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The Return Practice

When the aspirant has successfully performed all of the Gnostic exercises related with the esotericism of dreams, then it is evident that he is found intimately prepared for the “return practice.”

In the previous chapter, we mentioned the initiator element that comes forth as if by enchantment from amongst the changing and formless expressions of dreams.

Certain people, who are highly psychic, refined or susceptible to impressions, have always possessed in themselves the initiator element. These people are characterized by the continuous repetition of the same dream. These psychics periodically re-live various scenes, or constantly see in their dream experience a creature or a symbol...

Every time the aspirant wakes up from ordinary sleep and remembers the initiator element (be it a symbol, a sound, a color, a person, etc.), he keeps his eyes closed and goes on with the visualization of that familiar image. He will then try to go back to sleep to continue the same dream.

In other words, the aspirant tries to be conscious of his own dream; that is why he intentionally goes on with it, but carries it to the vigil state in full lucidity and self-control.

Hence, he becomes a spectator and actor of a dream with the advantage, certainly not insignificant, of being able to abandon the scene at will in order to move freely in the astral world.

Then the aspirant, free of the limitations of the flesh, outside the physical body, will have discarded his old familiar environment and penetrated a universe ruled by different laws.

The discipline of the dream state of Tantric Buddhists methodically leads us to the awakening of our consciousness.

Gnostics can awaken to the real state of illumination only through the comprehension and elimination of dreams.

Sacred scriptures from Hindustan solemnly assert that the whole world is Brahma’s dream. Having this Hindu postulate as a base, let us emphasize that, “when Brahma awakens, his dream ends.”

As long as the aspirant does not achieve the radical dissolution, not only of dreams, but also of the psychological roots that originate them, absolute awakening is impossible.

The definite awakening of the consciousness is possible only by means of a radical transformation.

The four Christic gospels insist on the necessity of awakening. Unfortunately, people are still sleeping.

Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ, was certainly a human being who was one hundred percent awakened. The multiplicity of his attributes points to us precisely the antiquity of his cult and the profound veneration he received in Mesoamerica.

The holy gods of Anahuac are perfect humans in the strictest sense of the word. They are absolutely awakened. Those beings eradicated even the possibility of dreams from their psyche.

Tlaloc, “he who makes sprouting,” the god of the rain and lightning, being a god, is also an awakened human who had to eliminate from his psyche not only his dreams, but also all possibilities of dreaming. He is the principal sacred individual of the ancient Olmec culture. He is always depicted with the tiger-serpent’s mask in colossal axes and various jade figures.

Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli, creatures of the fire, living representations of night and day, are also awakened humans, beings who went beyond their dreams.

Out of the physical body, an awakened individual can invoke the holy gods of the Aztecs, Mayans, Zapotecs, Toltecs, and others.

The gods of the Borgia, Borbon, and other codices, come to help those who awaken.

By means of the help of the holy gods, the awakened person can study the secret doctrine of Anahuac in the Astral Light.