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The Second Initiation of Fire

Unquestionably, we can and must asseverate with great emphasis the transcendent and transcendental existence of two types of classic occultism.

Two occultist modalities, from all the conjunctive varieties of historical and pre-historical processes related with the Earth and its human races, are given unto us to infer as follows:

A) Innate occultism

B) Scholastic occultism

Clearly, the first of these two branches is pre-delugean. The second is completely post-delugean.

The exact parallels of these two clearly enunciated forms of occultism must be clairvoyantly discovered within the two modalities of the law:

A) Natural, paradisiacal law (wisdom of gods)

B) Written law, Deuteronomy (the second and more inferior law)

It is written with characters of fire in the book of life that when “the Sons of God,” in other words, the Elohim or the Jinns, knew the daughters of men, then, frightfully, the terrible Atlantean catastrophe or the universal deluge occurred (Genesis 6). Then, the formidable empire of the first law concluded, and the time for the Deuteronomy or the second law arrived. 

The terrible imperfection of the written law is excessively visible and evident. It is a law that is a torment for the great men because of its frightful limitations, but a severe protection for the smaller men.

While congregating his people on the plains of Moab, Moses, the illustrious sacred leader of the people of Israel, exposed to the sight of everyone the extraordinary prodigies that the Lord had performed in his favor. When on the Mount of Sinai, the first alliance had been established, and he repeated the law with new illustrations, pronouncing frightful warnings against its transgressors and promising just rewards and happiness of many types to those who faithfully obey it.

After having blessed the twelve tribes of Israel, Moses, when transfigured on Mount Nebo, contemplated the “Promised Land,” the Elysian Fields or the Jinn’s world, the land which flows with milk and honey, the ethereal world, the fourth dimension...

Moses did not die like the rest of mankind; he disappeared on Mount Nebo. His cadaver was never found. What happened to him? Moses returned into the happy land of the Nordic and Druid chants. He became a “Jinn.” He was converted into an inhabitant of paradise...

We have verified in an integral form the unmistakable, clear, and definitive fact that precisely there, in the supra-liminal world, in the fourth dimension, is where the people of the ancient Arcadia joyfully abided. I want to refer specifically to the paradisiacal humanities of ancient times.

When John the Baptist was beheaded, the great Kabir Jesus “departed into a desert place by ship privately” (St. Mark 6:32); in other words, into the Jinn lands, into the fourth coordinate of our planet Earth. Here is where he performed with the multitude the miracle of the five loaves of bread and two fish, from which about five thousand men (not to mention women and children) ate, and moreover they took up twelve baskets full of fragments (St. Matthew 14:15-21).

It is clear that the great Gnostic priest Jesus had to penetrate within the fourth dimension; he placed the multitudes within the fourth dimension with the evident purpose of performing the miracle...

Ancient Irish traditions (wisely consigned in the delectable chants of their bards or Nordic rhapsodies) spoke justly about an extraordinary Cainit or Inca people (in other words, “Priest Kings”) called the Tuatha Dé Danann who were very skillful in all types of magical arts learned in Thebes.

Obviously, the Tuatha Dé Danann are a great Jinn people, prototype of the indefatigable traveler, “the errant Jew.”

The Tuatha Dé Danann traversed the Mediterranean countries until arriving at the same Scandinavia where they founded four great magical cities, in addition to having previously founded a lunar and a solar city.

When the Tuatha arrived in Ireland, they disembarked on that island, as Aeneas in Cartagus, protected by a thick magical mist (or the veil of Isis of the fourth dimension that hid them).

In other words, we state that the Tuatha returned to Ireland; they arrived there within the fourth dimension.

The very famous battle of Madura (Magh Tuiredh), in which the Tuatha, full of glory, defeated the tenebrous Fir Bolg, can be found written in old chronicles.

“The excellency of the Tuatha Dé Danann was indeed great, and their hosts so powerful and innumerable that the fields appeared suited with masses of combatants who extended unto the regions where the sun sets as the day declines. Their heroes became immortal before Tara, the magical capital of Ireland.

“The Tuatha did not arrive at Erin on any known ship, neither could anybody grasp and clearly determine whether they were people born on the Earth or descended from Heaven, nor if they were diabolic entities or from a new nation which could not in any way be human, since their veins did not run with the royal blood of the indefatigable Berthach, the founder of the primitive Ceinne.”

Definitively, when the great Atlantean catastrophe occurred, the Tuatha Dé Danann entered the fourth dimension.

Some human races joyfully inhabit the ethereal region of our planet Earth. These people still live in a paradisiacal state, even in our days of so much bitterness...

Many magical cities of splendid beauty exist in the fourth coordinate of our planet Earth.

We can discover the elemental paradises of nature with all of its temples, valleys, enchanted lakes, and Jinn lands within the terrestrial fourth vertical...

Unquestionably, it is here in the “Promised Land” where we can still joyfully find the innate occultism and the natural, paradisiacal law...

Those blessed Jinns who happily dwell in the Elysian Fields, in the land that flows with milk and honey, are certainly never under the regency of Deuteronomy or the second law, which is a great torment to the mortals...

Obviously, the Jinn multitudes, those known as the Tuatha Dé Danann, joyfully dwell in Eden under the regency of the first law...

The Tuatha Dé Danann always carried through all the lands of their legendary exodus four magical, esoteric symbols:

A) A gigantic cup or grail (living symbol of the feminine uterus).

B) An enormous lance of pure iron (masculine phallic symbol).

C) A great flaming sword (symbol of the sexual fire).

D) The stone of truth (symbol of the sexual Philosophical Stone).

If Moses, the great Hebrew leader, would have ignored the deep significance of these four magical symbols, he would never have converted himself into a Jinn on Mount Nebo...

Thus, this is how I comprehended it when prostrated before the Logos of the solar system. With complete humility, I asked to enter into the Second Initiation of Fire...

It is impossible to forget those instants in which the Blessed One entrusted to a certain specialist the sacred mission of wisely conducing through my dorsal spine the second degree of the power of the fire... 

I wanted to know in depth the mysteries of the fourth coordinate, and to victoriously penetrate into the “Promised Land...”

I needed with maximum and undeferable urgency to restore the igneous powers within my ethereal, vital depth...

I was congratulated in the temple with a great cosmic festivity when the second serpent awoke in order to initiate its inward and upward ascension along the ethereal spinal medulla.

The Jinn specialist assisted me during the metaphysical copulation. 

Litelantes and I perceived him with our sixth sense.

Clearly, I was not abandoned. That Jinn person helped me with strong magnetic passes that came from my coccyx up to the pineal gland...

A great moral responsibility was cast upon this master’s shoulders, which was to intelligently conduce for me the living and philosophical fire along the spinal medullar canal in the famous theosophical lingam sarira (the vital depth of the human organism).

Obviously, such a vehicle is just the superior section of the physical body, the tetra-dimensional aspect of our physical body.

“This initiation is more arduous.” 

This is how the Logos of our solar system spoke unto me. However, I hoped with infinite longings to know the mysteries of the ethereal world, to enter into the Promised Land.

The brilliant ascent of the second igneous serpent along the medullar canal, from vertebra to vertebra and from chakra to chakra, was performed very slowly according to the merits of the heart.

Each spinal vertebra of an ethereal type implies determined virtues. It is clear that we must be tested before reaching any vertebra. Let us remember that gold is tested with fire, and virtue with temptation.

The legs of the thrones of the gods have animalistic forms. The tenebrous incessantly attack those that intend to reach any degree of the occult masonry in their dorsal spine. “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.” - Matthew 11:12

Mystical agapes exist in the country of The One Thousand and One Nights. I was at one of those feasts. The guests were royally attended to by swans of immaculate whiteness on the shore of a crystalline lake...

The following cosmic law was taught to me upon another occasion: “You must never mix within the same house two contrary forces, because a third force, which is destructive for everybody, is the result of this mixture of two opposite currents.”

The Vital Body is constituted of four ethers:

A) Luminous ether

B) Reflective ether

C) Chemical ether

D) Ether of life

The first of these ethers is found intimately related with the diverse functions of willpower and imagination.

The second ether is found secretly associated with all the sensorial and extra-sensorial perceptions.

The third is the foundation of all biochemical and organic processes.

The fourth serves as a medium for the forces that work with the processes of reproduction of the races.

I learned to liberate the two superior ethers in order to travel with them far away from the physical body during the Second Initiation of the Fire.

Unquestionably, clairvoyant and clairaudient perceptions are extraordinarily intensified when one absorbs the two superior ethers in one’s astral body.

These ethers permit us to bring into the physical brain the totality of the supra-sensible memories.

The vivid esoteric explanation of the mystical decapitation, which in a scenic way was showed to me, was certainly extraordinary...

I was invited to a macabre feast and what I saw on the tragic table was certainly frightful...

A profane, bloody head was placed on the silver tray and was decorated with something that is better to omit...

It is clear that its deep significance is that the animal ego, the itself, the myself, must be beheaded...

As a blunt and definitive fact, we can conclude here with great assertion that the head of John the Baptist upon a tray of silver possesses identical significance...

Unquestionably, John the harbinger taught this terrible truth by ascending to the altar of supreme sacrifice...

By exploring old chronicles with the constancy of a clergyman in a cell, we discover the following:

“The Nazarenes were known as Baptists, Sabians, and Christians of Saint John. Their belief was that the Messiah was not the Son of God, but simply a prophet who wanted to follow John. Origen [Vol. II, page 150] observed that there are some who say that John was the anointed one (Christus). 

“When the metaphysical conception of the Gnostics, who saw the Logos and the Anointed One in Jesus, was starting to gain ground, then the primitive Christians were separated from the Nazarenes and were accusing Jesus of perverting the doctrine of John and of changing the baptism in the Jordan for another one.” - Codex Nazaraeus, II, page 109

It is relevant to emphatically asseverate the transcendental fact that John the Baptist was also a Christus...

On the other hand, when considering from the point of view of the Logos (multiple, perfect unity), it can be said that he has saved those that have died in themselves, those that have decapitated the animal ego, and have defeated the kingdom of darkness or inferno.

As a consequence or corollary, I understood all of this in a unitotal, integral way when seeing the macabre table in the hall of the feast...

The adepts of the occult fraternity gave me a beautiful present when I abandoned that unusual and abysmal den. It is a minuscule instrument of magic with which I can operate as a theurgist by modifying plasticity... Those who have seen my photographs have evidenced for themselves the concrete fact that I control my plasticity voluntarily. The various forms of my face disconcert my best photographers. However, frankly and plainly speaking I confess that it is not I who possesses this power but my Innermost, my real, inner Being, Atman, the ineffable one. He operates upon my plasticity when it is indispensable...

My insignificant person has no value; the Great Work is what matters. I certainly am nothing but a simple slug in the mud of the earth...

If I could write in detail the whole of that which we the mystics have experienced in the thirty-three holy chambers of the ethereal world, we would fill many volumes. Therefore, I prefer to speak in synthesis...

When the second degree of the power of the fire reached the height of the creative larynx, I was put in jail.

The accusatory affidavit was textually saying the following: “This man, in addition to committing the crime of healing the ill, is also the author of a book entitled The Perfect Matrimony, which is an outrage against public morality and the good customs of the citizens.”

It was within the horrifying dungeon of an old South American prison where I then had to pass through the classic ceremony of the decapitation...

Then, I saw at the foot of a large, old, fortified tower my Divine Mother Kundalini with the flaming sword in her dexterous hand, decapitating a creature.

“Ah! Now I understand,” I exclaimed within the dreadful darkness of that horrible dungeon. Posteriorly, I entered into that delectable state that in high yoga is known as Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Out of this other dungeon which is called the physical body, I experienced in ecstasy within myself the great inner profound Reality...

He, my Monad, penetrated within me, in my soul, and then I became totally transfigured. 

I integrally saw myself with lucid plenitude.

He is the fifth of the seven spirits before the throne of the Lamb, and I am his Bodhisattva. This comes as a reminder of that phrase of Mohammed, “Allah is Allah, and Mohammed his prophet...”

When departing from that prison, I directed my steps towards my house. There, my best friends were waiting for me...

Some days later, the second degree of the power of the fire made direct contact with the atom of the Father, situated in the magnetic field of the root of the nose. Then I saw, envisioned in the night, the flaming star with the eye of God at its center. The resplendent pentalpha was detached from the Sun Christ in order to shine upon my head...

The cosmic festival on that night of the initiation was extraordinary. I saw, from the threshold of the temple, my real Being, the Innermost, crucified on his cross in the very sacred depth of the sanctuary before the brothers and sisters of the occult fraternity.

While he was receiving the initiation, I arranged my affairs with the lords of karma in the vestibule of the temple...

This is the path of the Bodhisattva: a secret path entered by very few, and the only way to the highest potentials of the human being.

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