Description of the Turtle


This stone is very well stylized.

The head, body, and eyes are of a turtle.

We already know that in ancient times the turtle's image was used to represent the zodiac.

There is a hermetic principle that states: "As above so below." If there is a zodiac above with twelve constellations, likewise here below is the human zodiac with twelve pairs of cranial nerves:

  1. Olfactory
  2. Optic
  3. Oculomotor
  4. Trochlear
  5. Trigeminal
  6. Abducens
  7. Facial
  8. Auditory (vestibulocochlear)
  9. Glossopharyngeal
  10. Vagus
  11. Spinal Accessory
  12. Hypoglossal

twelve cranial nerves

These nerves inform the mind about what is happening in the human zodiac. The headquarters that receives that information is the brain. The secretary is the mind.


Sit very comfortably and relax the physical body totally, from the tip of your toes to the crown of your head. With the eyes of your imagination, try to see one by one the bones, muscles, nerves, arteries, cells, atoms, etc.

Then, focus your attention on the palpitations of your heart.

Afterwards, pass those palpitations to the tip of your nose, feel those palpitations there. Then, continue to your right ear, right hand, right foot, left foot, left hand, left ear, nose again, and finally the heart again. Thus, you will become aware that you can control the palpitations of your heart by will.

Perform this practice daily, at least for 45 minutes.

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