Elemental Magic of the Spikenard

53. “While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof.” —Song of Solomon 1:12

54. The spikenard is the most sublime perfume of love.

55. The spikenard is the perfume of those who have crossed to the other shore.

56. The spikenard belongs to the human soul (causal body or body of willpower, superior manas).

57. The spikenard is the perfume of the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries.

58. The spikenard belongs to the Christified causal body.

59. The spikenard is the perfume of the higher initiates.

60. The spikenard is a plant that belongs to the causal plane.

61. The spikenard is the perfume of liberation.

62. The spikenard is the perfume of the hierophants of Major Mysteries.

63. Esoterically speaking, we must lead great battles in order to obtain the spikenard.

64. The perfume of the spikenard efficiently acts on the consciousness of artists.

65. Wherever art and beauty are present, the fragrance of the spikenard must also be present.

66. The planet of the spikenard is Saturn.

67. The mantra of the elemental population of the spikenard is “Atoya.”

68. The elemental creatures of the spikenards can be utilized for goals of friendship.

69. The spikenard is the perfume of the new Aquarian Age.

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