Description of Stela 1: The Solar Man

stela1It has a solar countenance.

We can appreciate the miter on top of its head, which is equivalent to the miter that the pontifices use in this day and age. The miter has always represented the Logos.

The fact that this stela is displaying a miter clearly indicates that it is representing a great Mayan priest, since it is impossible to conceive a lunar creature with a miter.

The two upward arms indicate the positive and negative forces that must flow inwardly and upwardly. They can only flow like that within a higher initiate.

The wrists are adorned with liturgical bracelets.

Its circular shaped ears displaying a dot in the middle clearly indicate the necessity of listening to the Verb, the Word, the Voice.

Remains from fish, shells, coral fragments, and clay pots were found underneath this stela.

We know very well the significance, the symbolism, of the fish.

The fish symbolizes the mercury of wise.

The sulfured mercury is the sacred sperm, properly transmuted.

The mercury itself is always represented by the pure waters of life, yet the fish represents that the mercury is now prepared, that it has already received the fire, that it has been fecundated in order to victoriously ascend through the medullar canal of the Gnostic ascetics.

The fragments of coral indicate the philosophical stone.

The sea shells indicate the mercury that has not yet received the sulfur, which means the fire.

The clay pots represent the esoteric work needed in order to become a solar man; these clay pots are the hermetic cups.

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