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The Sexual Force

It is known that the aforesaid, marvelous legend of the Holy Grail is certainly very well known in France.

If with the constancy of a clergyman in a cell we study with infinite longings all of those dusty manuscripts of Medieval Cavalry, we can then evidence many traditions related with the Holy Grail.

Famous, indeed, are very ancient works, such as, The Small Sloop of Merlin and The Quest for the Holy Grail. 

Those hairy bards from Bohemian Germany, who in aforetime made all of Europe joyful, always uttered “graal” by using the double “a.” So be it with them and their ballads in question…!

The Britons who indeed have good fame with the Celtic legend always named the sacred chalice “graal”…

It is certainly easy to comprehend that to be radically oblivious of the esoteric Christic principles would badly take us into the confusing labyrinth of too many incoherent etymologies that, indeed, have nothing to do with this eburnian cup, delight of the archaic mysteries. 

It is not irrelevant to remember that strophe from Arcipreste de Hita that describes a certain kitchen from his time,

“Bowls, pans, carafes, and cauldrons,
kettles and barrels, all domestic things,
everything was sent to be washed to his washerwomen,
spatulas, grails, pots and cover-pans.”

We must drink the initiatic nectar of the Holy Gods within the regenerating cup or feminine sexual yoni…

The Holy Grail is the miraculous chalice of the supreme beverage, the initiatic cups of Shukra and of Manthin…

Inside the enchanting female’s holy cup is contained the exquisite wine of transcendental spirituality...

The conquering of the “ultra-mare-vitae” or “superliminal world,” and the “ultra-terrestrial” is something more than impossible if we commit the error of underestimating the woman...

The delectable word of Isis emerges from within the profound bosom of all ages, awaiting for the instant to be realized...

The ineffable words of the Goddess Neith have been carved on the resplendent walls of the temple of wisdom with letters of gold...

“I am the one that was, is, and shall be, and no mortal has ever lifted my veil.”

The primeval religion of Jano or Jaino, in other words, the quiritary and super-human, solar, golden doctrine of the Jinns is absolutely sexual... You know this.

It is written with flaming coals in the book of life that within the golden age of Lacio and of Liguria, the divine King Jano or Saturn (I.A.O., Bacchus, Jehovah) reigned over those holy people, all Aryan tribes from diverse epochs and origins. 

Then, oh God of mine… it may be said that in similar epochs with other people from ancient Arcadia, those Jinns and mankind were happily living together…

We feel in the depth of our heart, within the ineffable mystical idyll commonly called the “enchantments of Holy Friday,” that there is a terribly divine force within the sexual organs, which either can liberate or enslave the human being...

The sexual energy contains in itself the living prototype of the Solar Man, which when crystallizing within us, transforms us radically.

Many suffering souls would like to enter into the transcendental Monsalvat; yet, unfortunately, this is something more than impossible due to the Veil of Isis or sexual Adamic Veil.

Among the ineffable blessings of the Jinn paradises, there certainly exists a divine humanity that is invisible to mortals, due to the sins and limitations born from their misuse of sex.

It is clear that the White Brotherhood possesses grandiose treasures in the style of that inestimable jewel the Holy Grail.

The word of the holy gods, resounding in the depths of the profound night of times, repeatedly comes to remind us of the first love, and the necessity of learning how to sublimate and transmute the sexual energy.

Indeed, as long as we do not overcome sex as the Mahatmas have done, it is impossible to enter into direct contact with the sacred super humanity, which has always been talked about in every universal legend…

Those masters of compassion are the loyal custodians of the Holy Grail, or of the initiatic stone, that is to say, of the supreme religion-synthesis, which was the primeval religion of humanity.

Let us talk clear and plain: by no means do we exaggerate concepts if we emphasize the basic idea that sex is the center of gravity of all human activities.

As a sequence or corollary, we affirm: when a male finds his female sexual partner, society has begun. 

Mechanization is different: we, the Gnostics reject unconscious automatism… Obviously, the mechanization of sex is infra-human. We want conscious action…

As a rule, conduct, or guide to follow, it is important to know that what is current and habitual is the downward flow of the sexual energy, that is, from higher to lower… from inside to outside…

To make the creative energy of the Third Logos return inward and upward—that is, towards the inside and then raising it up—truly signifies to enter upon the blessed path of regeneration. This is precisely the upright law of the Holy Grail.

It is clear that the lance (with which the Roman Centurion named Longinus cruelly wounded the side of the Adorable One on the Mount of the Skulls) also plays a great role in innumerable traditions from the Asiatic world, sometimes with the symbolism already unveiled in the former paragraphs, sometimes as an esoteric instrument of salvation and of liberation.

The venerable Amfortas, great lord, king of the Grail, successor of the elder Titurel, wounded in aforetime by sex, phallus, or lance when falling victim to sexual seduction, can only be healed with the same shaft that wounded him.

By a logical sequence we can deduce that this good lord of too much bitterness (Amfortas) had to intensely work in the flaming forge of Vulcan…

To transmute is the best, and this was never ignored by the Roman matrons who developed and advanced themselves under the tutelage of the goddess Juno…

Amidst the profound lethargy of the night of time sleeps that legendary city of the Sabines, which was founded happily by Medio Fidio and Himella. Ancient Aryan traditions state that these good people knew very well in depth the sexual mysteries of the lance.

Now, based on these unusual assertions, our very beloved Gnostic readers will comprehend the reason why the heroes were rewarded with a small iron shaft or lance.

Hastapura was the name of that shaft. This reminds us of the sacred city of Hastinapura, a living symbol of the heavenly Jerusalem.

The myth of the Holy Grail showed the secret path to liberation from suffering.

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