ח 8 Chet, Justice

1. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law.

2. The lion of the law is combated with the scale.

3. Do good deeds so that you can pay back your debts.

4. Our disciples should learn to travel in the Astral Body.

5. Our disciples should learn how to go in the Astral Body to the offices of the lords of Karma.

6. Our disciples should learn how to manage their business (the business of Karma) personally.

7. There are forty-two judges of Karma.

8. The lords of Karma grant credit to whoever asks for it, but all credit has to be paid by working in the Great Work of the Father.

9. When our disciples want to ask for help from the lords of Karma, they should paint a six-pointed star on the ground, and open their arms to each side in the form of a scale.

10. They then move their arms in the manner of a scale, up and down, side to side, keeping the mind concentrated upon Anubis, the chief of the lords of Karma.

11. Then they mentally ask the lords of Karma for the desired service.

12. Upon moving the arms in the manner of a scale, we vocalize the following syllables: NI, NE, NO, NU, NA.

13. In this way we ask for help from the lords of Karma in moments of danger or need.

14. However, I tell thee that it is better to travel within the Astral Body to the offices of Karma and speak personally with the judges of the Law.

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