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"God gave Daniel understanding in all visions and dreams." - Daniel 1:17

"Then the king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Are you able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof?

"Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said, the secret which the king had demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, showed unto the king; but there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets, and make known to the king." - Daniel 2:26-28

We have to talk today about the symbology of dreams. Especially because the language of dreams is a language we have to understand, that we have to learn. It is not something you learn by reading a book or by listening to this lecture. It is something that your consciousness must learn. And we have to understand that the way the intellect learns things, in which we use the subjective memory, in order to memorize words, phrases, is the intellect’s way of learning. But for the consciousness to learn, it is needs another technique. You need meditation. And this is the only way in which we can learn the language of dreams.

Of course, we can only be assisted by different sources in this physical world that can give us certain clues to comprehend certain symbols. But I repeat, the only way to comprehend is by the living experiences in the internal worlds, and the comprehension of that language, because it is a very complicated language.

Remember that God is talking to us in dreams through the two superior centers, which are the superior emotional center and the superior intellectual center. These two centers are related with those messages we receive from our Being, and the language in which God teaches is not a language like the language like we use in this physical world in order to communicate to each other. The wisdom of God is universal and is related not only with the physical world, but with the entirety of our Being.

Kabbalistically, we say that we have seven bodies: the physical body, the ethereal body, the astral body, the mental body, the causal body, Buddhic body, and the spiritual body.

Each dimension, level or body has its own language, and the consciousness must learn the different symbols related with the elements that we have within, in order to comprehend what part of the Being is that a particular symbol referring to. Because remember that we are walking on the path of Self-realization, and this path is related with initiation in different degrees, through which we perfect ourselves.

Every message, every dream, is related with the different levels in which we develop ourselves. This is why we cannot say that a symbol can be interpreted in one way for everybody, because each one of us is at a different level. This is something that we have to comprehend and to understand on the path.

Of course, we learn this with experience; we learn that symbols are to be applied in different ways, according to our development. That is why we need to meditate to comprehend the meaning in the moment in which we are experiencing it. That is why the Master says, "If that which we are seeing in dreams does not correspond with the physical world, then it is not true." The particular dream that we are having or experiencing, those symbols that we are receiving, must be correlated with our life, not only our physical life but our internal life, with the development of our consciousness.

This is how the Being guides us on the path; this is his language. This is something that we always have to do, which the comprehension of that language, until we reach that moment or that intuitive level in which, the Master says, "We grasp immediately the meaning of what we are getting in our experiences."

In order to comprehend this better, let us explain what comprehension is and why it is necessary to develop it. Comprehension is related with the consciousness. It is something that the consciousness has to do, and when we use the consciousness, we have to understand that we are the consciousness. The consciousness is the soul, and soul is what we are. It is written that we have to develop Paramartha, which is the complete or absolute awakened consciousness, the comprehension of everything by that consciousness which is called the diamond soul. This is why we exist in the universe.

In the level in which we are, as intellectual animals, we receive life mechanically. We do not understand life, and that is why we are slaves, victims of circumstances. What is life? Life is all of those impressions, waves or vibrations that we receive through the senses, whether these are the physical senses or the internal senses. Because remember that we have other bodies through which the consciousness receives impressions. Right now, for instance, you are receiving this knowledge through the physical senses. But other impressions, other types of knowledge which are not as clear as English, such as the symbols of dreams, are also received by the consciousness, and are usually incomprehensible by the consciousness because it is not accustomed to understand the dream language.

It is like when we learn a new language, or when we are children. In the beginning when we are growing up, we listen to words and phrases that the adults utter, and sometimes we do not understand the meaning of those words, but while we are growing up, and we associate our lives to those words or our necessities with those words, then we understand and comprehend that those words are associated with the type of life or the environment of the society that we are living in, and that we utter while we are living in it. You see that the language we use is associated always with the people in with the society and the environment that we are creating or that is already created. In the same way, we have to understand that the symbols of dreams are associated with the mental environment, spiritual environment, emotional environment, and all that psychological environment in which we are, that we are surrounded by, and that we are not aware, or, perhaps, we are aware of it. That is why sometimes those symbols are comprehensible immediately. Sometimes they are not, and it is because still we do not learn the association of those symbols with our life, with our psychology, but when we learn to, then that language of dreams comes into us very easy and is more accessible to our comprehension.

Of course, because we have been in this universe for many lives, we have, in relation to this physical world and with the internal worlds, received a lot of impressions, a lot of symbols, messages in relation with our life, with the different psychological environments in which we were previously. But because we did not comprehend or transform them at the time, or understand those impressions at that moment, or that life at that moment, the impressions entered into our psyche mechanically. As the Master Samael explains, we transformed them in the wrong way, mechanically. We created elements that distorted the truth, or the comprehension of that, and created different desires.

Egos, as the esoteric terms explain, are knots of energy that circulate, not in relation with the forces of the universe, but only in one space, without being in communion with the forces. Because, what the universe is, or what the life of the human being should be, is a transformation of forces wisely transformed by the consciousness in the moment in which they are received, and sending back also in a harmonious way, like a mirror that receives and gives wisely.

But when an impression is received and it is not transformed wisely, it becomes stuck inside of us, like a knot. That knot is a knot of energy, which circulates in a small space, and the consciousness is trapped within it. And of course, when the impressions of life are received through that knot, more energy is trapped and is not in communion with the forces that are coming from different directions. In that way we are forming what we call a "particular individual universe," which is separated from the whole, in the sense that it is not transforming, taking and sending the energy wisely. And that is why, inside of our psyche, we have, we will say, too many knots, “egos,” we will say, that are feeding themselves with the cosmic forces in different ways, and retaining that energy in themselves.

That is why the Master explains, that our real self, the real "I AM THAT I AM" is that energy which circulates wisely, that is coming and going, reflected in a wise way, being One with the Whole. The "I AM THAT I AM" is universal, is not a knot, but is an energy that is free, circulating free, entering into all those consciousnesses which transform it completely, perfectly, and return them in different ways, and this is how all those God or Angels or Beings that have no ego, are feeling the Whole, and the Whole, with them or within them.

But we don't feel that, we don't feel one with the whole, because we have too many knots. We receive too many forces, energies, and we retain them inside. That is what we call, "egotism." That is why that we say that we are "egotistic people." We have to become "Christo-centric" people. Christo-centrism is the way in which we take and give and do not retain, because we are one with the whole. Being one with the whole, we do not need to retain anything, but always giving a receiving in harmony with the Universe, with the Absolute. That is what is called a Paramarthasattya. In that way, the consciousness comprehends, understands the Whole, because it is in communion with it. That is why we have to comprehend our ego.

The comprehension of an ego is the understanding of the way in which life enters into the consciousness through impressions, through waves and forces, and should enter and return in harmony with the universe. There is no egotistical way to comprehend the way. The ego takes and does not want to give. This is why we say that every ego lives in his own world, which is a dream. A dream is an illusion, maya. So we have to awaken, to release the trapped psychological energy in order to not retain it.

In order to release the caged energy, in order to not retain it, we have to comprehend the cage: the particular ego. To comprehend is to understand the way in which that energy, or that association with life, with life, with the neighbor, with the world, with our own self, should be, in order to not interfere, in order to not retain it egotistically.

Do you understand? Do you grasp what I am telling you? Because this is something we have to understand.

In order for the consciousness to grow, the only way is through comprehension. That is the ability the consciousness should always have. A Master is someone who comprehends. That is why comprehension or understanding is associated with Binah, the Holy Spirit (Binah is Hebrew for “understanding”). The Holy Spirit helps the consciousness to comprehend, helps the consciousness learn how to transform the impressions of life in the right way, how to understand the language of the universe.

This is why we disagree with those individuals that believe that by only praying to the Divine Mother, "Mother of mine, please, annihilate this ego that I am feeling right now," that the Divine Mother is going to annihilate it. If the Divine Mother annihilated the ego that is acting in this very moment, that is maybe is anger or pride or whatever, then my Divine Mother would not help me to be an individual in communion with the universe, because I have not comprehended why that ego is hurting me and others, and why that energy is stagnant there. My consciousness has to learn with comprehension, so when another association or impression comes to me, then I will live in the right way, in the wise way, and that is to be a Human Being. I will then know in my consciousness the right way to behave. Without comprehension in the consciousness, I know nothing.

This is what is called the Partlodg Duty of the Being: to know how to associate our consciousness, ourselves, with the universe. This is what is called wisdom: "Vis" is to see, and "dom," is judgment, a right judgment of living, to know how to penetrate in the universe wisely.

Wisdom is not learned in a mechanical way, like asking my Mother, "Please annihilate this lust that is always bothering me everyday." If she did that, without comprehension, it will help me a little bit, of course, but I won't develop anything, because I have to learn how to deal with life.

That is why my Divine Mother, my God, will help me, but only if I meditate, if I comprehend.

This is the way in which we have to understand the symbols of dreams. I am receiving some symbols in my dreams, a certain language, but I have to learn it. "What is my God telling me? What am I seeing in association with the universe? Is that factual?" Even if it is a mental projection that I am making, I have to learn why I am projecting that. Because in the last synthesis, dreams are dreams, whether the dreams are messages of our Being, which is the language of God, or whether they are projections of ourselves, it is also something we have to comprehend. If we are projecting something unconsciously, subconsciously, we have to learn why. Why is a particular ego of mine projecting that? Why am I not living in the moment, or experiencing the truth? Why am I lying to myself?

If we are projecting something, it is a lie, and we are lying to ourselves. Most of our dreams are lies that we project. The only way to be rid of them is by comprehension, to comprehend why. “What is the source of this? Why do I want to be this? Why am I receiving this?” That is the way in which sometimes we find certain symbols are related with our wrong projections.

We hear for instance this word "mythomania." The Master speaks in one of his books about mythomania: the tendency of certain individuals to project dreams in association with their spiritual longing. All of us have that; there are many people for instance that want to be illuminated ones, to be masters, we want to be somebody else. But if we comprehend, if we go deep into meditation, and if we go deep into comprehension, we discover, "Why do I want to be a Master when there is a Master already inside of me?" The Being is the Being, and the Being learns what the Being is through the awakening of the consciousness, by experiencing the truth, which is the Whole, to which He is a part of already. We are part of the whole, whether we want to or not. It is not that we are going to be part of the Whole, we are part of the Whole, in relation with the Being, but we don't know that we are part of the Whole. By learning through the consciousness, by comprehending every single spot of that which is part of us, with the Whole. Then we are developing that which is called Mastery, which is precisely the comprehension and understanding of the Whole in relation with our level.

But if we want to be something that we are not, that is a lie.

There are many manias, in relation with the man, the mind.

The mind thinks, "I am somebody else," without understanding that the Being already IS. So when we do not identify with the mind and when we express what we are, it is simple, because the inner Master is something simple.

Most of the messages we receive through dreams are, of course, warnings in relation with that which we are acquiring.

So mythomania, of course, is very common. Especially in the students of esotericism, because we enter with a longing of experiencing, of seeing the reality, or of what God is, or of "What am I?", in which level we are. Being asleep, we always want to know many things, so therefore, that longing, that desire, creates a certain type of energy which projects that desire. That is why the only way to know the reality is by not desiring anything, by not coveting anything, just simply being what we are and comprehending what we are and developing the Being without any expectation. That is difficult because we have the ego alive. Some of the dreams that we receive that might be a warning against that.

Personally, for instance, I remember, when one day, I awoke my consciousness, and I realized that I was in the Astral Plane, and then the only thing I wanted was to know my Being. I said, "My God, my Real Being, please take me to your presence to see you. I want to talk to you. I want to know about you." And then of course, my God took me to a place where there was nothing. I cannot explain everything here, in order not to fall into mystical pride, but let me tell you the end of this experience. I remember I arrived to this place where there was nothing, only space. From that space which was nothing, a Being came like a light. A light that was coming from a small speck of light, a small speck of light that increased slowly as it appeared in front of me. Without uttering any word, just extending His hand, and one table came out of nothing. Towards that table he walked, and took a pencil that came out of nothing, and wrote on a paper that came out of nothing. He wrote, "You have to be careful with mythomania," and then he sent me back into my body. It was a very profound experience.

That was the meaning of the dream that I wanted to know. Of course, after that, I went into meditation, because I said, "Of course, this is a symbol. This is the language of God." That Being was my God, that took that form, and wrote that message on that table.

Obviously, the square, because the table was the form of a square, is the four bodies of sin: the mental body, the astral body, the ethereal body and the physical body, which is related with matter. The mind in other words. Like, in order for me to experience that continuously, I have to be careful not to fall into mythomania. Meaning, to create a universe only for me, and that is precisely what I understand, the foundation or basis of mythomania is in the mind, the mania. The dream of the mind, in which you always enclose yourself by thinking, "I am this… I am that…" without comprehending that your God is one with the whole. Then you develop pride, mystical pride. There are many Initiates that fall into that, and do not allow their Being to talk, it is their mind that talks, and their mind always boasts of being that, even though that mind belongs to that Being. The mind boasts of being that Being. Do you understand that? One thing is To Be, and another is the mind thinking that it is the Being, without understanding that it is merely a vehicle of the Being.

The Master tells us that he was investigating Krishnamurti. At that time both of them were alive. He was delivering a message and helping people to understand their ego. So the Master said to Krishnamurti, "I am the Avatar of Aquarius." Because in reality his Being is the Avatar of Aquarius, the messenger. But the answer of Krishnamurti, as he turned towards him was, "Yes, but you have to annihilate also that 'I', that is the Avatar of Aquarius." Then, the Master Samael said he agreed with him, he said "Yes" because the Master at that time was in the process of annihilating the ego, and he even annihilated the personality. The true Avatar of Aquarius that was taking possession of him, was of course, Samael, the Logos, because he is the real Avatar of Aquarius. At that time, the ego of his personality was also thinking he was the Avatar.

He also told us in one lecture in Mexico, that he, as Samael, wanted to continue giving his work, but the physical body that he had at that time in Mexico should die at the age of 58. And, in order to be alive physically, and to continue his mission, he was exchanging physical atoms with the mummy that he had in Egypt. So he said, "The body or the head you are seeing here right now is the not the head I had in Colombia. This head is an Egyptian head, and I am using it, and eventually all of the atoms of that body will be with me."

One day, he was giving a lecture, and he was using certain mannerisms as he was talking, and we observed that he was showing the mannerisms of an Egyptian. But one night, he said, when he was giving the lecture, in the process of the exchanging of atoms from the body that he had in this third dimension with the atoms of the mummy, he took his South-American personality, the one that everybody knew at that time in Mexico, and put it in the sarcophagus in Egypt. He told it, "You have to be here, because now I have to continue my work with my other, Egyptian personality." Of course both personalities obeyed, because both had igneous particles of Samael.

But, out of the blue one night, he saw that his South-American personality was coming in the fourth dimension. And when he saw that personality with his clairvoyance, coming into the lecture room, telepathically he asked, "What are you doing here? I left you in Egypt, go back there. You shouldn't be here." Then, the personality answered him and said, "I have to sacrifice for humanity. I have to give the mission of my Father, so I have to come here because I have to do it." And then, he (Samael) says, he understood that this unhappy being or personality that he had, should be disintegrated, because it was interfering with his mission. This is how, he says, Mr. Such and Such was annihilated completely. "And right now," he says, "what you see in here, in front of you, is somebody who that is completely new, no personality at all. Mr. Such and Such is dead, completely." That personality was precisely that which said, "I am the Avatar of Aquarius," but it was not.

This is how we have to understand and comprehend many things, when we are in this knowledge, how to comprehend in order to reach Mastery, how to understand symbols, in order to not fall into mistakes. The only way is by meditating, by comprehension.

We give certain meanings of symbols in order to help, but every symbol is associated always with our psychological development. That is why when somebody asks us what a symbol might be in relation with their dreams, what they have seen, we say "meditate." Sometimes we give a meaning because the mind is associated with that, but meditate, because we don't know at what level you exist, what Initiation you are passing through and what the messages of your Being are, and what projections of your mind you have to comprehend in order to not fall into mistakes. Are you following me? Are you listening to me?

Questions and Answers

Audience: There was a student who, was praying and meditating to know his Being, and he has an awakened experience, where his Being told him, "I am Jehovah!" The student, awakened from the dream, from that experience, and said, "My Being is Jehovah!"

Instructor: The problem, we will say, in this case, is certain sects that have been developed in this Era of Pisces, related with Judaism and Christianity, fell into extreme monotheism. For instance, certain sects in Christianity say that the name of God, the Universal God, is Jehovah, but they say it in a fanatical way, without comprehending what Jehovah means. The Lord Jehovah of course is a Master. Master Samael explains that the highest initiate of the Lunar Chain, which is the past Mahamanvantara, was the Lord Jehovah, but in Kabbalah, in order to write in Hebrew, we will say, Jehovah, it was written with four letters: Iod, He, Vau, He. Kabbalistically, of course, these letters are related with the Tetragrammaton, which is the synthesis of God in every human being. So if you have an experience, if you say your God is Jehovah, well, He is yeah, He is, your God is Jehovah, and my God is also Jehovah, and the God of my friend is also Jehovah, because in the last synthesis, inside each one of us we have Iod He Vau He. This is what we have to comprehend and to understand in order to not fall in to mistakes, to think "Oh, then, I am the Lord Jehovah." Jehovah is a God that is the governor of all the moons of the Solar System. The individual who received that experience in which his God told him, "I am Jehovah," has to investigate his life to see if that is associated with reality, and not create, of course, mythomania. Everything has to be correlated and comprehended in order to not fall into that. And also you have to analyze if that experience is really with your Being, because you can receive experiences and somebody can appear before you and create problems in your head.

I remember one time, when I saw myself with a vision, seated on a rock on the shore of a river, and thinking with my fist under my chin and thinking with a very pensive attitude or posture. Behind me came to men dressed like the ancient times, like Hebrews, and they hit my back with their hands and asked me, "Are you Moses? Because we are looking for Moses."

And I said, "No, not that I know."

And then they asked me, "Do you belong to tribe of Judah?"

"Yeah," I said, "I am from the tribe of Judah"

"Then you are Moses!" Then they put a mantle on my back I stood and walked away from them. When I awoke in my physical body I said, "What? Moses?" Then of course, thank goodness, I talked with the Master Samael. I said, "Master, I have this experience, am I Moses?"

And the Master said, "No, you are not Moses! Moses is a superman, and he is not fallen! You are fallen!"

"Then, I don't I understand."

Well, that was associated with different experiences. Everybody inside has his own particular Moses, and we have to develop that Moses Sabaoth by gathering all the people of Israel, which are all those parts of the Being which are trapped within the ego, and which are under command of the Pharaoh, the intellect. But, people that know, because it is part of the consciousness, which are building pyramids, which means, are building something inside, the pyramid of thought (manas, mind or the psychological man), the inner bodies. So, while you annihilate your ego, eventually, if you conquer all of the people of Israel, if you take all the parts of your Being out of Egypt, and you pass through the Red Sea to the Promised Land then you are becoming Moses Sabaoth. For that, you have to conquer Nahemah, which is related with the kingdom of Malkuth, but I cannot continue in telling you this because this is very complicated and extensive. It is related with Moses.

Anybody can develop their own inner Moses. But Moses also exists, he is a Master. One thing is to be the Master Moses, and another thing is to perform what Moses did, because each one of has to do it. We all have our own particular Jesus Christ inside of us. We have our own particular Elias inside of us, and this is why we have to learn the Christic Esotericism in order not to fall into mistakes. To think that because we have these experiences, that we are that… we have to experience, and experience and experience, and to be sure, that we are, really, that is what we are, in order to not to fall into mistakes and think many things.

Yeah, there is a relation with Jehovah, everybody is Jehovah inside. Like Buddha, of course, everybody has his own Buddha.

Audience: You say we need to meditate on the symbology of dreams, but now you see many people using these dream books that give interpretations of certain symbols. So can you explain some more about certain dream books, and how much of that should actually followed and how much is… should we just use that as a rough guide or…

Answer: Of course people use it as a reference for the different symbols that we have. But it is because the intellect, the only way the intellect can know is through that, through books. And I said, sometimes, it is good, it is ok to learn about that, but it is not enough. We have to get deep into mediation and comprehension on that particular dream because the symbol that we are asking for instance, when we go into a book and ask what a symbol means, I dreamt of a lion, what does the lion symbolize… And then it says, oh, the law. Ok, it is the Law, but maybe it could symbolize also, you see that Samson killed the lion, the symbol is of course of ego. Also Hercules, the first task of Hercules was the killing of the lion of Nemea. So we have to see there, also, the association of that. Then, when we said all the symbols that we find in the Bible, that we find in this book, and that probably this person also says, whatever, then we have to go into the whole vision, or the whole dream, or whole experience we had. Because the lion appeared there, but not only just like that, like a flash and then disappeared, no. It was associated with something else. We here in one home or in this house, or we were in the forest. What where we doing? And then have to associate all that with that symbol, in order to comprehend the whole thing, and not just to arrive at subjective conclusions.

We have to go deep into the bottom of the matter in order to understand the message that we receive from our Being, or in order to comprehend the particular ego that is projecting, and what is it that he wants, or why we are we projecting that, why are we doing that, whatever? Because, sometimes, you know, fear projects many things.

So this is what we have to understand: not to be lazy. People are lazy, people are just – “oh, I slept with a serpent, what does the serpent symbolize. Oh, it symbolizes a woman, oh, a woman will come.” So what? How was the serpent acting in my dream? What did the serpent do there? That is why we have to comprehend, we have to utilize our consciousness to transform: that is to hear, to see, to comprehend what we are receiving. That is the ability of the consciousness, the duty of the consciousness: comprehension. Most of the time we want somebody to comprehend that for us. You know?

This is what is meditation is, it is something that we learn throughout our whole life. It is something that we are developing, which is comprehension. Of course, sometimes, the Master of somebody can help us. When the Master was alive, for instance, I always took advantage of it, and I was going directly to him in order for him to help me, to understand this particular dream in order to not fall into mistakes. I remember one time when I was having these beautiful experiences, I saw something very beautiful in relation with my Being, and I had a sword, a golden sword, but in my left hand. The whole thing was good, except it was in my left hand. So I was confused, and I went to the Master and asked why the sword was in my left hand, and he explained in detail everything: "This happened to you… because it is in the past, that is why. Meaning that, you were Self-realized, completely, in the past. That is why you had the sword in your left. Now you have to reconquer what you lost. Now, you are not that. You were that, but you are not that right now, and you have to face it. Put that sword in your right hand, and that is not a matter of desiring it, it is a matter of Self-realizing your self again." And this is what I am trying to do. This is not just like, because, I want that so I am that, no. I was. Now what I am is what I am. In order to be that, or to recuperate that, there are a lot of psychological works to be performed.

Sometimes you experience things about your Being, who is your Being, and then you receive certain images, but you have to comprehend many things in order not to fall into many mistakes… into confusion. That is why the best thing is comprehension and annihilation, and to live the moment. Not to dream of, "I was that." Because what is important is what we are right now, the reality is what is important. Our Being could be something else, but my Being is my Being. Am I one with him? Am I one with him right now? No, I am trying to become so, again. Well that is different, your Being is, but you are not that. To face that, the reality, is to live the moment, and not to live with expectations, but, to develop comprehension in your consciousness. Second after second.

Do you understand that?

Do you have another question?

Audience: The Master explains different laws that the student needs to understand in order to interpret their dreams. The laws of Psychological Analogy, the Law of Opposites…

Answer: Yeah, of course, that is very important, to learn about these laws. The Law of Numbers, for instance. For that of course, in the beginning, we learn Kabbalah, or the meaning of numbers, but that has to be developed with meditation also, with comprehension. Like the Master says, "To know, intellectually, that 2 + 2 is 4 is easy, but to comprehend why 2 + 2 is 4, is a matter of consciousness, comprehension, understanding, deep within yourself, and that is the law of numbers. Sometimes you receive numbers in your dreams, and intellectually, kabbalistically, you know the association with that, and you say, "Oh it is in relation with this." But you have to go deep, "Why did I have that number?" In order to go and to comprehend, because every number is a living entity, and this is how you develop that mathematical aspect of your Being.

For instance, the Master says in the world of the Atman, it is a very kabbalistic world, in which everything is numbers, but if your consciousness learns about that, and associates that with your consciousness, with your Being, then you enjoy the comprehension of that.

It's not like, when you go to the school, because some people think, "Oh, in order to be a Kabbalist, in order to understand numbers, you have to memorize this complicated algebra, or algorithms or whatever. This is just a matter of the consciousness, to know, not because you have that in the intellect. Anyhow, the intellect helps, but if that is not within your comprehension, that is lost when you die.

The same, we will say, with philosophical symbology. Philos, what is philos? It means “friend,” and also “love,” and sophia is “wisdom.” Philo-sophia, to be a friend of wisdom, or to love wisdom. Obviously, certain symbols are associated with wisdom, and wisdom is Chokmah, with Christ, with spirituality. Obviously there are symbols that are coming from Heaven. Those philosophical analogies are always associated with the development of the Being, I understand, because all those philosophical symbols are related with the development of the Being.

Certain symbols are alive, when we talk for instance about philosophical symbology, some symbols of that which are in the internal planes, or what we receive in the internal planes, some artists, some sculptors, made those things, paintings, about the symbols. People think those entities, or those pictures, do not exist. Like for instance, the Sphinx. You know that in Egypt there is the symbol of the Sphinx, and many sculptures, or many paintings of the ancient times you find the Sphinx. The Sphinx is really an elemental that exists within the internal worlds, and is associated with the mental world, and everyone of us has our own particular Sphinx. It is a symbol associated with the forces of nature and there are many philosophical symbols associated with the Being. And when they appear, we have understand, what is that, in relation with what?

Did you hear, for instance, about the manticore? Which is, a symbol of a lion with the face of a human being and the tail of scorpion. When this symbol talks internally, the voice is like a trumpet, and let me tell you, I heard that being. It came in front of me, talking like a trumpet, but it is part of the Being. We will say, it is that part that helps, in certain ways, with the sexual forces in order to express yourself through the Word. This is something that we to develop, and that symbol exists, and can come to you in certain levels, in order for you to learn what to do, how to develop certain things. Likewise, many other symbols, that is why it is good to study that; the great Masters brought those symbols, and painted those symbols in different ways, and invite us with the language of the consciousness to understand and comprehend many things… that only can be comprehended through meditation, because it is a language that the consciousness has to understand, and we have to be patient with that, because impatience does not help in order to develop that language of dreams, patience is that virtue that is indispensable in the development of comprehension.

Remember that comprehension is for the consciousness, not for the ego, not for the intellect.

Also with the analogies of the contraries, the Law of the Contraries, that which symbolizes the opposite, that also you have to understand, and to comprehend. The consciousness, when you use the intuition, you know very well when something is the opposite, and sometimes, when you don't know it immediately, life teaches you. I remember in the past when I was, for instance, dreaming that I was finding gold on the street, coins… and I was picking up the coins, and coins and more gold, and when I was in the physical plane, I said, "Woah, I dreamed that I was picking gold coins… And I was happy because I was collecting a lot of gold, because it was a lot of money." But it was completely the contrary, at that next month, I was really having a very tight life, with poverty, you know? And then, I never wanted to have those dreams, of picking gold coins, because I knew it meant I was not going to have a lot of money, and things were going to be tight, you know? But, when I was having dreams of poop, I was happy, because I know that poop is money, right? This is exactly how money is symbolized in the internal worlds, with excrement, because really, what we value here in this physical world, for the internal worlds, in just excrement, refuse. No value at all. But here, in this physical world we value it because we need it in order to survive; but in the internal worlds we do not need it; this why it is written, "The filthy rich cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." In this way we say, we are applying that symbol in relation with money. Money cannot buy the Kingdom of God, because money, internally, is just refuse, is just excrement. God doesn't need physical money, but we do. So, if you want to know what dream is related with physical money, it is excrement, poop is precisely its symbol, so, this is what in this physical world humanity uses in order to survive. If you want to be clean, be poor. That is why it is written, "Blessed be the poor, because for them is the Kingdom of Heaven." This means, if you are psychological attached to what the money buys, then you are filthy reach, so clean yourself, do not be generous, do not distribute your psychological filth. "Blessed be the poor” is a symbol of contraries. We will say, analogies.

Another symbol, for instance, of the contrary is, if it is sweet, it is bitter in the physical world. If it is bitter in the internal worlds, it is sweet in this physical world. So we have to analyze, "Oh, I am dreaming that I am living here, and I don't want to be here in this place, because I am sick and tired, so I am leaving." That means you are staying here. Right? And you are not going anyplace, right? Because in order for you to dream, “this is what I experienced” that you are leaving, that you will fly and move into another place; for this you have to be with a hat, you have to dream that you are wearing a hat! You are wearing a hat and you are not accustomed to wearing a hat? Then you have to understand and comprehend, "What kind of hat was I wearing?" Because such a hat is associated with the place I will go. You see? That is true comprehension.

The other is the analogy. "This is analogous to what? Do I associate this symbol with this thing?" For instance, the different dreams that people have in relation, that are flying. "I dreamed that I was flying, that there was war in the sky (the mind). And I was going to fly with my own plane, but then I desisted, I didn't do it. Because, I said those people are waiting to shoot me." That is what I had, I saw in the sky many airplanes fighting, shooting each other, and I was going to fly too, but I said, "No, I am not going to fly now. If I go there, they are going to shoot me. Maybe they are waiting for me." When I awoke, I said, "Oh yeah, they are receiving in the physical plane invitations in order to go to a congress. And I said, "No, that congress, of course, people gather in order to talk about Gnosis. It is intellect, mind. And how many "Gnostics" are going there, in order to gather? But obviously, somehow they are expecting me to go there and I don't know their intentions, but I won't go. So I said, "I am sorry, but I am not going. Because I am busy… etc., etc." I gave an excuse. But, I had a warning. If I fly, if I go there, in order to show my intellectual abilities in the air as well, which is the mind, then they will shoot me, and who knows? Maybe I will kill some of them too, I don't know? Better to avoid. (Criticism is the way in which with words - that in dreams could be bullets, arrows or naives- we kill, demolish, the good of bad images that people built in their minds in reference to their neighbor)

So that is the analogies, right? This is analogous to what? In relation with my life, of course, because everything has to be related with our own particular development, in the way we are, in order to associate that with this. Those are the form right? That we have to learn, and I repeat, we have to comprehend that, because this is a language in relation with our development.

This is how, I repeat, life comes to us, through impressions, and the most difficult impressions, that are the most difficult to comprehend, are those in the internal planes. And this is what the Master is, to be aware of those languages or impressions that we receive, as Masters. But if we don't learn that, if we don't meditate, how are we going to comprehend that, how is the consciousness going learn that, if it doesn't comprehend the meaning and the symbol of that. If somebody tells us, "That is not the way." We have to learn for ourselves, that is why it is called the Self-realization of the Being, SELF. Nobody can do the job for us. This is how we develop wisdom, knowledge, this is how we help others.

Audience: Is there any particular mantra that helps in the analysis of dreams?

Answer: There are mantras, for instance, in order to enter into the subconsciousness. The Master gives, Raom Gaom, for instance, one of them. But for comprehension, what I experience, is a prayer to our Being, to our Divine Mother, to the Holy Spirit, because that is Light, that is comprehension. And that helps us in order to not fall into mistakes. For instance related with this, Binah, the Holy Spirit, is comprehension, is Understanding, and this is what the Holy Spirit demands from us, comprehension, understanding, in order to assist us. Because when somebody reaches the summit of comprehension, of awakening, the whole the consciousness is completely enlightened. Then the Holy Spirit incarnates there, which is the called the Resurrection, when the First Begotten, which is Binah-Shiva, enters into the Initiate though the path of the Resurrection, but after the annihilation when the consciousness is completely awakened.

So that is precisely one of the aspects that we have to comprehend, because there are many people for instance, there, in different places of the world, like in India, a person appeared and said they are the incarnation of Shiva, when they do not understand that. The Master incarnated Shiva in 1978, through the Resurrection, because that is precisely the end, the incarnation of the Eagle, in order to become a Feathered Serpent. Meanwhile, in India, there is somebody in India that says they are the incarnation of Shiva. Anybody that is an incarnation of Shiva is a Resurrected Master, is somebody that can appear and disappear in different places at will. But, of course, in this day and age, exist many people that like this type of knowledge, esotericism, especially Hinduism, and there are many Guru guys that say they are the incarnation of the Divine Mother, the incarnation of Shiva, etc., and really they are not. That is why it is necessary to learn the doctrine in order to know, in order to help also, other people to understand that Shiva is not going to incarnate just because somebody says it. You have to reach that level, no ego at all, completely clean, and the body that you have to have should be a resurrected body. Not a body that is going to die. If somebody says, "I am the incarnation of Shiva but I am going to die at a certain date and will be reborn…" then he is lying. If somebody is incarnating Shiva, it is the Holy Spirit within him, so it is immortal. He cannot die. Only if he is fornicator, then he dies.

Do you have any other questions? Did you understand about the comprehension, etc.? The necessity of meditation, and the comprehension of dreams?

And that sometimes, you can assist somebody else, and you ask assistance of somebody that could help you, but if you don't meditate on that, then it is a waste of time. There are many Gnostics, in this day and age, that are accustomed to ask the instructor, "Oh, I had this dream, can you please help me understand what is that… etc." And then it is there, they don't go a meditate and forget about it, and then the next time, when they have another dream, it is the same thing, "Can you help me now, I have this other dream…?" Like that, they are accustomed to ask, and not to meditate, not to comprehend, not to put that into the consciousness.

Audience: "And it can happen that an instructor can interpret improperly."

Exactly, and an instructor can give an answer in accordance to his own level. But, in order for you really to give a right answer, you have to know the person, how the person is behaving, his way of life, how the person is psychologically developing, etc. In order to say, "Oh, well, this MIGHT be that…" might be that. Because only a very awakened Master can tell you, really, right? When I was with Master Samael for instance, sometimes I was consulting him about things that he did not know, but I experienced with him. Why didn't he know? Because his Being has the power of ubiquity, but the Bodhisattva with still in the process of development. He said, "Oh, I told you that? Wait!" And he closed his eyes, entering in Samadhi, instantly for him, because he was without ego; he was immediately in contact with his being, he went into that moment in the Astral Plane where he had the experience with me, and remembering, and then returning to the physical body and saying, "Yes, now I remember, but you forgot about this, and this and this."

I said, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah…" I mean I remember something, but there was more that he remembered that he was telling me, but in the moment when I consulted him he didn't know it. And after that, he was telling me everything. Why? Because his Being was connected, you see, was there, the whole source of energy, zoom to him, and he said, "Oh yeah, I remember." It was his Being.

This is how I understood him, that his Being is his Being, and he was still in the process of becoming one with Him; now he his one with Him. And this is something very good to understand and to comprehend, especially with instructors. Sometimes you have experiences with the Being of an instructor, but not the instructor, and then maybe they start to remember, but sometimes they do not remember.

Audience: Many times people dream of members of their family, other Gnostic students, or even their close friends or their spouse and they'll awake physically thinking it is that person.

Answer: That is precisely the problem, because our psyche associates everything, as I said the beginning, with our own particular environment, our own particular universe, and our own particular universe associated with my father, with my mother, with my sister, with my brother. You have to understand the symbol. That is why, it is coming into my mind, it was said to Jesus of Nazareth, “your brothers and your mother are waiting for you outside, what do you want me to tell them?” And then the Master Jesus says, "Who is my mother, who is my brother, only those who follow the law of my Father." In other words, when you see your bother or your sister internally, you have to associate that; maybe it is your brother in the physical world is a Gnostic brother or a Gnostic sister, somebody who is following the path, somebody else, in other words.

Sometimes, when you dream with your family, it could be also your psychological family, or with your friends. You have to comprehend that, because many times I have dreamed with my mother, but my mother came to me as I knew her when I was a child. Obviously, it is not her, because she is now old, so I have to understand and comprehend why I am dreaming with my mother in that way. Psychologically, it might be associated with something. Could be me my lust. Oh yeah, your mother could be a symbol of lust.

I have experienced my Divine Mother many times, and she never appeared with me as my physical mother. It is different, because she has no form. But my ego takes the form of my mother in order to associate with me psychologically, in accordance with my past, in accordance with my own particular psychology. But it will be, when for instance, your Being could appear, your Divine Mother could appear as your mother. I cannot deny that your Divine Mother could appear as your mother in order to help you too. But not always, and all experiences are very difficult, that is why it is not good to talk about certain experiences when you see certain delicate things related with the psyche, with the spirit, in relation with my friend, in relation with my wife, in relation with that, if you are not sure that it is a projection of your own, or if it is associated with something that you have to comprehend in relation with your spiritual development. Because then, you can damage the person, and damage yourself, too. You can gain karma because of that, too. It is very difficult.

Precisely, I said it was difficult, because while you meditate and comprehend, naturally you are developing clairvoyance, but because we have the ego inside, we have to be careful. Because the ego can take clairvoyance, and can project through that eye many things. When I said that eye, I am talking about the Third Eye, the clairvoyant eye that you can project many things. The Master warns us about that clairvoyant eye, or the Third Eye, when you see things, when you can also project things. You are sure in the physical world about things, and then you go in project things, and then you are sure about things, and you go and communicate with others, and sometimes you are lying, and you are hurting somebody else because of that. It is better to keep your mouth shut, and to observe the person associated with that experience, for months, to see if what you saw is a reality or if maybe it is just a projection of something that is only for you to know.