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Cultivated Fruit

Modern scientists with their foul wisdom are eliminating the fruits that great nature has provided for our nourishment. In this day and age, grafted vegetables are fashionable. With their foul wisdom, North American scientists have made of the fruits a true festivity for the eyes.

One is astonished when ones sees the size of oranges, limes, grapes and apples from California.

There is a saying that states, “All that glitters is not gold.” This is a very wise saying.

These fruits are the products of grafted plants. Already these fruits (with all of their astonishing beauty) contain practically none of what Mother Nature provided them with for the normal existence of all of its creatures.

Modern scientists are very far from even suspecting that when any plant is grafted it cannot capture the special type of cosmic vibratory waves that are fundamental and necessary for life; therefore, it is logical that within the vital depths of such fruits an adulteration is produced.

Naturally, the ignoramuses do not believe in these things, they do not know them; they do not even suspect them. They only see their theories within the fruits, theories that they have inserted in their heads; they only see the chemical substances that they studied within the laboratories, etc…They are incapable of seeing the fruit itself, of seeing what Emmanuel Kant called ‘the thing itself.’

The venerable sages of ancient times knew how to see the thing itself, the fruit in itself, thus they knew the outcome of these famous grafts.

When a tree or any given plant is grafted, it reaches a certain state that the archaic hierophants defined with their science, with the strange and exotic name of Absoizomosa.

It is well known that the plant or tree that is defined in this state with this mysterious and archaic word absorbs from the environment certain cosmic substances that do not nourish and only serve to automatically recover their self-reproductive subjective presence (what is on the surface).

When a tree is found in its original pure state it is clear that it attracts the necessary vital substances from the Protocosmos for the nourishment of all creatures. However, when its original state is adulterated such a tree loses that fundamental capacity.

Fruits which are children of adultery have a beautiful presence but are useless for the nourishment of the human species.

The filthiest things of all (besides the vegetable adulteration) are the famous fruit preserves closed hermetically within cans that exude poison. North Americans want to preserve all foods in hermetically sealed cans.

The outcome of the absurd consumption of canned foods is the famous poliomyelitis.

The gravest thing of all is that North Americans carry their polio to all the countries they visit.

The super-civilized, modern scientists believe that the preservation of comestibles in hermetically sealed cans is a thing of this modern day and age but they are lamentably mistaken. These types of experiments have already been performed in ancient times, but they were abandoned because it was proven that they were useless and dangerous to our health.

An archaic country unknown to present history existed in the Asiatic continent. The name of that country was Maralpleicie. The inhabitants of that Asian country rivaled another contemporary country known as Tikliamish.

The merchants of Maralpleicie preserved and sealed the fruits in what then was known as Sikha Renenians vessels. These types of vessels were made out of finely crushed mother of pearl, the egg yolk of a hen and the tail of the Esturion Choozna Fish.

Such vessels looked like very beautiful jars of glass that have not been finely polished. They were adorned with exotic, marvelously colored oriental forms of great beauty.

After severe analysis, the ancient sages comprehend that malignant beauty existed there.

Their scientific studies allowed them to verify that food stored in such vessels turned into poison for the organism.

Multiple laboratory tests brought these sages to the following conclusion: that food bottled up in such hermetically sealed vessels become toxic.

All the sages of that ancient country discovered (among many other bad things) that the unfortunate consumers of these vessels lost their modesty and became shameless in respect to their organism.

The governments of that time acted with more sense than the vain, modern governments of this tenebrous epoch in which we living in today.

Governments then radically prohibited the use of hermetically sealed vessels for food.

The vessels in these times are worse than the vessels of ancient times. Canned food has brought grave sicknesses to the human species.

It is clear that the poisonous active elements of tin and of other metals which are contained in hermetically sealed vessels cannot escape, cannot evaporate, thus they combine themselves with the canned food. This is what is called the relationship of elements in regards to the number of vibrations.

We are in the times of electronics and in the study of the atom, therefore we have to learn how to think in terms of vibrations and atoms.

When these famous fruit preserves contained in venomous vessels penetrate within our organism it is clear that they damage it, they sicken it.Grafted vegetables and these famous fruits preserved in cans are causing very grave damage to the human race; what about canned sardines?

This wretched human race marches on the path of complete degeneration.

Governments must study this grave problem of these metal vessels and they must prohibit the grafting of fruits and vegetables.

It is necessary to fight for the health of people. To adulterate the fruits of the earth is an absurdity.

The chemical elements that scientists study are not the only things that exist within the fruit; let us remember that we are in the time of the atom and of electronics.

Let us remember that we are in the epoch of the study of vibrations and radioactivity.

Radioactive vital principles exist within the fruits that are totally fundamental for the health of all creatures.

To adulterate these vital principles is a crime against people.