Elemental Department of the Orange Trees

37. The hierarchies that govern the elemental department of the orange trees are the same that govern the economic and monetary movements of the human species.

38. All the economic problems of the world are resolved with the terrific force of love, which is found in the elemental magic of the pomegranate trees.

39. All disagreements among humans are resolved with love, which is found in the elemental force of the pomegranate trees.

40. All hatred and selfishness disappear with love, which is found in the elemental magic of the pomegranate trees.

41. This is why we have stated that when the creatures of the orange trees submit us to ordeals, we can triumph with the elemental magic of the pomegranate trees.

42. The orange trees are intimately related with currency, and currency engenders many types of conflict.

43. The elemental population of the orange trees are found to be intimately related with the economic problems of humanity.

44. The elemental population of the orange trees are governed by the devas who distribute the seeds of all that exist.

45. These elemental devas also govern the seed of the human species and the seed of the animal species.

46. The devotees of the wisdom of the fire will now understand why the elemental hierarchies of the orange trees have the power to distribute the economy of the world.

47. These devas work in accordance with the laws of karma.

48. Before money existed upon the earth, these devas governed the world’s economy. When money stops existing, they will continue, as always, to distribute the world’s economy, in accordance with the law of karma.

49. In these times, money serves as a karmic instrument, in order to reward or punish humans.

50. When we penetrate into the temple of the angel that governs the elemental population of the orange trees, we then see these elemental children dressed with tunics of diverse colors.

51. These children study their sacred books. They are instructed and taught by the angel who governs them.

52. The mantra of the elementals of the orange trees is: “A Kumo.”

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