Tarot Arcanum 12: The Apostolate

The Twelfth Arcanum implies sacrifices, sufferings; it is the card of the Apostolate.

The Twelfth Arcanum brings many sufferings, many struggles.

It has a beautiful synthesis, because 1 + 2 = 3, which signifies material and spiritual production. This arcanum is powerful in the spiritual and in the social aspects. This arcanum promises struggles in the economical and in the social aspects.

Hebrew Letter: Lamed ל

Timetable: Third Hour of Apollonius: “The serpents, the dogs, and the fire (Sexual Magic, work with the Kundalini).”

Transcendental Axiom: “Even though the sun makes thou fatigued during the day and the moon makes thou grievous during the night, thou shalt not take thy feet unto the slippery, neither thou shall sleep when thou art on guard.”

Forecasting Element: Guarantees contrarieties, anguish, downfalls; material loss in some conditions of life and profit in others; presentiments which enliven and presentiments which discourage.

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