Tarot Arcanum 13: Immortality

The Thirteenth Arcanum is death, but also can signify something new, it can be wealth; it can be misery. It is a number with a great synthesis.

The Thirteenth Arcanum contains the Gospel of Judas. Judas represents the death of the “I.” The Gospel of Judas is the gospel of death; it is the gospel of the dissolution of the ego. Judas symbolizes the ego, which must be decapitated.

Hebrew Letter: Mem מ

Timetable: Fourth Hour of Apollonius: “The neophyte will wander at night among the sepulchers, will experience the horror of visions, and will be submitted to magic and goethia (this means that the disciple will see that he is being attacked by millions of black magicians within the astral plane. Those tenebrous magicians attempt to drive the disciple away from the luminous path).”

Transcendental Axiom: “Night has passed and a new day has arrived, then thou shall be dressed with weapons of light.”

Forecasting Element: Guarantees disappointments, disillusions, death of affections, refusals for that which is solicited, collapse, pure enjoyments and gladness for the soul , improvements with painful enjoyment, help of friends; renewal of conditions, the good ones for the worse and the bad ones for the better.

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