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The Universal Sound

Any motion is coessential to sound. Wherever there is motion, there is sound, too. The human ear is only capable of perceiving a limited number of sound vibrations. Nonetheless, above and below the sound vibrations that the human ear can perceive, there are multiple sound waves that the human ear is not capable of perceiving (i.e. the fish of the sea produce their own peculiar sounds). The ants communicate among themselves by means of sounds that are inaudible to our range of physical perception. Sounding waves, acting upon the water produce the motion of elevation and the pressure of the waters. Sounding waves, acting upon the air, produce concentric movements. The atoms spinning around their nuclear centers produce certain sounds that are imperceptible to humans. Fire, air, water, and earth have their own particular sounding notes.

The Keynote and the Seven Vowels

The keynote and the seven vowels of Nature: I-E-O-U-A-M-S, resound in all of creation! Each flower, each mountain, each river, has its own peculiar note, its note synthesis. The combination of all sounds that are produced in the planetary globe produces a note synthesis in the immense core of the infinite space. Thus, each world has its own keynote. The combination of all the keynotes of the infinite forms the ineffable orchestration of the starry spaces; this is the Music of the Spheres of which Pythagoras spoke.

Vibratory Affinity

If a musician playing an instrument was to play the keynote of a man and prolong that note to the maximum, then, that man would die instantly because all of the cells of the human organism are sustained by the sound, by the Word. The atoms of the entire organism live in incessant motion. All that is in motion makes a sound, thus, the Logos sounds; therefore the note synthesis of every atomic movement of the human organism could (by the law of vibratory affinity) kill a human being instantly.

It is written (Joshua 6:5) that when seven priests made a long blast with seven rams’ horns trumpets, the walls of Jericho fell down flat, because they played the keynote of those walls. In the army, it is known that when a battalion is going to cross a bridge, they should break the march so as not to destroy the stability of the bridge with their rhythmic sounding march. If the note of a piano is played, and if there is another in tune piano nearby, the latter will repeat the same note as the former. This is due to the law of vibratory affinity.

Apply the former paragraph’s examples to the first case we mentioned. Indeed, if the musician was to produce the keynote of a man and prolonged it exceedingly, then, by the law of vibratory affinity, the phenomenon of the two pianos would repeat itself within the organism of that man; thus, this would mean instant death to him, in other words, this would be a very intense commotion beyond the resistance of the normal equilibrium of the structure of that man.

Geometry of the Word

The word produces objective geometric figures. These geometric figures crystallize materially when they are endowed with cosmic matter. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… All things were made by him..!” [John 1:1] The geometric figures of words are concretely recorded on a magnetic tape for use in recording sound. Thus, it is enough to pass the needle over the recording tape for all the words pronounced by the speaker to resound with intensity again.


When phonetic combinations are made with wisdom, mantras are produced. Therefore, a mantra is a wise combination of letters whose sounds determine spiritual, psychic, and also physical effects.

Before all the languages of the Tower of Babel were scattered upon the face of the Earth, only one language, a language of gold, a universal idiom existed. That language has its perfect cosmic grammar. The letters of that golden language are written within all of Nature. Whosoever has studied the Nordic Runes and the Hebrew, Chinese, and Tibetan characters will be able to intuit that “cosmic language” with its enigmatic letters.

Sexual - Laryngeal Relationship

There is an intimate relationship between the sexual glands and the creative larynx. When a young man reaches the age of fourteen, his voice is transformed into the voice of a mature man. That transformation is due to the hormone-releasing activity of his sexual glands. Therefore, the intimate relationship between the sexual glands and the creative larynx is incontrovertible!

The Arcanum A.Z.F. and the Third Logos

The energy of the Third Logos flows through the sexual organs and through the creative larynx. These are the two instruments through which the powerful creative energy of the Third Logos flows. When one works with the “Arcanum A.Z.F.,” the sacred serpent is awakened. The ascending current of the creative energy of the Third Logos is living fire. This Pentecostal Fire rises along the medullar canal, opening centers and awakening miraculous powers.

The Christified Word is Sexual

The human being can create with the power of the Word when the sacred fire reaches the creative larynx. In the Internal Worlds, the initiate can think about something and then create it with the Word. The Word creates! The universe was created by the Army of the Voice, by the Great Word!

Those who practice Sexual Magic, those who work with the “Arcanum A.Z.F.” must Christify the Word. The Word and sex are intimately related; the Word is sexual! Thus, when someone works with the Magnus Opus, when those individuals transmute their creative energies, they must Christify their language. Vulgar, inharmonious, or arrhythmic words modify the creative energy with their vibrations, giving it absolutely fatal types of vibrations.

Yet, divine words, sublime, harmonic, rhythmic, melodious, and perfect words produce sexual transmutations endowed with glory. Our adorable Savior of the World Christified his Word by drinking from the chalice of sexuality. This is why the Word is mantric! This is why the Word is sexual!

If we were to speak the golden language, then the fire, air, water, and earth would obey us. We would then be authentic gods! If we were to speak to a mountain in the sacred language, and command the mountain to disintegrate, then the mountain would burst asunder into pieces in a frightening cataclysm.

Deformation of the Word

The sound of the cannon, its explosion, destroys the glass of a window. On the other hand, a soft word calms anger. However, a rude and inharmonious word produces anger, or melancholy, sadness, hatred. It is stated that silence is golden; however it is better to state that: It is wrong to speak when one should be silent, as well as to be silent when one should speak!

There are fraudulent silences; there are iniquitous words. The outcome of our spoken words should be calculated with nobility, since many times we hurt others with words uttered unconsciously. Words filled with ill-intended or double meaning produce fornications in the World of the Mind. Angry words engender violence in the World of the Cosmic Mind. One must never condemn anyone with the word, because one must never judge anyone. Slander, gossip, and lies have filled the world with pain and bitterness.

When we work with the “Arcanum A.Z.F.,” we must comprehend that the creative energies are exposed to all types of modifications. These energies from our libido can be modified into powers of light or darkness. Everything depends on the quality of our words.

Magical Mantras

There are mantras for each chakra; occult powers can be awakened with such mantras. Likewise, there are a great number of mantras for Astral Body projection, or in order to attain dominion over the fire, air, water and earth. There are also mantras that can defend us from the tenebrous entities that dwell in the Abyss.

For instance: the mantra I... A... O... is the mantra of the “Arcanum A.Z.F.”

  • I (Ignis, Fire)
  • A (Aqua, Water)
  • O (Origo, Beginning, Spirit)

The I, the Fire fecundates the A, the Water of universal Genesis, so that life may sprout forth. All this is performed within the O, within the Universal Spirit of Life.

The Internal Master is the “Note Synthesis”

The sacred mysteries of the Logos were known among the Aztecs, Egyptians, Hindus, Persians, Romans, and Greeks, etc. All Hebrew paradises are full of “rivers of pure waters of life” from where flow milk and honey… and of sacred wine, delirium to those who drink it. Indeed, all those sacred rivers, all those waters of life, all those lakes of the temples, are symbols of the Christonic semen which human beings carry within their seminal vesicles. During the esoteric sexual trance, the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit fecundates the waters of life so that the Master may come straight up out of the waters. Certainly, the Internal Master is the note synthesis of all the notes — He is the God that we carry within! He is the Word.

Let Us Vocalize Mantras

The moment has arrived to vocalize mantras. The moment has arrived to learn how to spell the golden language to awaken the chakras, or discs, or magnetic wheels of the Astral Body. Thus, anyone can see, hear, touch and feel the great mysterious realities of the Superior Worlds.

We must get into action, an intentionally supra-physical action, because everything in the universe lives in incessant motion and any motion is coessential to sound. Wherever there is motion, there is sound also! Therefore, let us control sound!

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