We are continuing with our lectures on Dream Yoga. This is the third lecture from the seminar of Dream Yoga.

Remember that Yoga is Yug, "union." So, in order to perform Dream Yoga we have to be united with our own particular Being, who is our Monad, our own God, our Spirit.

Therefore to be here and now is indispensable because it is not possible to awaken consciousness if we do not recognize that we are sleeping psychologically. The only way to recognize that we are sleeping is by remembering our own God, by doing the super effort of being here and now within this physical body that we use in the third dimension.

The consciousness is what religions call soul ; it is our own reality within this physical body. We must not identify with our mind, because the mind is only a vehicle that we have to utilize in order to analyze, to think.

We have to walk on the path of Self-realization in order to attain the union with God. We cannot walk on the path of Self-realization if we are out of ourselves because the way, the path, is within, never without. If we do not see the path within, we are not going to walk on the path of Self-realization because it is not the mind but the consciousness, the soul , who walks towards the Being.

It is obvious that our wretched consciousness is not here and now in its whole content because part of it is trapped within the mind. That mind, or that mental entity, is that which we call ego. So when we say that we have to remember our Being I am not referring to the ego because the ego is not the Being and the Being is not the ego.

I told you that we have to work with the Work Memory in order to start having connection or impressions of our inner Being. So to remember ourselves here and now while reading this lecture is indispensable in order to understand and grasp the whole meaning of the path of Self-realization.

While we remember our true selves, while we remember our God, Spirit, without identifying with the mind, we study the three brains.

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We are beings or creatures with three brains in our physical body: the cerebrospinal nervous system, which is related with that brain in the head which is the intellect.

The grand sympathetic nervous system is related to the emotional brain.

The parasympathetic nervous system is that brain related with the motions, instincts and the sexual activities.

The brain is that organ or system within any physical organism that gives to the consciousness the capacity of understanding the different dimensions of the universe.

There are seven basic dimensions in the universe. But there are some Beings or creatures that have only one brain. So these creatures are capable of capturing only one dimension, or perceiving only one dimension. Psychologically speaking they are uni-dimensional creatures. For example: the snail. It is a creature with only one brain. Because it has only one brain its existence is related with sensations. Pain and pleasure related with its physical body, hot and cold. This creature lives only on one line. Remember that one point when it is moving in the space is forming a line. That line is the first dimension. So the world of the universe of the snail is only the line, because it has only one brain. That brain is related with that which we call movements, instincts and sexual activity.

But also we find in nature creatures with two brains. The creatures with two brains are for example: the horse, cat, dog, lion, tiger. They have sensations and representations. Through their senses they have the representation of that object, or thing which is giving them sensation. That is why these animals through their consciousness are always sensing sensation and representations and their consciousness knows what representation gives them pleasure or pain, which representation gives them happiness or sorrow. They know this by instinct. So that line moving into space is forming what we call the plane. The plane is that which is forming two dimensions: length and width.

Let us now enter into the world of the intellectual animal. It is obvious that we have three brains. We have the motor-instinctive-sexual brain; we have the emotional brain related with that called representations, feelings. And we have the intellectual brain. We, the intellectual creatures, have sensations, representations and concepts. We have the intellect that gives us the capacity of reasoning. We rationalize and from that point of view we perceive three dimensions. The plane moving in space forms the solid and that is why, through the three brains, our consciousness is capable of seeing length, width and height. We perceive objects in other ways. We feel the sensations, we see the representation and we analyze with our intellect and we say, "this person who is hurting me is doing so because he hates me." "This food that I am eating is delicious and it has salt and many other ingredients that I taste, and I like it. I would like to have the recipe in order to repeat the sensation because I like it."

Behold here and understand with your consciousness that which we call intellect gives us the capacity to analyze in order to repeat what we like or dislike. Of course, when the consciousness is being driven by the intellect, when the consciousness is not controlling the intellect, we fall as slaves, entrapped by the mind who desires the same types of sensations through those representations that in accordance to our analysis are good for us or bad for us. So "good and evil" are relative to the three brains. What is good for some people is bad for others.

What people in different regions of this planet call "moral" is just a manufacture of their intellect; their morality is elaborated in accordance with their three brains; morals change according to the likes and dislikes of different people. What is good in some regions of this planet is bad in other regions. So we should not identify with the concept of "good and evil" because these are just projections of the intellect. That is ego. There are many things that are good in the mind, however they are negative things for the consciousness, and there are many evil things in the mind that also are negative for the consciousness.

The consciousness must always remember its own Being, its own God; the consciousness must not identify with the ego because the ego is trapped between "good and evil." The good and evil of the mind does not have objective reality. It is just a projection, an invention of the mind.

In order to walk on the path of Self-realization we have to follow the ethics of the consciousness, not of the mind, because the mind knows nothing. The mind is 100 percent ignorant. That is why the mind is always enquiring how to know things.

The Being knows everything; this is why God is not looking outside for knowledge; God only wants his own Self-realization, because he knows everything. Unfortunately we are not united with God and that is why we need guidance in order to receive the knowledge from God. God is beyond the mind. But only the consciousness, which is beyond the mind, can be united with God. The mind will always be simply a vehicle, an instrument of the consciousness.

Unfortunately, in this very moment, that consciousness, which is the soul , is not driving the mind. It is the contrary. The mind is driving the consciousness, and that is why we are in this state of ignorance, because with this mind we think that in order to acquire happiness or Self-realization etc, we are going to do it with the intellect. That is not true. This is why we have to control the mind; but not the mind of the neighbor; we have to control our mind. The one who wants to control the mind of the neighbor is the ego-mind that we have, and not the consciousness.

When the consciousness is not here and now, then we are trapped in this three dimensional world of the intellect, which is the mind; thus, we think like many scientists think: that the universe is only three dimensions because with the physical senses we only see three dimensions. This happens because the consciousness, which is observing the universe through the five senses, is bottled into the intellect, into the ego, into the mind. Again, the mind is only an instrument.

We do not have to be slaves of the mind. But we are, unfortunately.

To dream is to not be here and now.

In the pineal gland we have the sense that we call the "spatial sense" related with the space. When a person has the pineal gland in a good state this creature can perceive with his consciousness the seven dimensions.

Unfortunately, the pineal gland is atrophied in every one of us. It is atrophied because we are not using it. An organ that we do not use becomes atrophied. That is why we always insist that we have to remember ourselves; we have to always feel that we are within the body.

When we feel, when at every moment we perceive that we are within the body, the consciousness realizes it through the pineal gland, because the pineal gland is the seat of the soul , the seat of the consciousness.

To be awakened is the same as to put into activity the power of powers, which is polyvoyance, which is also intuitive clairvoyance or the spatial sense through which we can sense and perceive all dimensions. So if we remember ourselves here and now, we are going to start regenerating the pineal gland, which is also called the "Eye of Dangma."

Since the consciousness that has to remember that it is a child of God is free only three percent, it is obvious that we have to perform super-efforts, because the rest of the consciousness, which is the child of God, is trapped within the ego 97 percent.

The ego, as we explained in other lectures, is only desire. Desire is the projection of the mind into the past or into the future, without realizing the present, without remembering the true self.

The consciousness sleeps when the consciousness is not here and now. In order for the consciousness to be awakened, it has to be here and now, it has to realize the present moment, the eternal now, it has to be always remembering God; thus this yoga, union, yug from moment to moment, second to second, radiates from the pineal gland.

Unfortunately, the consciousness is dreaming within the ego. So, this is why we are not aware of this hepta-dimensional space world. Hepta is a Greek word for "seven."

If our consciousness is always aware of the here and now, always in the present, living in this present moment, we eventually will be aware of the dimensions beyond the third dimension, we will be, for instance, aware of the fourth dimension.

Image When a solid is moving in the space it forms a hypersolid. It is obvious that the fourth dimension in its temporal aspect is time. Time is circular and not a straight line.

Time as a dimension is only possible to prove when we sense the fourth dimension through our pineal gland, with our consciousness. It is not the mind that is going to realize it, but the consciousness, because the mind related with the intellect is trapped, bottled up within the three dimensional universe.

Likewise, we do not realize that beyond time there is another dimension which is eternity (the fifth dimension). Eternity is not time. Eternity is eternity. So we can say that the circle of time is within the circle of eternity.

Beyond time and eternity we find the sixth dimension, the causal world, which is beyond time and eternity.

There is also the seventh dimension or the zero dimension, the world of the Spirit, where we find the reality, that which is the truth and that receives many names in different religions.

However, the mind, through the intellectual brain, gives to the physical body the capacity of visualizing three dimensions.

The consciousness became entrapped in the intellect because of the fascination with the different sensations through the representations that the mind was analyzing and that gave pleasure to the consciousness. This fascination with sensations originated desire; this how the ego came to exist. This is why the consciousness sleeps or dreams within the mind or ego, always desiring the same sensations of the past and trapped in time. No one can dream if he lives in the present and only by being aware of the present one realizes how much his consciousness is asleep.

When the consciousness is aware of the here and now, it cannot be a slave of that mind which is pride, vanity, greed, etc. This momentariness is a state of ecstasy, a blessed union with God; it is a consciousness that is not a slave of the mind.

In order to enter or to experience the other dimensions we need to do it with the consciousness. Do not expect to experience the 4th, 5th, 6th and zero dimension with your mind because when a student is trying to experience the other dimensions with his mind he always fails. This is because the intellect cannot go beyond the third dimension. This is why when we are out of the physical body in that dimension that we call eternity, which we also call the astral dimension, we do not realize that we are out of the body, because we are identified with the three dimensional world, because the ego is trapped within the entity that is related with three dimensions: thoughts, feelings and actions.

This is why in order to understand or comprehend the ego we always have to analyze it in three ways: thoughts, feelings and actions, because the ego is that part that is related with the three dimensional world. It is always a dream, identifying with sensations, representations, etc and with its own world, with its own universe.

Out of the body, the consciousness trapped within any one of our own egos is always projecting the same three dimensional world, and that is why we are not realizing that we are in the fifth dimension because the consciousness is not aware of the fifth dimension but identified with the desires of the ego-mind.

You are here in this moment before the screen of your computer, but my question is - is your consciousness really here? If your consciousness is really here it is because you are remembering your true self and you feel and are aware that you are within your body.

If you are accustomed to exercising your consciousness to live in the present, then it is obvious that if you project yourself out of the three dimensional body called physical body, you will be in the fifth dimension, the eternity, and there you will realize other phenomena; thus, you will be aware that you are in another dimension.

Unfortunately, the consciousness is trapped within the intellect, within the three dimensional intellect, so, when out of the body we feel that we are in the physical world.

The consciousness within the different types of dreams that we have, very seldom discovers that we are out of the body because the ego is always projecting the same desires related with the physical world, which is three dimensional. So if the consciousness is identified with the three dimensional world then we will always be in the three dimensional world. If a Master, Angel would take us into the Absolute Abstract Space in order to have the experience of that which is God, the Truth, we will not be aware of Absolute Abstract Space, we will not experience That because the consciousness is trapped within the three dimensional world of the intellect; we are asleep, whether in the physical body, or in the eternity, or in any other dimension.

So as you can see, the problem is not the place, it is our consciousness. It is like a blind person - if you put a blind person in Paris or in Italy or in Israel or in any other country in order for him to see the beauty of those places he will always be a blind man. If we are trapped in the three dimensional world, if an Angel or a Master takes us into another dimension, we will always be in this three dimensional world.

We have to leave the battle which is in the intellect. We must not identify with the intellect; we must not praise the intellect. Those who praise the intellect praise the ego and that ego is three dimensional.

So this is the study of dreams.

The spatial sense, the pineal gland, starts to be in activity when we remember our true selves. This is how we start to realize that we are dreaming, in other words, we start to realize that we are identified and fascinated with this physical world; that we are behaving like slugs, because we do not realize that beyond this physical world there is the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimension.

In the internal planes, our own Spirit, our own God, when he realizes that we want to be in union with Him, that we want to self realize ourselves, then He starts to guide us from his world, which is the Spirit, sending the right teachings, the right guidance for us in order to follow the path. In the astral plane the messages, the images that are coming from the Spirit come always in different symbols. Do not expect the Spirit to teach us in our own native language, because our own language is poor, it is not rich. The language of God, the language of the Spirit, is related with numbers. Let me give you an example so you may understand this type of language. If you have a dog and you want to teach this dog to obey you, this dog has to learn different tones of your voice to know what you want. "Sit" and then he will be seated. "Walk" and then he will walk. But you are not going to learn how to bark, because he has to obey you; he is your dog. In the same way, do not expect your Spirit to do what you want because you have to learn his language. If He comes to your level and talks at your level then you will always be in the level that you are now. If you bark at the dog, that dog will never learn how to obey you because you are barking like another dog. But if that dog senses that you are his owner then he will obey your orders, he will sense that you are superior and that you are over him because he has two brains and you are three-brained being.

In the same way, the Spirit has its own language, which is superior, far superior to our own language, whether it is English, Spanish or any other language. That language is in symbols. Each symbol encloses a lot of knowledge. It is not possible to grasp, to take out all that knowledge from your own Spirit if you do not put into activity your consciousness, because it is not your mind that will learn the language of the Spirit. Your mind is three dimensional and will only learn about the three dimensional world. But your consciousness (because you are consciousness) is the one that will learn the language of your own Spirit, of your own God. The language of your Spirit will start from the zero dimension sending into your level his messages. This is why in dream yoga you have to have a notebook in order to write with details all the type of dreams you have, because during those dreams (which are only projections of your own ego) sometimes your Being will place symbols, or different types of events, within which He is going to teach you what you need. Those experiences will be related with the two superior centers that are not related with the ego. We have seven centers, five inferior (the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual center) and two superior (the Superior Emotional center and the Superior Intellectual center. Remember that there is the Objective Reasoning of the Being. That is related with the Superior Intellectual center and has nothing to do with the three dimensional mind that we have in this physical body. It is another type of mind).

By remembering our true selves and being here and now is how we are going to put into activity those two superior centers. If we are asleep, if we do not remember our true selves, we are not going to be in relation with these two superior centers. When we remember our true selves then we receive help in this physical body here and now. Our Being, our God, is going to place wisdom, knowledge, in our Superior Intellectual center and is going to put those representations in our Superior Emotional center, which are related with the spatial sense, which is related with the space, in which the consciousness is going to learn and see more little by little beyond the three dimensions. Since our pineal gland is atrophied, it is going to be regenerated slowly. Do not expect to regenerate your third eye, your Eye of Dagma, in one year or a few years, because we have many years without using it. So we have to have patient because that eye, that sense, is going to increase little by little and you are going to see the reality of the universe. You will realize that you were blind.

Here it is necessary to enter into the Tantric aspect of the matter. We have to understand Tantra. We have to remember that in order to put into activity or regenerate the pineal gland it is not possible to do it with the mind. We have to ask for help to a power that is superior to the mind. That power is the Divine Mother Kundalini . She has no form, but she is the origin of all forms. She is in herself the origin of all matter. You can say that she is matter in her own essence without form.

That energy, which we call Kundalini , is in a dormant state in the coccyx and is dormant because we are abusing the sexual energy. Remember that we already stated that because of sexual abuse we have a lot of errors and defects in the different centers. That is why lust is called the original sin because this sin originated the other sins, or the other errors, defects, vices errors that we have in the mind and which are in relation to the three dimensional world.

In order to awaken that power which is the Kundalini we have to stop abusing the sexual energy. It is impossible to put into activity the spatial sense related with the pineal gland if we are abusing the sexual energy because in the pineal gland we have an atom of intelligence, which in Kabbalah is Binah. In order to awaken the intelligence, Binah, we have to put into activity the Kundalini .


So behold, intelligence is not related with the intellect. To become an intellectual bookworm is easy, just put the whole information of a library within your mind and you are ready. However, to be intelligent is the most difficult thing you can imagine. In these times people call intelligent someone who is very intellectual; this is a very wrong statement.

"In Western culture it is considered that a man may possess great (intellectual) knowledge, for example he may be an able scientist, make discoveries, advance science, and at the same time he may be, and has the right to be, a petty, egoistic, mean, envious, vain, naive and absent-minded man." - Gurdjieff

If you take all the information from the brain of a person he will remain an idiot. He will not know anything of value. That information will be gone.

However, one who is truly intelligent does not need the intellect to be intelligent, because real intelligence is related with the consciousness. The intelligence in the consciousness will control the information that we have in the intellect for our own good.

When a person is not intelligent, he uses the information of the intellect in order to destroy his life and the life of others. This is what is happening on this planet Earth; we find only intellectuals who are not intelligent. If they were intelligent this planet would be different, there would not be pollution and there would not be this disgrace that we have on our beloved planet Earth.

So that atom of intelligence, Binah in the pineal gland, has to be put into activity when we raise, sublimate, that electronic force in the coccyx through all the vertebrae of the spinal column until reaching the pineal gland. That energy is the Divine Mother Kundalini , the female aspect of the intelligence (Binah), which is a power that we have in the coccyx that is dormant because we are abusing the sexual energy. Only by not abusing the sexual energy can we put into activity the intelligence, through the knowledge of the handling of the polarities between man and woman, because the woman has the feminine aspect of that energy and the man has the masculine aspect of that energy. Masculine and feminine united with wisdom awakens the intelligence and then we regenerate the pineal gland with the Tantric aspect of this matter.

We have to worship the Divine Mother, the origin of forms, even of this physical form; this is how we learn how to walk on the Path because the intelligence will guide the consciousness. The Divine Mother is intelligence in itself. We have to worship Her.

The Divine Mother Kundalini has many names in different religions. She was symbolized, She is symbolized, She will be symbolized by many names. She is Mary, Maia, Isis, Isoberta, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, etc.


Related with the teaching of our Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, he said we have to invoke her before going to sleep, before going into the astral plane. We have to perform this invocation after we attain the perfect memory of all of our dreams (as explained in the previous section) in order to ask for help from the Divine Mother. Of course, she can always help us. But because we are giving here the directions of this dream yoga practice, it is obvious you are going to perform this when you acquire the intelligence (awakened consciousness) of doing it. This is how you have to invoke her:

Tonantzin, Teteoinan, O! My Mother,
come to me, come to me, help me,
guide me in the internal planes.

It is obvious that if you repeat this invocation even in the physical plane then you will walk with strong steps because the Divine Mother is the intelligence that gives to our consciousness understanding (Binah) in order to walk on the path of the Self-realization of the Being. She knows very well how to take out that light or knowledge that is trapped within the ego.

If we abuse the sexual energy we are abusing the very essence of our Divine Mother Kundalini . The one who is abusing the sexual energy is abusing the essence of forms, is abusing the Divine Mother and is worshipping the negative aspect of that Divine Mother, which is related with passion, with that organ that is called Kundabuffer, which is the opposite of Kundalini .

All the people on this planet are worshippers of the Kundabuffer organ, the negative aspect of the sexual energy, and they are worshippers of this through sexual abuse, even when they ignore what we are explaining here.

So in order to worship the positive aspect, scientific chastity is indispensable. Do not mistake chastity with sexual abstinence, or with celibacy. Chastity is Tantra.

So then, the Divine Mother is going to place in the internal planes, in our dreams, the Initiatic Element.

What is the Initiatic Element? It is a particular aspect of our Being related with our own self development. When we grasp that and discover that Initiatic Element, which is present in every dream, in that moment we will understand the message of our Being, we will discover that through that Initiatic Element our Monad, Being, God, is telling us different things.

Very psychic persons have the capacity of remembering their Initiatic Element. But if you do not know your own Initiatic Element you must have a notebook in order to write your astral experiences and to discover it within them. It could be a color, a thing, a person, a sound, it is always something that is always there in every dream. But you have to discover it. Our Divine Mother is going to put that Initiatic Element into our internal experiences and dreams and always we will be receiving that knowledge, instruction from our Spirit. We will then know very well how to walk. It could be an action, a way of being, it could be many things.

We have to know that in order to study our dreams we have to study them based on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, the Law of Opposite Analogies, the Law of Correspondences and Numerology.

Through these above mentioned laws we are going to study our dreams; this is how we are going to understand our own consciousness. Remember that Pythagoras said man knows himself through his dreams. Remember that phrase in the temple of Delphi: Hommo noscete ipsum - Man know thyself and you will know your own universe and the universe outside, your own God and the Gods outside of you, because God is Gods, Elohim.

It is obvious that only through meditation, through interior analysis, are are going to understand and comprehend our dreams. We have to learn Kabbalah, which is the science of numbers, the very language of symbols that our Being uses to communicate with us. This is why we have to study different books and this is why we emphasis the teachings of Kabbalah because they are related with Initiation, in order to comprehend it. The Kabbalah that we teach here in Gnosis is related with the consciousness, related with the Being. That is what we want, the union with God, the correct use of science.

A dream not interpreted is like a letter not read. - The Talmud

An example of the Philosophical Analogies: remember that the white dove and eagle are the symbols of the Holy Spirit. Any type of bird is related with the analogy of the Spirit.

An example of the Correspondences: rain is related with tears, pain, karma, and yet it also depends on how we are experiencing such dreams.

A dog: in this physical plane we say the dog is man's best friend. So if we dream we are with a dog then we are seeing the symbol of a friend. If that dog is biting us it is a friend that is going to betray us.

If we see a cat, in accordance to law of analogies, correspondences, we see that a cat is an animal that comes to you when it is hungry. But if the cat wants to be alone it does not care about your feelings. So in physical plane it is going to be someone who will be close to you because he wants something from you and will fake friendship.

Likewise, many other symbols that you are learning through these laws you have to analyze and meditate.

For instance, the Law of the Contraries: if you dream you are eating candy, something sweet, the dream is telling you that you will experience bitterness in the physical plane, the opposite, the contrary. If you dream that you find a lot of money and picking up money from the floor it means that you will experience poverty. It is not that you will be rich, it is the opposite. If you see the analogy of the correspondences related with money in the physical plane, if you feel that you are stepping in a pile of poo then that means you will have a lot of money because the money we have here physically is seens as poo, excrement, in the internal plane. So if you are so greedy in the internal planes then you are like those dung beetles that are always collecting poo. So people that are greedy are like those beetles. That is why if someone says you stink, it means you have a lot of money, because poo stinks. That is why this planet, this world stinks because every one is so greedy for poo, which means money. Behold the level of this planet earth. When the extraterrestrials come here and they see in the internal planes the type of behavior: people that care only about poo and care nothing about the Spirit. There are a lot of people who have their minds only in money and more money, like beetles. They are uni-dimensional beings, the sensation of being rich, they feel so good and so powerful, but only in this physical plane. When they die they leave the poo in the physical plane for others. So that is the symbol, so if you dream with that if you awake feel happy because you will have money. But do not identify with it. Be clean in your minds. He who is identified with money is filthy in his mind.

The dog in philosophical analogies represents the sexual energy. But always we have to meditate because the dream, in accordance to the specific nature of the dream, is telling us the appropriate analogy. For instance, to dream that someone is dying or that we are dying is good. When someone dies they are entering into a new life, we are going to have a complete change in our life when we die in a dream.

Questions and Answers

Audience: How do we know when it is a clairvoyant dream?

Answer: This is why we have to meditate. We have to analyze to see if it is a projection of the ego or message from above. Only by meditating can we learn to discriminate, because that type of dream related with the message of our Spirit has a certain taste. We have it in our heart, we have a hunch. We say, "This cannot be a projection from my ego it is something coming from above." If we doubt, just wait, time will give us the answer in our life.

Audience: Is it wrong to have a good life?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with having a good life. What is wrong is to identify with it and to think we are something because of that. If you feel that you are because of what you have, then you are living like a slug. When you move the soil of a slug then the slug is angry. People who have a lot of money but are unidentified with it may lose that money and they do not care. They do not feel themselves in the money. There are some people who feel they are that money and when they lose that money they commit suicide. They feel like a failure. Do not identify with your poverty or your wealth.

Audience: What is the language of the Spirit and how does He speak with numbers?

Answer: One example is, for instance, the hours of the clock related with dreams. Sometimes when we ask our Being for information about something our Being shows us a clock. Then you will know in accordance to the time, to the hour, what is coming or what is happening and you prepare yourself. Every hour is a symbol. For instance, the fourth hour is related with attacks. Many black magicians, sorcerers, are going to attack you in order to stop you from walking toward Self-realization. There are many witches and black magicians that are working for the mechanical laws of nature. When you want to go out, to leave the mechanical laws of nature, they start attacking you. If you see the fourth hour you will have to know how to defend yourself because they will try to stop what you are doing. (The hours are explained in several books by Samael Aun Weor, especially Tarot and Kabbalah).

We have to learn how to defend ourselves against our ego. This path is against the ego. Do not expect your ego to cooperate with you. Your ego is going to try to drive you out in many ways. Your ego was taking you out of your concentration on this lecture many times because the ego does not like this lecture because it is against him, in favor of your consciousness.

Learn the following conjuration to defend yourself from your internal enemies and your external enemies.


I conjure all thy enemies, just as much thy internal as thy external ones, in the portal of Belen. I conjure them and I conjure them once again in case they have a pact with the Devil, Black Magic or backward creeds. I conjure them, so that they shall come humble to thy feet, as the Lamb of Christ reached the foot of the Cross. I conjure them, so that they shall come meek, as the Lamb reached from the Cross to the Eternal Father. With two I see them and with three I fasten them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

(Explanation: "two" is Mother Nature and "three" are the three primary forces).

The portal of Belen or Bethlehem is the pineal gland. You have to remember that you are in the pineal gland, which is the gate of heaven, the gate that unites our consciousness with our Being. Visualizing that you are in the pineal gland, you visualize your mind, all your ego and outside of your mind you also find all those people who are worshipping the ego; they are also enemies of the path. So you are conjuring the enemies of your own God.

Audience: Can the mind ever need to move into the intellectual superior center to work with it?

Answer: No. The consciousness is the owner of the centers, not the mind. That intelligence which is the consciousness is in the five inferior centers but asleep. It is trapped in all the centers. So the same consciousness, free, out of the ego, is going to handle the emotional superior center and the intellectual superior center and to learn how to control the inferior centers by being awake.

Audience: But can the mind still not be in sync with it?

Answer: In this moment, the inferior intellectual mind of myself is serving me in order to teach you. But it is obvious that my consciousness is receiving the knowledge from the superior centers and my intellectual mind is just a servant that I have to use to communicate with you.

Audience: So to get the mind to be in sync with the higher levels then it is a matter of allowing the higher levels to control the mind.

Answer: We have to allow the superior centers to control us. In this moment we are identified with the mind. To be free of the mind we have to have faith in the consciousness. Faith in the consciousness is freedom from the mind, the intellectual mind. Faith in the heart in the lower level is weakness. Because we are putting the consciousness with desire we are going to be weak. And that faith placed in the body is stupidity. So let us be free. And for that let us remember ourselves.

When we are free, because we have faith our hope is going to give us strength because it is going to be God. If we put our faith in desires, in the lower level, we are going to have hope but in the ego and then we are going to be slaves. So hope in desires is slavery. And hope in the body is sickness.

Every virtue in the right place is a blessing. In the wrong place it is wrong. We have a lot of ego within which virtues act always in the wrong way. So we have to use the virtues in the consciousness and not in the ego. The virtue of giving is good but if you do it with the ego it is not good. You can give alms to a beggar and the beggar can take the alms and go to drink. So you are cooperating with that vice.

People say within their egos, "I hope that in my next life I will reach the level of illuminated one." They die hoping in that and in they are reborn in the same way hoping that. The ego is always in time. The consciousness is living in the present not the past or future. In these times humanity feels hope in the wrong way. There is only one hope: God, strength.

Regarding chastity - contraception is an abuse of the sexual center. To abuse of the sexual center is to put into the organ any artificial thing.

Audience: What if they are a young couple until they learn? Could they use it until they learn?

Answer: We do not advise that.

You beings on earth who are deep in slumber...

Stop sleeping!

Wake up!

What are you waiting for?

- The Zohar

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