ז 7 Zayin, The Chariot of War

1. All Christian and Neo-Christian religions—Protestants, Catholics, Adventists, etc.—study the Bible literally.

2. All those sects study the prophecies in an absolutely intellectual and literal manner.

3. We, the Gnostics, like to converse personally, face to face, with the angels in order for them to explain the prophecies to us.

4. We are completely practical and we know how to talk to the angels and to the prophets.

5. Whoever wants to be a magician must obtain the sword.

6. The sword is the Kundalini .

7. The sword is the fire of the Holy Spirit.

8. We gain nothing by filling our heads with theories.

9. We gain nothing by interpreting the Bible literally as is done by the Adventists, Protestants, Presbyterians, etc.

10. The best thing is to learn to talk with the angels and the prophets.

11. Only in this way do we tread on sure paths.

12. We should liberate the mind from all kinds of desires, emotions, reasoning, intellectualism, theories, vanities, etc.

13. It is better to love a good spouse and to practice Sexual Magic everyday with our spouse, than to waste time with polemics, intellectualism, and foolishness.

14. Thus we acquire the sword of the Kundalini and awaken all of our magical powers, in order to enter through the doors of the triumphant city.

15. The mind is the donkey that we must ride in order to enter into the celestial Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

16. The mind is the den of desire.

17. When the mind assaults us with useless representations, when the mind ambushes us with its lowly passions, let us talk to the mind like this:

18. "Mind, remove from me these desires; mind, remove from me these passions. I do not accept them from you. You are my slave and I am your Lord, until the end of time."

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