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The Cross of Saint Andrew

Andrew, the hermit, humble fisherman, served the Christus John, and then became a disciple of the great Kabir Jesus.

The Christic gospel of solar humanity tells us, in effect, that when this great being started his esoteric mission he came and dwelt in Capernaum, a maritime city of Galilee, of which the prophet Isaiah had said, 

“The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.“ —Matthew 4:16, re: Isaiah 9:2

Walking then by the shore of the sea, the lake, the Solar Logos took as first disciples the fishermen Peter and Andrew, his brother, 

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” —Matthew 4:19

Andrew assisted Jesus, the great Gnostic priest, in the miraculous catch of fish at Lake Genesareth or Jainesareth, the symbolic Jinn lake where the sacred fire performed so many wonders.

In the book of life are written with golden words several resurrections and miracles performed by Andrew after the death of the great Kabir.

The legend of the centuries states that seven left-hand, dark, and sinister demons who murdered travelers were lurking there at Nicaea. Before the solemn verdict of public judgment, after converting them into dogs, Andrew expelled them from all those surroundings.

The extraordinary affliction of Andrew, full of enigmas and portents, made very famous the cross as an X, upon which in a ruthless manner his separated limbs had been tied.  

Undoubtedly, without exaggeration, we can and must solemnly affirm that this symbolic X, which is certainly a greek K, was, is and always will be one of the most valuable symbols of Christic esotericism.

Many mystical fraternities adopted Andrew's magical sign: X, Krestos, the fish, etc.

Evidently, Andrew was specifically accepted by the esoteric fraternities of Scotland. It is not irrelevant in this Christmas Message 1974-1975 to emphatically state that these institutions have the "thistle" as a symbolic plant, and this is demonstrated.

Unquestionably, for many centuries in Scotland there were diverse esoteric fraternities of Saint Andrew, the Orders of the Thistle.

Evidently, Andrew was specifically accepted by the esoteric fraternities of Scotland.

It has been repeated many times that extraordinary men like Thomas a Kempis, Geber, Raymond, Nicolas Flamel, Sendivogius, Albert the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas, Wigelius, Roger Bacon, Mathias Cornax, Paracelsus, Arnold of Villanova, and many others, were active members of similar fraternities.

If the Immaculate Lamb of God who erases away the sins of the world carries the symbolic cross on his banner, as the Hierophant Jesus on his bleeding back, holding it bravely with the leg, as is shone in some religious pictures, it is because it has the sacred sign deeply embedded in the same leg.

Those who receive the ineffable Spirit of the sacred Fohat, who carry it in themselves and who are properly marked by its glorious sign, certainly and in the name of the truth, we have to say that they have nothing to fear from the elemental fire.

These are the authentic Children of the Sun, the true disciples of Elijah, who have as a guide the star of their ancestors.

The sign of the cross, sublime monogram our Lord Christ, from which the cross of Saint Andrew and Saint Peter's miraculous keys are two wonderful replicas of equal alchemical and kabbalistic value, is therefore the mark capable of ensuring victory for the laborers of the Great Work.

In the central crossing of the Palenque cross is placed the Tree of Life of the Hebrew Kabbalah; this is a true marvel of ancient Mexico.

Undoubtedly, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life share their roots.

Let us never forget that around the resplendent cross that Constantine saw in the astral world appeared those prophetic words, which he then joyfully made to be inscribed on his labarum: "In hoc signo vinces," “with this sign you will conquer.”  

The sexual cross, the living symbol of the crossing of the lingam-yoni, has the unmistakable and marvelous mark of the three nails that were used to immolate the Christ-matter, image of the three purifications by iron and fire, without which the Lord Quetzalcoatl in Mexico could not have achieved resurrection.

The cross is the ancient alchemical hieroglyph of the crucible (creuset), which used to be called in French cruzol, crucible, croiset.

In Latin, crucibulum, crisol, had the root crux, crucis, cross. Evidently, all this invites us to reflect.

It is in the crucible where the raw matter of the Great Work suffers with infinite patience the Passion of the Lord.

In the erotic crucible of Sexual Alchemy, the ego dies and the phoenix bird is reborn from its own ashes.

INRI: IN REGIS RENASCOR INTEGER. “In death reborn intact and pure.”

“Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” —1 Corinthians 15: 54, 55  

Roger Bacon, in his monumental work entitled Azoth (a book very similar to Azug from the powerful Asian wisdom) presents in a transcendental graphic the first stage of the alchemical process by means of a decomposed corpse lying in the marvelous retort of Alchemy.

The resplendent sun, the pale moon, and the various planets of our solar system of Ors, with all those alchemical signs that correspond to them by nature, entirely dominate the scene.

It is strange to see that corpse lifting his head as if wanting to resurrect from the dead.

The black crow of Sexual Alchemy separates the meat from the bones while the animated Essence leaves the body.

This profane image of the dead that is resurrecting to initiation, to the Real is, beyond any doubt and without roundabouts, an extraordinary Osirian symbol.

“The flesh abandons the bones…” a liturgical phrase of the fraternities of Saint Andrew of the Thistle, and similar.

Annihilation of the infamous ego in the laboratorium oratorium of the Third Logos is the deep significance of the tortures of Andrew on the terrible X, indispensable, terrifying death that could never be done with any vulgar fire.

Obviously, and without any embellishment to this work, the extra help of an hidden agent, a secret fire of a sexual nature, is required, which, to give an idea of its shape, looks more like water than flame.

This fire, or this hot water, is the vital spark provided by the Logos to inert matter, it is the divine Fohat enclosed within all creation, the igneous lightning, Kundalini, the sacred serpent of the wisdom of Anahuac, ascending along the spinal medullar canal of the adept.

The connection of the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the ens seminis is certainly the specific key by which Adam and Eve can awaken the serpent of Saturn in their esoteric anatomy.

Unquestionably, the very careful reading of Artephius and the epistle of Iohn Pontanus and of the book entitled Epistle of Igne Philosophorum are very suitable because in those immortal pages the reader can find valuable information about the nature and complete characteristics of this “Aqueous Fire” or of this “Igneous Water.”

In the stone paved courtyards of the august and sacred temples of Anahuac, the candidates for human and solar initiation, men and women in reciprocal exchange of caresses, performed the connection of the lingam-yoni, then withdrew from their chemical coitus without ejaculating the ens seminis (the entity of semen). So, this is how they achieved the awakening of the Saturnian serpent.

The sexual transmutation of the ens seminis into creative energy is certainly the fundamental axiom of Hermetic science.

The polarization of this extraordinary type of energy within the human organism was very carefully analyzed in ancient times in the initiatic colleges of Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Yucatan, Greece, India, Tibet, Phoenicia, Persia, Chaldea, Troy, Carthage, etc.

The miraculous ascension of the seminal energy to the brain is performed thanks to a certain pair of nervous cords that in the form of an eight unfold on each side of the dorsal spine.

In Chinese philosophy, this pair of cords are known by the names of Yin and Yang, with Tao being the middle path, the spinal canal, the secret way through which the serpent ascends.

It is obvious that the first of these two canals is lunar. It is evident that the second is solar.

When the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the Triveni, close to the coccyx, the igneous serpent of our magical powers awakens.

The Hebraic Kabbalists speak unto us about the mysterious Daath that appears in the Tree of Life, the sephirah that has no designated divine name, nor angelic host of any type, and that has neither a mundane sign, planet, nor element.

Daath, the sephirah of Hebrew mystery, is produced by the esoteric conjunction of Abba, the Father who is in secret, and Aima, the supreme Mother.

The Father and the Mother, Osiris-Isis are perpetually united in Yesod, the Foundation, the ninth sephirah, the Ninth Sphere, sex, but hidden by the mysteries of Daath, Tantric knowledge, which is processed with the Sahaja Maithuna, Sexual Magic.

Between these two polar aspects of creation — our Father who is in secret and our Divine Mother Kundalini — the loom of life weaves and unweaves.

The legend of the centuries states that when Semele, the mother of Dionysus, saw her divine lover Zeus in his divine shape as lightning, she was burned up and exploded, prematurely giving birth to her son.

Certainly, no one can see God face to face without dying. The death of the myself, the self-willed, is indispensable before we can contemplate the resplendent face of the Ancient of Days.

Just as life represents a process of gradual and always increasing externalization or extroversion, likewise the death of the ego is a process of gradual internalization in which the individual consciousness, the pure Essence, is slowly striped of its useless garments, like Ishtar in her symbolic descent, until becoming entirely naked and awakened to the Great Reality of life free in its movement. 

Undoubtedly, in order for the Light — which constitutes the animated Essence, now bottled up within the animal ego — to begin to shine, sparkle, and gleam, it must be liberated. But verily, I say unto you that this is only possible by undergoing the terrible Buddhist annihilation: by dissolving the I, by dying within ourselves.

Sexual energy is certainly a highly explosive, wonderful, tremendous power. The one who learns how to use the erotic weapon, the spear of magical pacts, will reduce the “I” of psychology to cosmic dust.

It is not irrelevant to solemnly affirm that as an esoteric emblem of virile sexual power, the spear plays a large role in numerous Asian legends as the instrument of salvation and liberation, which when wielded intelligently by the Gnostic ascetic allows him to reduce to ashes the entire conjunction of undesirable elements that form the ego, the myself, the self-will.

In the Passion of our Lord the Christ, Longinus plays the same esoteric role of Saint Michael and Saint George. Unquestionably, among the Greeks a similar job is performed by Cadmus, Perseus, and Jason.

Skewering the dragon or piercing Christ's side with a spear like the celestial knights or the Greek heroes was once something profoundly significant.

The cross of Saint Andrew and the holy lance integrally allegorize all of the work of the Buddhist annihilation.

And when citing with profound veneration the cross of Saint Andrew and the holy spear, we would never commit the unpardonable mistake of forgetting the Holy Grail. 

The sacred chalices of all religions represent the sexual feminine organ of generation and regeneration, and certainly correspond to the cosmogonic vase of Plato and to the cups of Hermes and Solomon and the blessed urn of the ancient mysteries.

The mother of our flesh or the snake woman is celebrated in the Mexican traditions, which represents her as fallen from her primeval state of joy and innocence.

According to the books of Zoroaster, the first man and first woman were created pure and subjected to Ormus, their maker. Ahriman saw them and felt jealous of their happiness. Ahriman approached them in the shape of a snake, and presented some fruits to them and convinced them that he was the creator of the entire universe. They believed him, and since then its nature is totally corrupt.

The monuments and traditions of the Hindus confirm the story of Adam and Eve and their fall. This tradition also exists among Tibetan Buddhists and was taught by the Chinese and the ancient Persians.

The original sin is therefore the root of the ego, the causa causorum of the myself, the self-will.

The expiations that were held among various populaces in order to purify the child for his entry into this life indeed constitute a pact of sexual magic.

In Yucatan, Mexico, the child was taken to the temple where the priest poured on his head the water destined for baptism and gave him a name. In the Canaries, women played this function instead of priests.

Adam and Eve appear always separated by the trunk of a paradisiacal tree. In most cases, the snake wrapped around it is depicted with a human head.  

Only by means of the complete accomplishment of the magical sexual pact, of the sacrament of Baptism, is it possible to annihilate the original sin in order to return to Paradise.

Jachin and Boaz, Urim and Thummim, Apollo and Diana, are certainly the transverse columns of the temple of wisdom.

Between the two columns of the temple is found the Arcanum AZF, the key of the Great Work.

Worshipping his Divine Mother Kundalini, the sacred serpent that ascends along the Tao path (the spinal medulla) Goethe exclaims, filled with ecstasy,

“Virgin, pure in the most noble sense, 

Mother worthy of veneration,

Queen elected by ourselves,

And of equal position to the Gods...”

Eager to die within himself in the here and now during chemical coitus, after having comprehended in an integral manner any given psychological error, he exclaimed with all of the forces of his soul:

“Arrows, pierce me;

Spears, conquer me; 

Maces, strike me. 

Everything disappear, vanish all.

Shine the everlasting star, 

Source of eternal love.”

To comprehend and to eliminate, behold the key of the cross of Saint Andrew. This is how we die from moment to moment...

It is not possible to radically eliminate a psychological defect without integrally comprehending it previously in every one of the levels of the mind.  

During the chemical coitus, Devi Kundalini, our particular Cosmic Mother, individually, can and must wield the holy spear, the shaft of Minerva, the lance of Achilles, the weapon of Longinus, in order to destroy the psychological defect that we had truly comprehended.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

The legend of the centuries states that on the vesper of his fall the Lord Quetzalcoatl, said,

“‘My havens of wealthy feathers, my snail-shelters, they say I have to leave.’

"Overflowing with joy, he then sent to bring the queen to the precious mat. 'Go and bring with you the queen Quetzalpetlatl (the Eve of Hebrew mythology), who is the delight of my life, so that together we may drink — drink till becoming inebriated.’ 

“The messengers went to the palace of Tlamachuayan and from there they brought the queen. ‘Madam queen, daughter of mine, the king Quetzalcoatl commands us to take thee to him, he wants thee to embrace joy with him.’

“She replied, ‘I will go.’

"When Quetzalpetlatl arrived, she sat beside the king. They gave her to drink four times and the fifth in honor of her greatness. And when she was inebriated the magicians began to chant. “Then, hesitantly the king Quetzalcoatl rose and said to the princess amidst the chants, ‘Wife, let us enjoy drinking of this liquor." (Alluding to the liquor of lust.) Since they were inebriated, they said nothing reasonable." (For the lecherous, reasoning becomes misapprehension.)  

“The king did not carry out penance, he did not go to the ritual ablution bath, nor went to the temple to pray. Finally, sleep overcame them. And when they awoke the next day, the two were sad, their hearts were heavy.”  

In the Jewish mythology it is stated that Adam and Eve also were very sad after eating the forbidden fruit. 

“And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” —Genesis 3:7

"Quetzalcoatl then said, 'I am inebriated. I have transgressed. Nothing will remove now the stain that I have cast on myself.’ Then along with his wardens he began to chant a song. He made the crowd that was waiting outside to wait even more....

"Mortifyingly weeping, filled with pain and anguish, since his evil deeds were already known and without any one to comfort him, before his God he began to mourn."

This is quoted from the Nahuatl epic, and invites us to meditate.

What thereafter followed is easy to deduce if we read the following verses from the Hebrew Bible:

“Therefore Jehovah Elohim sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. "So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” —Genesis 3:23-24

The flight of Quetzalcoatl, his mysterious departure from the paradisiacal Tula, is certainly unexpected, unusual...

They say that then he burned all of his houses made of gold and silver and red shells and all of that workmanship from Toltec art.

"Marvelous works of art, precious and beautiful works of art, all was interred, everything he left there hiding in secret places, or within the mountains or within the ravines."

…very valuable, inexhaustible treasure that later he had to seek and find — esoteric wealth hidden in the bowels of the earth.

When wisely translated into gnostic and alchemical terms, these mystical paragraphs of Anahuac are superlative.

The metallic reduction of the spiritual gold is the inevitable sequence or corollary of any sexual fall.

When reference is made to the wonderful works of art, the precious and beautiful works of art, it is then convenient to study — between the lines — the great universal Epistle of James, the blessed patron of the Great Work. (See the Hebrew Bible)

Enoch found the hidden and imperishable treasury within the living mountains of Mount Moriah. Each one of us must find his lost inheritance.

The treasury is never found on the surface of the Earth; it is necessary to descend into the averno in order to find it.

"Visit Interiora Terrae Rectificatur Invenies occultum lapidum." (Visit the interior of the earth, which by rectifying you will find the hidden stone.)

Undoubtedly, the Philosophical Stone and all of those precious gems of the heavenly Jerusalem symbolizing cosmic transcendental virtues and powers, constitute the treasure of Quetzalcoatl, our particular intimate wealth, which we left hidden when we left Eden and that we must seek out within ourselves here and now.

“Before the old tree, the lord saw his face, and full of infinite pain said, ‘I have aged.’

“He arrived at another place and there he took rest; he sat on a stone and rested his hands upon it. He then stared at Tula and began to weep. He wept with great sobs, like trickled hail he wept double thread of drops. Over his countenance the drops rolled down, thus those tears pierced the rock. The very stone was marked by the falling weeping drops of tears.

“The hands that he had rested on the rock were well imprinted in the rock, as if the rock was made out of mud so that in it he could print his hands. Likewise his buttocks remained well marked and imprinted in the stone were he was seated. The gaps of his hands still are shown in the place called Temacpalco.”

In fact — strictu sensu — in the rock, in the stone, in sex, lies hidden the transcendent sexual electricity that can either enslave or liberate the human being.

These distinctive notes invite us to reflection... The Quetzalcoatlian phenomenon is always astonishing and of a palpitating actuality.

Certainly, we are not doing semantic clarifications, we just want to comment about the Quetzalcoatlian message in a phenomenological way.

It is said that after having suffered greatly the blessed one reached a place called Stone Bridge.

"There is water in that place (the ens seminis), water that flows upward, water that expands and extends.” 

Modern anthropologists interpret in a dissimilar, disparate, erroneous manner; they know nothing about the esotericism of Anahuac. They do not known the religious sense of these chants.

Although this seems foreign to Gnosticism in toto, in its depth it is not, thus we must put great emphasis on the following:

"The Blessed One returned to the path that he had once abandoned."

They say that he broke a rock and made a bridge and went across it to the other side. Thus, this is how the great avatar of the Aztecs resumed his path and came to a place called "Water of Snakes.”

Arab authors give the name of Holmat to this fountain, and also teach us that its waters gave immortality to the prophet Elijah. They place this famous fountain in the Modhallan, a term whose root signifies "dark and tenebrous sea,” indicating with this the “metallic chaos” of the sacred sperm or raw matter of the Great Work.

This knowledge escapes the normal rationalist analysis. This subject-matter is a supra-rational type of teaching that can only be apprehended, captured by means of the help of a guru.

The "servus fugitivus" that we need is a “metallic and mineral water,” solid and sharp, with the aspect of a stone and easy liquefaction. 

This coagulated water in the form of a petrous mass is the alkahest, the universal solvent, the serpent’s water, the metallic soul of the sacred sperm, the mercury of the secret philosophy, wonderful outcome of sexual transmutation.

The wise always showed themselves to be very reserved with respect to the philosophical mercury, whose successive phases the smart operator can direct at will.

If the technique claims some time and demands some effort, as a counterpart it is of an extreme simplicity. It does not require any expertise or professional skill, but only the knowledge of a curious artifice that constitutes the "secretum secretorum" that we, the Gnostics, have already publicly disclosed: connection of the lingam-yoni (phallus-uterus) without ever in life spilling the cup of Hermes.

Karl Meagh states: 

“In the period of muscle tension and before the inversion of the currents, when the sensation of the impending ejaculation occurs, the seminal fluid will be stopped by throwing the tongue as far back as possible while holding the breath.”

“It is also recommended to contract the muscles of the anus as if one is practicing the exercise of concentration on the Muladhara chakra.”

The “metallic soul” of the sperm is Hermes, the tinctorial mercury who carries the “mystical gold,” just like Saint Christopher carrying Jesus, and the lamb its own fleece.

It was thus, by means of the mercury of the secret philosophy, that the blessed Lord Quetzalcoatl regenerated the gold in his soul and spirit and superior existential bodies of the Being.

Uselessly, the tenebrous ones intended to make the blessed one to return to his sinful past.

“‘By no means is it now possible for me to return,’ answers the lord, ‘I must leave.’

“‘Where will you go, Quetzalcoatl?’

“‘I am going to the scarlet land,’ he told them, ‘I will acquire knowledge.’

“They say to him, 'And what will you do there?’

“‘I go by being called; the Sun calls me.’

“Very well.” He then left the Toltec culture.

“And the blessed one cast into the water his material goods (the illusory things of this world); his gem necklaces sank at that very moment. Since that time the place is called 'water of valuable jewels.’

“He advanced one point more, and arrived at another place called, ‘place where they sleep.’ (The Orcus of the classics, the Limbus of Christians, here and there the dream of the consciousness in this valley of tears.)

“An adept of the left hand came to meet him and said, ‘Where are you going?’

“The blessed one replied, ‘I am going to the scarlet land. I will acquire wisdom.’

“‘Very well, drink then this wine of oblivion, I have come to bring it to you.’

“‘No, I cannot. I cannot even taste a bit.’

“‘By force you will have to drink it. I also cannot let you pass nor allow you to continue your way without drinking it. I have to force you to drink it, and even get you drunk. Therefore, drink it!’

“Then with a cane (for he was a fallen Bodhisattva) Quetzalcoatl drank the wine.

“Thus, once he had drunk it, from walking the path he was exhausted and fell asleep, and in his sleep he began to snore (during many incarnations, he passed through unspeakable bitterness), and his snoring could be heard echoing from far away, when finally (awakened consciousness again) looked side to side, to himself, and smoothed down his hair. For this reason the name of that place is 'place where they sleep.’

"Again he undertook his journey, and reached the summit between the Smoky Mount (that symbolizes the lingam) and the White Woman (that symbolizes the yoni), and there, upon him and upon his companions, his jesters, his crippled, who he carried with him (namely, his psychic aggregates or inhuman elements) fell snow, and there all remained frozen to death.”

“May the flesh abandon the bones” exclaimed the old medieval Alchemists during the chemical coitus.

These are esoteric torments of the fraternities of Saint Andrew of the Thistle. Undoubtedly, the x cross is a wonderful symbol of the death of all those inhuman elements that together constitute the ego, the “I.”

…allegorical torment of Saint Andrew, frightful tortures in the Ninth Sphere (sexual region), remorse, Buddhist annihilation.

One can only create the gold of the Spirit, or regenerate it, by the annihilation of all of those buffoons, cripples, psychic aggregates that personify our defects.

At times the blessed one chanted, and at another times he cried, while working with infinite patience in the forge of the cyclops (sex).

“He cried at length and great sighs heaved from his chest. He stared at the Nuanced Mountain (the Mountain of the Resurrection) and towards it he walked. Everywhere he was performing prodigies and leaving marvelous signs at his passing. (As once the great Kabir Jesus did in the Holy Land.)

“Upon reaching the beach, he made a raft with snakes (since he had achieved the full development of the seven degrees of power of the fire) thus, once the raft was formed (completed) he sat on it and used it as a boat.”

This reminds us of Gautama, the Buddha, seated upon a snake at the foot of the Bodhi tree, the extraordinary fig tree, a magnificent symbol of sexual potency.

It was raining and the water formed a pool or pond threatening to drown him, but Gautama, seated on the snake, used it as a boat.

The constants that we can extract from various texts address the fiery serpent of our magical powers — the feminine aspect of the Hebrew Binah, the wife of Shiva, the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit — our particular Cosmic Mother, who by eliminating the inhuman elements within us, saves us from the stormy waters of life.

“The Blessed Lord Quetzalcoatl sailed away (he glided on the spermatic waters of the first instant) and nobody knows how he came to the scarlet land.”

Unquestionably, the great Kabir Jesus also reached the scarlet land when:

“…they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe, and when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head. 

“And a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head.” —Matthew 27:28-30

Indeed, it is in the sexual, erotic crucible where the raw matter of the Great Work, where Christ suffers his passion. It is in the crucible, the Ninth Sphere, where this matter dies in order to resurrect after being purified, spiritualized, transformed.

In Chaldea, the ziggurats — to whom belonged to the famous Tower of Babel — were usually three story towers painted in three colors: black, white, and purple-red.

In order to give an idea of the extraordinary reach that the symbolism of hermetic Philosophy has with the colors of the Great Work, let us observe that the Virgin is always represented dressed in blue (equivalent to black), God in white, and Christ in red.

In the sacred temples of ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, when the recipient was about to suffer the trials of initiation, a master approached him and whispered in his ear this mysterious phrase, “Remember that Osiris is a black god!”

Evidently, this is the specific color of darkness, of the Cumaean shadows, and of the devil to whom black roses were always offered. Also, it is the color of the primitive Chaos where all the elements are totally mixed and confounded. It is the symbol of the element earth, of the night and of the radical death of all of those psychological aggregates that in their conjunction constitute the “myself.”

Undoubtedly, as in the Hebrew Genesis, the day follows the night, so likewise light follows darkness.

Blessed are those who have been regenerated and washed in the Blood of the Lamb (sexual Fire): 

“These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” —Revelation 7:14

In the sacred land of the Pharaohs, Ptah, the regenerator, always wore a white linen tunic in order to indicate the rebirth of the pure, of those who have died in themselves.

For the systematic implementation of our point of view related to the colors of the raw matter of the Great Work, it is urgent and unpostponable to remind our Gnostic students that before reaching the scarlet land, Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ, was able to rightfully use the yellow robe.

The white color follows the black, yellow follows white, and the scarlet of the sacred kings of the solar dynasties always follows the yellow...

When the blessed one arrived to the scarlet land, he girded upon his shoulders the scarlet purple of divine kings and he resurrected from among the dead.

“They say that then he saw himself in the water as in a mirror (the mirror of alchemy). His face was beautiful again (he returned to the lost Paradise). He dressed himself with the most beautiful clothes, and after lighting a fire, he threw himself into it (the sexual fire completely finished off his psychological “I,” not even his ashes remained). And the birds of rich plumage (the birds of the Spirit) came to see how he burned: the red-breasted, the bird of turquoise color, iridescent bird, the red and blue bird, the yellow gold, and thousands of other precious birds.

"When the fire stopped burning (when the the Great Work was accomplished), his heart was lifted and rose up to the heavens. There he turned into a star, and that star is the star of dusk and dawn. Before that he went down to the realm of the dead and after seven days of being there, he rose, transformed into a star.”

The initiator always presents us the mirror of alchemy with one hand while the other holds the horn of Amalthea. Next to him we see the Tree of Life so studied by the Hebrew Kabbalists. The mirror always symbolizes the beginning of the work, the Tree of Life indicates its end, and the horn of plenty the outcome.

Quetzalcoatl transformed the devil, the raw matter and gross stone, into Lucifer, the cornerstone of the Great Work, the archangel of light, the star of dawn.

Before we fell into animal generationT, the devil, the reflection of our inner Logos, was the most excellent creature. All of the masters of the Hermetic art repeat to us:

“Whiten the brass and burn your books.”  

When passing through the tortures of the brothers of the fraternity of the Thistle, the blessed one turned the devil white; he returned him to his resplendent and primordial state.

Whosoever dies in himself, here and now, liberates the chained Prometheus and pays him abundantly, for he is a colossus with authority over the heavens, earth, and infernos.

Lucifer-Prometheus radically integrated with all of the parts of our Being makes us something distinct, different, an exotic creature, an archangel, a terrific divine potesty...

It is not irrelevant to remember in this treatise that when the holy women came to the tomb of the savior of the world, instead of the man that they had known they saw an angel covered with a white robe and were afraid ...

It is written:

“And he that overcomes, and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star (Venus-Lucifer).” —Revelation 2:26-28

Heinrich Khunrath, in his "Amphiteatrum Sapientae Aeternae" wrote: 

“At last, when the Work will have passed from ashy color to pure white, then to yellow, you will see the philosophers stone (the aforementioned archangel), our King (the third Logos) raised above the dominators, come out of his glassy sepulcher, arise from his bed and come onto our worldly scene in is glorified body, that is to say, regenerated and more than perfect.”

Let us say, in order to clarify, that according to the sacred language the term "Philosophical Stone” is "stone that bears the sign of the Sun.” Now, this solar sign is characterized by the red color, which can vary in intensity.

A sage alchemist stated: 

“But what we ask for, along with all the philosophers, is not the union of a metallic body with a metallic spirit, but rather the condensation, the agglomeration of this spirit into a coherent, tenacious and refractory envelope, capable of coating it, impregnating all its parts and guaranteeing it an efficacious protection. This soul, spirit, or fire assembled, concentrated and coagulated in the purest, the most resistant and the most perfect of earthly matters, we call it our stone. And we can certify that any undertaking which does not have this spirit for guide and this mater for basis will never lead to the proposed objective.” —Fulcanelli, The Dwellings of the Philosophers