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  Saturday, 09 September 2023
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Hello Gnostic Instructors, I have a few questions:

1. Best time to meditate on ego. I read an instructor mention that darkness facilitates the work on the ego Is this just for tantra or meditation too? Generally, what is the best time to do the day retrospection? Before or after sunset?

2. When I try to meditate in a lucid dream, I often get very sharp pains from forces trying to prevent me from doing so. These pains have been in the left kidney area, the right kidney area, and in the middle of the spine. Are these my own egos that live in my body? Or are they other forces? Would it be best to sacrifice the pain or is it better to use other means of protection to prevent the pain from happening in the first place? I already use the conjurations, invocations, pater noster, fons alpha et omega, incense, etc.

3. Is there a way to offset the negative vibrations of computer screens while one is on them? Something about looking at electronic screens creates a low state for me.

4. "Now, there is another practice - which relates to the Rune Bar – but, as you see, we did not place the shape of the Rune Bar, because as the Master explains, the practice of Rune Bar should be combined with the Rune Tyr. This is because the Rune Tyr is that light that comes down, and the Rune Bar is that which establishes the light in our body. Therefore, we have to combine the 2 mantras of Tyr-Bar, but, only by performing the Rune Tyr. We cannot state here that we have to make the shape of the Rune Bar at the end of the practice, because, I personally investigated this, and as the Master explains, other Master also explained it. The only thing that you repeat here is the sound of the mantra Bar, but, you do not make the shape of the Rune Bar to end it. We just combine the 2 mantras, Tyr and Bar. "
The Runes Poster shoes that we do make the shape of the rune bar. Is it acceptable to make the shape of the rune bar?
2 weeks ago
While I am willing to concede that prolonged exposure to computer/tablet/phone screens is harmful, where exactly in the Teachings is it asserted that they have negative vibrations?
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3 days ago
1. Meditation is especially powerful in the early morning. Creating solar bodies is possible by practicing tantra at night, whereas ego annihilation is specific to tantra during the day. Practice retrospection when you awake from dreams, and before going to sleep.

2. Only your intuition and experience can tell you where these pains are coming from. However, if you continue to identify with them, you will remain where you are at in your practice. Forget sensations and perform pratyahara: withdrawal from the senses so as to establish concentration within.

3. Organize your time so that you can take breaks from the computer if you find yourself fatigued. Balance is key. Some people might be more or less sensitive to screens. As for negative vibrations, that is something else.

4. Individual runes can be performed in many ways. The Rune Bar is no exception.

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

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