Wednesday, 31 August 2022
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Hello Instructors,

In one of master Samael's lectures on this site, he gives an exercise to develop clairvoyance with an exercise using a glass of water. I was wondering if you can clarify the exact process of the exercise.

He states:

Look, the glass is placed like this, facing us, with as much water as the one you see here. Then, one concentrates on the water, in such a way that the sight passes through the glass and falls exactly in the center of the water, that is, here, in the center of the circle, at the point of the circle (but that the sight passes through between the glass and land on the center of the circle).

Is the idea to look at the glass of water from the top, penetrating the gaze through the water to concentrate on the centre bottom of the glass? Or is it looking at it from side on and penetrating through the glass and water to somewhere in the middle of the glass etc?

Appreciate any feedback and thank you in advance.
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