that the Holy Spirit is the head of creation.

Through the Holy Spirit is how the Son is able to manifest, because Eheieh-אהיה is the father, Asher-אשר is the Holy Spirit and Eheieh-אהיה, again, is the Son. So when you say Eheieh Asher Eheieh-אהיה אשר אהיה, you are saying, the father through the holy spirit is the Son. This is easy to see because without a sexual force of the Holy Spirit, the father cannot be the Son.

Eheieh Asher-אהיה אשר is “Who,” the Holy Spirit, the head. Through the head, which in this case is formed by Kether-כתר - Chokmah-חכמה - Binah-בינה, of Arik Anpin, the Holy Spirit works through the Ruach Elohim-רוח אלהים, Chesed-חסד that hovers above the Waters of the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect.

How do you call that Holy Spirit in the Bible? Jehovah Elohim; Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei Elohim, which is the Holy Spirit, Binah-בינה. That is why the Bible in Genesis states that all of creation was made by Jehovah Elohim or Jehovah God; or, as many Bibles state, the Lord God. Instead of writing Jehovah, they translated this word as Lord. and Elohim as God. So, Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit is Asher- אשר.

That is why Kether-כתר works through the sexual force of the Holy Spirit, in order for it to work upon the water, hovering above the waters, through the Ruach Elohim-רוח אלהים, who is Chesed-חסד, our own particular Spirit, our own Innermost.

Now, in the world of Yetzirah-יצירה, the world of formation, we find three Sephiroth: Netzach-נצח, Hod-הוד and Yesod-יסוד. Let us delve into Yesod-יסוד.

Yesod-יסוד is related to the second day of Genesis. This Yesod-יסוד is the one that works together with Jacob, which is Israel, which is above the waters. Jacob-Israel is the son of Abraham-אברהם; in other words, all of those archetypes from the world of Atziluth-אצילות, In the world of Briah-בריאה, are called Jacob-Israel. They are the same thing.

Remember that Jacob was named Israel because these are the psychological archetypes that are under control of Chesed-חסד, the spirit, that we have within. So, when you read that the Ruach Elohim-רוח אלהים, the spirit of God is hovering above the waters, it is saying that Israel, within the womb of the Spirit, is hovering above the waters, in order to work in the making of Adam in Yesod-יסוד.

Continuing with the next graphic, let us go into what the Bible states in the following graphic, after the world of Assiah-עשיה:

And it is written. And Elohim said, let Yehi-יהי be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters.

As you see here, there are two waters here. If we follow the sequence of that second day it is written that the waters above will be separated from the waters below. The waters above are called Shamayim, the waters of heaven. The waters below are called Mayim, which are the waters of the Earth.

When we talk about the waters above and below, we always associate these waters with the Akasha in Sanskrit. The Akasha are not waters that we find in the physical world. Akasha is that blue substance that is in space, within which all the planets are floating. Akasha is the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, but as creative waters.  In us, Akasha relates to the vital body, which is the superior aspect of the physical body. That is why Master Samael explains that in the vital body we have the Tattvas or vibrations of that water that give life to our physicality.

The Akasha itself relates to the vital body, the superior aspect of our physicality; it is Yesod-יסוד on the Tree of Life. That is why you find Yesod-יסוד above Malkuth-מלכות. In that Yesod-יסוד is where the powers of the instinctual waters of the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, abide.

If we observe Arik Anpin, behind the Tree of Life, we find that Yesod-יסוד relates to our sexual organs.

So, we associate always Yesod-יסוד with the sexual organs, and with the waters of our own vitality. That means that the vitality of our physicality depends on our sexual behavior.

Remember that Yesod-יסוד relates to the Tree of Good and Evil. When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil they knew death and entered into sin. So, Yesod-יסוד really is a wonderful sephirah related with sexuality, to the waters above us, with what Paul of Tarsus called Psychikon-ψυχικον; To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, or To Soma Psychikos-το σῶμα ψυχικὸς.

The word psychikos-ψυχικὸς, in English is translated as psychic. So, psychikos-ψυχικὸς is that vital force above the physical body, who is an intelligent enlivening force. That is why Paul Tarsus also called it the Psychikon-ψυχικον. Because it does not mean that it is just a psychikos-ψυχικὸς, a vital enlivening force in the vital body without any intelligent direction. It is also psychikon-ψυχικον intelligent and psychikos-ψυχικὸς, psychological, psyche. Above our physicality, it is in our instinctual creative waters.

Our creative waters are related with our sexuality. That is why the master Samael says that the third primordial is the Holy Spirit, related with the waters in the physical body.

If you observe the Tree of Life, we find three columns. The middle column is related to our spinal column, physically speaking. The right column relates to the superior waters of Chesed-חסד, because on the right column is Chesed-חסד, the Ruach Elohim-רוח אלהים, the spirit of God that floats in the brain fluid, above the waters. In the left are the black waters that descend to Malkuth-מלכות, which animals, the beasts, Chaioth-חיות, instinctually spill through fornication, that is, they spill the semen wretchedly through the orgasm of the beasts, Chaioth-חיות.

Tree Of Lives 4

“The sexual transmutation of the Ens Seminis into creative energy is made possible when we carefully avoid the abominable spasm, the filthy orgasm of the fornicators (the beasts, the Chaioth-חיות).

The bipolarization of this type of cosmic energy in the human organism was analyzed since ancient times in the initiatic colleges of Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Chaldea, Rome, Phoenicia, etc.

(Remember: Abram-אברם learned the science of alchemy in the light of the Chaldeans-באור כשדים; aka, in the light of demons” - Genesis 11:28)

The ascension of the seminal energy to the brain is performed thanks to a certain pair of nervous cords that, in the form of an eight, splendidly unfold to the right and to the left of the dorsal spine. 

We now have arrived at the Caduceus of Mercury with its wings of the Spirit that are always opened……………

Old traditions which surge forth from within the profound night of all ages state that when the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system make contact in the Triveni close to the coccyx, then as a simple electric induction a third force awakens; I mean the marvelous fire of love (the Schekinah-שכינה, the serpent of brass-נחש נחושת or Kundalini-कुण्डलिनी) awakens (in our spinal column).” - The Three Mountains by Samael Aun Weor

“And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.” - Numbers 21:9

Dr. Krumm-Heller used to teach the clue in Latin for the awakening of the serpent of brass or the Schekinah-שכינה, so he said: 

"Immissum Membrum Virile In Vaginam Feminae Sine Eiaculatione Seminis."

Moreover, as the Zohar states:

“See now that I, even I am he, and Ain Elohim- ואין אלהים stands with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: And only the savior can deliver out of my hand.” - Deuteronomy 32:39

Even with all in this (former) verse, the friends have explained it concerning other Elohim-אלהים, as it is written:

"See now that I (the Cosmic Christ or the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור), even I, am He (Kether-כתר) " also applies to the Holy One (the Ain-אין or nothingness), blessed be He, and his Schekinata-שכינתא or his Female principle (the Ain Soph-אין סוף), it is said, "Me and him (אני והו)."

The phrase: "And Ain Elohim- ואין אלהים stand with Me (better said; in the sexual act: the Son of the covenant of fire, Son of Aelohim-Brith-Esh Bar AElohim- ברית-אש בר אאלהים stand with me)."

This relates to Samael (king of Esh- אש, fire) and the serpent-סמאל ונחש; (better said, serpent of brass-נחש נחושת).

"I kill, and I make alive" I kill with my Schekinata-שכינתא whoever is guilty and "I make alive" with Her whoever is righteous.

The verse: "And only the savior can deliver out of my hand." refers to (Kether-כתר) the hand (Hebrew Iod-יַד), of existence-הויה; Iod-יַד has a numerical value of fourteen; and existence-הויה is his power-ואיהו כחו. All the explanations are true.

But what is said before is that it (ברית-אש בר אאלהים or the Cosmic Christ or Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור), is the Cause of Causes - which is the Cause above all other." This secret was not even revealed to all the sages and prophets.” - Zohar

The left side of the Tree of Life, namely, Binah, Geburah, Hod, descends into Malkuth-מלכות, and beyond, to Klipoth to devolve with note Re. This relates to the circle of mechanicity of the moon (Naamah-נעמה or Nahemad-נחמד), this relates to the cycle of births and deaths, the wheel of Samsara unto which beasts (Chaioth-חיות), are submitted.

If we behave like animals, beasts, Chaioth-חיות, we are submitted to the left side of that Tree of Life, and, eventually, we will sink into Klipoth. If we continue fornicating with those waters, losing them through the orgasm, we will end up in Klipoth to devolve with note Re. But, if we take advantage of what Genesis states and advises, and we walk in the light from those sexual creative waters, then we will understand why the light emerges from the darkness. We have to imitate Abram-אברם in order to become Abraham-אברהם. As it is written:

“And Terah took Abram-אברם his son, and Lot the son of Haran his son's son, and Sarai his daughter in law, his son Abram's wife; and they went forth with them from-Aur-מאור the light of the Chaldeans-כשדים (or demons, who spill the semen during the orgasm of the sexual act; thus, instead) to go into the land of Canaan and came unto Haran; (they go to Klipoth, hell) and dwelt there.” - Genesis 11:31

The waters of the left side are polluted waters, waters of fornication that everybody utilizes to multiply, to have children like animals. We are intellectual animals, but here, in this path, we are teaching that we have to divide the waters from the waters in order for Yehi-יהי to become a firmament in the midst of the waters.

In Hebrew Rakia-רקיע means firmament.

In the midst, Betock-בתוך, in other words in the very middle of the Tree of Life, we are going to make a firmament. That firmament is always related with the ten sephiroth, but it will be our own particular, individual firmament, because we are creating Adam into the likeness of Elohim-אלהים and we already saw what God is: the universe is light, crystallized in different types of matter, in different planets, different Suns, in the infinite with the note Si, Atziluth-אצילות; in the galaxy with the note La, Briah-בריאה; in the solar system with the note Sol, Yetzirah-יצירה; in the planet with the note Fa, Assiah-עשיה. Any planet in the universe is an Assiah-עשיה. But, now we are going to make a universe that will reflect that in us. Remember that it is stated that we humans are with the note Mi, the microcosm of the macrocosm.

In this path, we build that microcosmos, little by little, because the process of making Adam into our own likeness, into our own image, does not happen in just one day; it takes a long time. It is a process of Alchemy.


In the graphic, we see the Tree of Life; and you find a woman under the water.

That woman is showing two drops that fall from at the level of her nose into Daath, at the level of her mouth, and the body is appearing little by little. She is the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, who is making with Abraham, Israel in Tiphereth-תפארת. This is why we see on her right hand there; we see how she handles, that female, holding Tiphereth-תפארת; the left hand is holding Yesod-יסוד, meaning, she is holding the waters, holding the archetypes in order to make in the world of Yesod-יסוד, in our own particular vital body, that firmament that will divide those waters from the waters. That is a mystery of Alchemy, transmutation. This is the only way to do it.

Again above you find that these two drops are falling from Daath into Tiphereth-תפארת. 

The two forces of mother and father drop into Tiphereth-תפארת, which is the son, in this way. The waves are caused by the drops falling into Tiphereth-תפארת, into the water. That means that the whole firmament is being formed by Kether-כתר.

“Let Yehi-יהי become a firmament,” it is written.

Of course, the translation is, “Let there be a firmament.” Yehi-יהי is Eheieh-אהיה, the world of pure becoming; that light is always be-coming into us and to the universe and to any single particle of the universe. Whether it is a sun, a planet, a moon, whether it is us or any human being on this or any other planet, this world of becoming is always unfolding into our own monad.

In this case, Tiphereth-תפארת, is the mystery of thirteen, the mystery of four. From there, it emerges, thanks to Yesod-יסוד. Yesod-יסוד is that water inside of us; it is our vital body, our own vitality that we are taking advantage of. We are in the moment of the sexual act, in the midst of the waters.

When a man is sexually united with a woman, we find two waters there: The dark waters are the woman; the light waters, the man. I will explain why.

The dark waters are in the womb of the woman, they are in darkness. The sexual forces of the man are very obvious. This indicates to us that the sexual force of the man is an active, projective force. The woman is passive. So, between those two waters is how the firmament arises. However, behold, it is not a stated, “let us make a firmament”; it says: "let there be a firmament," meaning that firmament already exists. As the Zohar states:

“Rabbi Jehudah said:

"Seven firmaments exist- namely:

  1. Protocosmos or Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור;
  2. Ayocosmos or Atziluth-אצילות;
  3. Macrocosmos or Briah-בריאה;
  4. Deuterocosmos or Yetzirah-יצירה;
  5. Mesocosmos or any planet, Assiah-עשיה;
  6. Microcosmos or any true human being made into the image of Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור;
  7. Tritocosmos or Klipoth-קליפות) are there on high founded on and governed by the great law of universal harmony, of which the Tetragrammaton or sacred name-יהוה is a symbol.

Read the book hell-the-devil-and-karma by Samael Aun Weor

The firmament here mentioned is (the human being, the Microcosmos made into the image of Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור) established in the midst of the waters. It is above the Chaioth or living creatures (of Yetzirah-יצירה) and divides the waters (HaMayim-המים), above (the Mi-מי or brain fluid) from the waters below (the Mah-מה or genital fluid) and (the letter Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal medulla) serves as an intermediary between them. When the waters below call to the waters above, it is through it that the latter descend (to Yesod-יסוד) and give life and strength to all creatures as hath been stated. It is written:

(In Yesod-יסוד) “A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed” - Song of Solomon 4:12

By 'a garden enclosed' is meant, the spouse congealed therein, the universal mother of existing things, from whom flows forth the great river of the water of life, which if it should cease to flow (during menopause) the waters below (in Yesod-יסוד) would become congealed and infertile.

As rivers and streams become frozen when the north wind (the brain) blows, and remain so until (during the sexual act) the south wind (the genitalia) comes and dissipates by its warmth and heat the frost, in like manner, the waters of the river of life do not flow into the world of humanity except under the influence of the life divine. Such is the esoteric meaning of the firmament existing between the higher and lower regions of life.

Scripture saith not, "let there be made a firmament and let it be placed in the midst of the waters, namely, between (HaMayim-המים) the waters above (Mi-מי) and those below (Mah-מה); for the firmament here mentioned already exist (in potentiality in the archetypical world of Atziluth עולם-אצילות) before the beginning of the creation in the world (of Olam-Briah-עולם-בריאה) and was only placed between them (Briah-בריאה, and Yetzirah-יצירה), that is, above (Kether-כתר) the Chaioth-חיות or living creatures (of Yetzirah-יצירה).” - Zohar

 So, the firmament already exist, where? That firmament exists in Abram-אברם, the monad, but in potentiality not in activity; that firmament is the 13 elements of mercy of the world of Atziluth-אצילות, that together form Israel in the womb of the Schekinah-שכינה, along with Abraham-אברהם, our own particular Innermost. So, when those 13 elements of mercy are taken by the Spirit of Elohim-רוח אלהים that floats above the waters or fluids of the brain, that firmament appears in Yesod-יסוד. Is not that we are going to make these 13 elements, since they are already made, because these 13 elements are pure elements of Atziluth-אצילות.

The human being made into the image of Elohim-אלהים is in Chesed-חסד, in Abraham-אברהם and when you follow the alchemical process, then Elohim, which is Kether-כתר places, through Abraham-אברהם, Israel in the midst of the waters, which are the man and the woman who practice chastity and sexual Alchemy.

That “in midst of the waters, Betock HaMayim-בתוך המים” also symbolizes the Tattvas that we have within: the Tattwa of the fire, the Tattva of the water, the Tattva of the Earth and the Tattva of the air.

Those 4 Tattvas relate to what we call the chemical ether, because we know that in the vital body, we have four ethers: chemical, vital, reflective and luminous.

The chemical ethers relate to the four Tattvas that form the physical world; the four elements air, fire, earth and water. There is another element that is called the Akasha Tattva that relates to the ether of life and to our sexual organs. So, the ether of life, which is Akasha Tattva is the vibration of that water in our sexual organs, which is made of the refinement of what we eat.

Remember that we talked about the Panca-Tattva, the ritual of the five Tattvas related to what we eat.

Let me synthesize: fish, meat. cereals and grape juice relate to the four Tattvas that we consume, and which the body transforms into the Akasha Tattva in our sexual organs; the semen, in other words. The vital force of the ether of life is in our sexual organs and the rest of ethers are the chemistry that relate to the metabolism of our physical body.

We also have 2 ethers above, the reflective and luminous ethers. These are related with the firmament that we are talking about. Where are going to place the firmament that we are talking about? In those type of ethers, but we have to separate them. That is why it is written:

‘And let us separate the waters from the waters.”

That is a process of alchemy.

However, before delving into this, behold: the firmament that is related with the following verses, where it is written:

“And Israel then shall be near in (Yesod-יסוד) safety alone: the orb (Ayin-עין) of Jacob-יעקב (the Shoshana-שושנה) shall be upon the earth (Malkuth-מלכות) of corn and wine; also his heavens (Tiphereth-תפארת) shall drop down dew.” - Deuteronomy 33:28

Remember, when we talk about Israel, we are talking about the archetypes. Put that understanding in your mind and Israel shall be near in Yesod-יסוד, safely alone. Those superior ethers, as we said, are the reflective ether which relates to willpower, and the luminous ether, which relates to imagination, the orb of Jacob.


The eye of Jacob

In the Bible, you find the letter Ayin-עין in the name Jacob-יעקב, but remember that Ayin-עין means “orb” or “eye,” and here the eye refers not to a physical eye, but to the spot that we are talking about, the firmament here, which relates to the Shoshanna. This means it is in the middle.

All the archetypes that we are talking about related to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in the Shoshanna, Water Lili or Lotus flower with the five petals in the middle, shall be upon the Earth, down here in Malkuth-מלכות. In other words that firmament of the second day should be above us, it relates to the five aspects of the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה, the five aspects of the letter Hei-ה.

This physicality is called To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, as we stated.

After that, it is stated grain and wine also, his Heavens (Tiphereth-תפארת) shall drop down with dew.

This means that grain and wine relate to the forces of the seed.

You remember, the seed of Abraham-אברהם, the seed of Isaac, the seed of Jacob... those are the grains that we are talking about here. The wine is a force related to Geburah-גבורה. Geburah-גבורה is the only sephirah who forces goes down to Malkuth-מלכות. But, before going into Malkuth-מלכות, it passes through Hod-הוד and Yesod-יסוד.

In Hod-הוד, we find the dew, the forces of the light; in the morning dew, you find all the flowers, all the plants filled with that dew, right? This dew comes from the forces of the Moon, Yesod-יסוד, in us as well. Our vital force descends. This is what the Bible means when talking about grain and wine, esoterically speaking.

His servant, which is Tiphereth-תפארת from above, shall drop down with dew or through the dew will come down into Malkuth-מלכות. In other words, when we build that firmament within we see the difference between the Earth and the heavens. We build what Paul of Tarsus called To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν. The two superior ethers separate from the inferior ethers, and with the superior ethers we travel in the heaven of Yetzirah-יצירה or Briah-בריאה or Atziluth-אצילות, or even in the Absolute. These are the two ethers that give us ecstasy, samadhi.

That is why we always state that the one who fornicates, who utilizes the sexual force like an animal, how will such a person experience ecstasy, experience samadhi? We need the reflective and luminous ethers, which are related to the superior tattvas of our own vitality, in order to have an ecstasy.

We cannot take the inferior Tattvas that we have in this physicality in order to experience ecstasy. We need energy. We need some fuel to push us up into heaven and that is the luminous and reflective ethers that we have in our own vitality, in Yesod-יסוד. Through that is how we build the firmament that we are talking about here; the second day of Genesis explains this process.

In the next graphic, you find an image that explains how that firmament is made. The seven chakras in our own vitality, our vital body. The second initiation of the Major Mysteries is the beginning of this, the creation of that firmament. It takes a lot of work in order to cause that firmament to shine. That is related with the exorcism of water, which is written in Latin.

Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus hanc gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit. Exorciso te, creatura aquae, Ut sis mihi speculum die vivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et abllutio pecatorum. AMEN.

“Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.”

This is related to the second day of Genesis: Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters, the things which are above (in the brain fluid) are like onto the things, which are below (in the genital fluid). And things below (in the genital fluid) are like onto things above (in the brain fluid) for the performance of the miracle of the unity (in the very sexual act).

In other words, this is showing many things. The question is: What is the miracle of the unity?

Physically speaking, during the sexual act, if there are no Waters, which are the sexual force, how will you perform the unity? If there is no sexual potency, then what life can come from the waters? So, that is the miracle of the unity and also the miracle of the unity in us with the transmutation, when you know how to divide the waters from the waters.

In this case, we will say that when you take the energy, the force from your polluted waters, which are black dark, and make light and release the waste out of you, which is fornication, which is lust, this is how you divide the waters.

Some people like to swim in the polluted waters; these are the fornicators, which we are. In order to swim in the superior waters, we must stop fornicating. And for that, you have to renounce your animal behavior. There is no way that an animal is going to swim in the waters of heaven; only Israel swims there.

So then after that, it says:

“Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus hanc gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit”

This means that when we are talking about that firmament, the sun is its father. Who is the Sun? It is the archetypes of Israel in Tiphereth-תפארת which are being placed there, in that firmament, from above, from Kether-כתר, who is the Father, who receive them from the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור.

The Moon is the Mother in Yesod-יסוד, behold here the two drops of HaMayim- המים, the water. In Yesod-יסוד we have to separate the waters from the waters. We have to extract the best from our sexual waters. That is why the moon is Yesod-יסוד, its mother.

The wind, the Ruach Elohim, Brahma-ברהמא, Abraham-אברהם have gestated it in its womb (the womb of the Schekinah-שכינה). So, our own particular innermost Brahma-ברהמא, Abraham-אברהם carries those archetypes in her womb (the spinal medulla) by doing the sexual, alchemical work.

It ascends from Earth (our physicality) to heaven (Tiphereth-תפארת, the heart, and from there into Kether-כתר, the head, and from there into the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור). When you transmute the waters, and again, it descends from Heaven (Tiphereth-תפארת, the heart) to Earth (our physicality).

This is a process that is always happening; it is an act from heaven. When you transmute, you send that force back to heaven. This process is called the common-cosmic-trogoautoegocrat.

“Exorciso te, creatura aquae, Ut sis mihi speculum die vivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et abllutio pecatorum. AMEN.”

El Shaddai

Well, in order to exorcise the creatures of the water it says, I exorcise the creatures of the water that you may become unto man a mirror of the Living God in his works. Who is the Living God? Shaddai El Chai. In Kabbalah, the Living God is Shaddai El Chai in Yesod-יסוד. Our sexual energy is Shaddai.

When you are in chastity, you are working with Shaddai El Chai, or the Living God. We need to work to become a mirror, to have in our vital body the reflection of that Living God. God works with the light. Through the light, he makes everything. Eheieh-אהיה is the light, the Divine Light. ‘Let there be a firmament,” “Let there be light,” it is always Kether-כתר working there.

“Et fons vitae, et abllutio pecatorum. AMEN.”

And fountain of Life, an ablution of sins. You see, you have to practice the ablution, the cleansing of oneself in any religion, the mystery of the ablution of sins. It is said that when you are baptized in the Catholic church, that the sins of fornication are removed, which is the original sin. But, that baptism is a symbol itself, of that which we have to perform internally, spiritually. When you are an adult and transmute your sexual waters that ablution is going to heal you.

In India, the Brahmins say that you have to practice ablution. There are many types of ablution, but the most common one is going to the river Ganges and submerging themselves within its waters. They perform different mantras and practices in order to clean their sins. This is symbolic. Some people think that by doing that they are going to clean their selves of sins, but this is absurd. This act of ablution is a symbol, a symbol of what it is that they have to perform in the sexual act. Oonly the sexual energy, the fire of the Holy Ghost, can burn the sins of the world. That is the meaning the ablution of sins; it is the mystery of Yesod-יסוד.

In Judaism, there is what we call the Mikvah. Like the Brahmins of India, the Jews go into the Mikvah, which is the sacred bath, and they submerge themselves and pray Kuma Adonai Arise! Adonai is the God of the Earth. Well, how is Adonai going to rise if we do not transmute the sexual force. It is impossible. So, that's the mystery of The Exorcism of water.

“Et abllutio pecatorum. Amen.”

This means, and the ablution of sins, so be it. When you are doing that, you are practicing sexual magic. Then, of course, when a priest, a magician wants to exorcise the water in any given temple, he pronounces these Latin prayers. Then, the creatures of the waters that abide in the legs, in the river will obey him; they will come no matter how far is from the ocean, from the lake, from the river in order to clean the atmosphere over the princes commanding them to do so. But, if the priest is not working in himself, in his vital body with his sexual forces, if he does not have Israel as a firmament, how will he control the creatures of the water? You see how beautiful is this Second day of Genesis.

In the next graphic, we see To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, as you say in Greek.

“And Elohim made the firmament.” To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν. When you say the Elohim made the firmament, it is referring to the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, because when you are transmuting your sexual energy, then you are cooperating with the Logos in order to make To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, which is the vehicle in the vital body that can contain the archetypes. Those archetypes are, as a group, given the name Israel in the Bible. In other words, Israel is placed in your psyche, in your vitality.

Remember that the vital body is related with the process of sleeping. When you lay down, go to sleep and you start snoring, your vital body starts charging the physical body with a different ethers or Tattvas from the fourth dimension. If you have your firmament made within you, with the two superior ethers, then you will abandon your body with those two superior ethers and enter into heaven.

To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν is precisely that which in Buddhism is called Bodhicitta, the consciousness, But, behold here how in Buddhism Bodhicitta is related with semen as well. It is not a coincidence. It is because it is the same thing in Yesod-יסוד and that is where we explore the psyche. When you annihilate your ego, all the psyche that you are gathering in the annihilation of the ego gathers there in To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, in that superior part of your physical body. Let us separate that part of the waters from the inferior waters.

You do not want to mix that superior force with the inferior waters, were the pharaoh exists. People nowadays just utilize the forces of the water just for pleasure.

“And Elohim made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.” - Genesis 1:7

In other words, when the Elohim of the initiate builds To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν inside, that body, the Bodhicitta, relates to the reflective ether and luminous ether which are willpower and imagination. Remember in other lectures we told you that Moses is willpower and he begins his development precisely in Yesod-יסוד, as a baby. That is To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν. When Moses reaches Tiphereth-תפארת then he is an adult, spiritually speaking, ready to go to the Mount Sinai. But, that just the beginning of the birth of Moses in this way, which relates of course to the work of alchemy.

Below, we find a quotation of the master Samael Aun Weor. It is written that the vital body, the base of the organic life in each one of us, has four ethers. The chemical ether and the ether of life are related with the chemical processes and sexual reproduction.

We have already explained that the chemical ether is a specific foundation of the chemical organic phenomenon, while the ether of life is a foundation of the reproductive and trans formative sexual processes of the race. The two superior ethers, the luminous and reflective ethers, have more elevated functions. The luminous ether is related with the caloric luminous perceptive phenomena; the reflective ether serves as a medium of expression for willpower and imagination.

The two superior ethers, the luminous and reflective ethers, have to be separated from the two inferior ethers, the chemical ether and the ether of life, in order to form To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, by means of initiation. It is necessary to know that To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν is the ethereal body of the Heavenly Man. We can travel through the infinite with the heavenly, christified and stigmatized ethereal body. The heavenly virtues crystallized in the essence, the essence charged with the virtues, powers, laws, etc, is dressed with To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν. This is how you have to understand that.

When you are a comprehending your ego, you are placing the free essence into To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν into the superior aspect, into that firmament, into that particular individual heaven that you have in your vital body.


“In the fifth round, the earth will be blue, ethereal, transparent and ineffable. The ethereal christified human, the Christ-man can consciously and perfectly enter and depart from the physical body at will. Truth and virtue have totally united in the ethereal man. The ethereal man is perfect Bodhicitta (To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν).” Samael Aun Weor

In the last graphic, we see the symbol of Jacob. Everybody knows about the Jacob's ladder, or when Jacob sleeps and put his head on the rock of the Yesod-יסוד and he sees a ladder that goes up and down. It reads: “And Elohim called the firmament heaven.”

When it reads that the Elohim called that firmament heaven, it relates to the work that we are doing. When you annihilate an ego and release the essence, it goes into the firmament, your own particular firmament. It does not remain there with your ego: it is free, separated from the inferior waters. That is why sometimes some gnostics say, “I am working in my ego, but I don't see the results,” in other words, an ego wants to see results. Such people want to utilize the free consciousness for their own egotistical purposes. God is not stupid. Separate the false psychological forces, and free your trapped essence. Continue doing your work; if you want to enjoy that die completely and then you will enjoy that free consciousness.

Imagine and understand, if God is given liberty to Israel, it is because Israel was already in his alchemical labor here in Malkuth-מלכות. It is written symbolically that Israel was under the commands of the Netzach-נצח, the mind of the Pharaoh.

So, if Israel is liberated from Mitzrahim-מצרים Egypt why are the souls to have to go back into Mitzrahim-מצרים Egypt in order to be born again as slaves in exile in Mitzrahim-Egypt again. What is that play about freedom, slavery, freedom, slavery, again? Listen, we know that we all have Israel in bondage, here in Malkuth-מלכות; thus, we have to be free from our own psychological, spiritual slavery. If we want to go into the Exodus.

“And Yehi-יהי is what is the evening. And Yehi-יהי the morning the second day.” Yehi-יהי above is the forces of the Father and Yehi-יהי below are the forces of the mother, together they make another day, which is the second day, The Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν.

Do you have questions?

Audience:  The question is, does anybody who builds To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν develop Bodhicitta?

Instructor: Yes. But we are explaining the building of that body and that is just the beginning because the process implies a lot of work.

After that, you have to enter into the third day, and we are going to give another lecture related with this, and the psychological work that we call psychological death that has to be performed on every single ego, and which is then placed and gathered in that firmament, whether we have the body or not. The consciousness is gathered in that firmament because this is how God separates the waters from the waters.

In this case, the waters of the forces of Yesod-יסוד are working for two purposes: for Malkuth-מלכות and Yesod-יסוד. You see the duality there, which is not purified, yet. That is why, if you read the second day of Genesis, it is not written that, “God saw that it was good.”

All of the days of Genesis say that, except the second day, because even though it is good and God sees that it was good, it is another thing for it to be good for us. But God says, no, it is not enough. We have your Psychikon there already made, but we have a lot of work to do, psychologically, in order to make that firmament shine completely, to develop that Bodhicitta one hundred percent. That is just the beginning of the building of Bodhicitta.

Remember that, when you build the Bodhicitta, it is not like the lamp of Aladdin; a wish is granted. No, it is a process. That is why Paul of Tarsus says first is the psyche, and then the spirit. This is the first step that Paul of Tarsus talks about. Sometimes that word To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν is translated as “animal,” sometimes as “the terrestrial human.”

Regardless, the work with the psyche is first. This is how you make Adam within you: first, you work with the psyche, the soul. In other lectures, we will talk about the other aspect of this Adam. The last aspect is the spiritual Adam, which is very high. We are just beginning. We are in the very bottom making that Adam into our image.

Audience: In the Egyptian mythology, the God Ibis-Thoth relates to the Moon, and relates to writing. And in the book of Revelation it is stated write to the seven churches, which are in Assiah-עשיה how it's related with it?

Instructor: Well, it's pretty easy to see when you know alchemy. Hermes Tristimegistus is the God Ibis of Thoth, although it is related to mercury not the moon, and mercury of course is divided, just as the waters in different ethers. Mercury is divided into the raw mercury, which is called brute mercury. This is the semen that we find it in the sexual glands.

Then, we find the soul of the mercury which is the outcome of transmutation; it is the energy that arises through Ida and Pingala. Then, we find the mercury fecundated by sulfur, which is the Kundalini that arises in the spinal medulla, that will eventually create To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν in us. There is also another type of mercury called filthy mercury, or sulfuric mercury, which is related with the ego because the ego is also a crystallization of mercury. This is also called dry mercury; we have to do a lot of work to separate those mercuries. This a work of alchemy.

To “write” to the churches is to do the work. The work with the mercury is to write to the Church of Ephesus. To write to the Church of Smyrna is actually to send the energy of Yesod-יסוד to any of those particular chakras or churches that the book of revelation talks about and to develop them. Each church has its own virtues that we need in order to develop the different chakras of To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν. To “write” is to do that work, to communicate in other words. If you writing a letter to God, write to those archetypes which are in the seven churches. In other words, send the energy to God because you are writing to him, and then you are developing that.

So, this is how Thoth-Hermes-Ibis in Egypt relates to the second day of Genesis. It is also why we spoke about the exorcism of water; we relate that also to the God Ibis or Thoth.

Audience: Can you please explain the words separate, unite, and reconcile? 

Instructor: Well, the word separate the waters from the waters. That implies of course, not only an alchemical work, but a psychological one also.

“To unite” is to perform the religare of those forces through initiation. Because they also working with the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness. Remember that, when we talk about religion, we talk about the human being. There is no religion among the animals, among the plants or among the minerals, because they do not need it. We need it. We need to reunite our soul with the superior being our own God. That is what it means to unite Israel with God in the promised land. The promised land is the fourth dimension.

When we talk about the promised land, it has nothing to do with his physical world; it is the fourth dimension, which is Yesod-יסוד. The purity of our sexual force is equal to our spiritual development; to enter in the promised land, you have to be pure in chastity. So, this is how you, little by little, unite with your inner divinity, while you are liberating those forces.

You see, you can only unite the particles of Israel, which are trapped in Egypt, in Mizrahim, by liberating it with willpower. That willpower is Moses. You have to exercise that willpower when you are transmuting your sexual energy, and in doing so you are liberating those forces. But at the same time, you have defects, vices, errors, that you have to annihilate, because in each one of those defects is portion of your own Israel trapped in slavery. So, to kill the Egyptian, as Moses did, is to kill that ego within you. Then, that portion of essence is liberated and goes into To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν, thus forming the religare, the re-union with God.

This is what it is to unite: it is to reconcile. To reconcile with what? To reconcile yourself with God. And how do we reconcile ourselves with God? We have to pay karma.

What is it to reconcile? It means that when you are not “conciled” with God because you have sins, errors, karma. In order to perform that reconciliation, you have to pay what you owe. Reconciliation does not come because you are working in sexual alchemy, or because you are meditating on your ego, only; you have to work with the third factor of revolution of the consciousness, which is to perform charity, works for humanity, because Chesed-חסד is charity, compassion. Remember the 13 attributes of compassion. You have to exercise that... you do not exercise that by killing your neighbor, right? But by loving your neighbor, because the first commandment of the law of God is to love thy Kether-כתר your Eheieh-אהיה with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your sex and the Eheieh-אהיה, the Elohim of your neighbor as your own. But if you are killing the neighbor, it means that you are killing your God too.

You have to understand that the meaning of reconciliation with God is to pay what you owe.  And we did many evil things in the past. So, we have to do a great deal of works of compassion, of love, in order to achieve that.

Audience: How do you describe the superior emotions?

Instructor: Well, we should leave this answer for the next lecture because we are going to enter into Hod-הוד . Hod-הוד  is related with the body of emotion, which is also called the astral body. When you place the three sephiroth Netzach-נצח, Hod-הוד  and Yesod-יסוד in the three brains: Netzach-נצח is the mind; Hod-הוד  is the heart. This is how you see the dew of Hod-הוד  relates to Tiphereth-תפארת, which is the son, which is Israel related with emotions. Obviously, we have to learn how to crystallize the light of the Father in Hod-הוד  and for that we must learn not to lie.

The one who lies is disconnected from Hod-הוד , from the archetypes of the light, the archetypes of Kether-כתר. The light only shines when it's the truth. When we are victims of negative emotions, we lie to ourselves, and to the neighbor. So, we are disconnected. We should learn how to not to be victims of negative emotions in order to crystallize the words of Hod-הוד , because from Hod-הוד  goes into Yesod-יסוד, from Yesod-יסוד into Malkuth-מלכות.

Audience: Can I explain Mercy in relation with the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect? 

Instructor: The Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect, is mercy itself. The Divine Mother Kundalini is mercy. She is the only one that doesn't abandon us.

She goes even unto hell,in order to help us to die in the second death. The Divine Mother is also Kali, and is the one that develops in the Black magicians as the tail of Satan. It's an aspect of the Divine Mother when you are totally lost, condemned to hell, Klipoth, to disintegrate because you do not want to walk in the path of light. When a soul gets to that point, the Divine Mother says, “Okay. I'm going to crystallize negatively now, because my son does not want to follow the path of the Father, of light. He wants to be in darkness, so I will be more dark.” And she descends with you and in the eighth circle, she starts killing you because of compassion, because of mercy. The Divine Mother is that type of mercy that helps us in hell, when we fall as a completely lost soul. Above, however, she is just an unfoldment of the 13 aspects of mercy of the Father who is in heaven.

Question: Is Schekinah-שכינה another name for Adonia- אֲדֹנִיָּה and Deborah-דבורה?

Instrcutor: We have the Schekinah-שכינה naked. When we do not respect the sexual energy, the sexual force, we make of the Schekinah-שכינה a prostitute.

It is completely naked, and she suffers. The Zohar calls that naked Shekinah, Lilith. So, we are children of Lilith. We have to work now against our own creation and to become children of Schekinah-שכינה in the light, Deborah-דבורה. This is how it is written in the Bible, Deborah-דבורה that teaches Israel how to go on the right as another name for the Divine Mother, Aima Elohim-אימא אלהים, the Schekinah-שכינה down here, in her fifth aspect.

Audience: Do we have to use the imagination, in order for the sexual force to be fully transmuted?

Instructor: Of course. We are talking about the luminous ether and reflective ether, related with willpower and imagination.

Of course, in the very sexual act, we have to be in contact, we have to remember the Ruach Elohim, the Innermost, that hovers above the waters. What type of waters are we talking about here? Obviously the Ruach Elohim, the spirit of God, is not floating upon the waters of fornication. What is floating there, above those dark waters, is an ominous bird which Lilith, fornication, lust generates, right? But when we say that the Holy Spirit floats above the water, we're talking about the superior waters. 

The superior waters are the reflective and luminous ethers that relate to To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν. This is how the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Elohim controls those waters, in order for us to develop that chastity.

So, in the sexual act, we have to be concentrated in our Holy Spirit, our own Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom Come is a prayer. The sexual act is the most beautiful way to pray to God.

You know, I should mention this. In Judaism there is a custom, if you go to the Middle East there in Jerusalem, you will see the rabbis praying to the wall. They are moving back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, right? That is what everybody sees; that is the movement of the sexual act. I do not know if they know it, but that is what symbolizes. Meaning that in the very sexual act, is when you have to see God and pray because that is the movement of the man penetrating the woman slowly, controlling his impulses. Sometimes they stop continue praying and then after a while again moving, like in the sexual act,

This is a tantric way of praying that is hidden and that many people repeat mechanically, but they don't know why, right? So, in the same way that we are praying to God in that movement, the same way we have to do it in alchemy, when we are in a sexual act, concentrating in our own particular Elohim with the two superiors ethers. This is how the transmutation is going to be performed. If you do that after, of course, when you go to sleep, like in the last graphic that we've seen there, Jacob which relates to Tiphereth-תפארת, who is putting his head in the stone of Yesod-יסוד. This is a symbol of transmutation. Then he sees the ladder that goes up to heaven, and the angels going up and down. This is the hidden meaning of that.

When you go to sleep, to rest physically, the two superior ethers symbolized by the Angels, go up into heavens and this is how you receive instructions from God while your physicality sleeps.

The damsel of memories relates to those superior ethers. She brings the memories of your experiences of heaven into your physicality. This is how you work, whether you have To Soma Psychikon-το σῶμα ψυχικόν already made or not, because for that you need sexual alchemy, if you do not have it. If you are in chastity as a single, you also are building that in your vitality and that helps you to have astral travels.

Audience: Thus, created in god’s image means that I will become when that image becomes, and so, that is ironic, this is not? In English image means not real?

Instructor: Well, we have arrived at the etymology of the word image in English, which means “not real.” In the Bible, Tzalem-צלם is the word use as image. And my question is, if image is “not real” why does the word Tzalem-צלם exist? The word Tzalem-צלם exists because it means something, but maybe not something that you see physically. For instance, if I stand in front of a mirror, I see my image in the mirror, right? So, in other words the image of God is precisely that which contains its own reflection, and God is light.

In the same way that you can go outside and ask someone to bring you a piece of light? Obviously, they cannot. So, light is like that. God is like that; God is light. You cannot take a piece of light. But as an image, as a reflection within you, you can. In this case will be the image of light in your sexual fluids. That's the meaning of image, Tzalem-צלם. As the Zohar states:

Let there be a firmament5

"Then spoke the great Kosmocrator of the east to his fellow rulers over the other quarters of the world: 'Let us make Adam in our image' that he may be receptive and enjoy the effulgent glory of the light that is streaming forth and enlightening the whole world.” - Zohar

There's no other question?

Thank you very much.