The Innocent, Chaste One

After having solemnly narrated everything that happened in the past in those mysterious regions of the castle of Monsalvat, after the horrendous loss of the holy lance, Gurnemanz, the voice of the past, the venerable elder, continued by expressing himself in the following words: 

Before the ravished sanctuary, orphan from the sublime relic, in fervent prayer lay Amfortas, a sign of pardon he entreated:

The Grail was lighted by a very intense, dazzling, and divinely mystical radiance; a heavenly, holy vision then appeared to him and spoke. These words of mystical meaning shone before him, “Made wise through pity, the innocent chaste one, wait for him, THE ONE I CHOOSE.”

The legends of the centuries state that all of a sudden, oh gods, from the lake are heard great, scandalous shouts and cries from the knights and squires of the Holy Grail. From the side of the sacred lake, in the depth of the solitary forest, an ignorant boy wandering around those shores had pointedly wounded with his bow a very beautiful swan, a perfect symbol of the Holy Spirit.

But… why so much agitation, tumult, and disorder? Who has never wounded to death the Kala-Hamsa swan?

Who has never violated the sixth commandment of the Law of God that states, “Thou shalt not fornicate?”

“Whosoever is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…”

Oh blessed, miraculous Hamsa, sexual force of the Third Logos, immortal Ibis, white dove of the Grail…!

It is only possible to conquer the “Ultra-Mare-Vitae” or “Superliminal World” and the “Ultra-terrestrial” with the initiatic stone (sex), within which is contained the religion synthesis, the primeval religion of humanity, the mystical wisdom of the Jinns or Jano.

To eliminate sex? Oh, no! No! No!… 

To overcome it? This is clear… To love is the best…

Let us now recite that beautiful poem of Amado Nervo entitled,

The Day When Thou Wilt Love Me

The day when thou wilt love me will have more light than June
the night when thou wilt love me will have a full moon,
with notes of Beethoven vibrating in every ray
its ineffable poses,
will gather there more roses
than in the whole month of May.
A thousand crystalline springs
will go about the hills
jumping around with singing.
Arpeggios never ever heard in the hidden groves,
will resound the day when thou wilt love me,
all the vernal seasons which were and shall be
in the world, will be an ecstasy on thine eyes, when thou lovest me.
Displaying candid dewdrops, as blonde little sisters
holding hands, will go the marguerites
through mounts and prairies
in front of thy steps, the day when thou wilt love me…
And if thou strippest one, its white petal innocently
will tell thee its hindmost: passionately!
Four oracle leaves will have all the trefoil flowers
the day when thou wilt love me, at the dawning in the bowers,
and in the ewer, nests of unknowable buds, incipient flowers,
shall blossom mystical corollas of lotus flowers.
Each skyline will be a marvelous wing,
the day when thou wilt love me. A mirage, every star,
of the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights,
every breeze a singing
every tree a lyre, every mount an altar.
The day when thou wilt love me, amidst the two of us
one single kiss shall settle
the beatitude of God.

The myth of the Holy Grail showed the secret path to liberation from suffering.

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