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Firstly, let us remember that the Path of Self Realization is the path for our consciousness to become united to God.

Do not forget that you are here seated on this chair and in this room before your computer. We need to exercise our consciousness.

It is not good to place the consciousness outside of our breathing-space because we need to be awake. We need to be here and now.

Remember your true Self with your consciousness that vibrates in the pineal gland in the middle of your brain, the seat of the Atom of the Holy Spirit, the seat of our soul. So we need to be here and now, inside of our physical body, paying attention to every detail of this lecture to understand and comprehend with the consciousness.

Do not let your mind drive you outside of your breathing-space. Remember that you are here and now and use your imagination in order to comprehend.

Do the will of your God; he is the only Law.

We have to learn how to do the will of God.

In order to do the will of God we have to be here and now.

It is impossible to do the will of God if we are identified with the mind.

If we do not remember that we are within the body, if we do not feel ourselves in the middle of the brain in the pineal gland, then we are sleeping, even if we have our physical eyes open. To be awake is to remember always that we are within the body. Then we can do the will of God. That will is, of course, to be one with Him, in order to control the inferior laws, in order to enter into the superior laws.

As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams. - Daniel 1: 17

The king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Art thou able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof?

Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said, The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, shew unto the king;

But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these;

As for thee, O king, thy thoughts came into thy mind upon thy bed, what should come to pass hereafter: and he that revealeth secrets maketh known to thee what shall come to pass.  - Daniel 2: 26- 29

Let us imagine, while we remember that we are here in our breathing-space, the first law, which is the Absolute, where we find the pure light, that which we call AUR, the light. The limitless light is the Ain Soph Aur. Within that light, within that which is the Solar Absolute, we find freedom because the will of God is performed. That which is God is not a person, but the light which shines in that dimension.

ImageFrom that light emerge three lights, which are what we call the Holy Triamazikamno or Triamazicamno, the Law of Three, positive, negative, neutral; the active energy, the passive energy and the energy that conciliates the active and passive.

The three primary forces of the universe always penetrate the depth of every cosmic unit. We find that in the depth of every cosmic unit there are always these three primary forces.

So, to begin we find these three primary forces in what we call the Megalocosmos. The Megalocosmos is what we call the vast world, or the infinite order of worlds, where we find all the planets, suns, stars, comets, etc. They are sustained by three laws. So we find the Megalocosmos related with all the infinite cosmic unities that exist in the space.

The three primary forces descend from the great Megalocosmos and create what we call the Macrocosmos, the great cosmos. The Macrocosmos is the galaxy itself. So, the three primary forces: Positive, negative, neutral penetrate and sustain the galaxy itself. But since it is the second order of worlds this cosmos is affected by the three primary forces of the Megalocosmos. So we find that the Macrocosmos is controlled by six laws.



Within the galaxy we find what we call the Solar Systems (the Deuterocosmos). Solar Systems exist within any galaxy. The Solar Systems are always in activity thanks to the three laws: positive, negative and neutral. The Law of the Triamazikamno is always related with any cosmos. The solar system is related with its own three laws, but is affected by the six laws of the galaxy and the three laws of the Megalocosmos, so we find that the solar system is controlled by twelve laws.



Innumerable planets rotate around the Solar Systems. Every planet rotates, dances around the center of any particular solar system and it is sustained, penetrated by three laws: Positive, negative and neutral within the center of each planet. Since the planets are rotating around the center of the solar system, obviously they are affected by the twelve laws of that solar system, plus the six laws of the galaxy, plus three laws of the Megalocosmos. So they are related to twenty-four laws. Use your comprehension and understanding to see that every planet is sustained by twenty-four laws.



Within any planet we find the Microcosmos, which are called the human beings. The human beings are always sustained, penetrated, by the three laws: positive, negative and neutral, which are located in the cerebrospinal nervous system, the grand sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system (which is also called Vagus).

Since the human being is sustained, penetrated, by the three laws, plus twenty-four laws of the planet, plus twelve laws of the solar system, plus six laws of the galaxy and three laws of the Megalocosmos: we find the human being is related to forty-eight laws.



So behold our consciousness. We are in this world (physical body) of forty-eight laws. These forty-eight laws are related to the forty-eight chromosomes of the human cells. We understand that physically-speaking, scientists say we have forty-six chromosomes in the cells, but the Vital Body, which is the superior part of the physical body, the etheric part related to energy (chi, prana, the aura) is related with two vital chromosomes. Of course, materialistic science does not recognize they exist due to their ignorance of the etheric or vital aspect of all things. That is why we say there are forty-eight chromosomes related to the forty-eight laws that govern the human physical body.

So we are very far from the light of the Absolute, very far from that will. That is why we are related to many laws, many automatisms. So here and now we have to observe all the mechanical laws that we are submitted to.

 See your three brains from inside: your intellectual, your emotional and your motor-instinctive-sexual brain.

In each brain we have vital values. These vital values receive the name of Bobbin-Kandelnosts, which are the vital values that we have in order to live on the surface of this planet. We have Bobbin-Kandelnosts in the cerebrospinal nervous system, in the grand sympathetic nervous system and in the parasympathetic nervous system.

These three brains (intellectual, emotional and motor-instinctive-sexual brain) are related with the five cylinders or centers through which the consciousness always acts.

centers male 2015

We have the intellectual center in the head.

We have the emotional center between the heart and the navel.

We have the motor center where the spinal column ends at our neck.

We have our instinctive center in the very bottom of our spinal column, at our coccyx.

And we have our sexual center in our genitals.

Each center has its own particular energy in order to be in activity. It is obvious that each center is related to the three brains.

Each center has its own intellectual part, its own emotional part, and its own motion-related part.

When we are using the intellectual center, it is obvious that the movements we make with the physical body are very slow because the intellectual center is the slowest of all the centers: for example, when we are learning how to dance. When we learn how to dance using the emotional center, the movements are faster. Then you are moving to the rhythm of that music (with the motor-instinct-sexual centers), which has nothing to do with the intellect. If you start analyzing the movement of that dance (analyzing is intellectual) then you will dance very slow, or you will step on the feet of your partner. Really, this is why many people are clumsy or bad dancers (or they avoid it): they do not use the right centers.

Let us investigate the motor center. When you are typing, you are using the intellectual part of your motor center, which is faster then the intellect itself. If you start using the intellect of your intellectual center then you will type very slowly.

Let us see now the instinctive center. It is obviously faster than the motor center. When you are using your instinctive center, the intellectual part of that center is very fast because the instinctive center is 90,000 times faster than the intellect.

The sexual center also has its own intellect, emotions and motions. It is 120,000 times faster than the intellectual center. That is why it is not possible to control the sexual center or the instinctive center given the state that we are in at this moment. When we start this path of the Self-realization of the Being we have to realize that we are only capable of controlling the intellectual center and the emotional center because they are slower in comparison to the motor center, instinctive center and sexual center.

Each center has its own vital values, its own energies. Yet, what do we know of these energies? Are we aware of how we use them?

Are we the owners of the physical body, this Microcosmos that Mother Nature gave us as a gift? It is a gift because on this world, no one bought the physical body. It is a gift that we received from Mother Nature; a gift controlled by forty-eight laws. But do we really own this gift? Obviously not; our time here is unknown, and we have to recognize that the vast majority of it's functions we have no comprehension of. Yet it continues to function, in spite of our abuse of it...

We utilize its energies to feed our desires, to express our anger and fear, and we ignore the secret movements that happen from moment to moment within our own physical bodies... Whether we realize it or not, at some moment it will be taken from us...

We have to take advantage of this opportunity, to control these five centers with our three brains in order to enter into the higher dimensions by utilizing the energy of the Triamazikamno, the Law of Three. These three primary forces are placed in the head, heart and in the sex. If we do not save these energies we cannot create within each one of us those vehicles that we need in order to be free of the forty-eight laws.

Below the Microcosmos, within our subconsciousness, there is another world, another cosmos. It is related to ninety-six laws because that cosmos is related with three laws plus forty-eight plus twenty-four etc etc that will sum up to ninety-six laws. That world is more mechanical. The materialism of that world is below the physical world, it is Hell, it is the ego.

laws of nature

Our Ego belongs to ninety-six laws and makes our consciousness miserable, a slave of sin, slave of rottenness, of idiocy, a slave of the laws of hell.

If we want to be free of Hell, or if we do not want to descend into that cosmos of ninety-six laws in order to make our lives more miserable than in this very moment, we have to liberate ourselves from the Ego and from the forty-eight laws and to enter into the realm controlled by twenty-four laws: with fewer laws, there is less density and thus more freedom, more happiness.

In order to enter into the realm of twenty-four laws we have to save the energies of the five centers, we have to save the energy of the three brains. It is impossible to create a vehicle (internally speaking) for the soul or the consciousness (which is the same) in order to experience the higher dimensions if we are wasting the energy of the three brains through the five centers.

Unfortunately, we are always destroying the energy of the five centers. In order to stop the abuse of that energy in our organism we have to be here and now. We have to be awake. We have to consciously handle our five centers and our three brains from moment to moment, from second to second. This is the path of revolution of the consciousness, because we are going to know ourselves by studying the five centers and the three brains, which most people use mechanically. They ignore that they are utilizing these centers and brains automatically.

When we unconsciously use any of the five centers, we create within ourselves the psychological aggregates. What is a psychological aggregate? First we have to understand the word: Psyche is "soul." Logos is related with the Three Primary Forces, the Word, the Verb, the vibration, from the esoteric point of view. Psychology describes the relationship between the soul and the Logos: the Three Primary Forces. The soul, through the three brains and five centers, receives the energy of the Logos and transforms it. A psychological aggregate is the result of a bad transformation of that energy. In other words, the wrong transformation of the energies within these five centers is going to create aggregates (egos) which trap our consciousness, which is going to harm the harmonious balance of our physical organism, our psyche, soul, consciousness and everything inside. So it is necessary to be here and now to transform those energies properly.

Within the sexual center we have the energies of the Triamazikamno (Three Forces) bipolarized in the ovaries and testicles. One ovary or one testicle has positive energy. The other one has negative energy. So the creative energy is bipolarized in the sexual gonads, the testicles and ovaries. That energy is created in us through what we eat, breathe and in the way that we are behaving, whether we are awakened or asleep. If we are here and now, controlling our physical body through our consciousness, the energy that we are going to receive will be very powerful. If we are asleep and we are mechanically following only the mind, then we are going to create a false force in the sexual glands. Either way, the sexual energy is a very potent, high-powered fuel.


Intellectual Center

Let us talk about the intellectual center. If, for example, we are at work and we have to use this center a lot, we use it to the point that we are mentally tired. If we overwork the intellectual center and it uses up all the energy naturally available to it, the energy that is designed for it, then we force that center to steal energy from the most powerful center that we have, which is the sexual center. When we abuse of the intellect, it is obvious that the high-octane sexual energy is going to pass into the intellectual center and it is going to destroy the intellect. This is because the sexual energy is very powerful and when this energy is used in centers that are not related to it, then it is damaging the different centers. The result is mental imbalance: the different manias.

These manias in the intellect are creating mental illnesses. It is not necessary to be in the mental hospital to be mentally ill person. Even if we feel that this will hurt, it is very difficult to find a healthy person mentally speaking in this physical world. Most of us are sick mentally due to the fact that we abuse the intellect. These manias that everyone has in the intellect are those psychological defects, vices, traumas, that psychologists in these times are studying.

The people who suffer from mental sicknesses infect the minds of others who are also abusing the intellect. When we abuse the intellect we abuse the sexual energy as well.

Behold in these times all the people who we find in society that are worshipping crime. People make an art of crime. We see this in movies, books, television, magazines. Those that are creating degenerated movies or books, they are receiving different types of awards because crime is an "art." And we are worshipping them because we are also sick. If we were healthy we would not worship this type of work.

A mentally imbalanced person worships other mentally imbalanced people.

Observe yourself, because when someone abuses the intellect there is always a lot of self-love, pride, vanity, and it is always causing problems on this planet.

So-called "politicians" are utilizing the mind in order to find more ways to kill more people and to plant their ideas of revolution of blood and liquor, because they are sick. They are abusing the sexual energy in their intellect.

Unfortunately, our planet is controlled by sick people, in all the countries.

Those that are trying to teach how to be healthy in the mind are crucified or stoned because people love degeneration.

See the amount of pornography created by sick people... Everyone worships that because we are mentally sick as well. The sexual energy has to be utilized through the sexual glands, through the sexual organs, not the mind, with our morbid imagination. It is ignorant to admit or tolerate pornography. That is not the way to spend the sexual energy. When we are looking at lustful images we are abusing the intellect. It is obvious that when we are doing that we are creating psychological aggregates. Those psychological aggregates are poisoning the mind of everyone in these times.

Emotional Center

Let us talk about the emotional center. The emotional center also has its own energy. When we abuse or destroy the emotional center with any type of over-stimulating vibration or activity the emotional center steals energy from the sexual center, which is the most powerful center that we have.

There are many sicknesses of the emotional center, such as schizophrenia. Jealousy is a sickness of the emotional center, as is hatred, anger, fear... The so-called "human defects" that have nothing human in them. But of course, we are accustomed to those defects, because we like to abuse our emotional center.

Actors and actresses abuse the emotional center.

We have to have balance in the emotional center. When we enjoy rock-and-roll and all of that modern "music" we are destroying the emotional center. The negative emotions stimulated by this type of music (which is very clearly a powerful vibration) destroys the emotional center; it is obvious that we are destroying the energy of our emotional center.

This is unfortunately the type of life that we like on this planet Earth. People like to destroy their lives, that is why they are full of sicknesses and they do not like to hear that that is not good for them.

It is very difficult to find someone with a very equilibrated emotional center.

When you feel your emotional center is tired, you have to stop using that emotional center immediately and put other centers into activity, like walking or reading a nice book, not a book of crime that will poison your mind further. We already have a lot of garbage in our mind. We have to choose nice books that will increase our consciousness, not destroy it.

Motor Center

Let us now investigate the motor center. The motor center is good for exercising ourselves. But in these times people are very identified with the motor center and they are inventing many different apparatuses to exercise themselves, and over-exercise themselves like body builders. We admit that we need to exercise to be healthy. But to grow our muscles to show in a tournament that we have the most beautiful body in the world is vanity. It is placing the sexual energy in the wrong place. Those people who are fascinated with exercising, focusing intensely upon it, are abusing the motor center, and stealing energy from the sexual center in order to feed their vanity, their pride, conceitedness, etc. Of course, nowadays we are programmed daily to feed our vanity, to worry continually about our appearance, about our body, and so we abuse the motor center with over-exercise.

Any type of abuse of the motor center is sexual abuse. We find the players of football, baseball, people who like to break records in order to get a medal. They over-exercise.

We also find the contrary, those people who are lazy.

We have to be balanced; we have to know how to utilize the motor center properly in order not to abuse it. If we abuse it then we have different sicknesses such as paralysis, diseases of the joints, muscles, etc. because the motor center is destroyed due to its abuse.

Remember we have to use the centers, not to abuse them.

The so-called sports in these times are sports to destroy the motor center. We are identified with it and we are creating and fertilizing different psychological aggregates in each one of us.

Instinctive Center

What about the instinctive center? We have many instincts that we have to control. Unfortunately we are unaware of these instincts. Most of the time we are slaves of the instincts, because most of them are animal instincts.

Remember that this center is related with the senses of the physical body: eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands. We have many functions within the organism that are instinctive functions which we are unaware of, like digestion, the work of the heart, lungs etc. These instinctive functions, when we abuse them, also creates illness. For example: obsessions with dieting, over-eating, eating bad food (or fake food, which is so popular these days), obsession with conquering instinctive fear through extreme sports or dangerous activities, etc.

We have to be here and now so we do not abuse the instinctive center. There are so many different diets in this time, everyone is identified with their diet, because everyone wants to have a healthy body. It is good, but not if we identify with it and have anorexia because we are identified with our vanity. So investigate your instincts because when we abuse of this center then we have sexual abuse as well.

The instinct is very developed in the animal, and includes such behaviors as conservation of our life. But we have to not identify. Some people overreact in a moment of danger, and there may not be so much danger and they kill because they are not controlling their instinct.

When you want to put a picture on the wall and you are hammering and by accident you hit your finger, control your instinct and do not utter filthy words. That is an overreaction of your instinctive center, which is animal.

To control the instinctive center is the most difficult thing because most of the instincts are animal instincts. We have to transform that into intuition. When we control perfectly the center of the instinct, we create intuition. Intuition is the power that gives us access to experience truth of other dimensions, when we overcome the forty-eight laws of this physical plane. If we do not control the forty-eight laws here, then we multiply our defects, vices and errors and we will be submitted to more laws. In order to transcend that we have to be here and now, to remember ourselves, to be inside of the body. Otherwise it is impossible.

Sexual Center

What about the sexual center? What are the functions of the sexual center? If you abuse of the sexual center then you are abusing of the other centers as well, because just as the abuse of the other centers results in energy being stolen from the sexual center, the reverse is also true. So when the sexual center becomes active in the wrong way it is stealing energy from the other centers. So then sexual center is acting with energy that does not belong to it. The result is different sicknesses of the sexual center.

Let us investigate prostitution. What is prostitution? It is fear in the emotional center because we learn through the different schools, universities, tv, etc that if we are poor we are failures. Then in order to be successful people want money, because they fear poverty. Prostitution is seen as a good way to get money. That is one of the causes, but there are many other causes, it could be from other centers. It could be brainwashing from different sources in order to fall into prostitution. With it they are abusing the sexual center and destroying themselves. And when they destroy themselves they destroy others because the men that go with prostitutes are abusing the sexual center and other centers. Mutually they destroy their lives, and the psyche creates other manias that we know very well and do not need to name.

Remember that this path is the path of the revolution of the consciousness. It is necessary to have balance in the three brains and the five centers.

So we have to place our consciousness in each center and to clean each center of any mania, of any psychological stimulant that we have within. In these times, due to ignorance and that everyone is doing the same thing, we learn to abuse of the sexual center from childhood.

Masturbation is an abuse of the sexual center, despite all the statements of the doctors and psychologists. We have to understand that they are also slaves of the five centers. If they are abusing the five centers, their statements will be related with that abuse.

Everyone in this society is building their lives upon the abuse of their own psyche. The foundation of this society is rotten. Everywhere you see everyone worshipping crime, degeneration and everything that is rotten, and they are seeing with despise all that is superior. What is more worse is that sometimes people who live destroying the five centers feel superior to others who are not doing that. So the sickness is already rooted in the depth of the consciousness.

We need to realize and understand what freedom means. Free of what? Free of the laws.

Everyone talks about Liberation: liberation from what? From the ego. From suffering. From the mechanicity of so many laws.

Everyone talks about Enlightenment: but how are we going to be filled with light, when right now we are filled with so much that is dark and disgusting? Be eliminating our psychological aggregates.

You hear in many religions, especially Christianity, that they say we have to be "saved." Saved from what? When we understand that we have to be saved from the forty-eight laws, and worse, all of that garbage that we created within, which is ruled by even more laws.

We need to be saved, and for that we have to be here and now. Believing in this or that has no effect. If we do not work in ourselves, if we do not clean ourselves, if we are not here and now, if we are not controlling the five centers and the three brains, we are not going to be free and liberated, even if we believe in all the religions of the earth, etc. To be saved requires psychological work that we have to do here and now.

Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame. - 1 Corinthians 15:34

For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also diverse vanities: but fear thou God. - Ecclesiastes 5:7

 We have to save energy in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven. What is the kingdom of heaven? It is the superior dimensions.

tree of life dimensions color2

This physical world is the third dimension. Above the third dimension we have the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.

But you do not know anything about the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions because you are not doing the will of your God. I told you, "Do the will of your God, this is the only law." Yet, are you doing the will of your Being or are you doing the will of somebody's ego?

Are you owner of your body?

As a soul, are you the owner of your life, meaning can you control your life, or is your life controlling you?

Are you following the statements of sick people? Or are you living in sickness and ignoring it?

Do you like to be sick? If so, you do not need to exercise and to awaken consciousness.

If you want to be healthy psychologically speaking you need to be here and now. You need to feel yourself within the body. You need to stop abusing the five centers; do not worry about the centers of your neighbor because your neighbor will take care of them, worry about your own. Nobody can do that for you, only you, if you psychologically work. If you don't work, you will sink in the mud; but YOU are going to do it. No one is going to push you.

You have to realize that you have to awaken first, to realize what kind of manias you have within. Then you have to do your God's will. To do your God's will you have to be here and now. It is not possible to be free of those manias if you forget yourself. If you forget yourself you will be controlled by the subjective elements in your mind and then you will repeat the same mistakes and create more aggregates for your psyche. Those aggregates, defects, vices and errors are what are known as the seven capital sins. We have to discover and realize what we have within.

Living in that way, by remembering ourselves here and now, we give ourselves a conscious shock.

Once we begin to establish Self-remembering in daily lives, then we give the second shock in order to be awake internally, in order to enter into the world of Dream Yoga. This Yoga is the union of the consciousness with the spirit by controlling our dreams, which are desires, the sicknesses we have in the five centers. When we are in balance psychologically then we are going to save energy. If we save energy then we can be awake in the astral plane, molecular plane, or that dimension we call Eternity, where everyone goes when they are physically asleep.

So we have to save our energy. If we save energy through the science of Alchemy, through the science of transmutation, then we create within us a second nature. That second nature is going to be created when we save energy. It is impossible to save energy if we abuse the five centers. If we abuse the five centers then we are producing sexual abuse.

Remember that there is sexual abuse in the intellect, emotional, instinctive, motor, and sexual centers. Society always interacts around sex. Everything moves around sex, whether it is directly or indirectly.

So we have to save our creative energy. Then we will know that to be born again is to create inside of ourselves another nature. Then you will discover the mysteries of life and death. Then that fear of death will disappear because you will know with your consciousness, you will recognize the mysteries, because you will be awake. The creation of that second nature requires that we are dutiful, disciplined, and enter into the dimension of dreams to study ourselves with awakened consciousness. But to acheive that, Dream Yoga is very strict.

Our bedroom should be decorated with the three primary colors: blue, yellow and red. These three primary colors are related with the three primary forces: positive, negative and neutral, or as Christianity calls it: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are forces and not persons.

After giving the explanation of the three brains and the three forces in relation with the different cosmos, you have to understand that we need these three forces in our room in order to take advantage of that energy which is related with other cosmoses. Then we are going to place that energy into our body: Chromotherapy - the power of color. The three primary colors are indispensable.

We should listen to classical music. Why? Above these inferior five centers we have two superior centers: the Superior Emotional Center and the Superior Intellectual Center. These two centers are not related with all the sicknesses that we have in our psyche. They are related to what we call Spirit, the Monad, what we call God within. So when we listen to classical music we put into activity the superior emotional center and then we are capable of entering at least for a moment into those dimensions in order to be in contact with superior beings. So we have to have preference for classical music, such as Chopin, Mozart, Wagner. The music of Beethoven is particularly good for the superior emotional center.

However, if you want to destroy your emotional center you have to go to rock concerts every week or to listen rap music, etc., and you will acheive the complete destruction of your emotional center in no time. Inferior music will inevitably damage your emotional center, it will bring about the ruin of your psyche and your life will go very easily down to Klipoth, thus you will become a slave of more laws.

A lot of people like the music of rock-and-roll and despise the music of the great classical masters. Why? It is because people are in a state of degeneration. Their brain is not working normally. If it was, then they would like classical music, the emotions it stimulates in us, and they would not feel good listening to the other type of music. So let us develop that custom, to listen to Beethoven in particular, and we will increase our superior emotional centers and we will see how our experiences out of the body increase and we will experience beautiful things connected with our spirit, God, the Truth, Angels, Archangels, etc.

The Superior Intellectual Center also has to be put into activity by reading good things; not garbage. You have to place in your mind beautiful things. There is a lot of good literature that you can obtain in order to feed your soul, your consciousness. However, in order to feed your ego, defects, vices, is very easy. You can go to the bookstore and you will find thousands of books that will destroy your mind.

If we have a job, some work where we are always seated, then it is good before going to bed to go for a walk and get some exercise in order to utilize the motor center. It is not good to neglect the use of this center. That is why a walk or some exercise is good, but not to go to an extreme. If we abuse it is not good.

We have to eat lightly in the evening. Otherwise we will have indigestion and we will have nightmares. If you want to have a big meal, then do so at breakfast or lunchtime. It is not good to have a big meal at night.

We have to utilize the magnetic forces of the planets. Remember that the earth rotates and creates two vortexes: the North Pole and South Pole. The magnetic needle always goes towards the north. The magnetic forces are coming from the north, so we should put the head of our bed towards the north in order to receive the help of the magnetism of the different cosmoses. This is because from the north pole enters the force of the solar system, the galaxy etc., and enters into the Microcosmos, which is our physical body. So put the head of your bed towards the north in order to take advantage of this. As you know, the blanket of our bed should be clean, and of a natural fiber such as cotton.

Our pillow should be perfumed with our favorite natural perfume in order to sleep nicely. Be careful that our bed does not have noisy springs. Everything should be checked in order to have a good experience.

It is necessary to have a notebook to write the experiences you have during the night.

In order to have good experiences and to know the meanings of the symbols of our dreams we need to invoke the God Morpheus. When I say "God," let us remember that Morpheus is just the name of one of the parts of our Being because the Being is the Multiple Perfect Unity.

And the angel of God spoke unto me in a dream, saying, Jacob (awake!): And I said, here am I (here and now). - Genesis 31:11

When you were a child you heard about your Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel is a part of your Being. Each one of us has our particular Guardian Angel and also each one of us has the part of the Being called Morpheus. He is the God of Dreams, or the part of the Being related with the knowledge of the symbols of our dreams. So when we are on our bed we have to lie down on our back and we have to pray to that part of ourselves which is Morpheus and ask him to grant us the favor of teaching us outside of our bodies the science of dreams, which is the meanings hidden behind any dream in order to awake the consciousness outside of our body.

We have to invoke Morpheus in the name of Christ, by the power of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ. We have to do that invocation many times until we feel we are falling asleep. When we feel we are falling asleep we have to take the position of the lion. Lie down on your right side, fold your right leg, put your left leg on top of your right leg and put the right cheek of your face on the palm of your right hand. That is the position of the lion. Fall asleep in this position. The position of the Lion is connected with the forces of fire in the center plexus, which are going to be in activity in the night. It does not matter if you change positions after you sleep. But you have to fall asleep like that in order to let your Morpheus to act within your consciousness.

Thus Morpheus, that part of your Being, will teach you outside of your body. But you have to remember every detail and that is why you need a notebook to write the details of your dreams. This is how you are going to know yourself. Remember that your dreams are an expression of your frustrated desires that during the day you feel, or frustrated sicknesses, or whatever else. This is how you are going to know all the psychological values you have within, negative and positive values, and whether they are related with the sexual center, instinctive center, emotional center, motor center, or intellectual center.

Remember that if you allow yourself to listen to classical music then maybe you will have a good experience through your superior emotional center. Your Spirit is going to teach you through that center and is going to point out your manias and what you need to do in order for you to walk towards him. Remember that Dream Yoga is union. We want to be united with our Spirit through the knowledge of the awakening of the consciousness in our dreams.