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Light and Darkness

Esoteric Antithesis

There are two lodges that mutually combat each other: the White and the Black, light and darkness!

There, where the light shines, most limpid and intense, likewise the pitch-black darkness coincides with it. Thus, the double of every angel of light is an angel of darkness.

Thus, the double of every temple of light is a temple of darkness.

We have already explained the mystery of the twin souls in our Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy.

It is stated that the great initiate Siddhartha Gautama (Shakyamuni Buddha) had a brother and rival named Devadatta, who, according to Buddhists, represents the king of hell.

Every person has a “human double” incarnated within them. This double is exactly alike in physiognomy, attitudes, manners, in certain capacities, etc. (note that this double is not a reference to the Ethereal Double or the Astral Double). This double is different, it is another type of “personality,” it is the antithetic twin soul. Such a soul is the “double.” This double possesses the same physical features. It is the exact antithesis of the person.

Likewise, the White Lodge has an antithesis: the Black Lodge. The black magicians of the Black Lodge struggle to swerve initiates off the path. This is why it is necessary, urgent, that the devotees defend themselves from the attacks of the tenebrous ones. Thus, it is urgent to learn how to do so.

Diverse Methods of Attack by the Tenebrous Ones

The tenebrous ones have, at their disposal, infinite resources in order to attack people in different ways:

1. During dreams.

2. During the vigil state.

3. By means of works of black magic.

4. By means of psychic obsessions.

5. By means of enmities

6. By means of organic illnesses.

7. By means of vices.

8. By means of certain aspects of culture.

9. By means of false prophets.

10. By means of the intervention of “inferior elementaries.”

Oneiric Seduction by Black Magicians

Those who tread the path are often erotically attacked by the tenebrous ones (usually at night) while their bodies repose during their normal sleep. Temples of black magic exist in the Internal Worlds, thus, naturally, their tenebrous members send certain very beautiful and seductive black sorceresses to male students, with the sole purpose of making them fall sexually.

They know that if the student spills the seminal liquid, the Kundalini descends and thus the weak and naive student loses power.

Mantric Chant

Therefore, it is necessary for the students to learn how to defend themselves from these tenebrous nocturnal erotic attacks. To that effect, the Angel Aroch revealed a mantric chant to us, for personal defense against the tenebrous ones. Sing this mantric chant before going to sleep:

Belilin... Belilin... Belilin...

Amphora of salvation.

I would like to be next to you;

Materialism has no power close to me.

Belilin... Belilin... Belilin...

These mantras must be chanted by placing all our love and sentiment into them. This is how we defend ourselves from the tenebrous ones.

Remember that in the dawning of life, the progenitors of the Gods delightfully sang (and thus taught) the Cosmic Laws to the builders of the Universe.

We must chant these mantras with all of our soul. We must chant them with profound emotion.

This is how we defend ourselves from the tenebrous ones.

When the human being becomes accustomed to practicing Sexual Magic every day, it is then impossible for the tenebrous ones to discharge his valuable seminal reserve; moreover, the nocturnal seminal emissions cease, if there were any at all.

Temptations in the Vigil State

Black magicians usually malevolently employ many people of the opposite sex in order to sexually attack the neighbor. This is “temptation.”

Thus, in any sexually tempting, critical situation, the aforementioned mantra also serves to edify an efficient defense against those perverse temptations.

The Vigil State and Bewitchments

Usually, black magicians malevolently and persistently employ their black magic in order to harm their victims. This is why frequently, certain patients with mysterious illnesses (which are the outcome of “bewitchments”) need to go to medical clinics. Typically, doctors will prescribe bromides and all kinds of medicines for stress. The sick patients ingest their dosage of medicine, nonetheless they continue going from bad to worse!

The utilization of dolls is one of the most detestable and common methods used by black magicians in order to harm their victims. Of course, we abstain from explaining how these dolls are used or how the tenebrous ones do it, so as not to provide weapons to certain irresponsible and inhumane individuals.

Symptoms and Theurgic Therapy

It is easily to recognize the symptoms of somebody who has been assaulted by means of dolls: The person feels a great anguish, intense palpitations of the heart, depression, piercing pains in the brain and externally on the temples, pain in the heart as well as in other areas of the body. In such cases, healing sessions must be arranged in order to cure these “bewitched” patients.

To that effect, the patient will be seated in a chair before a table covered with a white tablecloth. A crucifix, a glass of water and a lit candle will be placed on the table. The thaumaturgist (healer) will sit in front of the patient. Other concerned people, if any, such as friends or relatives of the patient, will also be seated around the table, under the condition that they possess a sincere faith of great strength.

Moreover, it is indispensable to place salt and alcohol on a plate. However, the salt must be previously prepared with the following exorcism:

Exorcism of Salt

In isto sale sit sapientia, et ab omni corruptione servet mentes nostras et corpora nostra, per Chokmahel et in virtute Ruach-Chokmahel, recedant ab isto fantasmata hylae ut sit sal coelestis, sal terrae et terris salis, ut nutrietur bos triturans et addat spei nostrae cornua tauri volantis. Amen.

[Editor's Note: Here is the meaning in English: "Let wisdom be in this salt, and keep our minds and our bodies from all corruption thus let the fantasies of  matter depart from the salt by Chokmahel and by virtue of Ruach-Chokmael, so that it may become the salt of heaven on earth and earthly salt (rocky salt) so that the threshing ox may be fed and add to our hope the horns of our winged bull. Amen."]

Thereafter, when everything is properly arranged and set, the great Masters of Light must be invoked by reciting (in a loud voice) the Invocation of Solomon.

Procedure: Ignite the alcohol with a match so that it burns with the salt and recite the Invocation of Solomon in that precise moment as follows:

Powers of the kingdom, be ye under my left foot and in my right hand!

Glory and eternity, take me by the two shoulders, and direct me in the paths of victory!

Mercy and justice, be ye the equilibrium and splendor of my life!

Intelligence and wisdom, crown me!

Spirits of Malkuth, lead me betwixt the two pillars upon which rests the whole edifice of the temple!

Angels of Netzach and Hod, establish me upon the cubic stone of Yesod!

Oh Gedulahel! Oh Geburahel! Oh Tiphereth!

Binahel, be thou my love!

Ruach Chokmahel, be thou my light!

Be that which thou art and thou shalt be, Oh Ketheriel!

Ishim, assist me in the name of Shaddai!

Cherubim, be my strength in the name of Adonai!

Beni-Elohim, be my brethren in the name of the Son, and by the powers of Sabaoth!

Elohim, do battle for me in the name of Tetragrammaton!

Malachim, protect me in the name of Iod-Havah!

Seraphim, cleanse my love in the name of Eloah!

Hasmalim, enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shechinah!

Aralim, act!

Ophanim, revolve and shine!

Chaioth-Ha-Kadosh cry, speak, roar, bellow!

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh!

Shaddai, Adonai, Iod-Havah, Eheieh asher Eheieh!

Hallelu-Jah, Hallelu-Jah, Hallelu-Jah.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

After having recited this invocation with fervor and with intense faith, we will beg the great Masters of the Light to heal the patient.

Sequentially, the theurgist will recite (filled with all of his spiritual strength of profound faith, and with confidence in his power), the following conjuration:

Conjuration of the Seven of Solomon the Sage

In the name of Michael, may Jehovah command thee and drive thee hence, Chavajoth!

In the name of Gabriel, may Adonai command thee, and drive thee hence, Bael!

In the name of Raphael, begone before Elial, Samgabiel!

By Samael Sabaoth, and in the name of Elohim Gibor, get thee hence, Andrameleck!

By Zachariel et Sachiel-Meleck, be obedient unto Elvah, Sanagabril!

By the divine and human name of Shaddai, and by the sign of the Pentagram which I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are Iod-Chavah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in Peace, Nahemah!

By the holy Elohim and by the names of the Genii Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel and Zarahiel, at the command of Orifiel, depart from us Moloch! We deny thee our children to devour!

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Destruction of Malignant Fluids and Larvae by Means of Fire

Notice, it is also necessary to have next to the patient, a brazier (a metal pan for holding burning coals or charcoal, such as an hibachi), filled with charcoal that must be lit and left to get red-hot. Thus, with his right hand the theurgist will perform fast and energetic magnetic passes over the sick organs, and he will immediately cast the harmful, deleterious (magnetic) fluids (that have been removed from the victim) onto the burning charcoals.

Once the ceremony has ended, the patient must drink the glass of water that was on the table, since the Masters of the Light have already placed their sacred medicine within that water.

Saint Thomas stated that the concoction of sage and rue plants must be drunk to ward off spells; we should also smudge ourselves with them.

The procedure that we have revealed and taught here in order to heal the sick (who have been harmed by sorcery through dolls) can also be employed successfully to combat any type of bewitchment.

Black Elementals, Bats

We must warn students that not only do sorcerers use “dolls” in order to make their victims ill, but also the “elementals” of some animals. This is why witches or sorcerers possess millions of methods and influences in order to impiously cause all kinds of harm to their victims.

Unluckily, we met a black magician who sent vampires or bats to the homes of his hated victims with the intention of causing them fatal harm. Through his ominous “works” of black magic, by manipulating his armies of repugnant chiropters with malignant ability, this tenebrous man became wealthy. He nourished these innocent animals with plantain oils; nonetheless, when these elementals resisted in obeying him, he then punished them by denying them any type of food. We will obviously not explain the procedures of that sorcerer, because we do not teach black magic.

How to Trap Sorceresses by Surprise

Obviously, there exist sorceresses as well as sorcerers. These women possess secrets (i.e. as those which we have revealed in this book) in order to submerge their physical bodies within the fourth dimension. This is how they immerse their physical bodies within the tenebrous regions of Nature and travel to remote places in order to cause hideous damages to people. Nevertheless, it is easy to trap them.

The Method: On the floor, place a pair of scissors opened in the form of a cross, and scatter black mustard seed inside the room of the victim. This procedure will cause the witches to fall!

An Objective Testimony

We knew the case of a lady who did not believe in witches. She had the same mental conditioning as numerous other people have; she was intellectualized with concepts acquired through conventional culture.

Well then, the aforementioned woman visited a female cousin, who lived in the city.

In the evening, the two women saw a blackish bird, which looked like a buzzard or a vulture. This bird was perched on a tree in the outdoor patio of the house and from the tree the bird was mimicking the words that the two women were saying in their conversation and thereafter laughing at them.

That night, the cousin, who comprehended what this bird of evil omen was, placed a pair of scissors on the floor in the form of a cross and scattered black mustard seed inside of her bedroom.

The outcome was astounding: that evil omen bird, that was still perched on the tree in the outdoor patio, entered the bedroom of the house, flapped incessantly and then fell down upon the scissors! Thereafter, before the shocking eyes of her cousin, the bird inevitably was transformed into a woman. The woman was completely naked. Thus, the angry and inflexible cousin lashed the witch horribly with a whip and thereafter threw her out naked into the street. After a while some neighbors, feeling pity for the witch, gave her some clothes to cover up her body. This is a factual historical case.

Maculae Produced through Bewitchments

The wretched and suffering victims of bewitchments have their skin covered with huge black spots. Generally, the doctors of medicine do not ever manage to discover and understand the origin of these mysteriously colored maculae on the skin.

Nevertheless, these spots on the skin can also be healed (made to disappear) by means of the former liturgical ritual that was taught in this chapter. Nonetheless, we must warn that a single healing session is not enough in order to succeed. Any illness produced by bewitchment can be healed in exactly six months with constant, tenacious and persistent daily work.

When it is suspected that the victim has ingested some malignant substance, then, one spoonful of olive oil must be drunk daily on an empty stomach; one hour later (after drinking the olive oil), the person must drink the concoction of “epazote macho,” which is also called “yerba santa” or “paico.”

Saint Ignatius’ Fava Bean and “Yellow Water”

However, in very serious and desperate cases, the patient will be purged by consuming Saint Ignatius’ Fava Bean (which is a very drastic almond) on an empty stomach. Saint Ignatius’ Fava Bean will make the victims of the black magicians vomit the malignant substances from their stomach.

Likewise, in these cases, a cleansing of the stomach can be performed with what is called “Yellow Water.” This water is prepared in the following manner: Fill a one liter yellow colored bottle (or various bottles of the same yellow color) with water. Mix one gram of yellow vegetable aniline (food dye) in the water of each bottle (the aniline is the one utilized to dye candies or in the baking industry to make bread appear yellow. Do not ever use a mineral aniline or colorant).   

Close the bottles and place them under the rays of the Sun for two hours. Thereafter, every hour, give the patient (who has been harmed with malignant substances) a glassful of this “Yellow Water” to drink. Continue the treatment constantly for as long as necessary.

“Funerary” Substances

There are patients who have been harmed without any scruples, without even the most basic scruples; they were harmed with funerary substances or with other types of suspicious substances, yet not less repugnant.

Likewise, these cases can be healed with the “Yellow Water.”

The person that became sick because of the ingestion of funerary substances, presents the following symptoms: a cadaverous color; if he is average (not too fat nor too thin) he becomes spectral, extremely skeletal and feeble, to the point that his bones are easily exposed; moreover, he feels a constantly moving, turning ball inside of his stomach.

A patient like this can be healed with the rite already described in this chapter, and with “Yellow Water.”

Children who have been perversely harmed with funerary substances also exist. However, in some of these cases the people who have caused the harm did it unintentionally and unconsciously. For example, we know of the case of a girl who was about two years old, whose physical appearance was exactly like that of a specter. This happened because her relatives had attended a burial or funeral in the cemetery. Thus, upon returning home from the burial ground, they made contact with the girl, and naturally, they touched her. Thus, in this way they contaminated her with deadly and infectious, bodiless vital fluids.

Physicians failed totally in this case. Yet, we, the brethren of the temple, prescribed for her nine healing baths of milk with peppermint. This bath is easily prepared: the peppermint plant is boiled with the milk, thereafter, bathe the sick child with it. These nine baths are taken for nine consecutive days. The outcome was excellent: the little girl was totally healed.

The Evil Eye

It seems incredible, yet the fact is that there exist people who have a terribly hypnotic force; when they look at a child, sometimes the child inevitably dies.

Symptoms: Great black circles under the eyes; fever in the head; vomiting and diarrhea.

In these cases the theurgist will execute magnetic passes over the whole body of the child, especially on the head and on the face. In this manner, he will imagine that he is removing the harmful fluids with energy; he will then immediately cast these (magnetic) fluids onto the hot embers of very well lit charcoal.

The energetic passes over the whole body are performed simultaneously with the recitation of the Conjuration of the Seven of the Wise King Solomon.

In most cases, thousands of children die in the cities due to this inflicted harm. The physicians who give the children death certificates usually affirm that these children have died because of an intestinal infection. A great number of children could be saved in the cities if their parents would utilize healing methods that can cure them; the parents should not worry about people’s open criticism.

The “evil eye” can be prevented by adorning the children with small gold rings placed on their small fingers or by making bracelets of genuine coral for them to wear. The jet mineral can also be used.

Magical Circle

The magical circle is utilized as a defense against the attacks of the tenebrous ones. This circle must not be completely closed since this drawn circle must be interrupted by the Seal of Solomon.

This seal is integrated by the two antagonistic ternaries: the ternary of the light and the ternary of the darkness.

The first is the Internal Christ of every human being: the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The second is the three-headed Black Dragon: the “psychological I,” which is composed of the three traitors that assassinated Hiram Abiff, who in turn is the Master, the superior ternary of the human being, his Inner God.

The Black Dragon is triune: it controls the Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies. This is the Medusa whose head is lodged with poisonous serpents.

Know well that every human being must decapitate Medusa with the flaming sword of Perseus.

Therefore, the disciples who want to defend themselves against the attacks of black magic must habituate themselves to mentally trace the magical circle.

The magical circle can be performed before falling into normal sleep or whenever it is necessary.

(Excerpt from Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: When you trace a Magical Circle around yourself, whether it be with your sword, or with your willpower and Imagination united in vibrating harmony (or with both at the same time), you must pronounce the following mantras: Helion, Melion, Tetragrammaton.)