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The Pumpkin Gourd

1. Let us now enter the temple, oh arhat, in order to officiate with the pumpkin gourd.

2. Revest yourself with your white mantle and tunic, and approach the altar, oh arhat!

3. We can work with the multitudes with the powers of the elemental of the pumpkin gourd.

4. The elemental of the pumpkin gourd has terrific powers over the multitudes.

5. Jonah made Nineveh repent of its sins with the elemental magic of the pumpkin gourd.

6. The elemental of the pumpkin gourd has a small crown upon its pineal gland that gives it terrific power over the human masses.

7. Learn, oh arhat, to fight against the abominations of humanity by means of the pumpkin gourd. Thus, you will help the human multitudes, and when helping humanity, you help yourself. You know this.

8. Remember that the elemental of the pumpkin gourd has a pink tunic, which is the color of unselfish love. This elemental resembles a beautiful girl dressed with this tunic of love.

9. Jonah was three days in the belly of a fish. On the third day, the fish vomited him onto the square of Nineveh.

10. Jonah then seated himself beneath a pumpkin gourd, and all the people of Nineveh repented. They tore their vestures, covered their bodies with sackcloth and proclaimed a fast.

11. I want you now to understand, oh arhat, the existing intimate relationship between the fish of the sea and the pumpkin gourd.

12. There is a powerful angel who governs the fish of the sea and the elementals of the gourd plants.

13. The current of life that passes through the fish of the sea is the same current that passes through the vegetable family of the pumpkin gourd.

14. The igneous angel who governs the gourd plants is the same ardent flame who governs all the fish of the immense sea.

15. The officiant must place the pumpkin in a pot of water that must boil upon the flames of a small stove.

16. The pumpkin fruit must be cut into pieces before placing it into the pot of water.

17. This pot of water must boil before the altar.

18. The officiant must bless the steaming pot and command the elemental of the pumpkin gourd to work over the multitudes in order to make them repent of their sins.

19. The great White Hierarchy will assist you during the rite.

20. The College of Initiates will collaborate with you in this great work of the Father.

21. The igneous powers of this elemental creature blaze intensely within the ardent sparkling of the universal flames.

22. During this ceremony of elemental magic, the white dove of the Holy Spirit will enter into you, oh arhat!

23. Now, while submerged in profound meditation, you can hear the word of Jehovah.

24. Do not forget, sibling of mine, do not forget, oh arhat, that the spinal vertebrae of the mental body have a corresponding sacred cavern, hidden within the womb of the earth.

25. As long as your igneous serpent is rising through the incandescent medulla of your mental body, you are penetrating into each one of the caverns that correspond to each vertebra.

26. These caverns, illuminated by the fire of your candlestick, burn with splendor.

27. The caverns in which your blazing torch does not yet burn are filled with darkness and smoke. Only you, oh arhat, can dispel this darkness with the sacred fire of your candlestick.

28. The burning fire of cosmic nature sparkles in each one of the thirty-three caverns of the arhat!

29. The sacred mysteries of the fire are cultivated in each one of the thirty-three caverns of the arhat.

30. The light and the fire convert the material-mind into Christ-mind, while the arhat illuminates his caverns with the torch of his candlestick.

31. After Jonah was vomited from the fish, he preached in Nineveh and he sat beneath a pumpkin gourd. He did this in order to work with the powers of the mind that blaze within the sparks of the cosmic mind’s glowing embers.

32. People do not understand the symbol of Jonah, despite the fact that Christ resurrected after three days.

33. People ask for signs from Christ, but he gave only the sign of Jonah.

34. Remove your vile vestments because they are filled with worms from all rotting matter.

35. The worm of the rotting matter dries and kills the pumpkin gourd.

36. Only the arhat can officiate during the rite of the pumpkin gourd.

37. The entire Sacred College will go to the temple of the holy rite, dressed with white tunics. Only the few helpers will use light blue tunics and cloaks during the rite.

38. During certain moments, the lights are extinguished and the temple remains in darkness.

39. Now you will understand that the pumpkin plant belongs to the mental plane.

40. Now you will understand all the symbolism of Jonah, the prophet, seated beneath a pumpkin gourd.

41. The moments during the rite in which the lights are extinguished symbolize the passing from the darkness to the light.

42. We must throw out of ourselves all animal-natured, vile deeds.

43. The mantra of the elemental of the pumpkin gourd is “Ka.”

44. An asian gong must be resounded during this rite.