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Dream Yoga 05: Conscously Enter Dreams and Astral Experiences

Today we are going to enter into the fifth part of the Dream Yoga course and we are going to talk about the practice of Return, a practice in which we learn with the consciousness how to leave our dreams at will and to travel in the astral plane.

You know that we have to discover our Initiatic Element, which is a particular element, sign, clue, color, animal, sound.  The Initiatic Element could be any element that is in our dreams.  It is said that very psychic people already have that Initiatic Element, which is related with a dream that is repeated, or a symbol that is in every dream.  So if we carefully examine every single dream we will discover that Initiatic Element, because that is the clue in order for us to control our dreams and to awaken. 

The only way to awaken consciousness is to recognize that we are dreaming and we cannot do this if we do not awake within the dream that we are dreaming.  That is the main point in this practice of Dream Yoga. 

You know very well that we need to have a book in which we have to keep a record of different dreams. 

And we said that to awaken completely the memory of our dreams is indispensable.  And it is not possible to awaken that memory if we do not awaken in the physical plane. 

We said that the different experiences that we have in the astral plane, the different dreams, are nothing but a repetition of our daily, waking dreams that we have in the physical plane; i.e. our consciousness sleeps, and we dream through fantasy, daydreaming, and all the many psychological states that fill our three brains.

In India the Brahmins say that "life is a dream of Brahma."  It is true.  Life in each one of us is a dream of Brahma.  So Brahma has to awaken.  When Brahma awakens in each one of us then the possibility of dreaming disappears and we live consciously here and in the internal planes.  Remember that there are many techniques given by many Masters in order for the neophytes to acquire ecstasy, Samadhi, in order for the neophyte to experience the superior worlds, in order to enter and have a beautiful experience with divine Beings in the dimension of Heaven.  And of course through Dream Yoga you can acquire those experiences.  But the goal of Dream Yoga is to acquire the illumination in this physical body and all the internal bodies.   To be an illuminated one is to be awakened, not to sleep, not to dream.  Usually when people are out of their physical bodies they dream.  It is very rare to find someone who is awakened because this awakening happens slowly, with degrees and it is a work of the consciousness.

The consciousness is before two paths.  One path is the path of everyone, where everyone sleeps, dreams and they know nothing of reality.  The other path is the one of the awakened ones, those that are in the state of alertness, attentive, those that are not sleeping.  Of course, when we enter into these studies of Dream Yoga we start by learning how to awaken by recognizing and studying the different dreams that we have.

We said that to dream is to desire.  If we examine our life we see that everything in common life is founded on desire.  The root of all our actions is always in desire, different types of desire.  To desire is to not be in the present.  The consciousness, when it is a slave of desire, is sleeping.   And we as a soul are the consciousness. 

We said that the clue in order to be awakened is to be here and now, living in the present.  We said that God is omnipresent.  In order to be united with God, to acquire the yug, the yoga, we have to be here and now.  To be here and now is to recognize this very moment, this very second, second after second, being aware of the activity of life. 

Let life be and you just be there. 

So by being here in this omnipresence when the consciousness is in the state of awareness of the eternal present is how we consciously recognize everything that is around us and everything that is happening within us.  If we are not in that state, if we do not do the effort to be in that state, then we are wasting time because the first step of the awakening, of the study of dreams is to awaken, because how is a sleeping person going to study dreams?  Only an awakened one can do this.  But do not expect to be awakened 100 percent because only an illuminated one like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, is a being with 100 percent awakened consciousness.  We are neophytes.  It is written that an illuminated Master does not make any effort to be awakened because he is already awakened.  To be awakened for him is normal, just abnormality seems normal to us, because we are asleep.  For us, to be sleeping psychologically is the normal thing.

For instance, talking with the Master Samael Aun Weor, he was telling us: 

I do not make any effort to be here and now.  I remember my Being, I remember myself and I observe myself at the same time without any effort.  That is natural in me.  I always, second after second, remember my Being.  And second after second I am always observing the activities of my three brains.  Second after second I am practicing the Key SOL.

The Key of SOL

In another lecture we explained that the Key SOL was subject, object, and location.  The subject is always the consciousness, so the consciousness is always within the body.  But you know that disgracefully our consciousness is divided into many parts, like pride, vanity, jealousy etc.  So depending on what ego is acting in any moment is how we are going to feel.  That is why we have to be here, always attentive of what is inside of us.  You will say, "What is inside of my body is myself."  Yes, but that self is divided into different selves.  At any moment we could see within ourselves an ego of vanity, could be pride, could be lust and one has to be aware of that by the subject.  And that remembering of one self is commitment, which I told you in other lectures is called filial love:  to feel oneself that one is a child of God.  So we have to remember God.  Second after second we have to feel that we are children of God and that we are within the body.  To do that and to observe at the same time the activities of the three brains:  what I am thinking, feeling and doing, at the same time.  If you observe you have to be divided into two:  the part that is remembering God and is feeling inside of the body and the part that is being observed, which is also you at the same time.

So to remember oneself and to observe oneself are two different things.  To remember oneself is to feel ourselves within the body and to remember our God.  To observe ourselves is to observe the activity of the three brains in order to discover in any hidden moment what psychological aggregate is acting inside.  The only person that can do that is you.  No one can come and say they will help you because it is not possible.  Only you can do that and that is the first step to awaken: the subject divided into two.

The object:  you have to be conscious of what is around you.  How many pictures are hanging on the wall?  How many chairs are in the room?  How many people are there?  You have to observe every single thing without forgetting that you are within the body and that you are connected with God and that you are observing your three brains.  If you forget that, then you will fall asleep again.

At the same time - location: to be conscious of the place.   This room, this house, to expand your consciousness, this is what to be awakened is.  Of course, as neophytes we need efforts to do this.  But in reality we do not need efforts; but SUPER-efforts.  The pressure we have to make on our consciousness is very strong and to do that is a super-effort.  That is the daily effort that we have to perform in order to be awaken within our dreams.

The Master Samael told us that he did not do any efforts to do that because "that" is an activity of his consciousness in his instinctive center.  My digestion system is working and I don't need to be aware of it, because it is an activity of the instinctive center.  I breathe and the intelligence of the instinctive center is doing that.  So the Master Samael said that he placed that Key SOL (subject, object, location) in his instinctive center with the super-efforts that he performed during many years of remembering himself, doing the work, second after second.  And finally after many years of doing this psychological work of "SOL," it became an instinctive activity of his consciousness as natural as to breathe.  And of course all the Masters work with their consciousness like that.  But for us in order to work in that level or for that Key SOL to reach that level, for that Key SOL to become something natural, we have to do the super-effort to place it in the instinctive center.  Right now that state of alertness:  subject, object, and place, is not there.  The only way of doing it is by super-efforts and so on, every day, every day!

So an illuminated one is someone who is always in the state of alertness:  subject, object, and place.  Not only here in the physical body, but also when he or she is outside of the physical body.  It is obvious that when you are in that state you can recognize and discover every single dream that is happening, that is to say, every single desire, that is to say, every single activity of any of your psychological aggregates through your mind, through your heart and through your sex.

Consciously Return to Dreams 

And of course, we have to do the practice of Return, which means to enter into a dream by will.  But in order to perform that we have to do it physically, meaning we have to enter into a dream consciously from the physical plane.  We have many types of dreams. 

In India they say life is Maya, illusion.  God is real, reality.  So we are here now and we are in activity with God.  But through us, through the mind, through the heart, through the sex, we have many activities of different psychological egos during the day.  We have many egos and each one of those psychological aggregates, egos, projects a desire.  You are always projecting.  If you are in the state that I am telling you, you will see that always in your mind you are projecting something. You are not in the present.  You are always projecting, there are a lot of people in you who are making plans for the future.  And the plans that you are doing for the future for your own good or for your own bad are always coming from your mind, from your ego, but never from your Being.  The Being is God and God is always omnipresent.   God is not identified with the future because God is always an eternal present.  God is life but the mind is always identified with "what is going to happen, what is going to happen with me."  We are full of fear.  To be afraid is to be dreaming.  God, the real Being, is intuition, superlative intuition.  God is not afraid because God is omnipresent.  God always knows what is coming.  But the mind is not omnipresent; it is always in the past or in the future, it is always projecting.   The mind wants to know what is coming, and because it does not know, it is afraid.  "I have no money, I have no work.  What is going to become of me?  Am I sick?  Maybe I will die tomorrow?"  And everyone is identified with the dream of fear.  Fear is a common dream.

But there are many types of dreams. Pride is a type of dream: when you project how to succeed in life, when you want to succeed in life.  Does your Inner Being want to succeed in life? No.  He is God; He does not need any type of success.  But you do because you know that you are nothing and pride wants to make something of you.  Therefore you will do the effort and everyone will do the effort to feed that desire.

Behold here two types of effort:  the effort of the ego to be "someone" and the effort of the consciousness to be here and now.  So when you are here and now and when you are remembering God it is the consciousness doing efforts in order to be united with God.  But the other type of effort is the effort of the ego that wants to work with the horizontal line which is related with pride, vanity, jealousy, fear, gluttony, laziness.


So in the horizontal line you have a lot of dreams, a lot of desires, a lot of projections, many things that you want to fulfill that are not related with your inner Being but only related with what you need in this life, with all the problems which we are in.

So you have to realize that the work with your Being is the vertical line, while the horizontal line is related with dreams, physical dreams in which you are not in the state of alertness.  Those types of dreams, events of your life when you are not here and now, result in many things happening.  Some things are pleasing for you, others are painful for you.  You have to observe yourself and you will see that there are many things, many psychological aggregates in you that suffer, others that enjoy.  There are always the opposites of life.  When you are on the horizontal you always find the opposite:  pleasure and displeasure.

During daily life you have to observe in order to enter into your dreams.  To enter into your dreams is to examine your life.  So that is the first clue that you have to practice: to enter into your dreams.

You have a dream, for instance, regarding your job.  You have different ways in which you work and acquire money, in order to acquire the different things that you need to survive.  Enter into that, examine that, but do not do that when you are alone in your room.  No. The first step is to enter into that dream when you are doing it.  And you have to study that without identifying with it.  To observe yourself when you are doing something (usually you are not observing yourself), you are remembering yourself when you are working, eating, showering, having a conversation, reading a book.  Observe yourself when you are doing all those things.   Do what you have to do, but remember your God and observe what you do.  That is to enter into your daily dreams, to discover the daily activities of yourself consciously.  Usually you do it without observing yourself.   Sometimes you observe without observing.  Right now is an example.  I am talking to you, I am expressing myself in some way, but at the same time I am observing myself.  I am observing, I observe the mannerisms that I have, the way that I move my body.  I am observing my head, my heart, my sex at the same time that I am talking to you.  And at the same time that I am doing this I am remembering my God, meaning that I am awakening in this moment.

But if I forgot my Inner Being and I stop observing myself and I keep talking, then it is a dream, just a dream.  Then I am not awakening within my actions.  Sometimes it is indispensable to do that when a dream is very strong, when it is a nightmare.  Right now it is very pleasant for me to observe myself while I am talking and remembering my God.  Nothing wrong with it, right?  But what about those times when somebody insults you and tells you things that you don't like, when someone tells you something to your face that hurts you, that removes the inside of your heart, then this is the moment when you have to enter.  That is to suffer a penance, to be aware of the pain that you are feeling in that moment.  Let us say that you are feeling that pain and you are crying and you feel in your heart that it is tearing apart and you cry.  Keep crying, but go inside, observe yourself, observe that pride, observe your mind, your heart, your actions and remember God.  Study yourself.  That is to enter into the daily dream.

If you have strong willpower you will leave that dream easily.  You will ask for strength from your God.  "My God, please take me out of this!  I don't like it, I am suffering here!"  You will feel how your God, because you are remembering Him, will take you out of that activity of your consciousness, which is related with fear, with pain.

Do the same thing when you are angry.  Enter into your anger.  Are you saying things?  Are you feeling very angry, acting very angry?  So, enter into your anger and observe yourself and during that moment pray to your God, "Take me out of this!  I don't like the way I am feeling!"  However, do not think that your God will eliminate that anger in that moment, to think that way would be silly, because if your Divine Mother perchance would do that, then she will send your consciousness to the abyss.  What you need is to free your consciousness from that ego and that implies a lot of comprehension of that particular event of anger. And in order to acquire such comprehension you must self observe the activity of that part of your consciousness that is bottled up within that particular anger.  Later on, you can go to your bed, or your chair and you will revive that dream.  You will enter into that dream by will, meaning you will take that event and place it there and you will enter again and you will remember the words, the pain; but without forgetting your inner God.  You will do this practice not with the goal of being a masochist but with the goal of knowing yourself, without identifying with the pain, without identifying with the words that you heard.  You will go and enter and study it in order to understand the ego, the psychological aggregate related with that particular event or dream.  And you have to awaken within that particular event or dream, meaning that you have to understand the roots, the strings that are moving those types of emotions, thoughts, actions, within yourself.

By acting this way in your daily life you are going to enter as well into the dreams in the astral plane.  Then by will, by discovering the Initiatic Element, which is always a symbol, a thing in the astral plane, when you discover that element you will concentrate on that element or that particular dream that you want to revive and you will enter into that particular dream.  There are many people who do it.  They go to bed and they concentrate on that particular element that they already know and they enter by will, in other words they produce by will the dream they want.  So when they are in the dream, then by utilizing willpower they leave the dream by will.  There are many people who already do that without knowing Dream Yoga.   

I hear of people who say "I am dreaming, this which is happening is not physical, I am in a dream,"  I hear that they change the action of a will by dream.  "No I don't want to dream this, I want to dream with another thing."  People who do that have the ability to do what I am telling you right now, to enter into a dream by will.

So when you are dreaming that particular dream that you are concentrated in, when you realize that you are dreaming that then you say, "Oh, this is the dream that I am producing by will."   When you recognize that, if you want to keep dreaming that in order to study the different phenomena, you can do it.  But what the Gnostic does is they leave the dream by will, recognizing they are dreaming they say, "Now I don't want to dream this anymore, now I want to invoke my Divine Mother."  Talking to their Divine Mother, She helps them to understand the dreams.

It is obvious that the first step is easy.  To enter into a dream is easy.  The second step, to leave a dream is not easy.    Many people succeed with the first step and it is very rare for them to have the willpower to leave a dream.  Usually they are identified.    If you identify with things of course it is good to meditate on those particular elements that we identify with so that we do not do it again and again.  That is the practice that we have to perform every day.

Do you understand?  Do you comprehend what it is to enter into a dream?  In this moment we have to be here and now.  Life is a dream, let us be conscious of our dreams.  When we awaken in different dreams this is how the consciousness is gradually awakening.

Do you hear about powers, virtues, that we have to develop?  There are many mantras, exercises that you can practice to put into activity your chakras.  But we can say that is a short experience, something that you will lose eventually.  The only power that is perennial is the power of the awakening of the consciousness.  When you disintegrate dreams then you awaken.  Inside of us we have like 10,000 dreams, many types of dreams.  To study each one of them and to awaken in each of them is to put into activity different elements of the consciousness.  When the consciousness is no longer submitted to the different aggregates that we have then that consciousness is free. 

An example is Aladdin's lamp.   The Genie is inside the lamp.  That Genie is the consciousness with power.  But while the Genie is inside of the lamp what we have is a dream, an illusion, we don't have the power.  Aladdin is that part of ourselves that is doing the work, that is observing his own self and by destroying the bottle is liberating the Genie.  That Genie is part of him.  When the Genie becomes one with Aladdin, then Aladdin has his type of powers related with the Genie.  However, we have many Genii because we have many bottles.  There are thousands.  So we must have the patience of liberating one Genie after the other in order to liberate all the powers of the soul, in order to awaken little by little. 

The awakening of the consciousness applies the activity of all the parts of our consciousness in different levels.  That is why you have to understand that the awakening of the consciousness is gradual.  It is an activity, a super-effort that we always have to perform.  The goal is the Yug, the yoga, the union through the study of dreams, which is in reality the whole work of the Self-realization.  But this is in combination with the activity of the consciousness in the astral plane.  Because if we do not do this in the physical plane, how are we going to do it in the astral plane? 

Do not expect to perform something in the astral plane if you don't do it in the physical plane, because the person who is reading this lecture in the physical plane is the same one who goes in the astral plane when he or she leaves the body.  Do not think you are another person when you are out of the body, you are always the same one.  An example, you are the same one when you are dressed or when you are naked.  The only difference is the clothing.  But you are always the same one.  The same thing is with the consciousness.  When the consciousness is wearing the physical body it is the same one.  And if the consciousness is not practicing the exercises within the physical body how will the consciousness do it out of the body?  It is a continuity of actions.  Do you understand?

After working let's say for 16 hours a day, observing yourself, remembering yourself, observing the object, location and place and always going into your dreams, observing the activity of your ego, always remembering your God, moment after moment, doing super-efforts in order to do it during the physical body for 16 hours.  Then the physical body is tired after 16 hours and the common and current activity of the body is to sleep.  So let the body sleep because it needs to rest.

But the consciousness does not need to sleep, just the body.  If the body snores, let the body snore.  But you are the consciousness, you are going to say - let us stay naked physically sleeping.  But when the consciousness leaves the physical body it is dressed with the astral body, another body which is subtle, which belongs to the 5th dimension.  But because the consciousness is accustomed to remembering itself when it is leaving the physical body it is doing the same thing when it is dressed with the astral body. And the exercises that we are teaching here are easy. 

The consciousness which is observing and recognizing things immediately recognizes the Initiatic Element and says "Oh! This is my Initiatic element so I am no longer in the physical plane, I am in the astral plane.  I left my physical body, I am in this dream in the astral plane.  In the astral plane there are other laws so let me take advantage of these laws and leave this dream."  Then you can investigate the mysteries of life.

Four Steps of Returning to a Dream

There are four steps which the Master Samael calls the Four Blessings through which the Neophyte passes when he enters into the practice of Return.

The first is that which we call the Revealing Light.  This is that light that the Neophyte can visualize easily because it is always there moment after moment.  If you are not there when that light is going to penetrate your physical and astral body you won't recognize it.  But because you are accustomed to being here and now, moment after moment remembering God, you are there and your body is falling asleep, your body is really resting but inside of your body you are like a cat, you are very aware. Then you recognize that light of Revealing or Revelation.   And that light is related with those projections, images related with all the events, activities of your consciousness in the physical body, words that you heard, events that you saw in the physical plane, projections of your thoughts.  That is the first thing that you see, but is like a retrospective activity of your consciousness in a very short time.  The Gnostic Neophyte observes that and if he does not lose the momentum, the state of awareness, if he does not lose the attentive state, he will penetrate into the second step of the second Blessing which is the Increasing Light, in which the consciousness is surrounded by astral energy.  Then the Neophyte feels when he is leaving the body.  If he was concentrating in the Initiatic Element in that particular dream he will penetrate directly into that particular dream; but consciously.

The second Blessing and the first one have a common and current light that has happened to everyone.  However, for us, we want to penetrate into the third Blessing and even the fourth.

The third Blessing happens in those Neophytes who are working everyday with the Key SOL and always working with a lot of efforts in the annihilation of dreams. Then the Divine Mother helps the consciousness enter into the third state, the third Blessing, which is the Initiatic Light, that light related with the different activities of the consciousness, related with the path of Self-realization, activities of that light in which the consciousness enters into a very high level, not related with the ego but related with the Being.  Then, the Neophyte remembers all the activities of his Being, in relation with the path, in relation with other activities which are happening in the internal worlds.

Beyond the third Blessing is the fourth, which is the goal of every Initiate, which is Profound Interior Illumination.  To penetrate into that light is to penetrate really in that which is called Heaven, in which you discover many activities of many Beings.  Like here for instance in the physical plane, you see many beings doing things related with many things relates with the physical plane.  In the internal planes there are many Angels, Devas, Masters, but all of them are awakened, all of them are profoundly illuminated.  So we have to penetrate within that light with many efforts.  To reach that level implies many years of hard work.  We penetrate little by little.  Do not expect you will enter with one shot.  But when you enter in some particular level in the internal planes, the interior profound illumination, in that state you can invoke any Master you want.  You can talk with any Angel you want.  Then in that state is when you can talk with the great Angels, Gods, Devas, and also you can invoke the different parts of your Being, which are related with you in order to receive help.

Guardian Angel

Did you ever hear in Christianity about the Guardian Angel?  The Guardian Angel is one part of the Being that we can develop and invoke in order to perform different miracles in this physical plane or in the internal planes.  You hear for instance that there were many Masters performing miracles.  When you read for instance in the Bible that Jesus was doing this and that and people called them "miracles," we have to understand that Jesus reached that interior profound illuminated state and he was capable of controlling all the parts of his Being, invoking all those parts in order to acquire different activities of those parts in the physical or internal planes.  And the Guardian Angel is precisely one of those parts.  Thanks to the Guardian Angel, Jesus could walk on the water.  And thanks to the Guardian Angel anyone one of us can do it.  Every part of the Being has its power.  The Guardian Angel is that part of us that can take even the physical body and transport that physical body in the 4th dimension to any place in accordance to our wish.  But in order for us to invoke the Guardian Angel, or any part of the Being, we have to reach that level of the Interior Profound Illumination, because it is the level in which the Son is united to the Mother, with the Holy Spirit and everything that we do is always of course in accordance to the law of God, it has nothing to do with the ego because it is not a dream.  It is something that we are doing consciously, as in this very moment we know we are in this physical body and we do things consciously.  That is what we want. 

But we have to be patient because the first step in Dream Yoga is to have a record of all the dreams and to discover the Initiatic Element.  If you do not know what your Initiatic Element is you have to discover it.  And to discover it you have to have your book and to write your dreams and practice this discipline every day.  This discipline is not just for the day that we are reading it.  It is for you to practice it at home alone, or with your family, or when you are at work alone or with your fellow employees, whether you are walking on the street alone or with people.  Dream Yoga is a practice we have to practice every day if what we want is to awaken.  And I repeat, the Initiatic Element is the first step.

Do any of you know about the Initiatic Element?  Do you already what your Initiatic Element is?  Everyone has it.   If you don't know what it is you have to discover it.  The only way to discover it is by writing your dreams, examining your dreams.  By discovering it is how we begin to awaken.

Questions and Answers

Audience:  How do we awaken in our dreams?

Answer:  You awaken in your dreams when you recognize that you are dreaming.  It is impossible to awaken if you do not recognize that you are dreaming. 

Let us give an example.  If you discover you are in a pool with clear water and then you say "Now I can swim."  So anytime you discover you are in a pool with water then swim.  But if you are not in a pool of water then you cannot swim.   So when you discover the pool of water with this example, when you discover it is a dream, if you discover that and if you recognize that you are dreaming then you can awaken.  But if you don't discover that then it is impossible to awaken.

How is possible to discover you are dreaming?  By practicing the Key SOL in the physical plane in which you are going to enter into your daily life, which is dreams, projections, you will do it consciously.  Do the effort right now.  Penetrate into this lecture consciously.  To do this is to feel that we are in the physical body inside, not just to feel it but to be aware that we are within.  Feel that the physical body is a vesture as when you feel your clothing, you feel that you have it on.  So feel the physical body in the same way.  Feel that it is a vehicle, a vesture.    Feel yourself within and remember God.  Do the YUG,  because that is Yoga, union.  The YUG, the yoga, is not for tomorrow, it is for today, the present.  God is Omnipresent, be united with Him by being here and now.  Remember God, remember yourself within. FILIAL Love:  feeling that you are children of God.

If you practice that second after second I will tell you that you will lose that momentum very soon because your consciousness if not accustomed to it.  But if you do the efforts and super-efforts, maybe right now you are doing it and you will forget it. And in half an hour you will remember and do the effort and then you will forget again.   So during the day you have shocks, maybe you will remember yourself 10 times a day.  But you do the efforts to increase that amount every day.  Then your consciousness will become used to that.  So when you go out you will repeat the same thing in the astral plane.  Your consciousness will recognize dreams in the astral plane.

To retain that state of awareness is difficult.  It is easy right now because I am reminding you. But to retain that second after second is difficult.  If we don't do it we are doing nothing.    Because the first step is Key SOL.

Are you in front of the computer and all of a sudden you remember, "Oh, I am in front of the computer!"  Keep working there but remember yourself.   Observe yourself.

Audience:  Is there another name for the Guardian Angel?

Answer: It is different in each person.  Each one of us has the Twelve Apostles within.  One thing is to have them within, another thing is to develop them within.  Our consciousness is asleep even though we all have it.  Jesus has consciousness but his consciousness is awakened.  He is here and now.  We have to awaken.

It is enough to forget the omnipresence of God here and now and to observe ourselves in order to fall asleep.  If you don't remember yourself this interaction with you and me is a dream.  Everything has to be conscious.

Audience: Can you talk about going to different temples in the internal worlds?

Answer: It is obvious that when someone awakens, when they recognize they are having a dream then they leave the dream by will.  Being there in that state you start praying to your Inner God in order for you to travel to the temple of the White Lodge.  There are many temples, many churches.  If you go to India there are many temples of the White Lodge where the Masters are teaching.  Same as Egypt.  There are many all over the world; it depends on what philosophy you want to study.

In this moment, the Gnostic Church is the one that is active in the internal planes.  A lot of Masters are helping humanity through the Gnostic Church.  So when you awaken internally the best thing to do is to pray:  "My Father, my Lord, my God, you who are my real Being, please take me to the Gnostic Church."

The Gnostic church is where you will find the Master Jesus.  In India you will find the great Masters Babaji, Krishna, etc, great Masters who are helping humanity.

The head of Christianity is the Master Jesus in the internal planes and he is helping humanity through the Gnostic Church and many other Masters are helping.  The only way to be in touch with him is by awakening.  Physically it is very difficult.  You can do it only if you have the ability of taking your body into the astral plane.  There are Magicians that can do that with their Guardian Angel.  They awaken and then they invoke their Guardian Angel.  When the Guardian Angel comes to them they talk to their Guardian Angel:  "Guardian Angel of mine, could you take my physical body out of my bed and bring it to this dimension.  I beg you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

Then the Guardian Angel consults the higher parts of your Being because the Guardian Angel will not do anything if it is not related with the Law.  If He is allowed he will go to your bed and the Guardian Angel will take your body out of your bed and will put it inside the astral plane.  It will disappear from the physical plane.  Then your physical body will be brought in front of you.  Then you will ask your Guardian Angel to put your physical body inside of you.  Then it will be done.  Do not expect your physical body to be put outside of you.  Right now we are within the physical body.  But when it enters into the physical plane and it goes to you it will enter you.  It is a phenomenon that is only understandable when you are an initiate.  There you won't have that problem of feeling the magnetism of the physical body on the bed, which may awaken and will pull you and you will lose your experience.  If you don't want to lose your experience then you can take your body with you.   Many Masters do that and stay in the astral plane for hours, days, months, etc. 

Many Masters do it when they have to perform something very important.  Many people look for the Master but they do not know where he is.  To carry the physical body is one of the great goals.  Then you can go to the Temples in the internal planes with your physical body.   First you have to talk with your Guardian Angel.  To do this is to be awakened.  Your Guardian Angel won't talk to you in the state you are in now.  First you have to awaken by following the path of Dream Yoga and you will find all the roots of all those miracles that are written in all the holy books.

Audience: Was Beethoven a Gnostic?

Answer:  He is a great master of music; his inner being is an Angel who is usually at the door of the temple of music in the sixth dimension.

Audience:  I heard Beethoven was an angry person.

Answer:  Do not qualify an individual based on Hollywood movies!  They are not based on reality.  That is someone's opinion.

For instance: I remember when I was in Mexico and the Master Samael was giving a lecture; people who heard Master Samael thought that he was angry but at that time the Master Samael did not have ego.  I remember one of the listeners there who told me that she thought he was very angry.  But the master was illuminated, without any ego, no anger, but very strong.  So, he was not angry as she thought.  Everyone qualifies things according to their level.  

Beethoven simply had a very strong character, just as the Master Samael had.