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  Wednesday, 28 December 2011
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<p>Let me start with the question about sexual transmutation. 2 years ago I was very unstable mentally, probably due to the copious amounts of fornication. As a result I came to realize why I never fit in with everyone when I was a child. I was always yelled at by my parents and teachers for acting too much like a girl. Anyways 2 years ago I found out that I could transition to become a female ( I was born male )... about a month ago I completely came to terms ( with the help of all the wonderful lectures on gnostic radio... gosh I feel like I know you guys. :) ) with being male. I have since stopped hormone replacement therapy and grown out my facial hair to appear androgynous.</p>
<p>The problem is that the estrogen and the testosterone blockers as well as the time I tried to destroy my testicles by injecting them with a syringe full of estrogen... I am totally sexually impotant. I have no sexual urges at all and whenever I try the Hum Sssssaaaaa transmutation technique nothing happens at all. Same with Samael Aun Weor's transmutation technique with the frog, and the Kuma Adonai technique. I don't know what my body is doing with the Hydrogen Ti 12 because I can't make it jump the octave... Perhaps it is because I just don't understand the transmutation process... rather intellect just doesn't get it, and nothing ever happens.</p>
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<p>My second question was about the lecture "The Four Pathways of Liberation" in which the instructor mentioned Temples in Tibet I think he said were called Bonsis... where you enter and must walk the straight path and you will leave dead either physically or mentally... Ever since I heard about that I have been doing a lot of looking inward and feel that this where I am called to be. I would be interested in knowing their locations, not so much so I can fly there, as I am horribly poor, but so I could take my astral body there and call upon Adonai to bring my physical body in the Jinn state there... the reason this hasn't been done yet is that I have not been able to ask Samael Aun Weor in the astral plane nor do I know if the monks in that temple would be able to speak English. Is there anything that you know about this further?</p>

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12 years ago
From Occult Medicine & Practical Magic -
Within milk boil the fourth part of a goat testicle. In order to consume the decoction, put honey (bee-honey) to sweeten it. This serves for ten or twelve days. When your potency is recuperated, study then the books of Gnostic wisdom in order to learn how to transmute your sexual energy.

You may also right a letter to the Temple of Aldean asking for a medical angel such as Raphael to assist you. Write what you need, perfume the letter with frankincense, and burn the letter in fire praying that your being will deliver the letter to the temple.

Practice The Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. If you cannot get a copy of the book you may also learn the practice at one of our retreats.

If you need directions to a temple in the internal planes, you will have to get these directions from your being. Remember that the astral plane is another dimension so no one will be able to tell you take a left then go 2 miles and your there. Knowing if it's in Japan, China, somewhere in a desert, etc won't do you any good either. In the Astral Plane which way exactly is China?

A few steps before you can carry out your plan.

1. You have to learn how to astral project.
2. You have to learn how to project in the jinn state.
3. You have to learn theurgy so that you can call Adonai to help you.
4. You have to learn how to place the physical body in the astral body.

So learn these steps before you go.

If you recall in the lecture you mentioned, if you are able to defeat your egos and past the tests then you are placed with a women to build your solar bodies. You will have to work on your transmutation problem first before you could go to this temple.

If you visit this temple in the internal planes the language spoken is that of symbolism. So you wouldn't have to worry if anyone speaks English or not. If you manage to make it to this temple physically, remember that your a visitor so you should learn the native language of the land rather then someone else knowing English.

A good idea would be to join us for one of our retreats. If money is an issue, request a sponsorship. We can give you directions and the exact location, all the instructors know English, and no one's waiting to kill you if you fail. (Except your divine mother.)

Good luck! ;)
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