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Let the Waters bring forth abundantly the Creeping Living Soul
Let the Waters bring forth abundantly the Creeping Living Soul

Let the Waters Bring Forth

אהיה אשר אהיה
Eheieh Asher Eheieh

I Become Who Becomes

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim said, Let (HaMayim-המים) the waters bring forth abundantly the (Sheratz Nephesh Chaiah-שרץ נפש חיה) Creeping Living Soul (in Mah-מה), and (Oph-עוף) fowl (causal solar body) that may fly (in Mi-מי) above the earth (Malkuth-מלכות) in the open firmament of (HaShemayim-השמים) the heavens.” - Genesis 1:20

This lecture is related with the fifth day of Genesis and is a continuation of the series of lectures called, "Let Us Make Adam."

ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי־אור

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim said, Let Yehi-יהי be light: and Yehi-יהי was light.” - Genesis 1:3

The Zohar states:

“Let Yehi-יהי be light." Now the word “Yehi-יהי” is composed of three letters, יהי, Iod-י being the first and third letter and Hei-ה coming between them. The Iod-י, of Yehi-יהי, represents the male and the female principle. The full word is therefore a symbol of the divine Father and Mother, the final Iod-י being the same as the first in order to show that all the three aspects or forms as stated, under which Ain Soph operated in the creation and production of the universe, were only the manifestations of one and the same divine Being. The first Iod-י also designates the Father, the engenderer of light; the second letter Hei-ה denotes the Logos; the third letter Iod-י, the primal light.”

“Wherever in the Scripture this word “Yehi-יהי” (let there be) is used, it refers to or signifies this divine light, both in this world and the world to come.” - Zohar

So, as we we're explaining, in the Zohar that light is called Yehi-יהי (let there be). Allow us to add, that light is also related to Yechi-יחי (with Chet-ח) “long live,” which is related to Yehidah-יחידה, which engenders different types of light or life.

We explained in the previous lecture, that life is contained within a substance which is called Akasha or Akash (Akāśa-आकाश this Sanskrit word means space or sky or ether in traditional Indian cosmology).

Let us understand that through the transformation of the Ain Soph Aur-אין סוף אור or the light of the Solar Absolute, any planet has life, which accomplishes through “Akāśa-आकाश,” which is called in the book of Genesis “HaMayim-המים, the Waters,” and its “organs” are the plants, the animals, the minerals and human beings; this, in order for the planet to sustain itself and to shine in the universe.

When we observe the night sky and we are greeted with that field of stars of the infinite, we see different levels of light and life.

So, having that light in mind, we understand that life is an energy that needs substance in order to express itself in the infinite space.

Akāśa-आकाश is a very beautiful blue dark substance that is diluted in the space. Again, the book of Genesis calls this substance “HaMayim-המים, the Waters.” These “HaMayim-המים, the waters” are not the liquid element that we find in this three-dimensional world, even though that H2O, that water that we find in the 3-dimensional world is associated with Akāśa-आकाश. We need to put in our mind that Akāśa-आकाश, that water is a formless substance. That is why it is diluted in the infinite space. So, we find that water everywhere, and that water contains the fire, the energy that in Sanskrit is called Prana-प्राण.


Prana-प्राण and Akāśa-आकाश 

Let us observe this graphic related directly with Prana-प्राण and Akāśa-आकाश energies.

Here, we find there the explanation of how that light, called Prana-प्राण in Sanskrit, is a cosmic energy vibration, electric motion, light, and heat. It is universal magnetism, life. Prana-प्राण is the life that throbs in each atom, and in each Sun. Prana-प्राण is the life of ether. It is the great life. In other words, Prana-प्राण is transformed into Akāśa-आकाश , that substance that we are talking about that is called “HaMayim-המים, the waters” in Genesis. A marvelous, divine, intensive blue substance that fills the entire infinite space. When it is modified it becomes ether, the Aether, when modified becomes tattvas. Master Samael Aun Weor states that the study of the vibration of the tattvas is indispensable.

On the center of this graphic we see the seven chakras which relate with these tattvas in our physicality and any physical or internal body.

Studying the chakras, beginning from the bottom, we find that Muladhara chakra relates to tattva Prithvi. Ascending, we find that the Swadhisthana chakra relates to Apas, the water. The Manipura chakra to Tejas, fire. The chakra Anahata is related with Vayu, the tattva of the air. Then, Vishuddha, which is in the throat, is related with the Akāśa-आकाश. The Adi-आदि tattva which is the Ajna chakra and Anupadaka-अनुपपादका tattva which is related with the Sahasrara chakra.

When you see this, you have to understand that these 7 tattvas or vibrations of the ether vibrate in that substance that we are talking about, that is called Akāśa-आकाश. Thus, they are related with any planet in the universe.

The seven chakras relate to Pritvi, Apas, Tejas, Vayu, Akash, Adi, and Anupadaka tattvas vibrate in Akāśa-आकाश, the fourth dimension.

This is why, when we see pictures of our planet Earth in the space, we see it with a beautiful blue color. That blue color is related with that Akāśa-आकाश substance within which we find the seven tattvas vibrating in the fourth dimension. These tattvas, when they crystallize in the physical dimension, the three-dimensional world, they become what we call fire, air, water and earth, and also that element that is called ether, that requires a lot of concentration in order to see.

When you see mountains from afar, that blue hue which beautifully coats those mountains is precisely that ether, the fifth element, the Akāśa-आकाश.

That element is directly related with the fourth dimension. The other two tattvas Adi-आदि and Anupadaka-अनुपपादका are very spiritual. These two tattvas also vibrate above the head and that the Gnostic learn how to divide or separate from his particular vital body as we explained in the second day of Genesis, in order to have spiritual experiences, samadhis in the internal world. The Yoga-Tattva-Upanishad describe them as follows:

The Tattvas The Elements

There are the five elements: Prithvi, Apas, Agni, Vayu and Akasa. To the body of the five elements, there is the fivefold Dharana.

(Dharana-धारणा is a Sanskrit word which means "concentration," which refers to concentration of the mind. Practicing dharana involves fixing the mind on a particular object - either external (such as an image or deity, angel) or internal - such as a chakra).

Brahma 4


From the feet to the knees is said to be the region of Prithvi, is four-sided in shape, is yellow in color and has the Varna (or letter) ‘La’.

Carrying the breath with the letter ‘La’ along the region of earth (from the foot to the knees) and contemplating upon Brahma-ברהםא (Abraham-אברהם) with four faces and four mouths (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה, the tetragrammaton) and of a golden color, one should perform Dharana there for a period of two hours. He then attains mastery over the earth. Death does not trouble him, since he has obtained mastery over the earth element. 

Narayana 2


The region of Apas is said to extend from the knees to the anus. Apas is semi-lunar in shape and white in color and has ‘Va’ for its Bija (seed) letter.

Carrying up the breath with the letter ‘Va’ along the regions of Apas, he should contemplate on the God Narayana having four arms (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה, the tetragrammaton) and a crowned head, as being of the color of pure crystal, as dressed in orange clothes and as decay less; and practicing Dharana there for a period of two hours, he is freed from all sins. Then there is no fear for him from water and he does not meet his death in water.



From the anus to the heart is said to be the region of Agni. Agni is triangular in shape, of red color and has the letter ‘Ra’ for its (Bija) seed. 

Raising the breath made resplendent through the letter ‘Ra or Resh’ along the region of fire, he should contemplate on Rudra, who has three eyes, who grants all wishes, who is of the color of the midday sun, who is daubed all over with holy ashes and who is of a pleased countenance. 

Practicing Dharana there for a period of two hours, he is not burnt by fire even though his body enters the fire-pit. 



From the heart to the middle of the eyebrows is said to the region of Vayu. Vayu is hexangular in shape, black in color and shines with the letter 'Ya’.

Carrying the breath along the region of Vayu, he should contemplate on Ishvara, the Omniscient, as possessing faces on all sides; and practicing Dharana there for two hours, he enters Vayu and then Akasa. 

The Yogin does not meet his death through the fear of Vayu.



From the center of the eyebrows to the top of the head is said to be the region of Akasa, is circular in the shape, smoky in color and shining with letter ‘Ha’. 

Raising the breath along the region of Akasa, he should contemplate on Sadashiva in the following manner, as producing happiness, as of the shape of Bindu, as the great Deva, as having the shape of Akasa, as shining like pure crystal, as wearing the rising crescent of moon on his head, as having five faces, ten hands and three eyes, as being of a pleased countenance, as armed with all weapons, as adorned with all ornaments, as having Uma (the goddess) in one-half of his body, as ready to grant favors and as the cause of all the causes.

By practicing Dharana in the region of Akasa, he obtains certainly the power of levitating in the Akasa (ether).

Wherever he stays, he enjoys supreme bliss. The proficient in Yoga should practice these five Dharanas.

Then his body becomes strong, and he does not know death. That great-minded man does not die even during the deluge of Brahma.” - Yoga-Tattva-Upanishad

So, when we talk about these waters, we have to understand that, while they crystallize in this three-dimensional world, in the fourth dimension these vibrations or tattvas contain within themselves different elementals, souls, types of consciousness that are mentioned in many religions.

For example, the elementals of the element, the tattva earth are called gnomes and pygmies. The elementals of water are called mermaids. The elementals of the fire are salamanders. The elementals of the air are the sylphs. Above them, of course, we have the Akāśa-आकाश, withing which we find the elementals called punktas, that vibrate in the throat. Above, of course, we have Adi-आदि and anupadaka-अनुपपादका tattvas which are with a superior type of consciousness about which the Bible explains beautifully in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel.

There are two types of angels: innocent angels and virtuous angels. The innocent angels are the elementals of plants and the virtuous angels are perfect human beings.

In the glorious India of the “Rishis,” there is not a town lacking a magical tree whose “elemental genie” the population renders worship to. The Hellenic traditions sustain that each jungle has its own “genie” and each tree its “nymph…….”

"What moves us Gnostics into compassion is that the assertion about the souls of plants only now comes into these scientists’ mind (like a very new thesis). Gnosticism has known this from the very birth of the world, and it is known by any humble, simple Indian (from India of the “Rishis,” and) from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia).” - Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic by Samael Aun Weor

vision of ezekiel raphael

Let us go into the graphic, where we find this beautiful picture of Raphael. Raphael was a great painter. Here we see in this painting what Ezekiel talked about in the first chapter of his book in the Old Testament, where we find the four creatures, or we will say the four types of consciousness, related with the elements. Here we find what the Bible called Chaioth-חיות. The Hebrew word Chaiah-חיה, as we explained in the previous lectures, relates with life, and Chaioth-חיות is the feminine plural of the word Chaiah-חיה.

"As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle." - Ezekiel 1:10

These Chaioth-חיות, creatures relate, of course, with that type of life that vibrates in the Akāśa-आकाश, and this is what we have to understand: Akāśa-आकाश, the throat, the Vishuddha chakra relates, on the Tree of Life, with that mysterious sephirah called Daath, which is knowledge. We are going to explain the relationship between Daath and the water.

In Hebrew, these four creatures together are called Chaioth-חיות, which, as we said, is a plural of Chaiah-חיה, but specifically implies a feminine plural. That is why, when we talk about the water, we point to the feminine aspect of divinity, that substance related with woman, with the feminine aspect within which is the energy of the Father that we call Prana, or light. Remember, when we talked about the Elohim, Gods and Goddesses, we are addressing energy, light. It is not a person, but a force, an energy.

Of course, modern science attempts to reduce everything to materiality, claiming that the entire universe was begotten by an explosion, the Big Bang, anything to avoid the possibility that there is consciousness, intelligence behind the structure and form of the universe; yet, that intelligent design is everywhere in the universe, even in us, that is why it is called intelligent design.

Those people that deny that intelligent design exists are in actuality calling themselves stupid because that intelligence is the one that is forcing them to look for it. That intelligence is here, in us; it is inside of us. It could be also outside. That intelligence is precisely what in Hebrew is called Binah-בינה, which itself means intelligence, understanding, comprehension.

tree of life talas“These monadic essences of this great life emerge and reemerge incessantly with the great rhythms of the universal fire.

All these monadic essences reside in the profundity of the cosmic consciousness. We must learn how to handle them in order to work in this great laboratory of nature.

All the superlative spheres of the cosmic consciousness are classified by the Vedas in the following order:

Atala is the first plane, directly emanating from the Absolute. The hierarchies of the Dhyani Buddhas belong to this plane. They are in the state of para-samadhi or dharmakaya, a state in which there can be no progress, because they are completely perfect entities who only await the cosmic night in order to enter into the Absolute.

The second plane of the Vedas is Vitala. As it has been said, the celestial buddhas that have emanated from the seven Dhyani Buddhas are in this loka.

The third loka, or plane of consciousness, is Sutala. It is the plane of sound. Buddha Gautama reached that plane in this world. This is the plane of the hierarchies of the kumaras and agnishvattas.

The fourth loka of the Vedas is Talatala, the fifth is Rasatala, the sixth is Mahatala, and the seventh is Patala.” - Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

So, you see that these Chaioth-חיות that Ezekiel addresses are really the four lower vibrations, namely, Talatala, Rasatala, Mahatala, and Patala, or what we call tattvas. Vayu is the eagle; Prithvi is the ox; the lion is Tejas; and the angel is of course Apas. Water is always related with Adam, or the angel in this symbol. These creatures are floating in the Akāśa-आकाश, which is that substance that we are talking about that we call “HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters.” Above that, we find what Ezekiel says, we saw somebody like the son of man that was above the creatures. Of course, that relates to the superior triangle, which relates to the Trinity on the Tree of Life, but we talk also about the duality of this Trinity, which is Iod-Havah Elohim-יהוה אלהים in Daath.

We always talk about the throat above, in Daath on the Tree of Life; in the throat we have that which we call Chaiah-חיה, the duality of Mi-מי and Mah-מה, HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters in our physicality, the two souls of Binah-בינה. So, that which we have call Chaiah-חיה, those two souls that are also in the universe, which is the Akāśa-आकाश diluted in the universe. But above it, we find that soul that we call Yehidah-יחידה and that Yehidah-יחידה is precisely the divine light of the Absolute Abstract Space that expresses itself to HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters. That is why it is above the four inferior tattvas and is related to the throat above. This is how we have to see it. That duality of Mi-מי and Mah-מה is represented by the two cherubim that are holding the arms of the Ancient of Days.

This scene, what this painting represents is in Hebrew called Chaioth HaKadosh-חיות הקדוש, which means, “the holy creatures.” Kadosh-קדוש means “holy” in Hebrew.

In the invocation of Solomon, we say “Chaioth HaKadosh-חיות הקדוש, cry, speak, roar, bellow. Kadosh, Kadosh Kadosh!” This relates of course to the upper triangle of the Tree of Life, which we call Elohim, or Gods and Goddesses, in English. That is why, when you read the first verses of that chapter related with the fifth day of Genesis, you find that:

“And Elohim said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.” - Genesis 1: 20

We alchemically wrote:

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim said: Let HaMayim-המים, the waters bring forth abundantly creeping living soul-שרץ נפש חיה (in Mah-מה), and fowl-עוף (causal solar body) (in Mi-מי) that may fly above the earth (Malkuth) in the open firmament of HaShamayim-השמים, the heavens." - Genesis 1: 20

Mi-מי and Mah-מה symbolize, of course, the masculine aspects of the water because Mah-מה is feminine and Mi-מי is masculine.

“That may fly above the Earth,” which is Malkuth, the physical, 3-dimensional world in the open firmament of HaMayim-המים, or HaShamayim-השמים, the heavens. When we talk about the firmament, we talk about the three types of firmament or space. This physical world is called Assiah in Kabbalah. Above it, we find the worlds of Yetzirah, Briah and Atziluth; three spaces, three firmaments, which relate with these creatures, because the tattvas vibrate in every dimension; you find them everywhere. They are the source of the elements in any planet of the universe.

So let us study these matters more deeply, in order for us to better comprehend what these creeping living souls, which in Hebrew are Nephesh-Chaiah-נפש-חיה, are telling us.

The second word here Chaiah-חיה relates to those sexual waters that we are talking about, which is the Akāśa-आकाश Chaiah-חיה.

In Hebrew “the waters” are HaMayim-המים, which is written Hei-Mem-Iod-Mem final; the letter Hei means, “the.” Mem-Iod-Mem final means “the waters.” In Hebrew, words that end in Iod-Mem final, IM-ים, are plural masculine, thus, Mayim-המים means, “waters.”

These types of water are the Akāśa-आकाश, whether they are in the universe above, in the space around any planet or around our physicality. It is that type of aura that we said that we see psychologically when we are very psychic around the body; it is that light that contains that Akāśa-आकाश.

So, the word HaMayim-המים in Hebrew contains four letters. The letter Mem has a numerical value of 40. Two times 40 is 80. Then, we have the letter Iod in the middle of the two Mems: final-Mem and normal Mem. Then, there is Iod which has the value of 10. Finally, we have the letter Hei, which has the value of 5. So, all together, the word HaMayim-המים has the numerical value of 95, which is kabbalistically reduced to King David-דוד, whose numeric kabbalistic-alchemical value is fourteen (דוד-David-4+6+4=14). So, the waters in Kabbalah are the Arcanum 14.

In the Torah or the tarot, 14 points us the letter Nun-נון. The Hebrew letter Nun-נון is the N.


If you know about the Tarot, you know that on the 14th Arcanum there appears an angel holding two vessels of water, and she is combining the two waters. This Arcanum is called Temperance. The two waters that this angel is mixing are of course HaMayim-המים, the waters of Genesis. What substance is found within these waters that are being mixed? What do we find in the waters? We find the Nun-נון, and Nun-נון in Aramaic means, “fish,” which flow in the milk and honey, a symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy.

"When the human being passes beyond sexual maturity, the thymus gland enters into decrepitude. This has already been proven. The thymus gland is located at the very base of the neck. The thymus gland has a very irregular form and structure.

This gland is intimately related to the mammary glands. Now we can explain to ourselves why the maternal milk is totally irreplaceable. The thymus gland regulates the vitality of the child.

The astrologists say that the Moon influences this gland. The Gnostic sages want to conserve this gland and not let it fall into decrepitude. When this gland is active, the organism does not age." - Sexology-the-basis-of-endocrinology-and-criminology

Can you see how everything is related?

Thus, we can say that the righteous are those lovers (The 6th Arcanum, Vav) who rise their kundalini in their spine (the ark), they work with the energies of Yesod, sex, the energies of the two Nuns נון (which in Aramaic means “fish” - Spermatozoid and Ovum) in the ark of Noah נח. Further, as we stated earlier, Adam is created male-female in the sixth day, (6) Vav-ו and Eve is separated from Adam in the seventh day, (7) Zayin-ז , thus, Adam-male and Eve-female, united in the sexual act is 6 + 7 = 13 =4, (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה, the Holy Tetragrammaton); the children of Chet ח (Vav-ו united with Zayin-ז form the letter Chet ח). Nun נ and Chet ח, which together are Noach נח, Noah, kabbalistically, are 50 + 8 = 13 = 4, the four arms of Vaivasvata Manu वैवस्वत मनु or Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, since, as it is written:

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Noah-נח found grace in the eyes of Iod-Havah-יהוה. The Goddess Elah-אלה, generated (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Noah-נח (offspring): Noah-נח was a righteous Aish-איש (male fire) and perfect in his generations, since Noah-נח walked with the Sea-Goddess, Ath-Elah-Yam- את־האלה-ים (Ath-את, the Hei-ה, the Schekinah-שכינה, the Kundalini).” - Genesis 6:8,9

So, when we are mixing the waters of the letters Vav-ו and Zayin-ז that form the letter Cheth-ח of Noah-נח, we are mixing the fish (the Nun-נון of Noah-נח), the forces of our sexual water. Esoterically, in the human organism, the fish (Nun-נון in Aramaic) is associated with the spermatozoid and the ovum; the masculine and feminine forces with which we create Chaiah-חיה, life, the soul of Binah-בינה. And that is because the waters of Genesis represent in the physical body the sexual energy, what we call semen masculine and feminine semen. And within those waters, are floating the Nun-נון, the fish, the spermatozoid and the ovum.

The word Nun-נון contains two letters Nuns-נ-ן, the normal Nun-נ and Nun-final-ן and one letter Vav-ו; the normal Nun-נ symbol of the ovum and Nun-final-ן symbol of the spermatozoid, which flow in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column as milk and honey, symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy.

When we read, “let the waters bring forth abundantly creeping living soul,” what we have to imagine in the human level is a man and a woman performing the sexual act and mixing the fluids, the waters, within which we find the spermatozoid and the ovum, in order for a creeping, living soul to come alive.

The book of Genesis talks about the “creeping living soul.” I am sorry to tell you, all of us are creeping living souls. So, the waters are not only capable of birthing beautiful things, but also “creeping” things. This what the Zohar calls the demon Lilith.

Le Songe de Tartini par Louis Léopold Boilly 1824 2

In this physical world, we find individuals that perform “creeping” sex; beginning with fornication, adultery and all those “creeping” types of sex that are very popular in this day and age, and that the creeping people worship. Of course, the outcome of those sexual relationships (which are all the things we see in this present humanity, which is of course a “creeping humanity”) is the developing of the infamous Kundabuffer organ, which is a prolongation of the spinal column, forming the tail of Satan, the tail of demons.
In the astral plane, this tail is where we find the (Sheratz Nephesh Chaiah-שרץ נפש חיה) Creeping Living Soul, doing what it’s doing in this 3-dimensional world.
But as you see, all of that comes from the water, because in gnostic alchemy the male or female sexual fluid is called semen, and that is what we called liquid Akāśa-आकाश.
The transformation of that substance, called Akāśa-आकाश, which is in the space that enters through the elements into the physical body, occurs through the metabolism and allows the creative fluids that circulate in our organism. This is how we discover what HaMayim-המים, the waters of Genesis are.

The letter Nun-נון, with which we write the Hebrew word Nephesh-נפש, which is a word that means soul in Hebrew, is also found at the beginning of the Hebrew phrase Neshamah-נשמה. These souls, Nephesh-נפש and Neshamah-נשמה, are related with the human development they were talking about. Indeed, as we have spoken about in previous lectures, there are 5 kinds of soul, and indeed, the Arcanum 14 is kabbalistically reduced to five. The number five is very deep in Kabbalah.

The first type of soul is what we call Yehidah-יחידה, which is precisely that type of soul–or, if we prefer to talk in psychological terms, psyche, consciousness intelligence–which is related with the Abstract Absolute Space and that manifest through the waters. We will call Chaiah-חיה, that in Sanskrit is Akāśa-आकाश which is precisely the water that we are talking about.

This Chaiah-חיה is the consciousness of the Divine Mother and Yehidah-יחידה is the consciousness of what we call the Father. Listen, this Father and Mother we are referring to are not people, they are forces. We call these forces “Father” and “Mother” in order to point that they are the creators, the intelligence behind any galaxy, any solar system, any planet, any plant, any human being, any animal...

So, the next soul that relates to the light of Yehidah-יחידה and Chaiah-חיה is Neshamah-נשמה. Neshamah-נשמה indeed contains all the attributes of the light in the monad. The monad is our own particular spirit; each one of us has his own particular God, which is called El in Hebrew. That El, that spirit is precisely our own particular monad.

What does the word monad mean in Greek? It comes from Monas, which means “unity.” In other words, we have within our own particular unity. That unity is what we call the Ruach-רוח, our own Spirit.

The Bible says "and the spirit of God was moving upon the face of the waters."

So, that Ruach Elohim- רוח אלהים in Hebrew is precisely that spirit that we have. Every one of us has his own particular spirit and within him is Neshamah-נשמה, which is precisely the spiritual soul that contains all the attributes that Yehidah-יחידה and Chaiah-חיה place in every human being, or better put, in every monad.

When the monad works with those archetypes which are Neshamah-נשמה, the human being, Adam, is the outcome of such work. Every monad has that, but not all monads develop that; this is what we have to understand.

So, Yehidah-יחידה is that universal consciousness that is diluted in the Abstract Absolute Space.

Prana is the cosmic energy, vibration, electric motion, light and heat, universal magnetism, life. Prana is the life that throbs in each atom and in each sun. Prana is the life of ether. The Great Life, in other words, Prana, is transformed into Akash, a very marvelous, divine, intensely blue substance that fills the entire infinite space and when it is modified it becomes ether. The ether, when modified, becomes Tattvas. The study of the vibrations of the ether (tattvas) is indispensable. - Samael Aun Weor

Chaiah-חיה is that blue substance that we call Akāśa-आकाश that is also diluted in the space and that contains Yehidah-יחידה. Chaiah-חיה contains Yehidah-יחידה on the lower level.

At lower levels, Yehidah-יחידה and Chaiah-חיה project their image. That image is precisely what is placed in Neshamah-נשמה. Remember that it is stated that Adam was made into the image of God. That God is Yehidah-יחידה and Chaiah-חיה diluted in the universe; when they give their attributes to the monad, that monad can make Adam in accordance with that image.

That image, of course, is Neshamah-נשמה. However, in order for the monad to accomplish this, it has to work from the very bottom. Here, at the bottom, we find the last soul, which is called Nephesh-נפש. This Nephesh-נפש is also called the animal soul.

This is what we find synthesized in the number 5 of the Arcanum 14, which relates to the letter Nun-נון, the fish. The Bible states that the waters “bring forth living souls” onto the surface of any planet. These are the Chaioth-חיות.

We disagree with the presently accepted science that states that the only planet that has life is our planet Earth, and that only other planets in the vastness of space that possess water have the possibility of nurturing life, as water is fundamental to life. Well, what these scientists miss, and what they need to understand is that the water that they are talking about also exists in different vibrations and different places, in the fourth dimension, the fifth, sixth and seventh. Indeed, the liquid that we find here on Earth that we call H2O water is just the final outcome of all of these vibrations.

So, in actuality, the universe in itself, the infinite, the galaxies, the solar systems cannot exist without water, because that water is the Akāśa-आकाश, which is called HaMayim-המים in the Bible.

When we apply that three-dimensionally, multi-dimensionally then we understand what God is: it is the masculine and feminine forces, the very root of the creative principles, in the depths of the very fabric universe that are present everywhere. God is found in those spaces that in Kabbalah are synthesized in the four worlds, from the top down: Aziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. These four relate to the holy name of God, the Tetragrammaton-יהוה, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, which in the bible is translated as Jehovah. However, kabbalistically, we call it Iod-Havah. So, when we say Iod-Havah, we are really embracing the whole universe. Further, we understand that this is also inside of us, because the Tetragrammaton-יהוה, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, expresses itself in many ways in the universe.

So, this is how you have to understand how the waters relate to the five types of souls, which are found everywhere, in all aspects of space.

In the second graphic, you find Matsya, who, according to Hinduism, is the first avatar, the first incarnation of Vishnu. Remember that in Hinduism, Vishnu is that God with multiple faces and forms related with the Abstract Absolute Space.

If we associate Vishnu with Yehidah-יחידה, then we understand that it is light, consciousness. That is why Chokmah (“wisdom”) is related with Vishnu, which is consciousness. That is why in Hinduism it is represented as the first manifestation of the water, of the Akāśa-आकाश, Matsya, the first avatar.

This is directly related to this lecture because this is what the waters are bringing out.

Of course, it is written: “And Elohim created great tannins and every living creature that moves which the waters brought forth abundantly after their Minah-מינה” or Minim-מינים, which in the Bible is translated into English as their “kind,” meaning, that which they are related to. You find that the Bible says Minah-מינה, Minim-מינים, plural. The Hebrew word Min-מין which letters are Mem-Iod-Nun-final means “sex,” which is precisely why it is translated into “kind” in English, representing off-spring, relations, etc.

The Hebrew word Minah-מינה also means sex or the sexual force. Of course, as we have stated previously, Hebrew words that end with the letters Iod and Mem-final, such as in Minim-מינים, are masculine plural words. In other words, this means that their “kind” will arise in accordance to their sexual force.

Tannin-תנין is a Hebrew word, which means "crocodile." In Kabbalah, the one that develops knowledge is called a Tannin-תנין, a crocodile; it is someone who develops themselves in the knowledge of Kabbalah and Alchemy. So, the great crocodiles of Kabbalah are masters that emerge from the waters of alchemy. 

This is precisely what it is to be a master, who in the Bible, in Hebrew, are called Rabbis. To be a Rabbi, to be a master, is to be a crocodile.

Understand, that when we say Rabbi, we are talking about a true Rabbi, a true master. There are many in this world, in this day and age that receive the title of Rabbi, but that does not mean that such people are crocodiles, in the true sense of the word. In order to be a crocodile, you have to know the meaning of the fifth day of Genesis, so that Mastery can emerge from the waters. Remember: mastery relates to the consciousness.

When we talk about consciousness, we talk about the five type of souls in Kabbalah: Nephesh-נפש , Ruach-רוח, Neshamah-נשמה, Chaiah-חיה and Yehidah-יחידה.

The type of consciousness that comes from the very bottom, called Nephesh-נפש, is the sexual force that we have in the spermatozoid and ovum, which flow in the milk and honey, symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy. From there, it goes up in different levels, degrees and initiations, in order to finally submerge within the infinite absolute space as Yehidah-יחידה.

In the previous lecture, we talked about the different individuals that the Bible talked about, as they relate with the five types of souls.

Davids Crown Tree

Nephesh-נפש relates to the King David-דוד, whose numeric kabbalistic-alchemical value is fourteen (4+6+4=14); Ruach-רוח relates to Eliao, the prophet. Neshamah-נשמה relates to Moses. Chaiah-חיה relates to the two polarities, Adam and Eve… remember when we talk about Adam and Eve, they symbolize many things. Adam and Eve are not just a man and a woman, as ordinary people think. They symbolize a great, great many things, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, etc etc. And, above all is Yehidah-יחידה, which relates to the Messiah-משיח.

So, in order for somebody to be a Messiah-משיח, his monad has to be diluted into Yehidah-יחידה, which is what we call Christ in Greek, another title for the same thing. That is why Master Jesus of Nazareth is called Jesus Christ; not because somebody thought that he deserved that title, no. It is because his inner being is diluted in Yehidah-יחידה.

However, it is not only he that is diluted in Yehidah-יחידה. There are many other masters diluted within that light. Moses, for instance, is diluted in Yehidah-יחידה. And this begs the question, “But why is he represented as Neshamah-נשמה?” Because what is written in the Book of Genesis relates to Neshamah-נשמה and the one that gives that knowledge is Moses. In other words, he played the role of representing the development of Neshamah, in order for people to understand that process.

In the East, there is a being that gives the knowledge related with the Buddha, the internal Buddha of each one of us, which in Hebrew is called Ruach-רוח, and in Buddhism the one that gives that knowledge is called Gautama Shakyamuni. That is why, symbolically, the Ruach-רוח in Buddhism is the Buddha Shakyamuni and that same force in the Bible is called Eliao. Of course, the difference between Master Jesus and other masters whose being is diluted in Yehidah-יחידה, is that he has a very, very high type of consciousness of Yehidah-יחידה.

Jesus came to the Earth in order to teach the mystery of Yehidah-יחידה. This is message that he symbolically gave us through the example of his life. What you read in the gospels is not just the physical life of Master Jesus of Nazareth, who true name is Master Aberamentho. What we find is the process of that light called Yehidah-יחידה developing through Nephesh-נפש , because this is how he started.


Remember that when the Master Jesus of Nazareth received the baptism in HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters, the duality of Mi-מי and Mah-מה, in our physicality, the two souls of Binah-בינה, the Holy Spirit, Shiva-शिव and Ganga-गङ्गा, Hebrew Shiva-שִׁבְעָה and Batsheva-בת שבע, the Messiah-משיח, their son, as a baby entered into him, and he became the Messiah-משיח. That is symbolic of what we have to perform with HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters, in order to understand what Yehidah-יחידה, what the Messiah-משיח is.

"And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) the Spirit of (Chokmah and Chesed-חכמה וחסד, the children of Mi-מי and Mah-מה) Elohim-אלהים (the Theomertmalogos) moved upon the face of (HaMayim-המים) the waters." - Genesis 1:2

“The voice (the logos) of Iod-Havah-יהוה is upon the waters: the God of glory thundered: Iod-Havah-יהוה is upon many waters.” Psalm 29:3

These words allude to the celestial river whose life-giving waters circulate and flow throughout the world and give life and strength to every creature that breathes and moves upon the face of the earth. 'The God of glory thundered' signifies the sephiroth Geburah (Aun-און, sexual power of Samael) as expressed in the words:

“Lo, these are parts of his paths: but how little a portion is heard of him? but the thunder of his power (Aun-און, Geburah, sexual power of Samael) who can understand?” - Job 26:14

This mighty power (Aun-און, Geburah, sexual power of Samael) it is that proceeds from the left side of the sephirotic tree, by and through the God of glory that is on the right side (Chokmah and Chesed-חכמה וחסד). 

"(The logos of) Iod-Havah-יהוה is upon mighty waters" alludes to the sephiroth Chokmah (heavenly wisdom, Yehidah-יחידה, the Messiah-משיח) described as God upon mighty (sexual) waters, that is upon the secret place from which they flow forth, as it is written:

“Thy paths are on the mighty waters, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known.” - Psalm 77:19 - Zohar

We must understand that the story of the life of Jesus is an example given to us, in order to show us what we have to accomplish within. Jesus could come two thousand times, and if we do not understand that the example he is givinig us is a work that we have to perform within, his efforts would be worthless. Indeed, if Moses were to incarnate another thousand times to explain, to show the path, and we didn’t make the effort to perform this work within, then it would be just as worthless.

It is important to remember that, just because we are studying this knowledge, and trying to perform it within ourselves, it does not mean that we are the chosen ones. Nobody is a chosen one here. Only the one that chooses to practice what these Masters taught in different religions, and who actually accomplishes this work, only that one can be called a chosen one.

So, if we observe this word Minim-מינים, the plural of Minah-מינה, we see very clearly that there are two Mems-מם: the first, normal Mem-מ, and Mem-final-ם. Then, in the middle of the word, you find the letter Nun-נון, which as we said means "fish" in Aramaic; a symbol of the sexual force. In the word Minah-מינה, there is also the letters Iod-י and Hei-ה with which we write, and we explain in other lectures is Mi-מי and Mah-מה. In Hebrew Mi-מי means “who” and Mah-מה means “what.”  Mi-מי and Mah-מה relate to the positive and negative forces of HaMayim-המים, the waters within which we find the Nun-נון. The word Nun-נון contains two Nuns-נ-ן, the normal Nun-נ and Nun-final-ן; the normal Nun-נ symbol of the ovum and Nun-final-ן symbol of the spermatozoid, which flow in the milk and honey, symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy.

So, these two letters at the beginning and end of the word Minah-מינה, Mem-מ and Hei-ה, together are the Hebrew word Mah-מה. The two letters in the beginning, Mem-מ and Iod-י together are the Hebrew word Mi-מי. Again in the word Minim-מינים, that is HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters, between Mi-מי and Mah-מה is the letter Nun-נון. And, as we said, this word means “sex, kind.” Isn't it wonderful? This is very clearly showing us that the Nun-נון hides between the two waters. And, according to Hinduism, the one that appears there is the first manifestation of Yehidah-יחידה, the first manifestation of Vishnu, called Matsya-मत्स्य, which is a Sanskrit word that is literally translated as “fish.” If we call Matsya-मत्स्य that aspect Moshe-משה, Moses, well, we would not be committing any mistake, because Moshe-משה, Moses also came from HaMayim-המים, the waters, symbolically, kabbalistically and alchemically speaking.


If we look at the this graphic, we find an angel springing up from the uterus of the Sea-Goddess, Elah-Yam-אלה-ים, when her water breaks; or as it is written:

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elah-Yam-אלה-ים “the Sea-Goddess” created... every winged fowl (causal solar body) after their kind (Minah-מינה, sexual force)... which the waters brought forth abundantly." - Genesis 1: 21

This is what is written in the fifth day of Genesis. These “winged fowl” that the Bible is speaking about refers, of course, to angels. That is why when we were pointing to that beautiful painting of Raphael we said that the creature represented by the angel relates to the symbol of water, and that is precisely how the angel emerges from the water.

It doesn't mean that you will see Angels coming from the three-dimensional water… No. It means that you have to transmute your sexual Akāśa-आकाश. Your sexual Akāśa-आकाश is Mah-מה, which contains your seed, which is your Rudraksha from Mi-מי from your pineal Akāśa-आकाश as a tear of Shiva-शिव. So, within your sexual Akāśa-आकाश are all the 7 tattvas, all the forces, and when you reach the fifth day, which is the fifth initiation of Major Mysteries, then that winged fowl, that bird, that angel emerges from Mah-מה, the waters within you.

caduceuswingsYou might ask, “Well, from where do you think the angels get their wings?" I would answer: from the caduceus of Mercury, because the caduceus of Mercury has those wings of the spirit and the two serpents, Ida and Pingala, which are the duality of the water. Ida, is Mah-מה, the Moon, the water, and Pingala is Shin-ש, Shemesh-שמש, the Sun, which is precisely the positive aspect of the water of HaShemayim-השמים, the heavens of Yehidah-יחידה, it is Moshe-משה, Moses, the fire, Shin-ש, within the sexual waters of Mah-מה.

So, when we transmute Ida and Pingala, the two chords that we have in the spinal column, the wings of angels will appear eventually. Indeed, they appear precisely in the fifth initiation, in your soul. When we talk about soul, we're talking about Tiphereth, the fifth sephirah counting from Malkuth up. Tiphereth is the human soul, the human consciousness. That is why the human consciousness emerges from the water. The wings are precisely those elements related with the spinal column, with chastity, that permits the individual that creates the causal solar body the right to enter any dimension, and to experience anything, in any dimension. Such people, those who possess a solar causal body, are what the Bible calls “man and women with goodwill.”

Do you hear that statement? Glory to God in the highest, and to humans of good will.

People say that those who have goodwill give charity. Well, “goodwill,” esoterically, signifies the causal solar body. Not evil will. Evil will is the utilization of the sexual energy in a very negative, degenerated manner. Conversely, goodwill is the causal solar body that emerges in the fifth day.

Of course, when I state that the angels have wings, it is because personally I have had many experiences with those beings. I invoke them and when they appear, they have wings but not like the birds: they have wings of fire, of energy attached to their back. This show us that they are chaste. Only those that are in chastity develop those wings and thecausal solar body, the goodwill, and this is how you see the picture here: the angel emerging, from the waters of transmutation, the waters of alchemy, the Mercury of the wise.


On this graphic we find another quote of the book of Exodus 2: 1 to 9 and 10, which relates to Moses.

It is written:

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) there went a man of the house of Levi. And took a daughter of Levi. And the woman conceived and bare a son, and the woman took the child and nursed it and the child grew. And she brought him unto pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son, and she called his name, Moses, or Moshe. And she said, Because I drew him out of the water.” - Exodus 2:1,9,10

Esoterically, the son or daughter of the pharaoh symbolizes the physicality, the physical body that we have. The ones that create Moses within - who, as we have explained in many lectures previously, represents the causal solar body or the “goodwill” - are those that perform the will of God and are created precisely by the man and woman of Levi. In other words, they are people that are in chastity, that know the mystery of alchemy, kabbalistically. The man of Levi is Yehidah-יחידה and the woman of Levi is Chaiah-חיה, the two superior aspects that are working through the waters in order to put Neshamah-נשמה into activity, the archetypes related with the human being, with Adam, that in this case is Moses.

That why you find on this graphic Mi-מי and Mah-מה: Mi-מי is the man, Mah-מה is the woman. This also relates to the cerebral spinal fluid, which is masculine, Mi-מי, and to the sexual waters, which are feminine and relate to Mah-מה.

The two waters have to be connected in order for the Nun-נון, the sexual force to be active. If a man wants a child, physically speaking, he needs to mix his fluids with the woman and the woman also with the fluids of the man, in order for that Nun-נון to emerge from between the two waters.

In the fifth day of Genesis, the fifth initiation of the Major Mysteries, those two forces waters or fluids of our physical organism create Moses, the causal solar body inside of us, a body that belongs to the 6th dimension, which is above the astral and the mental body. The astral body, which is created on the third day of Genesis, is the first unity that we create that relates to the Messiah-משיח.

The second unity that we build within is the solar mental body, Eliao the other Messiah-משיח, the other solar body. The first solar body, the astral solar body is called the Messiah-משיח, son of David. The second Messiah-משיח is called the Messiah-משיח, son of Joseph. To finally appear what Jacob named Shiloh-שילה:

“The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” - Genesis 49:10

Shiloh-שילה is a contraction of Sholomah-שלמה, Solomon, the son of David. Indeed, Shiloh-שילה and all these Messiahs are children of David. The name Shiloh-שילה hides within it an explanation of what the causal solar body or Moses is. All of these Messiahs are children of Judah. Moses is the conjunction of all the solar forces or bodies in one.

When Moses appears and goes to the Father of All the Lights, which is beyond the sixth dimension, he sees God face-to-face. In order to see God face-to-face, such as when God appeared to Moses as the burning Bush, one must possess the right to do so, and in order to have that right, one must have a solar causal body. If we possess a solar causal body we can be in direct contact with our own particular God. Only Moses can do that. That is why in Kabbalah we state that before Moses appeared two Messiahs. These two Messiahs, the solar astral and mental bodies, have to appear, have to be born within the intiate before we are able to create the solar causal body and have the right to meet God, face-to-face. This is what the Zohar States. We have to understand these matters alchemically, kabbaliscally, esoterically.

Someone might read the above statements, and think that we are talking about three literal personages: that, before Moses can appear, there must be two Messiahs… it is this lack of understanding that leads people into mistakes, and to being misled. There are many who claim to be the reincarnation of this or that personage on the Bible, but, what we must understand that everything that is being spoken of in the Bible refers to internal, spiritual processes that we have to accomplish within in order for us to attain to the levels that those great masters did. When we understand this, we are much less likely to fall into confusion.

This confusion, however, is not limited to Moses, but about many biblical figures, including the angel Azazel, about whom we have explained in previous lectures. Azazel means the two polarities or archetypes Aza and Azael-עזא ועזאל, that are identified with the negative aspect of the Moon, which are Lilith and Nahemah, aspects of our psyche that we have to purify... but it also happens it is a name of an angel called Azazel, who, when he was physically incarnated was named Solomon.

Now, in this day and age, we find Azazel incarnated in four bodies. I don't know how… but we find four different people all claiming to be Azazel. Obviously, this is ludicrous. These people who all claim to be Azazel come from many different places… I even met one internally. I found another disciple of the master Samael who came to me and said, “I'm going to unveil my inner name.”

I asked him, “What is your inner name?”

“Azazel,” he said.

I said, “Listen. You have ego. You are confused in your analysis. I do not care if you are or not the angel Azazel, because the Master said that he's fallen. Could be you could be the other one in South America? Could you be the other one there that appears from Mexico? I don't know. I don't care. But please don't say it. Don't unveil that, because then the Gnostics that are studying this doctrine will think all of us are ding dongs; they will be confused, they will think that this doctrine is just a doctrine for fools and mythomaniacs.”

This is something that we need to understand.

We were explaining this when we were in Australia, because there were a lot of Gnostics in Australia. They were wondering about these incarnations; they would ask which one is the true one? I said, “I don't care; when you study the doctrine, the purpose of this doctrine is for you to walk this path, to develop these things inside of yourself; to become that which is spoken about in the Bible.”

Indeed, we find also four or more Moses incarnated... these people are merely playing with the names of the Angels; dreaming that they are Angels. However, when we study these teachings, we realize that everyone has the capability of developing Moses and Azazel within.

When we study Kabbalah, we find that they associate Azazel with Solomon and with Moses. If we do not understand Kabbalah, we may well think that they are the same soul. Inside of us, internally, esoterically, they are related to the same archetype, that each one of us possesses. However, externally, there is indeed a master called Moses who is an immortal master, a Superman; likewise, Azazel is another angel that unfortunately is fallen, but nevertheless exists.

All of these individuals of the Bible exist, as beings, but much more importantly, they represent archetypes in each one of us.

Are you a master? Jesus of Nazareth is a great master. But, he also represents a higher archetype that we have to incarnate. He represents that archetype inside that each of us have: our own particular, individual Jesus Christ. It is something that we have to understand and comprehend.

Yet, we also find those kalkian personalities who say that they are the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the master that came 2000 years ago. Indeed, there are many channelers, mediums who believe that Jesus speaks through them. However, if you know Kabbalah and Alchemy, you don't fall into those mistakes that a lot of people who are looking for this doctrine do, who unfortunately fall into those cages of individuals who are just mythomaniacs.

So, let us not fall into that mistake and understand who Moses is, and what he represents.

Moses emerges in the fifth initiation. That is why he said that he is born from the waters. We will say those waters are the waters of the 5th initiation of the major mysteries, because Mi-מי and Mah-מה are HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters, relate with what we were explaining here.

Frederick Goodall The Finding of Moses

On this graphic we find this beautiful picture of Moses, floating in the waters as a crocodile.

Remember that the Bible states that in the fifth day appeared the great tannins-תנינם הגדלים.

And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim created (through Mi-מי, the man of Levi-לוי and Mah-מה, the daughter of Levi-לוי) the great (leviathans-לויתנינם or great tanninim-תנינים הגדלים), and every (Nephesh Chaiah-נפש חיה) living soul that moves, which (HaMayim-המים) the waters brought forth abundantly, after their their (Minah-מינה) kind (Sexes: Mi-מי and Mah-מה, of HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters in our physicality, the two souls of Binah-בינה), and every winged fowl (causal solar body) after their (Minah-מינה) kind (Sexes: Mi-מי and Mah-מה): and Elohim saw (Moshe-משה, Moses) that he was goodly. - Genesis 1:21


“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) a river went out of Eden, and from thence it was parted and became into four heads (Mi-מי and Mah-מה, of HaMayim-המים, the sexual waters of Adam and Eve, male and female physicalities, the two souls of Binah-בינה)” - Genesis 2:10

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim created great whales (fishes, Nun-נון in Aramaic meaning “fish,” which flow in the milk and honey, a symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy), meaning Leviathan and its female.' 'And every living creature (behemoth) that moves' in all parts of the earth. What is this nephesh chaiah (living creature)? It is Lilith, the mother of the elementaries, which the (sexual) waters brought forth abundantly and ministered to their growth and increase.” - Zohar

This word Tannin-תנין, when combined with Levi-לוי, unveils the word Levi-Tannin-לוי-תנין, or what we call the leviathan-לויתן.

The leviathan-לויתן is precisely that element that emerges from the waters of sexuality. This relates to the power of Lucifer, which is the sexual potency itself. Of course, you know that the leviathan-לויתן emerges from the water, yet it can fly like a dragon, above in the superior waters.

When we talk about great tannins-תנינם הגדלים or leviathans-לויתנינם emerging from the waters of Genesis, let us understand that Mi-מי and Mah-מה represent the superior and inferior sexual waters of HaMayim-המים, respectively.

In the Zohar, it is asked, “Who is the leviathan”? The leviathan is Moses. When we study Kabbalah and Alchemy, we understand very well that the leviathan is Moses; alchemically speaking, it is our causal body.

With the leviathan-לויתן, the causal body, you can go and talk with the Father who is in secret, the Father of All the Lights. Then, those forces descend and enter into your physicality, behold there is the leviathan-לויתן talking about the commandments of God, the doctrine of God.

So, the leviathan-לויתן has the ability to be in this physical world, and to be in the superior worlds. That is what in Sanskrit is called the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva is the causal solar body that has within the mental and astral body within Mitzrahim, Egypt, the physical body.

So, when you read:

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim-אלהים created through Mi-מי, (the superior waters of El-HaYam- אל-הים, the man of Levi-לוי) and through Mah-מה (the inferior waters of Elah-Yam-אלה-ים or Ath-את-the Schekinah-שכינה, the daughter of Levi-לוי) who are the great tanninim-התנינם הגדלים or leviathans-לויתנינם.” - Genesis 1:21

The former quotation  relates to Yehidah-יחידה and Chaiah-חיה, the superior consciousnesses or souls, the leviathanim-לויתנינם.


“And (Matsya, in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elah-Yam-אלה-ים, the Sea-Goddess created great tanninim-תנינם הגדלים or leviathans-לויתנינם.” So, by uniting Levi-לוי and tannin-תנין Elohim created the leviathan-לויתן and every living soul that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly after their (Minham-מינהם) kind (Minah-מינה, sexual force in the Nun-נון, which are the spermatozoid and ovum, which flow in the milk and honey, symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy).” - Genesis 1:21 

So, after the Mi-מי and Mah-מה sexes Elohim created every winged fowl the causal solar body after their kind or sexes And Elohim saw that Moses, which is the synthesis of all of that, was goodly.

krishna kaliya

“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) there went a man of the house of Levi and took a daughter of Levi. And the woman conceived, and bare a son..... And the woman (the mother of Moses, who is Ath-את-the Schekinah-שכינה, the daughter of Levi-לוי) conceived and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly (so beautiful) child, she hid him three months… And the woman took the child, and nursed it. And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moshe-משה, Moses: and she said, Because (Misheethu-משיתהו), I drew him out as (the Manna of HaMayim-מן־המים), Manna of the waters.” - Exodus 2: 1,2,9,10

And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) the (Tanin-תנין, Crocodile-Serpent) woman (of Levi-לוי) took the child, and nursed it. And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharaoh's daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moshe-משה, Moses: and she said, because (Misheethu-משיתהו) I drew him out of (the Manna of HaMayim-מן־המים), Manna of the waters. - Exodus 2: 9,10

"So, take thy rod, and cast it before Pharaoh, and it shall become a (Tanin-תנין, crocodile) serpent." - Exodus 7: 9

And this is precisely what the initiate does when he or she is working with their sexual waters. He or she has to hide the solar causal body, because it's very precious that we can only develop if we work very, very hard. Remember that Moses is that “goodwill” with the power of God, that receives the commands of God. Moses is the one that goes into Egypt in order to liberate all the archetypes related with Neshamah-נשמה. That is why it is stated that Moses relates to Neshamah-נשמה because he is the one that collects and liberates all of the archetypes.

Master Samael Aun Weor states when all of the archetypes that we have within are unified within the human being, that individual is a Moses that is departing from the physical world, where we find sin and degeneration, departing from the Pharaoh, his army and all that we find in this physical world and divide the waters from the waters.

Moses walks ahead of the rest of the archetypes, who are following him to the promised land where we find the rivers in which flow milk and honey, symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy. That paradise is the fourth dimension.

“If Iod-Havah-יהוה delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land (resurrected body) which flows with milk and honey (symbol of the sexual lunisolar energy).” - Numbers 14:8

People think that this Holy Land, the promised land is literally found in the Mediterranean or the Middle East. The Holy Land, the Garden of Eden, paradise, all of this is a symbol to point us towards the fourth dimension.

So, Moses liberates all of the archetypes that were previously enslaved by the Pharoah in the land of Egypt, and this is why Moses is called Moses Sabaoth in the Pistis Sophia. This word Sabaoth means “army” in Hebrew. Thus, Moses Sabaoth is the army of Moses, which are all the archetypes of Israel; the elements of light that unite with Neshamah-נשמה in order to make of that individual a superman or a superwoman.

With the power of will, Moses possesses the capacity to move the tattvas or the elements.

Do you see how Moses is the synthesis of all the tattvas? Of Vayu, Apas, Prithvi, Tejas. A column of fire is between the physical world and the other archetypes, or the pharaoh and Israel. That is the tattva Tejas dividing the waters, the tattva Apas in other words.

And he is walking on dry land, which is the tattva Prithvi and he moves the air of course, the tattva Vayu, thanks to the Ruach-רוח, because the spirit of God is also with him. This is how we see the process of how the causal solar body emerges; it is from the waters.

On the sixth slide, we find a beautiful graphic of the human being there, behind the tree of life.

When we talk about the Tree of Life, we talk about all those archetypes in synthesis. As we said, the ten sephiroth, plus the three aspects of the absolute (which in Kabbalah are called Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur) together are the 13 attributes of Mercy that are developed in the individual, thanks to the activities of Moses.


“And (in the Vav-ו, symbol of the spinal column) Elohim blessed them, saying, bear fruit (as the tree of life in the midst of the garden) and (become a) Rabbi-רבי (Master), and fill (HaMayim-המים) the waters of the (inferior and superior) seas, and let fowl (human consciousness) multiply in the earth. And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.” - Genesis 1: 22, 23

When we read in the Bible “bear fruit,” or, “be fruitful,” people interpret this as meaning that we should act as the animals do, and bear as many children as possible. However, kabbalistically, to bear fruit means to develop the fruits of the Tree of Life and the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. In other words, to develop that latent faculties, and the inherent yet inert spiritual archetypes that each of us possess within.

Each one of us has to bear fruit, but for that, we have to fight to be in chastity, to meditate, to free the archetypes of Israel inside of us, in order to create Moses, to develop that soul that will allow us to go up in the sixth dimension. What are those fruits? All of our senses, very well developed. We have to become very sensitive; to not only have our physical senses very well developed, but our spiritual senses too. We have to develop the seven chakras, which as we said are related with the tattvas. Remember that the five physical senses also relate to the tattvas, namely: sight with the light, the fire; smell with the tattva of the earth; tattva of the water with taste; the ear the tattva of the air, Vayu; and, the sense of touch related with Akāśa-आकाश. So, we must super activate the five senses.

Alongside that, we also develop the seven chakras, our seven spiritual faculties. There, between those seven spiritual faculties and the five physical senses we have the twelve fruits of the Tree of Life that are symbolized by the twelve tribes of Israel, the 12 apostles of Jesus, etc etc. All of that develops in the throat, which is the Akāśa-आकाश, the Vishuddha chakra. This is the mystery of Samael Aun Weor, our patriarch, the avatar that brought this knowledge. Why? It is because Samael relates to the fifth chakra; Samael is the fifth spirit before the throne.

Indeed, related with precisely this, when we study the Bible, we find the four Gospels of the New Testament. Why? Because those four gospels relate to the four creatures and to the 4 tattvas: the tattva Prithvi, the earth, is related to the gospel of Luke; the tattva Apas, the water (which is Yesod) to the gospel of Matthew; the tattva Tejas, the fire (Hod) relates  to the gospel of Mark; and, the tattva Vayu, the air is related the gospel of John. These are the Four gospels, which are hiding the doctrine that we explained here.

So, the tattvas hide a great many things. Yet, the only tattva that can explain them is the tattva within which all of them are contained, which is the Akāśa-आकाश tattva, which is related with the chakra Vishuddha. That is why Vishuddha relates to Daath, the Tree of Good and Evil, the Tree of Knowledge. The one that unveiled this mystery is Samael because it belongs to him.

The Tree of Knowledge is his own knowledge, the knowledge of Samael that synthesizes all the four gospels. He explains that in his books. He delivered the fifth gospel, which is the gospel of the waters of the Akāśa-आकाश, Vishuddha, the word, the Logos. This Fifth Gospel unveils and explains the first four. The teachings of Samael, the fifth gospel clarify the other four Gospels.

Indeed, the four gospels are not only written in the Bible; they are universal teachings. Many masters have come to this humanity and they have written their doctrine, teaching us how to follow in their footsteps, and to achieve reunion with our own inner divinity. However, they hid those teachings in symbols, in alchemy, in Kabbalah, in order to protect the sanctity of those teachings. When you do not know the code to unlock the meanings of the symbols within the teachings of all those great masters that came before, what you need is synthesis, knowledge as a consequence of comprehension, and this is given by the Vishuddha chakra, the Logos, the Akāśa-आकाश.

When people read the teachings of the great masters, because they lack comprehension, understanding, those teachings are interpreted literally. Samael is the clue; his teachings are the synthesis of all the gospel because he's the fifth, the one that clarifies.

Right now, as we explain this, I'm expressing my word, my Logos through my throat. That is the substance of Samael that explains the other Gospels. That is why gnosticism in this day and age relates to Aquarius, the water of the air, the superior waters, the Akāśa-आकाश.

There are those who say that the master Samael only copied other books, other doctrines, and that he just repeated these teachings within his own books. And to this accusation we say, yes, that is the truth, precisely. We are translating the books of the master from Spanish into English. We do not ignore that. He spoke about Paradise Lost of Milton, the books of other masters like Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, etc etc.

So, yes he took those writings, but, he did not simply place those writings within his books. He took those teachings and explained them, unveiled them, revealed them because that is the fifth gospel: the unveiling of any secret doctrine.

When you develop that fifth chakra related with Akāśa-आकाश, you develop that spiritual faculty called clairaudience or the magic ear. This is the power to listen to languages and interpret them. In other words, the capacity to see the meaning behind the form, whether that form is the symbolism of the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the sutras and tantras, etc etc. It is the capacity to comprehend.

People in this day and age think that the power of tongues is the ability to talk gibberish and they to try and place meaning in that gibberish by interpreting it... No, this is this is absurd. This is the power of the confusion of tongues, nothing more.

The power of John is precisely to read any book of esotericism and to interpret it, to unveil it, to take the truth, the light out of it and this is precisely what Samael Aun Weor did and is doing through the Gnostic movement.

He is unveiling. He has that power.

Samael is archetype that exists in each one of us. He is the fifth Christ, the fifth horn of the lamb in the book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation talks about seven Christs in synthesis, the seven mighty spirits. The Pistis Sophia goes even further: the Pistis Sophia talks about the 12 saviors, the 12 Messiahs. If you do not know Kabbalah, you might think that these 12 Messiahs are 12 people. That is precisely the mistake. When people do not study, and they do not develop the Vishuddha chakra, they fall into the error of interpreting the symbolic teachings of the masters literally.

If you want to develop this power of understanding any esoteric book, the true power of tongues, you should vocalize the mantra related with the Vishuddha chakra, with the throat, with comprehension and understanding, which is the sound “Eh.” When you are vocalizing this mantra, send the sound to your throat. This develops that power, that fruit of the Tree of Life that will give you access to understanding and comprehending what we are explaining here, according to our own level.


There is a mantra that relates to the waters, in other words with the letter Mem, and we bring this mantra up because we are talking about the waters, the superior waters related with the Akāśa-आकाश, and it is the mantra OM MASI PADME HUM.

That mantra OM is universal. It is the space. In Sanskrit the mantra is written as AUM, but you pronounce OM. The O And the M sounds relate to that universal cosmic consciousness. This mantra is related with the forces that you have in your waters, in your sexual force.

The vowel A relates to the memory of past lives, the capacity to recall memories from past. What the M created in past lives vibrates in the thymus gland with the sound MA. And the Mantra is written MANI. The Nun of MANI is of course the fish, as you know. But, we the gnostics transmute that Nun, that fish, the sexual force. Therefore, we do not vocalize MANI. Rather, we say MASI, because we take the fire from the sperm, from the ovum and rise it up the spinal column in order for it to vibrate in the forehead and the pineal gland.

So, MASI is how we pronounce the mantra MANI. Many Buddhists who do not know this mystery are disappointed with us because we vocalize MASI in place of MANI. Indeed, if you are not transmuting your sexual energy, then you should pronounce the mantra as MANI, thus you are not liberating the fire from the fish, from the Nun. We the gnostics transmute, so we don't say MANI, but MASI. The S is the very fire that arises in the spinal column.

Then, continuing with the mantra, you pronounce the third aspect, which is in the throat: the letter Peh in Kabbalah is the power of the throat, the power of the word Pa. When you pronounce PAD, you are bringing the spirit of God through your mouth PAD, knowledge, which relates with the D of Daath that is here in the throat, PAD-ME.

Do you see how this mantra works? PADME is a mantra that expresses the wind and the power of the M through the throat, which is E.

Then, you bring down these forces and place them within yourself by pronouncing the mantra HUM.

The H sound, the letter Hei of Hebrew is a sigh coming from your throat, from your Vishuddha. Send that force down to your solar plexus, which vibrates with the U. HUM and synthetize it in you with the Mem: HUM.

This is how we explain this mantra in relation with this lecture, with the waters: AUM MASI PADME HUM, pronounce it in this way and use your imagination as we explaining here, and you will see the waters, that which is hidden within the waters, in your memories with your consciousness, with your Vishuddha chakra.

This why that mantra is advised by the master Samael in one of his first books. Indeed, in “Revolution of Beelzebub” he says that the mantra that you have to vocalize every day in order to develop is OM MASI PADME HUM, because that mantra belongs to the throat, as we were explaining in relation with this lecture, but also with many other chakras in your body. This mantra puts into activity all the light that we see in this graphic. Everybody has that light in potentiality within, but not everyone puts that light into activity.

Let us look at the 7th slide. Here we see what the master Samael explains in his book, Revolutionary Psychology:

Moses before God

Moses was a descendant of the Patriarch Abraham [Chesed], the great Chaldean Magus, and of the very respectable Isaac [Geburah]. Moses, the man [of Neshamah-נשמה] who liberated the electric might of the willpower [Tiphereth], possesses the gift of prodigies. This is known by the Divine Ones and humans. So, it is written.

All that the sacred scriptures state about this Hebrew leader is certainly extraordinary, portentous. Moses transformed his staff into a serpent. He transformed one of his hands into that of a leper and then restored it to health again. His power was clearly demonstrated in the “burning bush;” thus, people comprehended, knelt and prostrated themselves. Moses handled a magical wand, emblem of royal power, of the priestly power of the initiate in the great mysteries of life and death. - Revolutionary Psychology by Samael Aun Weor

If you want to read about this, it is written in the Book of Romans 9.

On the right of this slide, we find this beautiful painting, where you see Moses behind God. In other words, the causal body, Tiphereth in front of the Logos. It is painted this way deliberately, in order for you to understand. This is the causal body.


“Moses knew not that the skin (Aur-עוֹר, Aura, Aur-אור, light) of his face horned, while he talked with him. And when Aaron and the children of Israel saw Moses, and the skin (Aur- ,עוֹרAura, Aur-אור, light) of his face horned (Keren-קרן), they were afraid to come near him. - Exodus 34:29, 30

That is why Moses was sculpted and painted with shopharim-שופרים, horns, because the word antler-קרן that is written in Hebrew is related with light or with shopharim-שופרים ("horns") and is precisely that antler-קרן, but the Hebrew word Keren-קרן means other things, but among other things, it means antler.

You might inquire as to why the horns of the Gods appear... Indeed, in the Nordic pantheon, you find Gods wearing helmets with horns. Perhaps you think they dress this way because they like it, you know? Or because they were barbarians, vikings, etc. Well, this is a symbol.

Of course, one thing is the horns of the demons which grow according to the evil that they perform in hell. The horns of the Gods however, are different; they on top of the head and relate to the light of the aura that emerges when you are defeating evil, when Lucifer, the carrier of the light expresses itself through you. It is necessary to understand that word Lucifer literally means, “carrier of light.” Do not associate Lucifer with Satan because Satan is that same Lucifer, but fallen. Here, we are talking about the outcome, the transmutation of Yehidah-יחידה through Nephesh-נפש , through many initiations. Obviously, the light, the horns show that. Those horns give us, and are the symbol of, objective reasoning.

Objective reasoning is a type of reasoning that is not subjective, in other words, reasoning that is not bound by the self, the ego, conditioned consciousness, such as the reasoning that we use in this three-dimensional world, intellectual reasoning. Objective reasoning is something beyond this intellectual type of reasoning; it is something related with the soul, with the consciousness, with Neshamah-נשמה.

When somebody reaches that level, they develop objective reasoning, There are six degrees of objective reasoning among the Gods, among the angels if you want, among the masters. The highest level of objective reasoning is called Anklad; those beings who reach this level are represented with the head of sparrow hawk.

It is in accordance with the level of reasoning of any initiate that their message is given, alchemically and kabbalistically speaking. So, those rays of light that you see around Moses represent that light, that knowledge, that level of reasoning.

When Moses was explaining his kabbalah, his knowledge at that time, through that people, the people were afraid. Don't be afraid of the light. In this day and age, we need to explain all of this that we are explaining, delivering freely for everybody…. if we were in another epoch, we would be burned alive, but now we are in the time of the end and people need it.

So, when we deliver the light, you see the cheaters, the ones that are just exploiting humanity.

But, you know that the light is in you and you have to develop that light. Moses is the one, the will power that has to be born as a baby from the waters of chastity, and to be developed, grown little by little inside of you. This is why it is written that Moses was the only one, the only prophet that saw God face-to-face and that he is the only one that can do it, because Moses represents the Bodhisattva, the causal body, the “goodwill” in us.

He is the only one that can go and see God face-to-face and ask, “What did I do?” “You have done nothing yet. You need to work. You have to go to Egypt and to liberate Israel.”

When somebody reaches the fifth initiation of the major mysteries, they think to themselves, “I am done.” But, if you really want to completely the path, if you really want to be done, perfectly, one hundred percent, you have to go back to Egypt, to liberate the parts of your consciousness which are yet still trapped in all your defects vices and errors, those aspects of your consciousness are controlled by the pharaoh, in the physical world.

So, this is what Moses does. He goes to Egypt and frees those archetypes.

This is why, when he comes down from speaking with God, his face is shining, radiant.

In another lecture, we’ve explain that the Hebrew word Aur, but spelled Ayin-Vav-Resh (instead of with Aleph) means, “skin, flesh.” Yet, Aur with Aleph in the beginning means “light.”

When we talk about our own particular light, physically speaking, we are talking about Aur with Ayin; the vitality, the vigor, the light of our flesh. The light of space is the Aur written with Aleph. That is why it is written that Moses shone through his Aur, his skin, which is the same light that every initiate develops.

That light is a covering around your physicality, but any internal body also has that skin because any internal body has his own skin, his own light. That is why it is written that the children of Israel saw Moses and the Aur, the aura, the light of his horned face, they were afraid to come near him… This is how people are in this day and age when we explain the mysteries written in the Bible: they are afraid, they don't want to hear it.

People are afraid. The people who are afraid end up as failures; they go down into Klipoth to be liberated by the mechanicity of the Moon. But when we perform the work as we are doing, we liberate the light willingly; that will is Moses, in us. It is the causal solar body that we develop.

On the last graphic, we find Moses there behind the burning bush. In the right side, we put the Tree of Life, which is the very same burning bush. All the lights of the four worlds, Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah and Aziluth are expressed through the burning bush. That is the mystery: in order for the causal solar body to develop goodwill in Yetzirah, he has to descend.

Remember that the man who is made into the image of God was created on the sixth day, not the fifth. Moses is there, on the fifth day, but in order for that Moses to become the image of God as we see it after he descends from Sinai, he has to do as he was commanded by God, and to take the direct path.

God said to Moses, “You are not a will that will go into the spiral path into nirvana. You have to work because I don't want to make of you a hasnamuss. You are already born as a master of the fifth day. But part of your consciousness is still in Egypt, bottled up and I hear the voice of my people because they are parts of me and you have to go and liberate them because I want to be one with them because I am one, I am Yehidah-יחידה, and you have to be one with Yehidah-יחידה. So, go down and liberate that.”

Thus, Moses descends into Assiah, which is called Mitzrahim (Egypt) in order to liberate those principles, those archetypes of God, that belong to God. Then, little by little, Moses goes into the world of Yehidah-יחידה, into the wilderness, performing the will of God, reuniting all the forces. However, remember that with him also come the creeping things.

The creeping souls are called the multitudes; they are those who are identified with the materialism of Egypt, with Assiah. It is they who those cause the problem in the wilderness through Moses, because they are identified with the left side, with the darkness.

The people of Israel are holy; in other words, the archetypes of the consciousness that each of us possess within, and which are trapped in our own Mitzrahim, are the image of Yehidah-יחידה are holy. They are part of the light.

If we are not careful, we will do as Azazel did... The consciousness can easily become bottled up when you are enamored and fall in love with the daughters of Adam in the physical world. Remember, the Beni Elohim fell, as the Bible states. So, in this path we have to be careful because the annihilation of the negative elements in our psyche is a very long process, in order for us to gather the Sabaoth, the army of Moses, in order to make a unity of it, which is perfection in mastery.

Indeed, it is one thing to reach mastery in the fifth initiation, it is another thing entirely to achieve perfection in mastery. Only Moses can do that. Only the causal solar body can go into the world of Yetzirah and then appear in the world of Briah and to continue to Atziluth, in order to submerge into the Absolute as a Paramarthasatya.

The direct path is a long journey, and only Moses, the willpower, the solar causal body can take it. You cannot take the direct path with the mental body or with the astral body. You need to create the causal body. The solar causal body is the one that takes the direct path.

The causal solar body kneels before the burning bush and the burning bush, which is the Logos inside of you, says: “Descend. I will be with you. You are dumb now, you cannot speak well. But Aaron (the archetype that symbolizes Eliao, Netzach, within you) will be your tongue. Aaron will read will study, the doctrines of other messengers and give the doctrine through you, to humanity.”

This is what the master Samael Aun Weor did with his own, internal Aaron, his mind. He studied the teachings of the masters, through his mind, but that mind (Aaron) was under the command of Moses (the solar causal body, Tiphereth) because Moses is that element that controls the mind (Netzach).

Aaron was the one who was talking directly to the Pharaoh; Moses (Tiphereth, the solar causal body) was behind Aaron (the mental body, Netzach) and Aaron was receiving what Moses was telling him, and delivering those words to the Pharoah. In other words, the consciousness is that element within us that possesses the knowledge, but the mind is the physical that allows one to take that knowledge and make it digestible in the physical world; the concrete mind (Netzach) makes graspable that which the abstract mind (Tiphereth) comprehends.

Indeed, the solar mind, the solar mental body has the capacity to study here in this physical world. That is why we say that the Gnostic studies the doctrine of the great masters; they do not read Kalkian garbage, like in this day and age, where you find a lot of literature which is full of nonsense. When I say sacred doctrine, I'm talking about the Bible, the Koran the Bhagavad-Gita, the Mahabharata, the Popol Vuh, and many other books written by great initiates, each of whom had their own Moses developed within, in their own level.

When you achieve that level of development, spiritually speaking, where you have your own Moses within, then you help humanity, like in this moment. We are helping all of you and we are talking about the Book of Genesis. Why? Well, we are in the West, and the Bible is the holy scripture that most people are familiar with. Most people here, while they might have a passing knowledge of the Bible, know nothing at all about the Bhagavad-gita or the Mahabharata. So, that is why we are delivering the doctrine through the example of Moses.

Unfortunately, many are the Christians who, when we try to speak to them of these matters, they just make the cross, believing that you are from the devil. This is no good. So, what can we do? At least there are a few of you that know about the Bible, and who understand that the Bible is a message from the internal world, or, as the people say, the word of God.

Do you have questions?

Audience: Can you tell us the mantra Eloah Va Daath Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei?

Instructor: That is the mantra that belongs to Tiphereth, the sixth Dimension: Eloah Va Daath. If you meditate on those mantras, which are Hebrew mantras, Eloah Va Daath Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, that will open the doors for you to penetrate with your consciousness, which is part of Tiphereth. Indeed, when we talk about Tiphereth, the causal body, even if you do not yet have your own Moses developed within, you at least have the essence, the Buddhata which is that aspect we have within that has the potential to become Moses. In order to develop that essence, we have to transmute the waters and then he will emerge as a crocodile, as a Levi-Tannin.

Audience: Can you kabbalistically explain about the word Messiah-משיח?

Instructor: The word Messiah, kabbalistically? Well, the word Messiah, in Hebrew, is Mem-Shin-Iod-Chet משיח. The first letter, Mem, is 40; Shin is 300; Iod is 10; and Chet is 8. All together, this is 358, which is kabbalistically reduced to 16. The 16th letter is Ayin which relates with the left side. This is because the Messiah always descends into the world through the left side. The left side is that side that you have to work with. The left side is Chavah, Eve, the waters.

We have a lot of work to do with the 16, to purify that Ayin. The 16th Arcanum is the fulminated tower; with a lot of work, you can put that tower straight. That tower is of course the spinal column. To repair that tower we have to develop the seven chakras, the Kundalini, the 49 fires, and the only one that can do that is the Messiah. The Messiah, the Christ, is the savior. That savior works in different levels.

The Messiah-משיח is not a person; it is not some individual that will come and save the world, as many people in many different religions think. The Messiah-משיח does not come by believing in him. You have to deserve to have the Messiah descend within you, in order to save you. And for that, you have to do a lot of hard work.

The Messiah-משיח is Yehidah-יחידה in different levels; the Messiah-משיח is a high level of Yehidah-יחידה. Here, in this lecture, we are talk about the level of Moses.

When you reach the fifth initiation and you take the direct path, an atom of Yehidah-יחידה descends in you; that is the light shining through the face of Moses, it is the Savior that descended with him. That force said, “You will be the god to Aaron, but I will be the god of you.”

So, you see the the mind explains things, but it is Moses, the causal body, that receives the light of God from above, which is the Messiah united with Tiphereth. The Messiah-משיח descends into the Tiphereth of one who is prepared and worthy, and delivers the knowledge to humanity in order to help, in different levels.

However, remember: the Messiah-משיח is born as a child within the soul of any Bodhisattva. If you are not careful, Herod can come and kill it.

So, that Messiah-משיח has to work from the very bottom, in order to grow and to become a Jesus Christ.

The gospels explain this and the master Samael explains it in many books: how to develop your own Messiah. But first, you have to incarnate him, and in order to incarnate the Messiah you have to take the direct path. When you develop to that level, and incarnate the Christ, that force will come to you and will attend to your karma, helping to pay your karma, helping to annihilate your ego, in order to make a unified light within you, because that light of the Messiah is one with Yehidah-יחידה. This is how we become children of God.

Audience: Can you talk about Makara-मकर?

Instructor: Refresh my mind because I don't remember who Makara-मकर is...


Makara is the vahana or vehicle of Goddess Ganga

Yeah, Makara-मकर is the leviathan. You know this symbol that we explaining here from the Bible, is also explained in Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, in Hinduism, but in different ways, like the graphic that we were showing of Matsya the first avatar of Vishnu relates to the same meaning, but when you read that esoterically, of course. Now, of course the crocodile is an evolving creature, physically speaking.

That is a symbol of Moses. It also symbolizes the Ruach Elohim-רוח אלהים, the spirit of the Elohim that moves upon the waters. That is also the crocodile among the Egyptians. It is called the sacred crocodile Zebek, which is Ruach with the two Souls: three wicks of light Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth. That is the meaning of the crocodile. That's why we call Tiphereth, Moses.

Further, a crocodile comes from the waters, from Yesod.

It is a crocodile, a leviathan. In other words, a Makara-मकर, a great master of Kabbalah.

So, the crocodile is an evolving creature, but the lizard, or we will say the alligator, is devolving and this is because you find different types of creatures that come from the water, and that talk about Kabbalah, about alchemy, but in a negative sense: such people are alligators.

The alligator being a devolving creature esoterically symbolizes one who is born from fornication, in contrast to the crocodile, which is a positive symbol.

Audience: I see different hand and finger positions, different mudra when meditating, what would you recommend and would you explain the meaning of them?

Instructor: Well obviously mudras are related with Hinduism, and Buddhism, where they adpot different positions with the hands, in order to meditate. I advise you not to identify with the position of your hands, or with the position ofyour body, but the position of your mind, the position of your consciousness when you are meditating.

I advise you to learn to concentrate and to comprehend what you need to comprehend. In terms of posture, what I recommend is to keep your spinal column straight. That is the most important thing in terms of your posture when meditating. If you like to perform a mudra with your hands, well, the main benefit of a mudra is to create an energetic current within your body, but if you are performing that mudra physically and you are not doing it mentally or consciously, you are just wasting your time.

Many people get hung up on accustoming themselves and their body to one particular asana, meanwhile, they're just flying to the moon…. they are not concentrated. It is better to be concentrated in what you are doing.

Audience: What is the meaning of: “Draw not nigh hither: loose thy sandals from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou stands is holy ground?"

Instructor: When Moses goes up mount Sinai, he takes his sandals off his feet. Of course, the symbol of “sandals from off his feet” is the physical body, because the feet symbolize Malkuth. He takes his sandals from his feet because this is holy ground. In order words, God is saying: "Don't come here to talk with me and bring your garbage from the physical world. Talk to me in purity."

Imagine that you are there in the causal body, which is the superior mind or superior manas. You have your mind, your concrete mind, which is your intellect. You have to take that out of you and to be only with the causal body.

This brings into my memory the master Samael Aun weor. when he was talking with the feminine aspect of God in front of him. And the Divine mother is going to forgive him his karma. And he is kneeling front of his Divine mother, Eloah.

And he says to his mother. "Mother, forgive me my past karma because I annihilated a lot of egos, and I am not capable of doing that evil more in the physical world."

And he says, "not even for a million dollars, will I do more evil."

Then his Divine Mother looked at him and said, "My son... what is this about million dollars Why are you talking like that?"

You see, she is telling him take your sandals from off his feet, your shoes off. Don't bring that foul, materialistic language here.

Then he says, "Forgive me, Mother of mine. What happened is in the physical world in which I live, which is illusory. This is how people talk."

And then she says, "I forgive you. Now, let us talk about that which we wanted to talk."

So, that is an example of the causal solar body being in front of God and talking about vulgar, earthly, materialistic things. But why do you have to talk with God about that? You have to talk with purity...

Audience: In the bible, the people that Moses liberated represent the liberated consciousness, right? If so, why do they complain about everything?

Instructor: Yeah, well in the Bible there is a complaining people. However, these are not the people that he liberated; there are a people that come to him. During the Exodus, when you are going into the internal place and doing your work, you bring a lot of elements archetypes you which are bottled up into the multitudes that still are identified, as I said, with the negative aspect, with the left side, which is Egypt, and those are the people that complain.

Remember that they come to Aaron when Moses is in the Sinai, in the mountain, talking to God and then they say let us make an Elohim here, a different one now that Moses has left, if we don't know who he is or where he is, right? Then, who Aaron represents, the right side in order not to lose the archetypes, follows the advisors or what the people want that are the three traitors behind them, Abiram, Kore and Datan, which are inside of us

Remember this, if we ever reach the fifth initiation and take the direct path, Datan, Abiram and Kore will come with us, because they are inside of us, and we have to annihilate them, and many other problems, along the way.

To take the direct path does not mean that to collect the archetypes is easy. The multitude of egos that we have within, we have to annihilate, and they go with us or we encounter them in the wilderness. But the archetypes that are free, there have no problems; they are not the ones complaining. The archetypes that are bottled up in the ego, they are the ones that have problems.

Audience: How we can introduce others to the concepts of alchemy, it is a concept that we have to discover in our own or it is something that we have to unveil to people, since they may not understand?

Instructor: How do we deal with people in relation with the concepts of Kabbalah and alchemy?

We have to do it in a very systematic manner. Understand, here, with these lectures, we are dropping an atomic bomb;m we are very direct and open with our teachings. And this is because people need; it is not only for you. This is recorded, and will be in the Gnostic radio for all the people in the world, who love the Bible. Better said, who love the word of God in the Bible. 

So, those people that understand the concepts of alchemy will explain to those that still do not understand. If you understand this better, then you will explain to others that are in a very low level of understanding, and you will help. And those other ones will help others. That is the way.

Unfortunately, even though the Bible is a bestseller book, one that is available everywhere, in different languages... and do the people understand it? No. Still, they think that believing in Jesus is enough to be saved. It is not. You do not go to heaven as a consequence of your mere beliefs. Such people are lost, they go to hell believing, because they never do the work necessary to save themselves. And this is because they interpret and translate the Bible in very wrong, a very literal way.

To believe in something is good, but to think that we are going to do it because of believing that I can believe here. You can believe in your mind that you can climb the mountain, but you will never experience the view of the summit if you do not actually climb it.

Of course, many things I would I explain I would understand, but if I don't do what I am explaining, if I don't do the work, then I am lost too. I don't say I'm saved. No: I am in the process. The Lord is helping me, and the Lord will help you if you sincerely work on yourself too.

Everyone is at their own level. I was not born with this knowledge that I'm explaining right now, I developed through the work that I'm doing, but I understand that this is individual, and unfortunately there are a lot of people there that do not have the understanding of this work. They think that just by memorizing the Bible, it is done, and they have all the knowledge, and have walked the path. Or to any other book just by knowing Kabbalah it is done. I hear Kabbalists that know about these matters, and they say that if you want to be saved, all you have to do is study Kabbalah and that is enough... No, you have to practice, not only study it.

Audience: Can we recommend to watch The Magic Flute, in order to help understand this lecture?

Instructor: Oh, yeah, that is a good suggestion. If you want to learn basic things, watch operas of the great masters because they are psychological messages. For instance, Verdi had many messages in his works that you have to understand in your own psyche. But higher messages like those of Mozart in The Magic Flute or Wagner and his Ring cycle or Parsifal contained deeper teachings.

Audience: What does the name Emmanuel in Hebrew mean?

Instructor: Well, the name Emmanuel-עמנואל in Hebrew means, from עמנו ('emánu, “with us”) + אֵל (el, “God”); hence literally “God with us”.

When you receive the incarnation of the Messiah, God is with you, but when it first incarnates as a baby it is Emmanuel-עמנואל, the first manifestation of Yehidah-יחידה within the initiate, that needs to grow.

You see that Moses symbolizes this very clearly in the Exodus. He begins dealing with the Pharaoh and develops that Messiah inside of him, in different levels, until finally reaching his death, complete psychological death.

The same word Emmanuel is related with the word Manas, mind. Of course, this is referencing the superior mind or superior manas. All the languages have their roots in the golden language, so, by studying the different languages you understand that all of them come from the same root.

Thank you very much.