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Description of the Meditation Temple


Certainly, the name "temple for meditation" fits the work that was performed there, since this was a temple where meditation was practiced.

We know very well that meditation is the daily bread of the wise. When one is meditating, one is searching for God or is searching for power.

On the above left, we can appreciate a human face that is sunken or submerged into meditation. Below is another human face that indicates Yesod, which shows where the source of power is. On its base is a semblance of a human head that indicates the "monster of the earth" that will swallow or devour us if we do not achieve our final liberation.

The "monsters of the earth" of the Mayans are the infernos, the inferior or submerged worlds that open their jaws in order to devour those who do not fight for the realization of their inner Self, the Being. In our book Hell, the Devil, and Karma, we unveil all of this, together with practices in order for us to touch, verify, and see.

At the sides of the temple appear two strong and robust figures that can be easily confused with animals figures, but which are nothing other than the symbol or representation of strength; this is clearly what the sacerdotal miters that they carry over their heads indicate to us. In synthesis, they indicate dominion over the animalistic ego. This has been very well done, very well allegorized.

Meditation includes various phases or steps, for instance,

  1. A comfortable position. The place where it is performed does not matter.
  2. To not think of anything—meaning, an empty mind.
  3. Focusing only on one thing.To know how to fix the mind on one thing.
  4. Profound meditation. Reflection on the profound content of that thing.
  5. Ecstasy, Samadhi.

The entirety of this discipline must imbibe our daily life. Those who want burning wisdom must end the processes of reasoning, and cultivate the burning faculties of the mind.

Reasoning is a breach between instinct and intuition. The only fruit that we extract from reasoning is the golden fruit of comprehension.

Reasoning is replaced by comprehension and objective imagination, which become the foundation for the superior faculties of understanding.