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ImageLimbo is the first sphere of Klipoth; it is related to that which we know as Hell, or the Infernos, or the Infra-dimensions of nature.

The whole of the cosmos is governed by many laws. Different parts of the cosmos from the Ain Soph to Klipoth are governed by differing amounts of laws.

The first sphere of Klipoth is Limbo which is governed by 96 laws, resulting in a very complicated mechanism.

The Ray of Creation descends into the different worlds, and finally we find that the Ray enters into Limbo, the first sphere of Klipoth, Hell.

The Ray of Creation

The first order of worlds is the Ain Soph Aur (Hebrew for "limitless light") - Eternal Cosmic Common Father - is governed by 1 law, which is the Truth.

The second order of worlds is the Infinite, the Firmament, governed by 3 laws.

Image While the Ray of Creation is descending into the different dimensions then we find Galaxies, called the Macrocosmos, controlled by 6 laws.

When the Ray descends and reaches any particular Solar System, then we find that the laws are duplicated, and every solar system is controlled by 12 laws.

The Ray descends more into every Planet and we discover that every planet is controlled by 24 laws.

On every planet, including the earth, we always find different Human Beings, and there are 48 laws controlling the physical bodies of the human beings.

These 48 laws are directly related to the 48 chromosomes of the body - 46 physical chromosomes and 2 vital (etheric) chromosomes.

We are in the physical body in the physical world controlled by 48 laws, and above us we have other worlds which are controlled by fewer laws. If we want to be free, or to be saved, we have to liberate ourselves from the mechanical laws of nature and to exercise ourselves in order to reach the first law, which is the Father, the Truth, which is beyond physical existence, beyond the Galaxy, beyond the Firmament, right there in the Absolute which is the Unknowable Seity.

Below our physical world, which is related with our physical body, we find what we call the Infradimensions of Nature. These are nine Infradimensions; the first Infradimension is Limbo controlled by 96 laws. These 96 laws are not related with the physical plane, but with that plane that people call Orco or Limbo.


Limbo is immediately below this physical plane, down below this earth - it is related to all of the caves and caverns that are surrounding the whole planet. If we unite all of the caverns and caves of the planet then we find that region that is called Limbo.

Limbo is that Infradimension where we have the exact reflection of all the infra-activities that we perform on the surface of the planet Earth. In the same way, internally speaking, to find the reflection of the good actions, virtues, we have to go into the superior dimensions, the Heavens, above the physical plane. Evil activities are reflected in Klipoth, Hell, related with first layer of Hell or the Infernos that we call Limbo.

If we find reflections of buildings, cars, inventions in the physical plane, they are reflected, the astral part of them, in Limbo because everything has an astral double.

For instance, when we sleep and go out of the physical body to dream, we find the same houses, buildings, same people, same animals, same things. When we awake we know that we were sleeping, but before that we do not know because we see exactly the same things. That double is the astral, or molecular body.

In that astral world, the 5th dimension, we find the double of everything. We find the double of Nature, which is something mechanical, the double of nature related with the material that belongs to nature. But also we find the double that we have to create, which is not from nature but that has an eternal aspect.

While we have dreams we find the double of everything. We have to create the eternal doubles that do not belong to the mechanism of Nature. But all that belongs to the mechanism of nature is the double that has no divine eternal reality. As this physical plane that will eventually disappear.

In the astral plane the angels are eternal; the bodies that they have do not belong to the mechanisms of nature, their bodies' matter is immortal. But in Limbo the rest of humanity does not have those eternal internal bodies; humanity wanders about with protoplasmic internal bodies. All these protoplasmic bodies and things we find in Limbo are perishable, not eternal.

In Limbo we find the double aspect of everything in Nature, but which is a protoplasmic perishable matter.

So, in Limbo we find the Molecular bodies, the Protoplasmic bodies. These are that kind of nature, a kind of matter that is not physical. The mind with which we think is protoplasmic. It belongs to the 5th dimension, eternity, the astral plane. The body with which we feel emotions also belongs to the 5th dimension; it is a protoplasmic body. But chairs, tables, etc also have a protoplasmic double. Every single form of physical matter has its protoplasmic part. It is like that part that is erroneously called by many groups, schools, religions the astral part - but really the astral eternal part is something that we have to build.

That is why when we are out of the body, and we find for instance, a dog that is sleeping in the physical world, in the protoplasmic dimension, which is Limbo, its soul is wandering around in its protoplasmic body. It is the same with cats, etc. Houses in the astral plane are protoplasmic matter. Chairs, trees, everything. Protoplasmic matter is also related with Nature, it is matter which is not dense like physical matter, but it is subtle. It belongs to the 5th aspect of this planet.

Limbo is a world here and now; it is in the Eternity, the 5th dimension. Parallel dimensions, universes, penetrate and co-penetrate without confusion. The Astral world is here and now.

Right now we are thinking, so where are the thoughts? We can't see them; why not? Because they do not belong to the 3rd dimension; but they are here, we feel them, we know we are thinking. But if we penetrate into the 5th dimension then we can see the form of the thoughts because they are protoplasmic. In the physical plane we can only sense that we are thinking but we cannot see the thoughts.

The first Infradimension is commonly called Limbo, which is an inferior dimension in the 5th dimension. It is the Chamber between the other inferior dimensions and the physical plane.

Everything that goes into Limbo eventually returns into the physical plane. That everything is the psyche, the soul. The soul right now is expressing itself through the physical body; the soul is reading this statement through the physical body. But when the physical body, which is cellular, three-dimensional, is tired, we go to bed, sleep, and the soul abandons the physical body, that soul uses a protoplasmic body which does not belong to the third dimension but to the 5th, which is Eternity, the astral plane, and then in that dimension we travel and see things which are protoplasmic, which are exactly the double of all the things that exist in the world. Limbo is that dimension where we experience our dreams.

The same buildings, cars, people, plants that exist in this physical world exist also in Limbo but in a protoplasmic matter. That is why we dream that we drive cars, read books, etc. in that dimension because everything is a double. The difference is that we are controlled by 96 laws when out of this physical body.

Other things exist in Limbo, but we cannot investigate them because we have our Psyche asleep.

When we are asleep we do not realise that the matter is protoplasmic.

If we inquire into the matter then we can realise this. Discern.

The protoplasmic bodies are the bodies that we use to think and to feel emotions while inside and outside the physical body:

· The Body of Desires (Lunar Astral Body) is protoplasmic and expresses itself through the solar plexus of the physical body.

· The Mind is protoplasmic and expresses itself through the brain of the physical body.

When we are out of the physical body we are thinking and feeling as if we were in the physical body, but we are in fact in Limbo.

If we are conscious in the fifth dimension, we can go up to the superior part of that fifth dimension instead of Limbo, we can go to Heaven where we see another type of matter. There is the Heaven of the Moon, as well as the Hell (Infradimension) of the Moon. But to go up to the superior part of that 5th dimension we need an eternal body, an immortal body, to get to the Heaven of Moon. It is rare to find a soul with an immortal Astral Body.

Normally we get our "astral" experiences in Limbo, but not in the superior part of that dimension.

It is in Limbo where we find the souls of all the dead people dressed with their protoplasmic bodies. To find someone in Heaven, the superior part of that 5th dimension, the person has to be born again. They need to have built an immortal Astral Body through the Holy Alchemy.

Reincarnation only belongs to conscious people, the Great Masters.

Normal people return. They are governed by the Mechanical laws of Nature. Every year the seasons return. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter always return. If we investigate Nature we see how things return. The Soul returns to this physical plane 108 times dressed with her protoplasmic bodies. The Soul is experiencing and learning many things in this physical body, but when the physical body dies the soul returns into Limbo.

The Soul is immortal, eternal. But every soul is dressed in the protoplasmic bodies, and these bodies are related to the mechanisms of Nature, to the mechanical laws.

We enter into a new womb. The baby has a new physical body but still has the same protoplasmic bodies which are very old, from a long time ago. Before we entered the human kingdom, we used them in the animal kingdom, and before that we used these protoplasmic bodies in the plant and mineral kingdoms. These bodies are evolving according to the laws of evolution, mechanical law of nature, and the soul is always there with the same bodies in different stages of evolution.

When we enter the human kingdom those protoplasmic bodies enter into the cycle or 108 lives in order to perform what the soul has to perform. We have to create electronic immortal bodies to be saved from the mechanical bodies, and the laws of nature.

We can easily go to Limbo and see our old friends who are now dead. In Limbo there are certain groups of people that the White Lodge are helping so that they can return again. Some of these people are conscious of the fact that they are physically dead. Most people ignore the fact that they are physically dead and in Limbo, because Limbo is exactly the same as this physical world. There we find the same commerce, the same life, the same actors in theatres. They waste their time with the same activities. They do not know they are dead. They do not know they are dead in the same way that we do not know we are in the astral world until we awaken into the physical body and realise we were dreaming.

If we worry here about getting money to resolve our problems, and we have a heart attack and die, then we continue with the same activities in Limbo trying to get money, where the problems no longer exist. But these problems exist in the mind.

It is very painful to go to Limbo to see people working very hard because they have to pay the mortgage for the house, etc. One asks them: "Do you realise that you are dead?"

They reply, "But this is my house, my family!"

They can do nothing for their souls because they are identified with matter. They ignore that they are physically dead.

Some Gnostic friends (currently in Limbo) know that they are dead. They are sad because they haven't created the bodies; they wait there until given the chance to create the Solar Bodies.

yogananda Yogananda was a direct disciple of Babaji the Yogi-Christ. He was told "Now you have to be married," but he said he only wanted to love his Divine Mother, and refused marriage, and the way to build the Solar Bodies. He awoke consciousness and is an awakened soul in Limbo. He will have to return in order to create the electronic bodies. He is a beautiful awakened elemental that is still at the human level.

Dante, in his Divine Comedy, states that in this first layer of hell live many great philosophers of the past, great sages that are in Limbo. Socrates, etc. Great men, but that hadn't created their Solar Bodies. They have an awakened consciousness and can enter into the Temples in Limbo, but they cannot enter into the superior temples because they do not have the electronic bodies. They do not have the right to enter. It is very rare to find people in these temples in Limbo because normally people just worry in this dimension, identified with matter, problems etc.

Why is the White Lodge giving the knowledge so clearly in this day and age? It is because the protoplasmic bodies are devolving, we are in the last lives or returns, the 105th, 106th, 107th, etc. When the 108 lives or physical returns are finished then the protoplasmic bodies enter into devolution. They return, they devolve through the animal, plant, mineral kingdoms, and disintegrate. Through the Mechanisms of Nature the protoplasmic bodies sprout, grow and die.

Because the protoplasmic bodies are governed by different laws they do not disintegrate as quickly as the physical bodies. They evolve over a long period of time, and disintegrate over a long period of time. These bodies enter into different spheres before entering into the last, the Ninth Sphere.

We have existed with protoplasmic bodies over thousands and thousands of years - if we could remember our lives or returns in the human kingdom, in the animal, plant, mineral kingdoms, we would be filled with a lot of wisdom.

The problem is that our Eternal Soul, our Immortal Soul, is within these bodies. If we were not within these bodies it would not be a problem.

In the physical body, if we have a headache we feel the pain, we feel the headache with our consciousness and we cry. We feel all the pains in the soul even though the physical body does not belong to us, but we are within this body. The same happens with the protoplasmic bodies. We feel the disintegration of these bodies and suffer.

Limbo is the Ante-Chamber of Hell, the Abode of Pluto (the King of Hell).

Hinduism and Buddhism have studied these laws. The other religions do not study these laws; they reject them because of fear or fanaticism.

To be saved is not a matter of believing or rejecting ideas, but to handle the inferior laws by superior laws. These superior laws are going to be acting upon us when we build the Solar Bodies. Before that, beliefs won't help us.

We are talking about protoplasmic matter.

The reflection of all that we perform here is always in Heaven or in Limbo. Most of our activities belong to Limbo.

Lilith and Nahemah

Gnostic Kabbalah states that after the downfall of Adam (humanity) into animal generation he (humanity) developed two types of psychological protoplasmic natures: Lilith and Nahemah.

Lilith is that psychological protoplasmic nature inside of those individuals who violate nature with abortions, homosexuality and in general, all kinds of crimes against Nature.

Nahemah is that psychological protoplasmic nature inside of those individuals who identify with the vanities of the world; it is related with malignant beauty of passion, prostitution and adultery.

Thus, Klipoth, the abyss, is divided into two large regions; the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah. Sexual degeneration reigns sovereign in all of the ten spheres of Klipoth, which are synthesized in these two large spheres Lilith and Nahemah.

In the ancient times there were cities that were vibrating with the superior worlds, for instance in Tibet. Master Samael investigated recently these aspects in order to see if this part of the earth was still doing so, and he found that most of these Monasteries of Tibet contained many homosexuals, and this clearly is a reflection of Klipoth. If that is happening with Tibet, then elsewhere is much worse. When you go to New York you feel the psychological weight of that city in your head. All the activities of that city are placing it in Klipoth, under 96 or more laws that are already materializing in the physical world. New York, instead of being controlled by 48 laws, is controlled by 96 and more laws. Many cities have parts controlled by more laws. It is the same everywhere. It is rare to find a town or city that is controlled by 48 laws, the normal laws that should control the physical world. Because of our egotistical activities we are placing this physical world out of the normal laws. This is why visitors from other planets are amazed when they see that this planet is not physically controlled by 48 laws. To survive in a bad city is very difficult because you have to accomplish it under many laws.

This physical Earth doesn't reflect superior dimensions any more as in the past, but reflects inferior dimensions.

Laws control life and make life more mechanical.

If we lived in the world of 48 laws, we wouldn't need any ID, or birth certificate, or passport, in order to travel with freedom in this world of God that belongs to everyone. But because of laws we identify with political ideas, which are created from the 96 laws.

The extra laws are from Hell, not from God.

Because of people's identification with egotistical matters, people bring the laws from Limbo etc. into the physical world, and these laws work physically.

Electricity, land, food etc should all be free as it is from Nature.

The Ego belongs to the Infradimensions.

The Ego is protoplasmic. It belongs to mechanical nature; the Ego does not belong to Heaven - even the Pharisee ego that believes in the Bible or that believes in God or that believes in any other religion does not belong to heaven. There are many people in Limbo, Hell, who believe in God, that are preaching in Limbo, but that ignore that they are physically dead and preaching their religion within their protoplasmic bodies.

In the 5th dimension we find the mental world and the emotional world - both the superior and the inferior aspects.

The negative aspect of the Moon vibrates with Limbo.