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Jeanne d'Arc [Joan of Arc]
Jeanne d'Arc [Joan of Arc], a great master who happened to be female.

Questions of Importance to Women

Question: Venerable Master Samael, the majority of modern doctors recommend the contraceptive pill as a medication to regulate menstruation and also to relieve strong menstrual pain. They prescribe it, above all, to the single woman. What is your opinion on this matter?

Samael Aun Weor: The contraceptive pill, for relieving menstrual pain, seems to me something completely empiric and absurd. In the name of truth we must say that people do not know the pure science. That which is now called "science" is no more than a rotting mass of lamentable theories. I consider, then, that these artificial procedures, which are so popular, are one hundred percent prejudicial for human health. Menstrual pain can be cured through more efficient means, not through contraceptive pills which serve for nothing.

The attitude of all those scientists of the Antichrist is criminal, they who have invented the most famous contraceptive pill, with all its consequences and by-products. Obviously all of you, the women, have been victims of the Antichrist. One must understand by "Antichrist," false science, academy, ultra-modern science.

The famous contraceptive pill is not necessary. Those who want the true controller, in respect to the question of contraception, must work with the Arcanum A.Z.F.

Question: In the case of a woman who has controlled conception by means of the contraceptive pill, and then afterwards knows the Gnostic teachings and wants to practice them, must she do something to detoxify the organism, or will nature take care of it?

Samael Aun Weor: With respect to the intoxication that you have received due to the concoctions recommended by the scientists of the Antichrist, you must leave all to nature. She will certainly take care of it, purifying the organism absolutely. We repeat: in no form is the system using the contraceptive pill necessary, it is one hundred percent criminal. Nature is very wise and has laws to control an excess in the population. Remember that everything in nature is subject to the law of the pendulum: if today there is a population explosion, when our position changes (with the movement of the pendulum) we will find ourselves in the other extreme and will have, precisely, a population decline, a "minus."

There is then a "plus" and a "minus" in this question of population. All "plus," demographically, is controlled by the laws of nature. When the human population is excessive, wars or plagues always ensue, or both things at the same time. The fact that in these precise moments there is a demographic explosion, indicates and signals of the arrival of war, plague and of many further epidemics.

Question: If a woman has altered her normal sexual functions, (i.e. her fallopian tubes have been hindered) or if her normal sexual functions have been altered by some other physical system, or perhaps if the man has a "vasectomy," what probabilities do they have of sexual transmutation? Would these persons be able to create the superior existential bodies of the Being?

Samael Aun Weor: The resource of man is necessary before all. You must take into account that the Sun (the Cosmic Christ) is making a marvelous experiment in the test tubes of nature; it wants to create humans. We know well that the race of "humanoids" is necessary to be able to capture determined types and sub-types of cosmic energy, which later it transforms and re-transmits to the inferior layers of the planetary organism (a sad situation for the "humanoid," true?). Without doubt, the Sun wants more, and has placed within the sexual endocrine glands of the "humanoid" the seeds of the human. Such seeds are able to develop if we co-operate. If we don't co-operate, the Sun's experiment fails.

During the first eight centuries of Christianity, many humans were created; in the Middle-Ages, the creations were very rare, and now they are even rarer.

For a real human to exist, it is necessary that the seeds for the superior existential bodies of the Being, situated in the sexual endocrine glands, develop suitably. Such seeds are unable to develop if co-operation does not exist within us. It is also unquestionable that such seeds are unable to develop in an unfavorable environment.

When one makes glandular experiments, when one ties the tubes, when one has glandular transplants, or if you graft into the organism the glands of a monkey, or other similar things, the conditions which result will certainly not be happy. How will the seeds of a human be able to germinate in such an organism?

If we observe the ants, we are able to realize that they (in the past) were humanoids. Unfortunately, the scientists who emerged within this race of "humanoids," dedicated themselves to harmful experiments; removing glands, making transplants, closing tubes, etc. etc. and the result was the seeds of man were unable to develop in these creatures. On the contrary, they were dwarfed little by little, they changed the base of their morphology, and today are those creatures which we know well, and who abound in all of the nooks and crannies of the Earth.

Question: In order to prevent cancer, official medicine uses a type of examination called "vaginal smear." What should a woman do in this matter?

Samael Aun Weor: In the ancient times, when people were healthier, no one had such examinations. Obviously, these previously mentioned examinations were born solely by the lust of scientists, they are subterfuges of the mind, invented by them; they are lubricous, lewd (who is able to deny it?). Clearly, the Antichrist is very cunning and all of them enjoy examining the sexual organs of women.

If cancer occurs, then cure it! There is nothing easier than curing cancer. We have already seen how the rattlesnake has the power to make cancer disappear, radically, even in the most extreme level. No more is needed than to remove the head of the snake (and the rattle also). The remaining flesh is put to dry in the sun, and it is given to the patient in capsules, one every hour, until he is healed. But, in truth, it is certain that the rattlesnake is "extremely sensitive," and requires exactitude; whoever is undergoing the treatment with the rattlesnake is unable to take even an aspirin; any assistant, any remedy, simple though it be, it is sufficient so as to destroy the curative power of the rattlesnake. If one allows the rattlesnake remedy to work without interference, the result will be amazing; the patient will be cured. [Editor: See Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic for more information.]

So it is then that nothing is achieved by the famous vaginal examinations, no one is helped by all of those studies of "vaginal cells," all those inventions of ultra-modern scientists.

Question: Master, what procedure or technique should married couples employ during the Sahaja Maithuna, to eliminate defects-I's?

Samael Aun Weor: The couple should, during the chemical copula, both ask for the disintegration of the same defect. It is due to a lack of charity and love that the husband is asking for the disintegration of this or that defect, and his partner is, for her part, asking for the death of another defect. It is precisely the power of the androgyny, formed by the couple during the sexual trance, which is able to utilize the Divine Mother Kundalini to incinerate this or that psychological aggregate. If the couple both directs the electrical fire towards the same defect, it will be disintegrated immediately.

I repeat: both of the couple must beg for the same defect.

Question: Master, what is your opinion on abortion?

Samael Aun Weor: Abortion is a destruction of the work of Mother Nature. (We know well that the Goddess Mother Nature works creating organisms). Each one of us has her within, in our own psyche. It is she who unites the sperm and ovum, it is she who prepares each primitive germinal cell with its 48 chromosomes [Editor: "Modern" science only knows of 46 because they do not know about the vital body); it is she who provides the impulses for the genuine formation of the primitive germinal cell, and thanks to this the organism develops into a creative archetype.

So then, in the reality of truth the Mother struggles intensively to fix an organism, and when someone destroys her work, they commit a crime, which in no manner will be able to pass unnoticed by the Great Law. It would be absurd that the Great Law would be in agreement with this type of destruction, and naturally sanctions (severely) all those who destroy the work of Mother Nature. Therefore abortion, intentionally provoked, is a homicide, and is recognized as such by the Great Law.

Question: When a miscarriage occurs, are we able to consider this karma?

Samael Aun Weor: This is not always karmic, because many times an accident provokes an abortion. Sometimes it is karmic, as in the cases in which the women have started to gestate a fetus, and one or another time fail in their purpose.

Question: In general term, what consequences has the practice of abortion brought on humanity?

Samael Aun Weor: As humanity is dedicated to error and the practice of abortion (and it is accepted as normal fact, already official), this will result in terrible karma for the inhabitants of the Earth. It is clear that those that have not provoked any abortions will have nothing to pay; however all this, in general, will have influence in the great catastrophes which are approaching.

Question: What is the cause of the failure of modern politics which is so characteristic in the modern leaders of government?

Samael Aun Weor: This failure of politics, which utilizes modern leaders, has its origin in their sexual debility.

It is well known that modern society is controlled by the "scoundrels of the intellect." The "scoundrels of the intellect" are terrible fornicators, and this is demonstrated repeatedly. A "scoundrel" is the mixture of intellectualism with a lack of spirituality, and a lack of spirituality causes exorbitant lust; and this is true, I repeat that the world is governed by "scoundrels." It is not strange that this happens.

So then, the politicians, because of being weak, are governed by the Superhumans [awakened masters]. The politicians, because of their sexual debility, are governed by the conscious circle of solar humanity which operates through the superior centers of the Being. The politicians are like "black pawns" that the inner fraternity of light manipulates. There are black and white pawns, and the inner fraternity of light reinforces (at times) one pawn or another, in accordance with the karma and dharma of the nations. 

"The chiefs [presidents, etc] of all nations are vehicles of karma, therefore we must not damn them." —Samael Aun Weor, Parsifal Unveiled

Question: Venerable master, what is your concept about woman; how do you define her?

Samael Aun Weor: The woman, undoubtedly, has the same rights as the man. If we study carefully the word אלוהים "Elohim," which figures in the Bible, we will find that it is a feminine noun [אלוה] with a masculine plural ending [ים]. The exact translation of such a noun is "gods and goddesses."

A religion without goddesses is found amidst materialistic atheism, because if Elohim are divine androgynous beings, so-called gods and goddesses, I can say that the result is we would be halfway to atheism.

One cannot remove goddesses from any religion because within us the divinity is masculine and feminine at the same time.

We are able to deduce from this as a corollary that the woman has the same rights as the man, and that the inner self-realization of the Being is not possible without the union of the separate parts: man and woman. Both united by means of sex, they constitute an ineffable creature, a Creator-Elohim.

Question: What is your opinion of those men who say that "the woman is only a uterus with legs"?

Samael Aun Weor: The woman would never be able to be, as many mistakenly think, a "mere uterus with legs." Obviously, those who speak in that way demonstrate their lasciviousness, their degeneration, their morbid passion of a sexual type.

It is good to remember with great emphasis that in addition to the sexual center there exist other centers in the organism. Let us recall the intellectual situated in the cerebrum, the emotional in the solar plexus in the umbilical region, the motor center in the upper part of the spine, and the instinctive in the lower part of the same. So then, not only the generative center exists in the feminine creature. Unquestionably, there are other centers also. For the most, the definition given by those lustful persons who consider the woman as a simple "uterus with legs," as well as being (as I already said) morbid and inhuman, also demonstrates arrogance and pride in those men who have obscenely formulated this.

Question: Is it a karmic consequence to possess a feminine vehicle or female physical body?

Samael Aun Weor: It does not seem to me, in any manner, that the feminine vehicle is karmic. The vehicle, the feminine body, undoubtedly represents the Negative-Creator aspect of the Divinity. I already said (and I repeat another time, with complete clarity) that Elohim is gods and goddesses. If the masculine aspect of Elohim has the right to a physical body, then also the feminine aspect (of the same) has a right to have a physical body, of a feminine-receptive type.

Question: Who has more animal passions, the man or the woman?

Samael Aun Weor: It is obvious that there are animal passions, and as many men as women have the same animal passions. One must take into account that the ego is always ego. Sometimes, it will return, regress; re-incorporate itself in masculine bodies, and at other times in feminine bodies. And if in a body the man manifests his passions from a purely masculine angle, in the woman it is expressed from a rigorously feminine point of view.

Question: Does the woman also have nocturnal emissions the same as the man?

Samael Aun Weor: The woman also has nocturnal emissions, although many do not believe it. Women who have had such nocturnal experiences know very well that the feminine emission is a fact, and facts are facts, and before the facts we must yield.

Question: Are we able to consider menstruation as karma for women?

Samael Aun Weor: Menstruation can never be karma. Those who assume this are radically mistaken.

Let us recall, with great emphasis, the people of ancient Lemuria, in another time situated in what is a now boisterous sea, in what is today the Pacific Ocean. Then, all human beings were hermaphrodites. There is no doubt that those giants, those colossi (so beautifully represented by some of the Easter Island sculptures), menstruated. The feminine part ovulated, and those ova came to the world already fecundated by the masculine principle. I repeat: those beings all had within themselves the masculine and feminine aspects. This was the time in which humanity reproduced by means of the system of ovulation, which is the same system as the birds. The creature forms itself in the egg and after a certain time, breaks the eggshell and comes into existence. The being which was born in Lemuria was nourished by the Father-Mother.

This was the Golden Age; this was the period in which the rivers of pure living water flowed with milk and honey. At that time there did not exist either "mine" or "yours," and everything was for everyone and each one was able to eat from the tree of his neighbor, without any fear. At that time, those that knew how to play the lyre thrilled the entire universe with their most sublime melodies. The lyre of Orpheus had not yet fallen on the floor of the temple, smashed to pieces.

When humanity separated into opposite sexes, everything changed. The egg was released from the ovary, without fertilization, because the masculine principle had divorced itself from the feminine. So then, it was necessary to be in cooperation to create. There is no need to do more than recall the great peregrinations that they made from remote places, to the sacred temples. (The Kumaras (divine kings) directed those mystical practices).

The sexual act occurred within the paved courtyards of the temples of mysteries; humanity reproduced by Kriyashakti, in other words, by the power of will and yoga.

No one committed the crime of extracting, from their organism, the sacred sperm. One sperm was able to escape in whichever moment to fertilize a womb.

In that period, pain in giving birth did not exist, and the children were born without the mother having to suffer. Unfortunately, my dear brothers and sisters, the time came in which the people (allied, let's say, with certain tenebrous principles which abounded in the atmosphere of the world) dedicated themselves to animal fornication. It was then that the people were expelled from the temples of mysteries, and this remained as a tradition in the sacred books. It is due to this that it is often said that "Adam and Eve were expelled from the Earthly Paradise."

Menstruation is not by any means karma. The feminine aspect, separated from the masculine, continued menstruating, continued releasing the ovum but now without being fertilized, and this is not karma, but a natural function.

Question: Did Count Dracula really exist? And if he exists or existed, what are you able to tell us about vampirism?

Samael Aun Weor: Good, much is said about "vampirism;" it is said that "many women are vampirized." I don't deny that there are sexual vampires (yes, they exist); "Draculas" have existed and continue existing; further, it is normal today that they abound everywhere (presently, they exist and are everywhere), they are commonly called "warlocks." It is good to remember the adventure of the Trojans with the famous "hags (witches; sorceresses)" of whom Virgil, the poet of Mantua, spoke, in The Aeneid. There is no doubt that when those "black sorceresses," those hags, put their bodies in a Jinn state, they are able to transport themselves to different locations of the Earth. If they have enemies, they approach them and they bite them. The wound appears, later, like a black mark in this or that part of the body.

So then, indeed, they are not exactly vampires, but hags and warlocks. That is all. They are called "witches." They are something very common, and you know that.

Question: Does the woman, like the man, have seminal fluid? In the affirmative case, what is it called?

Samael Aun Weor: The feminine seminal fluid is crystalline; we are able to designate it also "vitreous liquid, flexible, malleable." It does not carry, naturally, millions of zoosperms, as in the definite case in the man, but it carries vital principles: hormones, forces, and extraordinary substances. There is no doubt that the woman, with the orgasm, loses incalculable riches: calories, Prana, Sexual Hydrogen SI-12, with which it is possible to create the superior existential bodies of the Being.

Question: Why is it inadvisable for the woman to do transmutation practices, either as a single or married person, when she is in the period of menstruation?

Samael Aun Weor: It is not advisable for the woman to transmute the creative energies during the time of menstruation. We must take into account that it is a very delicate process since certain substances are able to ascend to the brain and cause grave damage.

Question: Is it advisable for the woman to perform the transmutation practices utilizing classical music, for example?

Samael Aun Weor: It is possible to make the transmutation practice with the ineffable music of the great masters. In this manner we are also able to sublimate. Remember the nine symphonies of Beethoven, The Magic Flute of Mozart, which reminds us of the ancient Egyptian initiation, etc. It is also possible to sublimate the creative energies with the healthy sports, like swimming, tennis, etc. etc. In any case, to sublimate is not harmful.

Question: Is the woman able to involuntarily transmute her creative energies?

Samael Aun Weor: Can some persons transmute involuntarily? This would only be possible if they listened to sweet symphonies, if they were able to reach states of ecstasies, like those of Saint Teresa of Jesus, or of Francis of Assisi.

Question: What is the cause of peristaltic movements, or palpitations of the feminine sexual organs, when they are in a state of excitation?

Samael Aun Weor: Unquestionably, the feminine creative organs (during sexual excitation), have certain palpitations. There is no doubt that these obey the dilation and contraction of the heart. Remember that the male phallus also has a type of palpitation. Now, if we think about the fact that the clitoris (the specific center of the creative organs of the woman), is masculine, we can explain to ourselves in this manner what is really the peristaltic movement of the feminine creative organs.

Question: Is excitation absolutely necessary to make the transmutation practices?

Samael Aun Weor: Violent sexual excitation is not necessary to be able to achieve the transmutation process. Those who think in this way only look for the satisfaction of lust.

Question: In what manner does a cold or ardent temperament have an influence in the inner Self-realization, particularly in the woman?

Samael Aun Weor: In order to be able to Self-realize, the woman doesn't need to be passionate, nor cold as ice; as it is said: "Not too much, not too little." It is necessary for a woman to have perfect equilibrium; we must never violate the law of balance. That is all!

Question: What is the real cause of frigidity in the woman?

Samael Aun Weor: Many times a woman is frigid simply because of her sexual constitution, because of the constitution of her organism, etc. Further, if this ego disincarnates and returns with a male body, he may be violent, from the sexual point of view. Or vice versa: if it returns, if it reincorporates anew in a feminine body, but healthy and strong, it is able to express in a lustful manner. Do you understand?

Question: Why are many women infertile?

Samael Aun Weor: The causa-causorum of infertility in women is due to what is called "karma." Women who in the past did not know how to establish their duties as mothers, in their new existences are born sterile. Women who never wanted children, or who rejected them, when they return, when they regress, when they re-incorporate in feminine vehicles, must suffer the pain, the moral suffering of sterility.

Question: From a strict Gnostic point of view, what are you able to say of the modern woman?

Samael Aun Weor: There exist periods of masculine "plus" and periods of feminine "plus" in the course of history. We know that the masculine sex governs for 42 years, and the feminine sex rules for 42 years. The complete sexual cycle, it is said, is 84 years.

When the masculine pole of Uranus is facing the Sun, the force which commands there (in Uranus), comes, descends; it causes the masculine sex to have authority, to rule. There is no need to do more than recall, for example, the time of the pirates, the times of the great acts of men, of the great wars. Also we must remember that, when the feminine pole of Uranus is facing the Sun, the force which comes from there, elevates the woman, and makes it so that she assumes control and rules. Precisely now (1975), in these instants, we find ourselves in a feminine "plus": the woman finds herself in the government, in the bank, in society, in science, etc.

Uranus IR

Uranus Photographed by NASA

Unfortunately, the human beings do not know with exactitude when the masculine sex commands or when the feminine sex does. One must take advantage of these energies, for our own innermost Self-realization of the Being.

In the same human being, in the same "humanoid," there exist 42 years of strong masculine activity, and 42 of feminine. Due to this, it is said that if an individual, for example, is born in the so-called masculine "plus," in times during which the planet Uranus vibrates in positive form, indubitably they will have a tremendous sexual power (during those 42 years). But when the feminine aspect comes, instead of sexual languor, instead of debility, it is even stronger due to the stimulus of the opposite pole. Here is the masculine and feminine force, alternating in all the marvelous rhythm of the great Universe.

In these times (1975), the woman is commanding, is governing, and it will follow that she will rule for a long time. A time will come in which her opportunity will be over. When this occurs, the man will return again to take the scepter power. This is all what I want to say, at the moment, with respect to the woman.

Tarot 15Question: Why are many Gnostic students frightened of the card 15 of the Tarot? Why is the Devil on this card, the Typhon Baphomet, represented with breasts, as if he was also androgynous?

Samael Aun Weor: Good, let's speak a little about card 15 of the Tarot. It gives me pleasure to speak of this card.

I do not know why people judge the Typhon Baphomet so badly. However, the Gnostics never ignore that phrase which says:

"I believe in the mystery of the Baphomet and of Abraxas."

Card 15 of the Tarot (the "Devil") is profoundly significant. Remember that it is found after cards 13 & 14. Unquestionably, the 13 corresponds to the psychological death of "myself," of "yourself," of the Ego. Undoubtedly, card 14 speaks to us of temperance, chastity, and perfection, which results from the death of the ego. After comes the 15, which corresponds inevitably to the primordial androgyny, to the mystery of Baphomet and of Abraxas, to the Devil (this last word is something which horrifies devout people, but for the sage, the wisdom it contains something extraordinary).

In the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, a raven is seen. He looks fixedly towards the corner of the temple, towards that place where one finds the small cornerstone, the Master Stone, the Stone of Truth. This stone has a form, yes, terrible, with horns, which horrify: The Devil (terror of many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists). The medieval alchemists said:

"Burn your books and whiten the brass."

Why does the black raven look to the Devil? Because we must die within ourselves, because it is necessary to disintegrate the "inhuman elements" that we carry within our psyche. It is urgent to reduce them to ashes, to cosmic dust. This is how we will be able to "whiten the brass." This brass or copper is represented in the Morning Star. You already know with complete clarity that one day, not long ago, this Morning Star was "Lucifer," the "maker of light."

If we succeed then, to cause all that within ourselves which is inhuman to die, we will whiten the brass, whiten the Devil. This Devil is the reflection of the Logos within ourselves, here and now. In the past, he was the most luminous archangel, resplendent in infinite space. He, is (we say) the most important part of our Being; it is our own Being, which in the past was luminous, resplendent, marvelous (the most supreme archangel). Unfortunately, when we fell to the Animal Reproduction, he was cast into the inferno. Now he is black like carbon; due to us he is in a miserable state.

Now you can comprehend, my dear brothers and sisters, why Lucifer appeared (in The Divine Comedy) placed there, in the heart of the Earth, weeping from his 6 eyes (repeating this 6 or this number 6, 3 times, we have the 666: the "Great Whore.")

"With six eyes did he weep, and down three chins
Trickled the tear-drops and the bloody drivel..." - Inferno 34

Yes, he weeps because we changed him so like this: we made him black, like carbon, and now we must whiten him. This is only possible by disintegrating the "inhuman elements" which we carry inside, disintegrating our psychological errors, to put an end to the "myself," dying here and now. But if we continue with our errors, if we continue on the path of fornication, of hatred, of lust, of envy, of hypocrisy, of pride, etc., etc., he will continue in disgrace.

He is Prometheus (chained to the hard rock of sex); Prometheus who suffered horribly and whose entrails were devoured by a vulture. Yes, the vulture's desire, he is tied to existence. We must have compassion for this particular intimate Devil, which we have within. To whiten him, then, is urgent (my beloved brothers and sisters who read this), it is necessary that we make him resplendent.


If some people value the book of Giovanni Papini, which is titled The Devil, it is because this man succeeded to intuit that which is the mystery of the Baphomet. He said: "If God is pure love and pardons all creatures, why isn't he able to pardon the Devil?" Those words earned him excommunication (he was the "spoiled child" of the Vatican).

Nevertheless: we do not believe in an anthropomorphic devil, seated amidst the clouds, casting lightning against the sad swarm of humanity. My dear brothers and sisters: we think of a personal, individual Devil, of an intimate Devil, a devil that is able to become resplendent, to sparkle and shine.

Whiten the brass and burn your books...

To "whiten the brass" is more value than all of the theories which are written and able to be written. When the Devil is whitened, he will fuse with our soul, fuse with our Spirit, and then we will change ourselves into something distinct, different: into archangels of light, into lords of light. (This is why Lucifer is called the "maker of light").

I cannot see why there is a motive, then, to brand (this divine androgyny) as "something despicable." The card 15 of the Tarot appears after the 13th (which is the death of the ego, of the "I," of "myself") and after the 14th (the man who has acquired temperance, perfection). So then, this card 15 is that which again becomes resplendent: it is the divine androgyny; it is the Devil transformed into Lucifer, it is the "whitened brass."

Question: What are you able to say to us about those people who scorn women, who underestimate her?

Samael Aun Weor: Those who underestimate the feminine sex, those who consider her inferior, walk the path of error, because Elohim is "gods and goddesses." The feminine aspect of God should not be underestimated.

Question: What should the fundamental preoccupation of the woman be, with respect to her interior life?

Samael Aun Weor: It is necessary for the woman to preoccupy herself with the awakening of her consciousness.

There is no need to do more than recall that in the remote past, due to a certain mistake by some sacred individuals, humanity developed the abominable "Kundabuffer organ." Later, when this "Organ" was eliminated from the human species, something abominable remained (within each organism). I refer to all these "inhuman elements" which, together, constitute the ego, the "myself," the "yourself;" it is said that the "inhuman elements" which remain in the animal organisms are simply the bad consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ, and within these bad consequences the Essence, the consciousness, sleeps profoundly. In the beginning, the sleep was ill-defined but after the submersion of the continent of Atlantis, the people remained profoundly hypnotized by the sinister power of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. It is clear that the ego, the "I," is the outcome of such "organ," and this is how it is that we sleep (within ourselves) and it is subjective; the consciousness remains processed (within ourselves) in a subjective manner.

If I state that humanity is hypnotized, I am not stating something erroneous. Without doubt people do not realize that they find themselves in a state of hypnosis; people believe that they are awake and here is their great error. We only know that the hypnotism exists, when this manifests, when this hypnotic force manifests very intensely, when it is concentrated on a determined person (in a hypnotic session, for example). Apart from this moment, people ignore the fact that they find themselves in a state of hypnosis, of profound sleep.

When we come to the world, to be born, we form a new personality. Later we enter a school, and as is natural we are educated according to the customs of the time; we are instructed, we are taught all types of prejudice, etc. In all this, in all this dead weight, we come to establish (within ourselves) a false consciousness. But the Essence itself remains sleeping there, in the depths. In it is deposited, we could say, the data which is necessary for the innermost Self-realization of the Being, but this is undervalued (I repeat), and even described as "subconsciousness," and we only consider as "authentic, real, proper, consciousness" all this baggage of theories which we carry inside, all this false education we have received, all these prejudices of race, caste and nation.

So then, within us, within each one of us, has developed a dual consciousness. In esoteric terms, the consciousness is called "Zoostat" (this is written with the letters Z-O-O-S-T-A-T). It is sad to know that at this moment a Zoostat is divided in two. Also it is very certain and the absolute truth that Nature adapts itself, it has to accommodate two currents of blood in our organism (two systems, to speak more clearly). The first is that which manifests itself during the waking state (the blood flows in certain vessels). The second is that which expresses itself during the hours of sleep, in which some (different) vessels are filled with blood. So then, we have two circulatory systems within us, in accordance with the dual functionalisms of the Zoostat.

We need to wake up, tear the veil, and finish with all that which is not of the Being: finish with all the prejudices of race, family, and nation; with all the false education we received, with all this false consciousness. We must destroy the ego, reduce it to ashes, so finally the Essence can express within us. In the Essence is contained all the data which is necessary for the Intimate Self-realization. This is something urgent, something that must not be postponed, and something that must not be delayed.

The woman is called to wake up (she must have interest in this) and struggle so the man can also awaken. No one is closer to the man than the woman, therefore she must struggle in order to help the man, because this time in which we find ourselves is very degenerated.

With the marvelous creative energy, we are able to create the superior existential bodies of the Being. Much has been spoken about the Astral body. Unfortunately, the "humanoids" of today do not possess this marvelous vehicle. Commonly, for interest we would say "I go out in the astral body," etc. but this kind of "astral travelling" are journeys of the ego (it is the "I," the myself, yourself, which replaces the "astral body" in order to travel and traverse the infinite space).

It is necessary for us to create the authentic and legitimate astral body, and this is only possible by means of the Mercury of the secret philosophy, learning how to transmute this marvelous force. The real name of the Astral body is Kedsjano body (written with the following letters" K-E-D-S-J-A-N-O). Those who know how to consciously transmute the sperm into energy (men and women) are able to create the Kedsjano body. One knows who has such a body when one is able to consciously and positively travel with it. Later it will be necessary to create the authentic body of objective reasoning, which is the mental body (an extraordinary vehicle which is only formed through the sexual transmutation of the Hydrogen Si-12). And finally, it will be necessary to create the Egoitoorasiana body or the body of will of the Being, which is the causal body.

These mentioned bodies, I repeat, are only able to be created by means of the transmutation of the sperm into energy. When one succeeds in possessing these vehicles, when one truthfully has them, then one is able to incarnate (within oneself) their psychic principle, one's real internal Being, to convert oneself into an authentic human. A true human (in the word "human" I include, naturally, the man as well as the woman, the same way in which with the word "Elohim," god, is included also goddess).

So then my dear brothers and sisters, work intensively with the creative energy of the Third Logos, this is something that must not be postponed, something that must not be delayed, if what we want one day truthfully reach the final liberation.

Question: Venerable master, the Hebrew Bible with reference to the woman's menstruation says the following (in Leviticus 15:19):

"And when a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever touches her shall be unclean until the even."

On the other hand, the author of The Creative Energy states that this ovulation, or menstruation, contains the same substances as the Ens Seminis, such as lecithin, phosphorous, colesterine, and in general, substances which serve to fortify the brain. For this reason, we ask: can menstruation be considered as fornication?

Samael Aun Weor: I want you to know, with complete clarity, that menstruation is never fornication (this is obvious). The Bible states that when a woman is menstruating, she is "unclean," not because of the ovum, which is lost, but due to the blood, which is expelled (obviously); this is charged with deleterious humors, in which many larvae are able to multiply. In all cases, if any chaste man is able to eliminate one sperm for fecundation, the woman has the right to eliminate one ovum, and in this there is no sin or fornication.

Some vital principles are lost in the eliminated blood, but scientifically only one ovum is expelled, which escapes from the vesicle of the ovary.

Do not exaggerate stating that by the woman losing an ovum monthly, she commits fornication. Such thing would be as absurd as to affirm that by the act of losing one sperm, during the practice of Sexual Magic, the man also falls in the same sin, and this is not fornication. We need to be judicious, reflect with serenity, and look at these things as they are and without exaggeration: Menstruation is not fornication.

Question: In the same order of ideas, we would like to ask the following: can one consider the monthly loss of an ovum equivalent to a nocturnal emission, as is affirmed by the author of The Creative Energy?

Samael Aun Weor: It is absolutely false to state that the menstruation equals a nocturnal pollution. We know that in a nocturnal pollution, a male loses approximately 7 to 8 millions of zoosperms. On the other hand, in menstruation, the woman only loses one ovum. So mathematically, the author of the book The Creative Energy, in this case, is absolutely mistaken, because mathematics does not fail. And as for the chemical elements (like lecithin and others) it is clear that they are all found in the blood, but the blood eliminated by menstruation only contains dead waste, or the chemical principles, which are now useless for the organism.

Question: Is it true that the man is more intelligent than the woman?

Samael Aun Weor: Many women surpass men in intelligence. Women exist who are geniuses. H.P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Mabel Collins, etc. were more intelligent than many men who are considered "geniuses."

Madame Blavatsky

H.P. Blavatsky

Question: You have spoken to us in your books regarding reproduction by spores in primitive times. You also affirm that these spores detached themselves from the calves of the legs. Do the legs have something to do with sex?

Samael Aun Weor: Reproduction by sprouting existed (in the Hyperborean period). Spores detached themselves from the calves. But the hermaphrodite of flesh and bone, the Lemurian Hermaphrodite which reproduced by gemmation, this hermaphrodite menstruated internally, within the organism; such an egg, after a certain time (as it is performed by birds), opened to make possible the birth of a new being. Subsequently, this newborn was fed by the Father-Mother.

With the separation of human beings into opposite sexes, the menstruation continued in the feminine part, with the difference that the egg was now nourished by the organism, which produced it.

For the human race to continue, sexual cooperation was then necessary, the chemical copula. This separation into opposite sexes is symbolized (in Genesis) with that scene in which God takes a rib from Adam: the Eve of Hebrew mythology.

Question: Does Gnosticism consider virginity something very important?

Samael Aun Weor: That pertaining to the hymen is grandiose! Virginity was always venerated by the great esoteric civilizations of antique times. Unfortunately in this descendent phase of Kali-Yuga or the Black Age, everything has changed. North Americans hate virginity; girls who are born in the United States are operated on surgically to eliminate the virginity.

Question: What is the difference between the sexual impulse and the excessive erotic sensation, specifically in the woman?

Samael Aun Weor: It is very natural that the woman feels a sexual impulse. Another thing is the excessive erotic sensation. This sign indicates unbridled animal passion, bestial degeneration.

Question: What message would you give to the single woman?

Samael Aun Weor: The single woman must know how to wait. The Great Law and the Father who is in secret know best that which is best for us, and in the correct moment and hour give the single woman the husband she needs. Due to this it has been said that, "Marriage and heaven fall from heaven."

Question: Is the woman able to advance equal to a man on the path of Self-realization?

Samael Aun Weor: The woman is able to advance on the path the same as any man. She can achieve mastery in the Fifth Initiation of Fire. Advances after this are only possible through tremendous, intimate super-efforts.

Question: When the woman is gestating a child in her womb, must she suspend the practice of Sexual Magic?

Samael Aun Weor: The "pregnant" woman must wait for the birth of the child, before recommencing her work of sexual transmutation.

Question: Master, some students are of the opinion that children are an obstacle for the Innermost Self-realization of the couple. They argue, for example, that in no part of the sacred history is there mention that Jesus the Christ (for example) had children.

Samael Aun Weor: To be a mother is not a sin. The woman is blessed because of the predestination of birth! Children are never an obstacle for the innermost Self-realization of the Being!

No one knows the private life of the great hierophant Jesus. It is unquestionable that he was a complete man, in the complete sense of the word, and therefore it is clear that he knew fatherhood.

No one knows the personal life of the great Kabir Jesus. The cosmic drama that he represented is not his personal human life, because this drama is of a universal order. Many masters also represented this drama in the past, and many will represent it in the future.

As a concrete example of the little which is known about Jesus, we have that phrase which he pronounced in Calvary:

"Heli Lamah Zabactani..."

Many heard the phrase and though that he called Elias, but in truth no one understood it. It is evident that such phrase was not Hebrew, but Maya. Any Mayan Indian of Guatemala, or of Yucatan, knows very well that the significance of this phrase is the following:

"Now I submerge myself within it before the dawning of its presence."

It is unquestionable that the ritual-language of the great Kabir was Mayan. The great hierophant learned Maya and Naga in ancient Tibet. In the Monastery of Hemis (in Leh, Kashmir [Editor: actually Ladakh], adjacent with Tibet), there is an ancient text which to the letter says:

"When Jesus left home, in his country, first he went to Egypt, and there he studied the antique Osidiana-Maya religion. From Egypt, he traveled to India, and in many cities, including Benares and Lahore, studying the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Later he entered a Himalayan monastery, where he studied directly Mayan and its cosmic sciences. At the end of 12 years, he achieved mastery..."


Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

In Palestine, Jesus (the great Kabir of Galilee) was an active member of the Essene sect, who had a Gnostic monastery on the banks of the Dead Sea. The Great Kabir Jesus reached the grades of Perfect Master and Great Elect, working in the "fiery forge of Vulcan." Self-realization is not possible without the practice of Sahaja Maithuna, Sexual Yoga.

Question: Did the Master Helena Petrovna Hann Blavatsky have children?

Samael Aun Weor: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky did not have children because she was married when she was very old to the elderly Colonel Olcott. The first marriage of H.P.B. with Count Blavatsky does not count due to the fact that she did not have (with the cited man) a conjugal life.

Question: In your opinion what is the value of the work titled Isis Unveiled, written by Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky?

Samael Aun Weor: It is a good book; however the hour has arrived to tear veils and to deliver Christic esotericism publicly.

Question: When a woman reaches menopause, how is she able to transmute?

Samael Aun Weor: The sexual energy is not only in the ovules, but also in all of the female sexual system.

Question: What is a "suvani"?

Samael Aun Weor: A "suvani" is a woman prepared for Sexual Yoga: the priestess-wife.

Editor's Addendum

Menstruation is a natural process of the feminine body which facilitates the expulsion of toxins and refuse from the organism. Therefore, it is highly damaging for the woman to utilize tampons which retain the toxins and refuse within the body. The feminine sexual organ, being receptive and absorbing, will in turn re-absorb those toxins and poisons. It is regularly suggested in Gnostic institutions that women renounce the use of devices with hold the toxins inside the body.

Also, women are advised to avoid submerging the body in water during menstruation. Given that the entire vital body and the chakras are involved in the release of toxins and energies, to submerge them in water creates an energetic short-circuit which damages the chakras and vital body. This means that female Gnostic practitioners are recommended to avoid bathing and swimming while menstruating. Sponge baths are acceptable, but most female practitioners avoid wetting the hair. So, when the cycle is approaching, be sure to take a good shower or bath in preparation for a few days without.

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