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Special Exercises

Clairvoyance (Retrospection)

In the world of occultism, the most known and powerful exercise to develop clairvoyance is the “retrospective exercise.”

The disciple begins this exercise as follows: By absorbing himself into a profound internal meditation, he tries to remember in detail the last incidents that happened during that day of his life; then he will penetrate within the memories of the previous day; thereafter into the memories of the day before, and so forth and so on, successively. He must, therefore, apply his retrospective perception and attention to the entire drama of his life. Through the “retrospective exercise,” he will recollect the memories of the last fifteen days; then, from the previous month; then, from the month before last… subsequently, the previous year, then, the year before that, etc. as when one is reviewing the contents of a book, from the last page to the first, without skipping any of the pages in between.

The retrospective exercise becomes very difficult when one tries to gain access into the memories of the first seven years of childhood. However, we must acknowledge that all incidents, all representations from that period of our childhood are stored within the “storage of our subconsciousness.” Hence, it is imperative to retrieve those memories from the depths of our “storage,” out to the light of our consciousness.

This retrieving of our childhood memories is only possible during the moments of falling asleep (since every human being enters into contact with their subconsciousness during normal sleep). Therefore, during those moments of falling asleep, the disciple will combine the retrospective exercise with his drowsiness. Again, the student will make great efforts to retrospectively retrieve from his memory all the incidents of his life until reaching the age of seven. Then, from the seventh year to the first year of life, he will review each year, going further back until the moment of birth. You can be sure that, after arduous efforts and numerous and unwearied retrospective exercises, night after night, little by little, all the memories of childhood will be retrieved.

Reincarnation and Special Mantra

The student can combine the retrospective exercise with the following mantras:

Rrrrraaaaa... Oooooommmmmmmmmm

These mantras must be chanted as follows:

Raaaaaaaa... Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Vocalize these mantras mentally.

Once the student has reviewed his present life, back to his birth, he will then be prepared to make the leap towards the memories related with the last moments of life from his former reincarnation. Naturally, this retrieval of past life’s memories implies more effort, as well as a great amount of energy. The student will then combine the retrospective exercise with drowsiness and mantras. He will then retrieve his past (former) life (stored within his memory) by remembering the last moment of that reincarnation, and from there the second to last moment, old age, maturity, youth, adolescence, childhood.  Be positive, you will succeed!

During these exercises “astral projection” is normally produced.

The student who has been capable of retrieving the memories of his past reincarnations is acknowledged as a clairvoyant. Thus, from that moment, he will be capable of studying the complete history of the Earth and its races within the memories of Nature.

The retrospective exercise makes the frontal chakra spin.

Special Mantras for Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the sense of hearing with the “occult ear.” It is developed with the following mantras:


Vocalization: Jjjjjjjeeeeeee... Uuuuu... Sssss... Eeeee


Vocalization: Vvvvaaaaa... Uuuuu... Sssss…..Eeeeeee

(As you see, the sound of the above repeated letters must be prolonged).

Absorbed within profound meditation, the student will vocalize while entering into a state of slumber.

Once he succeeds in entering into a state of slumber, he will compel himself to hear the voice of his friends who live far away: this is how “internal hearing” is developed.

Here is another mantra that facilitates the development of clairaudience:

Aum Jiva Tum E

(Note: all vowels are pronounced as short vowel sounds)

Vocalize the mantra AUM as follows: in order to pronounce the “A” open the mouth wide, then round out the mouth as if pronouncing an O and close the lips with the M. Prolong the sound of each vowel.

Vocalize the mantra JI by prolonging the sound of the vowel “I.”

Prolong the “A” of the mantra VA.

When chanting the mantra TUM, pronounce the “T” with force over the “U”; then prolong the U as long as possible and in the end resound the M like a bell-like impacted sound.  

Finally, prolong the “E” alone as long as possible, as follows: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

When chanting the mantra AUM, raise the pitch with the vowel “A” and lower it when chanting “UM.” Thereafter, chant the rest of the mantras - JIVA TUM E - in a lower pitch than UM.

Special Exercise for the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra develops with meditation and the most profound prayer.

We advise you to pray the “Pater Noster.”

A well-prayed “Pater Noster” is equivalent to one hour of meditation; pray, therefore, the “Pater Noster” for one hour.

To pray is to converse with God. Hence, immerse yourself into a very profound slumber state and meditate very deeply, thus, converse mentally with God. Each phrase of the “Pater Noster” is a complete formula in order to talk to Him. So, while in a slumber state, meditate on the contents of each phrase, this is how the Father, Who is in secret, can be seen and heard. This is how the heart chakra awakens.

Pater Noster

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  

Give us this day our daily bread,

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.  

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  

For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.  


Special Exercise for the Solar Plexus

Remember that the solar plexus is the center of telepathy. Seated in a comfortable chair, the disciple will face the East. Then, he will imagine, far away in that distant east, an immense, radiant and beautiful, golden-colored cross. Imagine that the cross is emitting blue and golden shafts of light, which reach the solar plexus (located at the region of the navel). The disciple will be compelled to feel the vibrations of those shafts of light bathing the chakra of that plexus.

Simultaneously, chant the mantra, which is the vowel U. This vowel must be prolonged for as long as possible, in a semi-deep pitch:


Practice this exercise for half an hour daily. Thus, telepathy will be developed.

When the chakra of the solar plexus is developed, it saturates the frontal chakra with splendor and fire; this is how the clairvoyant chakra perceives all of the luminous colors of the person’s aura as well as “the shapes of all thoughts” that float with their glowing colors within the Superior Worlds.

Special Exercise for the Internal Worlds

The following exercise grants the ability to perceive that which exists within the Internal Worlds, within any plane: physical, astral, mental, etc.

When the student needs to clairvoyantly perceive something urgently, he will immerse himself into profound, internal mediation while vocalizing the mantra: Proweoa

Vocalize it by prolonging the sound of each vowel. It is necessary for the esotericist students to learn how to profoundly concentrate.

Profound concentration, perfect meditation, and supreme adoration are the three steps of Initiation.

Concentration, meditation, adoration, and mantras convert us into authentic theurgists.

Concentration, meditation, and supreme adoration lead us to the experience of Samadhi.

We must know how to concentrate.

We must know how to meditate.

We must know how to vocalize the mantras, and we must know how to adore.