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In this lecture we are going to talk in greater depth about the Monad, and the relationship of the Monad with the universe and nature.

As you remember in the last lecture, we were talking about the Elemental Advocate, which as we said is one of the parts of the Monad. But, before going further into the lecture, we have to speak a little about the Monad. We said that the Monad is the Being, the spirit, God, within each one of us. Monad is a Greek word which means “unity.” The Monad is a multiple, perfect unity.

There is a word that is utilized in Kabbalah, in the Hebrew language, which symbolizes or explains, elucidates what the Monad is. That name or word is Elohim אלהים. The word Elohim אלהים is precisely that kabbalistic name that explains the multiplicity of divinity. When we read the Bible in Hebrew, we find this word at the very beginning, in the book of Genesis.

Unfortunately, the translators have translated this word as God, as a singular word However, when we investigate more deeply into the roots of this word, we discover that it is in fact plural, and even further, is actually feminine and masculine name at the same time.

The Hebrew word El אל, which contains the first two letters (Aleph-Lamed) of Elohim אלהים means “God”; El אל represents the masculine aspect of divinity, in a singular sense. What we have to understand and to comprehend about this word El אל is that this El אל, this divinity, resides in each one of us; every single person has his own El אל, his own God, as masculine aspect.

When we investigate further, we find another word within Elohim אלהים: Elah or Eloah אלה represents the feminine aspect of divinity, translated into English it would be “Goddess.” This is something very important, because we also have to know that inside each one of us we have our own particular Goddess, our own particular mother, our Divine Mother Schekinah שכינה.

This is something that is largely ignored by the monotheistic religions. Indeed, even those who speak the Hebrew language, and who better understand the nature of this word Elohim אלהים, believe in a “singular, masculine deity.” Perhaps the kabbalists who study these matters know better, but they do not spread the knowledge. I have many Jewish friends and they always say, “There is only one God, and he is male.”

In Gnosticism we learn that that unity (the Monad) is multiple. So El אל, as Father, is inside of us. El אל is our own particular, individual Father that the Lord Jesus talked about in the Prayer of the Lord which says, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,” etc. That El אל, that Father, is the superior aspect of ourselves we will say. As it is written in the Pistis Sophia, the Gnostic Bible, the Father resides in the First Space. When we study Kabbalah, we know that this First Space is known as the world of Atziluth עולם אצילות. Olam Atziluth עולם אצילות is the divine world of emanations.

Continuing, according to Kabbalah and the Pistis Sophia, it is said that the Mother, the Divine Mother, Elah אלה, resides in (Briah בריאה creation) the Second Space. For the purposes of this lecture, we are not going to go too deeply into Kabbalah, because it is very abstract knowledge that we have to approach with a lot of intuition in order to get it, but it is necessary for us to explain these matters a little, in order to gain some understanding of the nature of the Spirit.

The main thing is this: this male-female aspect of divinity (Elohim אלהים) resides within each one of us. So God is not male, neither female, but both forces.


Below El אל and Elah אלה there are many parts of the Being that we have to discover. In order to point to, or to address the multiplicity of divinity within each one of us, and also outside of us, we find the end of the word, Elohim אלהים, which is Im ים, I-M, Iod-Mem. In the Hebrew language, Im ים, Iod-Mem means, “many.” It is a plural ending. Whenever we find the letters I-M ים at the end of any Hebrew word, we can know that it signifies that it is plural.

So then, if we want to translate this word correctly, we have to say that Elohim אלהים means “gods and goddesses.” In other words, this Elohim אלהים (which is translated as “God”) represents the different parts of Divinity within each one of us, related with the masculine aspect of God, and those aspects which are related with the feminine pole of God. All of those elements together comprise that which we call the Monad, the multiple perfect unity, Elohim אלהים.

Of course, there are three main or primary parts within this Elohim, which we call the Holy Trinity. In Christianity, the Holy Trinity is know as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This trinity resides within each male-female aspect that we are talking about here. This is something that we have to intuit.

So, let us focus on the Holy Trinity. As we say, wisdom, love, power, are within the Father; wisdom, love, power, are within the Mother. These are what we call the three primary forces that create. As above, so below.

We need to understand that, at the level of the physical body, these three forces are only manifested in the intellectual animal. Why is this? Well, remember that in another lecture we spoke about how there are four kingdoms in nature: mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and the intellectual animal kingdom, which is wrongly called, mistakenly called humanity. Remember that the true human being is the outcome of the spiritual evolution or development of the intellectual animal, not the intellectual animal itself. The true human being is the man made into the image of God. This is the “Adam” that the Bible talks about, the true human being,

Do not ever think that we the Gnostics take everybody as human beings, because we do not. It is something that is always causing a lot of trouble in the minds of people that study Gnosis, because they do not understand that they are not true human beings. Indeed, and I repeat: we are not human beings. We are intellectual animals.

The intellectual animal is the only creature in the four kingdoms that possesses three brains. The other creatures which are not intellectual, have two brains: the motor brain, which is that brain that allows the creature to move here, there, everywhere; and the emotional brain, which of course allows the creature to process and express emotions. However. We, as intellectuals animals, also possess the intellectual brain. That is the difference between the beasts, which are just instinctive, and with us, who have intellect.

If we take the intellect out of any intellectual animal, and then we have a gorilla, a chimpanzee, orangutan, or any other ape. But, physically very weak; such a creature would be defenseless against the forces of nature, because the other creatures which are not intellectual, are much stronger than us. We are very weak, physically speaking.

However, we have a privilege. Only we, as intellectual animals, have the opportunity of becoming human beings in the complete sense of the word, in other words, of becoming Adam. This brings up another point that we need to address: in Gnosticism, when we talk about man, we are not talking about the masculine aspect. This humanity uses many words in an incorrect way; they say “humanity” or “human beings” and they believe this to mean everybody. And when they say “man,” they point to the male. Yet, “human being” and “man” are synonymous. The etymology of the word “man” itself comes from the Sanskrit, “manas”, which means “mind”; it is someone who is a “manu.” A man in actuality is somebody that is a manu, a man, someone that has a solar human mind.

Do you know what a true human mind is? In other words, do you know what a man is? It is someone whose mind is united to their own Hum, the spirit. Hum is a Sanskrit word which means, “spirit.” Hum, then, is the Monad. Thus, a true hum-man, is who one whose Monad (their Hum, their Spirit) is united to manas (the mind). That is a human. That is a man, in other words.

If we investigate the intellectual animal, mistakenly called human, we do not find the Monad expressessing itself through the intellectual animal. What we find, unfortunately, is that through the three brains that we have ― the intellectual brain, the emotional brain, and the motor-instinctive sexual brain (which is in the spinal column, together with the sexual organs and the instinctive center) ― what expresses through these three brains are the animal aspects of the animal kingdom, which are incorrectly called human defects. They are not hum-man, human defects; they are just properties of the animal kingdom: lust, anger, pride, envy, vanity, gluttony, laziness, fear. We have thousands of defects within each one of us. These defects belong to the animal aspects.

The only human thing that we have within is that which we call the “essence.” The essence is that in psychology which is commonly called consciousness. Unfortunately, this consciousness is bottled up within the ego. That ego is like I said: lust, envy, gluttony, laziness, etc.

So the ego is plural. That animal aspect of us, the ego, is worshiped in these times by many schools. They worship the ego. They have the cult of the ego.

The Whore and the Dragon

The book of Revelation, which is a kabbalistic book, names the ego in many different ways, according to the center or brain in which the ego is working. It calls it “the whore” or “harlot”; it also calls it the “beast with seven heads and ten horns and crowns” etc. It is named in different ways, according to its kind.

It is also called the “Antichrist.” The ego is the Antichrist. If you think that the Antichrist is some personage that will appear, manifest here on this Earth… well, it is already here. And it is inside of each one of us. It is our beloved ego. Or as the master Samael Aun Weor says, the ego is beloved by humanity, but of love the ego has none. Indeed, the ego is something very negative that we have within.

And of course, the ego is that entity that is destroying in each one of us the possibility of the human-being being created. That is unfortunate.

Lust is one of those defects that we have within that destroys, that is squandering, in a very stupid way, that energy that could be utilized in order to be born again, the process about which the Bible speaks much.

As we said, we intellectual animals have three brains. The first of these, the cerebro-spinal nervous system, is the throne of the spirit, the Father. The energy of the first logos acts through the brain, and the spinal nervous system. The energy of the Son, which is the second part of the Monad, acts through the emotional center, or the emotional brain, which we have here in this area from the heart to the navel. Unfortunately, we destroy the energy of the Son, which is love, in stupidities. We have a lot of defects that destroy that energy, emotionally speaking. In this day and age, the youth, destroy the energy of the Son through negative music, negative tv, films... in many ways.

Actors and actresses are experts in destroying the energy of the emotional brain.

Of course, the sexual-instinctive-motor brain is located in this area in relation to the spinal column. The energy of the sexual-instinctive-motor brain, the energy of the Holy Spirit is destroyed with the sexual abuse, with the different sports that are very popular in these times, etc. When we say that this brain is damaged through the sports of these times, we are not proclaiming ourselves against exercising ― indeed, exercising is something good, when done consciously, correctly ― but the different sports we find in this day and age abuse and destroy the motor brain, just so that people can get a gold medal, silver medal, just to display their pride that they are better than others. The ego is always involved.

So, the intellectual animal kills the potentiality of the creation of man within each one of us because the ego destroys the energies that we have in the three brains. That is why we die.

These three forces that we are talking about, which are both macrocosmic (universal) and microcosmic (a part of our own Monad) are also known as the Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation and the Holy Reconciliation. These three energies, these three forces act in the three brains and are related with our own particular Elohim אלהים that we have within, and that we have to work with, but that unfortunately we are not.

These three main primary forces are the main forces with which we have to work, which are the forces of God, within and external, in order to create the human being.

In the different religions, you always find the same primary forces, and in those religions different great masters, avatars, messengers, that come and teach the same thing, in order to guide.

In Kabbalah, when you study the Tree of Life, you find the first triangle, which points precisely to divinity. Kether, Chokmah, Binah, which translated into English are “crown, wisdom, and understanding/intelligence.”

In India, we find the very ancient religion of Brahmans. They give to the three primary forces the names Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. These three forces express themselves through every single creature in the universe that have three brains. However, the only creatures that possesses all three brains, but destroys those forces, is the intellectual animal.

Indeed, there are other creatures that are called Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Seraphims, Cherubims... they do not destroy that force. They create. And they become immortal because of those forces.

Of course, in Hinduism, they do not call those beings angels. They call them Devas, Gods in other words. In Judaism, they are the Malachim מלאכים.

On the planet Earth, there are seven orthodox religions. From these seven orthodox religions, we find five thousand sects. It is very rare to find somebody that understands his own religion. Usually, people fight against other religions, ignoring that all religions come from the same source.

For instance, if we study here in America, the ancient religions of Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas, you find the same principles, with other names, imagery, etc.

In India, they depicted the symbols of these three primary forces in a very beautiful way. You see statues of Brahma and other statues of Vishnu and Shiva, etc.

But in America, they were doing the same thing, but not in an as elaborate a manner as found in India or ancient Greece. The depictions of divinity in the states of Greece, the Roman empire, etc, are very beautiful. But here among the Mayans: the statues very rustic stones. The civilizations of the ancient Americas depicted these forces in a very rustic way. Indeed, if you travel to Mexico or Central America or South America, you will find these statues of their gods, or in other words, their depictions of the forces of nature and of divinity, but in a less elaborate manner than in those of the Greeks or Romans.

Among the Aztecs, for instance, Ometecuhtli is the first force. The second of these three primary forces is called Quetzalcoatl. If you investigate, the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, you will find the symbol of the serpent with feathers, a beautiful symbol of the second force, or second aspect of the Trinity.

Though this is the form through which the Mayans depicted the second force, it is important to remember that these three primary forces have no form. In every religion they give to these forces different forms, but only in order to help explain the nature of divinity. In Kabbalah for instance, they are against any form. They do not give any form to the different aspects of divinity. But, if you read the Zohar, which is a kabbalistic book, you will see how they describe the Father, the primary force, in a beautiful way, as a human being in the complete sense of the word.

We have to understand that, no matter what form, these depictions are merely symbols of the three primary forces. In doing so we come to understand and respect all religions, as simply different crystallizations or appearances of the same universal truths. Unfortunately, this is the time in which “humanity,” in their ignorance, mock other creatures of nature.

When somebody achieves the control of the three primary forces in himself or herself, such a person becomes a God or Goddess. What is a God? What is a Goddess? It is a creature that self-realized himself or herself, achieving the perfection of each of the parts of their own Monad. Therefore, such a being is capable of working with the forces of the universe. When somebody is in harmony with the forces of the universe, they can work with the energies of creation. Such an individual can control everything.

Therefore, we have to understand that not all the creatures with three brains in the universe are degenerated like us. Yet, this “humanity” believes itself to be powerful, in control of nature, the master of nature. Indeed, the technological marvels of the intellectual mind are hypnotizing humanity. In reality, we are not on top, we are not in control of the forces of nature. Psychology speaking, and even physically speaking, we are inferior to many of the creatures of nature which are not intellectual.

For instance, in we were in the presence of a lion, even with our supposed superior intellect, the pride of our intellect, we cower in fear. However, a real, true human being is capable of controlling not only one lion, but many. This is because the true human being is above the lion. Read the book of Daniel, and you will see how Daniel, who is a real human being, was there in a den with many lions; he was a human being, a self-realized being.

An eagle is above any one of us. Despite possessing three brains, in reality, there are many creatures that are superior to us, spiritually speaking, because we are degenerated. The purpose of this doctrine is to regenerate. We have to understand that the regeneration of each one of us, in order to achieve the goal of becoming human beings, happens by taking advantage of the three brains. Only the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit create. Only Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva create. There is no way to achieve the self-realization of the being if we do not take advantage of the three brains. And, the main force that can transform us is the sexual-motor-instinctive brain.

If we are destroying the three brains in stupidities, we are not going to achieve the self-realization of the being. In other words, our Monad will not succeed in expressing itself through each one of us. We have to perfect all the parts.

Did you hear that in the ancient times―and even still in these times, it is repeated―they say that the man, the real man, is the microcosmos of the macrocosmos. In other words, it is stated that the macrocosmos, the great cosmos, expresses itself through the micro, through ourselves, supposedly. But is the macrocosmos expressing itself through us?

What is expressing through ourselves? Be frank and talk to yourself. Do you know about the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions? There are many intellectual animals that believe and that claim this three-dimensional world is the only world and that other dimensions are just superstitions or beliefs of people that are ignorant. They are not knowledgeable. We say that it is because they are blind.

We know that our psyche in this very moment is sick. It is easy to see this in the world, how the world is: wars, sicknesses, famine... Humanity in the United States, Canada and other countries, worships homosexuality, worships lesbianism. That this civilization of intellectual animals worships degeneration is pitiful. They justify their degeneration in many ways. They justify adultery, fornication, assassination. This is the chaos in which we are. We are sick. This is something that we have to truly see in ourselves.

The Monad is perfect, but unfortunately is not incarnated in us. We have to incarnate it. Each moment that passes, we find ourselves far, far away from the Monad. The opposite of the Monad is the ego, which is an imperfect, multiple unity.

The ego is divided in three as well, just as the Monad is divided in three. We have, for instance, in the mind, an entity that is very intellectual, which is in different religions given different names. In ancient Egypt, this entity of the mind, very intellectual and wise, was called Hai. In the book of Moses, this demon Hai, the demon of the mind, was represented as the Pha-Rah פה רע (evil mouth).

Moses the Pharoah

However, if we investigate the wisdom of Egypt, then the symbol of a Pharaoh פרעה is different. Indeed, Moses was establishing a new religion in this time, thus he was taking many symbols and destroying others in order to start his own religion, his own doctrine. As a result, he used as the representation of the demon of the mind, the symbol of the Pharaoh פה רע. In his book of Exodus, and he has to fight that evil mouth of the demon of the mind, the Pha Rah פה רע, or Hai, as it is called in the ancient Egypt.

In the Gospels, the four writers of the Gospels, they give to this demon Hai the name Pilate, the one that washes his hands of the act of sending Jesus to the cross. This Pilate, Pha Rah פה רע (evil mouth) or Hai is always in our mind.

Of course, you find these three parts, or traitors, of the inner Monad symbolized in different ways. If you ever read the Popul Vuh, the book of the Mayans, it is very beautiful to find there the symbol of the three demons as well, the three entities that everyone has inside, in different ways.

We have another entity here in the emotional brain, that is called Nebt in the ancient Egypt. This demon Nebt, is in Christianity, Caiaphas קיפה or קיפא, the priest, that Pharisee who is very hypocritical and that resides always in this area of the navel. That is Caiaphas קיפה or קיפא, the Pharisee, the priest, which is very strong in all religious people who call themselves religious, but are not.

And of course, the third traitor of the Monad is Judas, who is found in this area of the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. This demon is known as Apopi in ancient Egypt, the demon of desire, the most degenerated of them all.

We have these three entities of in our consciousness. These three entities, three demons or three traitors, which are related with our three brains, are mentioned in the book of Revelation as follows:

demons as frogs

“And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” - Revelation 16: 13

So the book of Revelation calls these three demons “three filthy spirits with the form of frog that were coming from the mouth of the dragon (genitalia), and out of the mouth of the beast (emotion), and out of the mouth of the false prophet (intellect),” the ego, of course.


“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” - Revelation 13: 1

So behind these three we find the seven capital sins, we find lust, pride, envy, greed, anger, gluttony, laziness, the seven capital sins, or the beast or dragon of seven heads, which is inside of everybody. They are the seven legions of psychological aggregates that sustain themselves inside each one of us.

The ego is a plurality; it is multiple. This is the reason why we are in chaos. And of course, just as the Monad is male-female, we also find here the two polarities: male-female, inside of us. If we investigate some psychological aggregates with clairvoyance, we will discover that some egos are male and others are female, and they reside in that which we call the subconsciousness, unconsciousness, or infraconsciousness, which is our own particular, individual hell. These aspects of ourselves are, as we say in Latin, the infernos, which means “inferior”; they are the inferior parts of the consciousness.

So, the paths before us are to choose to work to express the Monad (heaven) that resides within us, or to continue expressing the ego (hell) that we have. As we are now, since we are full of ego, our actions reflect the reality of that hell that we carry within. And, because the billions of inhabitants in the Earth express their own hell, thus you see that the planet Earth is a hell, a completely degenerated planet.

The ego dares to believe that this planet is inhabited by human beings. This is what the ego says, what the ego believes. Other creatures which are not intellectual, like the lion, tiger, and other wild beasts, they kill when they are hungry, but they do not kill for stupidities: a flag, or because they are hypnotized with that word, “liberty.”

So, there are many people that believe themselves to be free. Free of what? We are slaves. We are slaves of our own defects, our own vices. If we were kings and queens of nature and the universe, as human beings should be, then we would not have cancer, aids, leukemia, or any other illness that might appear in the future.

Despite all of our woes, all of our problems, our wars, our sicknesses, our famines, we boast of being human beings and very, very intelligent creatures. And in that wisdom, in that intelligence, we are destroying the planet with smog, polluting the seas, rivers, lakes, destroying nature… remember that intelligence “Binah בינה" is related to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, the energy that creates is in the sexual organs. We ignore the sexual energy. We do not know anything about it. The only thing that we know is how to abuse the sexual energy in a bestial way, because of our animalistic nature. That is it; that is all we know of the mysteries of the sexual force.

However, if we were to awaken, even if just for a moment, and we were to investigate other creatures in the other kingdoms, we would see how innocent they are, the purity that they have. And, that they are awakened.

You see that the so-called elementals of nature, the creatures of other kingdoms, like animals, plants, and minerals, they are more harmony, in union with nature. Therefore they enjoy Eden, paradise. Eden is a state of consciousness in which the being, the soul, is united with the spirit, with Elohim. It is when the soul, which is the lowest of all the parts of the Being, of Elohim, is united with that spirit, that Elohim. However, unfortunately, we intellectual animals are not unified with our own spirit, instead we are bottled up within our own ego, our “self,” our defects, vices and errors.

If you observe any animal, you will see that they act only on instinct. Yet, they are united with the Monad, they are in communion, and thus they enjoy nature. However, some of them do not get to enjoy nature, because the intellectual animals are destroying it. Even so, they are in communion with the higher forces and even with those beings which are above us, the Angels, Archangels, etc. These Angels, Archangels, etc are self-realized beings, capable of creating more complex elements, or units, in the universe.

There are beings, for instance, that are called, Cosmo-Creators. Do you know what a Cosmo-Creator is? A Cosmo-Creator, as the name suggests, is a creator of cosmoses. It is an entity capable of creating any cosmos. There are seven cosmos in the universe. The Tritocosmos, which is the lowest of all the cosmos, is in English called “hell.” This is the level in which we are right now; it is what we are creating, hell.

Above the Tritocosmos is the Microcosmos. This cosmos is very far from our understanding. Yet, for a being, a Monad to create a planet, which is called a Mesocosmos, you need to go beyond the Microcosmos. These matters are difficult for us to understand because we are not human beings; we are just Tritocosmoses, infernos, hells walking around in the planet Earth. But a human being can understand about that because he is in contact with his own divinity.

Above the Mesocosmos, you find the Deuterocosmos. And there are beings which are capable of controlling a Deuterocosmos: solar system.

And above the solar system, there are beings capable of controlling Macrocosmoses: galaxies.

Above the galactic level, there are beings that are capable to control Protocosmoses. These are what we call Cosmo-Creators.

Since we are not capable of seeing beyond the third dimension, this “humanity” mocks the idea of these beings. This is what this humanity does. Humanity mocks the holy Gods. They think that the gods of different religions were created by the imagination of the ancient people because they could not explain or understand the different phenomena of nature. Therefore, they created different Gods to explain that the lightning was coming from Jupiter, that for instance in ancient Mexico, the rain was brought by Tlaloc, etcetera. They believe that these ancient peoples engraved many monuments and many statues in order to symbolize their gods, because they were ignorant.

The reality is simple: the ancients were as so degenerated as we are. They were capable of seeing these beings that we are talking about here. They called them “gods.” “masters,” whatever. The name they gave to them does not matter, what is important is that they were beings that were in greater communion with their inner Monad, Elohim, in the complete sense of the word.

And of course, they were seeing these beings and worshiping them, because they were longing that in the future they would become as one of them in their path of perfection, of self-realization. Because that is in the universe. It is a path in many levels, many rungs of the ladder.

It is very difficult for the worm or the slug that is wallowing in the mud to understand, that out of that mud comes beautiful flowers, trees. The slug only believes in the mud because that is all it sees and knows. That is our situation, unfortunately. We are so, so degenerated, so low, so deluded that we think we are on top of the heap.

I even heard one day on TV, a religious statement of a fanatical fundamentalist. He said “I do not know the purpose of God. Maybe we that believe in Jesus, that we are saved, in the Rapture, maybe God will take us in order for us to colonize other planets or to govern other humanities that maybe they are there, because we are the chosen ones.” This is what they believe: that they are the chosen ones. That they are being prepared to govern other humanities... this is what they understand when they read the Bible. Unfortunately, it is not like that.

So, we have to climb the mystical, kabbalistic ladder of Jacob. According to Kabbalah, we need to climb the ladder that takes us from the matter to the spirit, from hell to heaven. That ladder can only be climbed with three forces, by acting in accordance with the three energies. That is why, in order to acquire the self-realization of the being, we need to work with three factors. If you do not work with the three, if we are not working with the three brains, we are just wasting our time, and fooling ourselves. The most stupid thing is to you fool oneself, thinking that you are doing good, meanwhile, you do not know that you are not doing anything.

The first factor of the revolution of the consciousness starts there, below, here, in this brain, the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. The work with this brain is the work to be born again. To be born again is when you know how to utilize the sexual energy in order to create in the alchemical way. It is not a matter of believing in Jesus. If you believe in Jesus and all the prophets of the Bible, and you memorize the Bible, letter by letter, but you do not take advantage of your sexual energy in order to be born again, you are just wasting your time.

Even if you cry and feel in your heart with all of your strength that you are saved and you are born again, it does not make it true! Birth, in this physical plane, comes as a result of the woman and a man engaging in the sexual act; when the sperm leaves the sexual organ of the male and penetrates the ovum in the sexual organ of the female. This is something natural. To be born again is not something artificial, nor is it a matter of believing in something. The second birth occurs only by utilizing the sexual energy in the correct manner; creating inside of us something which is called the “Son of Man.” The Son of Man has to be created. The Son of Man is the son of the human being.

Jesus did it. He accomplished this work. And he taught how to do the same, two thousand years ago, so that every one of his followers could do as he did, with the help of Christ. He did not believe that he was the only one. He knew that he was one of many; he is of course very high, yes, very elevated, but he is not the only one. Christ saved him.

Christ is not Jesus himself. Jesus is part of Christ, but Christ is a multiple, perfect unity in the universe. It is a force. Christ is the energy that expresses itself through the three brains. Christ is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christ is positive, negative, neutral. Christ is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; Kether, Chokmah, Binah. It is the active force, passive force, neutral force. So that is one of the aspects, one of the three factors: to take advantage of the sexual force, to be born again.

The second factor of these three primary forces of the universe is: to deny oneself. This, in order for the energy, or the force of that beautiful energy which is called the Son, the second aspect of Christ, to crystallize in each one of us. To deny yourself is to deny that which you think you are. To deny your lust, to deny your envy, your greed, your gluttony. All of that. But, this is not the denial of oneself as is commonly thought of, as many superficial people do. They say, “I do not sin anymore therefore, I am a virtuous person.” They call virtue to be tired of sin. That is not a virtue. When somebody, for instance a drunk, stops drinking, now, he believes to be virtuous because he does not drink anymore. But the ego, the entity that was pushing him to drink is still there. So where is the virtue?

Somebody was tired of fornicating. And now they believe themselves to be chaste. They are not chaste. We have to annihilate lust in the three brains, in all the forty-nine levels of the mind, in order to really become that virtue which is chastity. People call a chaste person someone who has no sexual activity. That is just abstinence. It is not chastity.

To be abstinent is easy. Everybody can do it. All the priests of the Catholic church do it. But they are not chaste; they are just abstinent, in celibacy. Like many monks in Buddhism, that follow Buddhism in the wrong way, they are also celibate. But they are not chaste. A chaste person is somebody that is in chastity in all the 49 levels of the mind. It is somebody that is not squandering the sexual energy, neither in the physical plane nor in the emotional plane, never in the mental plane.

One could say to oneself, “Well, I am single. I am in chastity. I am celibate.” Meanwhile, he is reading pornographic magazines, or having lustful conversations, or having wet dreams. So where is his chastity? That is not chastity, right?

The only way to acquire chastity is annihilating lust. It is to reach that moment when somebody tells you, “What about lust?” And then you will answer, “What is that? I do not understand. Can you explain unto me what is lust?” To reach the innocence of a child, a child of one year old. In this humanity now, the children of five, seven years old, they are lustful. That innocence is destroyed by the time they are five, six, seven years old. Indeed, I remember in this very moment, someone once told me that he started masturbating himself at the age of four years. I said, “What?” He replied, “Yes, and I knew and I enjoyed it since I was four years old.” Since four years old! I said, “Wow, fours years old, and you were masturbating?” “Yes, and I like it.” I asked him, “But what were you obtaining at four years old?” He answered, “I do not know but, some sensation. Until of course, I was older.”

What a lust, in his particular ego! And I do not think he is an exception. There will be many like him. Even so, it was a great surprise to me because at the age of four years old, I was not thinking of things like that.

When somebody is a very lustful soul, in life after life, and they are in their last life―as the souls that are incarnating right now that are come from ancient times―their lust is very fat. Such people are being born as homosexuals and lesbians, because their lust is so big that they even take the body of the same sex in a lustful way.

They are being born in this manner, as a consequence of their own actions, yet dare to say “God made me like that.” It is their lust that is making them like that. Anybody that is abusing the sexual energy in previous lives is being born as a homosexual or lesbian; trying to enjoy other sources, other stimulations of their lust, because they have grown tired of the opposite sex.

This is true of not only lust, but anger, envy, hatred... and the consequence of this is the world we see before us. We have to deny that within ourselves. To do that implies to know how to meditate. We need to meditate in order to know ourselves and to receive a lot of help.

We need help. That is why we are in this doctrine. We need help.

Of course, because we need help, we give help. There is a law in the universe that states: if you want knowledge, if you want to be helped, but you do not help others, then you are not working in accordance with the first law of the Father, which is the law of the Cosmic Common Trogo-Auto-Egocrat, to give and to receive in a harmonious way.

In the beginning of course, we start at the selfish level. That is, we give because we know that we have to receive. However, later on, we know how to give without expecting to receive. And even not wanting or expecting anything in return, the law will give to us. That is the higher way, the way of compassion.

But, if at the higher level of development you do not give anything, then you follow what in Buddhism is called the Pratyeka path or “selfish path.” This is the path in which the individual, ignores the necessity of giving to others the doctrine, but rather only works for himself.

You have to give if you want to receive. That is why the third factor is sacrifice for humanity. Sacrifice for humanity means to do the sacred work for humanity, for everyone; for that human thing which is inside of each person. Not for the ego. Because, I repeat, since we have the wrong idea that we are humans: there are a lot of people there that are sacrificing themselves for others, but they are still giving in to the ego, to their desires. That is not sacrifice for humanity. The ego destroys the fire and the energy of the Father. Only the human part of us is the one that wants to return, to achieve religare, the re-union, religion with our being.

So, this doctrine helps. You see that, I am talking to the consciousness. But I am talking against you, really. I really do not care about your lust, your pride, and perhaps you feel hurt in your self-esteem. Well, good. That hurt in your self-esteem reveals to you your own self-esteem. I care, for your soul, for your consciousness, but that has nothing to do with your self-esteem, with your pride, with your vanity, with your laziness, gluttony, lust, anger, and all of the rest of that garbage that we have inside. I have that too. I do not want to make myself appear as a saint. I am not a saint. I am somebody like you too, with ego. But I work on my own self. And I want to work for my being. I am sacrificing everything for my being. Therefore, in the same way that I love my being, my God, I love my neighbor.

This is a work for humanity, for God, a work for love. Not in the wrong way, as many people think. We have to be compassionate. And to tolerate degeneration? That is stupid. That is why this humanity is as it is, because we are tolerating other groups, that say, “We have to be compassionate. And we have to see and to tolerate degeneration.” That is a very backwards psychology, that works, and is sending us in the wrong direction

Every one of us has something to give. But, remember that what you want to give has to be for the consciousness, for the human part, for that essence which is pure, for the inner child. Then you will receive in return.

But, if you start giving for the ego of other people, they will return to you for your own ego too. And then you are working not for your being, but for your ego. Then, you will want to have a cult, the cult for the ego, which is what is everywhere right now. They have a cult for the ego, but not for the being.

In order to have service to the being, you have to detest your self, that self that you love very much, which is your ego. That is to deny yourself. And as Jesus says, “Take your cross and follow me.” You want to see an example of somebody that is sacrificing himself for the soul, the essence, the consciousness of others? Read the Gospel. Jesus is an example. He is never worships the weaknesses, the defects, the desires in anybody. He is always against the ego, taking the demons out of the people. We love our demons. We do not want to hear anybody saying that we are demons and we have devils inside. We want to be in heaven, with all the demons that we have inside.

In other words, religions in this time, they promise to their followers that they can put their hell in heaven, after death. We do not promise that here. We have to destroy hell in order to be in heaven. For, whether we are in heaven or in hell, in the physical body or out of the physical body, it is what we want: to conquer heaven here, in this physical plane, which means to incarnate the Monad, to perfect all the parts of the Monad, the self-realization of Being. Inside of each one of us.

Questions and Answers

Audience: You said before, the cerebro-spinal nervous system is the throne of the Father, the emotional brain is the energy of the Son, what was the other one?

Instructor: The emotional brain which is called the grand sympathetic nervous system is the seat of the Son, of that energy which is called the Son. And the parasympathetic, also called the vagus nervous system, is the seat of the Holy Spirit, the sexual organs.

Audience: You said that being born again is creating the Son of Man. How do you distinguish between the Son of Man and the Son of God, in the Bible?

Instructor: It is the same thing. But we have to understand two things: (1) The Son of God, which is Christ, is that energy which is in the universe, diluted in the universe. It is the first emanation of the unknown, that light. It resides in the center of every atom, every galaxy, every solar system, every planet. It is the light, the Son of God.

But (2), when that energy, which is Christ, which is called the Son of God, humanizes, in every single creature, it then becomes the Son of Man.

That is why Jesus Christ is called the Son of Man, his power is because Christ was within him, as the Son of Man. But, what is important to understand is that Son of Man was also within Moses. Moses had his own Son of Man inside. Krishna is a Son of Man too.

The Son of Man is the same Christ, that cosmic force, humanized, individualized. It is the same essence of the universal Christ. So, if we call the Son of Man the Son of God, it is the same. The Son of God, the Son of Man, is Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Babaji, Rama, Mohammed, in every single three-brained creature that incarnates the three forces.

Audience: And the three traitors, you have got Nebt is Caiaphas, Apopi is Judas, and what was the third one?

Instructor: Hai is Pilate, the governor according to the Gospels that sent Jesus to the cross.

Audience: You said the demon of desire is Judas?

Instructor: Judas is the demon of desire. Pilate is the demon of the mind. And Nebt, or Caiaphas, is the demon of the evil will, of the self-willed demon.

These three demons are inside of each one of us. They reside in the three brains. These are three entities which are acting always against the self-realization. They destroy the energy, because every single day when we repose in sleep, and when we eat too, the three brains are re-charged. The demon of the mind is in charge of destroying the energy of the mind.

Audience: Which is which? Judas is the mind so that is the…

Instructor: No, Judas is based in the sex. Judas, it is said, is the most degenerated of the three. Judas likes homosexuality. Judas likes lesbianism. Judas likes prostitution. Judas likes any type of sexual degeneration.

Audience: And Caiaphas is the…?

Instructor: Caiaphas is in the heart, in this area of the solar plexus. He is a hypocrite. He believes himself holy.

Audience: So that means he is deceptive? Deceptive of their own selves…Caiaphas.

Instructor: Yes. Caiaphas represents that type of ego that we have, that we believe that we are holy because we belong to this or that religion or this and that group, etc. That is why in this doctrine, when you enter here, do not expect to find any holy person. We are not holy.


Every single person has ego here and we know that. But in other groups, they ignore that. They think that they are holy because of their belief. With this, they are strengthen that part of the ego in this area of the heart, which is called the hypocritical Pharisee. Right? They are believing themselves holy meanwhile, they are full of garbage inside. But, to recognize that is important, because it is in this area, of the heart that we, ourselves, point. When we say, “Me, myself, I,” we point to the area of the heart; “What I feel is that…” The problem is, most of the time we feel in the wrong way.

And of course here, in the mind, is that demon that washes his hands with justifications:

Oh, I did it because, you know,…” “Maybe tomorrow I will do it but now, I do not think so.”

It is the justification of not doing the work of the inner Being. Any justification will come always from the mind: “Oh, I have too much work to do.” What about meditation? “Oh, no, it is very difficult. Every time that I meditate, it is very complicated, so forget it.” We always find justifications for not doing the work that we know we need to do.

Audience: Behind these three demons of desire, mind, and the will, do we have the seven capital sins behind each three and behind their seven capital sins, forty-nine levels of the mind in three different places?

Instructor: Yes, all of us have a legion of demons inside.

We are many

Audience: How would you suggest to meditate? By what methods?

Instructor: Meditation is, of course, the way in which you have to discover the facts, the truth inside.

You have to know how to relax your body and of course, to concentrate in that particular part of yourself that you want to comprehend. Remember that you have many parts.

Audience: Are there different methods for different parts?

Instructor: Well, it is the same method. It is always the same method. But you cannot comprehend all the parts of yourself in one session. So you have to have the patience of comprehending each part of yourself in every day.

For instance, we can say that the process is capture, comprehension, annihilation.

Capture: I explained that all the defects, vices, and errors express themselves through the three brains. So we have to observe the three brains. There are twenty-four hours in the day, or at least sixteen hours ― I do not know how many hours you sleep ― that you are aware and that we need to make use of through self-observation. In order to observe yourself, you have to remember your inner God, your inner Being, that positive part of you which is God, and to pray. There are many ways of praying. Right? Depends what religion you have.

There are many prayers. For instance, in Christianity, the Prayer of the Lord. Or, in Hinduism, a very simple prayer is just “Om, om, om,” and you remember. You remember your inner being, and at the same time, you observe.

Observe what? Any defect that is acting. If somebody comes and insults you, there is the possibility that the anger will come. Then you have to be in a state of alertness, in order to see in which brain that defect is going to act. In your intellect, by justifying it? In your emotional brain by exploding. Or kicking, fighting, etc utilizing your motor center,. Your defects always act in any of the three brains.

But when it takes one brain, it immediately takes over the other two. This is what we need to understand: that no matter in which brain the defect initially manifests, it will take over the other two, and thus act through all three.

Of course,if you have made that effort of self-observation throughout the day, then you will have material for meditation. At any time of the day, you sit, and you analyze that attitude, that behavior you had, in your mind, in your heart, in your sex. When you are satisfied with your comprehension, then you ask for annihilation of that particular psychological aggregate.

In order to ask for annihilation, you have to worship the feminine aspect of God in you, which is something that a lot of religions are lacking. Hinduism, for instance, is very rich in the symbolism of the Divine Mother. One of the names they give to the feminine aspect of the divine, Kundalini.

In Kabbalah, they call it the Schekinah, the feminine aspect that you have to work with, in order to ask for annihilation. And of course, utilize Tantra. White Tantra. Not that Black Tantra that you find in bookstores written by Rajneesh and many other black magicians that are teaching Black Tantra, which is just the enjoyment of lust.

White Tantra is different. It is very difficult to find a book of White Tantra.

Audience: Can you recommend any books to learn about White Tantra?

Instructor: We have the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor, such as The Perfect Matrimony, the Yellow Book, among others. Unfortunately, outside of such books, we only find grey and black tantra.

Remember: meditation has to be daily, because the daily bread of the wise is meditation. You have to know yourself. And the only way to know yourself is through meditation.

First, you come know hell, your own hell. And then, after that, heaven. There are a lot of people that want to enter heaven. They say, “I want to experience heaven!” Meanwhile, their own hell is very large. So I am sorry, but if you want to experience heaven, you have to annihilate a lot of your hell.

Audience: What about celibacy?

Instructor: Celibacy? Celibacy is good for those people that know well how to sublimate the sexual energy, preparing for the eventuality of practicing Tantra. We have to prepare ourselves in order to find the real mate, the right mate. If the mate is not there, the right mate, do not jump immediately, because you can take the wrong mate.

So, firstly practice as a single. Learn to control the sexual force as a single person, through pranayama, transmutation. Then, when you find a mate, you have a firmer base from which to practice Tantra. But, that mate shouldn’t be just just for a little while, like is now very common in these times. Right? People change mates like they change underwear.

In this work, we have to be serious.

Audience: Do you confront one of your egos in the astral? And you are not afraid of it? And you realize at the time that it is an ego. Can it hurt you? Can you fight with it there and try to annihilate it there? What do you do? Do you talk to it?

Instructor: You can talk to it. If you have a strong energy, you can talk with your own ego. But if it is an ego that is very strong, the ego will be smarter than you and will keep his mouth shut. However, if you conjure that ego, over and over, you can force it to talk. If they talk, they will tell you the way in which they are feeding themselves through you.

If it is a strong ego, it will try to hurt you, of course. It will be you hurting you. Right? I remember one day, for instance, I was in the astral plane, and I was having difficulties with a certain ego. I concentrated myself in my inner mother, and I told her, “My Divine Mother, please invoke me my “such-and such” ego. I want to talk with this ego of mine.” And of course, my Divine Mother brought my psychological defect in front of me. In the beginning, I was very surprised because I was observing him ― the ego was in front of me ― it was exactly like me. Exactly like me. No difference. It was like looking at myself in the mirror. The only difference was that he had very red eyes, very red, like embers.

I told the ego, “I invoked you in order for you to tell me in which way are you feeding yourself through me?” And then, the creature, or the beast, which was myself, was attacking me, throwing itself against me.

When I was a teenager, I was learned karate and judo, and I made use of that knowledge in the astral plane. I was taking him on with martial arts, because I did not want to conjure him, because I knew that if I conjure this ego, he will flee away. I said, “Do not fight because I do not want to hurt you. I want you to tell me in which way are you feeding yourself through me.” And then, he attacked me again, like three times. The fourth time I said, “Maybe with a conjuration I will comprehend what I need.” And I conjured him. I said, “In the name of Christ, I conjure you!” Whoosh! He disappeared. Then, I did it again, and he appeared again. I said, “Do not fight because I can defeat you as you see. Just tell me in which way are you feeding yourself. I command you to do it.”

It was my own ego, you know? And he was always silent. He turned away and was transforming himself into a certain different person. It was not myself but was another one. Thus, I discovered that the ego has the ability of transforming himself in the way that he wants in order to take advantage of you, of what you are doing.

Audience: Did you recognize these different shapes that he was taking? People that you know?

Instructor: No, it was somebody that I did not know. And he was walking away and then I just gave up. I said, “This guy, he knows that if he talks, it is his death.” Because if he does not take advantage of that, you will comprehend more, right? But sometimes, when the ego is not too strong, you can talk to them, and they will tell you.

Audience: Yes, but sometimes I cannot even work when they come...

Instructor: Listen: you have to always pray to your Divine Mother. Do not forget your Divine Mother Kundalini. She is the one that will help you to understand, to comprehend, because she knows every single one of those egos. She knows it, but you do not.

The work is this: you have to know yourself. It is what your Divine Mother wants, for you to know yourself.

So, when you go into deep meditation and you concentrate, and you do not forget yourself and you go deep down, digging in one of the parts of yourself ― it could be, for instance, anger, or any type of aggregate, you will know that part of you. Then you make the effort of comprehending that defect. Thus, when you ask your Divine Mother, “Please, annihilate this psychological aggregate of mine,” she will know if you really comprehended it. She will look at you and say, “Oh, there is a little bit that you need to know more about that.” So she will not annihilate it, until you know it fully. Then, after annihilating the defect, you do not feel that defect anymore. Thus, the virtue comes, which will be the opposite of that defect.


Audience: If pick a certain event or something that happened during the day… in the beginning, you have so many egos, and like you said one brain might act but all three unite after that. There are so many things happening, how can you possibly really understand?

Instructor: Observe. Just observe.

You have to be patient. If you discover that there are three defects acting in the same moment, take one first, and comprehend that one in your three brains. If you are satisfied that you comprehended that part, take the other one. And do the same thing with the next one. And then, the third one. And then, when you are satisfied that the three ones are completely comprehended, then ask for annihilation of the same ones in the same sequence. And they will be annihilated.

But you have to comprehend them. If you do not comprehend them and if you ask for annihilation, they will simply remain in your consciousness. Your consciousness is bottled up. The divine part, the Divine mother, takes the defect out and pushes it to hell, but only if it is comprehended.

Audience: Where it gets purified?

Instructor: No, the ego will not be purified; it will be annihilated because it is just a demon. It is an entity that only deserves death.

When you comprehend an ego, you extract the consciousness from that ego. It is like the genie out of the lamp. When a defect is comprehended, the consciousness is no longer trapped in the bottle or, the lamp. Then, your Divine Mother comes and destroys that lamp, that bottle. However, if you say, “I comprehended this,” meanwhile the genie is still inside of the bottle, and thus your Divine Mother cannot destroy that bottle, because will not harm that genie, that consciousness inside of that bottle. Comprehension frees the genie.

Audience: So it is only an empty shell that gets annihilated?

Instructor: Yes, the empty shell. But even though that is an empty shell, it does not want to die. It will act through you as a tempting demon, in order to force you to repeat the thing that was causing it to be. And, if you repeat that sin, then the consciousness will be bottled up again. That is a stupid game to play.

Audience: So, once you have understood it, if you do it again and bring it back, then you really cannot free yourself then? Because you have only understood it, and the understanding does not free it?

Instructor: No, you have to ask for annihilation. Your Divine Mother has to annihilate that empty bottle. If you do not ask for annihilation of that empty bottle, that empty bottle will act as a tempting demon. You already know that you should not do that. But meanwhile, the ego will be constant in its: “Just do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.” It is like that little devil on the left side of your shoulder.

Audience: So what does the mind do, when the temptation is no longer there?

Instructor: If the defect is truly comprehended and destroyed, there is no temptation, because there is no demon.