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The Chalice and the Lance

Amidst the joyful singing of the birds, the daybreak has dawned, a delight of rosy blushing fingers.

The ancient sage Gurnemanz, accompanied by two youthful squires, lies profoundly asleep under the enchanted shadow of a leafy, taciturn tree…

From the very ancient and ancestral side of the Grail’s castle, a solemn reveille on trombones powerfully sounds, that with its formidable notes victoriously greets the dawn…

Listening to the glorious and triumphant hymn, the elder Gurnemanz and his two squires, filled with infinite veneration, humbly kneel and pray with profound reverence.

When arriving to the sublime part of this present chapter, it is important to remember that beautiful poem of Don Ramon del Valle Inclan:

Astral Roses

Eternal empires! Golden sacrariums!
Clues from the great wholeness! I pray in its laudes!
Quiet wills! Solemn virtues!
Entrails of the world! Ardent ovariums!
Flaming rites of heavenly poses!
Sealed fates of the human chorus!
Suns guarded by the norms of a Demiurgic thesaurus!
Arcane, stellar roses!
Heavenly arcana! Gnostic arcanum!
Where enigmas were bound by Trismegistus
Opened and read unto thee by the will of Giuliano.
In his empire was discord, thus he became anti-Khristus,
From a pagan heaven, this Gnostic exegete
A solar metamorphosis he beheld in the Khristus.

From the Grail’s castle, two knights arrive with majestic step. In their vanguard they cautiously explore the rocky path that Amfortas, the king of such a precious jewel, must follow.

It is clear that the great priest of that sacred, resplendent gem suffers the indescribable, ever since that fatal day on which, to his disgrace, Klingsor the black magician hurt him with a sinister thrust of a lance.

Thus, the august successor of Titurel comes earlier than customary in order to take his bath in the sacred pool of the lake.

The venerable lord needs with supreme urgency to alleviate the tremendous pains that have tortured him since the moment in which, to his disgrace, the mortal thrust of the lance was inflicted upon him… 

Those who are divine and human know very well about Klingsor and his ominous, tenebrous arts. This evil personage of the darkness not only snatched the sacred lance from the hands of Amfortas, King of the Grail, but moreover, with it he wounded Amfortas’ side.

Ah…! If people would understand all of this… if they would comprehend the profound significance of the lance…

It is clear that within all of this is pure sexuality, transcendental phallicism, eroticism.

It is unquestionable that the Grail’s gnostic-esoteric lance, and the other, the lance of the magic pacts displayed by Wotan, are in their depth the same, meaning: the emblem of the sexual masculine force, the phallus…

A great sage stated, 

“To a certain point, the trunks of the tablets of the law—on which by command of Jehovah, Moses wrote the precepts of the Decalogue—are nothing but a double runic lance, whose phallic significance we cannot hold back. This can be seen in detail in the second volume of Isis Unveiled.”

It is written with characters of fire in the great book of cosmic wisdom about the double use of the sacred lance. It is indubitable that this lance wounded the side of the Lord, and that from his wound poured forth blood and water. It is clear that the same lance healed the wound in the side of Amfortas.

Explanations?… Patience, beloved reader, we are now only setting up principles. In our next chapters we are going to delve deeply into them…

Enigmas? Yes! And many… as admirable as those of the Holy Grail, the feminine yoni, the chalice, the woman’s sexual organ…

There are so many traditions about the Holy Grail… Thus, somewhere among the old medieval books there is a lyrical strophe that states: 

Father, father of my life,
for the one of the Holy Grail,
grant Thou unto me Thy license
so that the Count may I go to quest for. 

It has been indicated to us that this great chalice was in the power of Abraham. We learned that Melchizedeck, the Genie of the Earth—or Changam (as he is also named)—transported it from the country of Semiramis to the fecund land of Canaan. This occurred in the epoch when our planetary regent initiated some enterprises in the blessed place, where much later was founded Jerusalem, the beloved city of the prophets.

Ancient traditions that are lost in the night of times affirm that Melchizedeck utilized it liturgically for celebrating the sacrifice of the bread and wine of the transubstantiation. He offered this in the presence of Abraham, then delivered the chalice to this patriarch. 

Some very ancient legends emphatically asseverate that this divine chalice was also in the Ark of Noah.

It is not irrelevant to asseverate that this venerated relic was carried into Egypt, and that Moses possessed it.

This cup was made from a singular matter. It was compact like the matter of a bell, yet did not look as if it had been worked like the metals. Rather, its matter looked as if it was produced from a specie of vegetation.

The Queen of Sheba submitted Solomon to many ordeals before surrendering that sublime relic to him.

The great Kabir Jesus Christ had it in his power when he celebrated the Last Supper. Thus, he drank the wine of the Holy Eucharist in that chalice.

At the foot of the cross on the Mount of the Skulls, the Roman Senator Joseph of Arimathaea collected within that chalice the purpurin drops of blood that flowed from the wounds of the Adorable One.

Traditions state that this mentioned Roman Senator, intelligent and wise as no one, knew how to keep that precious treasure in secrecy… The price for his sacred zeal became very severe, because when that nobleman refused to deliver that sacrosanct cup and the lance of Longinus to the Roman police, he was then incarcerated…

After many years, the freed Joseph of Arimathaea took the holy relics (chalice and lance) and went to Rome in search of the Christians. Yet, when he saw the persecutions that they were suffering there, he continued traveling along the regions of the Mediterranean…

It is stated in the ancient scriptures that one night, in his dreams, he was approached by an angel who told him, “The chalice has a great power, because it contains the blood of the redeemer of the world. Keep it there.” This elder then saw the Temple of Monserrat, in Cataluña, Spain.

Joseph of Arimathaea concluded his outstanding mission by keeping these archaic relics within that temple.

What happened after… is known by the initiates. The Castle of Monsalvat, within which is found the temple and part of the mountain of Monserrat, entered into Jinn state. It became hidden from the sight of the profane.

Uselessly, the knights of the Crusades quested for the Holy Grail in the Holy Land. The silver cup that presently is delivered to the Olympic champions is preserved as a memory of such quests.