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Description of the Figure of a Logos


Its face is very well done.

Because of their shape, its ears indicate the Word, the Verb. It has always been stated that the Verb sounds.

A resemblance of a human face that appears over the miter is shown on top of its face; this resemblance indicates the superior Being within ourselves, which is the most elevated part of the Being.

We already know that the four circles represent the trinity within the unity of life.

Its very well developed pituitary gland indicates vision of the things of the ultra.

Until now you have only heard comments about oriental Tibet and of the holy masters who dwell there. Franz Hartmann commented about the occult temple of Bohemia and its Masters.

Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) commented about the temple of Monserrat in Spain and the temple of Chapultepec in Mexico.

In South America, there are temples of Goddess Mother Nature; these are the temples of the sacred mysteries of the Mayan Ray.

There are millions of human beings who belong to the Mayan Ray. For the first time I am going to remove the veil that hides them.

  • Master Kalusuanga, the primeval god of light, the great master of the Sun, has a storehouse of esoteric wisdom in the temple of Buritaca, headquarters of ancient wisdom (Atlantic coast) in Magdalena, Colombia.
  • Kunchuvito Muya, a powerful god.
  • Kakasintana, a powerful god, Nuestro Seyancua.
  • Nuestro Padre Seukul.
  • 'Mama' Kaso Biscunde.
  • 'Mama' Batunare.
  • La 'Saga' Maria Pastora, a female master of wisdom.
  • The god Kuinmagua. This master is the god of tempests, who has power over the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
  • The god Temblor is an innocent child who who makes the earth tremble; his name [Trembling] says it all.

These masters from the Mayan Ray of the venerable White Lodge are the silent vigilantes of Latin America. The mountain of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia) is another powerful and very ancient Tibet.


We are going to deliver a practice in order to enter into the temple of Kalusuanga, the primeval god of light, who will admit into his mysteries those souls who are thirsty for the Mayan Ray. The clue in order to enter into the temple of Kalusuanga, the Mayan master, is the following:

Sit on a chair before a table, place your elbows on the table, and hold your head with your left hand. Meanwhile, perform magnetic passes by passing your right hand over your head from the forehead to the neck, with the purpose of magnetizing yourself. Thus, with these magnetic passes, with force, you will thrust your Astral body outwards, towards the temple of Buritaca, which is the headquarters of the ancient wisdom of the Mayan Ray. Make the effort to fall asleep while uniting your willpower and imagination in vibrating harmony. You must feel as if you are acting with your body of flesh and bones within the temple of Buritaca. With your thoughts pronounce the following mantras: Omnis Baun Igneous. These words are pronounced in succession, prolonging the sound of the vowels until falling asleep.

A while later, after some time of practice, the disciple will leave his physical body in his Astral body, and Kalusuanga, the sublime master of the Mayan Ray, will instruct him in the sacred Mayan mysteries.

Kalusuanga tests the courage of the invoker, and appears gigantic and terrible in order to test the disciple. If the disciple is courageous, he will be instructed in the sacred science of the "Mamas."

To arrive at the level of the culture of the "Mamas," it is necessary for hundreds of years to pass.

Upon the summits of this Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, there lives a Mayan initiate whose age is indescribable. This great illuminated one is the "president Mama" of the government of the Arhuaco Indians. He has powers over all of creation, and is profoundly venerated by all of the Indians of the whole Sierra Nevada.

There are also temples of light in Taganga and Gaira, majestic templesm august sanctuaries of the great Mayan initiates. Those temples are in a Jinn state—which means, within the fourth dimension—and these are the great cathedrals of Nature where the great sages of the "snake" dwell.

The high Mayan initiates communicate with the masters from Tibet, and within a few seconds they can travel anywhere on the planet Earth with their physical bodies within the astral plane, the fifth coordinate.

These sages are tremendously quiet and humble, and no "civilized" person will ever attain their secrets, unless the person has become worthy and deserves to be received as a disciple.

The Mayan Ray is the Native American Ray. This is the clue for you to know them.