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Jinn Procedures

To initiate this chapter we want to emphasize the following postulate: 

“Physics remains stagnant so long as the human mind remains bottled up in the three-dimensional dogma of Euclid.”

Unquestionably, contemporary physics is certainly regressive, retrogressive, reactionary.

It is urgently necessary, crucial, to outline the fourth vertical, but this is not possible as long as there is materialistic skepticism.

Any advanced, remote, future humanity will create spaceships capable of instantaneously crossing the barrier of the speed of light. Such ships, regally based on a new type of tetradimensional physics, will travel within the fourth vertical at speeds exceeding that of light. Then the conquest of the infinite space will be a concrete, clear, and definitive fact.

Undoubtedly, those ships, propelled by solar energy, will be governed by authentic humans in the fullest sense of the word.  

It is obvious, and everyone knows, that with supersonic airplanes we have already crossed the barrier of the speed of sound. However, the haughty and proud Earthling remains detained at the barrier of the speed of light.

It is worthwhile in this chapter to issue the following statement: 

“Behind the barrier of the speed of light — 300,000 kilometers per second — the fourth dimension is found."

From such a statement we can infer the following corollary: 

“Any magician who travels with his physical body within the fourth dimension unquestionably knows how instantaneously cross the barrier of the speed of light.”

Coatepec, which is in Tula, was the historical place where — with the extraordinary help of the Faustian Mephistopheles — the sixty elderly sorcerers of the most powerful Lord Montezuma instantaneously crossed the barrier of the speed of light in order to travel through the fourth dimension towards that sacred and eternal island, on the other side, over the seas of the North Pole, the true cradle of the humanity of Earth.

One must read in The Secret Doctrine of H.P.B. everything related to the first terrestrial continent that is called to last from the beginning to the end of the humanity on this world.

In the sacred land of the Vedas, any authentic sannyasin of thought can instantly cross the barrier of the speed of light in order to travel like Francis of Assisi through the twilight zone.

We solemnly affirm with complete certainty that when an esotericist applies samyama to his physical body, he immediately crosses the barrier of the speed of light.

Any integral, essential, fundamental, radical samyama substantially contains three ingredients:

  1. Absolute concentration of the conscious will.
  2. Profound meditation.
  3. Ecstasy, rapture, mystical joy, supreme adoration.

It is worthwhile to remember in this Christmas Message 1974-1975 that patience is the scale of the Gnostics, and humility is the door of their garden.

Unquestionably, some Gnostic ascetics will have to work for many years in order to achieve the full development of the heart that will make them suitable in Jinn Science.

The radiant nature of the intimate particle that allows this prodigy is appropriately specified by the ax-shaped sign of lighting that the man-tiger of Aztec Mexico frequently used.

The humanized tiger, Xolotl-Lucifer, is a concrete reality not only in the pre–Cortesian Mexico but throughout Mesoamerica. Transformed into a man is how we find him in Teotihuacan, raising his heroic arms in a liturgical gesture, or with that feline march that characterizes him.

Unquestionably, the tiger knights of Aztec Mexico, besides being warriors accustomed to hard strife, were also outstanding athletes of Jinn science.

Without any exaggeration we emphatically affirm that those illustrious men of Anahuac knew how to cleverly mix the three elements of samyama with the fearsome feline power of the Nahuatl Lucifer.

Lying on tiger skins, imitating the sacred posture of the jaguar when at rest and slightly asleep, those illustrious men knew how to consciously combine will and imagination in vibrating harmony.

Integrating efforts while in a supreme mental concentration along with in depth meditation, by means of their creative imagination they deliberately assumed the feline figure of the jaguar Xolotl-Mephistopheles.

To march, unfold, function with that frightening figure, in complete ecstasy and mystical joy, was in no way impossible for those illustrious lords of the sacred land of Anahuac.

Every time that those notable hermits arose from the hard bed in order to walk like tigers and then disappear into the fourth dimension, they uttered the following ritual phrase: 

“We belong to each other.” 

“When the gunpowder ignites in the harquebus, it explodes with a great noise; so too the heart when embraced by divine love."

Scrutinizing old chronicles with the tenacity of a monk in his cell, I corroborated many of these details of ancient science.

The legend of the centuries states — and this is known by the divine and human — that when at the threshold of the Temple of Chapultepec, now in Jinn state, those legendary exotic and strange tigers turned back to their gentle and very human figures.

We could not leave these pages without recalling Ovid and his marvelous Metamorphoses, superlative mystical enchantments that the learned ignoramuses from this fatal age of Kali Yuga (the current times) reject with deviant arrogance.

Undoubtedly, Philip the Apostle of the great Kabir Jesus is the saint patron of all these Jinn phenomena.

Scriptures affirm that after having baptized an eunuch, Philip was taken away by the Spirit of the Lord and thereafter he went on his way rejoicing.

It is written that later “Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.”

Any sincere Gnostic Arhat can beg for the magical assistance of the great Apostle Philip.

If you love Philip, then when you are dozing meditate on him. Exclude from your mind any other thought, and when you feel in your soul the joy of his presence, speak the following ritual sentence, 

“To heaven, Philip!” 

Then, with a steady and firm step come out of your bedroom and with force submerge yourself into the twilight zone.

On behalf of the Great Cause, I solemnly declare that I owe this extraordinary formula to a divine spirit called Isabel, whose human personality is certainly a humble barefoot nun from a medieval monastery, which in these times is submerged within the fourth vertical.

May the suns of enthusiasm shine upon thy way, very dear and gentle reader.

May the forces of the tiger accompany you.

May the fireflies of wisdom light up thine intellect.

May the rustling pine give shade for thy rest.

May the emerald frogs point out the trails by croaking relentlessly.

May she, nature, be prodigal with you.

May the universal force bless and direct thee.