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The Truth

Many people believe in God, and many people are atheists; they do not believe in God. There are also many individuals who neither believe nor do not believe; they try to behave well in life just in case there is God.

We say that belief in God does not mean having experienced that which is God.

We say that denying God does not mean having experienced that which is the Truth, that which is called God.

We say that doubting the existence of God does not mean having experienced the Truth.

We need to experience that which can radically transform us, that which many call God, Allah, Tao, Brahma, etc. etc. etc.

The believer's mind is bottled up in beliefs, which is not an experience of That which is the Truth, God.

The mind of the atheist is bottled up in unbeliefs, which is not an experience of the Real, God, the Truth or whatever we want to call the Divine.

The mind of the one who doubts the existence of God is bottled up in skepticism, and this is not the Truth.

That which IS, that what is the Truth — God, Allah or whatever we want to call IT — is very different from belief, negation, and skepticism.

That which is the Reality has nothing to do with the three factors of belief, negation, and skepticism.

As long as the mind is bottled up in any of these three mentioned factors, it cannot experience That which the Chinese call the TAO, that which is Divine, That which is the Truth God, Allah, Brahma, etc.

Whosoever has ever experienced That which cannot be defined (because if IT is defined it is disfigured), that which some call God, clearly that one goes through a radical, total, and definitive transformation.

When Pilate asked Jesus, "What is Truth?", Jesus was silent. When the Buddha was asked the same question, he turned and walked away.

Everyone comments on the Truth, but the Truth has nothing to do with opinions.

The Truth has nothing to do with thought. The Truth is something that we must experience in the absence of the “I”.

The Truth comes to us like a thief in the night, and when it is least expected. Really, the Truth is something very paradoxical. The one who knows it does not say it, and the one who says it does not know it.

The Truth is not something still, static. The Truth is the unknowable from moment to moment.

The Truth is not a goal we should reach. The Truth is hidden at the base of every problem of daily life. It is like the Sun; it shines behind the black clouds of our personal defects.

The Truth does not belong to time or eternity. The Truth is beyond eternity and time.

We must know how to live intelligently, because in practical life intelligently lived from moment to moment, we can find That which is the Truth.

After the hard day's work, we can delve deep into inner meditation.

We need to understand very deeply every problem, every memory, every personal flaw.

During meditation, all our worries, desires and bitternesses pass through the mind in a sinister parade.

It is urgent to analyze each of these things of the mind and extract from them what is useful. Then the tragic parade ends, and in a very spontaneous and natural way the mind remains deeply still and silent.

Only the silent, serene, and still mind can experience that element that radically transforms, and that many call God.

The agitated and clumsy mind, the mind that seeks, the mind that flutters from school to school, from sect to sect, etc., will never be able to experience That which is the Truth.

The mind is a wonderful, flexible substance, and we can play with it and change its shape at will and break it with names of different schools, but that does not mean that we have experienced the Truth.

In the world there are many people who believe they have the Truth yet have never experienced it. These people usually want to teach the Truth to others who have ever experienced it.

Whoever has ever experienced the Truth cannot murder anyone, but it is very curious to know that those who have never experienced the Truth have murdered many in the name of it.

The Truth has nothing to do with the ideas that we have in the mind. The Truth is not of the mind.

Some people have an idea about the Truth, and others have another idea. Everyone has their own ideas about the Truth, yet the Truth has nothing to do with ideas, it is radically different from all ideas.

We need to transform ourselves radically, and only the Truth can transform us.

The Truth, God, Allah, the Tao or whatever you want to call IT is a series of experiences that are always expansive and increasingly more and more significant.

The Truth has nothing to do with beliefs or with unbeliefs.