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Chesed Geburah TipherethThe prophets that appear in the Bible are symbols, archetypes. For us, the Gnostics, the names found in the Bible and many sacred books are symbols. We are not stating that these prophets and great masters did not exist—they do exist. But, each one of them came in order to represent and to give the wisdom related to their particular archetype.

For instance, Jesus Christ, the Great Master, the most elevated of all the Masters that came to this planet, symbolizes an archetype that we have within, which is our own particular individual Jesus Christ. Buddha is another archetype; Moses is another archetype.

When we study all of these masters, we must go deep into our consciousness in order to discover and develop what each one of them taught. As we explained in the previous two lectures, Jacob, the prophet, the patriarch, is the Bodhisattva of a great angel whose name is Israel. Israel is an angel, a Venerable Master of the White Lodge. But, Israel represents within each one of us that part of the soul within which we have these archetypes that we have to develop. That is why our lectures are related with the symbols—archetypes. If we read the Bible just as it is written, literally, then we find many contradictions due to the fact that we read the book without seeing the esoteric meaning.

In order to synthesize what we are stating here, let us remember the first verses of the Gospel of John, in the New Testament:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

When you play the radio or tv, you hear many evangelists with the Bible in hand who say that the Bible is the word of God. And of course, we agree with it: that is the word of God, because those archetypes are parts of what we call Elohim, and Elohim is a word that means Gods and Goddesses, which in this case, from the microcosmic point of view, relate to the different parts that each one of us has in the depths of our consciousness. That is Elohim; that we need to develop. It all depends upon our will, because the archetypes are there, but it is our will to do it or not to do it.

For instance, we males have in our testicles sperm—those sperm are seeds that are capable of becoming a physical body like the one that we have—each one of them—and we have millions. But it is up to us to fecundate a woman for that sperm to develop and become a physical body. Not all the sperm that we have will result in a body, and not all the men have children. But as you see, you have to do an act in order to develop them.
The same thing is true of the archetypes within us, which are spiritual elements—it is up to us to develop them or not to develop them. For those who want to develop these archetypes, the Bible was written, which is the word of God.

The letters of the Hebrew alphabet are very old. It is stated by ancient Kabbalists and Samael Aun Weor repeated that the 22 Hebrew letters were brought to the Earth by the great prophet Enoch, who is the Bodhisattva of the Angel Metatron. Metatron is another archetype within us.

The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet relate to the Tarot, this book which is synthesized in the 22 letters or Major Arcana.


We study the Bible upon the basis of the Hebrew letters. There is, for instance, a symbol  related with these 22 letters called the Rosy Cross, in which we find the 22 letters organized as they should be. Every single letter has a meaning as, I repeat, “in the beginning was the Word,” and if you read the Book of Genesis, it is written, that when God said the Word, and that word was “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Genesis and the Gospel of John state that the word (Bereshith) is in the beginning, so God creates with the power of the word. The prophets who activated that part of God within themselves developed their mastery, and they wrote all the different books of the Bible with the 22 letters, the Kabbalistic alphabet that Metatron, the prophet Enoch, brought in order to explain the Word of God.

That is why it is really sad to see evangelists on the radio or on TV trying to explain the verses of the Bible while using an English dictionary. The translations from Hebrew into English—some are very accurate, some are not. In order to understand the meaning of every paragraph, every verse written in the Bible, we need to read it in its original alphabet, which was brought by Metatron, the prophet Enoch: the 22 Hebrew letters. Every letter is a symbol and has a meaning, and when you form a word in the Hebrew language, that word relates to those letters and it has different meanings. Only by knowing these 22 Arcana can you discover the mysteries hidden within the book of Genesis.

In this day and age, a lot of people debate about the book of Genesis but they do not know the esoteric meaning of this—they are not Initiates, therefore they are lost. It is not possible to understand the Bible without knowing the Hebrew alphabet and the meaning of each letter, and without activating that within you. Because, I repeat, the books of Genesis and other books of the Bible are written for those people who want to develop the archetypes within.

In this day and age, a lot of people have the Bible and other sacred books in their home but, unfortunately, they do not understand what they read. That is why Samael Aun Weor gave the synthesis of this doctrine for those people who do not understand the Hebrew language and who lack this knowledge. But, after we learn the doctrine of Samael Aun Weor, we have the duty to learn these letters, because he states in his book Tarot and Kabbalah, Chapter 25: Arcanum 3:

Wisdom is hidden within the Hebrew words... 
The teachings of the Ninth Sphere must be shown through Kabbalah in order for the people to know the truth.
- Tarot and Kabbalah

So therefore, we explain the Bible and insist upon the study of these letters in order to understand what we are explaining. And that is in order to help those people who read the Bible and have faith in the Word of God. But remember that the Word of God crystallizes in symbols that you find in the internal planes.

In order to receive knowledge, understanding, of the path towards God, we need what is called in the Hebrew language Kabbalah. This comes from kabel, which is a word in Hebrew that means “to receive,” and in order to receive the meaning of what we are studying, we have to enter into a contemplative state. You can call it meditation, prayer, or concentration, but your mind, your whole being, has to be concentrated in your Inner God in order to receive.

All the prophets were Kabbalists, meaning they received the Word of God.

The 22 letters are synthesized in the word, because every single thing that is written in the Bible is written with the 22 letters. The whole Bible is written with these letters which, I repeat, you find in the internal planes. This is how you start understanding the Word of God. Of course, there are more complicated symbols inside when you have experiences in meditation.

These letters were brought by the Angel Metatron, the prophet Enoch, with the intention for each one of us to study it. People think that the Hebrew alphabet exists just for the people from Israel in the Middle East in order to write their language. No—this alphabet was delivered to humanity. That is the truth; that is why we study it, whether we are Jews or not—because the Bible was delivered to the Western world in order for us to walk on the path to God.

It is not related with beliefs, as people think—that if you believe what is written in Genesis and Exodus and all of the books of the Bible, you will go to heaven. It is not about beliefs, it is about studying it seriously. That is why we agree with this great Master from the Middle Ages, Paracelsus. He said: first the student has to study the doctrine and to understand the doctrine, and then to practice it.

But, since we lack the meaning or the clue in order to uncover the word, that is why Samael Aun Weor revealed the mystery of Daath—because this is what you find in the Tree of Life. Daath is that mysterious Sephirah that nobody talks about and is related with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; in Hebrew, Daath means knowledge.

We recently heard lectures related with the meaning of Daath, which is really very deep. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is related with the two polarities, Adam and Eve, which are the two polarities—man and woman, positive and negative, masculine and feminine—and relates to many symbols. When you start practicing the mysteries of Daath, you start comprehending the meaning of the 22 letters. Daath contains in itself all of that.

So by practicing the mystery of Daath, you start uncovering it, and receiving (kabel) Kabbalah, and then you walk on the path. That is why the Great Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

I, Samael Aun Weor, the authentic and legitimate Avatar of the new era of Aquarius, declares that all of the sciences of the universe are reduced to Kabbalah and Alchemy. Whosoever wants to be a Magician must be an Alchemist and a Kabbalist. - Tarot and Kabbalah Chapter 44, Arcanum 22 

Alchemy is the science of Daath, the Tree of Knowledge. Kabbalah is the science of the Tree of Life.

Daath is Alchemy, which means the transformation of the forces of the physical body into higher forces—the transformation of the human being into a super human being. That is a practical science, and the Kabbalah is the symbol, the knowledge that we have to develop internally and externally.

So, that is why, in different steps, we are explaining this mysterious symbol of Israel which relates to three prophets: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That reminds me of a statement of the Master Jesus of Nazareth related to resurrection. He says to the people:

Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. -  Matthew 22:29-32

Did you ever read about this? Jesus said in the scriptures that the resurrection is for the living and not for the dead. He says the living, because God said: I am the God of Abraham, I am the God of Isaac, I am the God of Jacob.

The dead are those who do not have in activity within themselves these three archetypes: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The living are those within whom these three archetypes are active.

If you do not have those archetypes alive within you, then spiritually speaking you are dead, because those archetypes are the ones that make us living entities, spiritually speaking. Physically, we are alive, but we are talking here from the spiritual point of view, the microcosmic point of view, that not only implies the physical body, but seven bodies. The physical body is the first, the vital body is the second, the third is the astral body or is also called the emotional body, then the mental body, then the body of will, then the body of the consciousness, and the spirit. Those are the seven bodies—which are represented in the Hebrew alphabet by the seven double letters.

They are called seven double letters because each letter has two pronunciations, two sounds.

These seven letters are in the Rosy Cross. In the middle of the Rosy Cross we see the three mother letters: Aleph, Shin, and Mem. Aleph is the letter A; Shin is sometimes Sh, sometimes is S, and Mem is the letter M. The three mother letters represent the three primary forces that express themselves through our three brains: the intellectual brain, the emotional brain, and the motor-instinctual-sexual brain.

1.The intellectual brain is located in the head.
2.The emotional is between the heart and the navel.
3.The motor is at the top of the neck, the instinctual is at the bottom of the spinal column, and the sexual center is in the sexual organs. These three parts are together called the motor-instinctual-sexual brain, related with movements and the activity of the sexual energy.

The letter Aleph, which symbolizes air, is related with thought, with the mind.  The intellectual brain is the physical vehicle of the mind. The brain is not the mind, it is just the physical vehicle. When you play the violin, the music is not in the violin, it comes through the violin. Similarly, the violin is like the brain; the music is the mind that brings the notes, the sounds of the chords. Above the neck and in the head we have the air. We breathe through the nose and the air penetrates in the lungs; this area relates to Aleph, the breath of God.

The emotional brain is related with the letter Shin, fire, located between the heart and the navel. This area is the area of fire, from the heart to the navel.

The letter Mem symbolizes water; it is related with those areas that circulate in the physical body but that are mainly placed in the sexual organs.

These are the three primary forces in the physical body. These three primary forces relate to the seven bodies of the human being, symbolized by the seven double letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are displayed on the Rosy Cross around the three mother letters. The seven double letters are Kaph, Tav, Pei, Reish, Beth, Daleth, and Gimel. See the graphic of the Rosy Cross and study these seven letters.

The letters that are on the petals of the Rosy Cross are the rest of the letters of the alphabet, which are 12. These letters relate to the twelve Zodiacal signs, with the twelve tribes of Israel, with the twelve apostles of Christ.

The 22 Arcana symbolize the archetypes that are synthesized in the soul whose symbol is the rose. The red rose is a symbol of the soul—the soul that activated all of those elements. Therefore, the letters are impressed in the psyche, in the soul. They are there, within—and since they are within, when this soul is self-realized, it understands the word of God from within and without, and from without and within. That is the symbol of the Rosy Cross.

The Rosy Cross is the cross of the elements. Aleph is the air, Shin the fire, Mem the water, and the earth is the human being, the physical body that is the outcome of these three forces. The physical body (Hebrew: Adamah, the earth) has three brains; here you have the four elements. The earth is matter, the water is the sexual force, the fire is in this area of the emotional center between the navel and the heart, and the air is in the head.

All of us have these 22 archetypes within, but undeveloped. This is why it is written that there are 22 commandments of God. Moses delivered ten that are commonly known, and two more that are not commonly known, but in reality there are 22 commandments. The other commandments are delivered to the consciousness, to the initiate when he is walking on the path.

This humanity does not even understand the first ten commandments. They misplace the ten commandments and mistakenly number them because they do not know about Kabbalah. Therefore, they are lost in this case.

The 22 commandments are within the mystery of Chokmah, which is Christ. Chokmah means wisdom in Hebrew.

All of us receive these archetypes, these elements, in order to develop. This is why the Bible was written: in order to guide the soul in her journey. The descent of those forces into this physical plane is symbolized by Abraham and Lot, his nephew. Remember the Bible, in Genesis, it is stated that God told Abraham:

Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee. – Genesis 12:1

Abraham went forth from Ur (AUR = Aleph, Vav, Reish, is pronounced “Or”, which means light) of the Chaldeans and descended into Egypt, and with him came his nephew, whose name was Lot. This is a symbol of the descent of the Spirit and the Soul into the physical body. That is the beginning—because the Soul and the Spirit leave “Or,” which is light, and descend into matter in order to start their development.

In other words, when the physical body started to develop within the womb of our mother, Abraham and Lot descended, but in the archetypal manner—meaning that Abraham is not really Abraham but Abram, because that is precisely the beginning—this is why the name of this prophet in the beginning was Abram. Later, when he was initiated, he changed his name from Abram to Abraham. The difference is just the letter Hei of the Hebrew alphabet, which is related with the holy name of God, Iod Hei Vav Hei, which is translated as Jehovah. The letter Hei is feminine. When you place the letter Hei into the name Abram, then you say Abraham, and that means the descent of the spirit into Hei, which is the lower part of the Tree of Life—Malkuth. When you study the Tree of Life, the ten Sephiroth, the one at the very bottom is Malkuth. That is associated with the second letter Hei of the holy name.

The holy name of God has four letters, related with four worlds. The three superior worlds above the matter are called “spaces” in The Pistis Sophia. The three spaces of Kabbalah are: Atziluth, Briah, and Yetzirah. They are related to the holy name of God, Iod Hei Vav. When the world of Malkuth (the physical body) appears, then the other letter Hei is added, which relates to the world of Assiah, the physical world.

In the name of God you find, in synthesis, four worlds:

  1. Atziluth: the world of Archetypes
  2. Briah: the world of Creation
  3. Yetzirah: the world of Formation
  4. Assiah: the world of matter

They have different names in different books among the Gnostics. In those four worlds there is a lot of wisdom related with the 22 letters.

But now we are only talking about the last world, which is matter and is called Assiah, and is related to the fourth letter, Hei. The letter Hei is repeated in the name of God. Diodorus Siculus, the great theologian, said that the God of Moses was I A O—three letters. These are Iod He Vav, in other words; in Hebrew Iod Hei Vav is pronounced I A O. Indeed, the name of God has only three letters, because the fourth letter, Hei, is repeated. IAO this is how we, the Gnostics say it. When we name the God IAO, we name the three primary forces.

When in Hebrew you add the letter Hei in the name of Abraham, then you understand that the spirit is already working in the physical body, in the initiation. The Hei is there thanks to Sarai his wife. Her name also has another meaning. Her name in the beginning is Sarai, but when she starts in the initiation, it becomes Sarah. They take one letter from her, which is the letter Iod, and put another letter instead, which is Hei. This means that they started working in the physical body.

All of us have Abram and Sarai within. But it is up to us to transform Abram and Sarai  into Abraham and Sarah—by knowing the mystery.

There is another mystery here related to the nephew of Abraham that came with him. His name is Lot, which symbolizes the animal inclination of the spirit and the soul towards the animal generation. It is simply explained here in Genesis, Chapter 13, verse 7 to 10:


And there was a strife between the herdsmen of Abram's cattle and the herdsmen of Lot's cattle: and the Canaanite and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land.
And Abram said unto Lot, Let there be no strife, I pray thee, between me and thee, and between my herdsmen and thy herdsmen; for we be brethren.
Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.
(Lot and Abram at that time had a lot of men and cattle and they were fighting— thus Abraham said to Lot, it is enough! If you go to the right, I go to the left! And this is how Lot departed from Abraham.)
And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before Jehovah destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, (so what he saw was the land of Sodom and Gomorrah) even as the garden of the LORD, like the land of Matzarim (which is translated as Egypt), as thou comest unto Zoar.

When it is written that Lot lifted his eyes and saw the plain of Jordan, we have to understand that - when we apply this symbolism – they are precisely the two parts of the spirit: Abram, which is related with the life of the physical body, related with all these elements that we have to develop. And Lot represents the animal inclination towards these attributes, to behave like an animal—because all of us have that inside.

We have Abram inside that can lead us to the Lord in a positive way, but we also have his nephew, which represents in us that animal inclination that we inherit from Egypt, which is Matzarim in Hebrew, or Mizrahim. This word begins with m and ends with m—that means that it is a place in the water. And that is why in this verse we read that Lot departed into the plain of Jordan, which is Mizrahim, or Egypt—which is a symbol.

In other words, the physical body is watered by the same energy that is watering the internal bodies. The soul in this case is between two waters. Remember that when the Book of Genesis talks about water? It talks about two types of waters: the inferior and the superior. On the second day, God separates the two waters—the inferior from the superior, and the superior from the inferior, in order to make the miracle of one thing, which is heaven—in us.

Lot chose the lower waters of the Jordan, because after that is written there, it says: “Before Jehovah (which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, the sexual force) destroys Sodom and Gomorrah.” Sodom and Gomorrah are a symbol of the physical body—the animal inclination of the soul towards animality—which is what Lot chose. That means that in us there is always that division—whether we go and utilize the waters in the positive way or the negative way— and that strife is always within. That is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. It is related with this physicality that tends to go to the animal behavior. All of us have that spirituality within, but when we choose, there is always that strife within our psyche: we want to follow God which is Abram (Chesed), but Lot is there also that wants to follow the animal level. So we are always in between: what to choose?

If you choose Lot, then you go to Sodom and Gomorrah; you know that in Sodom and Gomorrah there was degeneration. They were the cities or the lands that God destroyed with fire. Microcosmically speaking, that relates to us. Physically speaking, do not put your mind there in Asia or in the Middle East according to history, but put your psyche in your body. Then you will understand that that Sodom and Gomorrah is within; that degeneration is within. Everybody carries it. The physical body and the vital body are one body that symbolizes Eden, but if you choose to follow Lot, which is that evil inclination, then you are following Sodom and Gomorrah.

If you read Genesis you will see that the only one who was found righteous before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was Lot—that part of the soul which unfortunately is related with animality, which all of us have; because such animality is inherited from the animal kingdom. Since here in the earth, in Malkuth, is where we evolve. In other lectures we stated that this soul that comes from above, from the light, comes into this physical plane and evolves. It evolves from the mineral to the plant to the animal and to the intellectual animal—that is the evolution of the soul within the protoplasmic bodies.  That evolution is the journey of Abram. But when that soul comes from the animal kingdom into the intellectual animal kingdom, that intellectual animal still has those instinctual habits of being an animal; because if you observe this humanity of this day and age, there is no difference between we, as intellectual animals, and the animals. Even worse, we behave worse than irrational animals: killing, fornicating, adulterating—because all of those animal behaviors of adultery, fornication and killing, all of that is animal behavior. When you study any animal you see that they fornicate, they do degeneration, they adulterate—it is normal for them to adulterate—it is normal for them to kill, in order to survive. That is what you call being in bondage. When you read in the Bible it says,:

I am Iod-Havah thy Elohim, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. - Exodus 20:2

Bondage is slavery. Evolution and devolution are a type of slavery—because these monads or spiritual forces that we have within are submitted to the Demiurge. Who is this Demiurge? It relates to all those angels, archangels, and great masters that control the forces of nature and that control the lower kingdoms: the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, and the mineral kingdom. Unfortunately, we still are in the animal kingdom. We are intellectual animals—yes, this is the only difference between the irrational animal and the rational animal—intellect. So, we still are animals, since we behave like animals; we multiply like animals. Thus the intellect is the only difference.

Therefore, the Demiurge (a symbol of many masters, angels, archangels) who controls nature is still controlling us in the animal manner; this is represented by the pharaoh in the book of Exodus. They control us, but we have to liberate ourselves from those forces. They are the mechanical forces of nature; the evolving and devolving forces of nature. Those elements or archetypes of Israel, which begin to descend with Abraham into the physical plane, are the ones that start doing the mechanical labor within the mechanicity of nature. This is why when the initiate starts developing his own spirituality, he has to fight against Lot, that animal inclination.

Remember it is written that he chose to go into Sodom and Gomorrah, that plain of Jordan, which in symbology means animal sex, because it says there: Sodom and Gomorrah, “even as the garden of the Lord.” What is the garden of the Lord? The garden of the Lord is the Garden of Eden—the Garden of Eden is watered by the sexual force of God. But Sodom and Gomorrah is also the physical body that is also watered by the life of God, because this physical body is sustained with the life of God.

Unfortunately, because we are in Sodom and Gomorrah, we waste the life (water) that God has given us. But if we choose to follow Abraham, then we utilize that water in a spiritual manner. This is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah—the physicality. When God says, “I am sick and tired of the men of this planet, of this earth,” God is addressing the physical man, not the spiritual man.

God destroyed the physical man in the time of Noah, and at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, God also destroyed their physicality. But the spiritual man, the Monad, is never destroyed; Chesed always survives. The Monad is the living entity represented in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the initiation.

Therefore, Genesis says “even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt.” If you go into the land of Egypt, the physical Egypt, you see that Egypt is watered by the Nile. Egypt never needed to be watered by the rain of heaven, because they were taking water from the Nile, as the garden of the Lord (Eden) was watered by the river that comes from (Schamayim) heaven.

And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before Jehovah destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, (so what he saw was the land of Sodom and Gomorrah) even as the garden of the LORD (Eden), like the land of Mizrahim (which is translated as Egypt), as thou comest unto Zoar. (Here, Egypt is a symbol of the physical body).

In other words, we are divided. The superior part of the physical body, which is the vital body, is located in the fourth dimension, where we have our own particular individual Eden. But here, in this physicality, in this three-dimensional world, we have the inferior part which is Egypt, or Mizrahim, as it says in the Bible. The part that is destroyed is the physicality, never the interior forces; they are superior. This physicality is like the garden of the Lord, the Garden of Eden.

In the fourth dimension we have this vitality that, if we utilize it, can build the true human being inside. But in this physical plane, which is also watered by this life of God, if we choose to follow Lot, the animality, we destroy our life. This is how in this day and age you find a lot of people that justify Sodom and Gomorrah, which means animality, degeneration.

They who choose the way of Lot go into destruction, because Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire, and that fire is the fire of the elements—as Atlantis was destroyed by water, as this humanity is also being physically destroyed by the elements. Thus, if we are not doing anything within, if we are victims of these forces of nature, if we die physically, where is our soul going? Up or down. It is up to us—if we want to go up, then we have to work with the forces of Daath, which are the mysteries of sex; because Eden is the main point here—the life force of Mizrahim (our physicality) that we are talking about here—our vitality.
This is why, after Lot departs from Abram, God talks to Abram, and says:

Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place (Yesod, the center of the sexual cross) where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which thou seest (from Yesod, the center of the sexual cross), to thee will I give it, and to thy seed (which is Christ) for ever. And I will make (the archetypes of) thy seed as the dust of the earth (the 22 Arcana): so that if a man can number the dust of the earth (the 22 Arcana), then shall thy seed also be numbered. – Genesis 13: 14-16

promised land

And he brought him forth abroad, and said (Ophanim, revolve and shine!), Look now toward (the) heaven (of Chokmah, the Zodiac), and tell the stars (or Archetypes), if thou be able to number them (in the 12 constellations): and he said unto him, So shall (the 12 Archetypes of Ish-Ra-El in) thy seed be . And he believed in Iod-Havah; and he counted it to him for righteousness. And he said unto him, I am Iod-Havah (Chokmah in Atziluth) that brought thee out of Ur (the light) of the (Oracles, the) Chaldees, to give thee this land to inherit it. - Genesis 15: 5-7

The Promised Land is not Israel in the Middle East. The Promised Land is inside; it relates to different parts of that human being in the image of God that we have to create—it relates to the solar bodies that we have to develop, and only Abraham can do it with Sarah—who symbolize the two polarities (Abba and Aima) within us—in order to inherit the Promised Land.

People in this physical world are identified with the literal translation of the Bible. They think that the Promised Land is in the Middle East somewhere in the Mediterranean area. They do not understand that the prophets wrote in symbols in order for the initiates to understand.

Now, all of humanity is between: either they will inherit the Promised Land, which is the development of the Spirit and the entrance into the superior dimensions, or they will be destroyed, because we are at the end of our cosmic voyage. At the end of any cosmic voyage there is always a great cataclysm, where physical humanity is destroyed, in order to start a new physical humanity for another development.

This is why the knowledge (Daath-Gnosis) is openly delivered to the public just before such destruction happens, in order for them to choose how to use their physicality. We have the two waters within: superior/inferior, here and now, within our own physical selves, the twelve tribes of Israel: archetypes, forces that we have to develop. This is how, little by little, as we enter into the path, we develop our spirituality, we are born again, as Christianity states, because we develop the consciousness, the soul.



Isaac blessing Jacob

The purified soul is symbolized in the Bible by the only son of Sarah, who is Isaac. When you choose to follow your Abram, your own Spirit, instead of following Lot to Sodom and Gomorrah, then Abram and Sarah have a child whose name is Isaac. That Isaac is a symbol of the spiritual forces that develop in the spinal column, which is called the Kundalini in the physical body.

When those spiritual forces start to develop in the spinal column with the seven chakras, and when they finally reach the top of the head, then the Divine Soul and the Spirit are united in heaven. That is the Second Birth taught by Jesus—to unite and be born again by the water and the fire, or the water and the spirit.

That is an alchemical statement; it is not a matter of believing in what is written there; you have to do it; if you are only a hearer of the word, and not a doer of the word, then you are lost. There are a lot of people who hear the word, but very few that do the word. To do the word is to develop these archetypes (the 22 letters) within you. This is why it is written:

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. – Luke 15:7

Who is a repentant sinner? A sinner follows the animal way, as Lot followed, as it is written in Genesis, the way of Sodom and Gomorrah. But when one sinner repents and starts to develop inside, there is more happiness in heaven than for one thousand just men or souls, which need no repentance. That is our choice.

When the birth of Isaac happens, when he is born within our psyche, the Master is born in heaven. That is the first initiation of major mysteries. This is how we follow the pact of God with Abraham and Isaac—then after, when we create Isaac within, then Isaac continues the path inside of us, and develops another archetype, which is Jacob.

Jacob Israel Gustave Moreau

Jacob fighting with Elohim Gibor

Jacob develops in our own particular Yesod, our own particular sexual vitality, and becomes that celestial man that fights with אלהים גיבור Elohim Gibor—the angel of גברה Geburah, the Elohim of the גברים Giborim, the עם אלהים גיבור Om Elohim Gibor or that guides the עם Om (sexual seed) in all the animals, the sexual desire of all animals, and ועם אנשים the Om of intellectual animals in the animal kingdom. Thus, if you defeat that archangel within you, then you will build inside of you, your Jacob—your own particular Jacob, which is that Israel in עם אנשים Om Enoshim, your human seed. This is how you start developing the archetypes within.

It is written that Jacob put his head on a rock and he saw in a dream that the angels of God were descending and ascending on a ladder—when he was sleeping with his head on a rock. That rock is the rock of Yesod—the Kaaba, as the Muslims call it. The rock is sex, upon which we have to build our church.

It is called the cubic stone of Yesod in Kabbalah: the symbolic foundation, because Yesod in Kabbalah means foundation. Jacob builds the human psyche. Jacob starts the building of what we call the human soul (Tiphereth), because the first major initiation—when Abraham begets Isaac— is the union of Divine Soul (Geburah) with Spirit (Gedulah), above.

When we start developing Jacob, then we have started developing the human soul. All of us have an embryo of soul, but it is up to us to develop that embryo into a human soul. With this, we are stating that we are intellectual animals, not human beings. In order to become a human being, that embryo has to be developed, as Jacob did it when he was fighting with an angel. That fight is in the sexual act, since it is in the sexual act when you fight against the animal forces. In the sexual act is when you follow Lot or Abraham. We develop Jacob or follow Esau, which is also the animal aspect. In the Bible there are many levels to explain this.

The sexual power, the sexual potency, in each one of us, is given by an archangel whose name is Samael Aun Weor—that is the meaning of his name. Samael gives the sexual strength in the animal kingdom for them to reproduce. When we reach this level of intellectual animal, Samael gives us the opportunity to defeat him in order to build the superior aspect if we defeat him. He is there when we have sexual strength—when males have the sexual erection: that is the force of Samael.

And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him. And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed. - Genesis 32:24-28

“He touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint,” the angel did this in order to make Jacob free from the animal orgasm. He touched Jacob in his thigh, which symbolizes sex, because the fight was precisely in Yesod. This is what Jacob felt at that area, in Yesod, when fighting with the angel. Thus, the angel in the end said to Jacob: “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men (in other words, with the sexual forces of God and men), and hast prevailed.”

All of us have to do that fight; it is not as people think, that we have to be born in the Jewish race in order to be an Israelite or from the twelve tribes of Jacob or Israel. No. You have to fight for that. The fight is in the sexual act. If you defeat that sexual potency and transmute it by avoiding the spasm of animals, the orgasm of the animals—if you avoid the ejaculation of semen and transmute that into an energy-force, then your own particular angel (Israel as an archetype) will develop within you. This is the beginning of the creation of the human soul. The human soul is that archetypical part that has to come from Yesod up to God.



After that development comes the third initiation, the fourth initiation, the fifth initiation. In the fifth initiation Moses appears. Moses is born in the Nile—in other words, he is delivered in the river Nile. That river Nile is the sexual force that sustains the physical body; he is in Egypt. That is why Moses means “one that is born from fire and water” or born from the water; that is the meaning of the name of Moses. Tiphereth (the son of Man) is our own particular individual Moses that we have to develop after the three archetypes Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are developed within us. Abraham has to be developed, Isaac has to be developed, Jacob has to be developed. Thus, when those three archetypes are developed within each one of us, thereafter comes Moses, which is the symbol of willpower.

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. - John 3: 14, 15

Thus, Moses takes us from Yesod - which is where the human soul is born, which is sex - towards Daath, which is the top of the initiation, in order to see God face to face—your own particular individual God that you have within. The body of willpower does it.

In order to develop the body of willpower, previously you have to develop the Solar Mind. Before developing the Solar Mind, you have to develop the Emotional Solar Body or Astral Body, and before that you have to create the beginning of the development of the Bodhichitta in Yesod, which is symbolized by Jacob.

When - as a child - the body of willpower is laid in Yesod "the flags by the river's brink" , he is named Moses (Hebrew Moshe = Mem-Shin-Hei), because he is drew out of "Mem" the waters of Yesod - the Nile -, and because - as a prince - within him is (the letter Shin) Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and because when he is grown he appears in Egypt (Hebrew Mitzrahim, the physical world, symbolized in the letter "Hei"). These are the four holy creatures taught by Ezekiel. Abraham is the lion, Isaac is the winged bull, or the ox, the eagle is Jacob, and the human being in the image of God, that appears after them, is Moses—the Causal Body. Thus, when that Causal Body is developed, then we can go to the mountain and see God face to face, as Moses did.

This is the path you choose when you follow the sexual potency, because every single initiation written in the Bible is related with the waters. Remember that Moses was born and was delivered in the Nile and from the Nile they took him and he became a prince of Egypt—that means a power in Mizrahim—Egypt, the physical body. He was not a slave, he was a prince. All of us are slaves of this Egypt or Mizrahim, because we follow the mechanicity of evolution or devolution. That is why when Moses reaches the top of the mountain of Sinai, he finds God—his own particular individual God. Or, better if we say, his own individual particular Christ. Then with that causal body - which is Moses - he talks to God, and God says:

I have surely seen the affliction of my people (the archetypes) which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters (mechanical laws); for I know their sorrows; and I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey; unto the place of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites.  Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel (the archetypes) is come unto me: and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them. Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh (because willpower is what we need in order to take all of those archetypes), that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel (the archetypes) out of Egypt. – Exodus 3: 7-10

Thus, when Moses reaches that level, it is because he already is developed. Nobody can go to the top of God if he is not fully developed in the causal body; thus, the body of willpower has to be developed.

Then, Moses chooses the direct path. He descends and as a Bodhisattva takes all of the people of Israel—all his psyche which is trapped—and frees them. We must do the same thing; if we reach that level, we come down, in order to take one by one all of the archetypes, we leave Egypt and enter the Promised Land, and this is a long journey.

That is why it is written that when Moses finally took all the parts of his being which were symbolized in Israel, into the wilderness, and when all those parts were with him, then God said to Moses:

Go down, charge the people, lest they break through unto the LORD to gaze, and many of them perish. And let the priests also, which come near to the LORD, sanctify themselves, lest the LORD break forth upon them. – Exodus 19: 21 22

Meaning: you are here with all the people which are my people, which are parts of me, but still we need to work on these elements. And then he said to Moses:

I am Iod-Havah thy Elohim, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other Elohim before me, etc…, (the Ten Commandments). - Exodus 20.

People read this, in this day and age, literally; they think that the people of Israel are the Jews in the Middle East, the people that were taken out from the country of Egypt into the Promised Land, which is the Middle East, and that is everything—interpreting everything literally. But this is an initiation. When Moses is in front of God and God says, “I took you out of Egypt,” it is because we are out already of this Wheel of Samsara—the laws of mechanicity, evolution and devolution, that we are submitted to, because we are slaves of this world of Malkuth called Egypt in symbology— the physicality of all of us.

If an earthquake happens in this very moment, who is capable of stopping the trembling of the earth—or a tsunami—who is capable of controlling a tsunami? Are you capable? Read the Bible and see how Moses did it. Moses was making marvels with nature in front of the Pharaoh, within him. But if that happened right now you see—unfortunately, all the catastrophes that are happening in this day and age—earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes—everybody is a victim, because they do not have the body of willpower—at least to know when it will happen in order to leave the area. Everybody is a slave, a victim, because we are submitted, as the animals and plants are submitted, to this mechanical law of nature—and the tsunami comes and wipes out all plants, animals, minerals, and also intellectual animals.

The Exodus

We are submitted to this mechanicity, so we have to leave Egypt. But the leaving of this mechanicity of evolution and devolution of this physical world, is not by believing or by belonging to this group or to this other group. It is by working psychologically in yourself, alchemically in yourself. Remember that Israel was 430 years in Egypt.

Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the LORD went out from the land of Egypt. – Exodus 12: 40, 41

430 is a Kabbalistic, esoteric age. After you reach 430 years, then you can leave, starting to use your willpower in order to leave this mechanicity of this world into the Promised Land. But then you have to do a superior work—because the goal is the self-realization of the Being, written there in the symbology of the Book of Genesis and Exodus.

The Sacred Fire has entered the Chamber thirty-one of your spinal column. You have been submitted to all sorts of tests, and you have emerged triumphant. Walk with the Child of your Christified Will in your arms, towards the Gnostic Church. The crown of the saints shines on every side of your head. Enter the temple to celebrate the occasion, my brother….

You are before two paths. One of these paths is the Logoic path and the other is the path of the starry heavens, the spiral path of the firmament.

The path that takes us to the actual entrance of the ABSOLUTE is the path of the long and bitter duty.

Swami Vivekamanda has said that when the Initiate tries to penetrate the ABSOLUTE, tempting Gods appear before him and offer to make him king of determined zones of the universe, in order to stop him from attaining his freedom. These tempting Gods have been unable to become free, and jealous of their own hierarchy tempt the Bodhisattvas in order to stop their entrance into the ABSOLUTE. These beings are a thousand times more dangerous than humans.

A great divine Hierarch comes to meet you when you arrive at the point of departure of the two paths (the thirty-first vertebra of the causal body). This being has a terrifying appearance, and he shows you the two paths.

The Nirvanic path is a good work, and the path of the ABSOLUTE is a superior work. The Nirvanic path follows the spiral of life. The path of the ABSOLUTE is the path of long and bitter duty. The Nirvanic path is full of Paradises. Yet the path of the ABSOLUTE is the desert of the Gods.                   – Christ Will by Samael Aun Weor

The Exodus is something that we have to perform psychologically. Do not think that the Exodus only happened physically. Exodus also happens physically, but it is in accordance to your level of your Being. You have to reach a certain psychological level in order for you to belong to the physical Exodus. That is why the master Samael Aun Weor told us in one of his lectures in 1975, about the Exodus, and in it he states that we have to reach 50% in order to leave in the Exodus. But this is Kabbalistic—and thereafter he talks about the incarnation of Christ. When you read the Bible, it says the same thing.

When Moses, which is the Causal Body, is fully developed, he goes to the top of the mountain and sees God. It is precisely the moment when he decides. God, his Inner Being, says:

Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.
And Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?
And he said, certainly I (Christ – Iod, Hei, Vav, Hei) will be with thee (the Bodhisattva); and this shall be a token unto thee, that I have sent thee: When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain (the sixth dimension). - Exodus 3: 10 -14

The same happens with us. We have to take all the parts of the Being out of the physical body, out of bondage from Klipoth—and this is the very great work that we have to perform.

Remember, Exodus happened, occurred, after Moses saw God face to face. This is what you have to understand. If you want to go into the Exodus as well, you have to work very hard in your own psyche, in your own spirit. And I repeat, all the clues are written there in the Book of Genesis and in the Book of Exodus. Yet, we have to know how to interpret it, how to read it, how to understand it because, I repeat, those books are written with the 22 (Arcana) letters of the Hebrew alphabet and every single word says something that you have to understand. We explain that to you in lectures because we love this humanity and we know that this humanity has but a short time in order to do these types of studies and to follow them after they gained the right.

Nature is advancing—the catastrophes are wiping out this humanity, so we give and we talk clearly, in order for you to choose, very fast, and we point to the main things, which are the Hebrew letters. Everything that was written in the Bible are commandments for those that follow the path. It is not for believing—of course in the beginning you study and you believe them, but do not leave it like that—no. Being a hearer of the word is not enough. You have to be a doer of the word, and that is Initiation.
The direct path to liberation is written in the Book of Exodus. Remember, to liberation—that is why Moses was called the liberator or redeemer because he is the one that does the work with the help of God. Moses represents the human soul fully developed, united with Jehovah which, Kabbalistically, is Christ—Chokmah—wisdom. This is how we work and that is why we have books written and all the wisdom that we deliver here—in order for you to understand this.

Do you have questions?

Q: Just to mention, that nature is speeding up the catastrophes because of the state that we are in, can that also be expanded to both the financial and political happenings around us now?

A: Yes, of course—all of this is working together. You know, there is a word that we always repeat and that is the word karma—cause and effect. Karma acts in all the levels of society; the economical crises we are experiencing are related with karma.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, are related with karma. Little by little, this humanity will be wiped out because, little by little, we have to pay what we owe. Do not think that if you die young right now, you will not pay what you owe—because the soul is the one that has those debts within. It is written that in the mind of each one of us, in the atoms of the mind, is within which the lords of karma or the angels of destiny place what we owe, the karma that we have. If you die physically, in your mind is where this karma remains and you still have to pay it.

That is why it is written that those that do not pay what they owe here in this physical world, they pay down there in Klipoth. Klipoth is called hell or infernos, the inferior dimensions of nature, a place in order to level the scale. If you have a lot of debts, evil debts, you have to go there to pay what you owe, until your scale is even.
Nobody can mock the law. Somebody can kill and hide himself from physical justice—yet, after he dies physically, the cosmic justice will take care of him by applying the law to him. Thus, nobody can mock the law.

So, therefore, this economy that we are experiencing right now, is the law of karma. We are working through all of those elements that are in charge of it because all of us contributed to this crises we are in now. All of us are guilty in different levels. Or as we say, everyone of us put his grain of sand into this crises. Each one of us put the grain of sand into this calamity that is happening in the world with the forces of nature.

We have the way to pay, or to live, as the Master Samael Aun Weor said, to live the apocalypse or what is written in the book of Revelation with humanity, or to choose the path of initiation and start paying what we owe in our own way and develop wisdom. So that is why we deliver the doctrine. But you have to choose—to practice it and to pay what you owe by your own work or to follow the mechanicity of nature and be wiped out by the forces of nature.

Q: Can we pay the debt, the karma that we have through the sexual forces?

A: The way to pay the karma that we owe is through the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness. The first is through sexual alchemy, by building spiritually. By disintegrating the animal aspect within each one of us, which is the ego—that is the second aspect. Destroying the animality within us, building the spirituality, that is how we wipe the karma little by little. But it is also through that third aspect, the third factor, which is charity— you have to do a lot of good to humanity. By doing good you pay your debts.

So, three factors: death, birth, and charity. To give the life for this humanity at your own level. By working with the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness is how we pay our karma in initiation, little by little, bit by bit.

Q: You said that you had to reach 50% and you did not mention 50% of what.

A: Exactly. I said it—I said 430, but it is Kabbalistically. The thing is this—what is the 50%? It is a good question. Yet, I always avoid explaining this, because everybody wants this free, as a gift. But, you have to gain it. What is the half of the Tree of Life? See the picture of the Tree of Life—what is half of it? Where is the half of it, or in which Sephirah do we find the half of it? Tiphereth. Tiphereth is exactly in the center of the Tree of Life.

Tiphereth is the consciousness, human consciousness. Count Tiphereth from the bottom—according to initiation, Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzach—Tiphereth—that is the fifth. The fifty per cent is that—Tiphereth helps you reach that 50%. Yes, it is too easy to say it. That is the 50%. Nobody can go into the Exodus if he does not reach the 50%; it is clear—Kabbalistically.

All the Gnostics that read that or that listened to that lecture by the Master Samael, ask that, “what is the 50%?” Why? Because they do not study Kabbalah, yet, if they see Tiphereth it is in the middle, they say it is obvious, it is the middle, it is Tiphereth—the human soul, the causal body, the fifth initiation of major mysteries. Because when you reach that level you are a human being—but half—because still you have animality within you—a centaur, a hasnamuss, in other words. Fifty-fifty. If you do not annihilate the 50 part which is animality, even if you build your human part which is the 50%, it does not work. You have to annihilate completely the 100%. But, if you reach the 50%, then there is hope there.

There is hope because you have the connection with your own monad.

Q: I think what she is saying is 50% of the elimination of the I’s.

A: In order to reach the fifth initiation of major mysteries, in order to build the causal body, you have to eliminate a lot of ego on that journey. When you reach there and you have your human soul, your causal body already developed, you still have ego, but you eliminated a lot. And remember, the awakened consciousness that the Masters talk about is related with Tiphereth, with the monad—not with the person here in the physical plane.

Tiphereth, the human soul, is the one that walks on the path. Here in the physical plane the person has his personality, his egos, still—even if his Inner Being reaches mastery, he still has egos and can commit many mistakes. You have to understand that. But, of course, in order to reach that level you have to destroy a lot of ego. But look from the symbolic point of view. If you have your Solar Bodies already created you are half of it because you have still your ego. That is the measure. I believe that I said too much. But anyhow, it is said.

Q: Earlier when you were talking about charity, are you referring to charity given in the internal worlds or is that also referring to the physical…

A: Charity is love. Love is the law—but conscious love. That means that you have to do good but know how to do it. Because if there is for instance, a beggar asking for alms, and that beggar is asking for money in order to buy marijuana or cocaine and you give him money, you do good in the wrong way.

So, to do good, means to do it in the right way. To point, to put the finger in the wound, and even to cause pain to the person, sometimes that is good. Sometimes people do not like to hear that we are degenerated, that we are sinful people. When we explain that and we say, “you are filthy, because of this,”—and that hurts. That is doing good but you have to know how to do it.

And of course, other types of good that are good for the soul—to help somebody that is hungry to give them bread, that is good. To give money to somebody that really needs it, that is good too. But, I repeat, if you do good in the wrong way, that is not good. In the end it is bad. So you have to awaken in order to do good. Conscious love—and that is charity.

If your charity will help the kingdom of God, that is charity; that is good. Because charity is Chesed, you see? This is how you say it in Hebrew. Chesed is charity, Chesed is spiritual, Chesed is Abraham, in each one of us. You do charity? If you do it for Chesed, for the Spirit of God—good! Then you build treasures in heaven. But there are a lot of people who like to build treasures in earth—but that is up to them.

Q: What do you do in order to eliminate the I?

A: In order to eliminate the I, you have to know how to meditate, how to comprehend that I—because that I, or ego, is an element that traps the consciousness. That consciousness which is trapped in that ego is acting in the wrong way, as we said in the previous explanation—doing good sometimes in the wrong way. But by comprehending the ego in meditation, then you put into activity your consciousness in order for that consciousness to do good in the right way, or if it was doing evil, to do good which is the opposite—because ego, or the I, is nothing but a wrong use of the consciousness, the consciousness acting bad, doing wrong behavior.

So when you start behaving in the right way, that ego is empty. And when the ego is empty, you can destroy that bottle. But if there is no comprehension, that consciousness is still within the bottle—the genie of the lamp is still there, trapped. You have to liberate the genie and to destroy the lamp after that. For that of course, we teach meditation—you have to comprehend—no one can do that for you; you have to comprehend your own psyche. And you have to pray to your own Goddess, Divine Mother Kundalini, in order to destroy it. This is how the consciousness is liberated. You have to use your willpower in order to control that mind. In other words, Moses has to be born within you little by little—it is a process—in order to develop willpower.

Q: Could you reach Tiphereth individually, or do you need a soulmate?

A: In every single life of these prophets that we are talking about in the Bible: Abraham had a wife, Isaac had a wife, Jacob had a wife, Moses had a wife—all of them had a wife. So all of us need a partner; nobody can transform the sexual energy without a partner. As for instance physically—you want a child, you want a son or a daughter—you need a woman. Otherwise you cannot, because the woman has the house, you have the seed. As well, the same thing internally: you as a man want to be born again inside? You need a woman. You have to transmute that sexual force that will give the eventual birth within you. Otherwise, it is impossible.

As a single person you can reach a certain level. Because there are initiations of minor mysteries for single people that can develop with their own sexuality. But when they reach the top of that level, they need to marry in order to go ahead; otherwise they cannot advance..

Q: reach the 50%...

A: Yes, to reach the 50% we are talking about here. Of course, if we are talking about the annihilation of the ego, you can annihilate a lot of ego as a single person. But remember this: Yogananda, this great yogi, annihilated a lot of ego and awoke consciousness—but he did not go into the Exodus, he went into limbo, to hell. Why? Because he did not build his Solar Bodies; he did not reach the 50%, because the 50% is together.

But remember, always, in order to reach those levels, do not hesitate: Oh, I have to do it in this life! If you are capable of doing it in this life, do it. But if you are not capable, just keep ahead, and do whatever you can so that the Masters will give you another body in order to go ahead, because you are serious. There are many initiates that take lifetimes in order to reach the fifty percent. Of course, if you dedicate your life to the work, you can do it in this life and move ahead. Do not lose hope because what the Inner God and the Masters always look for is serious people that are doing the work.

Q: Do we have to be initiated in order to start transmutation?

A: No. Actually initiation means that. Initiation means to understand, to comprehend how to transmute the sexual energy as long as you have started. If you start today, you are already initiated in your own particular individual world. The other initiations that we perform in different physical ceremonies, are just symbols—symbols of what you have to do within.

That is why we always advise those that are really interested in knowing how to transmute that sexual force to read The Perfect Matrimony, which is the book that Master Samael wrote in the beginning. He explains there how to transmute the sexual energy in order to be initiated. Initiation only relates to the internal worlds—you will know in which level you are in your initiation, when you start developing. You hear for instance, the speakers who give lectures—but nobody knows in which level we are because that is very sacred and very private.

Of course we have groups here which reunite and teach meditation, etc., but that is guidance in order for you to walk on your own particular individual path. And this is what we have to understand. And remember, the Bible is a book in order to study and meditate—better if we know the Hebrew alphabet and to study it, even with a dictionary, in order to know what we are reading. Otherwise, we fall into confusion.

Q: …emphasize alchemy is not a physical activity—there has to be love in this act—because a lot of Gnostics seem to get desperate…

A: Exactly—that is a good question. It says that we have to understand that alchemy is not just the sexual act by itself—there has to be love. You have to love your partner in the physical plane, in the vital plane, in the astral plane, in the mental plane, in the causal plane—to feel that union in all the planes. Because if you start doing this with somebody else that you do not even love, after that you just depart, and that is no good. And you gain karma because of that because this is something serious.

So if you are single and you want to work this seriously, you have to find, if you are a man, a woman that really would like to work—not only for one week or one month—for the whole life. That is precisely the commitment.
Of course, all this also depends on the karma of each one of us.

Q: ..a lot of people go to the internet dating websites in order to try to find a partner, but in actuality we should just work on ourselves, nothing more…and then our partner will come.

A: Yes, of course. Many people go onto these websites looking for partners. There are a lot of websites now where you write and people communicate and they get married after that. And I even saw on tv there are many people who met like that and are married, that are happy—but they are not initiates; they are just fornicating like any animal.

Why do you think the matrimony was instituted by Christ and other Masters? Because matrimony means the union of two beings that know the secret of Daath; but behold all the marriages in the world—they celebrate the ceremony in their religion but, after that, they sexually behave like animals. What is the difference? As they fecundate their children, the animals also fecundate their children. And they deliver their children in the same way. What is the difference then?

Marriage: so call I the will of the twain to create the one that is more than those who created it. The reverence for one another as those exercising such a will, call I marriage. Let this be the significance and the truth of thy marriage.

But that which the many-too-many call marriage, those superfluous ones- ah, what shall I call it?

Ah, the poverty of soul in the twain! Ah, the filth of soul in the twain! Ah, the pitiable self-complacency in the twain!

Marriage they call it all; and they say their marriages are made in heaven.

Well, I do not like it, that heaven of the superfluous! No, I do not like them, those animals tangled in the heavenly toils!

Far from me also be the God who limpeth thither to bless what he hath not matched! – Thus spoke Zarathustra

Thus the Holy Matrimony is holy because those who married are initiates who already know that they have to transmute the sexual energy, so they marry in order to complete that commitment, and start working in the sacred vow of matrimony.

But just to be married in order to have children, well that is good if you want to celebrate that in a ceremony but that is not the meaning of the ceremony of matrimony that was given to us. Because dogs do not marry—unless you know, there are a lot of people that have a lot of money and they marry dogs with dogs because they have the money to celebrate that—and they even deliver their inheritance to dogs. And why not, eh?

But listen, the holy matrimony was instituted for intellectual animals in order for them to start the path that we are explaining here.

Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. - Hebrews 13: 4