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Aquarian Era Dedication

I dedicate this book to the human beings with wills of steel, to the great rebels, to the high flying eagles, to those who never humble themselves before the whip of any tyrant, to the supermen of humanity, and also to the great repentant sinners, since from them a new race of gods will be the outcome.

In order to reach the High Initiation one does not need to be erudite.  Instead, one needs to be perfect as our Father who is in heaven is perfect.

One does not reach High Initiation with the intellect, but with the heart.  Consequently, there are true Masters of the White Fraternity who do not know how to read, nor to write. Nevertheless, they are great illuminated sages.

The intellect never attains Initiation.  Only the heart attains the Golgotha of the High Initiation.  The majority of people have their heads filled with absurd theories and ancestral prejudices; they do not open their minds to anything new.

Justice is the supreme mercy and the supreme severity of the law.

The Gods judged the Great Whore (humanity), and they considered her unworthy; thus, the sentence of the Gods is:

To the abyss!

To the abyss!

To the abyss!

Human beings of the Aquarian age!  Beings of the twenty-first century!  Beings of the thirtieth century, remain firm within the light, remember that the human beings of the twentieth century were barbarians, and that all of them were punished because of their evilness.  Let this serve as an example, so that you will remain firm within the faith of Christ.

Beings of Aquarius!  Exert yourselves on your path towards the light.  Redeem and fuse yourselves with your Innermost, before the evil ones of this twentieth century leave the abyss.  A new sign of darkness is approaching (Capricorn).  Therefore, it is the time for you to be alert and vigilant, because the Earth will again be invaded by the Demon-Souls of this Dark Age, who I, Aun Weor, bound into the abyss in order for you to have the happiness that you are now enjoying.

Beings of Aquarius!  I especially dedicate to you this book that the barbarians of the twentieth century did not understand.  People from this twentieth century heard the word of Jehovah:  

Thus saith Jehovah of hosts; even so will I break this people and this city, as one breaketh a potter’s vessel, that cannot be made whole again: and they shall bury them in Tophet (the killing valley), till there be no place to bury.  -  Jeremiah 19: 11