Elemental Magic of the Saffron

70. The saffron is the plant of the apostolate.

71. The elemental population of the saffron is found to be intimately related with the apostolate.

72. The apostle is a martyr of the cosmic mind.

73. The mind of the authentic apostle is crucified.

74. The mind of the authentic apostle is intimately related with the elemental department of the saffron.

75. The mind of the arhat is intimately related with this elemental department of the saffron.

76. The apostle is a martyr.

77. Everyone in the world benefits from the works of the apostles. Everyone in the world reads their books. Everyone in the world pays the apostle with the coin of ingratitude because, according to popular concept, “the apostle has not the right to know.”

78. However, all the great works of the world are due to the apostles.

79. The saffron is intimately related with the great apostles of art: Beethoven, Mozart, Berlioz, Wagner, Bach, etc.

80. The planet related to saffron is Venus, the star of love.

81. Every apostle is intimately related with the elemental magic of the saffron.

82. The apostle hangs from a very bitter rope, and below him lies a deep abyss.

83. The elemental department of the saffron is intimately related with hard work.

84. The work of an apostle of the light, the work of the one who fights for his daily bread, and the hard work of the minute bees is immensely sacred and intimately related with this elemental department of the saffron.

85. Not one form of honest work, no matter how simple it may be, can ever be despised, because work in all its forms is intimately related with the cosmic hierarchies who are related with this elemental department of the saffron.

86. Every detail, every circumstance of work, as insignificant as it may appear, invests gigantic proportions within the activity of evolving life.

87. An insignificant bee that falls and is wounded far from its hive is an event, a moral tragedy, a frightful drama for all the bees of the hive.

88. This event can only be compared with something similar related with the human species.

89. A human family is filled with profound desperation when a son, a brother, or the head of the family cannot return home, because they have been injured at work, or because they have been hit by a car in the street, or because of any similar accident.

90. All of his relatives, desperate with pain, will try to resolve the situation so that he is able to return home.

91. The same tragedy, the same painful drama, happens with the insignificant bee.

92. The bee is small in comparison to ourselves, we see it as being tiny. But the bees amongst themselves see each other in the same form as one person sees another person. They do not see themselves as being tiny, nor do they feel small.

93. The mind of the arhat must deeply comprehend all of these intimate activities related with the elemental department of the saffron.

94. In every type of work, as minute as it may be, there is happiness and there is sadness. There are profound moral tragedies that invite us to comprehend the sublime greatness of any type of work performed by the human species, by the insignificant insect and as well, by the apostle who works for the benefit of humanity.

95. The elementals of the saffron have beautiful tunics of a pale pink color.

96. The saffron and the bee are a symbol of work, and both are governed by the planet Venus.

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