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hell We must understand the Mind in order to understand what salvation is and the term "being born again." We must also understand that after the last return into Limbo, the door or entrance into the sphere of Mercury is definitively open for the lost souls, thus the definitive entrance into the infernal worlds is related with the mind. The mind is related with the sphere of Mercury.

Klipoth is related with Nine Inferior Dimensions.

Within the Ray of Creation there are Seven Cosmos.

The First Cosmos is governed by the Father, the Truth: "Search for the Truth and the Truth shall set you free." God is the Truth.

The Tree of Life and the 10 Sephiroth teach us about the different parts of the Being and the different Heavens.

Malkuth is the physical world.

The other Nine Sephiroth are related with the Nine Heavens:

  • Yesod and Hod are related with the Heaven of the Moon
  • Heaven of Mercury
  • Heaven of Venus
  • Heaven of Sun
  • Heaven of Mars
  • Heaven of Jupiter
  • Heaven of Saturn
  • Heaven of Uranus
  • Heaven of Neptune

The Nine Heavens are related with nine planets of our Solar System.

We always point upwards if we are talking of Heaven - but from a physical point of view we will first find the Moon and then the other planets and the Sun. Each of these planets is in relation with the different Heavens of Christianity or any other religion.

There are actually twelve planets rotating around the Sun. Scientists only know nine (up to Pluto). After Pluto are another three planets (and with the Sun, a total of 13) - these are the 13 Heavens of the Nahuas' religion or Aztecs.

The planets that are unknown to official science are:

  • Vulcan
  • Persephone
  • Clarion

The Moon is first Heaven, related to the Earth, which is first in our sphere.

The Nahuas and Mayans speak of 13 Katuns, or periods of time, within which every humanity has to be developed.

We are now in the 12th Katun. In 2040 we enter the 13th Katun, the final step, the end of our civilization, which will last maybe 2000 years. Even the beginning of this Katun means destruction - and so entry into this period implies a complete change in nature due to a great sacrifice that will be performed by the fire.

The Hebrew Sephiroth are the 10 manifested emanations of that Seity that is unknown. Above the 10 Sephiroth we find 3 regions - these are related to what we call the Absolute. These 3 great regions are:

  • Ain: Nothingness
  • Ain Soph: Limitless
  • Ain Soph Aur: Limitless Light

Below Ain Soph Aur we find the Ten Sephiroth which form what we call the universe, in different parts, or the Heavens of Christianity.

The Ten Sephiroth are ten different parallel dimensions.

The Earth is placed in the physical dimension or plane.

The Earth and all life, the four kingdoms of humans, animals, plants and minerals are called the Kingdom (Malkuth).

The first heaven is called the Astral World - called in Christianity "the World of the Angels." This is the world of Superior Emotions.

Above the Astral World we find the Heaven of the Mind. Here we find the Archangels.

Above here we find Principalities abiding in Heaven of Venus. Venus is vibrating with that particular dimension.

Each planet is related with a superior dimension, which is not physical but internal. These are superior or internal worlds, the Kingdom of Heaven. regions Next, we have the Virtues - related to Heaven of the Sun.

Mars is the 5th Heaven, and is the abode of the Potencies, Powers.

Heaven of Jupiter - the abode of the Dominions.

Heaven of Saturn - the abode of the Thrones.

Heaven of Uranus - the abode of the Cherubim.

Heaven of Neptune, Empyrean - the abode of the Seraphim.

The Vital world (Yesod) is directly related with the physical plane.

When we talk of the Heaven of the Moon we have to realize that it is ruling the Astral Plane (Hod) as well as the Vital Plane (Yesod).

Each planet is related with the Spheres, or the Heavens.

We have to be born again in these Heavens.

Above the Tree of Life we have another 3 Heavens, but they are Unmanifested. Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur are unknown for our understanding. The universe starts really from the 10 Sephiroth.

This is the Doctrine of Daath, the doctrine of the Transformation of the Forces, the transformation of matter into energy, of energy into matter.

When you study the Ray of Creation, you also discover the different forces of the Absolute within matter.

When we talk of atoms we find many types of atoms - many types of matter. Scientists only talk of physical atoms, but in this universe, which is composed of many different dimensions, each dimension is composed of a different kind of matter.

That which we call matter, in itself, or matter without form, is something unknowable for the intellect.

That unformed matter is precisely the essence of concrete matter; this takes form in the different planes or dimensions according to the activities of the fire. In Hebrew, the Haishim are igneous particles that are enclosed within the atoms. Any activity of any atom, any movement of an atom, is due to the influence, the will, of these igneous particles. Samael Aun Weor tells us that these igneous particles are unknown to scientists.

These Haishim are made of what? - They are igneous particles of INRI, that fire which is not physical fire, but that fire that Christians call Christ (which is a Greek word).

What is this Christ? - it is the first emanation, the first-begotten.

In order for matter with a particular form to take that form it needs the activity of that fire. That fire is the first emanation of the Unknown. This Unknown is the Eternal Cosmic Common Father. He is called Father in relation to paternity, relating to the origin of life.

From Him emerges the Fire, Light. That Fire, that Light, is the intelligence of the Father - Chokmah, Wisdom. The other aspect of this fire is called Binah, Intelligence.

This Fire is in every atom in any dimension.

The Heavens, the Kingdom of Heaven, are composed of a different kind of matter, of life that exists in different dimensions, which is sustained by those Haishim, the life of that matter in different planes.

In the Kingdoms of Heaven these particles act according to the Will of God. This Will is different in every Angel, Archangel, Dominion, Throne, Principality, Cherubim, etc. (There are Nine Hierarchies of Divine Beings).

The Fire is also in the Infradimensions.


In the Ray of Creation, these infinitesimal igneous particles (we call them atoms), are in the First Cosmos from the Unknown - the Protocosmos. Every atom of that matter which is immortal has within its bosom an igneous particle, one atom of the Absolute. That intelligence is there in activity, in the Life free in its movement.

The Protocosmos is called the "Cosmos of Christ," because the Truth, which is the first law, is there within the belly of each atom of that matter which is immortal.

Then we find second cosmos - Ayocosmos (the "Holy World" of the Greeks). Each matter of the Holy Cosmos has three igneous particles of the Absolute within. The Fire is divided into three. These three wills are one. These three forces in one (tri-unity) are in the belly of the atoms of the Ayocosmos, which is sustained by three laws.

The Haishim are particles of Will. That's why in the first cosmos, the Protocosmos, the Will of God is performed, because this Will of God is being performed by the First Begotten, the First Emanation the Ain Soph Aur. There is one igneous particle within each atom, doing the Will of God, which is the Truth.

In the Ayocosmos, the Will of God is divided into three, but these three are performing that Will. Even still, there is happiness.

In the third cosmos, the Macrocosmos, there are six particles within, six different wills, six laws. Each atom is subdued to the activity of these six igneous particles and we see mechanicity starting.

kabbalah Then follows the fourth cosmos, the Deuterocosmos, which has twelve igneous particles. This is how the law divides into twelve laws.

This is the Will of God - His creation. The Ray descends into lower and lower matter, and we find more complications and mechanicity.

When the Ray of Creation reaches the Astral Plane, the fifth cosmos, the Mesocosmos, the matter has twenty-four igneous particles.

In the Physical Plane, the sixth cosmos, the Microcosmos, there are forty-eight igneous particles, Haishim, Will powers - forty-eight laws to which the physical matter is submitted.

Below the physical world we find the opposite to the Heavens - the Infradimensions.

The matter is more dense, and we start with Limbo, under ninety-six laws, the seventh cosmos, the Tritocosmos.

Laws are created to balance the universe, but the Creator gave us consciousness, souls, in order to decide whether we want to live, to dwell in any dimension we want.

In the Infradimensions we find other laws as well - more mechanicity.

We are intellectual animals. "Animal" comes from anima, which is Latin for "soul." Therefore, we are "a soul with intellect."

This soul develops through the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms, and utilizes that element called mind in order to be active in each kingdom. The soul evolves and the mind receives the properties it needs in order to serve as a vehicle of nature in each successive kingdom.

When the soul enters the human kingdom, then the mind becomes the intellectual mind (previously, it was irrational mind). As intellectual mind it is still mechanical, but it is given to the soul for the opportunity to jump and get out of that mechanism in which the soul is bottled up.

Whether we are in evolution or in devolution, we are just slaves of the mechanical laws of nature.


When we are evolving, the mind is being transformed, until we receive the intellect. The intellect is mind, but it is mind in the animal stage, not human.

Human comes from HUM related with Spirit and MANAS related to mind. The soul of a Real Human is no longer an intellectual ANIMA, that soul is a human anima, a human soul.

A real Human Being is a soul whose mind is under the service of the Spirit, not of the mechanical laws of nature. This mind commands nature, as God commands nature.

When the consciousness is in the mineral, plant, animal, and humanoid kingdoms, the mind is under the service of nature, and the soul is utilizing that mind.

If we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we have to be "born again," we have to create another kind of matter that will be submitted to other laws (than nature).

In the animals, when they are fornicating, the sexual glands depend on the commands of the pituitary and pineal glands within the brain. This is completely instinctive, acting under the control of the mechanical mind. That mind acts according to the multiplication of nature. The animal follows its mind, dominated by its instincts, according to mechanical nature.

The potency of the sexual glands depends on the potency of the pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal and pituitary glands command the sexual glands in order for us to perform the sexual act. When anyone performs the sexual act, it is obvious that it is his mind acting through the brain controlling the sex. And then, following the instincts which are completely animal, that person fornicates, which is a completely normal act for the animals of nature.

But if we want to be born again we have "to deny ourselves." Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. - Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23 This means we must deny our own mechanical bestial nature, which is that mind or donkey that will push us to follow the mechanisms of nature. That mind is devolving, and is now ego, lust, anger, pride, laziness etc. Our Mind is no longer in the service of evolution, but of devolution.

Our reasoning is subjective and is related to the 48, 96 and more laws.

In Egypt we can find a statue of Hermes with his sexual member in a state of erection, with the words written on it: "Giver of Reasoning." Hermes is Mercury in the Roman pantheon. Mercury is in relation to the mind. Everything that is Hermetic, related to Hermes, is in relation to the Mind.

caduceus The Caduceus of Mercury has its analogy in the thermometer. According to the temperature of the body that mercury will rise in the thermometer, in different degrees.

Sex is giver of reasoning. We have mercury in our sexual organs, the Ens Seminis, the Mercury of Philosophy.

If we sublimate that mercury, it rises through the spinal column. This gives us the wings of the Spirit that permit us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven with objective reasoning. We will then possess a human mind, an individual mind, not like the collective mind (filled with lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, laziness, gluttony) we have now, which is related to the mechanical forces of nature.

Do not expect to obey God with the mind that we have now, because it is a mechanical mind of nature. After 108 returns into Limbo it will definitively enter into the sphere of Mercury. In the Klipothic Inferior Sphere of Mercury we find the people that enjoy spilling the semen as any animal.

The orgasm develops in the protoplasmic mind of every creature the Tail of Satan - the passionate tail. The tail is formed by all the passionate sexual fire from the coccyx pointing downwards towards the Infradimensions of nature. Everybody has this in the ego, which is 100% mind. The main food of the ego, of that mind that is devolving, is fornication.

In the Klipothic Inferior Sphere of Mercury we find the Fallen Bodhisattvas, the Fallen Angels.

When Adam and Eve fell into animal generation, they had their first son, which is the Intellectual Animal Mind - Cain. But the Spirit never liked the way that Cain was worshipping him, because Cain was a fornicator.

We have to kill Cain seven times seven times (the mind has 49 levels - the ego is hidden in all of these levels).

Abel is the Human Soul, the consciousness that in ancient times was obeying the Spirit. But since Adam and Eve, or that humanity that fell into animal generation, Cain was born, and after Cain, Abel was subdued because of Cain, because of the animal mind. While Abel was trying to please God, so was Cain, but in relation to the mind. Abel tries to please God, but Cain, which is stronger, is also trying to please God, but always in the wrong way. So God does not like the way that Cain is trying to please him. Cain travels everywhere preaching about God, talking about the Bible, praying, does a lot of good, etc. Cain is a mystical mind who, when the night arrives, extracts the treasure of the earth from his body, meaning the sexual energy. And God doesn't like this. This is how Cain (the animal mind) kills Abel (the consciousness).

Cain, the animal mind, has to be disintegrated in order to build the Human, the Real Man, the real Manas.

Cain dwells proud and conceited in the sphere of Mercury. Cain is teaching Black Tantrism. In the sphere of Mercury we find the worst of the Black Magicians that exist in the world. They are in the physical plane with a very strong intellect, convincing people, and they are of course cheating people, because when they start to speak they talk about wisdom, love, the awakening of the chakras, about God and the angels, etc., so nobody discovers them, because they speak beautifully. But slyly, they are teaching the black path. In a similar way, many people believe they are doing good, meanwhile they are following Cain, which is Satan in the mind.

So to be born again in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven implies the activity of the Mercury, which is the sexual matter, in order to create the individual mind that will give origin to the Son of Man inside of us, the Son of the Individual Mind - The Real Human.


If this humanity continues willfully extracting the Mercury from their bodies, no matter how much they believe, no matter how much they love God in their hearts, God will not like that type of worship. Cain was always rejected. Cain is that mind which, through the brain, is commanding the sexual organs to fornicate, and justifying that action according to the mechanical laws of nature. Many (nearly all) books in the libraries written by Cain (the animal mind) justify animal fornication.

Adam and Eve symbolize the Lemurian humanity, because in Lemuria, the beings that dwelt there had human minds. They were innocent. But with the fall of that humanity, Cain was born in each one of those individuals. And Cain was trying to please God by following the unconsciousness of nature. Cain tries to make of the mechanisms of nature a mysticism. Jesus said,

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. - Matthew 7:13-14

If we search for the Truth we will be liberated - the Truth is the 1 law, but first we have to be liberated from the 48 laws, then the 24 laws, then 12, etc. until we reach the first laws. But unfortunately, we are even submitted to 96 laws, and there are even many schools and philosophies that try to strengthen the animal mind. Instead of mind control what we need to do is disintegrate the mind, Cain.

In the sphere of Mercury there are a lot of people, angry, talking about how to enjoy sex, and imagining in their fantasy many ways to extract the sexual energy from their bodies - pornography exists there, and is created by them, the Black Lodge (which is everyone). The Black Lodge teaches the schools and everyone how to have "safe sex" - the intellectuals teach different types of garbage in order that the youth utilizes the mind and enjoys the sexual act, sexual pleasure. Even in the different sects of Christianity, they extract the mercury in their relationships. Lust is the original sin. Cain justifies fornication in many ways, and even expects to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven by fornication - this is what Cain thinks, but the facts are different.

If you want to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Superior Sphere of Mercury, you need to create a human mind. The wings of the Angels are the symbol of chastity, meaning that the creatures of heaven do not extract the mercury of the secret philosophy from their bodies, they sublimate that mercury.

bodies Everything that is of the matter of nature is submitted to the laws of nature, evolution and devolution. The soul is dressed in the matter of nature, and so evolves and devolves accordingly. If you create the Solar Bodies, the Solar Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies, individual Human Bodies, you will be free from the mechanisms of nature. This mechanicity will not influence your soul - but right now we are submitted to those mechanical laws. The soul is here in the physical body, and is submitted to 48, 96 and more laws, with this physical body, whether we like it or not. And if we have lust, anger, pride, vanity etc. - all of these defects are submitted to lower laws, 96 laws, 192 laws etc. The consciousness is submitted to more mechanicity, which is related to the mechanical laws of devolution and evolution.

The world of 24, 12, 6 etc. laws have nothing to do with evolution and devolution - the mechanicity of the Wheel of Samsara starts with this physical body, in the world of 48 laws. Physically we born, grow, we die and are reborn. And also the animal mind that we have within evolves and devolves but on a larger time scale - but we have to create bodies that are immortal, bodies that are submitted to 24 laws, which is the first body out of the realm of evolution and devolution. The Astral Electronic Body is the Mystic Body.

Karma exists in all the different spheres. The Wheel of Samsara is related to the grosser aspects of karma. There is Katancia, superior karma, that saints, prophets, awakened masters etc. should not break, these are holy laws - Heaven is controlled by superior karma, which is related to the Will of God, whereas here the karma is mechanical - people are paying here for what they ignore because they are asleep.

Karma is an immortal law that exists in every sphere, except the Absolute.

The Wheel of Samsara is related with the physical karma, or with the karma of mechanicity, because we are asleep.

In the Astral Plane we have a type of karma that we have to overcome, but this is not the same type of karma that is related to the physical plane.