The Arhat’s Seven Candlesticks

1. Hear me, brothers and sisters of the Third Initiation of the Major Mysteries. It is to you that I speak.

2. The hour has arrived in which the seven candlesticks of the mental body must be lit.

3. “Ere the gold flame can burn with steady light, the lamp must stand well guarded in a spot free from all wind.” — Bhagavad-gita

4. All terrestrial thoughts must fall dead before the doors of the temple.

5. “The mind that follows the rambling senses makes the soul as helpless as the boat that the wind leads astray upon the waters.”
— Bhagavad-gita

6. This is how the precepts of Asian wisdom speak to us.

7. Near to me, oh masters of the Third Initiation of the Major Mysteries. It is to you that I speak.

8. You now need the purest igneous effort.

9. You must now raise your ardent serpent of the mental body.

10. The five-pointed star shines upon the candlesticks of the mind.

11. Within the crackling of the flames, you have now entered into the ardent temple of cosmic mind.

12. Your thoughts are ablaze among the voracity of the flames.

13. This is the igneous temple of the arhat.

14. Your mind must become completely incandescent within the crackling of the fire.

15. There is the need to carefully separate the smoke from the flames.

16. The smoke is darkness. The flames are light.

17. There is the need to practice sexual magic intensely, within the blazing fire.

18. There is the need to convert the material-mind into Christ-mind.

19. There is now the need to steal the fire from the demons of the mental world.

20. Persevere and do not lose heart, sibling of mine.

21. The pedestals of the thrones of the masters are made of monsters.

22. Have faith, my child, and clear your way with the sword.

23. The tenebrous ones are closing the way.

24. Thrust yourself against the tenebrous ones with the ardent edge of your sword. Defeat them and you will enter into the chambers of the holy temple of the arhat.

25. The sun shines and the candlestick of your solar plexus is now lit.

26. Sibling of mine, receive your reward.

27. The solar diamond and the igneous ring sparkle on the ring finger of your mental body.

28. A new igneous rose now burns in your solar plexus.

29. The demons of the mind spy on you everywhere, oh arhat!

30. The serpent of your mental body is now rising through the fine edge of your medulla of the mental body.

31. There is the need to dominate the mind by means of willpower.

32. The mind is the refuge of desire.

33. There is the need to eject the tempting demons from our temple with the terrible whip of willpower.

34. There is the need to liberate the mind from every type of school, religion, sect, political party, concept of mother country, flag, prejudice, desire, and fear.

35. There is the need to liberate the mind from the process of rationalization.

36. There is the need to change the process of rationalization for comprehension.

37. Do not identify yourself with the mind, oh arhat!

38. You are not the mind. You are the Being. You are the Innermost.

39. The mind is a wild horse. Tame it with the whip of willpower, so it cannot throw your coach into the abyss.

40. Woe to the coach driver who loses his coach! He must restart his journey.

41. The igneous rose of your heart is your sun of justice.

42. Learn to handle your sword, oh arhat.

43. Learn to separate the smoke from the flames.

44. In everything that is good, there is something evil.

45. In everything that is evil, there is something good.

46. You have now passed beyond good and evil.

47. You now know the goodness of evil and the evilness of good.

48. Offence is hidden within the incense of prayer.

49. Persevere, my child. The serpent of your mind is rising little by little through the medulla of your mental body. The igneous wings, your eternal wings, are open.

50. Your mind shines with the sacred fire.

51. Persevere and do not lose heart. Light your seven eternal candlesticks.

52. Obtain the sight of the eagle and the ardent ear.

53. Your undulating thoughts are flaming within the ardent aura of the universe.

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