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ImageInverted Gedulah

Demon: Baal Pehor.

Vice: Obscure Love (to be complacent with crimes).

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Baal Pehor, the obscene dread of Moab's sons, who dwelled from Aroer to Nebo, and even far beyond the Southmost of the desert of Abarim... He dwelled also in Hesebon and Horonaim, in Zion's Realm, beyond the flowery dales of Sibma clad with Vines, and Eleale to the Asphaltick lake.

"Frightful, left-handed, tenebrous Baal Pehor, he enticed the Israelites in Sittim on their march from the Nile to perform for him wanton rites, which cost them woes...

"From there this Elohim, fallen amidst the luciferin reddish fires, his lascivious orgies he enlarged even to that hill of scandal, by the Grove of the homicidal Moloch...

"Thenceforth, it is obvious that their abominable debauchery was established hard by hate, till pious Josiah drove them thence to hell..."

- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled

Gedulah (Hebrew) means Love.

Its opposite is Obscure Love, the "love" of Baal Pehor.

We think we act in a positive way, but truly we act in a negative way.

Thinking we are acting positively, we can justify in many ways Prostitution or Adultery, but in fact we are acting negatively.

The Ego works through the Sex, Heart, and Head.

Obscure Love is action through charity that ends in evil, e.g. giving money to a beggar, who then buys alcohol. "Love is the Law, but Conscious Love." Obscure Love is everywhere, a type of sentimentalism related to the heart.

Real love is from Gedulah, the Spirit, God.


Inverted Geburah

Demon: Moloch.

Vice: Tyranny.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Moloch, a luminous Angel of yore, a horrid King besmeared with the blood of human sacrifices, with the tears of parents and the desperation of mothers. Though for the loud noise of drums and timbales, unheard went the cries of their children, who passed through fire to be pitilessly immolated to this execrable monster, once a beautiful God from other times...

"The Ammonites worshipped him in Rabba and its watery Plain, in Argob and in Basan, to the stream of utmost Arnon...

"The legend of the centuries state that Solomon, son of David, King of Zion, built a temple to Moloch right on that opprobrious hill.

"The seven Lords of time state that subsequently, this wise old King dedicated a sacred grove in the pleasant Valley of Hinnom to such a fallen Angel...

"Such a fecund perfumed land, for such a fatal motive, then changed its name for Tophet and black Gehennan, a true type of hell..."

- Quoted from Parsifal Unveiled

Geburah is Hebrew for Justice, Strength, Courage.

Its opposite is Inflexible Rigor, Tyranny.

We are in the realm of Moloch when we do not know how to use our own power.

Moloch is represented in the form of a brazen bull. People in ancient times sacrificed children to Moloch.

Tyranny in Kings/ Queens/ parents: parents who teach religion with the whip in hand;

Governors who use power to hurt people.

Power without freedom = tyranny.

Freedom without control = anarchy.


Inverted Tiphereth

Demon: Asmodeus.

Vice: Triumph of the Beast (Egocentrism: complete oblivion of the Spirit).

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Asmodeus, brother of Andrameleck, two resplendent Thrones from the starry heaven of Urania, also fallen into animal generation...

"Exemplar men, Gods with human bodies in the land of Mu, abjectly wallowing in the bed of Procusto...

"The Luciferin-Christic host who incarnated in the archaic Lemuria (induced by that nemesis or Superior Karma that controls the ineffable ones and that is known as the Law of Katancia) committed the mistake of falling into animal generation.

"Fatal for the human species was the sexual downfall of the divine Titans who did not know how to use the mighty boon of Prometheus, thus rolling into the abyss.

"Our Saviors, the Agnishvatta, the superior Titans of the luciferin fire, can never be cheated. They, the brilliant children of the dawn, know very well how to distinguish between a downfall and a descent.

"Some sincerely mistaken ones now compel themselves to justify the angelic downfall."

- Parsifal Unveiled

Tiphereth (Hebrew) means "Beauty" of the human soul.

When the soul triumphs we becomes Kings and Queens of Nature.

Its opposite is the Beast 666: Asmodeus (Ashmedai).

6 is a sacred number related to the Arcanum Six, the Lovers, or Indecision.

The number 6 represents the human soul who is caught between the virgin and the whore; between chastity and lust. Our tendency is to look toward the whore, toward lust. The number 6 represents our need to define ourselves, and we normally define ourselves in accordance with the ego.

Number 6 is related to the soul; it appears three times because of the 3 brains. We have the ego in the 3 brains.

The Guardian of the Threshold enslaves everyone. The Guardian of the Threshold is the ego.

People feed their defects through the Head, Heart, and Sex.

The Soul is a slave of the Guardian of the Threshold.

Triumph of the Beast = our own soul becoming a child of Asmodeus. Asmodeus, a fallen Angel, represents those souls completely divorced from Divinity.

In Klipoth we find many schools that guide souls the wrong way.

They teach how to strengthen the ego in the Head, Heart, and Sex.

1. For example, through different types of "Mind Control" that teach methods in order to develop mental powers without creating the Solar Mind. These subjective methods are related to the ego.

2. Many groups work with the Heart; they state: "Release the emotions, your anger, don't repress your hatred, express it." These groups worship self-esteem, pride, anger. These people strengthen the ego through the emotional center. Actors utilize emotions; they can identify with lots of emotions. This takes/ wastes a lot of energy.

3. Through Sex; this is obvious! For example, the practice of "safe sex" to enjoy fornication. The Government/ Media support it, saying this is the right way (to the Abyss).


Inverted Netzach

Demon: Mammon.

Vice: Foolish Pride.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Mammon, the least erected among the Men-Angels from ancient Arcadia, also fallen into bestial generation...

"He was the first one who taught the inhabitants of the earth to ransack the center of the world. Thus, they did it, rifling the bowels of their mother Earth for treasures better hid forever...

"The covetous band of Mammon soon opened into the mountain a spacious wound and extracted from its womb ribs of Gold."

- Parsifal Unveiled

Netzach (Hebrew) means "Victory."

Its opposite is Mammon = Foolish Pride.

Those who want to succeed in the physical world through money, wealth, intellect. Here there are no proofs for the theories. It is intellectualism without experience of the superior worlds.

The Gospels state: "You cannot worship God and Mammon."

Do not try to be famous; be humble.

Obviously, we have to take care of ourselves.

But if first we seek money then Self-realization, we will never succeed. We do not know how long we will live. We must know that God will always provide. We will always have shelter, food, job; always enough to survive. We may not be rich but we will be always aware we need money and have to get it. God provides through various means.


Inverted Hod

Demon: Mulciber.

Vice: Anarchy.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"Mulciber, indeed, his name was not unheard, nor did he ever lack fanatical adorers in ancient Greece. This is known by the divine and human...

"The classical fable refers how Mulciber fell from Olympus, thrown by angry Jupiter over the crystalline, divine battlements. Nothing ought availed him then to have built in heaven high towers...

"A man with genius from the purple race in the continent Mu, fallen into the abysses of sexual passion..."

- Parsifal Unveiled

Hod (Hebrew) means "Glory."

Its opposite is Mulciber.

Hod is the emotional Astral Body.

Here the Lord acts through the heart, to gather souls.

When anyone teaches this knowledge, this is using the heart.

This knowledge does not belong to anyone.

Christ is like a hen gathering its chicks.

Many say, "Worship me!"

Worship your own God, your Intimate, your Innermost.

There are many Gods and Masters that we respect, but we worship our own God.

If we become identified, we end up worshipping personalities.

The ego of people likes to be worshipped, saying, "I am the incarnation of this Master."

People follow because they believe they will be saved.

Follow That which is within, but respect the Gods/ Masters.

Otherwise we fall into anarchy.

Many demons pull souls down into the abyss.


Inverted Yesod

Demon: Chavajoth.

Vice: Lust.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"On one side of a road we met a Solemn, Olympic Sculpture. It seemed to have been carved by Praxiteles! Its face was similar to that of the Greek Apollo. The curvature of its feet, the profile of its hands..., the entire eurhythmy of that sculpture, could compete with the Venus of Milo! Nevertheless... there was something strange on that very beautiful sculpture! That precious human effigy was dressed in a bloody color robe which formed beautiful, exotic and fatal pleats that extended down to its feet! We comprehended that we were before Jehovah's opposite pole... we were before the frightening and terrible Chavajoth! Extending the right hand towards that malignant and seducing beauty, we conjured it with a loud voice saying:

"In the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON, I conjure thee Chavajoth!"

"Immediately after pronouncing these words, we saw with a great surprise that beautiful and malignant sculpture becoming angry against us. Then, while advancing towards us Chavajoth attacked us with his horrible hypnotic power. He insulted us tremendously. His words were really repugnant, suitable only to that great Harlot whose number is 666.

"The fight was terrible. We had to defend ourselves with all our spiritual forces in order to drive away that terrible demon of malignant beauty! We finally succeeded, thus, the frightening personage took the form of a Harlot and hid within a tavern where only glasses and bottles of liquor were seen on the counter.

"Lo and behold the Black Magic, Lo and behold the abyss!"

- Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy

Yesod, Chastity = Mysteries of sexuality, ruled by Jehovah.

Chavajoth is the opposite of Jehovah.

Chavajoth teaches impure sexuality.

Lots of people know about Tantrism but they are teaching black or gray Tantra.

Only White Tantra is according to the commandments of God.

Only White Tantra gets us to God.

There are lots of books on the chakras, the Kundalini.

To awaken is not enough; we must awaken for the good, not evil.



Inverted Malkuth

Demon: Andramelech.

Vice: "Proud World." (Covetousness of power, to feel self-security)

Samael Aun Weor stated:

"A personage dark as coal appeared in the middle of a cavern, this was Andrameleck, a gigantic, tenebrous and horrible personage. By extended our right hand towards that horrible monster we said:

"In the name of Jupiter, the father of all Gods I conjure Thee Andrameleck!... TE VIGOS COSLIM!..."

"The result was formidable. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of Divine Justice, remained under our dominion. It was then that Andrameleck spoke and said:

"I did not know that it was you (Samael Aun Weor) the one who called me! If I had known it, I would have come earlier!... What can I do for you?"

"The words of Andrameleck seemed to come from within the profound caverns of the entire earth. It seemed that this terrible and powerful voice came from the very core of the earth! We then courageously spoke to Andrameleck and said: "Give me your hand Andrameleck!"

The tenebrous personage approached us and gave us his hand. Then, Samael Aun Weor returned into his physical body. Then, that demon with bloody colored robe, passing over the roof of his room, exclaimed: "You were afraid of me!... You were afraid of me!..

Samael Aun Weor answered: "I am not afraid of you Andrameleck!...I just returned into my physical body, that is all."

- Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy

Andrameleck: Andra = below, Melech = King "King Below" (King of the Underworld).

Andrameleck is incarnated in China; he is a Hanassmuss (souls that have double polarity).

We want to go up, but are too attached to this proud world.

Religion comes from the word Religare, meaning "to relink our soul with God."

When we believe we are okay because we are full of knowledge but without practicing religion through meditation, we are attached to this proud world.

We prefer the world of vanity, this materialistic world.



Every virtue is inverted in Klipoth.

Many schools in the internal worlds, in the infernos, teach esotericism.

White Lodge schools are based on the Three Factors, Meditation, creating the bodies, conscious love, charity. Otherwise the school is based in Klipoth.

To reject the forces of Klipoth we must know the Conjurations:

Before every ritual work, it is important to perform the Conjurations of 4, 7, and the Invocation of Solomon so we can be sure we will work with the positive forces.

We have 97% related to forces of Klipoth inside of ourselves.

We have 3 % related to forces of above inside of ourselves.

The Beast from the Abyss with 10 horns and 7 heads that the Book of Revelation refers to is in relation to the Three Brains and the 7 capital sins.

  • 10 inverted sephiroth.
  • 7 capital sins.

The Crowns upon the heads of the beast are the Inverted Negative Virtues. These are particles of pain from the Father Kether.

Anger is king in this world.

According to the Book of Revelation, no one without the mark of the beast can make business in this world. The mark is in the hands (actions) and in the head (the mind).

Everything related to anger, lust, pride.

We buy and sell related to the 7 sins everywhere; these are the only things that we make business with nowadays.

The Beast 666 plays baseball, football, is in the Olympics, big business, politics, every movie, every shopping precinct, because it is inside each one of us. So we have to kill it.

When we work with the positive forces we kill the beast.

We lost all our power, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, when we fell into animal generation.