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In the Vestibule of the Sanctuary

The truth is like a tempest: it causes wreckage.

The common man is pleased with praise and displeased when told the truth, because his best buddy is deceit.

People delight more when they hear talk of fallacies than truths. They are fascinated with falsity and astounded by the truth.

The truth has been bitter since hemlock was given to Socrates. - Gargha Cuichin

In the Vestibule of the Sanctuary

In the Vestibule of the Sanctuary

By Julio Medina V.

The man of the city has become an idolater of the "Golden Calf," in other words, of money, which is an invention of the same man. He classifies and justifies everything by means of money; in synthesis, money has become the utmost aspiration of this present civilization. As much for the man who lost his youth and acquired knowledge by means of intellectual study as well as the one who never studied, both arrive at that same aspiration: "money." Yes, money is the panacea for all evils, as much for the one who has a lot as well as the one who has nothing; money is the only thing that agrees with those who know and with those who know nothing, those who have and those who do not have.

When the great Initiate Moses - amidst the tempest of thunders and lightning bolts – rose upon mount Sinai in order to conquer the Tablets of the Law, he was not afraid of the difficulties in the middle of which he struggled in order to acquire the ten commandments of the law of God, which are the laws of the code of Nature.

Albeit, all of Moses’ immense sacrifice crashed when, descending from the mountain, he found the people of God worshipping "the Golden Calf” - which is the same money that today has totally inebriated the human species - thus, he, filled with profound pain and indignation, broke the Tablets of the Law, which means that the knowledge he had acquired with so much sacrifice could not reach the hands of men because men were worshipping things made by their own hands. Today, such idolatry has reached its maximum; now men will have to know - by their own experience - the outcome of having broken the laws of the code of the Nature through their customs and idolatry of false idols.

In the materialistic field, everything has progressed; in the field of morality, man has become a perfect artist, and the field of spirituality is only remembered as a possible promise. The word “mystery” has served the unprepared man as a wonderful label in order to classify what he cannot comprehend. The man in himself has not progressed; rather, he has become useless.

If the elements that the civilized man uses to become powerful were taken from him, then we would feel pity for his woeful aspect. It seems to him that happiness is found in comfort, thus, with eagerness he looks for it and obtains it, but after he obtains it, he capriciously destroys it; sadly, he does this even in the very field of his utmost feelings. Thus, we see that he searches laboriously for love, and when he obtains it, he carefully forms an affectionate and respected home; thus, over time, he forms the warmth of his home. Then, all of a sudden, in the most unexpected moment, he himself takes charge to ruin it, as if he did not suffer for the work that he himself made.  Therefore, if he does this with his own work, with his own suffering, what will he be capable of doing against the pains of other? 

Yes, man has become powerful for evil and he tries to justify it by referring to history, so he can confirm that this is how man has been at all times and that history repeats itself—an infamous manner to justify perversity!—and to continue preparing himself for his own destruction. Even so, astoundingly, he sincerely believes that he is walking the path in search of good and perfection. It could be that his intentions are good when in search for perfection, but he has gone astray towards another path, since he has put more attention to the things made by is own hands than to those made by the eternal living God.

Education in general is entirely materialistic, even though in some cases it is attended with pious feelings and religious flavor; yes, the present education does not achieve the transformation of the Being, it only grants us capabilities, but educated people continue to be escorted by their vices and resentments; the bad and the ugly do not stop being so just for the fact that they have much instruction.

In order for education to achieve the cultivation of the Being, that is, to transform our bad qualities into good, it is indispensable to know in depth the laws of nature and the position of man before them. The culture that at the moment is offered to people is only good in order to make them suitable for the consumption of the elements that “the Golden Calf” produces.

Material progress and economic problems are interrelated; since material progress is translated as greater comfort, thus the greater comfort requires the greater investment of money for daily life. On one hand, everybody wishes and demands greater comfort, a complete comfort for everything, and on the other hand, the same man complains about the cost of living.

It is not possible to welcome pleasure without greeting the presence of pain, its twin brother; and on the other hand, the fact is that, as a family becomes notoriously poor when it acquires comforts for its home, likewise, the citizens of a city are immediately and strongly taxed economically when the city begins offering them greater comforts and facilities—that is to say, the cost of living increases immediately. 

A city that paves its streets must collect the cost of that paving from the money of all those who inhabit it and those who transitorily visit it, because the value of its buildings immediately increases, and the increased value requires an increase in rent, and this implies an increase on the cost of the merchandise that is acquired in those buildings.

Thus, comfort is what has made the man cowardly; this is why he is afraid of life, death, tomorrow, and what people might say. Thus, the courageous man evades comfort because he is not afraid of life, death, tomorrow, and what people might say. 

From now on, humanity will receive much pain, thus it is necessary to receive it with resignation because pain is the means that Mother Nature utilizes in order to cause her children to return to her bosom. Pain will be the anvil whereupon the new humanity will forge itself. The races who have enjoyed the greatest comfort have never been those of greatest permanence as human societies: they have disappeared, and of them only vestiges of their greatness and opulence have remained. Thus, the only thing that can end the Golden Calf is pain, because pain was the only way that the Christ showed to us for our redemption.

Hidden amongst us, the humble natives of La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta live with no need of money; they have been saved from the possibility of being catechized by the civilization of our caste, since their few numbers and their natural jungle defense protects them. Their small population does not entice the producers and manufacturers to obtain them as centers of consumption, and the inaccessibility of their land prevents the curious civilized ones from infiltrating their traditional customs.

Those natives do not have money or our culture and nonetheless, they live happy and content. They work the land and exchange their products among themselves, thus, this is how they provide their necessities.

The only tribes who have problems are those who remained in the low part of the mountain, and who are within the reach of the civilized ones. The natives who are in the high parts of the mountain range are not entangled with problems; they do not know what those things called problems are.

The sheep, the maguey, and the cotton give them, respectively, wool, rope, and the indispensable threads for their dresses and necessary equipment, thus, in the short times of leisure their women make the clothes and elements indispensable to them.

Man’s economic problems were created by himself when he separated himself from his Mother Nature; man separated himself from Mother Nature when he created urban life. Thus, in this, his urban life, man created an artificial life, and in this his artificial life, from this his urban life, man is filled with problems that he himself created.

What happens to the chick that is separated from the hen is what happens to the man that is separated from Nature. If the chick is cold, let him look for his mother and she will shelter him with her wings and give him heat; if he is hungry, let him look for the hen and she will feed him: by foraging the earth she will feed him.

Neither a political party nor the most organized government is able to do for the chick what his mother the hen is capable of. Only the hen, by foraging the earth for him, is capable of solving that tough and serious problem: only the mother knows how to satiate the hunger of her children.

No political leader—as intelligent as he might be and as great as his political doctrine might be—will be able to ever do what a mother is capable of doing for her child, for the fruit of her love. Only the mother knows and understands the intimate necessities of her child; only the mother can shelter him with her heat and feed him with her breast, because she is Nature in miniature. 

Man moved away from his Mother Nature when he isolated himself within urban life: this is how man knew hunger and nakedness. Then, problems arose, and he became morally corrupted, because he became an orphan. Now, if the man wants to solve his economic problems, he must return to the bosom of his mother, Nature, who waits to gather the children of her belly together, like the hen with her chicks under her wings. 

Nature gives to Man wool and linen so he can dress himself, fire so he can warm himself, and the wood of her forests so he can build his house, his refuge. Therefore, as long as man goes to urban life in order to solve his problems, he will keep doing exactly the contrary of what will redeem him from them.

The man who with hunger, thirst, and nakedness goes to urban life in order to resolve his necessities is similar to the one who goes to look for food in the middle of the sands of the desert, because food must be looked for where it can be produced, namely in the fields, in the forests, not in the city, since in the city agriculture is not produced: only those who produce money can be found in the city, and it is their money that makes them devour each other with ferocity.

So in order for man to solve his problems, he will have to turn his back to urban life and the Golden Calf, the idols of his idolatry. Likewise, he has to end his egoistical borders. Borders are the children of man’s egotism, since the world was given unto us without borders.

So, we have to return to the fields in order to work, in order to produce life; this way, we will gain our daily bread with the sweat of our face, and we will reverently bow our head before the seed that we deposit in the soil. Then our food and children’s food will be multiplied.

That day, men will not have more problems because their Mother Nature will satiate their hunger, cold, and nakedness. Then, political parties will dissolve because political leaders cannot exist without the populace that follows them; there will be happiness.

Not Communism, or Fascism, or Nazism, or Laborism, or Socialism are capable of giving man the breast of their mother, because only the mother can give her breast to her children in order to satiate their hunger and cold.

It does not make any sense for people to die of hunger, because the Earth gives abundant fruits in order to feed all the beings who dwell upon it. Some animals die of hunger because man has locked them up in lands and places where they cannot find food; likewise happens with the men who lock themselves within urban life. Therefore, the economic solution of the world is not to give more money to people; they have enough problems with the money they already have.

What each man needs in order to live is a small house and a parcel of land in order to cultivate his food; there, our Mother Nature will provide the rest; and in order to do this, it is not necessary to invent more political parties, because political parties are just the crutches for an invalid humanity.

We always look to Nature as our example for all types of education because Nature is an open book and its lessons are offered to us with lived examples, with realized facts, which give us experience, and experience is the best education. A thing is known when it is realized, when it is made: if the thing is not realized, not concretely made, then it is only a theory for us. This is why we try to reincorporate the lessons that Mother Nature gives us into the social customs, in order to help people discern, to look for what is most convenient to them.

This is why we present instances such as the following one: The woman of the field raises her children; she feeds them with her breast because her love commands her more than her intellect, thus, she breastfeeds her children whenever they demand it. Her affection towards her children indicates to her when her children need her breast and when they do not need it, without taking into consideration hour, minute, or second, because she does not have a clock, does not know it, does not need it. On the other hand, the civilized mothers of the city are not martyred by the weeping of their children, it seems that they have hearts of stone, since they wait to the dead letter for the martyrizing, prescribed hours to pass - that modern texts for raising children indicate – in order to give them their food.

Mothers from the country fields indispensably sleep with their children, they defend their children with their heat, and they intuitively cause their children to continue feeding themselves with the colors of their mothers’ aura, in other words, with the radiating force that as an aureole leaves through the human body, and mainly from the mother’s aureole, which is all love and tenderness towards her child. Such a vital, aureole force is indispensable for the establishment of an intimate and close external and internal connection between mother and child. On the other hand, from the very moment in which their child is born, the civilized women in the city command the placement of a separate bed to place their child, so that the women are not disturbed; yet, because of this, civilized children do not receive the heat of their mother. This is exactly the opposite of what Mother Nature does, which is to allow the fetus not only to feed itself on the same blood of their mother but also to live in the midst of her heat and lap covering.

Mother Nature gives rise to more understanding and greater union between mother and child among the people of the country field and village than between the people of fine, civilized customs; the first makes children closer to their mother and their home roots than the second, which results in unnatural children who grow up with so many codes, rules, and systems that denaturized them.

The historical materialism, as a theory from the official science, cannot serve as a foundation for social life, because they do not know the history of materialism. No, they do not know it, nor can they know it, because they do not know what matter itself is, with its intimate vital functions that have determined the theory of matter and materialism of history. The constitution of matter is submitted to the laws of time and space, and the times have not been always the same, nor have the environments ever been the same.

The physical-chemical composition of matter has not been the same one in all the times, nor does the organic biology of a million years ago equal the present one. Those theories of historical materialism which state that man had to move away from Nature to build cities in order to shelter themselves from the inclementness of Nature are as absurd as trying to remove a fish from the waters in order to protect it from the inclementness of the waters.

Each organism is biologically adapted to the environment within which it moves, therefore, historical materialism as a base for an organized affluent society is completely inadequate because it ignores the very history of matter, which has not always been the same in its biological, physical, psychic, and somatic constitution.

The materialist knows nothing about the vital depth, meaning, the Tattvas. The Tattvas are the internal depth of matter. The physicists somehow admit the ether in order to explain the laws of cohesion, gravitation, vibration, and pulsation, but they do not say anything about the constitution of the ether.

If the physicists want to make efficient progresses in their field, then they must study occultism and its Tattvas, which are the different modifications of the ether, the fundamental cause of the tensions and distensions of calories, of the movement that produces heat and sound, of the heat and sound that produce light, of the light that produces color. This is why note, light, color, and movement are the same single thing with different vibrations, which develop, evolve, and progress in the ether and its modifications called Tattvas in an Eastern language.

The present book contains a range of incalculable knowledge, but it is lamentable that its light cannot shine within all of the populace, since most are only interested in pleasure, and those who have studied, already have formed a judgment, thus they are content with their beliefs and prejudices and are not amenable to revisions.

Ignorance causes man to look for happiness from without and not from within himself. The present man thinks that he can attain and obtain everything with money, yet money can only offer him pleasures, never happiness. Pleasures weary and wear away, whereas happiness is constituted by our inner contentment, and within this inner contentment money cannot enter. Here, happiness is translated as healthy beauty, and this never wearies.

If you, beloved reader, consider us to be lovers of antiquated things and singers of misery, just remember that what we are trying is to make you understand that Nature is an open book, and that such a book cannot learned with pretentiousness nor with scorn: we remind you that the Alchemy of Nature is much more powerful that the chemistry of universities; we remind you that the stem of any plant transforms the stench of the mud into the perfume of its flower by the work and grace of Alchemy, that the splendorous lotus flower emerges from the dirt of the swamp, that from the filthiness of the seed emerges the stem of the fruit that nourishes us, that from the grass and sweepings whereupon the cattle feeds, the milk and the meat with which the human genre is fed emerges, and we recommend that instead of feeling compassion for us, it is better for you to feel sorry for your own body that exhales pestilence because it is indecent and, if you know it, you do not practice it; internally you are still filthy because you still do not know how to do what the simple stem of a flower does.

All the money that is used in comfort, luxury, and commodities automatically burdens the economy of all  who associate with it; on the other hand, the money that is used to facilitate access to those unions that handle the products that the soil produces, by means of roads, highways, railroads, and all types of transportation routes, diminish the cost of life, because those measures contribute to lessen the cost of the transportation of the food that the earth produces and that are produced in the regions where they are accessible; at the same time, it places the city in contact with the producers, avoiding in this way the complicated mechanism of the intermediaries, since the lands that border the great centers of consumption because of their high cost are under the power of people who do not work the soil.

One cannot deny the well-known influence of the man upon the species that he utilizes and nourishes himself with, since he has put much attention to them: the agriculturist knows that with the selection of the seed he obtains better grain, the same the poultry keeper, the agronomist, the cattle dealer and likewise those that make produce from the Earth and its species. Governments in some cases have contributed to such a beautiful reality; regrettably, they did not have pay attention to the quality of man and his own production. Nowadays after so many advances and studies to improve the races of animals and fruits and grains of the Earth, nothing is made in order to improve the quality of human production.

It is necessary to teach the man to improve the quality of his own production. In order to enter into this field, it is necessary to enter into the knowledge of the structure of the same man, who is composed not only by his physical body but also by his soul and spirit.

Contemporary science has erroneously taught man that the sexual act—that is, the union of a man with a woman—is only a biological act, similar to the biological period which the body of a woman fulfills because of the fact of being a woman; with this they mean us to understand that sex is a just a biological function which ends with the orgasm. Scientists do not realize that the hormonal incretion of our gonads is also a biological function, and therefore sexual magic is an intensified process of hormonal incretion: this from the purely biological point of view.

Therefore, we do not break the biological law; rather, we are masterful of the biological law. Material science completely forgot the Biblical precept that in its sixth commandment states to man: Thou shall not fornicate. The Bible does not state with whom the man is authorized to fornicate, it just bluntly states not to fornicate; that is to say, that the human being must employ his seed but only and exclusively for creation, in order to leave descendants... despite the approval that the different religious beliefs and societies give to the marriages who do not fulfill the law of God.

Does the man ignore that his seed, as the seed of other living beings, is submitted to the same rules of reproduction? With repugnance we see how the man who, sunk in the worst ignorance, uses his seed without selecting its qualities and internal conditions by means of placing his body in the best humane conditions and above all, without knowing that he is going to fulfill the most holy act by means of which he becomes a creative God. Rather, in the worst conditions and under the influence of his lowest passions, he presents himself before the woman, without respect and without love, in order to do the opposite of what the sixth commandment of the Law of God commands: not to fornicate.

In a state of drunkenness, man exalts his lower animal sentiments and finally, as somebody who goes to the marketplace, he gives his payment to a whore; thus, he seals the shameful act as a faithful idolator of the Golden Calf. No wonder these children of passion are called by their own mothers (when these whores talk about the new being they gestated) “negligence,” indicating with this that in that union they never had the intention to create. This is why the Bible in the book of Revelation calls this humanity the Great Whore.

What can be born of a union that contravenes a natural law?

What can the human genre expect from their human production?

What will the moral quality be of this new genre that carries in potentiality the germ of the very causes that gave him existence?

Which educator will be able to change the foundation that generated this new being?

Such an education will have to be of a total transformation of the Being, yet in order to transform the Being it is necessary to know the Being.

External education will be able to make him skilful for social life and capacitate him in the intellective field so that he can coexist in society, but in the field of culture and decency, modern man is neither interested in culture nor does he want decency.

The bad seed that unconsciously - for its genitors - became a new living being, later comes to cause fright to the society from which he originated. Here, practically, society becomes the victim of its own invention.

Thereafter, horrified and without being aware of the cause of such evil, society applies the worst punishments for his correction, and invents laws, jails, daggers, panoptic places, forced labor, corporal punishment, and even death, this, in order to try to regenerate or to extirpate evil; nevertheless, evil continues standing, and what is worse, in spite of the existing laws and punishments, it continues advancing in a devastating manner.

Jails and panoptic places are dens of corruption: there the worst indecencies take place, and the sexual problem acquires repugnant characters. Perverse souls in intimate coexistence with perverse souls easily corrupt each other, and thus, instead of extirpating evil, it is increased.

In these conditions, jails and panoptic places for the regeneration of delinquents are a complete failure because these are places for vice. By tyrannizing the delinquent, hatred towards the society from which he comes is increased within him; therefore, jail systems are not the way to regenerate delinquents, because jail systems do not obtain the wanted purpose, which is to turn those delinquents into individuals who are useful for society.

To “reform” is to form again, and if evil is going to be fought with violence, with shameful punishments, with shackles and chains, this only will increase evil. Evil is not fought with evil; it only increases it. Evil is fought only with good, which is its opposite, as heat is the contrary of cold, hard of soft, light of darkness.

So, evil is extirpated with its opposite, by placing good against it. Therefore, if delinquents cause evil to society, then in order to regenerate them it is necessary to look for the way, for the manner, for them to do good to society, that is to say, to do the opposite of evil, and this is feasible by causing their punishment to become beneficial things for society, and for this we expose the following points:

  1. To institute agricultural farms with sufficient land for farming and the cultivation of produce that gives life. There, agriculture, poultry, beekeeping, and everything which is creation, which produces life. When man makes the Earth produce, he is activated within the divine plan. For the government this is not a problem, because it has immense, uncultivated lands. So, the money that is used for jails should be used in agricultural colonies, where each inmate can have their piece of land, and after they have fulfilled their sentence can have land - according to their merits – outside of the colonies to live with their wives, thus isolating them, in this way, from urban life; this will prevent him from returning into the mud from which he came.
  2. Any man who has an art or a profession, let him pay his sentence within these farms by working in that which he is skilled.
  3. To have psychologists who study the aptitudes of the inmates and then teach them jobs and arts according to their aptitudes; their education must go along with good social attendance, regenerative films, and constructive books, etc.

With these measures, it is possible to lower the cost of living, thus the State, instead of supporting sluggish people and creating experts in leisure, would obtain an agricultural overproduction and therefore, a reduction in the cost of living. This way, instead of prisoners being a hindrance, they become necessary; from consumers they become producers of heavy loads for society, and they will become an alleviation for the people.

Two defined classes of affluent production exist and within the reach of all understanding: first, what the man needs in order to live, and second, what he needs for his comfort.

What the man needs in order to live is created by God, and the man cultivates it.

What the man needs for its comfort is elaborated by man himself with the products that God creates.

What God creates is fundamental for life and its consumption equals all men.

What man elaborates is not fundamental and its consumption is divided many classes, according to the use and consumption of which the man elaborates.

We could state that by classifying men according to their aptitudes, if they cultivate the things that God creates, which are the things that serve to give life, they might be called farmers, cultivators, pioneers, etc. Yet, if they cultivate those things that man elaborates, which are those things that are used for their comfort, they might then be called workers, craftsmen, professionals, etc.

Farmers acquire the names of agriculturists, cattle dealers, landowners, etc., according to the amount that they produce. The workers and craftsmen become manufacturers, industrialists, tycoons, bureaucrats etc., according to the amount that they produce.

Within the elements that the man builds for comfort are also included those they use for defense and those that serve in order to maintain their vices and pleasures.

The man, as a faithful idolater of the Golden Calf, despises the things that God creates and takes care of what man elaborates. His disdain for God’s matters has allowed the farmer - who is the one in charge of offering to the man the elements that serve to give life - to be relegated; he is not valued, and if he is remembered at all, it is in a compassionate manner; he does not occupy any position in the social rank, only because of the fact of not possessing fine customs, which in summary are the outcome of what our present culture longs for. However, those who elaborate the elements for comfort, vices, and pleasures and even for death, form the social elite in the middle of applauses and smiles. 

Nevertheless, one thing is the justice of man and another is the justice of God. The man who creates for life has valor, patience, meekness, humility, resignation, sincerity, faith, love, charity, justice, which are gifts and virtues; all of this is translated as inner complacence, as total satisfaction; however, the others become powerful, but one thing is to be powerful and another is to be virtuous. The first is valued by men; the second is valued by God.

We are making all these reflections to our readers so that they learn to discern, so that their discernment can lead them to establish a difference between reality and falsity, between divine right and social right.

It is true, factual, that today we are facilitating the final catastrophe of this false modern civilization. This order of things is becoming exhausted by means of great social cataclysms, and man is impotent in order to conjure this evil, because man has not discerned: that is to say, he is blindly falling into the abyss of desperation.

It is not necessary to be a philosopher in order to comprehend the present catastrophe of this false modern civilization. Life in the cities is becoming more unbearable every day, and the cost of living gets worse. Political leaders offer panaceas, yet, when they take control, their respective political parties and affiliates feel defrauded, because the promises continue being what they really are: “simple promises.”

Humanity wants to put an abyss between the human and the divine; behold, indeed, this is the error of man, because within the same man is the divine (the Innermost) who wants to actualize Himself through the work of daily life, but man always looks for escapes; what the man does with all his beliefs is to move away from himself.

The man who affiliates with materialistic or spiritualist schools only looks for escapes; he wants to elude the conflict, to remove the body from it; he feels fear and laziness of knowing himself in order to solve his own conflicts.

Schools, beliefs, philosophies etc., are fictitious forms of consolation.

The truth is not concerned with being materialistic nor about being a spiritualist, but about being realistic, that is to say, to thoroughly realize the self in depth, to approach the self, to judge our personality without proud virtues (because nowadays everybody boast of being virtuous), without hypocrisies, without false pretenses, without pretending pietisms, but by seating our own personality on the chair of the accused in order to severely judge it without any consideration.

Thereafter, to perform a severe moral and ethical discipline in order to terminate the most intimate roots of our own conflicts; conflicts are children of our own ignorance. Our individual conflicts come to be added to the social conflicts.

Today more than ever, it is necessary for man to begin to think for himself. People do not want to use their criterion; rather, they comply with other people's criterion, they think as their boss thinks.

The problem of the mass is the problem of the individual, and while the individual does not learn how to solve his own problems, the whole mass of humanity will be full of uncertainties, sufferings, and calamities that in vain politicians will try to solve, since they themselves are full of problems; thus, politicians must learn firstly how to solve their own problems, then try to solve other people's problems. 

Today, the disappointed populace aspires to the catastrophe because it is martyred, and thus it tries to leave its desperation quickly; this is why in the newspaper we read phrases like the following:  “It is better to fall than to be hanging about." This gives a clear idea of the desperation of the populaces and the magnitude of the catastrophe.

The mind of man will have to become free from the ties of desire, fear, hunger, the soft life of anxieties of accumulation, egotism, because all this hypnotizes the mind and incapacitates it to discern between reality and illusion, the mutable and the immutable, the useful and the useless, as well as between the most useful and the least useful.

The present man’s mind is a boat that goes from port to port, thus each port is a school, a theory, a belief, a sect, a political party, a flag concept, a philosophy, a religion, and when the mind anchors to those mental anchorages, then it locks itself within those wharves in order to incessantly act and react with its preconceptions there established. A mind like this is incapable of comprehending life free in its movement. A mind like this is enslaved by the animal “I” and the stagnant energies of life where only conflicts, fights of castes exist, where only hunger and pain exist. 

The mind of man needs to become free from the battling of antitheses that divides it, and incapacitates it as an instrument for the Innermost. The reasoning man, by means of mental election, commits the error of dividing himself; missed action and useless effort are the outcome of this division, which becomes the origin of conflict and bitterness. If we want to solve our own individual problems, we must learn how to use and handle the mind.

Our thought must integrally flow, without the process of “options” that divides the mind into opposed opinions. Our mind must flow calmly, integrally, with the sweet flow of thought, guided solely by intuition, which is the voice of the Innermost, the flower of intelligence; straight action, straight effort, and perfect fullness are the outcome of it. The evocative flame of the new era is the light of thought.

Man does not live in the present but in the middle of the experiences of the past and the preoccupations of tomorrow. He sees the present through the colorful experiences of the past, therefore, he sees a disfigured present, and therefore, he does not see the reality of the present; nevertheless, sadly, he calls himself a practical man.

The new world will not be a world of military conquests nor of border lines, but a world with a new state of consciousness, which is already being born despite all the limitations. Red and blue flags are filled with ancestral prejudices; all of this belongs to the past, to what already gave its fruits. Soon, the sounding bells of the Passover of the Resurrection of Aquarius will resound. When the blaze of understanding illuminates the face of the Earth, all the problems of the world will disappear and only happiness will be there. 

Love is the base of life; here it is convenient to speak about love under the light of the occult science. People need a most profound knowledge about the intimate experience of love; until now people have not received the light on those profound problems of the consciousness; millions of philosophers have wanted to explain what is not possible to explain.

Frequently, we have heard talk of love in living rooms, streets, nightclubs, where people utter diverse comments on the different problems of love, yet nobody has ever thoroughly comprehended what that mysterious force that dozes within the depth of all the human hearts is. Philosophers, through their mental lucubration, want to fit love into their fixed and cold rules, as if love were cold or as if it were subject to rules.

With profound pain, we have observed that people confuse their morbid passion with love, to such an extent that already humanity does not know when the difference between sexual passion and love.

To the present time, love is a mystery for humanity. Only the occult science can uncover the veil of that delectable something that we have never comprehended but that we have always felt in the depth of our heart, as an all-consuming thirst, as a divine contemplation. We reach to feel such divine bliss by means of the form (shape of matter), as when the groom loves and contemplates his bride, who, feeling loved and absorbed, does not change that moment for all the gold of the world because her pure and lived love soars her to exaltation; thus, there, in the middle of her sublime ecstasy she feels the delights of love, she does not belong to herself and even feels herself distant.

Like this, spontaneously, as when one feels the need to speak, one approaches more the truth about love than when one artificially tries to form logical concepts about that something that does not admit concepts.

Many are disappointed in love because they see in it the end of a tragedy of love like a catastrophe, but this is because people confuse the experience of the soul with sexual passion. Love can never bring disappointments when what is felt is love. During a trance of love and when those who love each other feel themselves in  complete contemplation, they are not interested in hearing an explanation about love. This is because what one feels, one feels, and nobody can feel theories.

Marriage in Gnosis demands affinity of thoughts, affinity of feelings, union of wills, compatible experiences of the consciousnesses (that internally they feel the same), and identical aspirations.

In the true man exist seven states of consciousness, which must vibrate in unison with the seven states of consciousness of the true woman; their marriage must be verified in the physical, vital, astral (or sentiment), mind, volition, conscientious, and in the mystic; each one of these seven states of consciousness is related to each one of the seven organisms of the human being.

Truly, for many people, it is very rare to speak about the seven organisms of the human being, but if the reader has interest and reads with thoroughness, he will comprehend what we try to explain on the same basis of love.

The seven bodies of the human being are the following:

  1. physical body
  2. vital body
  3. astral body
  4. mental body
  5. body of the will
  6. body of the consciousness
  7. spiritual body

These seven organisms are totally material because it is a real fact that nothing can exist, nor even God, without the aid of matter. Each one of these bodies has its anatomy, its biology, its physiology. For that reason, the occultist doctor heals quickly because he knows the anatomy of those seven bodies of the human being.

A perfect marriage is made on the basis that all of the seven organisms of the man verify the sexual coenobium with all of the seven organisms of the woman.

There are some who are physically married, but in the world of desire they are not married because of mutual emotive and sentimental incompatibility; in this case, their marriage is a failure. There are other cases of couples who are married in the physical world and even in the emotional world, but their mental bodies do not perform the sexual coenobium; such couples have thoughts, plans, projects none affined to the other, that is to say, they do not share themselves in the world of the mind; in these cases, the marriage is not perfect either.

There are some spouses who, physically, emotional, and mentally, vibrate with compatibility, but when in daily life it is necessary to make a decision, then their wills crash and the conflict arises; these marriages are not perfect either.

There are consciousnesses that do not vibrate in their own accord although such couples are compatible in the other aspects; in these cases, their marriage is not perfect either, because in order for the marriage to be perfect, it is necessary that for the seven organisms of the man to perform the sexual coenobium with the seven organisms of the woman.

Many times, a man and a woman who are simply friends in the physical world and who mutually comprehend each other in a mental manner, in the world of the universal mind these souls are husband and wife, although in the physical world they are married with other spouses. This will give a clear idea to the reader of what the hidden knowledge of the man means, knowledge that each day is more unknown to man himself. 

When marriage is only verified in the physical world, then there only exists the genetic relation; the only thing that unites them is the sexual relation.

When the marriage manages to be in the "physical and vital," then in addition to the previously mentioned things, there is affinity of tastes and thoughts.

When the marriage manages to be in the "physical, vital, and astral," then in addition to the previously mentioned things, exists affinity of emotions.

When the marriage is attained in the "physical, vital, astral, and mental," in addition to the previously mentioned things, there exists affinity of thoughts and feelings.

If the marriage comprehends the "physical, vital, astral, mental, and will" then, in addition to the previously mentioned things, there is affinity of will, resolutions, decisions, aspirations, etc.

If the marriage is attained in the "physical, vital, astral, mental, will, and consciousness," then, in addition to the previous mentioned things, they attain affinity of consciousnesses, love, ideas, aspirations, ideals, etc.

And finally, there is the spiritual union of their Innermosts, which only those who [after Resurrection in the Fire and the Light, and who] belong to the same ray can attain; this is what becomes “the Perfect Marriage,” “the Gnostic Matrimony.”

Two classes of married bonds exist: karmic, that begin from the physical plane upwards, and cosmic, that begins from above to below; this is the marriage of a couple who in the superior planes receives a mission to fulfill, and thereafter they go and find themselves in the different planes and verify the different marriages until finding themselves in the physical plane, giving rise to the great loves, to which death does not frighten because they live within their love, and such a love makes them immortal; they are also a Perfect Matrimony.

A great majority of beings encounter each other throughout the ages and become husband and wife in different returns and on different places of the Earth; this produces great affinity and mutual knowledge. All this makes us understand the critical aspect, that is, for a man or the woman to perform their marriage based purely on their own social convenience, which gives rise to a series of afflicted conditions that both have to endure; thus for these people, this action transforms their marriage into a heavy load or a tremendous disgrace for their darkened mentality.

Nowadays, the woman does not look for a man in order to marry him as is the natural thing, but she looks for a "party." This smells as a bank, as a business. This party implies that the individual must be wealthy or must have a highly remunerated position, or an outstanding social position, or an academic title that allows him to live comfortably. All of these are insults to the majesty of love; all of these can only bring pain and disappointment. 

A pure and honest woman with whom a young man will be able to form a home always is presented to him; a pure and honest woman with whom the young man can dignify his life and make sure of a patriarchal old age in the middle of a home filled with love and tenderness, a wife and children who can guard their old age; but it so happens that the young man is badly instructed by the devastating and shameful example of his elders, thus he also becomes a friend of the changing of women, thus with these ones and with these other women, he loses his youth and virility, arriving at his old age without a home or woman and without anyone to give him a glass of water in the bed of his disease. Then, he looks for and he does not find; he requests and no one gives to him. That is his punishment.

His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins. – Proverbs 5: 22 

Indeed, this is how the old age of the concupiscent ends.

Humanity is a slave of sex, yet the Gnostic is its king; the Gnostic knows how to honor sex and knows that in his own seed is the very root of his existence; his seed is for procreation, to vivify and to redeem himself.

Humanity is ashamed of sex, but humanity should rather be ashamed of its own corruption, and not of sex, because sex is not guilty of the perverted use that humanity has made of it.

The teachings of this book lead the reader to the very root of our being: such a root is sex, which is the very origin of our existence, because all human beings are children of a man and a woman. Nevertheless, some semi-virtuosos who want to pretend chastity are horrified by the sexual theme and of the names whereupon the elements that belong to sex are represented, by reason of education. 

It seems that these “Nobel laureates” did not have a father or mother; it seems that they were formed by the wind; they do not know that for the pure, everything is pure, and for the impure, everything is impure. So, let them know that man cannot be transformed except by sex, and that he cannot be regenerated except by sex, because he is a child of sex and lives because of sex. Through the door of sex he entered into the world, through that door he left paradise, and through the same door he must return in order to reconquer it.

The one who insults sex or who is horrified by sex is insulting God, because God made the world with sex, and God is within sex. Therefore, only the decrepit ones are horrified by sex, because they already exhausted their creative energy in bacchanals and fornication. Only the hypocritical Pharisees, the whitened sepulchers, are horrified by sex; others are horrified with sexual magic but get along with adultery. Yes, surpassing the worst beasts, they adulterate to the right and left; these are the ones who slander us, and it is because everyone gives of what they have: the wise give wisdom and the hypocritical give defamation.

The customs bureau motivates the greater distribution for the economy of people; they have in their power a true economic key that weighs terribly on the consumers. In order to know whom the Customs Bureau system favors, nothing is necessary but to speak publicly on the suppression of such a system, and then we will see who the alarmed ones are; and surely the theory of the masses does not fit there.

We plead for free commercial interchange, but not based on money as today it is presented, but of products, so that small and great individuals can have equality, fairness, and brotherhood, in a Christian manner. We consider that when we reach such a parity, we will have found the economic international principle of the future golden age of Aquarius.

Indeed, this system would not cause alarm in the people of the village because it favors them; only those who today enjoy the present systems, which are the minuses, would be alarmed. But what has the man created that does not fall? This economic political system of free interchange without the barriers of the customs bureau and without any type of “uncontrolled controls” would totally move the system existing today, which maintains us in a permanent alarm. 

When we spoke about the reincorporation of man to natural life, to the bosom of Mother Nature, what first arises amongst the readers are the defenders of urban life, because they do not know anything better. The first statement that arises among them is to think that we are pleading for the savagery of the man of the caverns and the Stone Age; to them we answer with the occult Gnostic axiom, "The end is equal to the beginning plus the experience of the cycle."  Here as well, the first idea that arises in the reader and the listener is the figure of a "vicious circle" (to leave savagery in order to return to savagery) and this is because most of them do not read our books with spirit in order to learn but only to criticize. Listen, the circle to which we allude "is performed in an spiral manner," that is to say, "everything returns to its point of departure, but with the fruits of millenarian experiences. This means to return to the beginning, but with a superior culture, which serves the man as a foundation for the spiral of life." These are the secular foundations of our triumphant and victorious spirituality.

Apparently, man is afraid of the inclemency of Nature and therefore he prefers to live locked up within urban life, because it seems for him that in the fields he will not be able to enjoy the luxury, comfort, and commodities that urban life offers to him; nevertheless, we already see for instance how in New York many retailers of Wall Street work during the day in the midst of the stormy noise of the city and the brutal work of business, and in the afternoons they leave, escaping urban life in order to spend the night in their mansions, chalets, and cottages located in the country fields at great distances from the large city, so there, in the tranquility of the country field, they have their spouses and their children. This gives us a clear understanding that already the inhabitants of great large cities are beginning to return to the bosom of Mother Nature.

This sort of policy that we praised, meaning to transplant the comfort and commodities of the city to the bosom of Mother Nature, we plead for more, and methods of fast and efficient transportation, and roads and railroads which can cross the planet in all directions, and small commercial, artistic, and cultural villages, from where the destinies of the populaces can be wisely governed; that is to say, we want to transform the whole planet into a gigantic woodland city, filled with all types of natural comforts and commodities.

What purpose is there in us continuing to live packed together, one next to another, like sardines in a tin can?

What is the need for us to build a house against another house, and a room on top of other room?

Is not the world large and spacious enough in order for us all to have our own comfortable residence, our orchard, and our garden?

What is the need for us to torment each other and breathe the vitiated air of the great large cities? 

Let us transform the planet Earth into a gigantic woodland city, in whose dominions the sun always shines.

This heavenly woodland city will be the New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband (the Christ).

The Age of Aquarius began, and it is essential that humanity wakes up from the lethargy in which it is. Man only has obtained adultery through his primeval desire; he contributed to the multiplication of evil by scattering his concupiscent seed to all the places of the Earth. Nonsensical people are born daily here and there, thus, the new being carries in his seed-germ the latent forces of evil, against which crashes all education, all culture, and all religion. 

By means of all his beliefs and feelings, the man has put more attention to morals than to ethics, to the extreme point that the youth thinks that ethics must only be used in the branch of businesses.

Listen, ladies and gentlemen: ethics comes from the Ten Commandments of the law of God, from the Decalogue, which are the laws of the code of nature, which serve for all times, for all races and, therefore, for all cultures and civilizations. The ethics of Nature are superior to the conventional morality of men; man’s morality is the daughter of the customs of each race, and man uses it only when he is in the presence of others, whereas the ethics of nature puts the man permanently in the presence of divinity throughout august eternity...