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This is a lecture on Gnostic Anthropology. Anthropology, this word, comes from the Greek language. Anthropos is a Greek word which means “human being” and Logos means ‘study of,’ thus, anthropology is the study of everything related to the human being. The word Gnostic, another Greek word, means “knowledge,” but, specifically, it refers to the kind of knowledge that acquired as a consequence of direct conscious perception. So, this phrase, Gnostic Anthropology, which is of a Greek root, is the study of the human being from the Gnostic point of view, or in other words, from the perspective of direct cognizant knowledge.

Gnosticism is really a science or knowledge that is very profound. We find knowledge, or gnosis, in different religions. In the last lecture, we were talking about 'to know' or knowledge. Of course, the type of knowledge that we develop, or we want to develop, is the knowledge related with the Being. One thing is the knowledge that we acquire in universities, in schools, in life, another is the knowledge that we acquire together with the Being.

In Gnosticism, the Being is called the Tree of Life, and the knowledge of the Being itself is called the Tree of Knowledge. Again, we have to remind you that the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, talks about these two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil, which is the Tree of Knowledge; both of these trees were in the middle of the garden of Eden.

Of course, in Gnosticism, we learn that these two trees are related with two symbols, which are very profound. The Tree of Life is the Being. In philosophy, we say that the Being is the Being, and the reason of the Being to be is to be the same being of the Being itself. The Being is  God - Hebrew אל El [1+30= 4] Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה), the Spirit, the real Self, and when you study the real Self, the Being, you have to study it in the Tree of Life, which in Kabbalah are the ten Sephiroth, which are ten parts of the Being.

Kabbalah is also a word that is very common in this day and age. This word Kabbalah קבלה has its root in the Hebrew word Kabel קבל. Kabel means 'to receive.' So, when you're studying Kabbalah קבלה, you are receiving knowledge. But, as we explained in the previous lecture, there are two types of Kabbalists קובלים, in other words, there are two ways of receiving knowledge. The way that we are learning right now, through this lecture in which I'm teaching to you, by studying books, lectures, etc, that way is called intellectual knowledge, an intellectual way of receiving doctrine. However, the way that is related to the Being is Intuitive Kabbalah.

Do you know what intuition is? It is related to the heart. In the heart, we have those events or actions that lead you to say, “I have a hunch.” This is a hunch that is related to the heart; it is something that tells you, warns you, informs you of something that your intellect cannot understand, cannot comprehend. That is intuition.

Yet, the question remains: in reality, what is intuition? Intuition is the way in which we hear, or better said, sense. It is the guidance of our Being that we sense. In kabbalistic words, it is the guidence of Chokmah חכמה, Jesus-Chirst in Tiphereth, the heart, which is Eloah VaDaath Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei - אלוה ודעת יהוה. As king Solomon says it in his Proverbs: 

“My son, if thou wilt receive my words and hide my commandments with thee; So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom (Chokmah חכמה), and apply thine heart (Leb לב) to understanding (Binah בינה); Yea, if thou cries after understanding (Binah בינה), and for understanding (Binah בינה) givest forth thy read (Tikra תקרא); If thou seeks her (the Schekinah שכינה) as silver, and searches for her (the Schekinah שכינה) as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand (chastity, which is) the fear of Iod-Havah יהוה, and find the knowledge (Daath דעת) of Elohim אלהים. For Iod-Havah יהוה gives wisdom (Chokmah חכמה, Jesus-Christ) out of his mouth (his throat) as well as (out of his throat) comes (the duality in Daath דעת) knowledge and understanding (Binah בינה).……..

“When wisdom (Chokmah חכמה, Jesus-Christ) enters into your heart (Leb לב), and knowledge (Daath דעת) is pleasant unto your soul (Nephesh נפש); discretion shall preserve thee, understanding (Binah בינה) shall keep thee.” - Proverbs 2: 1-6, 10,11 read until 15

You see, it is here in the heart when you receive that guidance, it is here in the heart when you receive the knowledge. However, to sense that, to be cognizant of that, we have to learn to place our mind in unity with the heart, in order to make our mind an intuitive mind. Naturally, this is a matter of practice, because in this day and age, we are accustomed to almost exclusively using the intellectual mind. We have the tendency of rationalizing everything that we see, everything that we experience; this rationalization is a function of the intellect. The intuitive mind is different; it is the way in which your mind learns from your Spirit. In other words, an intuitive mind is a mind which is under the service of the Spirit, or for the Spirit, for your Being.

You might ask, “What is the Being?” The Being is not the ego, as we say in many lectures. That ego that we have, that we call “my anger, my lust, my pride, my envy, my gluttony, my laziness, my self-importance, my self-esteem, my fear, my doubts,” etc... all of that is not the Being. The Being is something that we have to experience. We have 97% of ego, and this is the false self inside of us, which is related with the four bodies of sin, which is also called inferior quaternary. The ego is related with the physical body, with the vital body, with the emotional body, and with the mental body. Those four aspects, together, are what you call the inferior quaternary. That is what is the ego. The Being, however, is beyond mind.

In order to experience the Being, you have to go beyond your mind, your intellect. The Being is in the eternal “now.” The Being does not think. The famous quote of Descartes is now coming into my mind; he said, "I think therefore I am.” This is wrong. I think therefore I am not; that is the reality. It would be better to say "I think therefore I sense my ego, I sense my mind, my emotions etc., but this is not who I am.” Those who think that they are the mind, that they are the body, do so because they do not know the truth, they do not know their Being. The philosophy of the Being is "Yes, yes, yes. Now, now, now," It is comprehension of what is life now, without reasoning.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Comprehension, understanding, intuition are better than reasoning. But, in order for you to grasp, that you have to practice it. That is why we advise in the beginning to vocalize, chant, sing a mantra. This word Mantra is really just an Eastern word for a prayer that will help you to put into activity your intuitive sense or vision. There is a mantra, a Tibetan mantra that all the monks in Tibet vocalize every day: Om Masi Padme Yom. If you concentrate in your heart, and imagine a golden rotating wheel there, then vocalize, "Om Masi Padme Yom," rotating clockwise like the needles of a clock.

Audience: Is it important that we visualize it?

Instructor: Yes. Imagine a golden rotating wheel, rotating clockwise like the needles of a clock, which is moving frontward, afar from us and chant Om Masi Padme Hum. As the master Samael Aun Weor stated:

“By positively spinning from left to right like the needles of a clock, seen not at one’s side, but frontward, afar from us.” - The Three Mountains

I wrote the mantra in this way, to vocalize it with this pronunciation, because you find that mantra written in different ways. But this is the way in which you vocalize it. You often find this mantra written as. Om Mani Padme Hum, but the way to vocalize it is, Om Masi Padme Yom, extending the vocalization of each vowel in the mantra. The meaning of this mantra in Sanskrit is, "Oh, my inner God, within me."  God - Hebrew אל El [1+30= 4] Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה) inside of me.

Of course, this mantra puts into activity your heart, your intuition; you imagine that and then the sense or vision starts to develop, and you begin to receive, receiving knowledge from your inner Being. This knowledge is of course related with the psychological work that you have to do. This is when you enter into a field that we call the intuitive Kabbalah, direct knowledge of self as a consequence of connection with the Being.

This mantra increases your comprehension, your understanding, which is directly related to your consciousness, with your psyche because reasoning is really for the intellect. Master Samael says:

"The intellect is an instrument that shows us that, through reasoning, we cannot understand anything." - Samael Aun Weor

That is the intellect. It is the property of understanding or comprehension that we can attach to anything because we are always in a state of comparison, of labeling, of qualifying. When the intellect says, "This is black," we then say "This is black because it is not white." Or, it is dull because it is not sharp; or I am saying she is fat, it is because she is not thin. If I am saying it is dark, it is because there is no light, etc etc etc. It is always a matter of comparison and categorization; the mind, the intellect, never takes us to the comprehension of the thing itself, it can only describe the qualities of the thing.

That is precisely the problem that this humanity has in this day and age. Humanity has developed the intellect too much, to a degree that they can no longer intuit very simple things. For instance, the book of Genesis. How many centuries has this humanity had the Bible in their hands? How many sects do you find in the world? I am not talking about different religions, because there are many religions, but just the number of sects within Christianity alone... How many sects of Christianity do you find in this day and age? A lot. And all of them contradict each other. The Jehovah Witnesses, cast stones at the Catholic Church, the Catholics at the Protestants, etc etc. Yet they all come from and worship the same thing. Everybody always believe that they have the truth. Then another will say to the one that claims to possess the truth: "What do you mean, you have the truth? Where is the truth?" Then they point in the Bible, "Here." Then when you talk to the Jehovah Witnesses, and they go, "Here." Of course, then the logic will tell us, if everybody is using the Bible, if everybody is claiming to have the truth, and the Bible is the truth, and everybody is interpreting the Bible in their own way, the logic tells me that they do not understand what the Bible is talking about, because if there is only one way, then everybody will be only in one religion with only one sect, not many, because everybody will understand what it is.

It is because they don't understand that there are many sects. Everybody interprets in accordance with their own understanding, their own beliefs, the meaning that they attribute. That is the intellect. However, when you develop intuition, you start seeing things and then you have a hunch of something here that means something because, the writers of the books of the Bible, all of them, without exception, were Kabbalists. They were receiving that intuitive Kabbalah, beginning with Moses.

Remember, Moses wrote the five books that we find in the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Moses was a Kabbalist. Jesus was a Kabbalist. He had two great teachers in Israel, before going to Egypt. And of course, all of the disciples of Jesus who were Jewish, were also Kabbalists. This is precisely the mystic doctrine of Judaism, Kabbalah.

They knew Kabbalah; thus, they wrote the Gospels in accordance with Kabbalah. For instance, I do not know if you have read the Book of Revelation, this book was written by John the Divine, who was a Jewish student and a Hebrew Kabbalist. But they were receiving that, as we know, through the heart.

First, however, we have to learn Kabbalah intellectually, but we have to combine that intellectual study with practical exercises in order to develop intuition, in order to understand and comprehend more. Not just with the intellect because in this day and age you find many youths who talk about these types of things, esoteric things like Kabbalah, alchemy, and many other things that they just do through memory, through reading, through the intellect; they do not experience what they learn. That is what you call an intellectual Kabbalist. There are many intellectual Kabbalists. There are many books written by them too, and they are experts in numbers. But here what we need is to develop that superior emotional center; here we arrive at that point. Intuition is related with the superior emotional center. In order to develop intuitive Kabbalah, or way of knowledge, you have to develop your superior emotional center.

It is not possible to develop an understanding of intuitive Kabbalah with your inferior emotional center. What is the inferior emotional center related with? Fear, stress, anxiety, anger, hatred, gluttony... All the things that you feel here, pride, self-importance, and self-esteem, that is inferior emotion. Superior emotion is related with the Being. Superior is what is above, inferior is what is below. So, when you say 'superior emotion' you are talking about the Being, and emotion that is related with the Being.

In order to activate that superior emotional center, you have to make the effort to become cognizant of, and connect with, the presence of the Being. In other words, you have to make the effort to be always here and now, remembering the Self, the real Self, remembering  God - Hebrew אל El [1+30= 4] Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה) inside of you.

In other lectures, we said, "Remembering God is not to remember the God which in some book of the Bible, the Quran or the Bhagavad Gita or the writings of Buddha. No, that God, I am not talking about. The God that I'm talking about is that  God - Hebrew אל El [1+30= 4] Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה) which is inside of your consciousness.” You have to be in touch with it. It is inside of you, not outside. When you start making that effort, you are centering yourself in a superior emotional state at any time, at any moment.

If “Being” is difficult, you have to start doing it. That is why you see that when we start learning about the Tree of Life, we see the ten Sephiroth, ten circles, which are distributed in a particular way. Behind the Tree of Life you always find an imaginary human being. What do you call that being in Hebrew? It is Adam Kadmon, the heavenly human. This heavenly human has ten parts, and Adam Kadmon has the ten Sephiroth, the ten parts of himself fully developed.

Observing the Tree of Life, let us start here: you find three triangles. Each triangle is related with one of the three brains, if we lay the Tree of Life over the physical body. We have to imagine that because these ten parts of the Being are inside of us, in potentiality, but not in activity. If those aspects of your own Tree of Life were activated, conscious, awakened within you, you would not need an explanation about them. The reason that you do not know about this is because they are not in activity, within you.

This first triangle that you see here above the skull is called the three supernals, or the three primary forces, which in Christianity everybody knows as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These are not people but forces, the three primary forces of the universe. The three primary forces are also named: holy affirmation, holy negation and holy conciliation; positive, negative and neutral.

In this humanity, for instance, the man represents the positive, the woman represents the negative, and the child from both becomes the representation of the neutral. You see a family. In order for the family to exist, you need the three primary forces. This is seen from afar, the mother, the father, the child. That is three. In order for a child to exist, we need the three primary forces to join in the sexual act. This is why we say that the three forces create.

In society, what we find is the cross of Christianity. The man represents the vertical line of the cross; the woman represents the horizontal line of the cross. That is why the third, which unites those two beings, is precisely the Crucified One, Christ, which we call the Son.


These three primary forces, the holy trinity, exist everywhere. For instance, in our physical organism, we have three nervous systems. Do you know that we have three nervous systems in our organism? They relate to what Genesis states:

"Wherever in the Scripture this word Yehe יהי  (let there be) is used, it refers to or signifies this divine light, both in this world and the world to come." - Zohar

It is written:

“And Elohim אלהים said: Let there be (Yehe יהי) lights in the firmament of the Heavens (Ha-Shemayim-הא-ש-מים, that is - Aleph-Shin-Mem א- ש-מם - our three nervous systems) to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. And (in their Vav ו, their medulla) let them be for lights in the (chakras of the) firmament of the Heavens,' to give light upon the earth (Malkuth מלכות, our physicality): and (in the Vav ו) Yehe יהי was so.” 

And (in the Vav ו, the medulla) Elohim made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day (the Sun in Tiphereth תפארת, the consciouness), and the lesser light to rule the night (Nephesh-נפש, the Moon in Malkuth מלכות): he made the stars (the 7 chakras of the medulla) also.

And Elohim אלהים set them in the firmament (in the Vav ו, the medulla) of the heavens (Ha-Shemayim-הא-ש-מים, that is - Aleph-Shin-Mem א- ש-מם - our three nervous systems) to give light upon the earth (our physicality), And to rule over the day (Tiphereth תפארת) and over the night (Malkuth מלכות), and to divide the light (of Tiphereth תפארת, the consciouness) from the darkness (of Nephesh-נפש in Malkuth מלכות, our physicality): and Elohim saw that it was good.

And (the Moon in the Vav ו) Yehe Arabia ויהי־ערב and (the Sun, Tiphereth תפארת in the Vav ו) Yehe Boker ויהי־בקר, were the fourth day-יום רביעי (the Τετραγράμματον יהוה).” - Genesis 1:14-19

This is why each day of Genesis begins with (VeYehe Arab ויהי־ערב and VeYehe Boker ויהי־בקר), because Arab ערב is the Iod י below, and Boker בקר is the Iod י above, night and day, the Moon and the Sun, and their Son (in the Vav ו) are one (Echad אחד), they are inseparable in the Aleph א of Aur אור, light-Yehe יהי.

"The word (Meoroth מאורת, lights) is here written (Merah מארת, meaning curse) defectively, indicating by this that the evil serpent (the tail of the devil) is the author and originator of (the orgasm of the beasts, Chaioth חית; thus, creating) discord and separation of what should always be united (meaning, the Iod יוד above and the Iod יוד below of the Aleph א) and blended harmoniously together (by the Vav ו, the spine, of Tiphereth תפארת, their Son in the Aleph א; a circuit performed by the Auroboros, the Samech of Yesod יסוד), namely, the sun (the Vav ו, the spine of Tiphereth תפארת, the firmament of two human souls united by the love of their hearts) and the moon (their genitalia, that is, the Iod יוד of their brain sexually united with the Iod יוד of Yesod יסוד, their genitalia, by the power of the Holy Spirit).

This word (Merah מארת, curse) also denotes the malediction by which, through the serpent (the tail of the devil), the earth (Malkuth מלכות, our physicality) became cursed (because of the orgasm of Adam), as it is written:

“Cursed is the ground (Arorah HaAdamah ארורה האדמה) because of thee (the orgasm of Adam)' - Genesis 3:17,

And (Aur אור) being found (Arorah ארורה) in the singular, signifies that the moon (in Yesod יסוד), designated by the words: 'Let there be light (Aur אור),' and the sun by the words, 'In (the Vav ו, the medulla), in the firmament, (berakiya ברקיע)' were originally created together and formed one (Echad אחד), in order to give their united light upon the earth (Malkuth מלכות, our physicality), but (because the orgasm of the beasts, Chaioth חית) through the serpent (the tail of the devil) they became separated.

This is why it was written:

“And (in their Vav ו, their medulla) let them be for lights in the (chakras of the) firmament of the Heavens,' to give light upon the earth (Malkuth מלכות, our physicality): and (in the Vav ו) Yehe יהי was so.” - Genesis 1:15

Instead of 'Let them enlighten the earth (Malkuth מלכות),' and therefore we conclude that both in heaven above and on earth below, seasons, days, and years, are measured by the courses of the moon (in Yesod יסוד along with sun in the spine). " - Zohar

Three Mother Letters

The Three Mother Letters

LetterAlephThe first nervous system, or the main one, is called the central-nervous-system or cerebro-spinal nervous system, which is the brain, in the head, to the spinal medulla; it is reprented by the Hebrew mother letter Aleph א, wich is the letter that represents the Holy Trinity within the three nervous systems: Father-Mother-Son embraced by Kether-כתר.

In that area, the cerebro-spinal nervous system, you find energy. That is positive energy, which is called the energy of the Father, or the active energy. For instance, right now, I am using that energy to teach you. I am active. I am teaching you, I am telling you. That is affirmation. That is holy affirmation, or active energy. I teach you, I give you, but you are there passively receiving. You are not active; you are passive. You are acting, then, with your grand sympathetic nervous system.

LetterShinDo you know what the grand sympathetic nervous system is? It is composed of nerves and nodes that you find around the heart, and in this area we call the solar plexus. The grand sympathetic nervous system is called the emotional brain; it is reprented by the Hebrew mother letter Shin ש, wich is the letter that represents the fire, Esh-אש or energy of the Holy Trinity within the three nervous systems, the Son, embraced by Chokmah-חכמה.

That is why, when you feel some emotion of anxiety, you find it here. You will never find it in your brain, here in your head. It is in this area, in the chest, the gut, where we feel things. The emotional brain is used by actors.

So then, when you are listening right now, in this area, we have that chakra that is called the telepathic chakra, which is the way in which you receive thoughts; it is the antenna, the receptor. Our thoughts are here. Your thoughts are ascending here, and my words here, you are receiving in this area. So you are listening to words through your ears, but you are acting emotionally. Indeed, everything that you listen to you rationalize, but in that you are passive. That is called active-passive, positive-negative, here, father-son are one fire, Esh-אש.

However, as we said, these three forces are positive, negative and neutral force, which is also called conciliation. We have to reconcile the positive with the negative, in order for creation to occur. Here is how you have to understand how this third force acts. In order for you to understand what I am saying, in order for you to comprehend, you have to ask sometimes. If there is comprehension, if what I am saying is useful for you, if you are understanding what I am saying, then there is a communion here. I am the active force, you are the passive force because, when you are listening, it is useful for you, it is good, and there is communion. That is the third force, conciliation. When there is no conciliation, it is worthless. I am teaching here, are you listening? Sometimes a little. "What is good today? No, we do not like it." There was no conciliation there, there was no creation.

Therefore, in order for creation to exist, you need to ask. That is why sometimes, after the lecture, there are questions, in order for you to reconcile what I am saying, in order for you to comprehend that. Comprehension. That is why this third force in Hebrew is called Binah, which means understanding. Sometimes, you say, "I do not understand this, I cannot comprehend this." It is a lack of Binah. There is no conciliation there, in whatever you are doing. Any type, anything, any activity that you do you need to reconcile in order to comprehend, in order to understand. Do you get that? Do you comprehend that?

Audience: Is that the third nervous system?

Instructor: Conciliation works in the third nervous system, which is the parasympathetic or vagus nervous system. It is related with digestion and is related to the sexual forces of what we call the motor-instinctual-sexual brain.

TLetterMemhe Hebrew mother letter Mem מם, is the letter that represents the Duality of the waters (HaMayim המים) of the Holy Trinity within the three nervous systems of (Mi מי, who?) Adam and the three nervous systems of (Mah מה, what?) Eve; because the Ath-את (the Schekinah-שכינה) of Binah בינה, embraces the life (Chaiah-חיה) of both, Ath-Ha-Shemayim-את-האשמים VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ.

Binah בינה is our Ath-את (the Schekinah-שכינה) at HaShemayim-את-האשמים; that is: Ath-את is our Schekinah-שכינה from the heavens (HaShemayim-האשמים), as well as, our Ath-את, our Schekinah-שכינה within the Vav ו of the earth (the physicality of Adam and Eve), VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ.

Binah בינה is the force of conciliation, because it reconciles, it unites the two opposites forces, Adam and Eve. That is why you see that man is the active force, and the woman is passive: she has to receive the man in the sexual act while he remains active. So, what is the force that is going to reconcile these two forces in the sexual act? Through the sexual organs, they unite, so the sexual force is the force called the Holy Spirit. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the three energies that circulate in the physical body. That is why in the Catholic Church with their hands do this, when performing the cross. Remember Adam represents the vertical line of the cross; Eve represents the horizontal line of the cross:      

Sign of the cross

"In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and by the Most Holy Tetragrammaton."

They do the cross. Although sometimes they do it here when the real cross is when you are standing because if you do it here your cross is upside down. Many Catholics do that and they do the cross upside down, but they do it mechanically because everybody thinks mechanically without knowing it, and the cross is upside down. But, if you do it here, in virtue with your three brains, then the cross is standing.

That is the cross beside me that is the symbol of Christianity, the work with the three brains, in other words. The one that carries a cross is to work with the three brains, the three energies. Of course, because people do not study Kabbalah and Alchemy, they learn to do the cross, to repeat things there to repeat here, but they do not know the meaning of it. So, in order to be real Christians, we have to know the meaning of the cross. In this case, we are learning esoteric Christianity, which is related with Kabbalah and Alchemy.

So, this is what Gnosis, Gnostic anthropology, is. Gnostic anthropology is, in synthesis, the union of two great philosophies: Christianity and Buddhism.

The Christianity I'm teaching here is not the Christianity that everybody is preaching in the outside world, which is just mechanical knowledge without esoteric, intuitive knowledge. And, indeed, the teachings of Buddhism are related to cosmic science. You find that sometimes people that call themselves Buddhists, but that they do not know what Buddhism is.

You see, for instance, Christianity emerged from Judaism, because it was precisely when Jesus came. He came into Judaism and from Judaism sprouted Christianity. So you find the origin. Then you find, for instance, Buddhism. Buddhism sprouted from Hinduism, because Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, was born in India. Even though Buddhism is very large, in many countries, in India it is very small. But in Japan, for instance, in China, Tibet and many other countries, Buddhism is a very large religion, one that started in India.

So, Buddhism comes from Hinduism, or what we call Brahmanism. That is why Gnostic anthropology studies Hinduism, in order to understand Buddhism. It also studies Christianity, through Judaism, because you cannot understand Christianity, in its depth, if you do not understand the spring from which it was borne. It is impossible.

Returning to the Tree of Life, you find there the three brains, and every brain is related to one of the first three Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. This word Sephiroth ספירות is a Hebrew word that some say comes from Saphir ספיר, or sometimes “Sepher HaSephiroth ספר הספירות,” book of wisdom emanations.

The thing is that these ten circles are ten Sephiroth ספירות spheres or emanations of the same being. The highest aspect is called Kether, which means “crown.” That is why it is above the head, which in Christianity we see as the name of the Father. In Hinduism, this Kether, or the Father, who receives the name of Brahma, is not, of course, a person. Of course, there are a lot of things that you have to learn. Even people in India who have those things do not know about it because always, in every religion, you find the exoteric part of it and the esoteric part of it. “Exo” means external, public and 'Eso' means hidden, secret, only for those that work in themselves.


Do you know what is the name of this image? It is called esoterically, the Theomertmalogos, the Hindu Shiva-Shakti, which in Christianity is the Holy Spirit and Mary, the Duality of the third Sephiroth of the Holy Trinity, namely, Kether, Chokmah and Binah or Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. These are the first three Sephiroth, the three primary forces of creation.

First triangle

In Budhism these three circles, spheres or emanations are the three glorius bodies, namely, the body of the Father, the Dharmakaya, Kether means “crown”; the body of the Son, the Sambhogakaya, Chokmah means wisdom; and the body of the Holy Spirit, the Nirmanakaya, Binah means understanding, comprehension. But Kether, in India, is called Brahma; Chokmah is called Vishnu, a name which means 'the one who penetrates.' So, that is why in Hinduism they say that Vishnu is everywhere. He is in the center of the atom, in the center of any galaxy, any sun, any star. He is everywhere. This is precisely what we call in Christianity the Son. The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit – the Holy Trinity. What is the word 'trinity?' It means three unities, three in one; tri-unity. In order to understand that I have to go again to the man and the woman. When the man and the woman are in the sexual act, they are one, one being, with the power of creating. I told you, the three primary forces create, they have the power of creation, but they have to reunite at a given point in order to create. The man can create; he has sperm. Every sperm is capable of creating a human being, you know that. But in order to create with his active force he needs the passive force, which is a woman, because a woman has the eggs because that sperm has to be united with. Otherwise, there cannot be creation. But how they are going to unite that egg and that sperm, they have to unite in the sexual act, which is a conciliated force, conciliation.

So, in a sexual act, the sperm penetrates the ovum and there is creation thanks to the three primary forces: man, woman, the sexual act. This is the energy that is uniting. Then, we have life. As below so above, as above so below. Everywhere you find that.

What is water, for instance? Typically speaking, it is the union of two atoms of hydrogen. In this case, the two are female and the oxygen is masculine united in that water. Likewise, all the compound elements are the union of the three primary forces in different ways, in order to create a simple atom or very complex planets, suns, moons, etc.

So, in Kabbalah and Alchemy we call these forces the three supernals or the three primary forces. We have to learn to think of them as forces and energies because in Christianity, in Catholicism, when they teach about the Holy Trinity, they said, "Oh there are three persons in one God," because they want to give form to God, like a human being. God, what we call God, has no form, but is the origin of all forms. God has no form because if we start giving form to God, then He/She will stop being Omnipresent. God has no form but takes any form He/She wishes because He/She is everywhere. Do you understand that?

Audience: You were talking about creation a minute ago, what relation would you say angels have to creation? Do they come into play? I want to understand creation as an angel, like Gabriel, but does he come into play in any way?

Instructor: Well, there are many angels, millions and billions. But what is an angel? That is the question.

Audience: A superior being?

Instructor: A superior being, or better said, an angel is a perfect human being. An angel is a being who has fully developed all the sephiroth. An angel is Adam Kadmon in himself or herself. Gabriel is an Adam Kadmon, an Elohim אלהים. As the book of Genesis states:

  ברית-אש ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Brith-Esh created Elohim Ath in the heavens and Ath in the earth

So, whoever develops themselves as a human being through sexual tantric alchemy (without orgasm), 100% becomes an Adam Kadmon, an Elohim אלהים, becomes an angel in the heavens and in the earth. Or, if you want to talk in Hindu terms, whosoever develops himself perfectly becomes a Deva, a God, in Hebrew words, an Elohim אלהים. What we call an angel in Christianity or Judaism or Islam, in Hinduism, they do not call them angels, they call them gods. Buddhism also calls them gods or Buddhas… Different names for the same thing. This is why the people saying, "I do not believe in polytheism, but I believe in angels," well, they are gods too. This is something here that you have to learn from Judaism because all of us here are Christian, right? We have the Bible.

When you read the Bible, you find this: "In the beginning, Elohim אלהים created the heaven and the Earth."

That is the first phrase that you find… but, I have a Hebrew Bible that says, "Berasheeth bara Elohim." What does that mean? Translated in the Bible, it is: “In the beginning created Elohim.” But what do these Hebrew words actually mean? Let us take the word 'Elohim אלהים' as the example, in order for you in order for you to understand.

This word Elohim אלהים is translated in all the languages as 'God,' but it is wrong. In Hebrew “God” is El אל. Elah אלה means “Goddess,” a female God in other words, in Hebrew. The two final letters of the word Elohim אלהים, IM ים, indicate that the word is plural, in Hebrew. However, the IM ים plural ending in Hebrew also indicates that it is a masculine-plural word. Thus, Elah-Im, Elohim אלהים should literally be translated to, Gods and Goddesses.

So, "In the beginning, the Gods and Goddesses were created along with the heavens and the Earth." That is the correct translation. However, because the translations were being made in accordance with a certain ideology, the result was that the Bible was translated incorrectly. Yet, when you enter into these studies, you see that all religions are in fact monistic polytheism. As it is written:

“I have said, Ye are Elohim אלהים (gods and goddesses); and all of you are children of the most High (the Ain Soph אין סוף). But (if ye reach the orgasm of the beasts, Behemoth-בהמות) ye shall die like Adam, and fall like one of the princes.” Psalm 82:6-7

What is 'monistic?' It comes from monas, which in Greek means one, unity. This monas, or Monad, in English, is inside of you. Your Monad is your being, or in other words, your unity, your Self, your spirit. You have a spirit that is your Monad, your own unity. You are a unity. Everyone here is one, but if we take into account all of us, then we say, "Well, we are ten or eleven," whatever the number is. Thus, we are many, but each one of us is a unity, inside; the Monad is inside. If we take all the Monads, we have the word 'poly' as well as the word 'politics,' which means to deal with masses, to live with the many. In this way, we are applying the word 'poly' to the many Monads. Polytheism means 'the many Monads' or 'the many individualities.' The angel is a Monad, but if we are talking about all the angels, many gods, in other words, or many angels, we are referring to the multiple aspect of divinity, or in other words, polytheism. So monistic polytheism is Elohim אלהים, the comprehension of your own inner God - Hebrew אל El [1+30= 4] Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה) in relation to all the other unities. Here we arrive to what the great Kabbalist Jesus of Nazareth answered when asked:

“Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart (Neshamah נשמה), and with all thy soul (Nephesh נפש), and with all thy might, mind (Ruach רוח). This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” - Matthew 22:36-39

So, if I love my own God with all my heart, and with all my soul, and with all my might, mind, I have to also love and respect your own Being, as I love and respect my own. That is precisely the entering into the communion of the holy.

When we say God is outside, outside where? Who knows where? In the clouds? Maybe beyond the solar system, in the center of the galaxy or beyond, they say. It is the galaxy inside of you, not outside. If that is the God that the Bible says you have to love with all your heart then you need to love only one, which is your own. It is not outside, but inside. The religion says to love your own God and the neighbour as you do with your self; first you must have love for your self, that is, your true self-your Monad, and then the neighbor. That is monistic polytheism.

Audience: By neighbor, what do you mean?

Instructor: Well, you are my neighbor, you have your own spirit. You have your own God inside, so I have to respect your Being. You asked for the angel Gabriel, that is one Being. You have your own God. You have to work with your own God, your own Being, your own Self, but it is Gabriel there that can help you. Yet, Gabriel is another unity, another Monad, another God (Hebrew אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה). So again, Elohim אלהים should literally be translated to, Gods and Goddesses.

So, one’s neighbor, is each and every other unity, each and every other Monad. But, in the neighbor, there are many, many degrees; neighbors that are above you, angels and Gods, and neighbors that are below you. But each one of those neighbors has his/her own particular Monad, his/her own particular Being, and you have to see that, not with ego. The ego is another thing because Gabriel, for instance, has no ego, but the rest of the neighbors, which are below, they have ego. When we talk about these three primary forces, they are inside each one of us, inside everybody.

Audience: How does that relate to the causal body, the astral body, and all of those bodies? How does that relate to all four? Do all of the other circles represent them?

Second triangle2

Instructor: Yes. Here, for instance, when you take the second triangle, it is called the triangle of the  Being, the triangle of the soul as well, or the psyche. Here we find the Spirit, the divine soul (or the spiritual soul), and the human soul. When we talk about, for instance, the Spirit, the Spirit is your own being, your own God (Hebrew אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה).

But the three primary forces above are everywhere. In your Spirit, the primary forces are inside. For instance, this is your Monad and one, two, three – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. So inside of every Monad is always Father, Son, Holy Spirit, positive, negative, neutral in all the bodies. That is why I was telling you a few moments ago, the cerebrospinal system is the nerve for the primary force, the Father, the grand sympathetic is for the Son, and the parasympathetic is for the Holy Spirit in your physical body. Those three primary forces are also in your Spirit, potential forces, forces that create.

That is why the Spirit is called the child of God because it emanates from this first triangle. Then we have the spiritual soul and the human soul which are commonly called soulmates. All those people are looking for soulmates. No, the soulmate is inside, the couple, masculine and feminine, is inside. And this human soul is what is called a causal body, which we have to create through alchemy.

Below that, we have another triangle which is called the mind (Netzach, Ruach); it is the mind that is listening to me right now. And then the emotional body and the vital body (also called the ethereal body). Below that, there is the physical body. You are sitting there, listening to this lecture. You are sitting there with your physical body, but the physical body exists thanks to the vital body, the superior part of it, because the physical body is only the inferior part of the physical body. So, we are here in the very bottom of the Tree of Life.

Third triangle

“I said in mine heart concerning the estate of (Cain and Abel-קין והבל) the sons of Adam-בני האדם, that HaElohim-האלהים might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are (בהמות-behemoth) beasts.

For that which befalls (Cain and Abel-קין והבל) the sons of HaAdam-האדם befalls beasts; even one thing befalls them: as the one dies (Abel הבל), so dies the other (Cain קין); yea, they both have one spirit or breath (Ruach רוח); so that (the orgasm of) HaAdam-האדם has no preeminence above a beast: for all is (Abel הבל) vanity.” - Ecclesiastes 3: 18-19

“Ruach (רוח) is the thinking emotional soul that is inserted within the lunar bodies of desire.” - Samael Aun Weor

“The Nephesh-נפש is (in the motor-instinctual-sexual brain, the vagus nervous system) the origin of the actions of the body. According to the actions of the Nephesh-נפש inside the body, so shall it appear on the skin outside. The Ruach-רוח is concealed on the inside, and the Nephesh-נפש is visible from the outside.

The Nephesh (as Nephesh Eloki-נפש אלקי, sexual energy) ascends and descends (in the medulla of the alchemists) and strikes in the face (their brain as Ruach HaKadosh רוח הקדוש), showing shapes and impressions. It strikes in the forehead (leaving the seal of  God - Hebrew אל El [1+30= 4] Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה), showing shapes and marks, it strikes in the eyes (the windows of the divine soul, Nephesh Eloki-נפש אלקי), showing shapes and marks; (yet in the fornicators, is different) as it is written:

The appearance of their faces witnessed against them, And their sin (the orgasm of the beasts, Chaioth חית), as Sodom- סדם, they declared, they hide it not! Woe unto their Nephesh-נפש! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves." - Isaiah 3:9” - Zohar

In other words, physically speaking, we are the inferior parts of that which are above. We have to go up in order to know ourselves. First, we have to start here because, something simple like that, these three primary forces, you have it your physical body. How long do you have a physical body? How much longer? 32? 33? 21? Who knows... Each one of us has a different age, but you do not know your physical body, even though people preoccupy themselves too much with the physical body, what to eat in order not to make it fat, what exercise to do etc. Meanwhile, related with their psyche, they care little or not at all.

You know when you studied in college, in school, that you have a nervous system, but nobody told you that those are the three rays related with the three primary forces of the universe. And there are many things that are also inside of our physical bodies that we ignore because we are just identified with the material things of life. We have to study here how the physical body is related with your Spirit, with your Being, to your tree of life.

Audience: Does intuition lie in the Spirit our own child (Chesed)?

Instructor: Intuition is related to the heart (Tiphereth), interrelated with these two (Geburah and Chesed).

Audience: So, could you say again the names of those three, that triangle? It is the Spirit, the spiritual soul, and is that the divine soul?

Instructor: The human. It is the divine or spiritual soul, and then we have a human soul. Then we have the mind, the emotional body, vital body, physical body. This is how the ray of creation descends: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Spirit, divine or spiritual soul, human soul, then the mind, then the emotion, the vital body, then the physical. It goes further, but right now we just read till there.

This is precisely what you find – Kether, Chokmah, Binah. These are all the names here that I will tell you in other lectures in order for you to learn little by little because there are many things to learn there. At least, what I am talking about here is in relation to the three primary forces. In your head, for instance, you have three atoms related with the three primary forces. When I am telling you 'atoms' I am using the word 'atom' in the sense of the word, which means small. An atom is the smallest part of anything.

So, when I am saying that we have three atoms here in the head related to the three primary forces, you have to understand that I am not talking about chemical atoms of matter, but spiritual atoms, small particles of the Spirit that are related to the three primary forces. For instance, here, between the eyebrows, you have a magnetic center where you find the atom of the Father. That is directly related with two glands. What are the two main glands that we have there in the middle of the brain? The pituitary gland and the pineal gland.

In the pituitary gland we have an atom of the Son, the second force. In the pineal gland, there is an atom of the Holy Spirit. That is why the one who works here in this area, until here we have the chakra of clairvoyance, chakra of wisdom, we will have to use that to develop wisdom, knowledge. We have to learn how to put into activity those forces with that mantra. It will put into activity also here, and also here those three atoms. You have to vocalize that at least 10 minutes daily. If you can do it, vocalize for one hour, but concentrated on what you see.

Audience: We have been given a lot of different mantras, and I try at least to pronounce those as I meditate, per day, but is there one, in particular, that is more important?

Instructor: Well, the mantra Aum is a mantra that you use when you meditate, but this is not for meditation, this is for chanting in order to put into activity your intuition. That is why you have to prolong the vocalization. The mantra Aum helps you learn to meditate, but it is a mantra that you prolong in order to recuperate the powers of your heart, because that is the problem in this day and age, people have lost the powers of the heart. That is why they only understand things intellectually.

When you develop the powers of the heart, then you can see the meaning behind the word. As I said, for instance, in another lecture, simple things that are obvious, like Jesus says, "For their fruits, you will know them." The logic says there is something there. It doesn't mean that in a moment when you want to know how the people are, they have to have, in their hands, papayas, watermelons, bananas, etc. It means that our tree of life as well as our tree of knowledge gives fruits. It is logical.

There are many things there that have a meaning that you will not see because the heart is not active. But in this case, for instance, which is very obvious, "For the fruits, you will know them," that means something. But other things that are not pretty obvious because the heart is not active, they say, "Oh, that is literally as it is written."

For instance, I see when I read many things, not only the Bible, but other books, I see there is something hidden there. But when other people read it, they say, "Oh no, I do not see anything," because it is something there that is not developing. When you develop your heart, you start seeing things. "As for the fruit, you will know them," which is very common, very obvious. As for instance read what the Zohar says concerning the children of Israel:

Heavens gustave dore

“The expression, "Congregation of Israel," in the first instance, refers to the [archetypes or נשמת חיים Neshamoth Chayim] first born children of (Chaiah חיה from the) Light (Yehidah יחידה), or, as they are termed in the Book of Job, the morning stars, who, along with the Children of Elohim, sang their song of praise at the creation of the world. In an extended sense, it includes the true children of light (Yehidah יחידה) who have attained unto the Divine Life (the Ain Soph).” - Zohar

Audience: How do you decide, when you are reading the Bible, what is an analogy and what is literal?

Instructor: With the Spirit through the power of the heart.

It is only from the power of the heart, otherwise, if you do not have the power of the heart you will say, "Oh no, this does not mean anything. This is just as it is written." This is what many people say.

For instance, the Garden of Eden is a symbol. It has a meaning. Adam and Eve have a meaning. The Tree of Life and the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil have a meaning. Cain and Abel have a meaning. All of that has many layers of meaning… The Ark of Noah, there is a meaning in there. 

When you develop the heart, then you will understand, you will comprehend the Kabbalah and Alchemy. But when you do not know Kabbalah and Alchemy, you end up doing what people are doing now, going to Turkey, trying to find the Ark of Noah in Mount Ararat. That ark never existed, physically speaking. It never existed. As “For their fruits you shall know them,” you cannot see people with fruits in their hands because it is ridiculous. You know that there is a meaning behind it.

The Ark of Noah also has a meaning, but because people cannot see that they are looking for that ark there in Turkey. They are wasting there time because that ark never existed. I repeat: it never existed physically. This is a symbol that you have to know, but they do not know that because they have not developed the chakra of the heart.

When you start developing the chakra of the heart, then you start seeing the meaning of it. That is intuition; that is intuitive Kabbalah and Alchemy. Of course, first, it is necessary to learn all of this that we are learning here, the 10 main parts of the Being, which is the Tree of Life. When you read the Book of Genesis you find that in the middle of the Garden of Eden was the Tree of Life. It was not a tree that you find here, like an apple or a pomegranate tree. No, it was not like that tree. It is a symbol. The Tree of Life is a symbol of the Being. The Tree of Knowledge is a symbol too.


 Tree of Life

Indeed, if you want to understand how the Tree of Life is symbolic, you need only look to your own physical body. If you have ever seen how the blood system and nervous system unfold within the human body, it bears a striking resemblance to the manner in which trees are formed… There, in your very body, is the clue to understanding the symbol of the Tree of Life.

Divinity always manifests in nature according to the same principles, which is why we see the same patterns presented throughout nature. As above, so below.

Audience: So therefore, you recommend, in order to develop our intuition, and that way, if we want to really understand and interpret the Bible correctly, we must chant the mantra for intuition so that, as we are reading it, we know automatically what it is trying to tell us?

Instructor: Yes. But, do not expect to understand the Bible after one week of vocalization, not even after one year, because to receive is to hear the voice of your God (Hebrew אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה), of your Spirit, of your own Being inside of you. Then you know, but that takes times.

Do not think you have to vocalize, for instance, half an hour, and then you take the Bible, "We will see what is going on here." No, it is not like that.

Let me tell you, if you do it seriously, if study and, on top of it, visualize things, maybe after five years you will start seeing things, understanding things. Or maybe less. Who knows? It depends on your level.

Audience: In the meantime, what can we pick up from it, if we cannot decide what it is trying to tell us?

Instructor: In the meantime, I will tell you. This is why I am here. You come in here and I will explain to you the meaning of it. And there is more, but I will tell you just certain things, enough for you to learn the deep meaning of it in accordance with Kabbalah, but you have to practice in order for you to learn too. Not only the Bible, but any other religion, Buddhism Hinduism, etc.

You can also read the many other sacred books, in order to inquire. Then you find that everything is the same. But if you read only with the intellect, you find contradiction, like Charles Darwin. He wanted to find the meaning of the origin of the human being, reading the Bible, Genesis, but he did not understand the meaning of it. Adam and Eve Cain and Abel, nothing. He said, "This is just an invention from someone. I will look for the origin of the human being by my own way," and then they created another theory. Now everybody thinks this theory is the truth. They say that the human being comes from the ape. The thing is, when you do not know this, you want to explain the origin of the human being, it is just here. You have to know all about it.

Of course, you talk about the origin of the human being departing from the point of view that we think that we are human beings, but that is wrong too. We are not. We can be, and we are on the way to be human beings.

Audience: So, we are not going to be able to receive maybe what we are looking for right away, but should still continue?

Instructor: Of course, one’s comprehension will increase more and more, over time. But for that, you have to develop your superior intuition, your superior emotion. In order to develop superior emotion without a mantra, it also helps to listen to classical music as much as a bee enjoys making honey. When you listen to classical music, you have to be like the bee in the honey, inside, or like the fish in the water. The fish swims in the water so you have to swim in the music. And you know that because when you listen to modern music, that music that destroys your emotional center.

Listen to classical music in the same way as a bee enjoys making honey, swim in it, you will feel that in your superior center because classical music is related with the superior emotional center, like the music of Beethoven, for instance. But you have to swim in it. You have to listen to it very carefully and swim in it in order to like it, because you do not want just to listen there and not to swim in it. No, it does not work that way. That is why I say, swim in the music.

That is precisely what I observed when young people try to listen to classical music. When they listen to rap though, which is very destructive, they are in. They say, "Oh, I have to start this (classical music) in order to develop my emotional center." They play it, meanwhile, they are watching TV, or doing something there. It is just in the background. Just to hear it is not enough. The whole thing is that they do not like it. When I listen to classical music, I like to listen very, very loud because I like to swim in it. And when you swim in it, you develop that, but first you have to like it.

Audience: Can you chant that and listen to classical music at the same time?

Instructor: Yes. For instance, lie down and play in the 9th Symphony of Beethoven and vocalize the mantra from the beginning until the end of the whole Symphony. Concentrate in your heart and let the music wash over you like a big tsunami, and you are bathing yourself in the music and the sound, and vocalize that. The 9th Symphony of Beethoven and Om Masi Padme Yom.

Audience: Why specifically the 9th?

Instructor: Because the chorale is related with the Verb, the Word vocalized. Then, when they start singing in the fourth movement, that "Ode to Joy," and you listen to that ode and, at the same time, chant, Om Masi Padme Yom, inside your heart... Do that and tell me what you experience.

Audience: I guess, while you are reading also if you listening to classical music, is it helpful for developing intuition?

Instructor: If you want to listen to classical music, listen to classical music.

Audience: See, I listen to it, but when I am doing something because I like the sound of it. And if I am trying to relax, or if I am reading, or whatever, I like to have it in the background. I am still absorbing it?

Instructor: It is good if you are listening, and you are working and your are cooking or your are showering during classical music in that back of your activity. It is all right. It is good, but the way that I am telling you is not that way. You have to listen, attentively, intensely. You have to listen to classical music to listen. If it is one symphony of Beethoven, only one, then listen. Vocalize that mantra at the same time, then that is the way. After that, if, you want to listen to it when you are reading or when you are doing anything, any activity, do it.

Audience: You mean, basically, just concentrate on the music and speak?

Instructor: Yeah. And then, when I talk here and I talk about this Tree of Life and any other aspects, because we are going to start talking about the Bible and other things in order to explain that, for you to comprehend that, you will say, "Oh, oh, oh, oh." But we have to do it slowly. As Napoleon said, "Do it slow because it is urgent."


Oh friends, not these tones!

Rather, let us raise our voices in more pleasing

And more joyful sounds!

Joy! Joy!

Joy! Joy!

Joy, beautiful spark of Divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
We enter, drunk with fire,
Heavenly one, thy sanctuary!
Thy magic binds again
What custom strictly divided;
All people become brothers,
Where thy gentle wing abides.

Whoever has succeeded in the great attempt,
To be a friend’s friend,
Whoever has won a lovely woman,
Add his to the jubilation!
Yes, and also whoever has just one soul
To call his own in this world!
And he who never managed it should slink
Weeping from this union!

All creatures drink of joy
At nature’s breasts.
All the Just, all the Evil
Follow her trail of roses.
Kisses she gave us and grapevines,
A friend, proven in death.
Ecstasy was given to the worm
And the cherub stands before God.

Gladly, as His suns fly
through the heavens’ grand plan
Go on, brothers, your way,
Joyful, like a hero to victory.

Be embraced, Millions!
This kiss to all the world!
Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.
Are you collapsing, millions?
Do you sense the creator, world?
Seek him above the starry canopy!
Above stars must He dwell