ImageIn order to comprehend the Sphere of Venus, we have to understand the different dimensions in relation to the Tree of Life.

According to the Tree of Life, the Sphere of Venus is related to Tiphereth, the world of the Human Soul, where we find the Malachim - Hebrew for "Kings and Queens."

In Christianity, Venus is related to the Principalities, those beings above the Archangels.

The Astral Plane is the world of Angels.

In the Mental Plane we find the world of the Archangels.

In the Sphere of Venus, which is the Causal World, the world of Willpower, we find the Principalities. This is the Electronic world, in which we find the Monads.

The Monad is a trio of Spirit, Divine Soul, Human Soul.

Image The Electronic world begins there. The Monad is related to other dimensions above Tiphereth, but now we talk of the lower part of that Monad that is called Human Soul. That human soul which has to be incarnated - the human soul has to descend, it has to incarnate into the physical body in order that we have the right to be called human beings.

In Theosophy, the Human Soul is called Superior Manas, the Causal Body, superior mind, Superior Man.

Below this we find the inferior mind.

So we have two minds: one superior and another inferior.

But both minds are something that we have to create in the Ninth Sphere, Yesod.

The mind that the Intellectual Animas have at the moment is in a Lunar State. The moon is related with the mechanicity of nature, with the mechanical laws. Any animal has within itself, mind and emotions, vehicles that are related to the mechanisms of nature.

We have the opportunity to create individual, particular, immortal bodies, that do not belong to the mechanisms of nature, but that will be related to the will of God. All that which Gnostic Kabbalah studies is how to do the Will of God.

The Lord's Prayer states: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

This Heaven is the Heaven of Venus, where the Will of God is being done, because God is our own particular Spirit, our own particular Monad, our own Being. God, our Monad, our Spirit, has two souls: the Divine Soul that is always with Him, which is his Divine Consciousness, and his Human Consciousness. This Human Consciousness, this essence that the Monad created, has all the experiences that we have had from the mineral kingdom until we gain the level of human being. That knowledge, that consciousness, is there with the Monad, in the Electronic world, in Heaven, and our goal is to incarnate it.

But who are we? If the Human Soul is there in the Heaven of Venus with our Monad, then who are we?

We are part of the Human Soul. This part is called the Embryo of the Soul, or the consciousness, or what conventional religion would call the soul, but it is not a complete soul, just part of it. In Zen Buddhism this part is called Buddhata. The Buddhata is part of the Buddha, the Monad. Each one of us has his own Buddha. Our Monad, Buddha, sends part of himself into physical existence, into the physical body. But for our disgrace this Buddhata is bottled up within lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, vanity etc.

That's why when we practise meditation; through the technique of meditation we learn how to take that Buddhata, that essence, which is part of the Human Soul, out of the bottle of the intellect, which is the same ego, then that soul, that Buddhata escapes through the pineal gland and enjoys for a moment the happiness of being united with the Spirit, with the Buddha, with our own individual God. This experience is what we call ecstasy, Samadhi or rapture. But that Buddhata, which is part of the Human Soul, has the duty according to the Cosmic Law to perform the work under the direction of the Monad, in the physical body. So therefore after experiencing the ecstasy it has to return into the bottle (physical body) again. There is a job to perform, there is work to do, which is to perform the Will of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

There are creatures in the sixth dimension and all of them perform the Will of their own particular, individual God. They act under the direction of their own Being. Of course, every single Monad works in accordance with the Law, with the Cosmic Law; because each Monad is a part of the Absolute. That is why we say in Heaven there is happiness, because none of those Monads break the Law, all of them act according to the will in each one of their human souls, so the will of God is performed in Heaven. In Heaven it is always done.

The Will of God in heaven is Action-Will, in which each one of the Monads, or the Principalities, those Angels that live in that level, act and perform their own mission. Action-Will is the performing of our own work in harmony with the other forces, the other beings, in the great laboratory of God, which is in Heaven.

Of course we are talking here only in relation to those beings who created the Causal Body, the beings who built the Superior Mind.

The Causal Body is called the Superior Mind because it is a kind of Mind that acts, that obeys, the will of God, the action, the will of the Being.

But inferior mind, which is below the Causal Body, is that mind which analyses things, and is very slow.

Reasoning is a faculty that does not allow us to comprehend the Innermost. We are accustomed to that.

In order to be born again, we need to be born in Heaven; we need to create the electronic bodies. This Kingdom begins in the Astral Plane, when we create the Solar Astral Body, the body of superior emotions. To be born in the mental plane we have to create the Solar Mental Body. To be born in the world of will power, the world of Venus we have to create the Superior Mind, the Causal Body.

When we are twice born individuals then we learn how to do the Will of God, the Will of our Being. This is what the Principalities do, in the Heaven of Venus.

It is said that the Heaven of Venus is the Heaven of Music, Art, because everything is harmony, performed according to the Will of God, through Tiphereth, "Beauty."

Those Beings from the Heaven of Venus incarnate - the Principalities sometimes reincarnate in physical bodies - when they incarnate with all of their electronic bodies within a physical body, they are great messengers, and their physical body obeys them; in other words, they perform the Will of God in Heaven and also in Earth.

The Will of God in Heaven is Action-Will, in accordance with the hierarchies, and the will of God in Earth, the physical body, is Sensation-Willpower - to act with the Will of the Monad in harmony with the Cosmic Laws. It is when the Monad is acting in the physical body, when is transforming perfectly all of the sensations; that is called esoterically - the Being-Partkdolg-Duty.

The Being-Partkdolg-Duty is His action-willpower in the physical body in a 100% perfect way, perfectly acting through the physical body, and this is what we call Sensation-Willpower (or, in other worlds, "Willpower over Sensation").

If you observe how our physical body is related to the physical world, you will see that we are related through sensations. Without sensations we would not be in contact with the physical world.

We have five physical senses. Words as vibrations, waves, cause sensations, go into the brain, and there is something there that is analyzing, or taking these impressions, in order to place them within your consciousness, within yourself. Within, you have the impressions because you receive the sensations.

The element that takes those impressions in order to transform them perfectly is called consciousness, when that element is awakened. Unfortunately we also have that element that is called personality which is not of the consciousness. Personality is created in accordance with time, education, circumstances, and inheritance. So, most of the time, we transform lectures, knowledge, words, books in accordance with our personality. Everybody takes the impressions of the same lectures, knowledge, words, books in different ways when they are using their personality, the "bad secretary."

If you do not like the words you hear or read, then an ego will act through the personality and interpret the words according to the circumstances. If you are angry you interpret the words in one way, if you like the words and are happy, you will interpret the words in another way. In other words, the consciousness, the Buddhata, that element that we have to use in order to do the work that we have to do, is not working. Or, in other words, it is acting in accordance with the ego, in accordance with the personality, and is a victim of the sensations.

So the sensations that we receive through the five senses are not being controlled by God, the Monad, but by the Devil, the Ego. The Devil in this case is lust, anger, pride, greed etc. The ego acts through the personality that we have. It is very rare when the Buddhata, the essence, transforms all the sensations in accordance to the Will of God. Not only the visual and sound sensations: we also receive touch sensations through the skin; through our nose we receive smell sensations, etc.

The most powerful sensations that the physical body receives in this physical world are the sexual sensations related with the sense of touch, because the sexual organs are the most powerful organs related to sensitivity. The type of sensation that the sexual organ produces in the physical body is very strong, and the sensation that gives pleasure to the consciousness. Of course, to transform this sensation incorrectly, or any type of sensations when they are entering into the body, is to not perform the Will of God. The Will of God is the right transformation of all of the sensations that are entering into the physical body. "Thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven."

But if you observe, you will see that any of the five sensations are going into your ego, and your behavior in this physical world is in relation to your ego and not the Will of God. Everyone is acting in accordance to the Will of the Ego, or in other words to the Will of Desire. Desire is the identification with any sensation. Desire wants to repeat the sensation again and again, without taking into account the Will of God. This is what is meant by the Bible when it says the serpent, which is a symbol of the sexual instinct, gave to Eve the opportunity to feel the sexual sensation, or that which is called orgasm. Of course, when Eve and Adam felt that sensation, they desired to repeat that sensation again - that "desiring to repeat the same sensation" is what is called LUST.

Any Principality that takes a physical body in the physical world will always perform the sexual act with the permission of the Will of God - and within the sexual act all of the sensations of pleasure that they are feeling are transformed immediately in favor of the Spirit, in order to put sex under the direction of the Being. In other words, the physical body, which is the Devil, and his sensations, will obey the Will of God. But who in this world, when they are performing the sexual act, is thinking of God? - the majority are always identified with the demon of lust that we have within. And this is how we perform that which we call Sensation-Desire.

Incidentally, we say the physical body is the Devil but one must understand that the insticintive intelligence which organizes the functioning of the body does belong to the Monad. However, that intelligence is called ImagePluto in Greek; he is Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, who tempts through sensation. Therefore, in synthesis, we say that the physical body is the Devil who tempts through sensation.

According to the Greek Mysteries, the Divine Mother Nature "Ceres," sister of Jupiter (IO-Peter), was the mother of Persephone (the consciousness). Pluto (the instinctive intellegence of the physical body) abducted Persephone (the consciusness when in her devolving process). Jupiter (the Monad), who happened also to be the father of Persephone, releases Persephone from the dark kingdom of the underworld (from Klipoth 108 times). So, Persephone was allowed to spend half of each year (each life) in the light of day, on the surface of the Earth with her mother (nature), and the other half in (Limbo) the underworld, where she reigned as Queen of the Underworld alongside her husband the god Pluto (who controls the subconsciousness).

Returning to our theme, there are two types of sensations. When the Being performs the Will of God on earth as in Heaven, he always does it as Sensation-Will Power. But when the Soul is not performing the Will of God on earth, this Soul is performing Sensation-Desire.

When someone is performing Sensation-Desire, they are performing Evil Will, what is called Self-Will, which is not the Will of God. Of course, the root of desire is sensation, and the root of the ego is desire itself. The ego itself is that continuous desire of repeating and repeating the same sensations without taking into account the Will of God, or the Will of the Being, the Spirit.

If we remember in Genesis, Jehovah said,
Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat, but for the Tree of Knowledge, thou shall not eat of it. For in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die... - Genesis 2:16-17
This is the Monad talking to the Human Soul:
In the middle of your body are your sexual organs, and you have to perform the sexual act under my direction, and the day that you perform the sexual act without my permission, only by your own will, I will die in you, or you will die for me, because you will perform your own will. You will create within you another will, which will not be my will, but self-ego will, that in other words is desire.
So when the man ate of the fruit, when he performed the sexual act without the Will of God, he reached the orgasm, and that sensation created lust, which is the evil will, the desire to repeat that sensation.

That lust which is sexual desire, the desire of repeating the sexual sensation of orgasm, is in us. And is always pushing us to repeat the same thing.

What is a sin? A sin is the breaking of the Will of God. Of course, our own God within has his own Will, and we have to try to perform this Will, but we are asleep - the Buddhata is bottled up within the ego, so we have to discover how to do the Will of God now.

That is why the great avatars, the great messengers, brought to the earth the rules, the written law, for those that are incapable of being touched by his own Being into following his own will. Now we have to follow the written law -Moses brought the Ten Commandments. These are the Will of God - we have to follow these, and the main one is: "You shall not fornicate," because that is the beginning of the breaking of the law. And to start to perform the Will of God on earth in different steps, we begin by analysing, by comprehending the ego, which is desire. Every single ego inside of us is desire, and is rooted in Sensation-Desire.

For instance, women, like to be praised. "How nice, how beautiful you are," etc. Women will do anything in this world, through diet, clothing, etc to show their beauty, in order to receive that praise from others. When you receive that praise, you feel a nice sensation - what is that sensation? We are slaves of what others think of us. If they say good things, then we feel the sensation of feeling better, and what is that? Vanity? We would say that is pride, to feel good because of praise. But when we say "Oh, I know I am pretty," or "I am handsome" - that is vanity. And that sensation of feeling that you are pretty, that you are handsome, you are feeling and feeding your ego of vanity. God is humbleness, but we like to be praised.

What is gluttony? The desire of feeling something that is tasty, that we like. Horrible drinks give horrible sensations, and so you do not desire them, but foods that you like, you like the sensations that they produce, and you eat a lot of them, satisfying your gluttony, wanting to repeat the sensations over and over.

We know that we have to be in contact with our Being, and take the spiritual substance from the food, and we practice the mantram KRIM in order to make of eating a ceremony - but it is very seldom that we do that, because most of the time we are just identified with our gluttony, sometimes not even gluttony but vanity because we eat things that won't make us too fat, etc. We do not care about the nutrition of our physical body - we do not realize that the body is just a vehicle that we have to feed in order to take advantage of it. But the body is taking advantage of us, because we are slaves of the sensations of eating. And whenever we cannot satisfy the physical sensations then we are frustrated, and demand the sensations that we like.

We want our partners to talk nicely to us, we want to receive nice sensations, and when they do not talk to us gently, then we are upset, frustrated that we cannot receive the pleasant sensations and thus we react angrily (frustrated desire). Furthermore, that demand for sensation may be so strong it is transformed into violence and then into resentment, which becomes hatred.

And you are demanding others to serve you, and then you create a lot of stupidities.

There are some religions that satisfy some kinds of desires. Religions should not satisfy desires, sensations, but unfortunately they are doing that, the type of ego that likes to feel it is saved, to feel that sensation that it gets when feeling "saved," etc.

If you observe the desire for the sensation of feeling secure, strong - you like that sensation, that feeling, "I am strong, powerful, and can accumulate a lot of money," etc. You covet money and become greedy because you want to be powerful on the earth. To be "powerful on the earth" is to feel the sensation of being powerful - but to be powerful in this way is to be far from the Being, not at all performing the Will of the Being on earth.

Christianity and Judaism these days do not fulfil the Ten Commandments but only their own desires.

We need a super effort from within, and that effort comes from inside when you work for your soul, your Human Soul. When you start comprehending that you have to do Sensation Will Power - which is to perform the Will of God on earth in your physical body, and to study very profoundly the Ten Commandments. And what is better is to awaken, and to be in contact with your God, and your God will tell you, "This is the way you have to do things, you have this ego that is breaking my law, and this is what you have to do next to do my will."

If the Will of our God is performed then the planet will be a paradise, but it is not the Will of God to force other people to think in our way, by force or even intellectually by very subtle ways. You have always to respect others even though the will of people is Evil Will because that is one of the rules of God, respect. We must teach but respect the views of others, because every human body is the vehicle of a soul that has to obey the Will of its Inner Being, God. And it is the duty of the Monad in that soul to do it, and nobody can do it for that soul, only themselves.

If we obey the Will of God we go into Heaven. That is why it is said that the souls that perform Good go to Heaven; however we would state those that perform good Will. So long as we do not perform this duty we are going to return again and again with Karma.

Image When a person only cares about his own will, meaning that they live only for the satisfaction of their own desires, for the satisfaction of any type of sensations, in other words also the sexual sensations, it is obvious that they are being divorced little by little from their own Being, because they are not doing His will. And in each life they are building and building more ego which will demand more sensations, which will cause more desire, because ego lives and sustains itself through sensations. Therefore it is always striving for sensations, and that is called desire. "I want..."

Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy finds that in the Third Sphere below the surface of the earth, in the infradimensions of nature, he finds the Sphere of Venus, exactly the contrary of the Heaven of Venus. In the Heaven of Venus, all the Beings there are performing the Will of God, the Will of their own Being. But in the infradimension, all the souls are performing their own will, they are there just performing the satisfaction of their own desires, sensations, divorced completely from the Will of their God.

Image And he found Cerberus in that sphere, the three-headed dog, a clear symbol of the animal instincts, directly related with the sexual sensations. This dog was licking every soul that entered that sphere, with a lot of love, but if any soul wanted to leave from there, immediately the dog became vicious. No soul was allowed to leave. This is a very pestilent region, with Cerberus barking incessantly at every moment.

Dante also found the gluttons in that region, and all of those souls that enjoy orgies, banquets. This is the place that those souls go to that are related to these kinds of psychological aggregates. This region is controlled by 284 laws, in comparison with this physical world that is controlled by 48 laws.

The people there are just living under Sensation Desire. The three heads are a symbol of the three brains - Intellectual (in head), Emotional (from heart to the navel), and Motor-Instinctive-Sexual (all the spinal column, the instincts which are in the coccyx, and the sexual organs).

Image The ego, or desire, acts through the three brains.

In relation to sex there is:
  • Sensation Desire in the Sexual Center is in the sexual organs
  • in the Motor Brain there are many sexual abuses
  • in the Emotional Brain acting through many ways.

In these times people enjoy the Sensation Desire of lust when they are watching pornographic movies. Through this activity, all the sexual energy is being wasted in the emotional brain.
In the intellect, lasciviousness destroys the sexual energy, as does the enjoyment of morbid conversations, degenerated conversations.

Lust, which is the root of desire, acts through the three brains.

The orgasm is the origin of the ego, the sexual sensation.

There are souls that live just for sensations - "don Juan, Casanova" - men that like to seduce women. They just like to seduce them for the sexual act, they do not want anything to do with the heart. The women are so identified with the heart, but those "don Juans" just live for the sexual act. There are women who like to this too.

In ancient times there was platonic love - love not related to sex. A couple could have been in love just through the heart, through certain sensations of the heart. Sometimes they didn't even know each other. They got to know each other after writing and sending each other things, perfumed letters, etc.

But in this day and age, if you observe your heart, what you want to do is satisfy the desires of your heart, the sensation of feeling great. There are many who are married merely because they are satisfying the desires of their heart, which have nothing to do with love. They want security - to feel security because the wife or husband has a lot of money. Or the surname of the spouse is held in high esteem. They will only marry people that their family approves of, of the right calibre, etc., or that will advance their social situation. These people are married in the heart, not because of real love, but because of vanity or pride, in order to impress others etc,. to satisfy their parents. They marry people that they do not love, and so they betray their own heart, they are betraying their own God because of Sensation-Desire through the heart.

There are very cold marriages related to the mind.

The sexual problem of this present humanity lies on the fact that each time we come to this earth we do it in order to satisfy sexual sensation, Sensation Desire in the Sphere of Nahemah (passion, adultery, prostitution), thus the Sensation-Desire is being increased and increased; until we are living just for it. People that are satisfying the sexual desire, the sensation desire, so much, become so bored with the opposite sex within the vicious circle of Nahemah that they become interested in their own sex, and become homosexual, thus they enter into the Circle of Lilith (sexual violence against their own bodies). Once in the Circle of Lilith, they physically die and return into a new body and their lust is no longer interested in the opposite sex, it is so big that their protoplasmic bodies, already devolving, distort the vital energy that enters into the physical body and even dislocate the hormones of the endocrine system. Their physical body creates another kind of hormone; if the body is masculine, the body creates female hormones, and vice versa in the female bodies. This is how the degenerated psyche starts lusting after the people of their own gender.

The problem with this is that it is even creating a particular psychology, because that lust not only acts through the motor-instinctive-sexual brain but through the emotional and the intellectual brain. Emotionally, they are dislocated. They say they love, but it is not love, they want to just satisfy the sexual sensation through their heart as well.

And because they are already degenerated and dislocated they create their own psychology and say "God created us like that" - they ignore that the Will of God will not create such things. The soul is satisfying the Sensation Desire of the Devil, and that Devil is lust in them that was being satisfied in many lives and now is satisfying itself in another way, because it is the only thing that they want. They satisfy that Sensation Desire through the motor-instinctive-sexual brain, through the emotional brain, and through the intellectual brain, and they create a new psychology - and these types of people are organised in these times, they have their own logic according to their own sensations.

But God has nothing to do with it, because they are completely divorced from their own Being. They are not doing Sensation-Will Power, which is to obey the Will of God in your physical body. So those beings are completely divorced from their Inner God.

In these times, most of humanity is absorbed within Sensation-Desire and is very marked in gluttony, and also in drugs, because drugs are very popular in these times: cocaine, heroin, marijuana. Why? Simply because they give a sensation that pleases your ego. Why do people like to drink alcohol? Because the sensation of inebriation is a sensation that the ego likes. The same with drugs. Pleasure.

They are slaves of the sensations of the Devil. The Devil in this case is the physical body that we have to control.

Image Dante states that in the Third Sphere of Venus, there was a lot of pestilence, meaning that it smelled very bad. Why? When you drink in the night, the next morning you feel the barking of that dog in your head. Headaches, feeling rotten. Bad breath. Also the people who smoke. They smell of that drug. They enjoy the sensation of smoking. They smell of that degeneration. There are so many perfumes these days because people stink.

We smell because we eat garbage, take drugs, fornicate. This humanity stinks.

If you go to the Third Sphere in hell, all the souls there stink, because that odor is coming from their own psyche. The ego of lust stinks, and when it is very strong in the physical body it is even exhuding through the pores of the body.

Why does that sphere stink? Because they continue with the same behavior.

They continue fornicating, drinking, in that inferno - still doing the same things, living in that pigsty. Everything in that sphere is related with gluttony, overfilling oneself. This is very common in this humanity.

We want to perform the Will of God; in order to enter into the Heaven of Venus we have to annihilate the Sensation-Desire 100% and do the Will of God on earth. If we think that we are going to go to heaven just because we believe in God, then we are mistaken, because we have all of this filthiness within, all of this lust, anger, gluttony etc. Lust really stinks. We are mistaken, and we stink, and we must cleanse ourselves.

In this day and age we find a lot of sexual misuse amongst the followers of the religions, and so they are not doing the Will of God.

It is impossible to perform the Will of God if we are asleep, if we are a slave of the ego.

The Sphere of Venus in Hell is manifest within us here when the soul is a victim of Sensation-Desire, when it is no longer performing the Will of God.



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