Dream Yoga 04: Interpreting Dreams and Astral Experiences

We are entering into the fourth lecture of Dream Yoga. This is the practice of the awakening of the consciousness through the technique of Dream Yoga.

Again, yoga means "union" and what we want is the union of our consciousness with our inner Being.

The word "yoga" means in general to join one's mind with an actual fact... - The 14th Dalai Lama

We, who are trapped in illusion, must connect with something that is factual, real: our true Inner Being. Our Inner Being is God, the Spirit who is connected with our consciousness through the pineal gland. Remember that in the pineal gland we have the seat of the soul.

So when we are remembering our true selves we feel that as souls we are in the pineal gland. Really, from the pineal gland we have to feel ourselves in all the body. But the center of gravity of the consciousness, which remembers the true self, is in the pineal gland.

That which is the Spirit, God, is always in the sixth dimension, not in the body. In order to have the Spirit incarnated we have to have the solar bodies created. The ego has to be disintegrated as well. So what we want with this technique is the annihilation of the ego, which is mind. It is the mind which weaves the illusions that hypnotize us and blind us from what is real (the Being).

We explained in the last lecture that when we enter into the internal planes, in the astral plane, then we see many representations or images from the objects in the astral plane, and also visions which are the messages coming from the sixth dimension from our inner Spirit, which are teachings, knowledge, wisdom, directly related with the level of our consciousness, related with that which we have to perform in order to advance one step more on the path of our Self-realization.

Related with the representations and visions that we experienced within, we have to study very carefully our own psyche in order not to fall into the different wrong states and confusions and in order not to commit any crime. This is because with Dream Yoga we will start developing our consciousness, the inner senses of our soul, mainly clairvoyance, which is related with the pituitary gland and pineal gland. What we want is to develop the superlative Intuition, which is also called Intuitive Clairvoyance. For that we have to exercise the consciousness. It is not possible to awaken the consciousness if we are not awake in the physical plane; if we do not remember ourselves, if we do not observe ourselves, it is impossible to awaken in the astral plane and to understand the messages and all the mysteries that are in each one of us.

Remember that there is a law that exists in the universe which is the Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocratic Law; this is the reciprocal nourishment of all the cosmic units. We give and we receive according with our level of Being. In the same way that we give, the same way we receive. This law is accomplished always in the physical plane or in all the planes, dimensions, and we have to comprehend it in order not to fall into mistakes related to the development of our inner capacities.

Unconscious Impressions

All of the impressions that we receive in the physical plane always enter through the five senses and we have always a secretary that receives these impressions and this secretary puts these impressions in different places. That secretary is the ego itself.

Instead of the ego, we need the consciousness to be there taking all the impressions in through the five centers, in order to place all the impressions in the proper centers so that we will not commit any mistake, and thereby avoid forming any projection or false transformation inside of ourselves.

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However, in all of us, the ego is usually there instead. When the ego receives an impression, the impression will be transformed in accordance to the particular ego that in that moment is in the human machine. For example, if we see our girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, talking very close to a certain person and if we are very jealous, immediately we are going to transform that impression in accordance to our jealousy. We are going to place that impression in the wrong center, due to the fact that the ego of jealousy is transforming it in that very moment. Let us think for a moment that this person wants a close friendship with us. But due to the fact we are seeing this person close to our beloved and we think this person is trying to get involved with our beloved then we think and we start sending negative vibrations. This is the way in which the unconsciousness is working. The unconsciousness is that part of ourselves which is related with the ego in which we have the different traumas, defects, vices, errors, which personify ourselves.

The 'I' of the clairvoyant traps all of the suprasensible representations that arrive into his mind and he interprets them in accordance with his hatred, jealousy, mistrust, maliciousness, passion, remembrances, pride, envy, arrogance, etc. The subsequent reactions of the clairvoyant are the outcome of his 'I.' - Samael Aun Weor

If after that wrong transformation we go to sleep, then in the astral plane the ego of jealousy is going to project an image of the two persons. This is because we were thinking in the physical plane that this person was trying to get involved with our partner, even though we just saw them talking very close and maybe neither of them have any intention of having an intimate relationship. Then in the astral plane, because we were feeling that, we will see our partner committing adultery with the other person. When we awake we say, "Oh, I was right, because I know the different meanings of the astral images!"

Here in our example we may also be seeing the unconscious desires of both of them, and really this person is trying to be with my partner and my partner also wants to be with this person, but only in levels of the mind they are unaware of. If we awaken and become suspicious and blame them both, the result is still a false judgment. We must differentiate between the ego and the consciousness.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

If we are not careful, if we do not know about the unconsciousness, which is that part of the ego which projects always many fantasies in the internal planes, then we are going to fall into the hands of Satan, the ego, and we will commit a lot of mistakes.

So it is indispensable to comprehend the ego because every experience that we have in the internal planes has to be correlated with the physical plane. If that which we think is true does not correspond with the facts of the physical plane then it is not true. This is why we have to carefully examine our own consciousness, because what we want is to develop the conscious clairvoyance and not unconscious.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of unconscious clairvoyance due to the fact that we are slaves of the ego and we are projecting the different aggregates we have within. So it is necessary to not project.

We have to consciously judge without projecting. We have to analyze without any prejudgment. Unfortunately, in our minds we have a lot judgmental elements: false judgment, anger, jealousy, lust, hatred, etc. We have many manias, like paranoia, which is the way in which the ego feels he is grand, powerful, and because he is powerful he has a lot of enemies. Such an ego always thinks that all the movements that people do around him they do in order to destroy him. That is why the delirium of persecution is related with paranoia. Many people from South America come into North America because they were having problems in South America with guerrillas. Then they think that any Spanish-speaking person from any country is enquiring about them, because they feel they are being spied on by their government. They feel that they are persecuted, a type of paranoia. So any person from South America that approaches them is perceived as connected with the government of their country coming to catch them. And this person is projecting the same thing in the astral plane. And if this person is not conscious of his own paranoia, then he is going to judge many people who do not care about politics or know anything at all about what the person is afraid of. Likewise, many other types of paranoia exist.

So we have to carefully examine ourselves not to fall into these mistakes because the unconsciousness very easily projects traumas like that in the astral plane.

We may think that our inner Being is warning us about a person. If we have a big mouth then we will start spreading rumors about an innocent person.

This is a big problem when we enter into these studies because when we practice many exercises then the clairvoyance starts to develop. Many people have all types of manias due to the abuse of the intellect. The schizophrenic person is always flipping within his double personality and is always projecting in the astral plane his own madness. Neurasthenia is the abuse of the emotional center. These are people who are always emotionally sick and react violently in any moment. For example, when women are in PMS they react violently. If they control that, they will awaken a lot of consciousness because it is the state of the body in that moment that is very sick.

We have to study carefully the unconsciousness and for that we have to remember ourselves, that we are here and now, physically speaking. Remembering ourselves is to remember God. We have to transform impressions in the very moment when they are entering through the five senses, especially when those impressions are very strong, in order not to form false judgments, because as I said, we have within each one of us a very bad secretary that is taking the impressions and putting them in the wrong place. Then we are performing or creating false judgments, physically speaking. If we do not meditate and analyze that then we are going to project that in the astral plane.

Most of our dreams are just frustrated desires, or when we are hurt in our pride or self-love.

Let us examine ourselves and see if we have any of these manias. It is very difficult to find someone on this earth without a mental mania.

So that is why we need a lot of meditation and to remember our God at all times because it is very easy to develop clairvoyance, especially when we start practicing Dream Yoga.

Clairvoyance is the interpretation of all the representations we are seeing in the astral plane. After that we are going to develop the inner senses that are helpers of the intuitive clairvoyance, the different chakras.

It is necessary to study the Four Gospels. There we will find the moral information that we need in order to know what we are lacking, what we need and what defects we have in order to be a very conscious clairvoyant. We need to be very cultured persons.

We have to study Kabbalah very carefully.

The objective of studying the Kabbalah is to be skilled for work in the Internal Worlds... One who does not comprehend remains confused in the Internal Worlds. Kabbalah is the basis in order to understand the language of these worlds. - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah

We have to put in our minds a lot of information, psychology. When we say we have to study psychology I am not referring to conventional psychology, because that psychology is written for people who are bottled up in the unconsciousness. They are not people working with the awakening of the consciousness or working with the Self-realization of the Being. They are there for business. So do not expect to find something good in convential psychology for the Self-realization of the Being. When we are referring to psychology I am referring to the Objective Psychology related with the great Masters. That is why we advise you to read the Bible, mainly the Four Gospels, which teach us how to behave. Not "eye for an eye" because that is anger and that will fertilize the ego.

In this knowledge, we need to have very logical thought and concrete and exact concept related with the analysis that we are going to do related with our experiences in the astral plane. In the same way that we are going to measure others, the Law is going to measure us. Remember that it is not good to throw stones against others when you awaken your inner senses. There are a lot of unconscious people and they know nothing of the awakening of the consciousness and we have the advantage over them because we are awakening.

Symbols (seen in our inner experiences) must be analyzed coldly, without superstition, maliciousness, mistrust, pride, vanity, fanaticism, prejudgment, preconceptions, hatred, envy, greed, jealousy, etc. - Samael Aun Weor

Subconscious Impressions

Related with the subconsciousness we have to understand our neighbor. We have to understand that they also have the ego and they project.

The same way we find the subconsciousness in ourselves we find it in nature. The subconsciousness is the memory of the past. We have in our subconsciousness the memory of all our inner experiences, of the experiences we have had in the past with our families. In the subconsciousness we have our inheritance which is related with our past lives, different good and evil deeds we did in our past lives which we don't remember because we are unconscious, asleep. When we start awakening the consciousness, part of the subconsciousness is bringing to us in this present time images of the past.

As well, sometimes in a very mechanical way we enter into the internal planes into the subconsciousness of nature and we can see the past lives of other people without knowing we are in the past. In the astral plane, which is eternity, past present and future are an eternal now. Only the one who is having Continuous Consciousness and who is capable of being in a vigil state of alertness in the astral plane can examine carefully the past. But when we are sleeping (psychologically) we can enter into the past and we can see the same people we are seeing now behaving very badly because we are seeing the past life of such a person. If we do not know we are entering into the past in the astral plane, we are going to judge that person badly. So it is necessary to be silent and to wait for the time to speak and not to utter any judgment, especially when they are experiences related with other people.

Everyone who is in these studies is always curious about every mysterious thing. In past lives such and such a person did not have the opportunity of finding this knowledge, this person was then practicing black magic in order to satisfy his own curiosity related with the occult knowledge. This person was practicing witchcraft. It is necessary to know it is rare to find among the students of occultism one that does not have the ego of witchcraft and sorcery. Remember that we always return and when the consciousness does not find the knowledge the ego itself is always looking for the same thing and we fall into practicing negative things. Now we are in this knowledge and we know what is good and what to do. Maybe we can enter into the astral plane and we can see that one student is doing something very bad or a student we know was an assassin or a thief in a past life. Maybe that woman who is very faithful to her husband was committing adultery in her past life. If we enter into the astral plane and we see this person behaving in a negative way, we have to wait because maybe we are entering into the subconsciousness of nature and we are looking at the images of the past.

So the ego is something that we have to study. When we awaken in the astral plane, we can ask our Inner Being: "My Father, My God, you who are my real Being, please show me my past existences. I want to know what type of a person I was in order to know my defects, vices and errors that I committed in my past existences."

In that way we will know that indeed we are not humble sheep but terrible wolves. This is why we are in this knowledge because we want to awaken. But we have to be careful with the subconsciousness.

It is interesting that when we go to other groups, when they talk about esotericism, when they remember their past lives, they were always Napoleon, King Solomon, Cleopatra, etc. All of them were great. The ego of paranoia is very strong among students of occultism. They do not want to be small, they want to be great. If they really believe they were such a person then they project that in the astral plane. Then you return into the physical plane and you say, "Oh, now I am sure, I was Napoleon!" Everybody wants to be great. But if you examine yourself, be frank with yourself. Do not cheat yourself. The most horrible way is to cheat yourself. When you start believing you are an important person then you are cheating yourself. You start projecting and projecting and believing you are a great one.

We remember a woman who said that in a past life she was Guinevere, but she is not Elizabeth Claire Prophet (who says that she was Guinevere also), this woman of our example was another one. Now we wonder who Guinevere is because Elizabeth Claire Prophet also says that she was Guinevere in one of her past lives. Both of them ignore that Guinevere is just a symbol of the Divine Soul.

We also know a lot of persons who say they were John the Baptist. So do not fall into the mistake of believing that you were a hero or heroine. If you see your Inner God, when you know your inner God, He is always holy, perfect, always tremendously powerful. If you return into your body, you are not Him. If you have ego, you have to be frank with yourself. He is holy pure and clean, but we are not clean and perfect. We have to stop being paranoid. Paranoia is not good because we end building Mythomania, creating myths inside. What we want is the awakening of the consciousness, the logical thought and the exact concept in everything, to develop conscious clairvoyance, not subconscious clairvoyance, because the subconscious clairvoyance brings images from the past and we get confused with it. What we have to do is examine our past, especially in this life, when we are having in our personality a lot of false knowledge, like the knowledge we are receiving in College and Universities.

We hear, for instance, that many ignoramuses state that Tchaikovsky, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nero, Emperor of Rome, were homosexuals. Yes, we heard many of them saying that all the great men of the past were homosexuals. Why are they asseverating this nonsense? They cannot understand that the brain of the homosexual is filled with the Poisoninoskirian Vibrations. These are emanations or energies resulting from the mixture of the sexual semen with human excrement. This produces a horrible energy that rises to the brain, thereby rotting it completely. Those vibrations belong completely and irrevocably to those realms which share that vibratory level: the abyss, hell, the realm of denegeration and lust and all manner of animal behavior. A person who fills themselves whith those vibrations (through lustufl activity, thought, and word) lowers themselves psychologicall and spiritually into those worlds. Their brain reflects that. A brain thus degenerated cannot develop the necessary spiritual senses in order to bring superior messages (like music and wisdom) from the heavenly places or higher Sephiroth. They simply cannot receive those vibrations, nor can they comprehend them. That is why those degenerated individuals love degenerated music, literature, images, and ways of behaving.

The great men of the past were great Masters; they never had those types of manias or degeneration, they were men and women who had a very pure, very clean psyche. In order to bring high vibratory knowledge to earth, one must be able to vibrate in affinity with that knowledge. However, it so happens that many such men and women, working on the Path to the Self-realization of the Being, also had to face their own karma, their own egos, so many faced accusations, public ridicule, gossip, etc. Some were accused of homosexuality because of karma, or because their own true love, due to karmic reasons, was incarnated in a body of the same sex, so they could not be married, and instead they had to face that pain. Many were simply defamed by their enemies, and now we only remember them as their enemies want them remembered.

Now people are repeating that nonsense and believing lies. We are polluting our subconsciousness with lies. It is necessary to clean our subconsciousness of all the garbage we have, especially the type of knowledge we are receiving.

"Viewer discretion is advised."

If we tell you to go the gas station and drink some gas, are you going to do it? No, why? Because it will hurt your body. Why do you not think in the same way with your consciousness? What you take through the five senses will either pollute your consciousness or feed your consciousness. You have to select your food. Read good books that will feed your consciousness. The newspaper is the worst way to pollute your mind, especially with all the politics.

We always react according to the circumstances, examples that we receive in our childhood, in university, in our work. We always project that in accordance to those experiences. We do the same thing in the astral plane. That is why we are having those dreams that have no sense.

The beginning of this is to be here and now, to start cleaning our consciousness, selecting the food we have to eat through the five senses. In the same way we have to select the food we eat through our mouth, we have to collect it through our five senses. Otherwise we are going to do foolish things, we are trying to awaken the consciousness meanwhile we are putting inside more and more garbage.

Infraconscious Impressions

Another type of danger that we have to be aware of is the infraconsciousness, the infraconsciousness of nature and our own particular infra-consciousness...

If we examine the Law of Reincarnation or Return we discover that not all the egos return into a new body. There is always a type of ego that is very strong and very degenerated that does not return but enters into the infra-dimensions of nature. In the same way that we find the supra-dimensions that are in the heavens, we find the infra-dimensions that are in the inferno or hell.

Pancho VillaThe Master Samael Aun Weor gave an example of this type of return or reincarnation. Pancho Villa was a very famous revolutionary that helped the revolution in Mexico, yet he was also a rapist and an assassin. He did a lot of good for Mexico. He created a lot of dharma because of the revolution, but during the revolution he raped and killed a lot of people. So the Great Law took the good egos in which the Law found the good values of this revolutionary person and those good egos returned into a new body. That new body created a new personality and now is a great lawyer. This great lawyer is going to be or was already a president of Mexico. The Great Law paid him in that way. Moreover, he knew Gnosis in this present incarnation. So he is regenerating himself. But those egos related with crime and rapes are in hell so part of his consciousness is in hell.

If we meet this man in Mexico (we do not say the name because it is private) and have an experience with him in the astral plane, we will see him as an assassin and rapist, and we will say bad things against him.

So in the infra-consciousness of nature you will find the negative aspect of any person, as well as our own particular infra-consciousness.

We ourselves have many egos that are currently active in the hell realms, but which cannot manifest in our physical life because of the mercy of the Great Law. If all of our egos were within us now, earth would truly be unbearable.

When we have a nightmare it is because our own infra-consciousness is taking us into hell, into the infra-dimensions of nature. All of the bestialities, crimes and all the negative degenerations of the past are in hell. In the infra-consciousness of nature are the most criminal things we can see. All of those monsters we remember that existed in the past exist in the infra-dimensions of nature. That is why when we have a nightmare we see those monsters, demons that are trying to hurt us and we feel terror. We have to understand that we have that in each one of us.

In the infra-consciousness of nature we find the mystery of the Twin Souls related with darkness and light. In front of Anael, the angel of love we find Lilith, the angel of darkness of hatred. In front of any angel of light we find a demon of darkness in the infra-consciousness of nature. If we are in the astral plane and by any accident we descend into the infra without knowing it and if we invoke an angel of light, immediately the negative aspect will come to us, the twin soul, which is a dark entity. And we will judge that angel in the wrong way. Any person you find doing good here has his negative aspect doing bad in the infra-consciousness, because part of our ego is there in the infra-consciousness of nature.

When we talk about the Law of Reincarnation the lord Krishna says that some people reincarnate in animals and others in plants and stones. What he is indicating is that some egos do not return into the physical body because they are very heavy and degenerated, and so they return into animals and even go into the infra-consciousness of nature. That is why we have to understand that part of our consciousness is in some wild animal, or better say, part of our ego, and some other egos are in the infra-consciousness. That is why it is easy for us to enter into the infra-consciousness of nature because part of us is there. When we enter into the path of Self-realization we have to understand that sooner or later we are going to have to comprehend those egos and annihilate them. Or if we degenerate ourselves more and more our final journey is to be with the rest of our consciousness in the infra-consciousness of nature.

So of course we need courage on this path. When we discover negative aspects of our consciousness we have to be frank. Do not be a type of masochist, to beat your chest and say, "I am wrong, something is wrong with me." That does not work; you have to be frank, to meditate and to ask for the annihilation of that element in order to walk on the path of Self-realization. Guilt does not help. When we discover in the internal planes that we are behaving in the wrong way do not beat yourself up by being guilty. Comprehend yourself. You do not remedy anything by feeling bad. The ego of self-pity is going to take strength in us. Self pity is another ego that is very strong in us.

So behold that we have to study carefully the infra-consciousness of nature and we have to realize that we have a lot of that inside of us.

The images will come to us in accordance to our consciousness, sub-consciousness, unconsciousness and infra-consciousness.

Because we are developing intuitive clairvoyance with this type of technique, we are going to experience many things with many people. It is good to shut up and wait for the moment to talk in order not to commit any crime. Otherwise, the karma is going to be severe against us. We have to study the ego carefullyin order to awaken the consciousness.

How to Develop Conscious Clairvoyance

What do we have to do in order to awaken conscious intuitive clairvoyance? We have to meditate and exercise our consciousness with logical thought and exact concept, the master gives us an exercise in order to develop that exact concept and logical thought.

We have to put in front of us any plant. We have to look at that plant for a space of five minutes and then we close our eyes. Then we have to imagine the metabolism, the function of that plant: its cells, the flowers, we have to see the developing of the molecules, atoms, cells, organs, related with that plant, carefully, to examine how was that plant as a simple seed coming from the soil and growing little by little. We have to examine with a logic thought how the different leaves, trunks, part of the plant were growing until it took that form that we find in front of us. Then we have to imagine, with logic, in accordance to what we know, how that plant is going to die and turn into dried wood.

So with the imagination we are going to see that. Imagination is the same as clairvoyance because imagination is to see. But we have to see the reality, the truth, not the fantasies of the ego. We have to remember ourselves, we have to be here and now, and during the practice we have to be in the pineal gland remembering our God and seeing the development of that plant from the simple seed until the present moment, and then how the plant will die in the future. That process of evolution and devolution, carefully examined outside and inside, seeing the cells, the molecules and atoms, carefully seeing the chlorophyll of that plant running in the veins of that plant, the aroma of that plant, the pollen, etc, will develop our pineal gland, our chakra, in the correct way. This is the way to awaken the clairvoyance, the consciousness. If we do that exercise every day and we remember ourselves every day, at every moment, 24 hours of the day then we will develop Continuous Consciousness, the continuous state of awareness which is called the state of vigil. Then we will repeat the same thing in the astral plane.

Now with Continuous Consciousness in the astral plane we will see the same images and symbols but we will know we are in the astral plane. We are not going to dream. We are going to see the same symbols and images in the astral plane and we are going to move ourselves consciously in the fifth dimension. Then we will see the different symbols and we will feel that each symbol has its meaning inside. But we do not yet know that meaning. Then we are going to enter into the second stage of meditation which is Inspiration, which is to find the meaning of that symbol in front of us. We told you that in order to find the meaning of the symbol we have to apply the law of numbers, the analogy of contraries, the philosophical analogies and the analogy of correspondences. Based on those 4 laws is how we are going to take the truth and discover the meaning of that symbol.

This is why we need meditation.


Of course we need to listen to classical music, especially Beethoven. In order to discover the inspirational level of meditation we have to listen to the music and enter into the current of sound in the same way as the bee does it when doing its work, that is, making honey. Observe the bee when making honey, it is just there delivering, smelling, living in all its body the honey. In the same way we have to work with ourselves when we listen to classical music. We have to enter like the bee with honey into the current of sound and we have to feel each vibration, each sound, in all the cells, molecules of our body. This is how we live the music and it helps us to develop the inspiration to know the meaning of what we are listening to. Then that will help us to develop inspiration. When you develop inspiration, the meaning of those images or representations that you see in the astral plane will be known. When you are awake in the astral plane you will see the object, you will see the form, the symbol and you will know the meaning of that.

It is like when you learn a language. In the beginning you are just listening to sounds and you know they mean something. Little by little you are learning and suddenly you are understanding; but that takes time. In the same way our Monad has His own language. In the beginning we just see the symbols and forms and we try to understand the meaning of that. But with patience and serenity we enter into the meaning, and suddenly we will speak the language of dreams. We are going to know what the symbols mean and we are going to know our future and we are going to know the state of consciousness that we are in that moment and we will discover great things.

But to acquire this, we need two virtues to be developed, these are Patience and Serenity. Do not expect to develop all those capacities in one month or in one year because we have a lot of sub-consciousness, infra-conscious and unconsciousness from this life and other lives and to deal with that you need patience, because the path of the Self Realization of the Being is not a joke, game or something for curiosity. It is serious and we need to perform it with consciousness. We need to awaken the consciousness.

So when we are developing that inspirational knowledge then we are ready to enter into the intuitive part of it, which is the higher level of meditation. Then you will go beyond the astral plane, beyond the mental plane. Then you will experience the truth, the reality in itself. In order to enter into the sixth dimension and to understand the language of the intuitional world we need to know at least the basics of mathematics because that world is pure mathematics, where Kabbalah comes from. If you do not know Kabbalah or the basics of mathematics you will not understand the language of the sixth dimension. We need to develop that. Meditation is the way.

The Initiatic Element, or that element that will come to us during our experiences in the astral plane, is that message, that form, that image, which our Inner Being is placing in our experiences, in our dreams and through that he will teach us. When we discover that initiatic element, just by concentration on it we will be immediately in the astral plane and when we see the initiatic element in front of our sight we will immediately know that we are out of our body, and that our Being is teaching us something. But we need a very serious study of our psyche and we have to be here and now. We must not sleep as a consciousness. To remember our Being is to remember ourselves, and to observe ourselves is to study our own unconsciousness, sub-consciousness, infra-consciousness, because that is the part of our consciousness that is within our ego and that will always appear in the surface of our senses, in front of any impression. So let us be alert in front of any impression in order to discover and meditate in that and clean the consciousness of all those aggregates.

Questions and Answers

Audience: If we have heaven and hell within, does that mean that every thought we have will cancel itself out, is that what you meant the good goes to heaven and the bad goes to hell?

Answer: It is obvious that the consciousness, when it is free, it is that part of our soul that is going to heaven and having direct experience with the higher parts of our Being. The consciousness related with ego is that which we call hell. Remember that hell is inferno, inferno comes from the Latin word Infernus which means inferior.

Audience: What is that word: Cosmic common auto...?

Answer: Trogo means "swallow." Cosmic common Trogo auto egocratic: the reciprocal nourishment of everything existent. Which means "we give and we receive what we are given." In this moment, this knowledge is not my knowledge. It belongs to Wisdom, to Christ, taught to us by the Master Samael Aun Weor. I am giving to you Light, Wisdom, that will help you. Because I am giving, I will receive, that is the law. I need light, I give light. That is why the selfish people do not advance on this Path. They receive but they don't help. Cooperation is the Motto of this Aquarian age. To cooperate you have to give when you receive.

Audience: Does the soul enter into animal bodies?

Answer: Related with the law of return. There are many mysteries especially when someone has a lot of egos; not all the egos return into the same body. Part of those egos return into some animals. It is the case of some initiates that the same soul is in two bodies at the same time. That is very rare. Most of the time in relation with people with ego, some egos enter into hell and others are in the body. So when we enter into the path to Self-realization we are collecting, possessing our soul. We want to collect all our parts (which are currently trapped in egos) and that is the work.

During the path we discover that part of the soul is not in the body but it is in hell or is in some animal because it is a type of degenerated ego, which thankfully is not in this body in order not to hinder our spiritual evolution.

In relation with that infra-consciousness we have to understand that drugs, contraceptives, and infernal music always opens the atomic doors of our psyche and some of those egos come from the infra and manifest in the physical level and a person starts behaving very badly. All the animal part of our consciousness is in the infra consciousness and when we open the doors through drugs and many things those egos take over and the people start behaving in the degenerated way.

Audience: What I was insinuating was that soul was born in 1960 and then died and reincarnated into another body but that body was born in 1950 so there is a time warp there. Is that possible?

Answer: It is possible because the ego does not belong to the third dimension. The ego always remains in the fifth dimension, Eternity, past present and future is an eternal now.

The ego that you have in this moment within yourselves is in the fifth dimension. The ego belongs to the fifth dimension. Your physical bodies are in the third dimension but that which is your ego is right there within yourselves within the fifth dimension. They are thinking through your mind, feeling through your heart. They are there, but in the fifth dimension, and from that dimension they take control of the physical body and they project themselves through our three brains, whether it is jealousy, hatred, pride, greed, vanity, etc. But that fifth dimension is related with our own projections in this present unconsciousness, with the past - sub consciousness and with the lower parts of nature, the infra consciousness.

Audience: Paranoia, people who are paranoid, when they are like that don't they actually bring that into their lives? Will they in turn attract that thing to happen into their lives?

Answer: Eventually they will attract that. Everyone attracts in their lives what they have within. Like the magnet attracts a piece of iron. That is why I am telling you that the Cosmic Common Trogo Auto Egocratic law - you are attracting into your body what you have within. What egos you have within, the same forces will be attracted. If you have the egos of the infra-dimension within then you will attract those people related with that infra-dimension and forces from that infra-dimension. To be free of that you have to correct yourself, to change the inside, because the exterior is the reflection of the interior.

See the exterior society. It is obvious that this society in which we are living in this moment is the projection of the interior of many people: buildings, neighborhoods, violence, war, pornography, etc are the invention of many people. We are here because we are society. The individual is society. The projection of the individual is society. If we want to change society we have to change the individual. We have to control our consciousness, not the consciousness of our neighbor.

If we are seeing things with our consciousness we have to respect because we are not holy. Like Jesus said, "He who is without sin throw the first stone." We are full of vices. We have to learn to forgive. It is the Prayer of the Lord: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. So are we forgiving? If we are not forgiving how do we expect to be forgiven?

Audience: To transcend the ego is different then to eliminate the ego?

Answer: To transcend the ego is to eliminate the ego. We transcend the mind when we eliminate the ego we have within the mind, because the ego is the mind.

Audience: If we are somehow getting to our Being and at this moment we are not here and now and we are ego, who is directing our progress?

Answer: In order to progress we have to be here and now and we have to remember our God. We have to do the effort to be here and now. When I remember myself I remember God and I am frank with myself and I try to understand that part of my consciousness which is wrong.

When you start recognizing that you are sleeping that is the first step to awaken. If you realize that you are not awake, then it is a sign that you want to awaken; then do super efforts to awaken. Do the mantra OM TAT SAT OM to put into activity the pineal gland, which is the only gland related with the Being. When we are there our Monad is helping us, sending us a lot of force to pull us because we are part of Him. Our Monad needs us. But we need to meditate and liberate ourselves from the EGO.

We have to feel ourselves inside, and in the seat of the chair, which is the consciousness remembering, is the pineal gland. So we are sitting there and we feel we are in the body. That is remembering yourself at all moments and then we will discover the different parts of the ego. Be patient, as it is a long work.

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