Description of the Cross of the Elements

This square with the cross in the center are very well done. This invites us to reflect, since the cross was very well known very much before than the Christian era.

When the horizontal line is above the center of the vertical line, this indicate us the cross of sacrifice.

However, as it is represented on this stone of Copán, is clearly indicating us the cross of the elements; the cross of equal sides inside the perfect square.

We see human faces above and below on the square's border, possibly two more existed, one on each side.

The point in the center of the cross indicate us the Being, who is the one on which the cross revolves around.

The elements are earth, water, air, and fire. The four gospels also indicate the four elements:

Mark symbolized the Lion (element fire) Luke symbolizes the Bull (element earth) Matthew represents a Youngster (element water) John represents the Eagle (element air).

The intersection of the vertical phallus in the horizontal cteis forms a cross. This is the cross of the initiation that we must bear upon our shoulders.

The cross also indicates: the spirit, the matter, the movement and repose, etc.


hagalDraw the sign of the Rune Hagal on a sheet of paper or over the sand with a stick, thereafter; meditate profoundly on the unity of life, on the Great Pralaya of the Universe, on the Invisible World, on the Parallel Universes of the Superior Dimensions of Space.

Focus your thought on the Walkiries, on the Gods of fire, air, water and earth. To establish contact with the Elemental Gods is possible through meditation:

  • Agni, God of the fire

  • Paralda, God of the air 

  • Varuna, God of the water 

  • Gob, God of the earth

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