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  Thursday, 02 June 2022
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Is it ok if we mix different types of incense such as Frankincense and Myrrh, or is it better to only burn one type at a time? I assume there might be cases where you wouldn't want to, such as combining certain "cleansing" incenses with certain "perfuming" incenses, as these would seem like opposing ideas?

Thank you :)
2 years ago
It’s good not to mix aromatic with cleansing incenses, since they have different purposes, the former with invoking divinity and the latter with rejecting negativity. However, it is common practice to use aromatic incenses after cleansing ones, so that the strong and pungent smells of the latter can be replaced.

Some incenses can be mixed to consecrate pentagrams, as outlined in Chapter One of The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled. Otherwise (unless directed in writing) it’s good to utilize one incense at a time so that you can fully enjoy its benefits.

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